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Will I Meet This Guy In The Near Future?


After my break up with my soul mate in November of 2012 I was sad and anger so much pain that I wanted to die! I began seeing the number 1:11 and 11:11 and other recurring numbers I hooked him the meaning it says pay attention to your thoughts as they are manifesting into form. I heard about the law of attraction to get my ex back but for some reason it didn't work now's he's dating someone and he told me that he still likes me playing with my emotions. For the past 5 months I keep dreaming of this guy he is white with brown eyes eyes as tall as me. Me and him have a great time in my dreams when I wake up I miss him wondering if I would meet him in the future or was he my twin flame. Couple weeks ago I keep seeing this name (Dan) everywhere now I wonder if that was his name last night I had a dream that we were in the hallways together reading the bible me and him looked in each other's eyes and I found that his eyes were familiar and attractive. After school me and him when to the mall together hanging out with our friends. He found something that got his attention and walked over there I followed him, he saw people playing hockey and he joined in I watched him play, Couple minutes later he looked at me and wanted me to join, I joined him and we played for like ten more minutes then we went outside, it was getting dark fireflies was outside he gave me three rings on had a lion, another one has a blue diamond on him and the last one had I love you on it I blushed then I woke up and wanted to cry I miss him so much will I meet him in the near future, I think he's my twin flame.

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ciretee (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-21)
I don't know that much about soul mates and twin flames but I do know that when you see the numbers 1:11 or 11:11 you need to pay special attention. You can do this by meditating asking for your guides and angles to surround you with light and protection and to raise your vibration. Listen and look with your minds eye for anything that pops in, it is important to keep your mind clear so you are able to take notice of these words and images as the come to you. As far as the rings I would go the the website and look up the meanings of the lion,blue,diamond,and ring that's what I do as I believe dreams hold very important information for us in our waking life. Hope this helps atleast a little. Love and Light.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-19)
After reading your story I think you will meet Dan someday. There are times when we will dream of the person we will date or fall in love with before they enter our lives. I don't know if he is your twin flame or not but I do believe you will meet Dan someday. You should try and find out if there is a meaning of the three rings he gave you in the dream. I am curious about the ring with the lion. It may have a significant meaning but I don't what.
You should try searching for the places that you two visited in your dreams. You may actually find the buildings you two visited in your dreams and maybe you'll end up running into him.
Thats my advice and I hope it helps.

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