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Dreams That Do Come True


Dreams and why do some of them come true? I would love for you to read my story and give me your insight into my dreams.

Firstly, I dream every single night and can remember them as if they were real life. I have a reoccurring dream about a house, which has 3 floors and the 3rd floor is unlived in and has broken floor boards, however, in the end bedroom on the 3rd floor is an old lady ghost, she scares me in my dream, but I have to keep going to that room. Any ideas why I would dream this in particular?

But my dreams of death are so real it's scary. I dreamt my dad who is 56 had a brain tumor and he died in my dream. I woke up feeling terrible and cried. I called my husband and mother in law telling them of my dream and how real it felt.

Anyway 3 days later I get a call from my twin sister, dad's collapsed had a seizure, he has had a brain scan, he has 2 brain tumors! I was in shock, was my dream trying to pre-warn me? I told my sister about my dream and she could not believe it either. He sadly passed 12 weeks later, it was lung cancer which had spread to the brain. He was 56, shockingly 3 weeks later my mother passed away, peaceful in her sleep aged 54. I do question life now, I wonder why we are here.

I also lost my baby boy, he was 11 weeks old, this was in 2009.

Later I found out my twin sister had a dream that my baby boy passed away, before he actually did! He passed aged 11 weeks, she had the dream when he was around 7 weeks old. How can this be coincidence?

I always dream of myself dying and everyone around me is sobbing.

Why? Any explanations would be great. Do you think I could have some psychic ability?

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Newbegin (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-25)
Yes I believe you may. You should do some research and work on your gift! I have a variety of psychic gifts and that is also one of mine. I'm sad to say I haven't been developing or working on my gifts for years but I have finally come to the realization that it is time and time to work hard! I was born psychic, my first experience being an out of body experience when I was an infant! I was lying in my bassinet and saw my mother running upstairs. She was frantic and bLeeding! Turns out she was, the dr did not completely remove the placenta! I always thought she had told me until one day I told her (I was really young) & she looked at me in complete shock and amazement & asked me how I knew that she had not told anyone! Anyway my abilities progressed from there. Getting back to dreams I dreamt 911 before it happened and I'm so glad I journaled & dated that one! Purchase a dream book because not all your premonitions may come to you so clearly. Look around and get a good one and journal and date! Very important if you want to develop your gift. I hope I helped you. The gift of prophesy through dreams is a very special gift, try not to take it for granted! I apologize for any typo errors, I'm using my phone so it's a little harder!

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