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Magnetic Energy And Vibrations


Almost everyone should know what it's like to fall in love or to love someone. If you do this feeling was similar to that. Except we never talked we would look at each other from afar and say hi very sparsely but nothing else. One day for some odd reason he looked at me. I was at work minding my business when I looked at him. Totally random and overwhelming, but when he looked at me. No locked eyes with me for all but 5 seconds. It was so powerful like I was hit with this swarm of energy except it was electrifying. My heart literally started thumping so hard because it was an unfamiliar yet extremely wonderful. He looked at me and locked eyes with me plenty of times but this strange thing never happened before.

I think it might have some type of spiritual connection but I also think it has something to do with a psychic connection. I did have a crush on him before but I was so over the crush and had set my eye on someone else lol. Today, I felt it again with my coworker who I had a crush on in the past. Except, it didn't happen with eye contact. We were standing in an almost parallel position across from each other when I felt it again. It wasn't as strong as the first time with the other guy but the pull was pretty intense and gravitational. It was almost magnet and felt tingly. You know how your hand get a tingly feeling sometimes? It was something alongside that but it also felt pretty wonderful. They both had their own signature energy and felt different and yet the same. They also in no way felt negative or like my energy was being sucked from me.

I seriously never felt strong energies like this besides one time 2 years ago when my mom had her ex come over. I felt a heavy vibration and odd energy that brought the colors yellow and green to my mind but I really couldn't understand it. I don't understand these feelings and would like some insight on them. Both spiritually, mystically, psychically and realistically. Btw, I have been working with telepathy lately and listening to theta waves. I also felt so much happier after those two experiences and was already happy so I felt like a kid on Christmas. Like I was receiving all of these gifts but unfortunately I have no idea what the gifts could be.

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