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Random Man Spirit Guide?


I went to work today only to find out I was not supposed to be there. So I stood outside smoking and this random man just stopped and said, your aura is extremely bright he said you're glowing. Then he said you have an extremely good heart and you are to kind sometimes then he told me if I'm planning to do anything keep it to myself because it won't happen, he went on to say you have told people your plans in the past and they haven't worked (which is so true) he then went on to say that I had a massive problem with money and that it will get better I just have to stop helping friends and help myself. He wrote my name, d.o.b then told me I was an Aries and my earth stone is coral. He asked me to pick a color and a number then he put a piece of paper in my hand that he took out of his pocket and it said my color and number that I told him! I was totally baffled. He did not ask for any money he just took my hand and told me to look after myself and off he went. I have never seen this man before. Every thing he said was correct! What is this experience I had today? I was really shaken afterwards could not believe it. I asked my gran and she said that he was my spirit guide and that I was destined to go into work today for this to happen. He also told me to find a corral ring and put it on the finger next to my little finger on the right hand. I came home and put the lotto on straight away ha ha, let hope my life is about to change. Such an eye opening experience I have always believed but never ever thought that something this random could happen to me.

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-02)
What an amazing experience. I agree with your grandmother it was most likely your spirit guide. He probably visted you to give you an eye opener of your life and that good things are coming your way.

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