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Premonition Of The Brussels Attack


I was driving back from my parents house this past Sunday and I started to feel really weird because my sister was telling me about how she wants to live in Germany. I told her that we should go and retire together. We mentioned about living in a little cottage with a beautiful view of the mountains in the north. She was telling me what she wanted to do in Germany (which was military). I got off the phone with her and this vision of an explosion and people dying appeared in front of me. I was driving which made it worse. Every single time I blinked the vision of the explosions kept on coming to my mind. People were running in different directions and there was a blur of white passing in front of me. Tears poured out of my eyes and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I haven't had a vision like that in a long time and this was the first time that it happened internationally. People are skeptical but I am adamant with what happened right in front of me. Now knowing where the bombings happened I cannot tell you for certain if I saw only one place or three. I saw funerals and I felt a lot of despair. I was crying on my way home because all I could see was death. I thought I saw my sister's funeral as well but I believe it was just fear of losing her. I don't know exactly how to feel about it since I didn't really take it into consideration and it came true. I told only two other people about this premonition/vision and they believe me. When I saw it on TV, I became very pale and the vision came back again. Is this just coincidence or was it a true vision? I am not looking for someone to tell me that I should become one of those psychics on TV. I am looking for guidance.

This is not my only vision and they have been continually getting stronger as I get older. Sometimes the visions are unbearable. I practice Tarot Cards and I dowse with my pendulum.

Thank you,


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ladysatella (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-20)
Hello Jimmiejam,

Thank you for your opinion. It was very scary but I was able to avoid crashing. I was pretty upset as you can assume. I will keep reading the cards!

Thank you!

Lady Satella

Jimmiejam (9 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-28)
Hi ladysatella

It sounds like you focused on Germany because your sister wants to move there, and then the fact that she wanted to for military reasons might have boosted an insight further as to what was going on in Brussels.

If it wasn't bad enough seeing this you also felt all of the emotions that the surrounding citizens were going through at that moment, sorry to hear that you had to go through that.

If you want to continue growing this gift then keep reading the cards, but you can ignore visions by focusing on something else, or you can take the emotion away from it by suppressing / suspending your own emotions and just viewing it, although that may detach you too much to see it in the first place depending on practice.

All the best in your learnings and experiences in the future 😊

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