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I Get These Vibes From People


I'm almost 17, and for as long as I can remember, I've gotten these feelings or vibes from people I meet. Either good or bad, but for now I always follow these vibes and have not been wrong. I don't just get these feelings from people, I also get them from inanimate objects at times and for directions. But I'm not quite sure how to exactly tell what exactly they mean or are referring to. Besides my vibes, I also get dreams that do yes come true. But I don't have these dreams all the time. My dreams are not about serious events such as bombings or murders, there more of meeting people that will in a way impact my life and or situations that will impact my life. But the same problem arises with my dreams, that I don't know how to exactly view or take in these dreams or vibes. I try to on my own figure them out, but my dreams and vibes are never perfectly clear, there more vague. For instance, I had this dream where I was alone and it was pitch dark, there was No sound or sight or anything, but then I got this feeling that I wasn't alone, but not the kind of not being alone as in there was a spirit or ghost but that someone or rather someone's feelings were so strong that it almost shook me to my core. It turned out that a few weeks later, my ex boyfriend (then my boyfriend) had cheated on me on my birthday, but apparently his feelings, which is what I felt in my dream, for me were still so strong and eminent that I know, he still loves me. And every time I see him, I can see it in his eyes, feel it in his energy every time I'm near him. That is the clearest dream I've ever had, but now as I grow older, new abilities arrive, such as I can feel people's energy or there, emotions and what there experiencing in their mind, or souls. I just need a bit of help on how to develop or figure out what's going on.

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lostnlooking66 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-14)
I'm also from Montana, (Searched experiences by states.)
I have similar experiences but more minor and faded... I used to have dreams that would be an event whether it was me sharping my pencil or meeting somebody. (minor things) that experience is fading over the years and I only get roughly 3-7 dreams a year (which I have asked people about that, and couldn't get one straight answer.) Also I get "vibes" from people about what will happen... Not in great detail of course, for example in 8th grade there was this kid in my gym class who I was getting a dark vibe from... Not evil but sad and I found myself telling him (without thinking just kind of came out) that somebody he knows whether they're close or not will die in the summer. Well it was a cousin he used to play with when he was very little was caught in a car wreck and didn't make it. (this is the most detailed one.) I've try'ed to find a way to explain these things and try to keep this... "ability" from fading so I've become a wiccan... But I can't seem to strengthen this "ability" but I have become, which seems unrealistically in-tuned to the earth (ground,mtns plains ect) and moon... I highly doubt this helps your experience but we share similar things I believe and may be able to figure things out if there's more then just one person. So your not alone in montana

Lost on the rez-Wesley
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)

You are becoming aware of a lot of information that is coming to you and, as most of us, are unsure how to interpret it. Trust your gut.

But also, you can directly ask guides/helpers/"your people" to answer specific questions, to create dreams that answer questions, to create dreams that clarify the clues you have gotten.

If I make sure to take time to do this before going to sleep, I almost always have dreams which answer the questions I asked. I have gotten to be able to tell which are "those" kind of dreams and which are just my own life bleed-off type dreams.

I even have some answers come through my own subconscious. These are unlike other dreams in that they are very, very simplified. For instance, once I had two images in my head--Athens (the word, spelled out) and a stick drawing of a house.

Now, I haven't yet figured out if this meant that I lived in Athens, or something else (and I think it was something else), but these are unlike regular dreams. They are like 2D dreams--very simplistic. I can always tell if these are from my own subconscious. And, if you think about it, you probably "know" at some level the answers to many questions.

One morning, after having gotten several other clues relating to Greece, Arcturus (I randomly named a pair of raven Arcturus and Argus), then I "saw" in my mind's eye this diagram of a bunch of spheres, in a particular placement. I realized I had seen it for two or three days as I woke. I drew what I saw in Word and saved it. I eventually found a map of the star system of Bootes (which includes Arcturus) and it looked exactly like I had drawn.

Even if I had seen it before when doing research, WHY does the subconscious pick them out to "show" me again? I have to conclude it is important.

So, what I'm saying is that, yes, you are getting signs. And, although you may not immediately know what they mean to you, there are many, many tools you can use to improve the quality of the information that does come through.

Experiment with them and see what you get. Ask for specific answers (and only one per night--I would get greedy and ask too many things at once!).

Good luck.

Isle- Lora

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