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Special Guy In My Dream


I have weird dreams in my life. A lot of details and always in colours. I try to interpret it since the dream usually is on my mind for the rest of the day. It has happen sometimes that I realize in the dream that I am dreaming. Also it has happened that someone has entered my dream, someone that usually don't belong there. Like this person Magnus I am going to tell you all about.

I'm walking alongside a pool and come across a frog. I pick it up and think to myself that it would be funny if the frog turned into 'My prince charming', like it was destiny in that case. I only think of it as a funny thought. And so I was walking with this frog in hand and the frog jumps off just before I get to kiss it (this frog jumped around in my hand when I tried and then sat still for a couple of seconds, that's when I seized my chance and failed).

I thought it was all well, it was for fun anyway (the frog was standing by the edge of the pool now). I jump in the pool and swim with others that was there. I swim back where I first jumped in. I see the frog has been knocked over by someone else swimming there and I hurried to the frog because he was about to drown (poor little guy was on his back unconscious). So I grab the frog and gives moth to mouth (hey, gotta try!) and I did it! He wakes up and jumps back on dry ground and turns into to this tall guy.

I'm suddenly up on the ground as well and we start to walk together (I'm dry and all btw).

As I walk with him (this is the part I wanted to tell you about), I see that he is really tall. So, so tall... And he wears some kind of hoddie that makes it a bit hard to see him even though I could see his face. He wasn't all that good looking, but he had charisma and a feeling that I have met him before... Well more like I knew him since before (maybe my spirit guide? I can't tell for sure).

We started talking about a guy I'm supposed to meet later on, that he's not the one (I'm not sure if he means in a romantic way or not) and he said something really good. Something along the lines of: You can't know how a person is unless you spend some time with that said person.

Which is true and that most people know, but he said it in such a good way! I even made him repeat it because I like how he said it and I wanted to remember it when I woke up. I really don't do it justice right now.

And since he seemed so strange for me I realized I was dreaming (I only do it when I see that a person in my dream isn't acting along my dreams). So I told him that I know this is a dream and if I'm going to believe him telling me, that I'm going to meet this person, then he needs to prove it. He looks at me and then looks up: "Hmm. What can I tell. Hmm." <-- Which is another strange thing for being a dream. And also, we were talking in english which I don't do either in dreams! Not a whole conversation anyway, or that the other person is talking in english.

He tells me that this person is sick for 2 years.

I can't tell if he meant that he is going to be or was sick once for 2 years, or what kind of sickness it is.

Well he hung out with me for most of the dreams there on until he disappeared and I called for him. He didn't return: (

Which is a another odd thing about it, he was there next to me in more than one dream.

I am certain that this person is some kind of a higher level or what better words to describe it. However I am not sure if it's true about me having a guy in store for me in the future. Well perhaps, but That specific one? Not so sure.

So I would gladly receive some help from someone who can sense something more from this and give me so knowledge.

Wouldn't want to pass up this opportunity if it's a message I am meant to take. Which is also why I don't get where there was a need to tell me. If it's going to happen, then it will happen.

Please, I would like some clearance.

And please, I am well aware of "ask before going to bed" and "meditate". I have. And I have tried meditation about 1-2 times a day for the past 3-4 years and I have yet to experience anything. Except it makes me go to sleep faster at night and getting extremely cold.

I am grateful of your answers.



~Be different, be You~

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Nahlire (1 stories) (38 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-04)
I've had dreams similiar to YOURS! 😆 I was 13, looking at the tv with my mom and out of the blue I stood up, walked to my room and fell asleep on my bed in 3 seconds. Weird, since I usually need 15-30 minute to fall asleep. It was all pitch black, but I felt that someone was touching my whole being and I felt so loved. Dreams that came after that, it appeared as someone taller than me wearing a black cloak. He disappeared after 6 months (he appeared most in the summer).

Truthfully, I don't have any insecurities regarding this matter. I just happen to be extremely curious. As I said, why appear in my dream to tell me all this? To not go catching frogs, when in reality I am far off from doing so. If I'm going to meet someone, then I will since it's (apparently) foretold.

I doubt however that I need to clear myself to meet this man. Or are you reffering to "Magnus" the dreamguy? Well with him, I think he will appear on his own accord. My mind is telling me that he is hard to 'flirt' with, if you know what I mean.

I have told many that the best answer to yourself is yourself, but this one is tough nut to crack. I feel as well that it's more than a dream, but I don't get why. As I said, why tell me about the guy when I'm going to meet him anyway. Well now it hits me a bit. I can't really know the whole answer until I meet him, right? 😁

Thanks for anwering to my post:) And that last thing you said, I'll try to remind myself a bit more since I can easily jump at it with a truckload of question instead of letting it just flow.


~Be different, be You~
Krislove (65 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-03)
I've had dreams that were similar to yours but in my dreams I dreamed about a lover. A dark man who no one gets because he's so different yet on the inside he is just beautiful. I've felt extreme love in my dreams. I love the feeling so much that I want to experience this every night but he only comes to me every once in a while. I know I haven't met this man yet and I'm not sure he's even in this world right now but I know that I am loved.

Anyways, it seems like you have some insecurities about receiving this love. You might want to work on that before you invite this person into your life. I'm slowly learning that we have to be the person who we want in order to get that person. I'm sure that if you clear yourself, then when the time is right you will meet this man. I get a feeling this is more than a dream. Keep the faith and stop yourself from thinking that it won't happen cause it will if you choose it. Trusting in the unknown is hard but once you trust you will see how easy everything falls into place.

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