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These Tingling Sensations


I have been doing really good lately I haven't been scared or felt like anything evil is watching over me I am completely changing my life around I decided to reach out to my spirit guide, whoever they are they have really been helping me out lately not just spiritually but I could ask them for something like to wake me up in the morning they'll do it (I am so thankful for them). I have been praying to gods and goddesses I want to learn how to cast spells and work magick, I also have been praying to them for stuff that I want like strength physically, mentally, and emotionally and passion to do something and stuff like that. I have kind of been eating right I went vegan for a while but it was really most of all the food around me had stuff to do with animals, so I started eating meat again, but now I am back on my diet. And last I have been meditating mostly on subconscious things and the way I feel, I am starting to meditate on my chakras and get them at a good balance. And I'm spiritually aware not awakened yet, on day. But lately I have been feeling tingling sensations all throughout my body when I'm happy, learning/reading about the super natural, or just random times and I have no clue what that means ever time I look something up it takes me to chakras and I know that's not it. I'm assuming that when it happens at random times its just my spirit guide or maybe and angel or even a fairy i've been calling on them lately, but I don't know what the other ones mean and its kind of bugging me, I just wish I knew what they were about for multiple reasons.

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Brendna444 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-29)
Ive been feeling tingling sensations in both my thumbs at the exact same time and last the exact same with the same intensity what is this about
Valex (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-06)

These sensations you're experiencing are referred to as Kundalini Energy rising. It's part of the spiritual growth.

I recommend you research this so that you can better handle the symptoms once Kundalini is awakened.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-28)
The human body is full of major and minor chakras with meridian lines. When the vibrations of chakras and meridian lines expand and flow some refer to this as awakening. Awakening is likened a small baby who grows. The growing means they move then crawl and then eventually walk. As an adult they affect not just their small world but groups and then can affect the world.
This sounds as if you are being lead to acknowledge your aura is expanding and opening and to acknowledge this by gaining understanding of the chakras which are tingling a symptom of awakening.

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