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Empath? Or Just Overly Sensitive?


While I realize that the subject of the matter is quite vague; I could not figure out just what to put as a subject. This is my first post on this particular website and I hope that I receive kindness here. All of my life I have been able to sense things about people. "This person will end up hurting me if I get involved with them" has been a common thought. Against all good sense, I have ignored that thought and gut feeling many times and definitely regret doing so later on when it proves to be true. When someone does something that will hurt me, even if I have no idea what is happening. I immediately sense who it is that is doing something that would cause me harm and that they are doing something that would cause me harm.

In fact, the last time it happened after worrying over it for days I ended up in a disgraceful drunken stupor, covered in dirt and snuggled up to a fourwheeler nestled snuggly into its' trailer, I might add. Of course I regretted my actions the next day, but many times I have had extreme emotional fall outs that have caused rash actions. Each time those emotional trials, although at the time are unexplained, are later found out to happen just as something terrible is happening miles away with no prior knowledge.

My mood does tend to revolve around those surrounding me, however I feel that that is normal; considering that any one person put into a room full of emotional people would soon have those emotions "rubbed off" on them. My family considers me to be a sensitive of sorts in regard to anything supernatural in nature. However that is another story. A rather long, drawn out, one at that.

Needless to say, I know when someone is going to use me and I know when someone is going to hurt me. The main reason I have counts is because one person in particular, in all of my years of knowing her. I could never sense anything from her. We did tarot readings together. We had sleep over. We spoke on a daily basis. Yet I still procured nothing. I was completely blindsided when she destroyed my heart in a way that only a long friendship (of over 12 years) could.

I never considered myself to be an empathy. Yet everything I read regarding what exactly I sense leads down that path. The only thing that doesn't add up is the "can't watch any movies etc. With suffering etc." bit. I absolutely love gore. I can watch Sweeney Todd for hours on end and grin maniacally every time a throat is slit without fail. So, the question remains, empathy? Or just overly sensitive?

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Valex (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-06)

If in any point in time you feel overwhelmed by people's emotions, I recommend you research protection techniques for empaths.

One of them is imagining white light coming down through your head, all the way to your feet. Then it will take an egg shape around your body.
On the outside of it imagine another layer. A layer of mirrors. The mirror is facing outward.
While imagining this, in your mind say: 'The mirror will only allow positive energy and love to come through'.
This is your intention.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-28)
It is normal for an empathy to become overloaded with emotions and Feel drained when around crowds.
If you Google article re empathy you will see a list of symptoms. To eliminate some symptoms you can use shielding and having by meditation.

All human weakness are flags.
The drinking stuper said you had enough and wanted off the wheel of life and wanted a rest. It is important for you to see the signs before you become over loaded and feel isolated.

The friendship of 12 years ending.
People can lash out or just change and become different.
You do not have to feel that you let someone get through your gate without psychically checking.

Buddhist say suffering and change are a part of life.

There are things to use to create positive and good things to come into our lives. But this is not a 100% proof to keep out negative people as we live in this world. In part our experiences test our resolve to walk and talk a path of peace and good will.

Good journey and please keep posting.

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