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A Coincidence, A Gift Or An Over Active Imagination?


I have mainly joined this site so I can hopefully get some help in understanding some experiences that have been happening to me lately. Thanks in advance for reading my story.

Babies - my first experience was when my sister in-law and I were in the car, she was eating something while driving and said that it tasted disgusting. I replied "Oh Hayley, you're pregnant". Please keep in mind I was 18 (now 21) and had absolutely no idea about pregnancies. That afternoon soon enough she took a test and bingo!

Everyone was saying she was going to have a boy but I guessed a girl my beautiful niece was born 8months later.

Guessing a babies gender has happened to me 2 other times since (I have only known 2 other pregnant ladies since).

People from the past - This one is the most annoying one; if I ever reminisce to myself about someone from the past there is a 85% chance I will see them on the same day. I.e. I once thought about my old best friend in primary school who I haven't seen in 12 years, I wondered what she was doing with herself. I didn't need to wonder long because I saw her that day on the train home from work. A same but different story: I went to the mall to get waxed, I had this sudden dread that I had to get in and out ASAP because my ex was going to be there (he NEVER went to the mall.) Sure enough I saw him through a shop window.

Football tipping - This would have to be the strangest things so far; I can except that the top things can quiet easily be coincidences but this is just weird.

I hate all sports, I have just have no interest especially Rugby League. Well at work I thought I would enter the footy tipping because everyone else is in it. Since Week1 kick off I have been no# 1 on the ladder. Everyone asks how I do it and all I say is "I close my eyes take a deep breath and then pick the ones that call to me."

I have little experiences all the time too, guessing the next song on my iPod shuffle (someone else said this was a "thing" that happens to her that is why I decided to join this website); this is more probably more on the side of my over active imagination, but some people make me shiver, not every time they are around me and it varies from family to friends to strangers but in saying this I never get a feeling like something is going to happen to them.

For a broader more two sided story, I am not and never have been in tuned with people's emotions, in fact I am quiet oblivious to them. I also grew up in a blue collar home but with a mother who believed in spirits (she was born Singapore and said they had a lot there) and a father who also believed so I think I am more prone to over re-act.

Anyway I would love to have your take on this because it seems since I have turned 21, these things have been happening at a faster rate and I am a little curious for people's opinions!

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Spyder (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-06)
Thanks guys for writing back! I felt a little silly posting it! Chat soon 😁
gacto (3 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-18)
i agree! I don't think its your imagination at all! Similar things happen 2 me 2! This 1 time I spent the day with my grandma and my great grandma! When my grandma drove me and my brother home I was in a daydream as I call it. My grandma asked me if I knew what was wrong with great grandma and I knew! I have never even heard of her sickness before and suddenly I knew she had it and what it was! And no one told me! I can't spell it but its approximatly 12-14 letters. I'm leaning more to 11 though.
KittyKat97 (5 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-21)
Hey! I saw the part where you said "some people make me shiver." That happens to me too, and I know it's not just a weird coincidence because it won't be cold (and actually, I don't shiver in the cold either) and it'll happen, like, right after a car passes me or I pass by people or something. I get a weird feeling about them but I haven't figured out why it happens yet.

My intuition is totally awesome, and I can sommetimes easily guess what song is coming next on my phone. One day at school the song "Cheers" by Rihanna (I think that's the right song name) was stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG and then when I got on the bus and turned on my music, that was the first song that came on. Sometimes a song name will pop into my head and that'll be the next song. So yeah, that happens to me too.

Like with the football caling thing, when I truly need to guess something (say, like, on a math quiz) I just calm down, close my eyes, and go with the answer that feels most comfortable. Usually it's right.

So yeah, your intuition is obviously really good. Mine is too. So yeah.

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