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Goldie Experience


Before I begin I would like to mention that the event (s) that happened were a re awakening (as I have come to understand all of this) of an ability or abilities that I can recall as I look back on some of the events that took place earlier in my Life.

About a year ago, at my place of employment I started to notice that I was having a feeling that would hit me in the middle of my chest at random times of the day. (not heart related). It may have been going longer than that with less intensity but was ignored. When it started to pick up intensity AFTER I started sensing it, I started paying attention to it and never would have guessed what was causing it. Not long after this began I started noticing a vehicle that would slow down after turning the corner near the shop and drive by slowly. It was then that I noticed the same feeling hitting me and started noticing the driver was waving a smiling at me. This happened with irregularity for several months until spring arrived and I was working with the doors open to the shop on a regular basis. I would still feel the jolt to my chest which was confusing at first (only because I had not yet connected the events) because she would not be driving by for several seconds after that if not longer. I always smiled and waved back and started wondering who this woman was until the day we met. We held a sale at the shop and had been open a couple of hours. I was inside finishing helping a customer when I started feeling the jolt to my chest only this time it felt like I had been punched. I remember my breathing becoming very labored and another jolt hit me that encompassed most of my body. I started hanging onto the counter thinking I may have just been on my feet too long when I turned around to see the woman from the car walking through the doorway not 10 feet away and internally connecting the feeling to her. It just happened in my mind and body. A realization that I was being affected by her, months before we ever spoke and never closer than 50 feet. She walked up and introduced herself and as she was standing just inches away I was so overwhelmed by this energy that I was picking up that it was all that I could do to speak and I could barely move. I haven't been speechless around women since school. Over 25 years ago. (I did not think "energy" at this time, that came with research as I was very new to this and a skeptic until then) All I knew was what I felt and what my mind was processing at that time. What happened next really jolted me. She very casually held up an item to ask about it. And as I reached for it she wrapped her pinky around mine. At this point of contact I was frozen in place. I felt like I was being electrocuted by her. It would have been one thing to have walked in having never seen each other before and had her do this out of the blue but this event was proceeded by an energy that was so strong It caught my attention before I remember seeing her let alone exchanging glances.

As the summer rolled on she would pull up and we would chat. She never got out of her car and we spoke often. She rarely came by at the same time of day and at first I would only pick up a "signal" or her energy a few days a week. Usually 20-30 seconds before I saw her drive around the corner. I was learning that on the days that I did not sense her, she was arguing with her husband before she left for work and was distracted by that and apparently that would cause (from what I gather) a weak signal transmission from her. And lately I have felt different signals of pain, depression, anger and extreme sadness come through me (when regularly there was happiness) when it is obviously not feelings that I would be having for any reason at the time they hit me. Only to find out the next day that, that is how she was feeling due to different events in her life and she was home when it happened most of the time. Like others on this site, I tell this story looking for feedback from anyone that has had a similar experience. I understand that her touching me initially was a flirtatious gesture. But prior to that, months of that signal and energy were there and very real. We no longer speak, but I can still feel her presence from blocks away more times than not.

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