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Recently I have learned that I am more than just an empath (as mentioned 2 years ago), I am a medium as well. Well actually I'm a whole slue of things. But anyway, I have a friend who is also intuitive. We are wondering if we should tell our friend that we are psychic. Her grand mother is around her a lot! I have also received messages for her from her grand mother but I have not ever said anything to her. Just today I also kept seeing a vision of one of her "baby" pictures. (she was more like 8 in the photo) But I do not know why I was being shown this picture. It is of younger her sitting playing the piano. I mean I could use it if I told her as validation because she was close to her grand mother and she's connected to her through the piano. She fully believes in psychics we are just not sure if we should tell her that we are psychic, and deliver the messages we have received from her grandma. I mean we always feel like we should tell her but there are always people around, so we do not want to bring it up while people are around just in case she gets emotional, you know? I personally want to tell her but my friend always just seems to back out of it. I think it will just bring us all closer. Please help!

Thank you.

P.s. I'm terribly sorry for the rambling I just needed to get this to 1500 characters and I'm not very good at the whole detail oriented writing I just tend to sum things up. So me writing this has nothing to do with what I wrote above. I'm just getting to the minimum. (:

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Meneiny (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-23)
If she already belives in psychics and you're sure of the messages you're receiving you should tell her. I had a friend whose grandparents gave me messages about that I passed on to him. I thought he would be sceptical but he was really grateful that I did. The irony is that those messages are the ONLY thing he belives from all the things I've told him I can experience, mainly because I gave him information (from his relatives) that I couldn't have otherwise possible known.

I say go for it!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-03)
Messages from loved ones are never out of character.
Pointing to areas where life occurred is validation
To the living. So just pray for a window of opportunity and the courage to carry it though. Many times we are only given a small bit of information and then when we relay this more opens up.

Good journey

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