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White Warm Light


My partner and I were at friends. We had planned to stay there the night and sleep in their caravan. Well, the day didn't go to plan and my partner and I had an awful argument that got worse with each conversation. We carried on as normal whilst socializing. When it came to night time, my partner chose to stay in the house on the sofa. I went to the caravan alone.

2 months earlier I had lost my mother when she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. At the time I had many issues and concerns in my life and I was at breaking point. I attempted to get some sleep, but the devastation that I felt about my life and the current situations I was in, made it impossible. I hadn't been drinking, so my mind was able to make me more and more agitated and upset.

Eventually I just begged for some sleep and for all the worry to go. It didn't happen instantaneously, but slowly. I had a sense of a white, very warm light. The main sensation was the relief of pressure from my head. But also very oddly other certain points. Effecting my upper body certain points, like certain organs, seemed to be lit by this light. Like some sort of a re-charge or medical illumination examination checking for something.

I wasn't aware that I actually slept but had probably dozed. The warmth felt was unmistakable, it was intense, and it came with the light. I didn't sleep well afterwards but I did have a better understanding of my situation. I did ask for my mum's help and I think she did what she could to alleviate my problems, but in true character, she didn't just take the problems away but helped me to better cope.

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