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Feeling My Soulmate When She's Not There


Met my soulmate many years ago and it was an instant connection on all levels. 4 years and it didn't work out as she chose to marry a man so she can have a traditional family and have kids. Broke my heart to pieces and the pain went deep into my soul. She got married two months ago and we haven't spoken since. She is pregnant and due in January. The missing and longing have been overwhelming at times as I felt a piece of me is missing. The betray of her marriage and breaking of my heart did not stop me from loving and missing her. We've always had an extra sensory connection. Even one time she came to me in spirit (this was before she got married) and I told her I can't talk like this call me. And boom the phone rang. But recently I've felt her lying in my bed next to me. I'm fully awake but when I close my eyes I can feel her energy. I feel her heart beat and as I cuddle her close the baby she's carrying. I feel her reach back and kiss me and it takes away my breath just like it did when we were together. Two night in a row I've felt her in my arms. She stayed the entire night and when it's time for bed I can hear her say "are you coming to bed"? In my mind I hold her, kiss her neck and back and just embrace the wonderful energy I once had in the flesh. The weird part is before I started to feel her at night my days consisted of longing and missing her terribly. A constant feeling of something missing and a lot of pain associated with the loss. But the last two days since the spirit cuddling has been occurring. I feel happy and even tho I do think of her It's not painful and it's like I spent all night with her so I'm not missing her kinda. I mean I miss her but it's not the same I must say I look forward to sleep where I can hold her all night and I feel satisfied like I got my fill of her energy. More complete to say even tho we haven't seen or spoken in month... Could this be my imagination? Has any one else experienced something similar? Does she feel me too? Think of me? Will she come back and be in my arms?

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Sunnysideup (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-22)
I think your mind is helping you get through this hard and painful time by providing what it believes you need to survive. You'll eventually move on and you may even still feel a real connection after many years. Some of the people we meet in life aren't meant to be there forever. Cord cutting may help you through the grief process. Allowing her to move on in peace as she wills. If she decides to change her mind and return to you and your relationship she will let you know in a real solid way. In the meantime take care of yourself. It takes time to grieve in your own way.
Thetruthisoutthere (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-29)
This sounds like astral travelling. You guys have a strong spiritual/psychic connection, a very strong bond. Also, a psychic cord attachment could be there. You need time to process everything. You obviously are still deeply in love.

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