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Seeing Random Future Thoughts And Visions Since Age 17


I don't know about all of you, but I have also had random visions "quick pictures in the mind" and feelings that happened in real life.

Age 17, I saw woman across the way and she was in leotards. I saw her as I was gardening and saw her, and had this bad feeling she was to get rapped. I don't know why but sure enough she was and moved to Alaska as a result.

Before our temple sealing in the lds church, I was experiencing a lot of depression and was checking off people in my life as if I was going to commit suicide. When I was thinking of my my future wife, she called me said she was soo concerned she was prompted to call me. I told her I was feeling suicidal.

But the biggest surprise was when I was driving down highway I-5 on December 23, 2004. As I was driving, I have a brief vision of being in a hot country. I looked down on the beach and there was palm branches and tons of building debris. I looked around to the town, and it was totally crushed by a major Tsunami. I snapped out of this quick vision, yes, while driving, and said to my wife "One of the Greatest earthquakes in history is going to happen on Christmas day" She was totally freaked out and said where? I was uncertain and said Seattle, but then said no, it is some where else it was very hot and humid. The towns construction was bamboo. I felt like I was being commanded to say the story and it was loud and confident.

For two-three days we both looked at cnn and other new outlets to see if a major quake was to happen, and sure enough, one did happen in Sumatra Indonesia.

I told my dad and step mom about my vision before the quake happened.

Lastly, I do get random thoughts what people say. I some times see numbers before they are on tv or some times, I see what some one will say, before they say it.

Lately, I think god could be waking me up at church. I feel asleep and in a thought, some one was in front of me, shining a bright mirror in my face to snap me out of it. My wife said, "that's god saying to pay attention and stay awake"

But one of the more surprising events happened in Seattle. My truck died in the most congested busiest part of Vancouver. People were honking. I bowed my head down and silently said help. Then my name was yelled out across the street and I said HUH? It was a member of my church, asking if I needed help. I said wow. What the chance of this happening in a city of 1.5 million.

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IntuitiveMama (22 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-13)
Thank you for posting. This is very interesting! You might start keeping a journal of your experiences so you can look back on things you knew before they happened. Some people find help in meditating as well. You are very intuitive! Keep us posted!

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