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I was walking the school halls, when this guy passed right by me. He was wearing a hoodie that was black and dark and mysterious! The minute I saw him it's like I knew him. Like I had a connection with him. He also was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. (my other story describes I'm a supernatural creature I just don't know what but I'm part psychic) so I felt him, I felt he was just like me. And a couple days I was thinking I was going crazy! A girl I knew is best friends with him and he likes her likes her. So I asked about him, what he was like. And then I finally asked, I said "is there something weird about him" she paused and she said " he does believe in some thing" my heart stopped and I felt like I knew she was going to mention the whole thing. She told me he believes he's an animal! Like half. And for a minute I felt proud of myself that I had known what he Was. I also felt scared. Later on I told this girl that I was a witch and I knew what he was before she told me. She believed me after I showed her some proof. The next thing I knew I searched him up and hacked into pages to see what he was really about. Apparently, he has had a criminal record and vandalism and stealing from people, and there is this girl that people are saying he drugged and did other stuff. I asked the girl and she told me that he would never do these things. And I believed her. But the problem is I never see him cause he's a year older than me; how do I talk to him. He can help me. And I think I might be in love with him.

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Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-02)
SarahJennings, It sounds like you are an empath, feeling the feelings of others. You have a strong connection with nature, both the elements and living things. There are labels for the connection with the elements that I hope others here will add, since this is not something I am an expert in. When you say you could be a witch, you are simply choosing a system in which to learn to enhance your abilities. But simple meditation, yoga and "asking" for a guide/teacher can also accomplish that. It simply depends on how complex you want your answer, or whether you want to find a large community of people who use the same system of thinking.

Be positive, peaceful and protect yourself and your space. This is a start to controlling it. Check out many of the tabs on this site, and the sister site, Your Ghost Stories. There are a lot of resources here. This is just a beginning. I hope it helps.


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