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I have a few stories, sorry if I ramble but things popped back into memory as I wrote this

Hello, first I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am 19 and have had many paranormal things happen to me. It really all started when I was maybe 5-6 and I remember we lived in an apartment and I was watching this paranormal show where they showed some photos of "ghosts" and one of them was a photo of MY apartment with a girl staring out the window: I know it was mine because it said the state and town (it also showed silverware getting thrown around), and ever since then, I have been able to occasionally see spirits and hear whispers from them, as I got older I see more and more. At age 15 I have had been getting a lot of déjà vu about anything and everything (from disastrous events and TV shows). At first I thought I was crazy but I talked to my uncle and he said my family has had a history of it. He told me when he was young he found God (he used to be a rebel) and he had like 10+ bibles and he had them all over his room and one day his mom told him to take out the trash and when he returned, all of the bibles were ripped to shreds all over his room and when he went to bed he saw two red eyes in the corner of his room and he went to put his hands through it and it disappeared. (He is not afraid of anything.)

--What could have been the reason for this? Your thoughts?

Also this even has me baffled still today and I always think about it. It seems like every time I sleep at a new house for the first time, spirits like to know I am there. This time made me speechless because I do now know what it was and was hoping I could get some answers. Anyways, I was laying on the air mattress in the basement (finished basement, if that matters) and I was about to go to sleep and all of a sudden there was wind just gusting at me like there was a tornado my basement from one direction. I was laying still hoping whatever it was wouldn't see me, then I lost my breath and I looked over and nothing was there but the wind kept going and could feel the mattress sliding across the floor. About after 5 minutes, it stopped, and I booked it upstairs and couldn't fall asleep for hours. Later that morning I went back down and the mattress was back to where it was where I had it before (very creepy). Few months later I told my family and my grandma told me she was sitting alone down there and she got a really bad chill and was uneasy and she did not say anything until I mentioned my story.

What could that have been?

Anyways, I am now 19 and lately I have been seeing passed relatives in my dreams talking to me and telling me things only their spouses know. Now this is starting to creep me out because I do not know what is going on but like I said, it's creeping me out.

What do they want? Why me?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your thoughts and opinions!:D

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-19)
Demons are not allowed to rip up bibles, unless... The owner is not a practicing christian. For example he is doing occult spirit stuff (talking to spirits or channeling them, ouija board, pagan or satan worship, witchcraft, foretune telling, etc), or has unconfessed sins, or is living in sin. Sadly, all these things take the power of God and His Angels out of your life, and attract demons to you. The bible, a rosary, a cross, holy water etc, are almost useless in this situation, because God doesn't do magic... We have to PRACTICE our faith and allegiance to Him, as much as we can. Please pray for me. God bless!
Walkdre (18 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-30)
I'm not sure on your uncle's encounter, only that whatever it was isn't a big fan of the bible. If a human spirit, it may have simply been angry at everything for not being delivered on that whole heavan idea. It would be rather upsetting to be a ghost on earth when you've more or less been promised otherwise. Or again, a human spirit of decent age with a different set of beliefs alternate to the bible, native american, maybe or some other persecuted by religion. If not human you can run the gamut of explanations. You can still pray to God (or preferred higher power) for help kicking them out of your house, or asserting who's home is whose regardless. (Seems the event was awhile ago so it's probably already been settled or whatever, just saying.)

As for the basement, it honestly sounds like either a wind elemental, or wind spirit somehow got stuck. When I was fifteen, I stumbled on a tiny earth elemental that had gotten caught in a bedroom. (Kinda looked like invisible Flubber, like from the Robin Williams movie). Someone had put a ward in the room and forgot to leave a corner open for spirit/entities to leave through, instead sealing the entire room. So, the little fella was stuck. I took a foot and rubbed a corner out saying something along the lines of "There you go, you can get out now." And it left to go do whatever it is elementals do. If yours keeps around, find a corner of the basement and rub your foot on it and imagine the glowing line in that one spot fading out. Elementals just get stronger as time passes, and being primal, nonhuman, they don't communicate and relate well with people. Do a quick, good luck and get out on it and things should settle. If it's -some- other thing stuck in there, same process, just tell it to not come back. "My house now, sorry you're dead and stuff, God bless, good luck." (again if all in the past, info still really works.)

If you're being overwhelmed, maybe look into building your spirit/aura bubble. After, build your spirit guide cottage. Think there's instructions somewhere on it but I can expand how to if you want.

As for, What do they want? Ask them. Why you? Because you're special. Yay~ Probably a good reason to it and all. Not always the most fun in the world to be this kind of special but it does pan out for the better eventually. Hope some of this helps, Best Wishes.

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