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Hallucination Or Spirit?


I really cannot tell if I am seeing a spirit or I am hallucinating. It all started in early December roughly a month after a close friend committed suicide. I was in the living room at night typing on the laptop. The dog beside me starts barking and I don't take much notice of it because I thought she was barking at the Christmas decorations. I look at the dog and notice that she is not looking at the decorations but at the corner and I look there too. I saw something there. It looked like a rough outline of a person made of glass. The outline rippled like heat you see coming from boiling water and there was particles and orbs of light. It had colours. Mainly light luminous green and pink and some orange, but mainly the green.

Anyway when I looked at it, it looked like it noticed I was looking at it. So it looked at me. One of the most striking things was its pink eyes. It reached out to me and tried to touch me with a green hand and that's when I screamed. When my dad came into the room it hid into the corner. When he left the thing came back out and repeated to try and touch me. I left the room at that point but it followed me. When I went into the hall I saw a white mask like face kind of smiling. When I went to touch it, plastered its face on the wall. It also noticed other people around me. When my dad spoke it floated up to his level and looked at him in the face. It spent the rest of the night floating around the room stopping a few times looking at me.

Since then I've seen it nearly every day. It's not as strong in appearance as it used to be but I can still see it. I see it at day as well as night. When I touch it or when it touches my hands I can feel a weird sensation. When I try to talk to it directly the light and orb things shake very fast. I can't hear it though.

I told my friend who says he can see things like that. He couldn't sense it though when I was with him. So at that point I felt like I was hallucinating the whole thing. Then when I stayed over and he fell asleep he sat up and started telling me I was surrounded by angels. He doesn't remember saying that and he was sleep talking a lot that night, but that was the first and clearest thing he said. He did a reading and it said that the spirit was an old friend that's come for a similar goal the both of us had. That was roughly the same thing I got from a reading a few days after my friend died but I didn't know what it meant. By the time the second reading came I was planning to do my friends bucket list for her.

I still think and feel that this is just an hallucination though. I'm an atheist. I'm not spiritual in the least at all. I believe when we die that is it. I find it difficult to grasp that there is a possibility that this could be real and I know that this isn't the right thing to say in a forum like this, but those are my beliefs. Though what I have seen is shaking them and my doctors can't explain it. I really need help, this is causing me a lot of stress.

I apologize about the length of the story too.

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happythoughts23 (1 stories) (32 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-23)
it could be your guardian angel because when I have seen mine he glows like a greenish light. You have control so if you don't want to see him or have him around tell him nicely to leave.
britbrat19 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-23)
OMG I had a similar experience just last night. I was sitting on my bed with the lights on just thinking and all of a sudden I see a transparent but very noticeable hand waving to me and the corner of my wall was wavy and ripply and I seen orbs and apparitions walking around my room I would get glances of parts of their body and out the corner of my eye. Also a hand with rings on it reached out towards me like 3D almost but every time I would blink it would go away and than come back and I would blink etc etc lol Thought I was hallucinating until I took pictures and seen huge purple and blue orbs. I was excited and look at it as a special gift. I know you don't believe in God but I just pray and ask that only good spirits are around me.:)

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