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Sworn To A Guy In A Trench Coat



I was told by a man in a trench coat that I was going to be his bride years ago in a dream. Yet it was only this year that while in meditation while wondering what his message meant that I saw a gold eye in the eerie style of ancient Egypt with neon lime green energy bursting in a beam that was ragged at the edges like fire.

Then the eye was gone and I saw a red mountain, almost vertical and rounded, standing in flat dry land. Setting behind it was either the sun or the moon, same red as the mountain casting red glare, like when you look at the world through tinted sunglasses. I couldn't tell if the mountain was glowing too or if the intense light of the red sun or moon was making its surface radiate the same dark red light.

The moon/sun turned into a lewdly smiling man's face that continued to bob across the sky; My body was weighed down with the sickly feeling of dread, and I knew there was something sexual about this but I didn't understand how.

To my immense relief they finally vanished and for a long moment I saw only blackness. Then a Silver Star on a light brown, rounded metal cord danced before my eyes. The star ornament's edges were of solid silver but it's interior was a swirling mesh of delicately crafted vines and leaves, in its center a butter yellow circle gem.

For the days that have passed since I have researched for the meaning of the Silver Star, which I felt was most important and I must focus my energy on first; I found history of a cult, which might or might not exist any longer. I found that this cult had three sects: Golden Dawn, Rose Cross, and, the third listed, The Order of the Silver Star.

Information has since proven to be scares and confusing; it seems this cult who is only referred to as the A:A: worshiped the Scarlet Women, otherwise called Babylon, which in the bible is described as a sacred whore queen who represents the sins of the Israelites when they begin to abandon the code of God and join the acts of other nations in war and corruption, thus abandoning God who they were "married" to.

The Scarlet Women "rebirths" those of the cult who have reached far enough along the path of enlightenment. In order for this to happen, the cultist always described as male must sleep with the Scarlet Women, and she will become pregnant with that cultist. This process is symbolized by the cultist pouring their blood into her golden chalice. They will be reborn into the City of Pyramids and be a temple master. This place according to them is the first step on the road of enlightenment.

The bible and the A:A: say the Scarlet Woman ridding the great beast whose number is 666. This appears to have some difference from Satan (maybe?). She holds his reins, symbolizing her control over him her marriage to the great beast.

Am I supposed to be a "bride" to God or a "bride" to Satan? (supposing that bride means sworn to instead of literally marrying). What is going on?

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TheBrowneyes17 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-05)
actually, the woman riding the beast reminds me of the movie the ninth gate. This is positively satanic, you must seperate yourself from this man, he could be the devil.
TheBrowneyes17 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-05)
i think golden dawn is what aleister crowley was a part of. And he made the satanic bible. This doesn't sound goo. D
The man doesn't sound good at all.
Protect yourself from him.

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