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I remember when I was about 4 through 6 years old. I would see these shadow people head on. I have an experience where I was 5 sitting in the back seat in my families mini van. Well as I was sitting there I felt something tap my shoulder and as I looked back. I saw a shadow person sitting there waving at me. I wasn't scared of it though and we stared at each other for about 6 minutes or so. Another time when I was 4 there was a black hand knocking on the window outside my room. It only stopped when I got my father. I have more stories but that would take up peoples time and I am just trying to figure out what it means. Whenever I talk about this I can feel something watching me and a small pressure in the back of my head. I hear voices and my Mothers family has a history of being able to see the other side. Sometimes I am also sitting there and I hear my name being called and whispers. It seems wherever I move with my family something follows me. Now my front door opens randomly and I have to shut it. I am in Oklahoma now and I started seeing these thing in Arizona. I am 14 and I speak the truth. I can't seem to get it out of my mind. My dreams of them get stronger and feel more real. I need opinions because if I tell other people they won't believe me. Once I was walking and I saw a lady like figure in my parents closet weeping on the ground. I saw these frequently and learned to not pay attention. Though every once in a while they come back as if they are checking up on me. Sorry if this is not clear as I am speaking my mind and it may sounder better in my mind. If you could give your opinions and ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

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