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What Did I See? A Ball And Angels


Two quick stories:

First: When I was around 8 or 9 years old, I was playing with a next door neighbor. Out of nowhere, this ball appeared above me. It was beautiful! Illuminating! The ball was 3-dimensional, many different colors, and the colors were moving. For example, imagine that the ball was made of cooling oil and all these different colors were moving through it, like a stream, a constant ripple. The ball made no sound, it had no smell, and it hung about 7 feet above me! I kept jumping trying to touch it, but couldn't. I pointed it to my friend multiple times but she could not see it and continued to play. I was fascinated and not scared! Most importantly, I had this sense that it was my "Memaw" (grandmother, whom died 2 years earlier, she was like a mom to me.) I followed it around my yard, laughing and smiling, into the front yard, then down the street. Once down the street, the ball lifted and floated into the air disappearing into the sky. When I went inside, I told my mother about the ball and that it was "Memaw."

What the heck did I see? Has anyone heard of this? I remember it like it was yesterday!

Second: I swear I remember being in my living room as just a baby. I was in one of those harnesses you put a baby in, and it swings. Anyways, I was looking a window into the front yard while swinging. I saw angels! Three of them! They were so joyful and kept smiling at me. They held hands and skipped around a tree. Then they flew up to the window. And smiled at me, then they flew away and vanished. I remember my mom picking my up because as soon as they left, I started to cry.

I'm new to this site so I do not want to bombard anyone with all my experiences but any help right now would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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IslVoter (257 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-25)

I'm not sure what you need help with. The "ball" was probably an orb. If you knew it was your Memaw, it probably was! The swirling colors are emotions in her.

How old were you in the swing? It is unusual to remember that early, but I do think that when we have memories that seem to stand out but they are somewhat random, I think there was a spiritual event tied to it. Retained memories are not an accident.

I have a memory of being young enough to still be in a crib. It was afternoon and I could hear everyone talking outside. But I remember putting my arm into the air and just holding it there.

As I thought about this more over the years (why that memory? What was important about that?) I realized that I had been reaching up to... Probably my grandpa--one who had died before I was born. I have a very clear sense of his personality.

Anyway, these are sort of trigger memories for you to explore more. You retain them for a reason.

Are you still experiencing things like this now? What would you like help with?

Isle - Lora

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