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Dreams and Psychic Prophecies

I have been a long time fan of dreams and psychic prophecies because our subconscious mind is tapped into the Universal Mind which knows all. There are countless submissions and stories of people who dream of an event to have it happen the next day. They usually vaguely remember it and call it déjà vu. Some dreamed events are benign like a conversation with a person or some small event, but other prophetic dreams are of a regional or global nature. I personally dream on a world wide scale. Some of these dreams come true right away, while others can take years to unfold.

Dreams are also our entry into the astral plane which is free of time and space. In the astral, especially if we are lucid, we can request to see events from the past or future. We mistake dreams as just fuzzy subconscious meanderings but they are often astral voyages. For those that are not lucid, the dream can take on that Alice in Wonderland effect but some people are quite lucid and can prophesize from them. Take for example Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet”. Edgar would dream or go into a self induced trance, enter the astral plane, and request to see relevant information for his client. His prophecies of the future, if events are left unchanged, match many other sleeping prophet’s dreams.

Why can some people dream psychic prophecies while others cannot? I believe that we all can but many people do not even remember their dream at all. Those people are the ones that will report the odd déjà vu. Others are so involved in their day-to-day dramas that the only prophecies they have are about themselves. They simply are not interested in events that don’t revolve around their lives. As for why people like me dream of global events, I think in part it’s because I am interested in what’s happening in our world. My own personal life is free of drama which frees up my conscious mind to be interested in outside events that may impact me and everyone else. That would range from international conflict, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, assassinations and even subtle realm issues such as energy changes, interdimensional beings affecting our planet and so on.

Dreams and Psychic Prophecies I believe we can also program our dreams for psychic prophecies. If you take a topic that you’re very interested in and ask your subconscious to reveal the outcome, meditate strongly on that before bed, you’re likely to dream the outcome. Some examples might be the outcome of a major game like the Super Bowl, the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election, will a war with Iran start, the next mega quake, the sex of an unborn child and so on. The more interested we are in the subject the more likely our subconscious mind will respond to our request for a vision.

So why don’t some dreams, even very clear ones, not come true? There are several reasons for that. One is that the time has not come yet. In other words, it will happen but not just yet. Some visions take years or even decades to happen. Some Native American shaman’s prophesized the arrival of white man decades before it happened. Another reason they may not come true is because the symbology has been misconstrued. Our subconscious mind works heavily with symbols and metaphors. For example, we may dream that we’re being circled by wolves which may in fact mean that people at work are conspiring against us. So while you literally won’t have an encounter with a pack of wolves, you may find yourself being circled by foe in some situation.

Other dreams may not come true because they already happened, as in a past life time. You can dream and feel profound love for a child or persona, wake up, and wonder where the heck that came from. Some people will pursue hypnosis on a reoccurring dream theme to later find out that the events that are playing out in their dreams are from a life time ago. Again, the subconscious mind can go back in time, before this lifetime and others because it is free from the time/space laws.

I think another reason vivid and impactful dreams don’t come true is because I firmly believe we have parallel selves. In some dreams, we can dream an entire life of a life similar to ours, but not exactly (if you’ve watched the TV show Fringe, you’ll get a good picture of what this would look like). And sometimes the events happen in both dimensions but sometimes they do not.

Because of the previous anomalies, I sometimes struggle with what psychic dreams to report and ones that I shouldn’t. Most times people will not listen to a psychic anyway unless they are publicly credible. And even those dreams that do come true, such as pre 9/11 dreams, what action could possibly be taken? The action is too huge for human’s to get their head around. For example, I see a huge earthquake in my lifetime affecting the San Andreas Fault. Should everyone evacuate the state of California? Hardly.

The other reason some dreams don’t come true is their purpose is a ‘working’ dream. A working dream is meant to process some data, to teach us something or to endure karma we might not be able to handle while awake.

In summary, dreams and psychic prophecies is a real phenomenon that humans experience and can learn to tap into. The future is within the ever present now, we just have to become more skilled about tuning ourselves into that frequency.


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