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I Saw Guy Who Broke Into My Car.


Coming home from a 16 hour shift, my husband and I parked the car on the opposite side of my apartment building, a man was walking toward me but I could feel his energy, it was heart racing, uncomfortable thoughts running through his head, he would have robbed me if I was alone, but he saw my husband. I was very tired because in similar situations I would say something like "what the hell was he looking at". When I woke up at 10am the next morning my heart was racing from the door bell I never answer, I woke up with my car on my brain! Asked my husband where did we park (with urgency which I really didn't understand at the time). His reply, "did you forget around the corner", well it was no surprise when I saw the radio ripped out, I was warned ahead of time, I suffer from anxiety and my body warns me in advance anytime something will really upset me! Could I have done anything differently? I mean to receive the message that this guy was going to break into my car louder?

My husband said you knew it before it happened, when you woke up you said it. Why didn't you say anything yesterday. I was really tired, do you think this affected the signal/warning?

Four months before we got married I would sleep early, while he stayed up watching video games, well one night at 5 he got a text message which was not unusual, the other 5am video game heads would contact him, but this was different, I felt RAGE, and jealousy, he was chatting with another women. I had a dream the night before that he was flirting with one women in particular, then the text woke me up, then I got his call records and found the women. He is still in shock as to how I caught him.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
Oh I've had both of those decriptions happen.
For the break in of the vehicle.
I was in the Gym and felt a hit to the left side
Of my face. When I went out to my vehicle the window
Had been smashed and car was broken into.

For the ex, I just saw it in my head.
His intentions. Even knew exactactly how much cash
He had in his wallet.

I guess all of us have alist of what we get
When something is going to happen.

Thanks for sharing

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