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After being lead through The Akashic Records guided meditation on Friday 7th Feb, Sara came back to consciousness, and initially stated that "nothing at all" had happened, "however" what she did have, and was most anxious to note down before she forgot was a name; Jack Betts, a date 1758, the word, or seeming importance of the word "thesaurus", the place "Tintagel" and some other urgency regarding a sword and circles! (Hmmm, not much at all really huh?!)

Sara insisted that her initial search when she had returned home on the same day as the meditation had unearthed nothing about this "Jack Betts" person.

Subsequent "strange occurrences" on the following evening of Saturday, hastened her back to me on Monday afternoon. I suppose she was wondering if I could explain the bizarre occurrence of Sat pm, or at least help her with some input. The event will follow, as well as I can recollect of what she told me!

"I'd gone to bed on Saturday night, I hadn't had a load to drink, just a couple of beers, and I'd eaten the same meals as my husband and daughter, but just as I had laid down to sleep, I felt ill.

I physically held myself up as I staggered to the bathroom and draped myself over the lol! My husband came and retrieved me from here and literally had to carry me back to bed, I was freezing, and not because it was cold in the house, I was just frozen! My daughter had come in to see what the fuss was all about and I snuggled her up next to me in my bed and hugged her close to me, explaining how cold I felt. The next second I was screaming at her "GET OUT OF MY SPACE" and feeling completely furious.

I began to roll, physically to and fro, from side to side across my bed." I had to question her here and she re-emphasized "that yes I was physically rolling, it felt as though I was inside a toilet tube, and I was rolling back and forth within this! I was screaming at the same time, hollering like this "AAAGGGHH" She let out a kind of bothered moan (if you know what I mean,) in order to illustrate the noise she had been emitting whilst this was taking place.

Apparently, this must have gone on for some time, her daughter was clearly and understandably upset by the proceedings, and her husband so worried that he in fact called the NHS (National Health Service) helpline. Upon their request he assured them that no, she hadn't got a fever, and indicated that she was in fact freezing to touch. When they asked what she was doing, he had explained. They then asked him if she was saying anything.

"Circles, over and over", he replied. Just as the ambulance was about to be sent out, Tracy came around. She gazed at her husband briefly, and then dropped off to sleep!

When she questioned her husband as to how it had all appeared to him at the time, he stated that she had appeared, to him, to be demonically possessed!

Importantly, there is a slight history of very, very lucid/graphic dreaming/reality with this study. Some time ago Sara came to me with a nightmare which she was having trouble understanding. She didn't believe it to be an actual night mare, she was in fact confused as to what it was or indeed, what had happened.

She was still afraid as she related the story of what had happened to me the next day or so down the line, from the experience. I have been insisting since then, that she write the "dream" down for me to look at - as she still remembers it vividly - and I seem to work better this way. She hasn't yet, and the vagaries which I can remember I will relate here;

She can remember going to bed, and going to sleep, she can remember a figure leaning over her whilst she was in her bed, this would have been the cause of her waking up, I feel, as she insists that she could feel and smell his breath.

She then remembers diving out of her bed with the full intent of finding and catching an intruder. She had called out to her husband during this process and "chased" this thing through her kitchen, where she believed it had gone and then into her daughters room. I don't think she felt it had gone into her daughter's room, but she admits that a mother's instinct is such that the children seem the most vulnerable at times like this and need protection first.

I am not convinced if I am remembering all this correctly, but I also have an inclination to say that she may have picked up something to brandish at this figure mid chase, thus indicating how "real" for her it was!

After this little escapade, I had informed her how to call upon Archangel Michael, I had given her a carbuncle, Michaels gem of choice, and also his favourite oil, angelica oil; as used in exorcisms. I had instructed her how to use these items and had also issued her with an orgonite pyramid to place under her bed. She had, up until now, had no odd experiences since then. And now this!

Another important similarity between these two events, both she and I feel is one regarding her house. On both occasions massive internal demolition works had been undertaken, if not that same day, just prior to these events. What was once an Art Deco property is now "modernized" virtually beyond recognition.

Indeed the plot thickens some more, (why can it never be simple?) When she came around to tell me about this event of Saturdays, today - Monday - I also carried out a "search" for Jack Betts. After no luck with Jack, I changed the first name to what should/could have been the original; Jonathan.

Here we go, the only link which came up for Jonathan Betts was;

List of people from Cornwall - Wikipedia

"Gorlois, 'Duke' of Tintagel"... Jonathan Betts, 'Arnold, John (1735/6 - 1799) ', Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press,... - 149k - Cached - Similar pages

Okay so the name she came up with is now matched to the date she came up with, remember she said 1758, that would be 23 years into his life, or there abouts. And funnily enough in the same link we get "duke of Tintagel", so the place she mentioned ties in too.

Understandably I am getting excited at this point and seem to spend the rest of the afternoon reading up on the Arthurian Legends.

These, I suppose, are actually quite interesting. The "duke of Tintagel" was known as Gorlois, now whether Gorlois was indeed Jonathan Betts or whether Gorlois was the dukes actual name, I'm not entirely sure. All I have read indicates him, "the Duke" known only as Gorlois. No Surname or anything else. I wonder if perhaps Jonathan Bets wasn't something to do with the bibliography or the data storage which began for subsequent records of this time, however, I digress. This Gorlois was married to Ygerna and, the then king, Uther fancied her!

So, Uther went to see Merlin (the wizard) and Merlin mixed up a potion which made Uther look just like Gorlois, thus enabling the cheeky swine to make his way into Gorlois's bed with Gorlois's wife, who was, of course none the wiser. Ygerna actually conceived this night to Uther and eventually bore him the son who later became King Arthur, OF THE ROUND TABLE! And the same night as the impregnation took place, Gorlois was "slain". There is no indication of how he was killed, but I think people are generally slain by a sword are they not?

Little medieval folk history out of the way, and on to the circles. The only information which might be relevant here are the circular burial grounds which are surrounded by stones on all accounts, and are situated on Tintagel island itself. Apparently there remain buried there numerous unnamed bodies. But that's all I can find!

Regardless of whether or not Jonathan Betts was The Gorlois, I don't somehow think that he was, and perhaps I am guessing that he, in fact, was some kind of record keeper, as is vaguely inferred in the original link. Then quite ironic (synchronistic) that all the tags should come up in near enough a single search response? Or not? Also, how close is Oxford Dictionary of National Biography to thesaurus, or is that me completely clutching at straws?!

Oh, one last thing. As I was talking about this with her today, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and grabbed my arm. She told me how, the first time she had visited Tintagel, with her Mother, she could remember that she had said to her mum that she had definitely "been here before." This was of course impossible, it was her first physical visit, and she was a child at the time. The reason she was able to recollect this so clearly was that when she in turn had taken her daughter to visit Tintagel (and this is not some odd infatuation with the place, it is quite a common tourist attraction in Cornwall, where we live,) anyway, her daughter had said the same thing to her!

One other point, which may be relevant. The whole reason I was leading her in meditation was due to the fact that she had been "grumpy as sin" "and a right cow" (her words!) for the past few days prior. This she was categorically putting down to the menopause. Initially I had taken her on a chakra balancing meditation, and she had then shown an interest in visiting the Akashic records. We did this as a second meditation.

I know this is a long post, but I have tried to include as much research as possible. I think I am clear on "the past life" however, I feel I need some help with explaining and helping her to deal with these "psychic attacks".

Thanks for your help!

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academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-22)
Yeah Rare breed,
I tend to agree with you on this! Especially as our only physical link was the "burial circles" and of course it is naturally progressive of life to be perceived as this with regard the nature of the meditation!

Linx 😊
RareBreed (2 stories) (22 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-20)
"Circles over and over"

Reminds me of my husbands shamanic death journey.

"All of it is cycles, over and over again, it doesn't stop, cycle after cycle after cycle... Cycles within cycles within cycles."
angleGirl111 (1 stories) (113 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-15)
in a past life youb might of been attaked by a ghost or deman...
In a past life I was
And it tried to convene me to comitt sudicide (PAST LIFE) but in the last minutte I relized it wasent me
So it pushed me
And I can still feel the handprints
On my back
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-14)
hello academylin,

I love synchronicities. I will always be available to help the spirits. It hurts me when people don't understand that spirits need help too. Most people who go to "haunted" cemeteries do so for their entertainment and not to free the spirit energy from any negative energy bondage. They add their terror and fear to the already huge amount of negative energy in the place. With the current spiritual evolution taking place I hope more people like you and me can get the word out about this.

Love and Light,
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-14)
Hello Revsilverspoon,
Thankyou for your advice and apparant research regarding Jack Betts! I appreciate your help and thank you for sharing your knowledge! I stumbled across "clear crystal energy grids" a day or two ago! (synchronisities) will go back and find the details again for her! Thanks once more!
Linx 😊
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
jonathan betts is the author of an article about john arnold. He is still living. John arnold is the man who lived around 1758. While this attempt to attach arthurian legend to a person still living is amusing it is doing a disservice to the woman experiencing some negative energies involving JACK betts, the lifeforce that has come to visit her. As a psychic with 35 years of experience, I have worked with these spirit energies who have not crossed over yet and cannot cross over until their business on the physical plane is finished. This spirit wants to tell its story and then it will be freed from the pain it has been experiencing.

Jack betts worked aboard a ship. He was chased by some sailors, caught, beaten and raped before being enclosed inside a barrel. The ship encountered heavy seas and the barrel with jack in it rolled back and forth across the floor. The ship capsized and jack was drowned alive.

The woman you are working with is experiencing psychic overload. This happens when too much information is gathered about the psychic world and the mind cannot process it fast enough. Have her slow down her studies and let her know she is loved by the Divine Spirit. She needs to do a clear crystal energy grid to REMOVE excess psychic energy and things should calm down for her. Fear is a manifestation of negative energy. Once I put up my psychic shield I no longer fear psychic attacks. They are few and far beween anyway.

Love and Light,
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
You are hilarious!
The cat thing could possibly answer the questions about scratches in that other guys story though! LOL! 😆
VulpesVulpes (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
I must admit, my studies into brainwave states are nowhere as in-depth as yours. I find it impossible to meditate at the best of times, as I have a very active mind which tends to resist periods of inactivity, plus I have a few deep rooted psychological scars with relation to the concept of sleep that render it very difficult for me to actually get off to sleep at all. Both of these combined have meant that both lucid dreaming experiments and astral travel have so far at least been denied to me, despite my occasional attempts to achieve them.

In theory though, if I am reading your comment correctly, your assertion that the states of consciousness needed to achieve oneness with the godhead are already a natural process inherent in all of our dreaming states seems to hold up pretty well. It would be intriguing to note if said theory has any echoes in the teachings of any esoteric societies, though there at least I cannot help you. I'm very much grounded here, as you can probably tell, and I have tailored my research accordingly. I am intrigued though, so keep us all informed eh?

As to your friend, an intriguing aside to your delta wave theory is that of sleep paralysis. It is well known that those who experience such an event, possible occult explanations aside, are unable to move because their brain shuts down their motion centres prior to dreaming. In cases where the brain is unable to do so it is found that the patient acts out their dream physically, sleepwalking, making bacon and eggs at three in the morning for a gang of bikers who exist nowhere but in their own nocturnal wonderland, making love to a beautiful man or woman and waking up the next morning to find next doors cat filing sexual assault charges against them, that sort of thing.

This mental phenomena, while rare, would explain much of her sleep related problems, though not, unfortunately, her temperature etc.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
You know what Vulpes, thanks for all the advice and explanations by the way, noted and filed. I appreciate it. However, I had a thought!

Do you know how I'm a sucka for a good Theta brainwave moment, this normally happens just before you drop off to sleep, or when you are similarly in that very drowsy state. (hypnagogic) well... I was doing a bit of stuff, as you do, and I came across an explanation/theory of "cosmic/global oneness" In this explanation the author touches on the four consciousness states and matches them to the brainwave states.

ELEMENTAL=alpha=threshold consciousness
PERSONALITY=beta=waking consciousness
DREAMSELF=theta=dreaming consciousness
SOUL=delta=deep sleep consciousness
MONAD=deep delta=lucid or turiya consciousness

Look at the soul description, DEEP SLEEP CONSCIOUSNESS! If we as humans are to acheive all these states prior to raising our personal vibration enough to merge with the "one god" then it is quite apparant that these states ARE acheivable. I said in the story, and I actually mentioned it to her both times, that it seemed she was virtually awake through a nightmare... Now I'm convinced she was, within this Delta state!

The mad bits then (ie; rolling around inside a toilet roll tube,) wouldn't seem so mad then, if we knew she was being awake PHYSICALLY through a dream.

AND it would explain the first incident also! I have long been a fan of a consciouss theta state, and I know what revelations and feelings are available at this altered state of consciousness, can't imagine HOW trippy awake delta would be, I'll stick to my "T". But, I do think this could be a possibile explanation?


VulpesVulpes (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Let me think. Guided meditations aren't really my thing, so I can't help you with that aspect of the case specifically, though my gut instinct is that your friend has either opened up a channel to the remaining essence of this Jonathan Betts, which is quite unlikely given the fact that he should have either reincarnated by now or condemned his soul to the second death, or has somehow picked up a parcel of psychic vibrations/messages from her trip to Tintagel which have lain dormant in her deep subconscious until awakened by her meditation upon the past.

If it is the first option I would suggest a severing of her links with the psychic, at least for a few weeks. No meditation, no psychometry, no lucid dreaming, nothing. This should serve to weaken the connection that she has with the entity to such a degree that it eventually breaks contact. After all, if you ignore a naughty child it tends to go off in a huff and calm down. If this fails to work, cleansing baths in salt water, coupled with any banishing rituals you personally recommend is the next stage, though I doubt it will come to that. If you need any advice from a psychic self defence standpoint on this, you know where I am.

If she is unlocking a message from the past, which she absorbed as a child at Tintagel, then there is nothing really to fear. This is also the case if she is remembering a past life there, perhaps a direction you would like to take her meditations down should the more worrying physical aspects of her experience fail to manifest themselves again. Knowledge is power, and this is especially true if the event is to hold some baring on her current incarnation. But tell her to take it easy either way, and not to let the memories change her life or personality in any drastic sense. Who she was then is not who she is now, and I have read too many stories of people remembering past lives and allowing them to ruin their current one.

Oh, and if you haven't already seen it, I've got a new story up. It got lost in the posting list by the looks of it, and only went up today. You might find it intriguing... Http://

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