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The Gunman


A few years ago I had a dream about this gunman the same exact gunman from Christchurch. He was wearing the same clothes and everything but I think I got the wrong colour hat. He wouldn't show me he's face all he did was stared at the cliff holding the same exact gun but no letters on it. Then it kept changing over and over and over. It kept showing my cousin in front of him but the gun wasn't pointing at him it was pointing at the ground it was a sign that it was going to happen on he's Birthday and it did. But luckily my cousin wasn't one of them. That night I was scared of falling back to sleep as I kept feeling panicky about it, I knew he was ok but some reason I didn't wanted to know he was.: (

Ps: the cliff is usually always the first place I dream of.

That's all I saw It didn't showed me who he was going to kill and where it would happen!'it happened on the 15/3/19 th dream happened 3 or 4yrs ago

Ps: My dreams always starts off with the cliff not where it happens and who they kill

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