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Luggage In Hallway


Back in 2020 during Covid, one afternoon when I was coming home from work, I walked in my apartment and as I walked down my little hallway to hang up my coat, I immediately stopped in my tracks and saw that there in the middle of the hallway was one of my large luggage pieces, standing straight up on the floor. I looked at the luggage in amazement for a while thinking how in the world had my luggage got to the floor. My closet has sliding doors, which generally I do keep open, as my cat likes to hide inside and sleep.

I normally have it wedged between other objects in my closet on a high shelve. In order for me to take it down, there is always some bit of struggle because it's tightly packed on the shelf.

I called up family members and asked if they happened to come into my apartment for my luggage at any time during the day and no one has. I felt silly, but I even called the Superintendent and asked if she or anyone else came into my apartment, she also said no one has, and that should have have told me if anyone needed entry into my apartment for maintenance reasons.

I even took a photo of the luggage so I can show people what I saw and wondered if it could be explained, rationally.

My area has never had an earthquake or tremmer of any kind in Northern New Jersey. But if one occured, then other items wouild have been disturbed as well, but nothing else was.

To this day, I still have no explaination for it. Was a spirit trying to tell me something? Was it a deceased relative telling to travel that year or perhaps to NOT travel that year? Many ideas have fun through my head, but no real explanation has been given.

If this was a signal or a sign of communication, I wish it was made a bit more clearer so I could undersand the meaning.

My apartment has had some odd happenings, but the luggage was absolutely the most obvious disturbance.

Anyone have any ideas?

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ufw57 (36 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-14)
Hi...I think the spirits want you to move back home even if it's for a little bit, if you continue staying there you could loose the opportunities that are waiting for you on the other ✌🏼"side"✌🏼 which are very important if you ask me.

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