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I Believe I'm An Empath


I don't know where to start with this. I just started to be a little more curious about this. Ever since I was little I always saw things that soon enough became real. I know it may sound funny but I would have dreams that my boyfriend was cheating on me and I never even thought he was and within the next day I would find him with one of my friends. And this wasn't just one time it happen 3 or more time with the same guy.

And I some time see signs that almost lead to clues or feelings. Like one time me and my boyfriend were driving and all of a sudden the radio cut out, and it started talking about Jesus, and I started to freak out a little bit and then I seen a P.A license plate and just thought to myself that something was wrong with one of my family members out there. And within the next morning I found out that my cousin died that night.

And that's not all there has been more... You see I'm a twin so I always felt her pain growing up or knew something was wrong before it happened. But I thought it was just because that's what twins do. But soon enough these feelings grow to family friends and strangers. Almost like its getting stronger. My friend that I didn't know for very long called me up crying and told me how she just found her boyfriend cheated on her and my heart dropped to the floor as if it happened to me.

And when my cousin passed away I started to cry, but I didn't know him all that well so I was upset but not in the sense that I just lost family until I was around his mother and sister then all of a sudden I cried harder than them and I couldn't stop. But this doesn't just happen around family or friends it happens at the hospital the store or any where there are people sometimes I can't handle being around a lot of people it feels almost too hard to handle.

Can someone tell me if this is empathy and if so I do I take it in control?

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Pablo (2 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2012-07-25)
Yes you are empathic, what I do to handle my feelings around groups is to take deep breaths with my eyes closed. If you are making your way through the group it would be better to extend your hand out in front of you and pretend you are parting your way through the group. If you are having problems with somebody 1-on-1 you should try to imagine a bubble formed around you, like your own personal space. Nobody elses feelings should enter your personal space. It helps you to keep a clear head of your own emotions, the deep breaths are also good for this. I hope I helped, if you need to know anything else or have anymore questions you can email me at pablo.ortega97 [at]

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