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Subject11 in Spirit Contact
MissSarah. Let me tell you something that happened to me. I was a strong kid. I had been visited by the shadow of death many of times. It kept giving me dreams and leading me around into different states of consciousness.

As a person that picks up on these events while I'm sleeping I recognized a superior intellect that understood everything that I thought and every I am. That amazed me, so was it was trying to steal off of my soul, I was asking it questions ignoring what it wanted from me.

It wanted my soul. It wanted that fire in me that makes me who I am. I could feel it pull on me. Tug at my soul. But I was arrogant, and instead of waking up or asking god for help. I asked it questions. Like How can you speak into my mind while I'm sleeping without using sound? Never answered. How do you know everything thing that I think and feel, or even want... Never answered.

The last night, after 6 years, I was questioning it again, instead of being a afraid. It got angry and I could feel it, it wanted to attack me. I said please lord protect me, IN that dream the ground rose up like steps. Two angels dropped from the sky and I was looking down 12 steps at it with 2 guardians of heaven between me. I was never bothered again.

I was living with my sister at the time that happened. A few years later my sister called me and said, "My daughter sees the same thingsas you. She said there are two shadows standing guard in front of our house and she can tell that they're good.

I tell the truth and you write fiction.
Some people are free to explore but some people have spirits that the other world wants to consume. When you turn your head in your dreams to catch a spirit that spirit is trying to manipulate and take a piece of you. For example I would dream of my father driving me in a car, but being use to these dreams I would say, I know you, you're not my dad... And all of the sudden I am in the front seat driving and I fully turn my head back around to see a sneering smile from a grimacing spirit that is not my dad. I caught it again. You keep catching it because your spirit is string and you are fighting to save yourself from it.
Well considering that this site teaching you to go with the wind into out of body expiences. Which I wouldn't suggest.

Darkness the shadows feeds on personal energies. If you are strong willed the darkness will bring up dreams for you about your strong will and try to spin it out like a food for the darkness.

If you're having trouble remembering the darkness is feedings on who you are. As in your essence. Wake up. Stop chasing darkness. That's the allure, that you want to feel the deeper different realities of this life but you are losing yourself as it feeds from you.
I have lived in the west for most of my life. I want to know where I can learn more about how to control my powers. They have taught me that the powers are all in my head and that I should get a job and basically work until retirement. I want to learn from the cradle to the grave how to develop and build the skills in which we speak about. I can control the wind, and I probably can still control fire. Please someone help! I'll keep searching online for a pathway. My name is DAE. Someone help me, help us, help all of we. Message me [at] ali.elmekki22 [at]
Even me I have the same issue... Loosing touch with my spiritual/psychic sense or senses.

What I mean is totaly different from what some of us read or share on this site.

It's like the place we had as children is gone! Like something big or a tresure that's only being given to 'Adults' is waiting for us.

There is a lot of noise-pollution, anxiety (getting scared over everything).

It's like the Dark Place in our minds has gone forever. I don't know, but all I see this days when finding it difficult to sleep or a heavy head ache fuller pain and grief hit me is Shadow People...😂I know right.

After all this years🤣I can't even sleep meehn! And the common ones [Voices], speak very badly this days😆. Don't believe me? Try mimicking the lips. Hahaha, I can't drink tea.
ISeeClearly in The Grim Reaper
I have seen him.

I had fallen asleep in the middle of the afternoon in my mother's living room. I felt a strong pull from my body and I remember looking at myself sleeping. I was out of my body, or what seemed like an out of body experience. I've had them before, I just don't have them often, or try to because I don't find them pleasant.

Everything looked to be the same, except for a black hooded figure standing next to me. He had a skeleton face. I was a young 18-19 year old when this occurred, so not really understanding what was happening, I charged at him, and commanded him to leave.

He started to go to the front door, but would constantly look back at me. He left when I commanded him to, but kept turning around to look back at me. I woke up shortly after he left, gasping for breath, as if I had stopped breathing while I was "asleep." I was inhaling air deeply like I hadn't been breathing.

After that experience, I haven't seen him since, but I know when he is around. I'm now able to know when someone is dying or going to die, particularly if they are in my family.

I remember when my mom's dog had been lost and we had found him. He had only been home a week and he was so happy to see us. He had so much more life in him and energy, which was unusual as old as he was... And one day I was leaving for work... I looked at him, and I had a bad feeling. I told him bye, kissed his head, turned to walk away and something heavy hit the back of my leg. It was the pug figurine my mom often kept on the mantle. I was no where near the mantle when this fell... And I knew he was going to die soon... And he did.

It was the same for my grandfather. I knew, and I was right.

But ever since that encounter with the reaper, I know these things. I've seen spirits my entire life, but to know when death comes is something that feels like such a big responsibility. I have a connection there, and I'm sure it's for a bigger purpose. I feel close to him, in a weird way, and he doesn't scare me anymore.
[at] Piperasc,
Generically, relax in to meditation and see if the information will come. I do get this feeling; though, that there may be times when one will not want to know all the details. Be mindful of being over whelmed but also wanting to help. Hth
If you want to tap into your abilities, the simple answer is to be at peace with yourself. You have to know and understand yourself inside out and then accept who you are. The rest comes naturally.
True light I suffer from this as well can you please help me! Thankyou
I'm 13 but I always have this feeling something bad is going to happen to someone else (not me however) and as I said I'm a teen so I play with make up and I don't know how to explain it but I swear my eye glowed red while I was messing around and everyone else thinks I'm crazy when I tell them. I sometimes have visions like I dream of stuff that will happen in the future however it's usually about the bad outcomes of this future like it's trying to warn me.

I also respect your fight and warnings. I wanted to ask you a question about myself installing double mirrored closet doors across from each other and opening a portal. A full-grown man walked out of my mirror less than 7 ft from me, Felt nothing unusual. On 3 different occasions a broiling black cloud was at or came out of the same wall of mirrored closet and the very last time I was sitting on the toilet and broiling black cloud came between me and toilet roll just off my shoulder WHAT A SIGHT, but there was no bad feeling from it at all. I also watched a black skeleton 5 ft or so walking in my Livingroom sideways from me looking at me and headed to the hallway back to the mirrors. This homes foundation was 2 ft above Sealevel. This property was probably Native American camp on the saltwater front. I stood next to the guy I bought the house from years earlier and felt ill and I had to back away from him. #1 could black cloud be native spirit. #2 If new owner took mirrors out is portal still there. Also had 2 floor squeakers come from mirrors twice and walk up to me. I hope spirit board was not used in home. I sold home in 2014 but still worry about new owners and I don't feel I have attachments. I hope I have a clean crossing into the death/ reincarnation mode. Any thoughts are appreciated. Me sensitive and an empath.
I can control the wind, move clouds and fire. It's very strange but up lifting to know I have this power inside me. I'm also a healer and medium. I'm so glad I'm not the only one gone mad🤣
Christineko 14 years ago (2009-11-01)
Hi blueangel777, I need your advice. I went to a temple recently and a medium told me that my past life husband is still with me. She said in order to apease him, I have to perform a ritual that is costly. Do you think I should proceed or it is just a hoax? Hello there Christine sorry been 14 years to answer you I hope you still on here let me know I will update the answer to your question of 14 years ago signed, Blueangel777
I have a friend with the same problem..."Seeing the futuer & being scared of it" or "Seeing the future and not believing the brain & what just happened to reality".


Before I explain more, I really liked your story... Keep it up & don't forget to journal. It increases one's memory about how paranormal & spiritual world's are like... You can even draw what you see. It's even better than Automatic Writing. Automatic Writing to me is a Devils work shop.


My friend is called Emily & is studing A-Levels (Full Time), Philosophy & Ethnicity (Part Time).

She used to tell me sometimes she would wake up in Planet Mars or Saturn. (Don't worry I ask follow-up Questions)...and everytime she revisit the same location, everything seems to move on their own, like it was a program or something, this continued happening until her dreams started to become real! She would tell me things that only I knew, like the shirt of the last person I talk to or what I ate. I aked her how she did this, she said every morning she gets Premonitions about the futuer... (I'm not finished)...she even gets the time & location correct by the use of Numerology & her birth chart.

Even me in the past I used to see things before they happen, I had to do a lot of reading & research like "What is a Modana" or "How the 7th Root race will look like". It was just the other day when I was practicing Astra Projection (it's a rune for me lol) when I saw something shocking when returning to my phisical body.

...I was on 1st person point of view flying down to earth (from the other side of the horizion) with my bear feet 1st when the earth started shaking! The ground & clouds turned from mist-blue and white to a dark black shiny metalic/coal like structure.

Everything stopped. Time, Space, Earth's atmosphere, Me, My altered states, The Flying!

It was very scary, it's like we are living on an highly advanced alien rock all this time. how they say the moon is an advanced alien machine... Even Earth is like that!. An Alien Computer with resources!

I saw dragons, gorilas, mermaids, things that eat humans, fish, advanced sacred gates... Super advanced sacred mountains with entrance that have faces, valleys, things that once existed on Earth, Living people from the past but were scary etc.

All in all what I saw was places with wealth & looked like no human has ever seen or went inside. And the more I keept looking the more it got weird. I started to see a figure of myself potraid on the ground, behind me an army with horses, I was like a King from Egypt or Mesopotamia or The Annunaki. I wanted to wake up when I realized this were people I will meet it the future (a gut instinct), weather on this plane or a dream, they were soo connected to me...

Not just men, but girls too... Like I saw a field with millions of girls standing togather with the same clothes... Like they were waiting for me! Or walk with me without me seeing them!

I have a lot to talk about but that will do it for today. Hope this helped.

Love always💕

May our Force and Runes be with us all.

First and foremost, allow me to express how captivated I was by your account. The intricacy of your experience and the depth of your perceptions far surpass what most people encounter. I hope you find some solace in reading a response from someone who took the time to fully absorb every word of your tale.

The universe seems to be walking with you in ways most of us can only dream of. The recurring presence of the number 7 in your life is both peculiar and enthralling. While the number 7 has many religious and mystical significances across various cultures, it might simply be a coincidence in your life. Or, perhaps it's an indication of some greater design, something that transcends our day-to-day understanding. For a deeper dive into the symbolism of the number 7, you might want to check out this detailed analysis.


Your visit to the old penitentiary and what you felt in the presence of the electric chair is profoundly striking. It's possible you have an elevated sensitivity to residual energy in places, or perhaps you have the ability to deeply empathize with those who have undergone intense emotions.

As for your experiences with the sounds and dreams, it's challenging to pinpoint whether they are paranormal phenomena or manifestations of the subconscious. Predictive dreams and feelings of déjà-vu are common, though the way you describe them seems more pronounced than most encounters. Some believe these phenomena might be our minds subtly picking up on information we don't consciously perceive. Your dream about receiving a C- on an essay is particularly intriguing. Dreams about exams and related subjects have deep meanings, as discussed in this guide.


Jordan, your story reminds me that the world is filled with mysteries, and each of us has a unique lens through which we view these enigmas. Maybe your path is simply to explore these experiences, seeking answers while embracing that some questions may remain unanswered.

I haven't had experiences as intense as yours, but I firmly believe that every individual has a place and a purpose in this vast universe. Continue to seek, question, and share your story. You're not alone in your quest for understanding, and there are undoubtedly others who have had or are having similar experiences.
Yeah there are others like you which includes me, however, moving a tractor is top grade telekinesis. Even Nina Kulagina could only move small objects. Your own genes must be designed like psi accumulator which discharges telekinetic energy when full. Mine happens when I actually intend to do telekinesis. But TK is not just about moving stuff, changing brainwaves drastically too is part of it, killing insects with your mind, at least from my own experiences... It happens like a spontaneous reflex
WaterBoy in 3 Spoons
Katieladykate8 I've just seen your comment... I know it's also from a long long time ago but I can't stop thinking about this experience... I've grown up a whole lot since all of this, but seeing your comment has really intrigued me. If you're able to reach out at all please let me know... It's a long shot but you could try and contact me by email jadenanderson735 [at]
Hi, I have also had an experience with this. When I was 8 years old my Mum asked me to go upstairs to get my new baby brother a clean vest out of the chest of drawers on the landing, outside of the front bedroom. As I got to the top of the stairs and turned to walk down the landing I froze as there was a tall man in black top hat and tails with a gold pocket watch on his right side. He looked at his watch and put it back in his pocket. He had a black, long sweeping down moustache, he touched the rim of his hat and tilted his head at me. My Mum shouted me as I was taking a long time and she needed the vest. I looked down the stairs and when I looked back he had gone. I ran down the stairs and told my Mum I couldn't get it because of the man.

Then in my 30's I had a feeling that he was with me again but I couldn't see him just the shadow of him but I knew it was him. I would love to know the meaning of these and who he is.
Lucy, I think I can also move the wind and feel it and I feel a strong connection exactly like you're saying. I was just wondering how do you write letters in the clouds?
So I don't know how to say this, but it feels like someone is explaining to me exactly what is happening to me. When I was also 10 years old, the same exact thing happened to me. And I also kind of forgot about it but now that I'm in middle school, I remembered it and I'm also trying to find people who had the same experience as me. And surprisingly, I also asked the wind to either answer yes by blowing wind or no by staying the same. Thank u for making me feel like I'm not alone. 🫶🏽
I'm not a tk specialist but I can tell you that there's a big chance that some rather interested ET's have tampered with your ability to do tlknesis. Ever heard of archon implants? Well it's real and welcome to world of wicked intelligent species. I know what to do in a situation like this but I can't comment the solution publicly here. I assume you're still practicing tlknesis?
[at] David_Pack

Thank you so much for understanding.

Some readings or automatic writings can come off negative or without information at all. Especially if its for someone else.

It's very hard for some of us Channelers/Mediums to sleep due to too much Extra~sensory perception coming from the Universe or environment... In order to get the true meaning one has to vibrate at a high frequency while having positive feelings about his/her future. But this can act as a road block because some aliens or Extraterrestrials' use this gate way to come to earth and ruin everything Source provided for us humans

For instance I was having a very bad day today filled with negative inputs and voices of how bad I am about things I don't even do... Like communicating to Extraterrestrials' that's absurd and annoying!

Thank you for your response and may God bless you.

Have a nice day
ufw57 Apology accepted, I was just reading you as showing off and being disrespectful to Pele', that's all. Don't take it personally, we all have days where we're too quick to judge. Please accept my apology as well and let's move ahead and enjoy this site and make some interesting contributions to it in the future. In the Spirit of Mahalo and Aloha I greet and thank you all.
[at] Artgirl1105
Good Day,
It does sound like you could see the people's inner selves. Observing these people over a period of time would help you grade your "seeing". This may simply be the manner in which your talent manifests itself. For more study, I'd recommend "The Silva Method of Mind Control" to help you develop your gifts. I'm not selling anything just a satisfied customer.
[at] JackieTexas
Good Day,
An interesting tale, I don't have a solution to what happened but I enjoyed the story. I admit I was intrigued about the reference to people getting hurt doing paranormal investigations and would like to know more. I'd say there is no question of you being psychic.
I completely agree I have a strange connection with the wind and I sometimes predict the future and I have a way to amplify our abilities for good strong meditation and focus is key thanks for reading bye
Phoenix12112012 in My Eyes Burn All The Time
I'm not a phycik or professional I only started seeing a connecting with the wind Abt half way through 4th grade it's just a theory
Phoenix12112012 in My Eyes Burn All The Time
Ok so I have a theory Abt this cause I can relate to this when I stare at on of those spinning thingies they start to spin the burning eyes can be because your body is focusing on your abilities it for gets to moisten your eyes I don't know but some eye drops and you should be good for the day and meditation helps cause your eyes are closed if someone read this thank you 😜
My comment is on the colored shapes you saw in your dream/minds-eye.

Those are sacred geometry (usually) the affected areas are Eyes, Sinus, Joints/limbs, Neck (like you said earlier) & torso/lower-back. were seeing celestial objects presented to you by your Astrological (Astra) Cloud / Bank / Akashi / Sign / Wheel / Chart... High up in the sky the normal way a mammal or bird of prey can tap in~to seeing the supernatural world beyond a specific period of time.

Like a Gate~way or Dimensional Portal (Source).

But from within-with love-without fear of the unknown.

The Unknown today is not dangerous anymore, due to the fact that a normal day in life has both Past-Present-Time/Space/Acceleration-Future-The Universe-All Eternity in it. Nothing will stop you from running away or waking up from a nightmare & finding yourself happy as hell the next minute.

It's just impossible!

Now being a psychic, I would call this DNA Activation Symptoms because of twitching of the neck. That's you being smarter the normal way a fish can evolve an live on land.

Drink a lot of distilled water & meditate... Who knows... You might one day experience an Awakening so strong your eyes will be opened from were you are right now to were the universe ends. Like a bird, but superman style haha... Don't forget to journal though... Memories are worth re~reading.

Jah bless💯❤️

Those were E.Ts'. The good harted ones I believe. Like humans, (they too were given birth to;) at least that's what some books say...anyway>>

It's common for a viewer to develop the ability of sensitivity, a sense to reality relatively close to Remote Viewing or Clairvoyant. I have that problem too you see, and sometimes the visons of things that aren't there creep me out.

Sometimes I see a boy with a toilet head, (he smells very bad by the way). On T.V celebrities talk to me about personal things & return favors (Jah know... This happens every time!🙆😆).

But like your Accidents...memories.

We have to go deeper into our minds.

"Who were/was the cause of the 1st accident to happen on that road?..."

"What happened next?...Eny eye witness?"

"Were the inhabitants there humans or non-humans?"

Because a lot of road accidents are caused by witchcraft, magik...Curses! Imagine!


☝️This are things that make a human being fall, do you know how hard it is for a human being to succumb to premature death?... Especially the one who can drive a car, very hard! I tell you.

So my point is, if it's Aliens or Two E.Ts' that approached you with flowers, they must be the root to all those accidents. And maybe they can't see us humans (most Extraterrestrials' have this tendency by the way...Lol).

My advise:

*Draw them & share that picture. (Make it Lit with Crayons) hahaa.


Hope this helped.
darkassassin92 in Spirit Contact
my soul mate Or Twin flame Angelica💑someone else (can't Find never met her family talk😈trick me dad say I not being called marry I know favorite black I own black ring box I never married think I called marry I burn).
I see it's been about a year, I'm still waiting on this one, nothings happened yet to give me a notion of some sort of fulfillment.

Hi 4Pawedfirewolf! Yes, you have indeed met a true psychic. I am 89 years old and had my first psychic experience at the age of 4. I have found that one must avoid the so called psychics who charge for their services. The best advice always comes from those who are willing to share their God given talents not expecting payment. They are usually not well off and will accept a donation but will not insist. Did any of the Biblical Prophets, including Jesus, ask for payment? I have written many blogs on my experiences, and should you be ready for more wisdom, you can find them at: Blessings.
[at] Rhinestone54
I am a big proponent of "The Silva Mind Control Method" There some free meditations on you tube and any number of websites. While the in person classes are the best, they are also expensive. I've used the home study program, which is on sale at the moment, I believe. This can help develop your gift. The home study classes require lots of diligent work and take a bit longer. Hth
I Had Similar Experiences When I Was Younger. They Only Stopped When I Learnt To Use My Chakras And Energy Better. I Don't Understand Why Though...
I have also scared a few friends by making a gush of wind blow in their face when I wanted it to.
First I thought I was just predicting it until I was at a huge bonfire party at night with adults and a few children, the smoke was blowing in their faces so I made it move 8 times. Not only that I slowly walked around the whole bonfire twice directing the smoke whenever and wherever I please. It freaked me out but was empowering. Why is this happening to only some of us? Is it spiritual or an unblocked part of our brain?

To make it more important I learnt how to write my name and create love hearts in the sky with any type of cloud well almost. Most clouds. The weather always seems to play on how I'm feeling. When I got locked away in a mental ward. For the first time. From telling people this it rained harder than ever whilst I was balling my eyes out!
When I'm super angry theirs lightning or I feel the anger of the gods or whatever I've seen a fight with red and white lightning also I've pointed in 5 directions after each 5 strikes where it would be with one witness. And its there.
I've change the energy levels of light bulbs and set of alarms in the city block. I'm just anxious in what is the point of this and if it's a blessing or a curse. Call me crazy but I haven't done it in years and tried yesterday and bam with focus and hard concentration got three letters out of a cloud and dragged them to the other side. Took photos. Just unsure in the point of this... Am I suppose to help humanity if something goes wrong or the opposite? I'm Lucy. I am the love behind the wind. Xx
Hi october hope this has stopped by now if not you can email me umniyaansari3 [at] when I practice working on my skills lights start flickering I know what you're going through and it's surprisingly easy to stop them we can work on it together. Your mind is doing this it's just a state of mind you've totally got this
replierbutimightnotbeonline in I Can Control The Wind
Hey, looks like we both have something in common weird because I thought I was one of a kind
As far as seeing things before they happen, you have to change the way you view time and events. You want a scientific answer; all of time are moments in time, either moments that have happened, or moments that haven't happened yet. They are all still real moments, and if there's enough emotion, energy, to make an impact you'll feel it. Either because it effects so many people that it begins to effect you, or it is directly connected to you. The simplest example, throwing a rock into the middle of a still pond. That moment of impact creates ripples that can be seen and felt throughout the whole pond, both in front and behind where you threw the rock. Personal example; the bombing tragedy that happened at the running race a few years back. The day before it happened I could feel something was wrong, I didn't know what it was, I just knew and could feel it. All the people that event impacted caused a lot of emotions, sadness, hate, and just loss. Even though I didn't have anything personally connected to it, that amount of emotion causes a ripple that can be felt. The one thing I will say is to trust yourself, many others have had similar situations and believe it or not I'm pretty certain this is the true way everyone is supposed to be and others have just lost sight of that over the years and grown numb themselves. Most people don't ask for this kind of stuff to happen, and a lot don't even want it, but I always tried to find good in it to help people when I can. Personally I'm not very good at it but meditation is a really helpful tool if you can learn to calm your mind and listen to yourself.
I wish you luck,
~ Lyro
[at] ray835
Good Day,
I just stumbled across an old link. (I just changed web browsers.) Anyhow, there is lots of info here. HTH
[at] ray835
I cannot point you to specific on line and free books, as I have not looked in some time. I do encourage you to search because there are Silva Method things on line. You Tube will have some for example. There are many used paper back, print books for sale that are not expensive at all. "The Silva Mind of Control Method" is probably the best older book. I highly, recommend searching on line for "The long Relax" by Ed Bernd Jr. Which is part of their program and an excellent start to meditation exercises. Hope this gets you started.
[at] Rob
Hello there! Is there an online version of the book available?
[at] ray835
Good Day,
I'd say you are psychic. I didn't experience the touches as a young person; though, I did later. I was hearing my mom call in one house. I'm also sensitive to some haunted places and have done some Astral Projection. I'd suggest "The Silva Method of Mind Control" for controlled meditation and developing your talents and gifts. There are some free meditations on line to help you get started. I'm not selling anything, just a home study student.
This was a dream, if it was what you said you saw, you would have died in an accident. That car speed suggest it was you looking at yourself. It's normal to have a vivid dream and still re~live it. And don't worry, the person you saw won't hurt you. You can see him & he will never have a chance to see you because it's a behavior, this behavior is dormant and acceptable by all. It brings fear because of blood. The same Atoms close to each other. Like Rastas in Jamaica. I had this experience once! (whaaat...) Imagine this is the time it's hitting my brain! (don't block me😂)

But this is what I think it is. Those things don't exist in dreams either ha ha ha. Creepy, this Universe is f*vking creepy I sewar🙄🗾

[at] dylanuno
You are special in every right way,

You are the one's born as: [Earth Angles/Star-Seeds/Light-Workers/Shadow-Workers/Humanoids/Watchers & Defenders of the Earth].

Most of you are Water & Air Signs: [Aries or Libra].

I would suggest reading about Indigos, Crystals and Rainbow-Children. [Or the Sacred stuff,]

But from the [view] of your story:

I would recommend a rather simpler way in figuring out [Who You Are]. Why [You] Came To Earth, & What You [Can Do] To [Accomplish or Finish] Your [Mission].

It's Not: "Why am I here?",

It's, Who Am I? And [What Should I Do?] or make Practice-OF-To-Live-A-BETTER-LIFE!?.

(Warning: A lot of Star DNA⁴² & Alien RNA¹² will be activated while you are reading.)

Go read about Blue Ray One/1 Beings.

There are still few articles available & I think none is distinct from the other.

I also have a good friend of mine called Shekina Rose. She teaches The Language of Light & Channels Angles and Extraterrestrial Beings (Goddesses). Her website is:


She wrote Birth & Life Stories/Blueprints, about the Blue Ray Starseeds or The Blue Ray One Beings coming to earth to exist & help humanity for the 1st time in their lives.

There is a full category about this in her website.

The Blue Rays' weren't born here because the Earth had to move from the Unknown/Old 3rd Dimension [3D] way of thinking to a way harmonious & higher vibrational way of living, healing, knowing & caring for ourselves & each other.

Most of them come from higher rays of creation like [The Blue/1st Ray of Creation & The Violet/Female Ray of Creation] were many Central Sun Disks are located.

Past life Star Systems Included Are: Pleiades, Sirius, Orion & Andromeda.

Colonised Heavenly Bodies Were: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto's Moons.

Some of them have the First Modana written In Their Names, While Others Are Born Within The 7th Root/Foot Race of Creation.

Although Many live in 3rd World Countries, That is the place were Mother: The Creator, Mother: Our Natuer & All Other Worldly Vibrations are the strongest.

This meaning:

More Protection and (The Access) To Relms provided for them from:

1.The Seen & The Unseen.

2.Paranormal Worlds and Planes being available for Guidance and Support.

3.Free Visible Knowledge of how [Higher Planes] came to exist.

4. The Ability of Seeing and Communicating to:

(.A.) Angles.

(.B.) Spaceships.

(.C.) Interstellar Satellites.

(.D.) UFO's.

(.E.) Aliens.

(.F.) Famous Ghost's.

(.G.) Entities.

(.H.) Extraterrestrial Life and Plants.

(.I.) 3rd Dimensional Planets.

(.J.) Planes.

(.K.) Time.

(.L.) Geometry.

(.M.) Sacred Religions.

(.N.) Pyramids.

(.O.) The Living & The Dead.

*All of this is happening in the 5th Dimension, [5D]... Going all the way to the 10th Dimension, [10D] as we are Speaking!. Most If Not All, is: Astronomy!...But What The Heck...!? DO IT!√ (LoL😂). We are fine👽.
I registered to this site just to comment. I had De Ja Vu when I read the title of your post. Many years ago I went with my parents to try regression therapy... Hypnosis for past lives. I was in High School at the time and had been out late the night before. The room was made to be comfortable in order to be hypnotized. Music, lighting, and the Thearapit was talking to my Dad who was the one having the regression process done. I was sitting on a couch like 2" away and I dozed off. I awake because I heard a voice that was not one of us... It said something like relax. I immediate;y asked if subliminal messages were in the music. I was told it was possible that I heard something. So I was like, Ok...ok. Next, I look over at my Dad who was leaning back in a chair and being hypnotized. I saw this smoke curling around his head... I like blink and look. Yep, it is still there and it is like smoke swirling above and around his face. It wasn't bright white but almost see-through...but swirled and was similar to cigarette smoke. There was no smoking going on in the room. It lasted like a minute and was gone... No, one but me saw it. I assumed it was an aura or something.
Here is my theory:
Numbers are the only way to verify, look at numerology to understand that even math is part of the magic of the universe.
I am a clairvoyant and a professional and independent tarot reader in France.
I do not communicate with the beyond, I have no guide, I have no angel, I have never been in very real contact with an entity, I have no path that speak in my head, etc.
The only connection I feel is the one between my feelings and my deck of 78 tarot cards (a unique tarot deck, made and imagined by myself).
My feelings and my cards give me ANSWERS that come to me and are obvious to me.
Mathematical and statistical laws give 50% (50/50) response rates if the person has no gifts.
Above 60% is naturally impossible, it is inexplicable by current science and this rate should never be reached.
I was the first surprise to see that after 3 years of analysis, I had a rate of:
> 79% correct predictions!
> 14% prediction not realized
> 7% prediction errors.
So to find out if you have a psychic gift, take notes and calculate your rate of correct answers, if you exceed 60% on more than 100 predictions, there seems to be a gift in you.
He isn't rambling. I've been registered here for 8 years and never post... This is my first. I see the same thing... Just nasty sludge culling the young in off the beach to dream to become stranded victim. You have to wake up before it's soul death. Sunlight into ashes. Covert hypnotic impressions of bile if you can find your way you'll keep your grace.
Hi Aros,
I see by your title "Fields of Sharrot", that I have commented on your post's before. I have been re-reading the psychic posts mostly for entertainment, and I'm beginning to come to the conclusion such that most people who are sensitive will receive somewhat random bits of information with the exception being, where it regards someone with whom they are emotionally linked. I had a vision about a friend announcing "I'm in a car wreck." which happened some weeks later. Young people seem to have premonitions more directly related to their school day for example. Yet, when newly elected president Trump was on his way to China I got this "gut" feeling of something bad happening. The feeling persisted from a Saturday night into Sunday morning. By Sunday morning I had decided it was not about the president. What happened was the church shooting in TX. (As near as I can tell, this was 'it'.) I had no inclination of "who","what", or "where", something was going to happen, just that "gut" feeling.
Why am I saying all this, I am beginning to come to the conclusion that sensitive people "pick up" things, until we understand more, somewhat randomly.
I'm sorry if you feel that way. I was typing very fast and your story was the second last psychic experience that I was trying to help with my ability. I was not using my barin at the moment. When I closed my eyes after reading your story (you know, just to connect two & two togather) I saw a green, yellow and black flag. Then a shadowy figure like half dead, floating in mid air and was shaking & vibrating so much I could smell human rotten flesh. That smell you get when you visit a mortuary for the first time & have to go through a bunch of bodies.

So I went online and found out that the flag I received in that vision was Jamaica. Huwaii and Jamaica are both islands with a mixture of beaches and lash mountains. So I decided to call it.

Now about the "Dappy Ghost". There was one day on tv I saw a Jamaican investigation documentary about a ghost named the "Dappy Ghost".

So if I was there, I think that shadowy figure comes to me as The Dappy Ghost and to you as Madame Pele'.

I'm sorry if I was rude. I was typing very fast... Information was pouring through... My hands were TIRED and I was running out of internet bundles

[at] David_Pack
I also have tinnitus that is a reaction to the thoughts I am having. I also have a daily telepathic communication going on. One of the beings became a very close dear friend. I am very grateful for her support. I am celibate. I stay away from sexual feeling if I can. My spirit friend and myself are trying to unite the world with fairness for all and fairness from all. Website
You have an experience very similar to mine. Check out my website I am able to defeat or silence the controllers. A friend there told me I can defeat evil. I have many friends there. Contact me from the website if you like.
[at] parkerjade,
It sounds like you may have some abilities. Since you are in Texas I'd suggest to check out the "Silva Mind Control" people in Laredo. They have a meditation program that is very very good. I'm not selling anything and have actually only worked on the home study classes.
[at] 1sttime
I know this is pretty late time wise. There is a good chance you picked up on Jason's symptoms as well as being led/ pushed to his location. Glad it all worked out.
Why don't you grow up and make some sense? You ramble aimlessly and have nothing to say of interest so why criticize something you know nothing about?
MissSarah in Spirit Contact
Thank you for the comment but I'm not sure I understand fully what you're saying. Are you saying you think it could have been my grandad that contacted me?
Even me people attack me without my passion of them being there. I try everything but nooo!, they won't leave.

There is this one person I don't want to mention who died and started telling me how I've grown up over the many years before he died... I heard died I ren😂 How dare they!? You want to tell me this people still feel themselves after an accident, I for once will not want anything to do with the living, coz my clothes will be dirty, two " The Shame of me leaving people behind" is making me loose things in the underground. And three I will probably steal from you, either your weed or vodca, food is acceptable too.

Ebu please check correctly, the point my grandad and my daughter are brought to the picture. Yes, one person saying the other person's story, if it wasn't for her age (author) it would have been my granddaughter & grandad. So it's true it was her grandad who contacted her.
You know the one thing about the Duppy Ghost is that it don't say what it wants there, you will trrrryyy! And cry! But it will still steal your soul😕

The Dappy makes someone hallucinate with names that don't exit. Some people say Jesus, a victim with "The Glory" says volcano. Guess who the Dappy is coming for? You!

It's your mum. Yes a past life, people are identical in nature not in the mirror. Lol ("Why?"). Your mum is an element that's why yall move without being scared.

Some brave people I swear.

("Yea kinder like a past life thing... Like way back in the past when the sky was green instead of blue, trees had teeth & at the food chain the monkey was us.").

If you don't feed her food she will eat you.
You could use the psychic test kit that's available at this site. It's accurate and gives you a whole sense of regular & irregular feedback that most people find useful. Start with the Esp test, it's like a questionnaire with a free end result, without pay, just free.

* Don't Use A FullStop in your answers. Please, it will ruin the CPu machine we have here.
BelieverDude11 in Can Spirit Guides Be Evil?
Yes, sorry to tell you it was an evil entity. Dont seek to meet him again. No good being leaves you with all these feelings n signs, it is an evil being. Meditate on the Lord. He cañ guide you safely for good, alone. ❤ ❤
Hey everyone PLEASE READ THIS THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. I want to delete my post so badly but don't know how. But regardless PLEASE READ THIS. I lied. About everything. My post is fake. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and now that I am taking medication, I can think clearly now. I do not believe in mind readers, in a group, about erasing memory, I made up the name Jitters. It is all my imagination. I also wanted attention. I wanted to feel special. I felt alone. I felt like I was God. I was delusional. If you have similar thoughts as mine, if you think you are going through the same thing, please learn from my mistakes. It is probably delusions. I have schizophrenia. I was making up things for attention, but I started to believe it. I had severe mental illness. But also, if you want, turn to God. It helped me. So much. I just kept saying, to myself, God will heal me of my mental illness. I just have to wait. To wait. I also used the Amythest crystal. It was healing. I prayed my demons away. Please don't continue to respond to my post, I don't want to influence any more people with my lies. Again, everything in my post is fake because I wanted attention and also because I was delusional. I like to go up and down up and down up and down off the walls. That helped too. Really, it did.
Spiritual Energy coming down from the God-Head into the planes below creates various tones and melodies. In meditation or contemplation and in quiet times as well we can hear it. Some say it is the Word of God moving into the more denser planes below and can have many different sounds appear.
In waking life I've heard these sounds and since it is an inner and not outer sounds you can't seem to locate the source. The sound of flutes, buzzing of bees as well as the sound of wind blowing when it is not are all many of the sounds of Spirit as it emanates from the God Head on an out going wave and returns on the ingoing wave. It's a beautiful experience really to sit in quiet and listen. Hope this helps.
Hello Izzy⭐, thank you very much for sharing this. You posted this quite a while ago. Have you ever found a solution to the telepathy problem at all? Could you free yourself from it? If so, how? I am in a very similar situation... Very much looking forward to your answer, kindest regards, ✨Sparkle✨

One of the most basic and useful ceremonial rituals of magick

is called the *banishing ritual*, or lesser ritual of the pentagram. A

pentagram (or pentacle) is a five-pointed star with the point up. The


banishing ritual is helpful in psychic protection and healing since it

forms a protective barrier against malevolent forces. The psychic

barrier it creates can be made to permit entry of desired (const-

ructive) forces and the exclusion of negative ones. Thus, the banish-

ing ritual is an essential first step in almost any formal full magick

ceremony. The ritual requires that you use a magical implement or

"weapon", such as a

ceremonial knife, wand, or simply point your index finger, to "draw"

the pentagram in the air at each of the cardinal points (four direc-

tions). Also, you will be chanting ('vibrating') some Hebrew names of



Holding your magical weapon and facing east, extend your arm

out straight in front of you. In this ritual you will use the full

sweep of your arm to draw the pentagram in the air. Follow the desc-

ription below by beginning at the lower left and sweeping your magical

weapon up toward the

right, etc. As shown. Do not bend your arm at the wrist or elbow.

While you do this, visualize the lines and eventually the star as

vibrant white, floating in the space before you. You are projecting

energy to do this, and the result will be a gleaming 5-pointed star

floating in the east; visualize this as vividly as you can. Now you

will energize it further

by piercing the center of it with your magical weapon and vibrating

(speaking slowly in a slightly lower than normal pitch, remember)




Approximate points on a round clock face --

1. Begin at 7:30 position.

2. Point to 12 oclock position.

3. Point to 4:30 position.

4. Point to 10:30 position.

5. Point to 2:30 position.


6. Return to 7:30 position.]


Then turn slowly to the next cardinal point in sequence, and

as you do so, with your arm still extended in front of you, visualize

a white line connecting around to the cardinal point. Trace a similar

pentagram with the appropriate words and following the same procedure:

South -- Adonai Tzaboath

West -- Eh-Ei-He

North -- Agla.

Now complete the white line drawn back to the center of the eastern

pentagram. Note that the cardinal points must be followed in a clock-

wise order, and the pentagram must be drawn in the manner illustrated;

to do otherwise would change the function of the ritual. The result of

all this should be a large bright white pentagram visualized hanging

in mid-air

at each of the four directions, all tied together by a bright white

line. You could now, for example, visualize the pentagrams moving out

to the circumference of your home, thereby protecting all within.

There is also a somewhat simplified version of this ritual in

which the pentagram is traced only once overhead and then is energized

with one of the four names, such as "Eh-Ei-He". Oftentimes the simpli-


fied version is sufficient, but naturally the effect of the full

version is more


One of the primary uses of this ritual is to ward off psychic

attack -- that is, when another is (consciously or unconsciously)

attempting to harm you, cause sickness, accidents, bad dreams, emo-

tional upset, or to force you to do something against your will.

Fortunately this doesn't happen very often. The world of the magician

is fairly safe for the pure of heart. Psychic attack usually depends

upon vulnerabilities. If you are not vulnerable you are safe. Thus

unificaition with the true will is the greatest protection possible.

And the use of the banishing ritual is never hurtful. You can even use

it to hold off negative aspects of


Other forms of protection sometimes helpful (depending upon

one's model) are recitation of the 'Lord's Prayer', the 23rd, and 91st

Hi! I don't know if you'll see this comment. I would suggest calling higher beings like ascended masters or archangels for help and protection. I believe all religions are praying to the same being, just in different forms. So if you are open to it, there are a few beings you can ask for help or chant their mantras regularly to call them on like Mother Kali, Mother Green Tara, Mother Durga, Mother Quan Yin, Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, all these beings have their own mantra. Choose one deity, or try chanting the mantra of each deity (see the correct pronunciation on youtube) and see which being you feel most connected to, regularly chant the mantra of that deity in your mind, by sitting with your eyes closed like in meditation, instead of focusing on the breath focus on the mantra, the ideal time is 2 hours, but that's a lot for a beginner, so try starting by sitting for 15-20 minutes, then gradually increase the duration if you find it blissful. It should help you. Chant in your mind, what is considered the best type of chanting. Chanting strengthens your auric field and also increases your meditative focus. Of course, it also provides the protection, support, guidance, and love of that being, and eventually all the other divine beings, as all are one.
good morning, well now he hasn't been around ever since then... But do you know anything on djinns?

[at] layschips98
[at] M14,
Good Day,
That is a very rare talent. Here is a link to an organization that studies such things. It's based in California. Https:// This organization was founded in part by astronaut Ed Mitchell (1930-2016) and is fairly well established. Under the "Science" pull down menu on their home page there is a "Participate in Research" link, some of which can be done via your home computer. I would think these people would point you in the right direction. I'd be a bit skeptical of any offers other than research.

I might suggest calming meditation; though, I can't know for sure what is needed. I hope this gets you started.
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I'm reading this for the first time and your then toddler is the same age as my youngest... They're both mid teens. It's 9/12/22. I've been seeing red glitter for a few days and I'm seeing different images. I did a search and this popped up. Figured I would give it a hi how are you...
I'm not saying my name but I'm in 6th grade in every class other than Spanish I feel as if everything I'm taught I already know but not really know it but know the answer to anything and everything and every night I have nightmares and most nights the nightmares keep pulling me back into them and sometimes I have vivid memories of things I have never done or weird memories of something I've never done or nobody has done and it's weird and confusing to me but when I saw this website I looked at some stories and a few I really relate too does anyone know what's happening?
[at] mommaj
Well, it's 10 years later. You have a talent for psychometry. Ideally you are using your left hand, as it is more well connected to your right brain. So, psychometry is a right brain function and allows you to gather information from objects held in your left hand. HTH
You have strong Intuition.

Let me explain: "Intuition is that feeling in your gut when you instinctively know that something you are doing will be right or wrong in someone's els perspective/view."

That's why you don't know how you feel that way, it's sometimes just a hunch & boom! Everything you saw came true.

Why don't you know how you feel that way you might ask... Because it's only in those moments when you sense Kindness, Love, Rage or Fear in another's face and then your brain puts it all together like a pro without eny doubt or Fear what's so ever.

To describe a Psychic who uses Intuition at it's peaks: "An Alien & A Human God put together". Like what they do in Marvel or Paramount Studios. Haha lol funny🗿🧗
I have prayed not to dream about these horrific acts of violence. I cannot handle them, I just can't! 😟
I would suggest getting medical help or a doctors prescription to muscle relaxing pills or anti-depresants because I have seen people I went to school with go from minor memory loose to the point that they now need anti-psychotics to chill or be normal again.

And when I ask them how they feel after taking a prescription each day they say the anti-psychotics only help with head aches, anxiety & rapid eye movement, without the pills they can't withstand their bodies both Mental (Psychologically) & Emotional (Physically).

The part about time speeding up is a good thing because you are shading off generational karmar that no longer suits you at this present moment, just don't forget to get a prescription if those migraines/head aches/memory loose get worse or out of control.

Get something that is legal in the eyes of the law or written/prescribed by a doctor.

Because some psychological stress could lead you to deep depression (Dark Night of The Soul) or total loose of control of your Mental body without medical or shamanic assistance.

Also the anti-depresants or muscle relaxants don't lead to addiction like most people believe. It's the user, he/she must be assertive when it comes to taking pills every morning.

They are durn expensive.

Using them wisely will go a long way in his/her life.
[at] Sage120
I miss typed the [at] message above. Also, I'm not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
[at] Sage,
Good Day,
For help and control I can recommend "The Silva Method" of "Mind Control" These are a series of mental exercises, learning, and meditation. The only down side is that the classes are expensive. Learning via DVD and CD audio at home are much less expensive. I am mildly psychic and have found good value in the lessons. There are some books available from used book sellers which will be helpful. There still some free meditations on the WWW, just search by name. HTH

Better and Better,
Yea you are a true Empath. Sometimes that journey doesn't suit someone but along the way one must learn be Tough not Rough.

"Take _It_ Easy And _At_ The Present Moment."

An Empaths emotions are like elements, they affect Him/Her without a notice. When you get scared, scary things happen or out of nowhere you see a tragedy you have absolutely no control of that later negativity brings your mood or feelings down.

I would suggest reading and applying the strengths of a Type-Sub-Category of "Introverts'" "Personality" called the = INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling & Judging) into your daily life. It will realy help with your Intuition and Future Judgement.

This one I think tops as one of the best in the category of personalities that Myers Briggs has ever written about. And they are real, this people (INFJ's) live out there as a rare remaining 3% of our Introverted and Extroverted community.

My advise is not to try building those abilities of yours. They could leave you poor in the future when your friends are buying cars or getting married while you are there, still wasting your precious time, trying to figuring out what you & other people will feel when the next Armageddon comes and what to do or how to stop it before it hits our Planet Earth.

You can be the likes of Konstantin, Robert Boyle, Benjamin Franklin, Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison yes I'm not saying you can't, but it will not matter when at this moment we are speaking we already posses & have access to all this New~Generation of wicked high-tech technology all around us to use, with additional new forms of easy cheap* living being re-invented & re-created every year for us...Again...TO USE...not...TO FIGHT OVER THEM!.

I don't think you investing time at future seeing tragic events without knowing how to not see it at the first place will help you.

Not even at home but at work too, and in a working environment their tends to be a lot of many competitions from minor to major factors, which will lead or push you to learn how to manage your time wisely if you really dream of succeeding in your field.

Not only to not be left behind by your COLLEAGUES, but also to prove to your BOSS, FAMILY & FRIENDS that you can maintain an employment or risk loosing everything... And you know this😏

They say if you can't beat them join them.

Try to see if you can walk as an INFJ.

Even as a spare time practical experience.

They are soo COOL.

I swear Nothing will happen to you or your future family when you slightly fit in with those guys (INFJ).

Wether you feel it from the heart or just by coincidence

Or maybe you all both think with the right brains only insted of us who think with the left one😏...

...just don't lie to your self that you are something you clearly know you aren't.

I'm sorry if I sound or sounded rude by the way🙄
I think you just activated you dormant DNA.

The Codes* come in through the third eye. Yes, similarities like yours also happened to me back in 2017 (8) during the 8:8:8 Lions Gate Portal, the last one I know was green satellites opening through my third eye (I don't know if you have seen those). And like big boxes made from blood opening at the base of the spine?

Even me I'm a reptilian. I have a tail too (This a spiritual body btw).

The only thing that made me want to investigate more was that I was a tall white lizard with a tail and two functioning wings! It blew my mind.

So in conclusion those images/visions was you viewing yourself.

Happens to me! I get visions and then have tingling third eye sensations as well. I don't know what they are.
Wow. I was so shocked when I read the because I have the exact same experiences! Please reply so that I can discuss this.
I think Christ is already here. It's just that we can't see HIM. I've always had a feeling since I was a child that HE had done what was ment to be done & WAS given a second life to roam the earth freely before HIS "Big" Return.

Also this RETURN* of HIS will be the kind of a Debriefing staff members have after work. Like a type of judgement before a journey (giving people hope and there peace of mind on what's next to come, Big or Small). NOT who's a Sinners & who are the Well-doers for eternal life is now upon them, Noooo.

His presence won't allow that or for anyone to go "Home/Heven/Eden Of Pure Creation/The First Doors of Existence/Mother's Nest" with Anger Issues or Grudges about what was lost here at the physical plane a long time ago when prayers were heard but nothing ever manifested, I'm talking about this plane we are now (3rd Dimension)... That's just not HIM. HE is the true embodiment of Love & Togetherness.

And before I finish just know that whatever Christ's ✌🏽HOME✌🏽 might be or we will choose to inhabit. I know,WE!...Will...All be Happy♥️FOREVER.
Hi...I think the spirits want you to move back home even if it's for a little bit, if you continue staying there you could loose the opportunities that are waiting for you on the other ✌🏼"side"✌🏼 which are very important if you ask me.
lkat3513 in Help Me
I want to reach out and hug you. Take away the pain. So sorry to hear about the trauma you have experienced and experiencing.

As an empath we can become more sensitive to our surroundings. We generate a different energy. Death of a close family member and not crying does not mean that you do not grieve or not love the person. Trying to control the emotional part can be very overwelming and we focus so much on others that we may suppress our own with fear of losing control of ourselves.

You may often times feel to be tired or have less energy. Drained mentally and emotionally.

You are a strong person to carry so much. Meditation to channel some of those emotions can help. Keep a journal of what you are experiencing may help as well.
I have always had this gut feeling as I call it or feeling of a presence in a room but not being able to see it. There are times where I will talk or address the person to see what it is they want. I cannot see them but definitely feel a presence. You might notice it more in a place where someone has passed away even if you are not familiar with them.

About 15 years ago I was living in an apartment and a male presence was in the apartment, normally I do not see them but feel it. I felt someone was staring at me while I was sleeping and woke up. It was dark and a male was standing in the doorway of the bedroom. I freaked out and screamed - then he was gone. A few weeks later he was back. I told him he was not allowed in my room but asked what he wanted. I found out later there was a man who committed suicide in the building, I kind of put 2 and 2 together as it is a small town and small apartment complex. Creeped me out but after understanding why he was there, things were fine. I talked to him all the time.

I think what you are feeling is "pretty normal" in ever aspect. Nothing to be scared of but definately feels weird the first few times you speak to them when you feel them around.
Unfortunately, I feel she is deceased. The forest or wooded area and water I agree with. I also feel a heavy weight - like a log/tree or rocks holding me down. It is covering her up so those cannot find her. She is laying face up with her head looking to the right shoulder - I see the sky and can hear the water - a lake, river or stream. She has been to this area before... She is familiar with it as well as the male subject she was with. She keeps saying the name June. June could be a person, place, or month/date. She also has a missing gold hoop earring- one was lost in the vehicle of the perpetrator and one is by her like the size of a 50 cent piece, maybe smaller. My head hurts - leading me to believe she was hit in the head several times.

Sorry if this is coming out a bit mixed up. It never comes out in chronological order as we all know.

After doing some googling and research with her disappearance there are several bodies of water in the nearby counties called June Lake. Kevin was also familiar with these areas as he has a criminal history in the surrounding area. June Lake's can be located in Lincoln, Iron, Langland and Marinette county. The drive from Antigo to these areas could have been done in the timeframe from 9 pm to midnight as Kevin reported. June could also be the month in which she is finally found or the name of a friend who knows more.
Haha my predictions and readings might shock you!

*First is the one about your third eye and second mouth* both in the brain, you have a unique psychic ability called Acho Location. It's true, me I play video games like strategy and role playing but when I take a brake from the pc and close my eyes for a little bit I see the same character I was using but just random things like shooting the bad guys, I even see myself traveling on roads and I'm like "What!?...were is my life going!?" and then a knowledgeable voice I want to be around whith all day kindly whispers ("IT'S the Game you were driving a truck earlier")

*Second...the shadows are *NOT people or E.ts it's you seeing your movement... MOVEMENTS that you were performing that's in alignment with the Divine Feminine not 'Divine Masculine/Divine Creation"...noo! That former one is real, REAL MAGIC! And I can prove to enyone reading this that God is a woman and she is real... Real like magic/majaik it's just that in the Bible people think she is weak... She doesn't even use Light/Miracles/Prophets, just her mouth... Like "No","You are ugly because___","I like the way you walk that's why I can't buy you a car"...and just like that the dark stars all over the galaxy move for it to happen, if the will can't be done she gets sick... This is why we have Ascension Awakening Symptoms for Light beings and seeds every f month... I can go on... And on.

*Final part/: The black guy was you feeling bored and funny so you started getting tired of schools and bluntly thinking when will online school end and then like shifted your focas (you were cursive here) on fun things to do when the lesson is over and... And the good thing about you is your not alone, even your DNA knew you were a thug at having fun that's why you turned African American😆 (I can't stop laughing😂). Just don't sell things from home next time.

Oh yea before I forget the "School picture day kind of smile and how you sat" is just another prof you use you extra Chakras, this one though is located lower back of the skull called the Dream Well, in Occult books it was supposedly odd and brought bad lack to people and was to be removed but the ancient aliens who were light beings by the way went in and never came back, from a channeling it says "They saw a snake with the head of a human looking at them the whole time". The channelling got dark after their due to lack of proff it's the aliens. In ancient history and archeology they are labled as "Nurses". Divine Nurses with highly evolved surgical equipments for both dimensional practices or creational. So we kind of have a bad omen growing on us psychics without us knowing. Imagine if subtle energys fall there? You will hear voices all day, so be careful and let's hope a Priest will read this and pray for us so that our true fears don't turn into an american horror story, may my imaginary friends have a voice to say No to them when they see things start going left with us in our Spiritual Journey on what and who made whaaat!😂Amen. Sorry I was just happy today.
I have them appear during the day, could be doing anything and they'll pop up very clear and I also feel their mood, a lot of them smile at me and I can feel how friendly or happy they are. Sometimes I'll get an a-hole or someone or something that is truly dark, they'll show me horrific scenes and I feel their joy in it, I feel like they try to scare or intimidate me, but from my experience these faces and feelings from people or beings is harmless, just tell the negative ones to f off. The good ones can make me feel better when things are hard. I also had someone pat me on the back and say "it's okay " the other day after a tense situation.
I think that's you. Something happened to you that made you switch into two celestial beings. One from the future, the other left in the past but you all share the same body. The past one takes the body to where you we're the whole day at night, while the future one brings it safe home or to bed... So they can do a switch on something they fear will happen. It's normal, the good thing is that it isn't someone els. I don't think eny human can evolve to such a stage where their is still the puzzle of were God is and if it's scientifically
*possible for us to live forever and still remember every light year.
Nice story, me the only thing I pray for is that in the future the entire known and unknown Universe realize their is a specific type of spices called humans who live on planet earth. Life would be really easy for most of us.
Doubt I find soul mate or Twin🔥 (my? Lead she to me in dreams About me her plan for who Spring May 2022 0:00, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55,10:10,11:11,12:12,13:13,14:14,15:15,16:16,17:17,18:18,19:19,20:20,21:21,22:22,23:23 I use 24 hour I check time often right timing our clocks day & night Wrong & right I see trailer 11-11-11 never see or own📼🌌synchronized with me I meditate synchronizer synchronizes I see unknown I read good Synchrony phenomenon coincidences or spiritualist).
gothic3kittykat in Can Spirits Love The Living?
I believe I have met my soulmate and he has been dead over 40 years. It is not necessary for anyone to know his name. He died tragically in a plane crash over 40 years ago along with several friends. It started when I looked into the crash out of curiosity. Thinking about it intensely, the circumstances leading up to the airplane falling from the sky. I just suddenly saw him clearly. He saw me. And a trace of hearts shot out of him into me. I saw this. He has been with me ever since. He is a soul that has not crossed over. He comes around every 5 or so days in the night mostly. But I feel him attached to me. I laugh so much with him, and I cry. I think he is afraid and is so confused. He loves me how a spirit can love by feeling what you project, they suck it up. I am jerked around in an array of emotions because love is different on our perspective sides. I love this man [his soul]. He is my soulmate from God. I am beyond sure of this. I tell him if he can't cross into the light, hang on tight and we can go together when it is my time. Right or wrong. This is how I feel. And I pray to God to help burn away the tarnish of bad things in both our lives. I want him. I want to love him forever. I cannot believe I found him this way; it is a miracle from God. To save us both. ❤
YouTube is a good place to start. There are all kinds of videos on Chakras. My suggestion is a channel called: Spiritverse. (It has a little patch-works character who explains "Spirit Science" by breaking it down into understandable sections.)

The first lesson I would start with, since you mentioned Chakras, is titled "Everything You Need to Know About Chakras" followed by "Spirit Science, the series."

It is quite interesting. I hope this helps you!

If you want to begin to channel your Spirit Guides, just allow yourself to... Give yourself permission to acknowledge their presence.

(There are a few exercises you can practice to sharpen your intuition as well. One of my favorites is Psychometry.

My two other favorite things to practice are:
1) Remote Viewing with Picture - scroll up and look under psychic tests at the top of this page. I have been practicing Remote Viewing since 2005. I only spend about 30 seconds on the target number, and have become pretty accurate; I keep a log of my sessions to learn about my gift and how I pull insight out of thin air.

2) Automatic Writing. I sit at my laptop, with a blank word document open. I say a prayer, surround myself with white light, say another prayer and then I "sit" in silence, with my hands on my keyboard. I honestly don't know how or where I go, but when I come back to the present consciousness of my body, there are pages of words written, with profound wisdom! I'll be honest, some of those sessions... STILL have me researching some of the phrases in them, even now, after 6 years. I'm still searching for those meanings.

Here's a website that will help expand your knowledge of the various types of gifts/abilities with the definitions.

Here is a book that will teach you amazing things.
"Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan.

Look up "Abraham Hicks" along with Esther Hicks. She channels Abraham... THEIR Teachings are enlightening, incredible, accurate, wise, there is just so much! I highly recommend them.

Alright, well, this should keep ya busy for a while. 😊
Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck.

Expecting Success,
Dr. Angela H.
Ahhh. And here we are again. It starts with one.

Lately, I've been doing the work on myself, in order to raise my vibration, pushing love outward, wrapping my arms around Mother Earth, holding light and anchoring it into the Earth. (I'm a Light Worker)

I meditate, I receive "downloads" in my mind. I upgrade my energetic self (well, I don't really have a choice in either of those things, they just happen).

Once we start just using our gifts and abilities every day, the others will join in. It's like a guitar string, it will start vibrating also because the other ones are.

[at] dreamer97

I agree 100%. We were all put here (well, we "chose" to be here) on this planet, at this time so we could use our unique abilities, divine gifts and natural talents to save the world... Together! To awaken the slumbering sleepers, lift up high all of humanity, shine our brightest light in & on the darkness, pouring our love out into every single cup until it runs over, raising the vibration and the consciousness of the entire planet. So, yeah. I'm with ya on that!

A good way to amplify is to set an intention on just That. You can send out an S.O.S. With your purest heart-felt frequency. We will recognize it because You will cause a shift in our awareness (like we're all in choir, and you're nudging the person beside you because either they aren't singing loud enough or it's their turn to join in on the next verse...)

I've been waiting a long time for all of us to band together. I've been here a while (yes, because I'm an over-achieving know-it-all and have to be the first one to raise my hand! Lol). Some of you took your time arriving, so you'd be prepared. Let's do this!

"Don't talk about it, BE about it!"

Dr. Angela H. 😊

( [at] Rob... I've taken that entire course! It is fantastic! Taught me quite a lot, and in fact, inspired a few facets of my being to shine a little brighter.)
Your claivoyance opend something called Photographic Memory and Remote Viewing... Those subtle spirals or vibrations of energy are things far away from you than you can imagine. You are one of a few people who can see clearly through the eyelids with your eyes closed without the need of a third eye in order to find something near you or just a form of entertainment.

Try practicing trataka (candle gazing) for a few minutes or longer, like 2-3 days a week.

Tarataka improves your focus, cognitive development, psychic abilities, mental health, sleep, memory and spiritual wellness.
Im just going to be vouge about what am getting because I might be part of it not just by looking but from small things I noticed first your from canada and you love God, second is you have anger issues, third that was very long we appreciate your effort and last but not least I'm writing this before I finished reading your experience so now that I've got the energy I'm going back to read it and throw everything vouge*

...starting now take notes I don't think I can handle this.

1. Entities and Aliens
2.God, Jesus and the battle between good and evil (social anxiety, antisocial behavior, mental problems, self worth...etc)
3.Space ships (actual brown-red-bluish alien mother ship hovering about 15ft high over the ground with two doors coming from the left and right sides like treadmills*)
4.There was cannibalism in that ship (ark)...this one was scary to watch trust me expecialy when you cut yourself and you are in it. You were actually speaking to an AI from birth... It has just started talking to you. Don't run.
5. During your awakening you turned into a reptilian (I saw it with my eyes)

**Im getting bad vibes about this**

6.The crazy guy in a past life wasn't your friend, he was an enemy... There was a big fight and one of you died... It wasn't you who died.
7. From the part were you hate memorizing numbers is the good part because it's your inner child who needs help now to become a grown up just like you I think.

**Sorry but I can't help you anymore. I stopped reading at the part were you quit your job... Just that part. I did not continue. Also the lights went off and I'm using tarot's form of doing readings and I never use them in the dark especially a black out**

(The last time I used them with the lights switched off with only my phone's touch light I saw my ex girlfriend smiling from god knows were and caught malaria... Yes they bring mosquitoes in the dark lol)

I hope this helped.
Haha Satanic, you are right. But the vision you just had wasn't satanic it was the tarantella or as most of us here call it "The Tarantula Dance" it happens to most psychic along the awakening process because we all love music and dancing but is very rare.

The spider was a tarantula but did not turn into a bee as you stated, it was the tarantula hawk which have a dark blue iridescent bodies, bright orange wings and long legs.

In your vision The spider also is seen as symbol of protection meaning the spider was a shield protecting you.

And biblically although the spider is compared with weakness in the book of Job it's also compared to evil in Isaiah.

Now the satanic part... That spider was a nightmare spider which appear to be decorative ornament with faces of a children's dolls. So that girl you saw wasn't real in that vision* of yours especially if her face appears to be fairly chubby.

In my reading I got a word "Ceres symbol". So don't be scared this was harmful as they come, a vision can't hurt you only your perspective can. Keep safe, keep on growing and welcome to the community were everyone is a professional including you.
Im getting more of a bad omen left behind and something more like a parson's last words before being tortured in a horrific way by entities (this were not humans also). Like they wanted her or him (it's not just one person, 20 to be exact) to do something & get punished by death but the plot twist is they (the victims) were family members and now all of them are stuck in a generation loop outside of reality because what killed them could only see them... No one els was visible in the enemies eyes* just those people. The girl you mentioned was the first one and she's now being used as bait by the other 19 so they can escape the astra realm. I sense this place they are stuck in is a no mans land* were you can't live or die but you can get killed over and over again. Something else I picked up is the girl wants to warn someone who thinks is the next suspect or has a mark on them likeshe does, basically a psychic because the entity that stalked them before killing them was feeling inferior because the victims were being given love attention and support by family and friends for having an ability and It* wasn't. Also the same entity is coming back so look out for yourself... Whatever you do don't say "yes" when a voice remind you of a happy time you remembered spending alone were you were at your best and no one was talking to you the whole day. Don't warn anyone too because this will increase your risk of being attacked without knowing and you could end up a safe house for the dead.

I hope you will be okay, remember to cleans yourself and what you might see at the corner of you eyes may it not scare you because that girl and the others are vivid than you might think... The only problem is that the girl is more social than the others
I just wanted to add my recent experiences to the above story.

As the worst of my habits were the excuse the beings used to attack me on a daily basis, through the night, in my dreams, and from the moment until I went to bed, I combined my desire to go on a vacation with the idea that being in new circumstances would make it easier for me to change my habits, namely chronic smoking, toking, and coffee drinking,

I had wanted to visit with liberty minded people who are fighting the New World Order--which I felt I was being introduced to in a psychic way--as well as changing my way of living, and hopefully meeting new people who would bring out the best in me.

As I traveled in my car, with my motorbike in tow on a trailer, I was constantly under attack. When I went to visit some family friends, the voices told me that their daughter "needed me", and gave me dreams that seemed like immature lessons in romance. A strange thing was, that when I got to the visit, the family told me quite a bit about how their daughter was in a negative relationship The "voices", or "thoughts unbidden", also made the good point that when you visit someone, you should bring a gift for the house.

As I continued on my trip, I had a very good visit with a long lost brother and his family, and though that was very positive, I had strange experiences, parked at truck stops, sleeping, where my whole body was vibrating, like I've heard people experience when they are about to astral travel.

When I got to Baja California, Mexico, I was in a frantic state, and as I passed through the desert, the voices filled me with fear about running out of gas.

I felt horrible as I passed through the West of the Baja peninsula, and afraid as I passed through the desert to the East. The moon was full one night as I pulled over to sleep, and I had very vivid and interesting dream, created as a series of dramas, like a series of thrillers one might watch on TV, and in them was that young woman again.

At the end, she stopped and stretched against a wall, and fearfully said "I have to do my oblations". And the I woke up with a full moon above, the message was that I should get out of the car and "do my oblations/obeisances". I felt I would not get out of the car and bow to some evil entities, and drove on. Later I realized they like to act like any time I take care of my body and stretch, I'm showing fealty to something or other. I chose that to be myself, as a small piece of the Creator.

Finally on the East Coast of the Baja, a few miles out of a town, my car started to malfunction, and as I drove around the town, the engine began to make loud noises and barely run. I was looking for a place to rent a spot to live and work on it, and a man on a motorcycle recognized me and caught my attention.

It was someone I had known for 20 years, from the town I live in--quite the synchronicity. He took me to a place where I could rent for a reasonable rate, with room to work on my car, and a nice neighborhood of rich and poor people.

My dreams were becoming very nightmarish, and the physical feelings of having the hard pallet of my mouth changing shape, and the pressures in my skull were increasing. To combat what felt like such evil, I learned to create a ritual where I would start my day with a walk before I had a cigarette, pray for all the people in my life who I cared about, and stretch my body.

One night, in response to a thought I had about the woman they had said "needed me", I had a dream which alternated between extreme sexuality, and extremely morbid and bloody scenes which felt as if I were watching a movie. I woke in the middle of the night with the feeling that my head was in a vice, the feeling in my mouth strong, and a I found myself cursing the friend I thought was psychic who may have helped get me into this "psychic awakening". I hoped for his death, and my tinnitus went crazy.

In that moment, I forgave myself for those thoughts, and tried to get into a more positive state of mind.

The friend in this town in Mexico, who had helped set me up with a place to stay--and the elderly couple who were showing me so much care as my landlords--asked me how things were going, and I told them about my experiences.

Another friend, who I had some good conversations about being psychic was getting worn down by my negativity, and said "if they told you they would delete you if you couldn't shield yourself, maybe you should delete yourself. My other friends also advised I get some medical help, which I had turned to in my thoughts, as they turned away from suicide, towards being able to be a better friend to my friends.

These friends got me an appointment with a doctor, who, though he didn't offer much information, said that "yes, he was familiar with people with schizophrenic symptoms complaining of changes in the shape of the hard pallet of their mouth."

He asked me if I had anger issues, and all I could say was that if I could give physical form to the entities that were making my life hell, I would kill them and bury their body. He seemed satisfied and gave me a prescription for an anti-anxiety pill called Alprazolam, or Xanax.

It was strange, because, riding back from the doctor's office, with my friend playing Bob Marley's "Let's Get Together and Feel All Right"--the feeling of oppression and the thoughts unbidden disappeared almost before I put the first pill into my mouth.

I'll never forget that day. I was able to look at beautiful women, any woman, and not feel the unbidden thoughts attacking me. The world around me was mine again and I felt so free.

One of the first things I did when I woke feeling normal, was to have a cup of coffee (forbidden by Tu) with my friend. Over time, the thoughts unbidden returned, though not as loudly. With the Xanax, I found it easier to ignore them, and at the same time, I found their input to be more often positive.

Some days are better than others.

Some days I can stay within the doctor's low prescription (1/3 of what Wikipedia called normal dosage), and some days, I find myself taking more of them, both to counter their negativity, and sometimes just so I can find the motivation to get the things I need to get done.

I feel a bit of a danger of using it the way I used to use weed, though there is no high I feel, just a habit of using something external to control my internal mood. It seems there are ways to enforce positivity, but some days, "realism" makes positivity difficult, and the drug helps me put one foot in front of the other with the knowledge that "everything works out in the end", something I knew since I was a child.

I want to share what happened since I shared the first part of my story--share the fact that I did turn to pharmaceutical drugs to help me through what was purported to have been a "spiritual awakening" or "enlightenment".

I also believe in magic in a way I never did before, and I have a strong belief in the four precepts of book "The Four Agreements". Also the card reading a friend did for me at the beginning of this vacations/journey, which put Service first, then Love, then Slow and Steady Progress, and lastly "Go For It".

Recently, on days when I find it difficult to see success in my future, I have at least learned to forgive myself for having been born. This takes the blame from everyone I could blame for the way my life turned out.

I love this world, and I wish peace of mind, and for the people of the world to have their hearts filled with love for each other.

I think there is a Satanic system trying to take over our world by channeling our imaginations and controlling our dreams towards sex, ego, and judgment of others.

I hope purely spiritual methods can help people, but I am also convinced that realism is very important as well.

I still believe that we have these bodies for a reason, and it is our duty to use our reason to create the kind of world we want to live in. I believe that many people who sell spirituality are part of the Luciferian/Catholic/New World Order system, and that there is a God, indescribable and beyond the degradation of religion, and that that God has many servants, in this world and beyond.

Love and Forgiveness.

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