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Seeing Their Point Of View


I am new to all of this, so please help me out, I am feeling very confused. Strange things have been happening increasingly to me for the past two years. It's hard to explain exactly what is happening, but I'll do my best to describe it.

I have realized that I am incredibly good at seeing something through someone else's perspective. I mean literally. Many times I can see what they are seeing and how they physically feel. When this first started happening, it would be gradual. They would tell me about something that has happened to them and slowly I would see from their perspective. I would feel how they were feeling, and I feel like I am literally seeing through their eyes.

Now, though, all I have to do is see someone to feel this. I will be walking along and if someone passes me, I'll feel like I am no longer walking one way but exactly the opposite way and will feel all these emotions that aren't mine. Then I'll flash back to myself and continue on my real path. Would this be considered an out of body experience? If it is, then it happens quite often to me. Here is another example. I was sitting across from my friend and she was telling me about something horrible that had happened to her. I looked in her eyes and suddenly was filled with such fear and dread and anguish that I almost couldn't bare it. Then my vision slowly started fading and I was seeing through her eyes. I could see my own face and body and everything that would have been behind me, it was almost like I was inside her. This happens quite often to me, and I don't understand it.

I have also realized that when I take out time in the day to do some meditation my abilities are heightened. I can control whose eyes I see through and who I can't. I can also pull myself out of them easier. I feel so many more emotions then. I can feel people's energy. When I see people, usually I can see this almost circle like white energy around them. Would this be considered an aura?

I also tend to receive thoughts that are not mine. I am still not very good at being able to identify where they are coming from. For one example, I was staying at this camp and everyone else was sleeping but me. There were name tags above everyone's bed and I was just so fixated on this one girl's name tag for a reason still unknown to me. Then I saw her name tag start spinning in circles while none of the other name tags were. Suddenly a thought popped in my head and it was "it's a shame she's going home tomorrow" and then I fell asleep like I had suddenly become exhausted when I was wide awake a minute ago. When we woke up the next morning our counselors had told us the girl had gone home earlier this morning due to becoming very ill.

Recently I've also been hearing this high pitched noise very often that no one else seems to hear. I am honestly wondering if I am going crazy. It happens everywhere, school, stores, and at my home. Sometimes I can bare it, it won't be very loud. Then other times it's extremely loud and I have to cover my ears and close my eyes. Often after I open my eyes I see a shadow move out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn to look it is gone.

Please tell me if you have any idea what may be happening to me at this point. Any bit of information would help me out so very much. Thank you.

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Cchic14 (2 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-23)
I've had a lot of the same experiences except I know who's thoughts they are cause I can recognize the voice most of the time. I can tell what there thinking but not something that's happened to them though. I have never heard a high pitched voice but my name is always being called.

From what I have read it might mean you just have a sort of kin ship with them or your just mentally a very strong person
icysnow (guest)
14 years ago (2009-11-05)
Please help! I'm not sure what to think, any thoughts would help lots! ❤

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