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Ouija Boards were invented in the late eighteen hundreds which was a time popular for séances (sometimes wrongly called "wigi", "weegee" or "weegie", the words Oui & Ja are actually french and german for "yes"). Two or more people are to place their hands on the planchette (the heart shaped piece of wood that moves) and summon spirits and then ask them questions. People often giggle that this won’t work and claim someone is pushing it when it does, but if there is real contact the planchette will literally fly over the board, or even off. After its creation in 1890 as more of a parlor trick amusement it was later used by spiritualist during World War I as a divining tool.

So is this device safe to use? Well, that depends. Ouija boards generally, as in 95% of the time, connect to beings in the lower realm so this means the experience is typically of a low nature. Evolved beings don’t generally respond to this. So I’d say don’t bother unless you want some entertainment but if you’re of a strong or especially a susceptible energy this can attract strong energies in return which can result in a negative attachment. Plus, most people who dabble with the board are kids and they have little defense against low level energies with ill intent. Personally, I’d not mess with it because it’s basically opening a door to the type you don’t want. Would you open your home door to low level humans? Probably not. Same thing applies here. And it’s rare that the beings coming through do more than lie and try and scare you with horror stories including predictions of your own death or those in your family. It enjoys fear so it tries to invoke that emotion so it can feed off of it.

Ouija Boards Then there are those that come through that are still stuck on the lower planes that are more middle ground in terms of wanting to evoke fear. I’ve successfully called forth those who have died during the silver mining era while staying at an old hotel in the silver mining town of Virginia City in Nevada. There was a nearby cemetery where I was able to find the name of the miner who died and provided his name. But these stories are more the exception and are more probable with an adult doing the board than a highly emotional youth.

I was pretty powerful at the Ouija Board in my teens because I had strong energy and didn’t even need someone else to work it with me. I could tell who was calling, who was at the door and so on but in the end, I ended up with a nasty non-human being that not only stuck around far past its welcome but could cause the room to go cold, collapse the closet of a friend of mine who tried to purge it, cause stereos to go on and dials move, etc. Pretty terrifying stuff to the average person. This was largely due to me being not only a teenager with volatile emotions but from an unhappy home so I was an open target for that.

Because of the Ouija Board’s reputation for being able to truly summon negative spirits, it was labeled as a channel or door for demonic possession and its use was cautioned against. I’ll have the occasional reader send me stories where young people have had mental breakdowns after using these and again, if a person is already susceptible, weak willed or of a hysterical nature, they are the first to break down or be taken advantage of.

And then there are people who use the board, have a good laugh, and that’s it. But I always say if the risk isn’t worth the reward then why bother? Being that you could potentially invite something into your living space that could be quite unpleasant; I’d recommend sticking with another board game.


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