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I'm not into profanity like this. I can be quite a nice girl. Lol. But I'm new here. I think maybe this site will give me some insight to who I am. And who knows, I could make some really cool friends here.

So the title of my story is suppose to be 'b-iotch'. Why? You might ask. Simply because that was the key word to something that I was able to predict. Well sorta, I just became aware of a future happening.

Anyways it goes something like this.

In my high school days, I was well known as the quiet one. Well if I let others know me, I can be quite the motor mouth. I had few close friends. I wasn't much into the drama scene. Meaning people had their ways of stirring up trouble. Mind you this was years ago. Like way back. I'm trying to remember all my past experiences.

So I'm walking down the hall minding my own business. When next thing you know I suddenly sense something very bad. I stopped in my position and started looking all around. Something wasn't right. And all I knew is that I was going to be confronted by something very soon. What exactly? I didn't even know.

I made my way to class, the whole time I was trying to recall what I experienced. All I knew is there was a presence in which I would not favor. It was not going to be for good reason whatever was supposed to happen. Normally, I can put my finger on exactly what should happen. This round, not so much. So I wrote on a slip of paper a bunch of words.

These words had a sort of direction to them. They were to help me get closer to the issue that lay ahead. Some words that popped in my head felt stronger then others. They were quite random words. They had no particular meaning to them. I was trying a simple method of narrowing this problem down.

So a week passes. I had no luck figuring this thing out. It still bothered me because it could only mean it was bad. I couldn't believe even though I saw this coming, I still didn't see this coming.

I was standing in the exact same position where I had this 'premonition'. I was with a bunch of friends, some of which are trouble makers.

A friend had said something to me. And I replied joking around. She pretended to act sad to go with the current good humor we were having. Next thing I know I have her sister all up in my face telling me to back off and to apologize to her sister.

I told her straight up that she has the wrong impression. She started calling up a fight between us in front of everyone, saying that we should have a go at it. She simply just wanted to fight. I was like straight up, you don't want to do this. She wouldn't listen. I kept telling her that I wasn't going to hit her and we weren't going to do this.

She grabbed my hands and tried to pin them against the wall behind me. Now I know some people like to twist the truth a bit when their telling their side of a fight. But really, she couldn't even place my wrists against the wall behind me. And she was using all the force she had. I was just standing there, looking at her struggle, and telling her, "You really don't want to do this." That's all I could really say.

Then next thing you know one of my guy friends comes up right behind her and hauls her off me and tells her to back off. Her sister did nothing, and the fight broke up immediately. Everyone went off to their lives, and it was like nothing happened.

I was furious and stormed off. I told a very good friend what had happened. She said I should have gotten her. She would have creamed her with no hesitation. Though I hesitated I also told her of what I sensed a week before.

I kept the record of all the words I wrote. And one of them stood out the strongest the whole time. 'b-iotch'. Not only because I thought of her like this. But I circled all the letters in the word that had the letters in her name, and it had the most similarity. So on that day, I figured that this may be a method that people may use to see what they are struggling to see. Just like in my case, which I find interesting. I mean really, how far can the human mind go? I have my other suspicions as to why this occurred in the first place. But that will come in time with future blogs.

So that is my first story. I decided to throw this one in to see what the readers like. If this is even considered an experience. Tell me what you think of it. Any comments questions. Anything you find interesting. Anything you think I may have missed in detail. I will do my best to answer them for you. There will be more to come.


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Iveesuhma (guest)
15 years ago (2008-11-18)
hmm... Your right. I was on a roll when I had my direction. Though I sorta lost it in the midst. I wasn't quite sure what I was attempting really, I was just going with it.

But thanks, I will try that next time. Whenever this next time happens... Haha.
jozborn (4 stories) (30 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-14)
You words seem to flow so perfectly and randomly that it makes it difficult to understand where it leads you. Continue to do it, but try to organize the spontaneity into something that your conscious mind can interpret, to allow your thoughts to move faster.

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