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Boy In My Closet


When I was about five years old, I used to go to bed and act like I was sleeping. Then later I would get up and open my closet door to find a little boy around my age that I would play with. I never gave him a name but we would play together and he also taught me how to "float." He showed me how though it is hard to explain how I did it, like explaining someone how to wiggle their ears. If I stood at a certain angle and way I could move around for certain periods of time. This happened for many nights in a row when I was little and I think stopped when my family moved. I told my parents about it but they didn't believe me.

Other stuff has happened to me when I was little afterwards like hearing people always calling my name when I was around seven and I heard a lot of whispering happen to me when I was sick and alone in my house along with other occurrences. I can also sometimes feel presences by having a pressure around my temples that feels almost like a headache and only goes away when whatever it is leaves.

I've heard certain people on this site say things about spirit guides. Could the boy been one for when I was little? Or was it some spirit that just stuck to me? Also could I have been astral projecting, dreaming, or really awake when this took place? Any help on this would be helpful to me.

I also am a person with certain shamanistic powers and is good with animals and always have been close to nature.

This one is around the same experience as one called "I can float" on this site.

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