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My daughter's dad died (hung himself) a couple of months before her 6th birthday May 20, 2004. A few months after that we were in the habit of writing in our journals before going to sleep. We were laying on our stomachs me writing, her drawing pictures. She jumped up quickly, I turned my head to look at her and she said as she pointed to the mirror on the dresser, "I see my dad". I looked in that direction and did not see anyone.

She hasn't talked to me about it until recently. She has told me she can see people who have passed. She hates going to funerals, or grave sites because of this. My cousin died and I gave my daughter the choice to come. She decided she would, in her words, she needs to learn to deal with it. At the viewing, she says she did not see my cousin, but there were a lot of old men smoking big cigars. She has never seen cigars that big. The next day my daughter says my cousin was there. I asked her if she was around any one person, but she wasn't around anyone in particular. My daughter said my cousin just didn't like everyone crying.

She says she has seen her dad, and he would sit by me on my bed. She wanted to know if I wanted to ask him something. So I just said "why", she says he responded with "you know why". Most recently she has seen a close friend who took his own life (also hung himself). She says he was making her see visions of his passing. Also showing her his dad finding him. She says she felt what he was feeling at the time of his passing. She says it was an unimaginable sadness. She felt it so powerfully. She tried to make him stop, but she says he wouldn't leave her alone.

My daughter seems older and wiser than her 13 years of age. I am trying to help my daughter and enhance what she has. I just am not sure exactly how to do this. I am wondering if this is having an effect on her and her psychy. And is there a better way to help her.

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PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-17)
cdgreen you have a the right mind set for your daughter.

Being a mom with grown girls.

With the youngest I noticed a pattern that would help her open up. From a toddler she would sing and the songs she sang were positve. Which I believe helped
Her open up and see and sense.

With the eldest she moved toward art and this stimulates the same side of the brain in psychic activity. Both had friends and were active in sports.
To this day they still have some of the same friends
Even though they are adult women married with children of their own.

My husband consequently inherited the same ability. It has served him in a different way in his life path. So this implies not every one has to be a medium. At a rip old age in his 50's he still see's and hears. His mom explained that not all people see.
And his upbring included lots of sports and studying.
And a listening ear to what he saw and a large cup
Of understanding.

There is a very easy read that would be helpful to
Your daughter or yourself.

Its about a woman whom was trained by her Grandmother.

The book!
When Ghost speak Understanding the world of earthbound spirits
By: Mary Ann Winkowski
She was a consultant to the TV series: Ghost Whisperer

The book covers basic grounding/protection, affects that spirits
Have on the living. She goes from childhood,teens,adulthood,explaining to spouse.
And passing the information to her daughter.

Your daughter is in "Good hands", and both of you will be blessed.
cdgreen (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-05-17)
Thanks for the advice, I will be looking in to those. I know my daughter is a great kid. I think this may also be affecting her mentally. As her mom I want to help her in every way I can. I will ask her if she does want to go forward in enhancing this gift, or if she wants to end it from here. Thanks again for the advise it is much appreciated.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-05-17)
If your daughter is wise beyond her years, and it sounds like she is, you can in part give credit to yourself because you have shown tolerance, patience, unconditional love and an open mind. If every child was so lucky.

She is entering that phase of life where her hormones are going to be taking over and will probably create a large distraction from this ability (for better or for worse, opinions will vary). But as far as helping her, you've done a great deal by simply listening to her. She is her own person and may wish to develop this skill (though on the surface it sounds pretty developed already) or she can elect to ignore it until it fades as so many undeveloped abilities do.

Ask her what she wants. If she wants to develop it and you wish to co-create that, then start educating both of you on the subject. Pick up some books on the aura, chakras and take some classes (I refer people on this site to Pam Coronado who is a psychic medium herself She fosters a caring, gentle, open remote class and is a great mentor. I've taken her classes and can attest to her developed nature (not to mention she's a great psychic). I get nothing for the referral.

Though it's not specifically related to being a psychic medium, one of the best educational books I've read is Barbara Brennon's Hands of Healing Light. Extremely detail oriented on how our energy bodies work. This gal is off the charts smart.

You're doing great with your daughter. Kudos to you. She sounds like a wonderful young lady and will be a great asset to those blessed enough to work with her later in life. Though she's going through the hard part now of seeing how these people take their lives and what not, this will eventually make her a superior mentor down the road because her insight will be so profound.


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