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I do believe controlling elements are a thing, they are all forms of energy, and the whole of the universe is all made of the same material meaning you are the same as anything else in all of the universe. However, I also believe that the elements need to be respected too. I don't really do anything like that now, but in the past I've had my own experiences. Having lightning strike the way that I looked or wanted it to, making something explode in my hand by heating it up, or feeling free in the water. At times it felt like I could create a kind of air bubble around my mouth when swimming. Again I don't do any of that now, but I knew someone in the past that was the same way as well, and I once had a dream where I could control some kind of crystal from the ground and manipulate it. I also know that someone who will be coming in my future is supposed to control a white fire, so I believe it's something that is possible, but I'd be careful with it as well and always respect the elements. Don't try to control them, but instead have mutual respect with them, ask not command.
~ Lyro
First I'd suggest calming down a bit, this post seemed more like an out-pour of all your thoughts but not very organized. The only real straightforward question I got from this about what you are looking for is basically everything. I'm sorry but no one here can really give you answers on everything. However, I'll try and go through and comment on what I can.

As far as your sexual dream experience with Zaarian, this can be a multitude of things, without more information I can't tell you what exactly it was. It may be astral travel, it could be a dream where someone else is joining you in your dream, or it could just be a dream itself. I can't really say without knowing more about it I'm sorry.

As for all the problems humans cause, we're not the only ones to cause such things. On other planets around us there is evidence of life being there prior to us, Mars is a good example. We see evidence that a whole civilization lived there and ended up wiping out their own atmosphere quite possibly by a nuclear explosion or a war of some kind. In fact we have been visited a lot more by extraterrestrial visitors after experimenting with nuclear weapons. That was a beacon that we could cause ourselves or others harm, and we've been visited a lot due to it. Many stories of UFO's flying over nuclear sites disarming the nukes still inside the hangers, it's like a parent coming to take away dangerous toys.

As far as if we can change, I'm not totally sure, but if the possibility is there that humans can then I have to believe that there is still that chance.

A lot of people, myself included have seen a dream of a past life where we died, I believe I've seen my first life/death.

Of course I'd like to hear more about what kind of knowledge or wisdom you may have been given, but I can't really comment on it. I still believe that dreams that I've had were to tell me something that I needed to know, or to explain things that I needed to work through.

You may see orbs, you mentioned later on in the post about feeling like things are touching you. I have pictures of orbs landing on me when I was younger, they never seemed to like to be anywhere near my mother, but they would come and land on me. I could feel a light cool feeling when they did.

As for hearing your name in your mind, I've heard as if someone was talking to me inside my mind before. I don't have much experience in it, but I was spacing out being yelled at, and I could hear as if someone was talking to me.

Feeling afraid to sleep with the lights off, you may want to work on shielding, try and shield and cleanse the area where you sleep to sleep easier. Perhaps you can pick up some sage, it may help cleanse your room a bit. When I moved from somewhere I lived in the past to my new place it felt clean, no spirits nothing, and then later it didn't feel the same way. Moving somewhere new always seems to feel clean, then it's like they follow me there after a while. Spirits are attracted to psychics because of their energy, so you're probably always going to have things near you, but that isn't always bad. They may be around but they also try and protect you too.

What do you mean by hearing frequencies? I can feel vibrations in different parts of my body, and I've heard ringing before, is this what you mean by hearing frequencies? I don't quite understand what you are trying to refer to, technically everything we hear are frequencies.

There is a group that works with trying to make peaceful contact with UFO's and extend a pleasant experience between them and us, I know someone in person that believes she has a UFO that will respond and move in the sky based on questions she asks for a yes or no response. I mean it's totally possible, I can't confirm that it's true without being there though.

Now being an Empath I do have a fair amount of experience in, and I know how weird it feels not knowing what it's called or what's happening just that it is. You can feel way more than just a persons emotions with Empathy, and that could also explain some other things you mentioned in the post as well.

The end part of your post just sounds like you're fed up with the bs that most of the world follows. As far as knowing information that others don't, that's kind of what happens when you start getting connected to the universe. Being done with stupid people and ideas that don't benefit the world and people around you, wanting things to change for the better, and for the world to be protected instead of destroyed.

You may feel different and as if you don't fit in, but you are different and that's not something you should upset about be happy that you're different. You may not fit into the "norm", but that's because the norm is wrong. You fit into the people who know more about the universe and the things that many other people just don't know about. Most people have the ability to do everything that we can, but don't. Either because they don't want to, or just don't know about it. Most have been cut off, their frequency changed and have become complacent into just existing instead of really living. I can't say that I've never been the same, and even now a good portion of me doesn't want to deal with a lot of things that are in this other world, but I can't deny it exists either. People like you and me have experienced it, so we don't fit into the norm, but we are the real normal.

If you'd like to chat some more about all this, but hopefully in a more organized way, you can hit me up in an e-mail. I don't visit the site often and so I miss responses often. Reading through all of this may have given me a bit of a headache, haha. I'd be interested in hearing more about some of the things you mentioned, maybe you've heard about some of the things that will be coming up in my future as well, you did mention chaos, war, and other dimensions.
~ Lyro
Lyro in The Message
First, how do you fail the same test that many times, future results or not? My advice is to relax a bit, I don't believe this is a future premonition, but instead you causing it. Let me explain, I've had it more than once where things start messing up around me, and it's typically in a time of overflowing emotions. Our emotions are tied to our energy, and our energy is our abilities. If you have a spike of emotion, you'll have a spike of energy, and just like any kind of power surge you can fry equipment. With me it was when I was releasing negative energy that I had a watch on my wrist seemed to drain the power out of it, same with a phone I was holding. The screen went blank, wouldn't turn on, wouldn't do anything, a few moments later it came back on and worked fine. Now not just draining power, but a surplus of power can happen too. A friend of mine would have almost a panic attack sometimes due to anxiety, and she could hear the static over a wireless headset start acting up. So what I feel is happening with you is that you are worrying yourself from the test, you are afraid that you're going to fail it so you start releasing this negative energy, doing so stops the clock. It's not a fortune telling clock, but instead stopping because of you. Try to relax, and maybe study a bit more for the next test:)
~ Lyro
You can try looking up the "Sleep Paralysis Demon", it's the name given to shadow figures seen when you're in the in-between state of being asleep and awake. You're asleep enough to be paralyzed since that's what your body does, but you're awake enough to see things around you. Not much information is really available about them I'm afraid so I have to go by theories and what I've personally seen about them. They don't typically hurt you, and I believe they feed off your energy by making you afraid, they may even cause a nightmare to make you afraid and feed off that energy. They do not like being seen, typically people don't see them so if they notice that you see them they get quite pissed. Most that I've heard about them from people that I know personally, they don't actually hurt you. I'm unsure if they are the same things that an old teacher of mine told me about, but his advice for seeing the shadows from the corner of my eyes: They won't bother you, but don't even acknowledge that they exist, ignore them. Of course you'll see more in the corner of your eyes like you would see any ghost in the corner of your eyes, but he told me not to even acknowledge their existence, to ignore them.
~ Lyro
I'm sorry Maaktwo but just saying Jesus name won't make an evil spirit or whatever it is go away. To the OP, I was originally thinking that it would be a "Paralysis Demon" so they've been called. Typically shadow like figures that come when you are between sleep and awake, paralyzed due to sleep but awake enough to see them. However, they don't typically do anything to you other than scare you. If you're getting hurt then it may be something else and worse. Have you looked into shielding yourself? I'm afraid I don't know enough about it to really teach you or I would, but you need to protect yourself. Did your father check on you, perhaps think you were dead, not that you were. However, if you almost seemed like you were perhaps you were astral traveling. I had that happen with my father once myself, and as far as astral traveling got into some fights on the other side and came back with cuts and such. Perhaps your astral traveling to a not so great place, and that's where you're seeing this man and getting hurt. Astral traveling can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Shoot me an e-mail if you wish to speak more about all of this, I don't visit the site much anymore so I'll miss responses often.
~ Lyro
Lyro in Real
I have a lot going on myself so I'm afraid I'm not the one you're looking for to help on your journey, I'm not a teacher. However, I'd look into shielding yourself. You can use energy to act as a barrier from unwanted, "guests". I'd also be careful with who you connect to, a connection is a two way street not just one way, I'd just keep that in mind. Plus like in my case you probably wouldn't want to see everything with it:p The first step is to protect yourself, learn to shield, and be careful with who you connect with. Then after that you can look for a teacher to help you develop and grow more in your own abilities, safety comes first.
~ Lyro
DecemberBlackK in Waking To White Mist
I've experiencing the same thing currently. It looks like cloud or steam on the floor. It persists for a second or two then evaporates. Almost like smoke from a rocket was my very first impression
Sometimes on another related note if it is daylight the world will have either a blue or orange or green tint to it.
Hey, I want to tell you that I have the same experience. I would always feel the energy of wind. I was 15 when I realised it. So I tried controlling it. And the great news is I did start to control it. Whenever I closed my eyes and call on to the wind it would blow and when I say stop it would. But I still kind of think it's coincidence so I need help figuring out too
Winter_solace, I agree with all of you on it being a sign of the sorts, still unsure as to what that may be. Probably because I've been distracted with all the bad that's going on... I'm a fairly pessimistic person. At least for myself. I can see the brightside for others, just not for meeee... I'm so glad you're in a better mental state! I hope I can get there one day (I've been reallyyyy bad), or find a way to cope with this. Lately people have been telling me to be more positive, I shall take this as a sign to start working on that more now πŸ˜…. Thank you for your comment! It means a lot, I didn't expect anyone to respond honestly.
Thank you, Nick. For both your condolences, and comment. Your comment made me tear up a bit! Gave me comfort in not being alone, and what you said about what I may be feeling was/is very true. I am still scared of seeing another death, and it being someone close to me. I've had two more deaths in my family that I felt, and they weren't close to me, but it feels strange with them not being here. Feeling everyone's grief along with my own is tiring. Everything is just so heavy now, and I've been trying to embrace this gift I have. I'm a little drained from all the recent deaths, and a trauma my friend recently has been through. I usually just sit and let the negative feeling engulf me (which is a horrible coping mechanism, for it isn't really coping at all). I've been soaking in all the times I have with people, so I appreciate you telling me I should, for I've almost given up doing so in fear of losing them. I will be okay, though... Hopefully heh. No apology needed, your words were good for me to receive in this time! (I apologize if I'm a bit all over the place with this comment). 😊❀
I truly feel there is some kind of demonic attachment. Sometimes I feel dark and evil in thoughts and I quickly erase those thoughts but then I ask myself how the hell did I even think this way? I look into myself in the mirror and I know it doesn't feel like me.

Heck, the topics regarding jin and possessions have increased around different kind of people I bump into. Its like a message I need to understand.

If there is anyone trusted that I can contact, I would be grateful.
Ok my friend you do not need to go through this anymore. There is one man who can help you, he's alive, he has always known you and his name is Jesus. I promise if you ask him for help he will be there for you. Trust me when I tell you this, all the darkness around you answers to him. He has power over all of them and he will make the bad things stop. They don't want me to tell you about Jesus because they know that they have to flee when you call his name. Just say Jesus help me.
AeonGirl you say you believe in Jesus. You're in a similar situation a friend of mine is in. For whatever reason he is like a battleground for spiritual forces. He also believes in Jesus but he didn't several years ago and his life was a living hell with spirits tormenting him all night long.
The things you don't like are fighting for you. All you have to do is focus on Jesus. Fill your life with thoughts of him instead of the confusing thoughts from the other forces. Forget about them. Don't be lured to them. They can make themselves very appealing. Jesus once told me, "Focus on me." Just a simple phrase. This was during the time my friend was having all kinds of crazy things happening to him and I was getting very interested in this. He is much better now. You can also be much better!
Jooliemar, many people are experiencing strange happenings like yours. What it is and why it's happening aren't really as important as what you can do about this. All these spirits or entities have been defeated by Jesus when he died on the cross. If you want help ask Jesus to help you. I promise he will answer you and help you. This may not be the answer you were expecting but think about him next time you see the eye, he's alive and he has always known you.
if you are still out there, email me at AresWulf911 [at]
You are not the only one
Please read my story under trisha2019! Tell me wut u think I'm really scared! 😭 It's under out of body experienced tysm
If you have sleeping parΓ‘lisis you are actually blessed.
You Should try to stay really calm. Do not feel afraid of noises or what you see becouse nothing can hurt you. Just breath slow and try to roll to a side and you Will escape your body and have an astral proyection 😊
I Will always recommend meditation. It's all about feeling there. By meditation daily without judging what you feel and just feeling you Will start yo learn how to control your self. Also by meditation you can contact to a higher spirit that could help you 😊
When I was your age, I had similar experiences to yours all the time. It terrified me and I lost a lot of sleep. Now that I am over 50, I realize that it was a beautiful gift, not some kind of torture or punishment.

It helps if you believe in God, because God protects you. Your idea of God does not have to be from some church or official religion- just know that there is God and God is good.

A few years ago I had a massive aneurysm (blood vessel explodes in the brain) went into a coma and had an out of body experience where I met God. God appeared like a cloud of shining white smoke all around me in every direction, warm and comforting. The fact that I did not die or get totally paralyzed is a statistical miracle, the surgeon said.

I don't know if I was clinically dead or just in a coma when I stood outside my body and met God, but what God said to me was this: "Do not worry. You are safe. Everything is going to be alright." Now when I see a tall slim figure standing near my bed when I am going to sleep, I repeat those words, and I know that what I am seeing is an avatar of God, standing there protecting me as I sleep. The visions I had in the hospital (seven weeks in a coma) were the deities of my ancestors. Even though I was raised a Protestant Christian, the ones who came to save me from death or paralysis were the deities of the ancient Slavs- Rod (sounds like "road" in English), who is God the Creator, and Ε½iva (means "lively"), the goddess of Life. Now when I see the tall dark figure at night, I know that it is Veles (a dark god, much like Loki in the old Viking religion), and not a demon as I used to fear when I was young. I have the symbol of Rod tattooed on the back of my right hand, to always remind me and keep me from ever being afraid again, and every day and night I repeat those words: "Don't worry. You are safe. Everything is going to be alright." Since I heard those words straight from God the Creator, I know that they are true and powerful
Rettmom in Real
Be at peace and understand that gifts are given for a reason. Also, gifts are never given without some kind of price - so they are both gift and burden.
As to feeling attacks, make yourself safe with blessings and meditation, drawing positive energies into yourself for protection. Locking a bedroom door is a good way to give you additional confidence of safety from attacks, but it will only go so far since you are talking about things on an emotional / spiritual / quantum level. This is why you should bless yourself, or be blessed by a trusted person of your faith path.
Hello I just wanted to speak on the seeing eyes thing and I also see things with my eyes close I can't quite explain it but its really happening to me and I get so afraid sometimes I'll jus see eyes appear looking at me and it's like I almost can hear them speaking to me at times telling me telepathically not to be afraid there not ghost πŸ‘» I'm not sure what's happening to me it all started in 2014
Hi Jooliemar,
I'd suggest a meditation program that will let you get control of your visions. The "Silva Mind Control" program has everything from course down loads to seminars. There are free programs of theirs on the net that you can try as well; though, they are not as deep. I'm not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
You can think it is normal since the brain is always processing information that come from all senses (not just the 5 senses), since how every brain learns to interpret changes slightly from each person when they are growing.
Normally you can ignore these things, except if it's constant.
Sorry if I made mistakes writing, since it's not in my mother language.
Hello Atmo,
So, you aren't alone (at atmo K), though if your time frame from expression to event is accurate, you are hella more effective than me, or anyone in my family. However, we have figured out over generations that we have to do things slowly, or we can really mess up weather patterns. Given Karma, the Wiccan Rede, or just plain old balance in the universe, we've learned not to do anything that is drastic because of the potential for harms.
As for other kinetics, sure, but not usually at will - only in case of emergency / great need. For instance, when my son was 5 or 6, he was outside in the hot tub with my mom and me and (we think) one of the cats knocked a metal pole over towards us. It was going to hit my son in the head, but my mom put her hand up (she was not next to my son) and made a medium-toned wordless sound and without touching it, the pole changed directions - away from my son. Now, as with all beneficial events, there has to be a price, and the pole instead crashed into the window of my parent's back door. But, the window can be repaired to good as new. No guarantees of full recovery from a head injury, so it was a very good thing.
The gesture and sound my mom made were not planned, nor ritual. In fact, they were purely instinctive, and could not be repeated to the same effect (we tried - without my son around, of course).
Maybe we're just not very "powerful," compared to you, or maybe we've come to accept a "governor" of sorts to keep us from doing harm. Either way, you sound like you have great potential, and /or need to practice at being more purposeful with your "casting."
Don't worry if it still goes wonky for the first several times. Just make sure what you are envisioning is largely harmless - like a dense fog that only lasts an hour. In fact, putting time limits on your events might be a good way to begin to school your skills.
Good luck from Oregon (N.America)!

Hi again. I was compelled to open this site again quick today.
Don't feel alone, there are many on this site going through the same things. It comes from the fact that society around us is not comfortable with the subject at all. You need to find support where you can get it from those sympathetic to your concerns. There is plenty of good information on this site and others like it. Ultimately though follow your heart.
ThulsaDune: I understand where you are coming from. I have never played with a Ouija board, and I never want to, but I have seen the darker side of spirit. In Junior High I got involved with demons and ghosts and possession and it showed me that there are real dark entities out there. As for my belief in God, I am really not sure. I do know that there are good and bad or light and dark spirits, and I feel pretty agnostic at this point, like there is something or even multiple Gods out there, but I really do not know. I feel very alone in what I believe or in my gifts and I wish I could make a friend who could teach me more.
Even I feel this tinge of colours and loving the night sky and the whole para you wrote. Looks like someone understands.
Still a problem? Because if you have figured out how to control the shiat than I would appreciate the f*** out of it if you could give me some insight because I'm beyond stressed.
Hello ThulsaDune,

I have had issues with street lights go out, had an experience with a friend of mine where a street light flickered and did crazy stuff. Having problems with youtube right now, it hits pause on its own and sometimes twice in a row. I have felt electric charges on places where there shouldn't be felt or most people would not feel as on the touch screen of the phone and so on. Also, I sometimes charge myself so much I need grounding because if I go to sleep with too much energy I just wake up tired.
Rather than "genetic" I would say that it is spiritual, you end up being born in a family that has the same "gits" so it will be easier (and earlier) for you to train them.

But they are your own, not something inherited from others.
PsychicThoughts in Are Powers Genetic?
Hi, I think 'powers' are inherited. I have seen this pattern in my family.

My father doesn't even believes in ghosts but his father (my grandfather) believed in everything and was a great psychic.

Me and my brother can see ghosts, my mother and me get bad dreams before something life threatening happens, I can 'feel' energies and I also get precognitive dreams.

I once guessed a movie character's name right, in which a man kept asking his wife about her daughter's name.

Her name appeared in my mind at that instant and it was correct, other than that I haven't been able to predict names but I do get thoughts that play out in reality in an instant or a few days.

I would like to assure you that you aren't going insane.

Hi estycat35,

I am not on here that often unless I am compelled to open this site up again. I have been strongly compelled to come on here again, because of what is going on in the world around us. I am a Christian that walks a very thin line between two worlds. My faith has actually been strengthened because of what I have seen and experienced myself and with others. I have been called to help those who are dealing with the darker parts of the paranormal world. I am constantly battling dark and negative forces and entities. I want you to understand that I know what you are going through. I had a point in my life that I did not know what to believe or think. I came through it because of some very harrowing experiences. Here is some of the things I have learned firsthand through time. Do not believe in what you think are your spirit guides without being very skeptical. If they attempt to contact you directly and tell you things, test them constantly. Too many times they are actually entities trying to deceive you and gain your trust. If you are or were a Christian losing your way you will be targeted and attacked by malevolent forces. This type of an opportunity is just way too tempting for them. They will try to pretend to be something else to win your trust and acceptance, don't be fooled. You might think I am a fanatic or something, but I am not. People are given the gift of free will for a reason. We all are tested all through our life. Our future is dependent on the choices we make. I am not sure what you went through in the past, but just because someone claims to be righteous does not make it true. People have the right to live how they want to live and it is not up to me to tell them how.

I only try to warn and help people to avoid what could harm them in the future. There are things in this realm and in other dimensions that many do not know about or even fathom. I have dealt with and witnessed what others have done in ignorance. They just did not know the dangers that they were causing themselves and others.

A prime example is Ouija boards. Many think that they are harmless play things that are fun to experiment with. I can tell you that what they bring forth is real and dangerous. It isn't the board itself but the interaction of the will of the people playing with it and the device itself interacting together. These things tear a hole or open a portal in the veil put there by GOD to protect us from the other side or dimension. It allows Evil things to be summoned forth into our existence.

Be careful what you are playing with. Things around you will more than likely take a turn for the worse and also affect those around you. I speak from experience, not theory or theology.

It is not like the movies. This stuff has real consequences. I have helped people free themselves from attachments and possessions. I have witnessed unimaginable things in our reality firsthand. These things in real life often cannot be filmed, because any electronic device will have the energy just plain sucked out of it. Brand new fully charged batteries just go dead. Ever seen a 6'4" 350 pound man picked up off of his feet and tossed like a rag doll by some unseen force. That will make you question your belief system real quick. Well my gifts allow me to see and sense that kind of stuff and I don't enjoy it.

I am seeing more and more people in this world cozy up to that kind of stuff when they should be running the other way. Please, Please do not stray from the lord. I understand leaving that particular religion but don't give up your faith. It is a powerful weapon.
I had my third eye opened three year's ago and I was saved and God closed it for me. But since this was opened, I see into the spirit realm and we have two demons that I have seen for sure and four white spirits of light and love. Antway, one evening I was just sort of zoning into the blank tv screen. The tv was off. I started noticing movement and the objects were getting bigger and bigger. I then felt my body to into this weird tingle sensation. Like I was jellow. Even my mind. I was so relaxed and felt no fear. Soon after hovering shockwaves two demonic beings that by believe were hiding in the tv set. They have tiny grey tornado swirling for Texas that outlined their whole body. I believe it was their energy I was seeing. I have never reproduce hate, such anger than I felt while looking each one in the eyes. To their left four white spirits appeared. They were so bright. Almost blinding. The whole shape of them was filled with bright white lights. A peace and love U had never in my life felt before. I knew my authority in Jesus but after my outgoing also was looking up at them let out the scariest cries and creeches, I ran to turn the light on. I regret it. I know if I would had binder them and rebuked them, they would've had to leave. You see, My eyes and the way they look changed after my third eye ooened. You can see a bright for of a light in each pupil. I believe the light in my eyes angered them and they came out of hiding then to attack me. Anytime in looking into dark, I almost always manifest a beung. I will start to gaze into a tv again and when in start getting thAt transe feeling sgain, Inter scared and stop. What I forgot to tell you was when I got in the transe, I SR everything around me as energy. Not as a object but just like electric energy. It lasted about ten minutes. My body felt numb and weak. I know I am going through what they call spiritual warfare now. At 46 I've lived a selfish life of parties drugs and dumb chouces. The second and I mean second I felt a presence I started having more problems with demons. I'm given messages about unsolved crimes that have taken place along with the place, date and James randomly. It plays out as scenes of one's life on my bathroom walls. Everyone sees it and when they try to scrub it off its like it's part of the design. I feel like if I go into another transit can command leave sonce they are both in fighting more above me. In spiritual warfare you have to stand in authority against demons. You hated to know your authority and have your armour of God on. I never ever believed in any of this before. In fact I just wanted to know the truth of life after becoming clean off opiate addiction. I didn't know how dangerous messing with the occult was. I didn't know about protections self with white light. I didn't know that when your third eye is open you are a m the house in a demonic an and attract darkness. I wish I could say this was also dream but it's real and when I get this cra p out of my home, get healthy in my mind as this has caused me another anxiety, My hope is to help anyone out There who may need it. I have three years and counting of activity going on here. I can't move but even if I could I refuse to allow darkness to take from me everything I have worked so hard for. I had no one when this all began and still dont. H hope is that no one else feels as alone as I feel right at this moment.
Usually you have the gift or you don't. If you do it will get stronger and more cumbersum at times. It is very difficult to control and often reacts according to your moods or intentions. Sometimes it slowly builds up like a battery and just discharges into things and people. You need to be very cautious about your temper or anger, because it sometimes is a form of self defense that you may not have full control over. I have the same gift but it has taken me decades to learn to control well and I still have issues sometimes. I have learned to anticipate or feel it building up and need to ground myself in nature away from people so that I don't affect them. I also have trouble with electronics and touch screen electronic devices. You are not alone and others do deal with it. It can be a curse or gift depending on how you accept and learn to live with it. There are no good books on it. Most are frauds. Do you also have street lights go out when you pass under them?
ThulsaDune in Weird Clock
I have witnessed a pendulum clock in a house stop and then later start up on it's own again. Sometimes there are other forces at work in some buildings.
Kera... Everything you wrote I have written almost in exact words.
I'm relieved there is someone, maybe others that feel this way. I thought I was going insane.
Please do reply if you see this, I'm really interested in talking with you! This is crazy.
Hey there! I also live in Arizona! I think you're right on track, I've done a lot of reading about how we are living in the midst of a spiritual awakening and how many of us souls living here chose to be incarnated for the purpose of raising Earth's vibration. Not everyone will wake up to the truth, but many will, especially with how easily information is shared now. Your spirit guides are urging you to release the fear and worry of letting go of your previous beliefs. Its okay to not understand how this universe works - just know that it works in incredible ways beyond human comprehension... I suggest watching Teal Swam videos on youtube, or reading/watching Dolores Cannon's teachings!:)
Much love.
Okay so its actually extremely dangerous to see that, its a actual poltergeist that may or may not be attached to a object but for sure it wants YOU, if you want it to go away please for the love of Christ do as I tell you right now! Try to think back did you attend a yard sale right around the time you saw that THING cause let me tell you, if you are hearing a loved ones voice any time after 3 days after they pass its something trying to mimic them to pull you in to posses you. People after they die their would move on after about 3 days after they say their goodbyes, where they are judged, so I don't know who you think you heard but it was not your granny. I can come if you live near my area spokane and I can cleanse it for you
cause at this point its been around to long it may already be attached to you. I can help cause Throwing it away will not solve the issue its too attached if it already knows your grandmas voice you need some help. Message me I have a cleansing business. 😁
Hi Sebastian,
There is an old Buddhist saying which goes,"If you find enlightenment chopping wood, keep chopping wood." Watching the clouds go by can be very relaxing, just take the time and relax. As far as the flute like sound, enjoy it. I'd suggest pursuing meditation in a formal sense, as it will help you find the guidance you are seeking.
MightyKitten in I Feel Energies
I know you posted this quite awhile ago and I'm kind of surprised only one person replied to you. If you do ever get around to reading my reply, I just wanted to tell you your not alone. I could have written your post myself almost word by word, I've experienced exactly what you've described for as long as I can remember and I'm going on 24. I can feel energy and just about see it, I've said things that others were thinking and about to say, I've predicted deaths, predicted a pregnancy, and given my mom luck on the lotto. I once had a friend that believed in what I was experiencing and one time with my boyfriend at the time the three of us focused on increasing that energy and this angel figuring on the fireplace moved on it's own to stare at us. I'm still trying to figure it out myself, I have days where I'm in complete denial and other days where I swear I just felt someone crawl into bed beside me to find no one is there. If anything, I just want to let you know your not alone. I'm very shy and secretive in person as well so I understand how isolating it is to experience these things and feel like no one around you could possibly understand. I hope for a day that our abilities are no longer so taboo and we can express ourselves freely without the fear of judgment.
Your bipolar could be a side effect of your abilities, I can't say for sure without knowing more. But if you are what I think you might be, I can help you and maybe give you some answers. I was drawn to this site for some reason today and it might be to give you some piece of mind. I was also diagnosed with bipolar 1 a long time ago but I have discovered that it is much more than that. E-mail me, I can help.
Please tell me more Davis16. I'm very curious of who shares the same experience as me.
I see shadow figures a lot as well. Yesterday I came home from grocery shopping and I saw a woman standing next to my tree in front of my front door and she was blonde and had white robes on. I am not sure if she is one of my spirit guides, but I have also been getting a lot of synchronicities too. I also see a dark shadowy figure in the corner of my bedroom sometimes, but it doesn't seem scary. If you have any questions, feel free to message me 😊
Winter_Solace in I Can Control The Wind
[at] Katielove

What do you mean by bad people trying to get to you? Who?

And wow it rained when you cried? That's amazing. It's rare I hear about that.
I've had this happen to me aswell. I was in school zoning out when randomly the thought of pregnancy popped into my head, after school I found out my sister was pregnant but she showed no symptoms and I didn't even know she was with a guy. I also predicted 2 fights. And once I was zoning out and the thought of a shooting at a hospital and a week later a hospital in a different state was shot up. I've also had feelings before loved ones and friends have died. My power isn't strong isn't more like a muted voice in my head, I don't get much information and most of the time I can't tell the difference between a prediction and just a random thought.
I am newly accepting my skills as an empath. I have associations of colors around certain people... Most of the time these auras are just how they are feeling temporarily... Like a mood ring in my head about people. But there are a few times where I have felt intense, visual warning signs about energy or people. I have been in the presence of narcissists and all the walls around me started flashing red. Everything red in the room seemed to be brighter and ringing in my ears.

These warnings are often so intense that my adrenaline spikes and I started going into fight or flight mode.

I have been confused about these experiences because it's so hard to differentiate actual visions between associations of understanding. Maybe they are the same thing... But it makes me feel better that there are others that feel similarly.

What are the best ways to hone this?
Hey... I'm new and I wanted to share my story, so here it goes. I was around 4-5 when I figured out I could control the wind and fire. First, it was the wind. I was very weirded out with myself the first time I lifted my hand and controlled the wind. I wanted to do it as a joke, to pretend like I had magic because I had always wanted to control something or be something. I had tried to be a fairy once even. I believed in magic so dearly, and it was a big part of my life. Once I actually controlled the wind, I thought it was a coincidence, but it wasn't. Ever since then I had been experimenting with different elements. So far I can control the wind, and flames, also one time I was crying outside because something had happened, and it started to rain. I am so happy there are people out there like me, because I always thought I was weird or a freak. But now, I realize that I am a special human being and I should love my powers. But, with having powers means you need to watch your back. You can't really talk about it too much because someone bad might hear you. I don't want to get kidnapped or anything, or be used, so I mainly keep it to myself. A few very close friends know about this, and my boyfriend, but not my family. My family wouldn't believe me, even if I showed them proof.
Winter_Solace in Scared Of My Abilities
What the others on here are saying is right. I do believe what you are experiencing is a sign of sorts. I am not sure at this moment what it is. Can't say I've had dreams/visions/feelings of people dying like what you're experiencing. However, if it makes you feel a bit better, I have had visions of terrible things and demonic beings. This was back during a time that I was in a dark place. My mindset wasn't in the right place. But these days I'm much more easygoing and happier. I suggest to control this, or at keast make it easier to cope with, you should try creating a positive outlook on your life as things are currently. Count your blessings. Be aware of everything around you more and see the Light in as many things as you can. Take the good, leave the bad.
Why you? Because you were created with a purpose. And you are loved by Our Creator very much. The gifts you have are not a curse. Even if they seem that way at first, it's only because you don't have control over them. It's good that your mom is accepting of the supernatural as well as Christianity on the same level. That is quite some support! What we're the demon and the angel, Chris, like? I'd like to hear more about them and your experiences.
Winter_Solace in I See Visions
I am not sure what you believe as far as spirituality. Sometimes, extreme hardship will bring out the spiritual connectivity in someone. It will affect them in ways they've never felt, or maybe used to feel at a very young age but stopped. For now, I suggest trying to think positive thoughts when these visions come on. Prayer will help as well. Do you remember anything from these visions? Even feelings?
Winter_Solace in I Do Not Feel Human
Hey, just wanted to say you are not alone. You are never alone. Even when you feel like you are. You are truly loved. You will find your path. Email me if you want someone to talk to about all this. I was once in your shoes. Because wolves are meant to be in packs, not alone πŸ˜†
I've seen that same little girl and on mother's day she told me mom loves you. Every once in a while the little girl tells me that mommy is here with her but I just see an outline of who mommy is. So I don't know who mommy is and I don't know what to make of it
Hi Daniel,
Sounds pretty intense. One of the things from the "Silva Mind Control" people is a saying done in deep meditation. You'll have to learn about meditation first but it will help control things. The saying,"Negative thoughts and negative expressions have no influence over me at any level of the mind." You can also visualize a white light surrounding you or shining down on you from above and protecting you. You may of course tell "them" to leave you alone too. It might be helpful to tell us where you notice these things, outside your home, only at home etc. Hopefully you will get some more suggestions ASAP.
All the best,
Hello Stargazer, demons can trick someone with these gifts. Some demons like playing with people 's mind. You have a duty to find out if your gift is from a demon or from God.
I had a dream that my tooth came out & my mom told my dad. And over heard them saying its about the devil and someone close to me.
Dear Carrots,

My prayers to your passed friends and family, and I understand how you feel. Death is hard to cope with, and you seeing what will happen to the person makes it worse. I am also kind of like you. When I read, hear, or around someone with any extreme emotion (s), I feel what they do or that feeling, but stronger. I sense that you are truly terrified, and something tells me that you fear seeing another death, but this person is closer to you. I cope by writing it down, and listening to or making music. I agree with Rob, take all the negative energy and turn it around. How to control it? I feel that you need to embrace it and cope with it. What is this for? Maybe it's trying to tell you something. What do you do with it? I honestly think you should make the best out of it. Death is bad, but,also, good. These visions you have, they might be telling you to make the most out of your life, and the people you are spending it with. Every day you wake up, every second you breath, everytime you smile and have a good time with anyone, it's a blessing. Make the most out of your life, you live everyday, but you die once. What will you leave behind, when you go? I hope this helps, sorry that its long, but best of luck to you

Your Friend,
Hello Magus120, your story is quite fascinating. I believe you have mastered the art of using the sixth sense to your advantage. I can't get my hands on the books you mentioned but I sure need your help at the moment. Please feel free to send me a message at emmarexx3 [at]
That's encouraging. Thank you. I don't feel so alone now. I've also had things happen with a Ouija board.
Jill2sea in Am I Psychic?
I had a feelings that something was going to happen and they always seem to happen. I also have what I believe is making contact with my dead Grandmother. That has happened at least 8 times. If anyone has any thoughts on this please share.
Zenni-bear in Weird Stuff Happened
There is nothing wrong with you, you're just different. Nothing wrong with being different.
Filtiarn in Burning Aura
So after years of not knowing, I find this thread. And this is the closest that I've come to understanding why. But years ago I had placed my had on the shoulder of a friend at that time, and she said that when I touched her it burned which is why she shrieked because it hurt, and it had left a full hand print on her shoulder. A few years before this I was holding a bowl of water in both hands and the water began to bubble as if it were boiling, but when I set the bowl down it stopped bubbling and was just warm water. So if by chance someone could provide an answer or something it would be amazing.
Zenni-bear in I Do Not Feel Human
I never felt I fit in either, I'm glad I found my place (sorta)
saltedfruit in Dejavu, But It's Not
I've had the EXACT SAME thing happen to me throughout my life! Holy shiat... My dad said he gets the same as well. He said he can't explain it, but to just "work with it, pay attention to what you see, and use it to your advantage" I just typed out basically the same as you hoping for more insightful answers heheh
[at]gemma1994 I'm very late with this comment. I believe the convulsing was the start of your physical shift, not too long ago I tried physically shifting to something else as well and part of the time it felt like I was trying to burst out of my skin like a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, my movements during that attempt didn't feel like they were mine either like my body was being controlled by a different being. I've come to terms with knowing I can probably shift but haven't successfully done it yet and have more than one being "inside" me
I, my one son, and one of my piano students see these sparkling beings all the time. I have also seen them in a big cluster. Napoleon Hill talks about them in his book think and grow rich in his chapter on the sixth sense. He says these are eternal beings that never die who can act as guardian angels to help us get our grandest dreams. I was first introduced to one of these cluster beings by a superstar more famous than Oprah, Trump, Elvis, and Michael Jackson all rolled together, he sent his own angel to help me get started in show business.
James5006, not all of us are "teenagers". Some of us are well passed puberty. It would be best that you do not judge.
I have seen the same lines more so when I was a kid. They are spaced an equal distance apart and are pretty uniform in length. They seem to travel mostly from my upper left to the lower right before disappearing. I used to think I was seeing the circulation of the air or something but I don't know for sure. That is what I called it when I was 4. I have also seen the orbs around people and floating in the sky. I even have pictures of some and when you zoom in on them they have a circle in the center like a nucleus. They are like the white blood cells of the planet or something and I mostly see them when someone is angry or acts like they have suddenly lost their minds.

Of note lately are the drones or satellites in teh night sky. I initially was told and thought they were exactly that placed by Obama and others to guard our country or watch over the population. I have since seen them as something else. The lights that I thought were drones if you look at them and slightly shift your focus to around them they are not drones at all and I do not know why they are there but they are not good. You can see a visibly invisible force field like thing around them and they are in fact what I call Wraiths. There is a cloak surrounding them and the lights are their eyes. Check it out on a clear night. Not looking good don't know why they are there hovering but it cannot mean good. I saw this poem somewhere recently and I think it says it all.

Starlight why so bright?
You're not a star but a satellite
You hover around like a drone,
But not a drone who is owned

I stare up into the dark night,
My focus has shifted
Somethings not right,
Fuzzy haze in the twilight

A hood covers its glowing eyes
It hovers in invisible disguise
Concentrate not on the orb
Surrounding it lights absorbed

Once it's seen you can't unsee
You wish it were just a dream
Transparent is its shape and form
Is it alive or never born?

Like a wraith one of the undead
Watching you from overhead
Will, it benefit mankind on its way,
Or unveil itself on Judgment day?
Copyright 2019
Hello knuckleshead, I sent a message to your email box. I hope you have seen it. Please reply me as soon as possible.
For years I've been astral projecting and not knowing what was going on. I enter this blue world, almost like I'm wearing blue lenses. I have looked online for anyone else out there, and you're the only one I could find. I don't know if you'll see this but if you do, at the end of your projection do you get pulled back into your body like there's a rope tied around your mid body?
I have experienced episodes like that since childhood. I have always heard music or musical instruments playing (lately for the first time I hear drumming music) it sounds like Indian drum music. The other day I heard someone singing loudly and it woke me up from a sound sleep. It was beautiful. My son came in after it stopped. I told him about it and tried to sing it. He immediately recognized it from a movie he watched earlier that week. I don't watch television or listen to the radio. I also saw people in my house sitting on my couch (I thought were my parents friends). When I told my mom she asked me what they looked like (one was her cousin I never seen before) she called and found out she recently died. Same with the other. My family was never surprised. I also experience someone holding my arm shaking me from a deep sleep (my sister witnessed it in childhood) my friends growing up and even my husband now. I have many times felt hands (like that) pushing, pulling or random touch me. Every time I thought it was a family member (but there was no one there). I have smelled random smells like cigarette smoke in my face that woke me coughing from a deep sleep. Sudden smell of candle blown out (we all smelled it) we could not find it anywhere. My son and I smell Marijuana constantly (we do not smoke) and we recently built this house 3 years ago. We have nature preserves all around us. Sometimes I can't even identify the music, sounds or smells (but sometimes people around me can) or later I recognize it, then identify. I have experienced this for as long as I can remember. I never knew anything any different. My mom told me that those abilities have forever been in her family (different variations) mine is strongest. I never asked for it, or participated in demonic activities. In fact I have always been a Christian (when no one else in my family) was. I recently heard heavy metal sounding music playing loudly in a room, I got my neighbor and had to focus really hard, then she heard it to. She even knew the song we heard (I didn't know it). We walked all around the house inside and outside (nothing there). I honestly don't know or understand it, but accept it. I know it can be frustrating and sometimes scary (even for those around me). I am sharing this because I understand how you feel. I hope it provides you encouragement and peace.
Starlightin in Little Glitters
I see that too. Not sure what this is. Nothing negative though. I believe it's just energy.
Unicron1000 (guest) in I Am Developing Powers Too Fast
Hello, my name is Nick. And I have the same powers as you do-- well the ones you specifically mentioned.

I have precognition which I do not know how to improve or strengthen. I had developed this power a few years ago but it has only grown a tiny bit, and I am looking for help in how to improve it.

I also have healing powers as well, I can heal myself or another person of pain and/or aches. If you need help with your healing powers, I'd be happy to help you.

Email me if you wish, it is on my profile page.
I swear this site is like a "teens through puberty" anonymous group. Most of these posts are people who think they are special, when in reality their pubertal hormones are seeking attention and importance, so they just GOTTA be different than others, there is no way they are like other humans. 😲
Also, you watch way too much anime. Not trying to be rude, but a lot of the things you're saying seems quite familiar to people who get confused between reality and fiction, trying to apply fiction to reality, and vice versa.
Every single person to walk the face of the earth all thinks they are different. Nobody wants to be a normal human being who is going to meet the same inevitable fate of everyone else. You see yourself differently than others do, you see yourself as a better individual than you really are, everyone is the protagonist of their story. You're a normal human who will die just like the rest of the flock when your time comes. Sorry to seem negative, but everyone knows what you feel, it's not unusual. Don't get stuck on thinking you're different, it's just going to lead you to unnecessary hardships and poor relationships in your life. It might be a tough realization, but once you accept it, you'll become better mentally and know to live your life smart and full. People will always tell you they know how you feel, because everybody feels it. I guess we're all unique, but not that unique.
christetrapolar in I've Seen My Death
Dear Panthalassa. Death in dreams means a sudden change or a spiritual rebirth
Or a new beginning or just a life failure
But they certainly do not mean death in earth life.
A man's spirit started appearing to me and attached himself to me without being toxic.
He's now part of my daily life and we seem to share a strong commection
That is very very suspicious.
And he came from interaction with a ouija board?
Very very suspicious.
Good luck with your spiritual journey. So be it.
Fake Spirit Guides and How To Discern Them

I hope that this you tube video is of use.
Good luck with your spiritual journey. So be it.
well there is a small chance that a low vibration spirit has fused with your aura.
It could also be an astral shell or astral pollution caused by your negative thoughts.
Do not panic or anything.
The easy way to get rid of the negative energy is this.
Try to be aware of everything around you at all times.
Alternate cold hot baths and after that meditate with awareness and intention
To get rid of all negative energy.
Imagine a white light
Coming from the heaven and you bathing into the light.
Imagine and intent that the blessed white light is connected to heaven
And will make everything bad go away. Breath deeply while doing this. Ask you god or love and light or your spirit guide to help you loudly.
Ask and command on the name of god for any bad spirit or astral shell
Or astral thoughts pollution to leave your body permanently
Repeat twice every day for at least 20 minute total.
Good luck with your spiritual journey.
christetrapolar in Doubting My Guardian
Hi Sofiia. If you want to know what are you
Google this cia-rdp96-00788r001700210004-8 and read paragraph 27.
Yes we are immortal energy beings and yes our immortal spirit can astral project.
And yes the legion of merit was awarded to Joseph McMoneagle also know as Remote Viewer No. 1 for more than 150 cases of successful remote viewing
For his work on this project referenced on the above document.
And yes we all have a guardian with us.
He believes I am an entity like him, but that 'I'm' trapped in this human body.
Yes we are all an immortal spirit possessing a body.
but that 'I'm' trapped in this human body.
You are NOT trapped in this human body.
You are given a spiritual lesson in the primary school called earth.
If you fail that lesson by hurting yourself or others you will be asked to repeat it.
Should I trust him and just embrace whatever my 'true identity' is?
Or should I throw him out of my life? I don't know. I really don't.
This is up to you. You do have free will.
Good luck with your spiritual journey and your relationship
With your primary spirit guide. Let it be so it is already done in the name of all that is good and true on the name of love and wisdom.
Your spirit guides are the white lights.
They want desperately to talk to you and help but you are blocking them.
They respect your decision to NOT believe in them.
The shadows are negative spirits perhaps astral shells
Or spirits of criminals that have remained on earth and like to torment people.
Evil spirits will NOT respect your decision to NOT believe in them.
Try to be aware of everything around you at all times.
Alternate cold hot baths and after that meditate with awareness.
Meditate barefoot while touching mother earth and ever better a healthy tree is extremely effective.
On the name of loving wisdom and all that is true and good good luck with your spiritual health let it be so it is done.

If you are thinking that spirits are nonsense perhaps you should google this
Cia-rdp96-00788r001700210004-8 and read paragraph 27.
Yes we are immortal beings. And yes the USA army used that to spy on everyone.
And yes the legion of merit was awarded to Joseph McMoneagle also know as
Remote Viewer No. 1 for more than 150 cases of successful spying
Sorry successful remote viewing.
Congratulations on realizing that you are a spiritual being.
Humans are in reality incredibly powerful spirits and have nothing to fear from demons.
You only need to obey the golden rule.
One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself
One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.
What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself.
Be good and true. Be loving and wise.
Ask for spiritual progress NOT for material wealth.
Ask for help for serving others not yourself and you will get it.
Feel gratitude for whatever you have and meditate often.
Try to be aware of everything around you at all times.
Alternate cold hot baths before meditation help a lot.
Meditate barefoot while touching mother earth and ever better a healthy tree is extremely effective.
Good luck with your spiritual journey let it be so it is done.
christetrapolar in Am I Psychic?
Hi Maddi2131. You may have a connection with the spirit world.
About the vision your spirit guide or another spirit send you this vision.
About the flickering light it is an indication that a spirit want to talk to you.
I would advise you to meditate with awareness. When you are really relaxed
try to be aware and feel and connect.
Alternate hot and cold baths just before meditation help a lot.
Meditating barefooted when touching earth and even better a tree also helps.
Also try to have positive feeling and thoughts.
Good luck with your spiritual journey let it be that way.
Hi Titanium. It seems that the spirit world loves your family.
You can improve your ability by
Intention. Ask your spirits guide to send you more visions and more often.
Clearing your chakras guided meditation. You find many on you tube.
Focused Meditation on a candlelight. What you want is meditation with awareness.
Meditation without awareness is just hypnosis and can be dangerous.
To help you meditate do alternate cold hot baths if you can before stating meditation.
Hugging a tree barefooted is also excellent if you can.
If you meditate that way do to be surprised if tree spirits start talking to you after a while.
Good luck with your spiritual journey.
Hey everyone! I'm MoonInsideMe but the page doesn't allow me to log in, so I had to crate another account, but I still have the same email AresWulf911 [at] if you want to email me, please do. 😊
IMissMyHome in I Do Not Feel Human
please email me at areswulf911 [at]

I think we are very alike, and I feel just like you
IMissMyHome in My Story (pt 2)
please email me at areswulf911 [at]

I think we are very alike, and I feel just like you
IMissMyHome in My Story (pt 1)
please email me at areswulf911 [at]

I think we are very alike, and I feel just like you
prosperpeace in Black Orbs (with Fringe)
My first time experiencing this was last night. I've been burning sage, blue sage, black sage (mugwort), and also palo santo. Almost burning these on a daily basis, for a week or two now, been under a lot of stress and anxiety. So last night I went to sleep burning all the above and listening to an audio book about self-compassion. I woke up and seen a dark sphere with tentacles, white lights at the ends. I was awake, I could see my hallway light shining into in my room, highlighting it, giving me a clear visual on it. I seen it clearly. It startled me. I closed my eyes tightly and did not want to open them again... My heart was beating so fast. I felt fear but also a great sense of peace. It was like I was high off of fear and at peace. I also felt so alive (my heart was pounding) and to be so still... I thought to myself in the moment if I could conquer fear of the unknown when I'm fully awake, in the world... What could I truly accomplish? Master fear with peace within. I kept my eyes closed while I processed that fear and I was soothed back to sleep from the peace I had. I'm not sure if I'll ever see this sphere again. But I have learned enough from that one encounter. Whatever it is, I believe it carries information, possibly to help us. When I awoke again in the middle of the night it was gone.
Thank you SturdyUniverse for commenting on my experience. I found what you told me useful and I will keep in mind all that you've told me. Thanks.
Thank you robmkivseries70. I will definitely try that, and hopefully it will work. 😊
Hello there!

I cannot say exactly, who he is to you and why you are experiencing it, but I can speak from my own experiences.

Ever since I was a little girl, I saw in my minds eye a young man, who I considered to be the perfect ideal guy for me. In 2008 I met him, I felt his spiritual presence. Thanks to this site, I got to know of a term of Twin Flame, then in 2014 I thought he was my Twin Flame, now in 2019, I do believe he was my pre-Twin Flame helper, because Greater Powers had showed me signs even before I met him. One specific letter and he started with that. Even back then and now especially one specific name had haunted me with the same letter.

I do felt guided to one man with such name and I wrote him, he wrote me back. Anyway I don't know, where it goes, but now the term Twin Flame for me seems something that has to do with something little too simplified tag for us humans. We all are in different life-journey so...

Speaking of your situation, I really can't tell, who he is to you? Why he shows up? But I do feel guided to say, he must be someone with whom you have past-life experience or some sort of soul connection, what isn't so clearly understood by you yet. You will understand, when you are ready! It is one very amazing spiritual journey we are on, here on this site at least!

Hope it helps a little! πŸ˜‰
Just accept the power if we are being honest here most people like us have at least one thing in common and that happens to be that they were afraid of the power. Me on the other hand I wasn't afraid, I wasn't bold to them but I wasn't afraid because I knew that it was just another part of me that I had, I just accepted the power and some others have done the same, but as most people figure out emotion is a huge and I mean HUGE aspect in the powers its as if they are tied into that part of out body but I have learned to channel all my emotion into my powers and I seem to have a decently stable connection to the power but what I find is a great way to control and channel these powers is the fact of using 2 of the most powerful and most primal emotions - Happiness, and Anger- and it took at good month and a half at the absolute least before I learned how to channel both into the abilities stably but before I learned how to do that is was a very unstable and chaotic mixture my powers would go everywhere and I happen to have Cryogenic, Chronogenic, and low level telepathy, (and a few more).
But whenever I did channel both I would get Freezing for moments and go back to normal, randomly see into the future, and I could sometimes feel peoples emotions so as a person of science I understand you and what you feel it did feel strange to me at first but I learned a bit and you will learn to know this is not a natural power at all but more of a gift and sadly there is almost nothing to back this up and we just seem crazy to anyone that does not understand us which happens to be just about anyone without a power so yea we are all here to talk to you if you need anything I am almost always available so you can email me at Joey42131 [at]
robmkivseries70 in Scared Of My Abilities
Hi Carrot,
I'll take a shot at this. One of the things invented by the "Silva Mind Control" folks over in Laredo, TX is the saying, "Negative thoughts and negative expressions have no influence over me at any level of the mind, including the outer conscious level." Said in deep meditation this should reduce the effects and maybe block the information. I'm taking a bit of a stab at this because I am not nearly this sensitive; though, I believe it to be worth a try.
I still have an account and I still check out this website.
I appreciate you taking interest in my story.
I don't mind you using my story for your research project.
I can't really remember anything else other than what I wrote in the post.
If you have any further questions, you can email me at extramundane333 [at]
I hope things are going well for you and have a nice day.
My boyfriend and I were sitting in bed the other night relaxing... When He asks if I saw this light on the door I said no and thought nothing of it at first... He then says he saw it again So I then start watching for it he saw the little green light a few times... I sat and watched for it then it appears few minutes later... We were both just in shock... At first we thought it coulda been a lighting bug... We waited so I could see again then it never came back... We got up to try and figure out where the light was coming from but was no way it came from phones...t.v. Or laptops... Curtains were closed was just no way a green light like that would have came in from the window... I been trying to look up what it could mean... Anyone have any ideas? I believe it was some sort of sign or a ghost
brewoman in Warm Hand Energy?
Ok, check this out. Heat is a byproduct of energy. If you did not have any body heat you would not have a temperature. So, first, your biological machine we call a body makes heat by it's nature. We are ALL healers. We have not been taught how to use the energy that creates warm/hot hands, or that it was even there. It's very science. The whole purpose of medical tests like EEG, or EKGs measure our electrical functions. They do not teach you that process of 'electricity' is making heat. We have to choose to be healers. It's not about belief. It's about what you know. Heat, especially hot hands that are both physically red to the eye and hot is hard to ignore.
As a scientist and artist, I see both sides of the possibility of healing ourselves or others. I can also see that I have a unique opportunity as a human being to see what I am capable of. If you want to heal someone, the machine is prewired for instruction. And, it is so so simple. Just tell the body/bio machine to fix itself and lay hands on them, but always ask them or tell them what you are going to do first.
Your hands by their nature will start to heat up because you said. It's a form of programming. Learn to go past belief, don't let anyone tell you how it is, find out for yourself and just try it. Look at your hands and tell them to heat up. And do that until it listens and before you know it you are cooking.
Studies have shown in as little as a month, that's just thirty days, that we can rewire ourselves to do extraordinary things, actually make real brain structure changes that can be measured.
Being an energy healer of the body requires learning of the systems and functions of the machine/body. Learn about energy and how it moves.
We are taught it's a spiritual thing, but the science to back it up is there for those who seek it.
It also requires you to actually do it. Practice on friends, family, and co workers. It is a skill like playing the guitar or piano. You don't do concerts the next day, right? You practice, hone your skill, and learn. It's not about if it works or not. It's about the effort of teaching yourself to do it. There is no intent for harm, and you are trying to be kind. Selfless. And those frequencies? You will find out very quickly things are so much more interesting than we have been told. Healing is the tip of the iceberg. Right?
It's about moving frequencies of love and kindness and changing the world. True
I am not sure if you still have an account or still use this website. I found your story very interesting and would like to use it for a research project that I am doing on these particular dreams that mention having a red sky in them. If you want to you can email me if you have anymore information about the dream or want to tell more about it. You can email me at nekokittyfawn857 at and I will reply right away only if you want to and I'll include it in a paper I am writing. I don't know if you've read this but if you did thank you for reading and I hope things are going well and have a nice day.
Hi Melissax23,
An interesting report; though I don't know what you are seeing, I do have a suggestion. When in deep meditation us this saying borrowed from the "Silva Mind Control" people. To wit,"Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence over me at any level of the mind including the outer conscious level." Said in deep meditation this is very powerful. The term level refers to the depth of meditation as shown on an EEG.
I suggest you cultivate it and never let it fade away. That's something a lot of people wish they could have. You're blessed with this gift.
I have only seen myself once. It was not too long after a loved one passed and I was feeling really saddened. I had company downstairs but had left my company to walk upstairs. When I reached my bedroom I saw myself (in spirit form) floating around my room. When she saw me she floated towards me and joined me as one. I took it as my Soul was hurting and didn't want no parts of what was going on downstairs

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