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Am I Crazy Of Is This Soulmate Telepathy?


So recently, I reconnected with a friend from the past. This particular friend and I had an off and on relationship in college. When I met him I felt like I had known him forever. The first day we met, we ended up talking until 5 AM. Despite feeling like we belonged together, we both moved on. We had a long distance relationship, and he could not handle it despite our extremely deep connection.

Years went by. I married. He married. I thought about him at least once a month, but not seriously. I missed him in the back of my mind, and I regretted the way things had ended. We just walked away from each other. We never had any formal "break up," because we never formally dated even though we were extremely close friends and had crossed the line to more than friends a few times.

In July of this year, I started thinking about him a lot. I just couldn't get him off of my mind. He opened a Facebook account around that time, and I waited until October sensing that friending him may not be good for me. Around this time, I started hearing him, in my head. I felt like he was talking to me.

His friend posted a photo of him on FB from when he was a child, before I even knew him, and I felt so emotionally attached to that photo that it made me cry. Now, at this point I feel like we are speaking to each other through our minds at least once a day.

I had an emotional breakdown when all of this started happening, and I felt like I was grieving the loss of him nearly ten years after we left each other. We have always held onto each other, and I know for a fact he had a hard time letting go of me, because he called me a year after I married to tell me as much. My therapist told me I needed to "break" the connection to him. He says that some people are so deeply connected they become emotionally intertwined, and we are literally sucking the energy out of each other because we haven't resolved our feelings regarding our parting.

After that discussion, I unfriended him on Facebook. I mentally pictured me cutting our tie. We are tied with a yellow cord, and I have mentally tried to cut our attachment several times, and I never have success. In fact, the last time I succeeded in not having his thoughts enter my head for nearly two weeks. I told my friend that I felt like I was finally able to move on from him, and he emailed me the next day, reattaching us to one another.

Right now, I'm so conflicted. I did not email him when I unfriended him, but I have "spoken" to him through my thoughts about it. I can't seem to get his thoughts out of my head, and I'm wondering if I'm just going crazy or if this is literally us picking up each other's thoughts and trying to resolve our issues so we can move on. Or is this soulmate telepathy?

He and I are not communicating right now, so unfortunately I can't email him or call him and ask him if he's experiencing the same thing. Plus, he is married (I'm guessing happily), so I'm guessing it would not go over with the wife. Also, I feel like we are both using blocking techniques against each other right now, me more so than him, to block the negative thoughts/feelings from flowing over.

The funny thing is, before I cut him out of my life he and I were having pleasant thought transmissions. Since I unfriended him on Facebook, he has been unhappy and will not "listen" to my reasons behind the unfriending. I feel like his thought pattern is going in a circle back to blame. If this really is telepathy, how do I move on from it and get us back into a better cycle or cut him off completely so I can go about my day without thoughts invading my mind. I do not know much about psychics, only the little I've read on this site and also from searching on telepathy since this started happening to me in July.


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possesseddoll (1 posts)
4 years ago (2017-12-06)
Me too! Are any of you still around to talk? How long has the "relationship" been going on?
LanaLove (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-11)
I can say you're not crazy, at all! I can relate greatly to your story. I've been trying to come to grips with a similar situation in my life. Almost 2 years ago I met someone that I have a deep soul connection with. We dated the first year - we weren't officially together, but we knew we cared about each other greatly, but were never committed to each other. I couldn't take the situation anymore, and it drove me crazy - we didn't have a commitment, we never talked about it - I wasn't even sure if I wanted or could handle one, and he felt the same. At the same time, I just wanted him, but I our connection was just so intense that I feel both of us didn't know how to handle it. It was beautiful when we were together. It was as if the world could feel the love we had for one another - just by looking at us sitting next to one another, it seems like the love we had just made everything better - and everyone around us could feel it. Few months after we met I started to see that what we had was more then what it was on the surface. Our connection and bond was stronger then physical - it was also a deep spiritual connection and bond. A couple of times in particular, he was going through some situations with family at the time. On numerous occasions there have been instances where we'd be sleeping next to one another, and I would have the most vivid dreams of where he would be so angry and pissed off at his brother. I don't mention it to him when we wake up, but then he goes on to tell me that he's just so angry at his brother for bad decisions he made. It was just crazy how I had the dream of his emotions, feelings and anger towards his brother and the next day he'd tell me what was going on. There was also numerous times that I'd be watching a something, and the time would stop at 1:11 and he call me right then, or I'd text and he'd call at the same exact moment. With the love we had for each other, but lack of commitment we could give the whole situation was too intense for me to handle. It hurt to love someone so much, but never able to fully and completely give yourself to them - even though you knew your had a connection that was beautiful and magical. After I moved after a year of us meeting - I had to, I just couldn't take the situation of being with him but not being with him, I moved back - about 6 hours away from the city I lived in/he lives in. During that time we cut off ties - but that's when other situations arose where I knew our connection was something great and beautiful. I would think about him during the day, but didn't dream about him as much as night. The times I did dream of him, sporadically over a 6 month period - it was about a handful of times. Well those nights I had my vivid dreams of him, where he'd be talking to me, letting me know everything would be OK, or he loves me - the next day, it never failed - he would either call me or text me out of no where. Also, the strangest - ht was very close to his grandmother. About 3 months of me being back I just was crying uncontrollably for about a day, and I just had thoughts of him and his grandma. It was crazy, I was just so sad and I couldn't stop thinking about her or him. Well come to find out when we finally saw each other about 4 months later, that she had passed away during that time. Other times, where I'd see his name and he'd call right after. One weird thing in particular is that I've tried to move on numerous times. I've gone on many dates and just try to get myself out there to fall in love again. It seems like every time I go out though, my love is following me and doesn't want me to go out like hes knows and he's jealous. When I've gone out on the dates either the waiter has had my Love's name, the guy I'm on the date with has a best friend with the same name as my love, or I happen to my Love's same make and model of his car right before meeting on my date (my Love's car is not a common car, and not many people have the car he has). Every single date I've went on - it's like he's right there with me, following me and watching me - getting jealous and just making sure that I'm reminded of him when I am with someone else. There's just so much more I can talk about with our connection. I'e also had a situation that had to do with sex with him as well. I woke up one morning and it was like I could smell sex on me - I was alone - but the smell was the same exact smell of sex after me and him would make love. Just one day out of nowhere I woke up and smelled that smell. Well the oddest thing - couple hours later I get a text message from my Love, and he's sending me an X Rated picture of himself - it was so random because we hadn't talked for a few months, and he just sent it randomly. I completely agree - at first I did think I was crazy with all these situations happening. But now I just realize that the universe has given me this great connection with another soul. It hurts to say, but we've never told each other we love each other, even though we both love each other with all of our hearts. I just feel that I know and feel we both love each other on this level and the different energy level. It hurts to be separated from someone you love emotionally, physically, and spiritually but all these situations happen for a reason, and we should just be thankful and grateful to have had these connections - although I'm still doing my best to try and figure out this whole situation with him. We're definitely not crazy, it's a gift that we've got to experience - to know that love doesn't know boundaries and is in and around us and trying to show us that it's more about the physical and emotional.
sascha-moon (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-07-15)
I believe you, only because I've had a very similar experience I really can't explain. I have a guy I've known for 20 years, we've had on again off again relations over the years but never dated. But there have been many instances where I thought I could read his mind and even a few times when he caught me paying attention to what he was thinking from across the room and said "stop it" like he knew I was listening, it was really weird.

He moved away and I married someone else, but the whole time I was married I could never stop thinking about him no matter how hard I tried. We even had an affair at one point, which ended abrubtly when we were caught. After the affair he completely dissapeared from my life and my husband and I moved away and started over. But still I couldn't stop thinking about him. He never married and I could always feel him talking to me telepathically almost waiting for me, but I couldn't explain it.

Years later my marriage was coming to an end and I moved again, I took a new job and could somehow feel his pressence, much stronger than before. I kept thinking he was close but I hadn't seen him in years so I thought it was just in my head. One time I even passed a truck on the street and something incredible came over me, like I knew he was there. Anyway I still didn't talk to him for about another year when finally I said "Hi" on Facebook. We got talking and I found out he had been working on a construction job in the backyard of the building I was working in the year before and neither of us had any idea! And the truck I had passed was one of his company trucks so it was likely him.

Also, before contacting him on Facebook, it was almost as if he had been calling me, haunting me to contact him. We then started a sort of long-distance relationship because I have moved again, and I remember thinking of things from my past and then the next conversation we had he would ask me about the exact thing I had been thinking about. And the whole relationship it was like we both just knew what the other one wanted without ever really discussing it. The relationship came to an end, but I had a lot of trouble letting go. Rushes of very intense emotions were definately affecting me. But I tried my best to hide my intense emotions.

Except he knew, he told me he had to end it because my emotions were out of control. But I didn't tell him that and we hadn't even been talking for a week or more. And it was long-distance so he couldn't see me either.

Now we haven't talked for about a month, but I keep getting thoughts in my head like he is talking to me. I'm not sure if I'm schizophrenic or actually talking to him. I've even had telepathic sexual fantasies that feel so real it's like he's actually there. Am I crazy?

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