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Drawn To The Supernatural


I don't know, I've always felt drawn to the supernatural. I'm writing this since I have no where else to post, maybe I was meant to post it here.

It all started with a dream with a man with big sort of "vampire" teeth, it felt like a nightmare. I have no recall what he was saying, but all I can remember was his creepy smile. I didn't think so much of it, until a few months later I had another dream where I was trapped in a small house, everything was black leading up was some stairs to a bed. I can't recall what I saw in that bed, because I woke up in sweat

The most recent dream I can remember was only a few days ago, where a "man" was ripping my arms off while I was standing above him at some stairs. Not only did my arms regenerate but I had a horn coming out of in the middle of my head, I can't remember much after that other than I lost "control" over myself in the dream. I don't think it was me, I tried seeking answers but somehow it seems "someone" doesn't want me to find any. I've had many nightmares / dreams over the last 10 years or so, I've somehow gotten used to them. Very rarely, I've had dreams which loops.

I wake up in the bed (in the dream), I struggle to get up from the bed. Once I'm up from the bed and proceed to go into the kitchen, there's someone waiting there in a chair. She has white hair, but once I see her. I'm suddenly back into the bed.

Dreams like this feels like forever, I have lost count how many loops it was. But in the end she says something to me but I can't understand what shes saying to me and then I wake up.

I have simply lost count / don't remember most of my dreams, I think it's about time I start understanding my nightmares and dreams. Since each time I try to get help, "something" is stopping me from figuring it out.

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Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-22)
[at] Alexs it seems like a nightmare demon has attached itself to you and able to manipulate your dreams and implement fear onto to you. These types of beings are very common and cause attacks as paralysis and draining your energy that you would gain from rest. I don't personally think interpreting the dreams will lead you to anywhere relevant because it all seems orchestrated by this being - although I could be wrong because I am sure there are elements of your dreams that hold personal meaning to you. I do suggest that you take participation in shielding yourself with your energy before you sleep to keep things back from messing with your dreams.

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