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I'm pretty new to this but I'm just interested in what is going on. I'm 14 years old, so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. When I dream, each one has a meaning. I'll dream a situation or place, then later on in my life (the next day or even years) I will come across that same place or situation. It's usually places I've never seen or been before, so when I see them in real life, I am instantly reminded of the dream. The most recent was last night. I had a dream I was at school and I looked down a certain hall way & saw a person putting something on a wall with a green shirt on. A little closer to me but in the same hall was a boy wearing a red shirt sitting at a desk. I thought it was a little weird he was in the hall with a desk, but hey, it was just a dream right? Wrong. This morning, my class was going to the library, & I just looked down a hall way and saw the same exact scene from my dream. Same people, same shirts, everything. These dreams happen very often and I have learned to kind of embrace it. I get a little sneak peek into the future. I also feel something when it's about to happen, or I see an object and give it a little more attention than usual, and later on it will be something important or talked about or something. Sometimes I can sense right before something happens that it will happen.

Another occurrence has been happening. I get really zoned out sometimes when near people. I start thinking and it's like someone is telling me to tell someone something. I get really distracted. Sometimes it will happen to me in class and I feel like I need to tell one of the other students something that someone said to me, but I feel weird. Could it possibly be a spirit contacting me? I have seen spirits before. One was quite recent. It walked right across the stage at an assembly. I have also been riding my bike and have one walking beside me. I never know when it will happens, so it kind of catches me off guard. When I was little and saw these things I thought it was just an imaginary friend thing, but now that I'm older and it keeps happening, I'm thinking it's something else. Could I be able to speak to them too? What do you think?

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