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Can't Understand My Experiences Psychic And Astral Projection



I think I am psychic, I have very powerful dreams of passed loved ones with sometimes ceremony's going on (native American) &other times I just know things, I can predict things before they can happen & sometimes I think or talk about someone & then within that day or something I'll see them or something will have to do with them... I think of people before they think of me, like i'll think of my dad and he'll text me within a few seconds. Or i'll have a dream of someone & then they'll contact me the next day. I must have some sort of special ability. I also have out of body experiences all the time sometimes more then once a night, before I knew what they were I would leave my body & fly around thinking it was a dream, but now that I know I get scared. I try to tell my family but no one listens & just shakes it off. It would be great if someone could just tell me something useful what ever it might be even if its just telling me I'm not going crazy or what I can do to strengthen my abilities & what kind I have. Maybe even a few books that would be useful & I want to know more about astral projection, how not to be scared & what to watch out for. Another thing is why me? When I feel myself going into astral mode I can feel someone or something else in the room& my body starts going threw these waves & these things freak me out too. Any tips on just how to be calm? Is this my spirit guide trying to contact me? I'm open to any response & anything would help!:) :)

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-01)
A little of topic if you can astral project and guess what my dads apparment looks like and vehicles then I will believe even more in the afterlife so I can stop stressing about it.

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