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Is My Friend Psychic?


The story I'm about to write is mainly about my friend, than about me.

It all started when I opened up to him about all my issues and problems that I have kept in for about 5 or 6 months, and the topics varied. Eventually, I started to talk to him about my psychic abilities, and it turns out that he might have some too. He believes that he has the schizoaffective disorder, but was never tested for it. He told me why he thought that, and many of the things he explained to me seemed rather psychic related.

The things he told me where:

-He can see shadow people

-He sees energy*

-He can remotely view things incredibly well (he described what my bedroom looked like even though he had never even been in it)

-He can see spirits (I think this is a different thing than the shadow people)

*He can see energy. So apparently, at times, his vision would go completely white, as if lightning has flashed, and disappears as fast as lightning too. This happens to me at times too. I researched it, and apparently it has happened to other people too. I had a dream maybe 3 weeks ago, of my friend and his other friend sleeping in my bed (ignore the weirdness please). I was alone on the top bunk, and him and his friend were on the bottom. And there were so many flashes in my room of light, and with every flash, I could see a ghost/spirit coming closure to us. I ended up waking with a start, around 3 - 5 in the morning, with difficulty going back to sleep. Later on though, he explained to me that, that happens to him -he can see the spirits with each flash. Now that I think about it, I had another dream a couple of years ago. It was of a friend, who had psychic abilities way more "advanced" than mine. But I never knew who it was, because I couldn't remember.

Also, I think my friend has had encounters with bad spirits. He told me that they "tell him to do bad things." I know, it sounds crazy. But after he explained all of that to me, I don't think it is. I think he might be psychic. Can anyone help confirm this, or explain what's happening to my friend?

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Kwayath (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-02)
Both you and your friend are psychic. You are right when you say spirits and shadow people are two different things. Shadow people are usually one of two things; 1) ghost, 2) someone astrally projecting into where you are. Spirits an the other hand are things that never had a physical form. As for the bad spirits, people usually attract what they fear. The quickest way to deal with that is to choose to be peaceful, and say to the spirits (out loud helps) "I am a wo/man of peace, I do not bring harm to others or myself. Go and bother me no more". Repeat as necessary.

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