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Confused Teen Seeking Advice


My Name Is Carlos. I am 15 years old and I am very confused.

At the age of 13 I started realizing I was psychic. It started with me seeing shadows and figures of people and over the years it moved to my dreams coming true and hearing voices. Now the figures, the dreams and the voices only happen at night when I am about to sleep.

When I was younger between the ages of 5 and 9, my mom said I would have night terrors. Like usual night terrors I would scream and I would walk around but my mom said I would also yell at things.

She said I would look behind her or beside me and scream " Leave me alone!". When this started happening my mom actually thought I was possessed. I don't remember much of my younger years but I do know that I did not remember my dreams and I do remember one experience.

Once I smashed my finger in a door, and as you can imagine it hurt. That night I feel asleep in my parents bed with my thumb throbbing. I awoke in pain. When I awoke there was this white figure. And honestly it looked like a bunny which it was not even around Easter but it was very clear that it was a human size bunny. The Bunny began my thumb and the pain was completely gone from my thumb. I remember feeling warm and calm and for some odd reason I didn't freak out. I didn't even speak which I talked a lot back then. It was like what ever it was soothed me and I am positive I was awake because I fell back asleep very quickly.

Unlike most people I was happy about all of this because I had always wanted to do this, and due to this want I had convinced myself I was seeing things that weren't there which led me to question my sanity. Now as time slowly went on there were the small things here and there. The figures... The dreams.

I even had moments where I knew what someone was talking about even if they didn't put much detail in it. An example of this is once I was talking to a teacher in Biology and she said that she wanted to tell me something good but she could not. That was all she said and suddenly I knew she was talking about this big test I was worrying about.

In 2006 my family lost a remote to the TV. Now being many years later the remote was the last thing on my mind. A few weeks ago I came home and my mom said " Guess what I found!". And the first thing that came out my mouth was " The remote?". (I don't know what to call this its like I know what people are talking about)

Well this was not enough evidence for me. I wanted to do better things I wanted to be stronger and do things that I could not.

Then the figures and voices began to bother and scare me. In result of this I started surrounding my bed with pillows and blankets and even toys and in my head this was a barrier between me and the spirits. Well my mom began to worry so I told her what was going on. My mom can dream the future she has been doing it for many years and so she pretty much told me. " This could be real but it could also be in your head."

Later on my mom happened to call a radio show which Medium/Clairvoyant Lisa Williams was Hosting.

My mom Mentioned the blankets and the figures. And Lisa Said that Her guide was telling her that I was a very powerful Medium and Psychic.

Now I truly believe Lisa Williams is real I even went to one of her shows, so now I had one of my idles saying that I was psychic and this made me happy.

Now I even question what Lisa said I still question my sanity because I want to be stronger. I want to help people.

The voices I hear are not clear, usually my name or a bunch of voices talking at once. But once a voice said " Help your sister" and the next day my sister had to go to the ER because she accidentally broke something for playing to rough.

If I am Psychic I just want to know how to strengthen what I can do so I can help people.

I have Tried Meditating but it does not seem to help, and I have no control when these events happen.

Like when I want to know what's going on with a friend I can't Turn it on. It just happens at times which I don't want it to. My main goal is to be able to make it happen when I want.

I don't know if me knowing what people are talking about with little or no detail is some form of telepathy or empathy or something else!

I am just looking for answers and I hope you all can help me.


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crazy_girl (1 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2012-07-06)
Hey Carlos,
I also live in Georgia and deal with about the same thing as you. Last year about October, this gift got so scary. I guessed I learned how to control it then. I'm only 12 and can sense and see spirits/ghosts (whatever floats your boat). I can see auras, and my dreams are so real! Before I even went to savannah, georgia, I had no clue what it looked like, but I could picture exactly how it looked like. Georgia has a very rich history, and where I live, the civil war was fought. I once saw a confederate soldier walk through a field (there's a cemetery near my house). My house is on American Indian land. Sometimes I sense evil, other times I feel peace and relaxation when I see them. I'm so glad I'm not the only one like this! Thanks for sharing your story! Made me feel a lot better! (:
BlueDreamer (18 posts)
10 years ago (2011-09-18)
Hey carlos:) well if you want to make your gifts stronger I strongly suggest you meditate you are a psychic medium and this is very important for you to do because you need to clear your body from bad energy so when spirits want to talk to you, you won't be light headed and drained. I love lisa williams your lucky that you actually went to see a show:) wish you the best of luck- ❤
brooke_wortham (guest)
12 years ago (2010-03-22)
Hey Carlos!

I don't believe that you are crazy. I think you are psychic!:)

I think that you have a guide. Dinaer is right. You have to be open to your guide and try to listen when they are giving you information about what you are seeing. My guides are Jake and Percy. They tell me all about the spirits that I see and all about the things that I experience!

By the way, I also live in GA. That is pretty cool!

VendettaSiblings (guest)
12 years ago (2010-02-08)

Welcome to Psychic-Experiences! Your God given gift is quite developed, and so that you are not overwhelmed, you need to learn to shield. Meditation and shielding, as well as reading up on your abilities is sure to help you. Shielding is the action of surrounding yourself with white light, or protective/defensive energy. It is different from blocking, which pertains to the blocking off of abilities. Anyway, email us if you have any other questions, and we hope you have a great rest of the week.

Twilightexperince132 (24 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-26)
Thank you and I have a few friends that I have had since I was little.😳 😳
Carlos112994 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-25)
Dinaer- Thanks for replying:P and I emailed you.

Twilightexperince132 - I know how it feels to have people think you are weird. You don't need many friends. One or Two good friends is alright with me:D
Twilightexperince132 (24 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-25)
i know what you ar e going through I'm 12 years old and I realized I was a physic when I was 11 it was really scary I can see things in my dreams and I can hear things and see things it still kind of scary I don't have many friends everybody thinks I'm weird I wish it was better for me 😕
But I'm learning to control it hope things work out for you!
Dinaer (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-25)
Hey Carlos.

First of all, you have a guide. A guardian. That human sized bunny you saw, that was your guardian. They usually present themselves in whatever form makes you most comfortable, and at that age, I imagine a bunny would've done the trick:)

Also, I'd have to agree that you are a Telepath of some strength, though you seem to have no control over it. First thing you should learn to do is ground and shield, otherwise in time your ability may get the better of you. Look up what you can on those two things, or send me an email and I'll tell you all I know about it. My email address is in my profile. (that wall of pillows and toys you made probably did shield you somewhat, because it's mostly based on your own conviction.)

Now, what I strongly advise you to do is to learn to control your ability first, before you strive to grow stronger:p you'll help many more people with a well-controlled gift. (You can fill your glass in a waterfall, but you'd rather do it from a fosset, since it's less dangerous;))
I suggest not giving up on meditation, and trying to contact your guardian. My guardians helped me a lot in understanding and controlling my gifts.

Try remembering what feeling that humansized bunny gave you, the feeling of contentment and protection, and while medatiting, try calling out in your mind to your guardian, recalling that feeling she gave you. Your guardian is never far away, and will definitely hear you.
Tell her you need help, and most importantly, listen to her.

Good luck.

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