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I Want To Find Out If I'm Psychic Or Indigo


My name is Monita, and I'm kind of confused, I don't know if I'm Psychic or Indigo or something else. When I was 12 I meditated a lot because it kept my emotions calm but I stopped because of the visions I had. I always had bad visions. I also had a lot of dreams that came true. My friend is an Indigo but he is color tone deaf and he said I may be an Indigo or just a psychic. I began meditating again this year and the visions came back again. It also didn't take me long to train myself to see aura. I just began seeing colors and when I look at my hand to practice seeing aura I see a purplish-blue color. I have seen a few spirits (one of them being my grandfather.) I have been able to do telepathy with my Indigo friend too. A few days ago when I was with another friend who isn't psychic when we went to a grave yard I felt good and bad energy which made me highly uncomfortable. When I am around people I can feel their emotions sometimes and I myself can be really emotional around people who are feeling anger, sadness, or depression. About 2 years ago my doctor diagnosed me as having ADD. When I was 12 I did have an awareness that I had Psychic abilities. A lot of times I go into deep thought and I end up questioning everything there is or was. I often feel like I don't fit in anywhere and I only hang around certain people (A few being Claravoiant) and that's the only real time I feel even close to fitting in when I still feel the doubt of not fitting in. I was wondering if anyone could help me out to see if I am an Indigo or Psychic or something else. I am looking for some answers to see if I am. I am really confused so if someone could help me please do. I prefer actual Indigos or Psychics to help me find the answer. Thanks a lot.

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Lunemi (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-27)
Hi Monita:)

I believe every living thing in the universe is light, and from the same source. Connecting to this light is a long and hard process for most people.

I can relate to everything you are saying. I'm also diagnosed with ADD and addition to that bipolar. I have always been different, and my life has been an emotional, tragic rollercoaster up to recently.

It is clear in your post that you are trying to find yourself, and your place in the world. I'm at the same stage. But I'm past labelling myself, and measuring myself with others. Also my diagnoses do not define me, it just makes some parts of life more challenging. I believe this is ment to be, and it is actually a good thing if I'm able to learn what I'm suppose to, from it.

My pain and suffering has rewarded me with important and loving insight when it comes to understanding my spiritual self and my own light/soul. Things always happen for a reason:)

Anyway... My advice to you is to let go!:)
By that I mean stop analysing what you are, and instead start experiencing yourself.

Work on your "fitting in" thoughts. You are probably right where you are suppose to be at this time. Figure out what you are suppose to learn from it, to move forward. Let go of people you don't feel any connection with.

When you get to know yourself better and connect with your spiritual self, you will be able to answer your own questions;)

Meditate, read spiritual books, trust your instincts and learn to love your own company... And most importantly love yourself:D

Good Luck to you!:D ❤
fizzlepopbang (guest)
11 years ago (2012-07-26)
Hi Monita. My name is Michaela, and I can sympathise in what you are speaking about. I am an Indigo Light worker too.

Something that you must understand is that there are truly not many of us... I mean that honestly. There are people who feel the need to be special, people who claim to be, and yet have no inbuilt understanding of the spiritual realm. These are not true indigos, only those who's perception make it so. By the way you speak I can feel that you are a most spiritual person, and am so happy to be talking to a fellow spiritualist closer to my own age...

Truthfully, the only true way to find out if you are an indigo or not is to FEEL it. NO one else can honestly tell you so, and even if you have all the symptoms or characteristics of one, you must have believed it in your heart for it to be so.

At the end of the day the term 'indigo' is only a label, but basically underlying the meaning that we are old souls here to help with the transition into consciousness.

The one true thing that I find can be a nice way to understand if you are an indigo or not is if you meet another indigo. This friend of yours'...when you look into his eyes, do you find you cannot look away? Or that he is... Beautiful in anyway? Perhaps you feel as if you have known him for a very long time? Indigos recognise each other, and we can also recognise other spiritual people also but with other indigos we suddenly become whole when we look at each other, a recognition. We often find it hard to tear our eyes away from each other, and while you may have noticed many people seem to avoid our eyes, other indigos are most attracted to contact with our eyes, and ours to theirs'.

Something I believe I should mention is that your aura has nothing to do with whether you are an indigo or not. I, like you, first believed it to be true because of my aura, but on closer examination I found that objects, and every person, animal, species I came across, also had this aura. It is the closest to the body, the first layer, the god layer. Everyone is God, and blue/purple represents God, so why should we not glow within the colour? Ideally, purple is also the colour that represents spiritual people, not just indigos. AND, our colour changes through every emotion, it doesn't just stay put to one in particular.

I understand what you are going through... Man I do... And its such a painful process... But trust me on this, it gets so much better when you become enlightened and connected more. You've already embrace d the spiritual, nows the time to use it to your own well being.
Heaven is within us, we will never find it externally.

I dearly hope that helped.
I would love to talk some more, just to chat, or if you have any questions at all... Please don't hesitate to contact me at whitedove29 [at] if you feel the need.

Love and Light,

😆 ❤ 😁
ReikimasterMystic (14 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-25)
Dear Sweet Dear,

We all have the kingdom of heaven within each of us. To increase your abilities sit outside, read books on englightment. Release all fears know you are a perfect child of God.
Argeneus (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-24)
Purble around your hands in awernes state?

I am far from all knowing about anything in the... Erm "supernatural?"
But I am a psychic - medium - healer - and stil lerning to activate at will forsight.

I can only help you rule out the psychic part, due to the purble aura around your hands.

I have the skill to see the tru form of power inside a person, tho I can't do it eacily and I need a litel time with the persona, so that is why I can't help any further.

But... For some resion "Druids" Naturebound powerd folks have bean skyrocketing around the glope, tho that power bost mostly of grean pure life force. Druids like the forest and solitude, they can feal earth's life force animals are atrackted to them and druids have a werry unick conection to animals.

I am just puting it out ther so you can see if this aplyes to you. Well since you askt if you could be "somthing else" and druids are starting to popp up again in ace's

Good luck and blessed be
Madara (guest)
11 years ago (2012-07-24)
Hi i'm also an indigo and I know what you mean. For some reason people have always stayed away from me and I always feel like I don't fit in. The only time I feel like I'm with people that "are like me" is when I'm with my master or some friends that also have psychic abilities.

You already know you are an indigo since you can see your indigo aura. You can ask someone you know that can see auras to look at yours.

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