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What Supernatural Creature Am I?


It all started when I was little, there has always been something different about me. I knew what movies would come on tv like everyday. It started getting freaky and I got scared. And then I could feel people's emotions and what they were going to say. I'm 13 years old. So I thought I was psychic but that still didn't include everything about me. I did magic. I would put my hands up and lower them slowly and the wind would get crazy and the trees would move. I guess I was the only one In my family who believed. But that wasn't the only thing. I loved the water. It was my favorite thing in the world and he only one in my family who was exactly like a fish 😂! One day. Was swimming in the ocean and a wave knocked me down. I was under and was running out of breath. And I couldn't do anything about it so I breathed for a whole 5 second. And then I was pulled back up but it was the scariest thing because I didn't drown and was completely okay when I was pulled up. Then I started looking at the elements and realized I had a connection to every single one of them expect for fire but I don't know what that's about. I think I'm currently a witch but that does not sum up everything in a way! Especially not the water thing. The point is I've had a stage for everything! I've thought I have been a wolf a vampire even a mermaid. But I outgrew some of those stuff! I have no idea what I am and I need help! I'm running out of time before I start to not believe all this. HELP PLEASE! What am I

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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-06)
Hello Sarah,
You are most certainly an empath and psychic. Some of your experiences are similar to my own, though you are very strong. I do not know much about witches, but anything is possible. You have the ability to use energies with your own will.
I encourage you to meditate and experiment carefully. You are already a very strong psychic.
Do not fear what you are, for you will comprehend it in time by embracing it as a part of who you are.
Best of luck,
Sarahjennings (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-20)
But what am I? All those gifts sum up to something! [at] juggernt
juggernt (8 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
A label is just a label. Rather, you are powerful, spiritual being with a divine connection to multiple elements. Over time you may learn more about your past lives and connections and where some of these abilities arise from. But... For now... You are an Indigo or Crystal Child (that's just the term people use) to help the world move into a new Golden Age. Smile and feel grateful for your gifts. Hold love and light in your heart. PEACE;)

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