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Spirits Trying To Talk To Me And I Need Advice


I have for some reason throughout my life since a young boy have attracted spirits and for the last year it has recently picked up a lot. My grandfather passed almost a year ago and suddenly there is something waking me up every night. Weather it was moving thing snapping fingers loudly or foot steps. Then I talked with him in a dream when I was very upset one night and I never seen or heard from him again. Very shortly after though a lot of different things started happening. Most of the time when I am by myself but my daughter and wife have both had many experiences also but just me and my daughter actually see them. One mourning after taking my daughter to school I was on the couch drinking coffee and out the corner of my eye see a woman, I turned my head and focused in on her, stood up and stepped closer to see that she was see through and just standing in the hallway starring into the bedroom. She appears randomly to me, others have seen her but she runs from them. Shortly after that a little boy appeared in my hallway just looking at me. A couple days later he was back just leaning on the door way looking at me. Occasionally poking me, running around just playing around knocking drinks over and playing with lights and my daughters toys. A few days later on my way to my group and the boy followed me there and later I met a guy and his wife in a kind of counseling group I go to every week and they were starting to talk about their children and got choked up and afterwards someone told me their little boy died not long ago and it made since because the boy was trying to talk to me. Afterwards I never seen the boy again. There has been several other things civil war soldiers, men, women, but they all look normal (except for being see through). But I guess about three days ago I lay down to go to sleep and I see this little blond haired girl maybe two or three standing next to the bed looking at me but she looked different. She looked dead. It kind of freaked me out cause usually they look just fine. Anyway she has been really shaking things up with my wife. She loves playing around during the day but at night she comes up to me sad trying to talk and I don't know how to communicate with her. I have always welcomed any experiences but its has gotten where its all the time I am seeing things in and outside of my home I mean even animals, every now and then I have someone that stays right beside me trying desperately trying to talk to me but I can't hear. So please help with any advice available. Thank you so much for your time and advice.

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Amber_M (3 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-22)
Hey there, it's good of you to look into this and this is definitely the place to come. You and your daughter are clairvoyants, as vergil has said. I too am a clairvoyant/empath and I find that a lot of clairvoyants are also empaths by default (though everyone is actually an empath, it just depends how in tune they are to themselves, the spirit world and others). That being said, this means, if you use your empathic abilities, you can decipher what is going on with the entities in your house however - Don't ever lash out nor become submissive to the dead and most importantly, DO NOT fear them. I believe you have done a good job at this and this is why docile people seeking love such as children, upset war soldiers, mothers etc have entered your home.
Additionally, if your house is old or on old grounds, there might be a portal near by or inside of it which is what's causing the multitude of visitors. And ever since your grandfather's death, you've been more perceptible to them.
As for the new girl, be wary. Especially because it sounds like the others don't really talk to you. Pure ghosts have no reason to talk, they are lingering to observe and learn. The cause for evil entities derives from the sins like greed, lust, violence and in my opinion the biggest - jealously, jealousy of the living. That is why you hear about evil spirits through temper-tantrums - throwing things, slamming doors etc- watching people at night, screaming loudly etc. Still they can't hurt what they can't touch and a good hearted, fearless person is untouchable. My advice would be to ignore her. And if she doesn't leave, you will need to ask your spirit guide for help dismissing her. [If you don't know about spirit guides/aka guardian angel, whatever you wish to call it, they stand slightly behind you at all times, watching over you and helping you in your spiritual battle (which is happening constantly whether you are aware of it or not). Whether or not the girl leaves, I would advise you and your daughter - and your wife too even, to get in touch with your spirit guides if you are to dwell in the spirit world, particularly the realm of the dead.]

If you would like to talk more you are welcome to email me at
Truemagic123 [at]
vergil117 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-01-17)
first I want to tell you, that you are not alone in your experiences, it seems to me you have the gift of Objective Clairvoyance, which means you can see spirits with your physical eyes. I have helped and talked to a lot of people on this site with there gifts, would you like me to help you as well? If so, you can email me from my profile page on here. I would love to help you, and perhaps help these spirits find peace. Hope to hear from you!

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