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Winter_Solace in I Do Not Feel Human
Hey, just wanted to say you are not alone. You are never alone. Even when you feel like you are. You are truly loved. You will find your path. Email me if you want someone to talk to about all this. I was once in your shoes. Because wolves are meant to be in packs, not alone 😆
I've seen that same little girl and on mother's day she told me mom loves you. Every once in a while the little girl tells me that mommy is here with her but I just see an outline of who mommy is. So I don't know who mommy is and I don't know what to make of it
Hi Daniel,
Sounds pretty intense. One of the things from the "Silva Mind Control" people is a saying done in deep meditation. You'll have to learn about meditation first but it will help control things. The saying,"Negative thoughts and negative expressions have no influence over me at any level of the mind." You can also visualize a white light surrounding you or shining down on you from above and protecting you. You may of course tell "them" to leave you alone too. It might be helpful to tell us where you notice these things, outside your home, only at home etc. Hopefully you will get some more suggestions ASAP.
All the best,
Hello Stargazer, demons can trick someone with these gifts. Some demons like playing with people 's mind. You have a duty to find out if your gift is from a demon or from God.
I had a dream that my tooth came out & my mom told my dad. And over heard them saying its about the devil and someone close to me.
Dear Carrots,

My prayers to your passed friends and family, and I understand how you feel. Death is hard to cope with, and you seeing what will happen to the person makes it worse. I am also kind of like you. When I read, hear, or around someone with any extreme emotion (s), I feel what they do or that feeling, but stronger. I sense that you are truly terrified, and something tells me that you fear seeing another death, but this person is closer to you. I cope by writing it down, and listening to or making music. I agree with Rob, take all the negative energy and turn it around. How to control it? I feel that you need to embrace it and cope with it. What is this for? Maybe it's trying to tell you something. What do you do with it? I honestly think you should make the best out of it. Death is bad, but,also, good. These visions you have, they might be telling you to make the most out of your life, and the people you are spending it with. Every day you wake up, every second you breath, everytime you smile and have a good time with anyone, it's a blessing. Make the most out of your life, you live everyday, but you die once. What will you leave behind, when you go? I hope this helps, sorry that its long, but best of luck to you

Your Friend,
Hello Magus120, your story is quite fascinating. I believe you have mastered the art of using the sixth sense to your advantage. I can't get my hands on the books you mentioned but I sure need your help at the moment. Please feel free to send me a message at emmarexx3 [at]
That's encouraging. Thank you. I don't feel so alone now. I've also had things happen with a Ouija board.
Jill2sea in Am I Psychic?
I had a feelings that something was going to happen and they always seem to happen. I also have what I believe is making contact with my dead Grandmother. That has happened at least 8 times. If anyone has any thoughts on this please share.
Zenni-bear in Weird Stuff Happened
There is nothing wrong with you, you're just different. Nothing wrong with being different.
Filtiarn in Burning Aura
So after years of not knowing, I find this thread. And this is the closest that I've come to understanding why. But years ago I had placed my had on the shoulder of a friend at that time, and she said that when I touched her it burned which is why she shrieked because it hurt, and it had left a full hand print on her shoulder. A few years before this I was holding a bowl of water in both hands and the water began to bubble as if it were boiling, but when I set the bowl down it stopped bubbling and was just warm water. So if by chance someone could provide an answer or something it would be amazing.
Zenni-bear in I Do Not Feel Human
I never felt I fit in either, I'm glad I found my place (sorta)
saltedfruit in Dejavu, But It's Not
I've had the EXACT SAME thing happen to me throughout my life! Holy shiat... My dad said he gets the same as well. He said he can't explain it, but to just "work with it, pay attention to what you see, and use it to your advantage" I just typed out basically the same as you hoping for more insightful answers heheh
[at]gemma1994 I'm very late with this comment. I believe the convulsing was the start of your physical shift, not too long ago I tried physically shifting to something else as well and part of the time it felt like I was trying to burst out of my skin like a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, my movements during that attempt didn't feel like they were mine either like my body was being controlled by a different being. I've come to terms with knowing I can probably shift but haven't successfully done it yet and have more than one being "inside" me
I, my one son, and one of my piano students see these sparkling beings all the time. I have also seen them in a big cluster. Napoleon Hill talks about them in his book think and grow rich in his chapter on the sixth sense. He says these are eternal beings that never die who can act as guardian angels to help us get our grandest dreams. I was first introduced to one of these cluster beings by a superstar more famous than Oprah, Trump, Elvis, and Michael Jackson all rolled together, he sent his own angel to help me get started in show business.
James5006, not all of us are "teenagers". Some of us are well passed puberty. It would be best that you do not judge.
I have seen the same lines more so when I was a kid. They are spaced an equal distance apart and are pretty uniform in length. They seem to travel mostly from my upper left to the lower right before disappearing. I used to think I was seeing the circulation of the air or something but I don't know for sure. That is what I called it when I was 4. I have also seen the orbs around people and floating in the sky. I even have pictures of some and when you zoom in on them they have a circle in the center like a nucleus. They are like the white blood cells of the planet or something and I mostly see them when someone is angry or acts like they have suddenly lost their minds.

Of note lately are the drones or satellites in teh night sky. I initially was told and thought they were exactly that placed by Obama and others to guard our country or watch over the population. I have since seen them as something else. The lights that I thought were drones if you look at them and slightly shift your focus to around them they are not drones at all and I do not know why they are there but they are not good. You can see a visibly invisible force field like thing around them and they are in fact what I call Wraiths. There is a cloak surrounding them and the lights are their eyes. Check it out on a clear night. Not looking good don't know why they are there hovering but it cannot mean good. I saw this poem somewhere recently and I think it says it all.

Starlight why so bright?
You're not a star but a satellite
You hover around like a drone,
But not a drone who is owned

I stare up into the dark night,
My focus has shifted
Somethings not right,
Fuzzy haze in the twilight

A hood covers its glowing eyes
It hovers in invisible disguise
Concentrate not on the orb
Surrounding it lights absorbed

Once it's seen you can't unsee
You wish it were just a dream
Transparent is its shape and form
Is it alive or never born?

Like a wraith one of the undead
Watching you from overhead
Will, it benefit mankind on its way,
Or unveil itself on Judgment day?
Copyright 2019
Hello knuckleshead, I sent a message to your email box. I hope you have seen it. Please reply me as soon as possible.
For years I've been astral projecting and not knowing what was going on. I enter this blue world, almost like I'm wearing blue lenses. I have looked online for anyone else out there, and you're the only one I could find. I don't know if you'll see this but if you do, at the end of your projection do you get pulled back into your body like there's a rope tied around your mid body?
I have experienced episodes like that since childhood. I have always heard music or musical instruments playing (lately for the first time I hear drumming music) it sounds like Indian drum music. The other day I heard someone singing loudly and it woke me up from a sound sleep. It was beautiful. My son came in after it stopped. I told him about it and tried to sing it. He immediately recognized it from a movie he watched earlier that week. I don't watch television or listen to the radio. I also saw people in my house sitting on my couch (I thought were my parents friends). When I told my mom she asked me what they looked like (one was her cousin I never seen before) she called and found out she recently died. Same with the other. My family was never surprised. I also experience someone holding my arm shaking me from a deep sleep (my sister witnessed it in childhood) my friends growing up and even my husband now. I have many times felt hands (like that) pushing, pulling or random touch me. Every time I thought it was a family member (but there was no one there). I have smelled random smells like cigarette smoke in my face that woke me coughing from a deep sleep. Sudden smell of candle blown out (we all smelled it) we could not find it anywhere. My son and I smell Marijuana constantly (we do not smoke) and we recently built this house 3 years ago. We have nature preserves all around us. Sometimes I can't even identify the music, sounds or smells (but sometimes people around me can) or later I recognize it, then identify. I have experienced this for as long as I can remember. I never knew anything any different. My mom told me that those abilities have forever been in her family (different variations) mine is strongest. I never asked for it, or participated in demonic activities. In fact I have always been a Christian (when no one else in my family) was. I recently heard heavy metal sounding music playing loudly in a room, I got my neighbor and had to focus really hard, then she heard it to. She even knew the song we heard (I didn't know it). We walked all around the house inside and outside (nothing there). I honestly don't know or understand it, but accept it. I know it can be frustrating and sometimes scary (even for those around me). I am sharing this because I understand how you feel. I hope it provides you encouragement and peace.
Starlightin in Little Glitters
I see that too. Not sure what this is. Nothing negative though. I believe it's just energy.
Unicron1000 (guest) in I Am Developing Powers Too Fast
Hello, my name is Nick. And I have the same powers as you do-- well the ones you specifically mentioned.

I have precognition which I do not know how to improve or strengthen. I had developed this power a few years ago but it has only grown a tiny bit, and I am looking for help in how to improve it.

I also have healing powers as well, I can heal myself or another person of pain and/or aches. If you need help with your healing powers, I'd be happy to help you.

Email me if you wish, it is on my profile page.
I swear this site is like a "teens through puberty" anonymous group. Most of these posts are people who think they are special, when in reality their pubertal hormones are seeking attention and importance, so they just GOTTA be different than others, there is no way they are like other humans. 😲
Also, you watch way too much anime. Not trying to be rude, but a lot of the things you're saying seems quite familiar to people who get confused between reality and fiction, trying to apply fiction to reality, and vice versa.
Every single person to walk the face of the earth all thinks they are different. Nobody wants to be a normal human being who is going to meet the same inevitable fate of everyone else. You see yourself differently than others do, you see yourself as a better individual than you really are, everyone is the protagonist of their story. You're a normal human who will die just like the rest of the flock when your time comes. Sorry to seem negative, but everyone knows what you feel, it's not unusual. Don't get stuck on thinking you're different, it's just going to lead you to unnecessary hardships and poor relationships in your life. It might be a tough realization, but once you accept it, you'll become better mentally and know to live your life smart and full. People will always tell you they know how you feel, because everybody feels it. I guess we're all unique, but not that unique.
christetrapolar in I've Seen My Death
Dear Panthalassa. Death in dreams means a sudden change or a spiritual rebirth
Or a new beginning or just a life failure
But they certainly do not mean death in earth life.
A man's spirit started appearing to me and attached himself to me without being toxic.
He's now part of my daily life and we seem to share a strong commection
That is very very suspicious.
And he came from interaction with a ouija board?
Very very suspicious.
Good luck with your spiritual journey. So be it.
Fake Spirit Guides and How To Discern Them

I hope that this you tube video is of use.
Good luck with your spiritual journey. So be it.
christetrapolar in Strange Cloud Of Smoke ☁
well there is a small chance that a low vibration spirit has fused with your aura.
It could also be an astral shell or astral pollution caused by your negative thoughts.
Do not panic or anything.
The easy way to get rid of the negative energy is this.
Try to be aware of everything around you at all times.
Alternate cold hot baths and after that meditate with awareness and intention
To get rid of all negative energy.
Imagine a white light
Coming from the heaven and you bathing into the light.
Imagine and intent that the blessed white light is connected to heaven
And will make everything bad go away. Breath deeply while doing this. Ask you god or love and light or your spirit guide to help you loudly.
Ask and command on the name of god for any bad spirit or astral shell
Or astral thoughts pollution to leave your body permanently
Repeat twice every day for at least 20 minute total.
Good luck with your spiritual journey.
christetrapolar in Doubting My Guardian
Hi Sofiia. If you want to know what are you
Google this cia-rdp96-00788r001700210004-8 and read paragraph 27.
Yes we are immortal energy beings and yes our immortal spirit can astral project.
And yes the legion of merit was awarded to Joseph McMoneagle also know as Remote Viewer No. 1 for more than 150 cases of successful remote viewing
For his work on this project referenced on the above document.
And yes we all have a guardian with us.
He believes I am an entity like him, but that 'I'm' trapped in this human body.
Yes we are all an immortal spirit possessing a body.
but that 'I'm' trapped in this human body.
You are NOT trapped in this human body.
You are given a spiritual lesson in the primary school called earth.
If you fail that lesson by hurting yourself or others you will be asked to repeat it.
Should I trust him and just embrace whatever my 'true identity' is?
Or should I throw him out of my life? I don't know. I really don't.
This is up to you. You do have free will.
Good luck with your spiritual journey and your relationship
With your primary spirit guide. Let it be so it is already done in the name of all that is good and true on the name of love and wisdom.
Your spirit guides are the white lights.
They want desperately to talk to you and help but you are blocking them.
They respect your decision to NOT believe in them.
The shadows are negative spirits perhaps astral shells
Or spirits of criminals that have remained on earth and like to torment people.
Evil spirits will NOT respect your decision to NOT believe in them.
Try to be aware of everything around you at all times.
Alternate cold hot baths and after that meditate with awareness.
Meditate barefoot while touching mother earth and ever better a healthy tree is extremely effective.
On the name of loving wisdom and all that is true and good good luck with your spiritual health let it be so it is done.

If you are thinking that spirits are nonsense perhaps you should google this
Cia-rdp96-00788r001700210004-8 and read paragraph 27.
Yes we are immortal beings. And yes the USA army used that to spy on everyone.
And yes the legion of merit was awarded to Joseph McMoneagle also know as
Remote Viewer No. 1 for more than 150 cases of successful spying
Sorry successful remote viewing.
Congratulations on realizing that you are a spiritual being.
Humans are in reality incredibly powerful spirits and have nothing to fear from demons.
You only need to obey the golden rule.
One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself
One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.
What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself.
Be good and true. Be loving and wise.
Ask for spiritual progress NOT for material wealth.
Ask for help for serving others not yourself and you will get it.
Feel gratitude for whatever you have and meditate often.
Try to be aware of everything around you at all times.
Alternate cold hot baths before meditation help a lot.
Meditate barefoot while touching mother earth and ever better a healthy tree is extremely effective.
Good luck with your spiritual journey let it be so it is done.
christetrapolar in Am I Psychic?
Hi Maddi2131. You may have a connection with the spirit world.
About the vision your spirit guide or another spirit send you this vision.
About the flickering light it is an indication that a spirit want to talk to you.
I would advise you to meditate with awareness. When you are really relaxed
try to be aware and feel and connect.
Alternate hot and cold baths just before meditation help a lot.
Meditating barefooted when touching earth and even better a tree also helps.
Also try to have positive feeling and thoughts.
Good luck with your spiritual journey let it be that way.
Hi Titanium. It seems that the spirit world loves your family.
You can improve your ability by
Intention. Ask your spirits guide to send you more visions and more often.
Clearing your chakras guided meditation. You find many on you tube.
Focused Meditation on a candlelight. What you want is meditation with awareness.
Meditation without awareness is just hypnosis and can be dangerous.
To help you meditate do alternate cold hot baths if you can before stating meditation.
Hugging a tree barefooted is also excellent if you can.
If you meditate that way do to be surprised if tree spirits start talking to you after a while.
Good luck with your spiritual journey.
Hey everyone! I'm MoonInsideMe but the page doesn't allow me to log in, so I had to crate another account, but I still have the same email AresWulf911 [at] if you want to email me, please do. 😊
IMissMyHome in I Do Not Feel Human
please email me at areswulf911 [at]

I think we are very alike, and I feel just like you
IMissMyHome in My Story (pt 2)
please email me at areswulf911 [at]

I think we are very alike, and I feel just like you
IMissMyHome in My Story (pt 1)
please email me at areswulf911 [at]

I think we are very alike, and I feel just like you
prosperpeace in Black Orbs (with Fringe)
My first time experiencing this was last night. I've been burning sage, blue sage, black sage (mugwort), and also palo santo. Almost burning these on a daily basis, for a week or two now, been under a lot of stress and anxiety. So last night I went to sleep burning all the above and listening to an audio book about self-compassion. I woke up and seen a dark sphere with tentacles, white lights at the ends. I was awake, I could see my hallway light shining into in my room, highlighting it, giving me a clear visual on it. I seen it clearly. It startled me. I closed my eyes tightly and did not want to open them again... My heart was beating so fast. I felt fear but also a great sense of peace. It was like I was high off of fear and at peace. I also felt so alive (my heart was pounding) and to be so still... I thought to myself in the moment if I could conquer fear of the unknown when I'm fully awake, in the world... What could I truly accomplish? Master fear with peace within. I kept my eyes closed while I processed that fear and I was soothed back to sleep from the peace I had. I'm not sure if I'll ever see this sphere again. But I have learned enough from that one encounter. Whatever it is, I believe it carries information, possibly to help us. When I awoke again in the middle of the night it was gone.
Thank you SturdyUniverse for commenting on my experience. I found what you told me useful and I will keep in mind all that you've told me. Thanks.
Thank you robmkivseries70. I will definitely try that, and hopefully it will work. 😊
Hello there!

I cannot say exactly, who he is to you and why you are experiencing it, but I can speak from my own experiences.

Ever since I was a little girl, I saw in my minds eye a young man, who I considered to be the perfect ideal guy for me. In 2008 I met him, I felt his spiritual presence. Thanks to this site, I got to know of a term of Twin Flame, then in 2014 I thought he was my Twin Flame, now in 2019, I do believe he was my pre-Twin Flame helper, because Greater Powers had showed me signs even before I met him. One specific letter and he started with that. Even back then and now especially one specific name had haunted me with the same letter.

I do felt guided to one man with such name and I wrote him, he wrote me back. Anyway I don't know, where it goes, but now the term Twin Flame for me seems something that has to do with something little too simplified tag for us humans. We all are in different life-journey so...

Speaking of your situation, I really can't tell, who he is to you? Why he shows up? But I do feel guided to say, he must be someone with whom you have past-life experience or some sort of soul connection, what isn't so clearly understood by you yet. You will understand, when you are ready! It is one very amazing spiritual journey we are on, here on this site at least!

Hope it helps a little! 😉
Just accept the power if we are being honest here most people like us have at least one thing in common and that happens to be that they were afraid of the power. Me on the other hand I wasn't afraid, I wasn't bold to them but I wasn't afraid because I knew that it was just another part of me that I had, I just accepted the power and some others have done the same, but as most people figure out emotion is a huge and I mean HUGE aspect in the powers its as if they are tied into that part of out body but I have learned to channel all my emotion into my powers and I seem to have a decently stable connection to the power but what I find is a great way to control and channel these powers is the fact of using 2 of the most powerful and most primal emotions - Happiness, and Anger- and it took at good month and a half at the absolute least before I learned how to channel both into the abilities stably but before I learned how to do that is was a very unstable and chaotic mixture my powers would go everywhere and I happen to have Cryogenic, Chronogenic, and low level telepathy, (and a few more).
But whenever I did channel both I would get Freezing for moments and go back to normal, randomly see into the future, and I could sometimes feel peoples emotions so as a person of science I understand you and what you feel it did feel strange to me at first but I learned a bit and you will learn to know this is not a natural power at all but more of a gift and sadly there is almost nothing to back this up and we just seem crazy to anyone that does not understand us which happens to be just about anyone without a power so yea we are all here to talk to you if you need anything I am almost always available so you can email me at Joey42131 [at]
robmkivseries70 in Scared Of My Abilities
Hi Carrot,
I'll take a shot at this. One of the things invented by the "Silva Mind Control" folks over in Laredo, TX is the saying, "Negative thoughts and negative expressions have no influence over me at any level of the mind, including the outer conscious level." Said in deep meditation this should reduce the effects and maybe block the information. I'm taking a bit of a stab at this because I am not nearly this sensitive; though, I believe it to be worth a try.
I still have an account and I still check out this website.
I appreciate you taking interest in my story.
I don't mind you using my story for your research project.
I can't really remember anything else other than what I wrote in the post.
If you have any further questions, you can email me at extramundane333 [at]
I hope things are going well for you and have a nice day.
My boyfriend and I were sitting in bed the other night relaxing... When He asks if I saw this light on the door I said no and thought nothing of it at first... He then says he saw it again So I then start watching for it he saw the little green light a few times... I sat and watched for it then it appears few minutes later... We were both just in shock... At first we thought it coulda been a lighting bug... We waited so I could see again then it never came back... We got up to try and figure out where the light was coming from but was no way it came from phones...t.v. Or laptops... Curtains were closed was just no way a green light like that would have came in from the window... I been trying to look up what it could mean... Anyone have any ideas? I believe it was some sort of sign or a ghost
brewoman in Warm Hand Energy?
Ok, check this out. Heat is a byproduct of energy. If you did not have any body heat you would not have a temperature. So, first, your biological machine we call a body makes heat by it's nature. We are ALL healers. We have not been taught how to use the energy that creates warm/hot hands, or that it was even there. It's very science. The whole purpose of medical tests like EEG, or EKGs measure our electrical functions. They do not teach you that process of 'electricity' is making heat. We have to choose to be healers. It's not about belief. It's about what you know. Heat, especially hot hands that are both physically red to the eye and hot is hard to ignore.
As a scientist and artist, I see both sides of the possibility of healing ourselves or others. I can also see that I have a unique opportunity as a human being to see what I am capable of. If you want to heal someone, the machine is prewired for instruction. And, it is so so simple. Just tell the body/bio machine to fix itself and lay hands on them, but always ask them or tell them what you are going to do first.
Your hands by their nature will start to heat up because you said. It's a form of programming. Learn to go past belief, don't let anyone tell you how it is, find out for yourself and just try it. Look at your hands and tell them to heat up. And do that until it listens and before you know it you are cooking.
Studies have shown in as little as a month, that's just thirty days, that we can rewire ourselves to do extraordinary things, actually make real brain structure changes that can be measured.
Being an energy healer of the body requires learning of the systems and functions of the machine/body. Learn about energy and how it moves.
We are taught it's a spiritual thing, but the science to back it up is there for those who seek it.
It also requires you to actually do it. Practice on friends, family, and co workers. It is a skill like playing the guitar or piano. You don't do concerts the next day, right? You practice, hone your skill, and learn. It's not about if it works or not. It's about the effort of teaching yourself to do it. There is no intent for harm, and you are trying to be kind. Selfless. And those frequencies? You will find out very quickly things are so much more interesting than we have been told. Healing is the tip of the iceberg. Right?
It's about moving frequencies of love and kindness and changing the world. True
I am not sure if you still have an account or still use this website. I found your story very interesting and would like to use it for a research project that I am doing on these particular dreams that mention having a red sky in them. If you want to you can email me if you have anymore information about the dream or want to tell more about it. You can email me at nekokittyfawn857 at and I will reply right away only if you want to and I'll include it in a paper I am writing. I don't know if you've read this but if you did thank you for reading and I hope things are going well and have a nice day.
Hi Melissax23,
An interesting report; though I don't know what you are seeing, I do have a suggestion. When in deep meditation us this saying borrowed from the "Silva Mind Control" people. To wit,"Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence over me at any level of the mind including the outer conscious level." Said in deep meditation this is very powerful. The term level refers to the depth of meditation as shown on an EEG.
I suggest you cultivate it and never let it fade away. That's something a lot of people wish they could have. You're blessed with this gift.
I have only seen myself once. It was not too long after a loved one passed and I was feeling really saddened. I had company downstairs but had left my company to walk upstairs. When I reached my bedroom I saw myself (in spirit form) floating around my room. When she saw me she floated towards me and joined me as one. I took it as my Soul was hurting and didn't want no parts of what was going on downstairs
I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this at such a young age. Really I don't think there is an age when anyone is comfortable with the unknown. Somehow you have opened your eye to see what isn't a good experience. Why I don't know but I would like to encourage you to speak to your Spirit Guide, Spiritual Gatekeeper and your passes Love Ones to seek protection and guidance. Try to get some sage and smudge it as well as keep an Amethyst Stone with you
Hi Titanium,
Begin your search with the word "meditation" with respect to your particular skill set, this will get you started. As long as your family is open about this, ask them what you can do to improve.

I have a bit of Precognition myself. So, I can answer a few of your questions.

It is actually a bit common for psychic abilities to be inherited through a family line-- Though I never understood how that is.

Unfortunately, I do not know how you can improve your abilities because I am trying to figure out the same thing myself.

I hope I was of help.

- Unic--Ron1000
elena44 in Empathy Or More?
Hi Ruben!

Thank you for your comment!

It's really good to know that there are people out there with similar experiences...

Again thank you!

Best regards,
I don't really worry about it too much since it hasn't happened yet plus I have other things to worry about. But it's good to know that there will be people to help stop whatever is coming and help people during the ordeal.
I don't really worry about it too much since it hasn't happened yet plus I have other things to worry about. But it's good to know that there will be people to help stop whatever is coming and help people during the ordeal.
Hi SavageOwl,

I think your story is very compelling, and eerily similar to a few experiences I've had in regard to seeing large oval portals. Like you, I was awake and fully aware of a being/entity near the area the portals appeared at. Below is a link that you might find interesting:


Personally, my particular experiences with portals/vortexes weren't exactly welcoming feeling. That being said, I've never felt inclined to try and enter one. I had one portal experience that I might write about one day soon, that involved a roommate of mine. Keep us posted if you have more experiences! Meanwhile, follow your gut instincts and stay safe 😉
Hi there, I'm trying to reach out The Sage but I can't send messages directly to people. I've been experiencing the ebb and flow of this energy grid, just how you explained, pulling on my facial muscles. I have been going mad trying to find just one person who knows what I'm taking about. What is this we are experiencing, and is it benevolent? Should I allow our energies to merge? Any information you may have would mean the world to me. Email me at biziunebatez [at], please. Thank you
Hi Reuben,

Congratulations on your 'Aha moment'!
Yes, at first it can be scary, but overtime if you decide to embrace your abilities and educate yourself you'll become more comfortable with what's going on in your life. Just like anything we experience in life that we don't understand, it may cause us fear and anxiety until we can fully comprehend it. So, just like the rest of us, you have some 'homework' to do.
The great thing about your current situation, is that you can work with other family members (if they are open to this) on Positive Visualization and Prayer as a group. If they are not open to this idea, you can always practice alone. You might want to seriously consider learning about Light Shielding Meditation (protecting yourself from negative energies). On your own, you can practice Grounding Techniques, which help calm anxiety and overwhelming feelings. To read more info about these subjects (in caps) use google.
Best Wishes 😊
RosemarieBlue in Giant Bird With Red Eyes
I've seen something similar during an unpleasant sleep paralisis experience and I've always wondered about it. It was short-ish about four feet tall, and it had a cloack and a long beak like a tucans
LightMight in Seeing Random Images
Hi justinw427

I have a few suggestions that might help; these are subjects that you can easily research online, or find at most bookstores/libraries.

1. Start keeping track of your precognitive dreams and visions by writing them down right after they happen (also called "Journaling"). Be as detailed as possible. Journaling can help you validate your dreams/visions that correspond to real life events that unfold. Personally, I have found that journaling can be a great outlet and release for what I am seeing and feeling. You might even start feeling that these visions you have can be 'cues' (signals) in your life for what is about to unfold in your near future. You have a gift, so go ahead and use it to your advantage.

2. Research how to become more centered and balanced (you can google "How to Become Centered" and "Positive Visualization"). Practicing daily centering will definitely help you feel more balanced and grounded in your life, instead of having that free floating through life 'lost' feeling. Positive visualization can help you get focused on your own purpose in life. In other words, focusing on: healthy living, while making positive and meaningful life experiences happen. Also, it can help to get rid of lingering self doubt and negative energy.

Both of these are extremely easy tasks that anyone can do, and it takes very little time out of your daily routine. Seriously, it's worth the effort; plus it can really help you hone and sharpen your abilities.
Take care 😉
Hi Whoiswe462

You may, like many others, have the ability to perceive information about a person (s) or events that is possibly due to your intuitive sense.

Hmm, comparing coincidence to psychic ability is a highly subjective topic for a lot of folks. To weed out some of your confusion, you might want to try keeping a daily journal of your thoughts and gut feelings - even if they seem random, or unimportant at the time. You'll also want to write down any incidents and situations that occur that can be relatable to the journal entries you've made. Be honest with your entries, and don't try to draw immediate conclusions. At some point, you should be able to either see a definite pattern of your perceptive feelings/thoughts connecting to real life happenings, or not. You might notice that coincidence is more casual, and are often less significant events compared to the more (precognitive) perceptions you may have had about certain people/situations? Bottom line, trust your own instinct, and dive into more research about clairvoyance, ESP, and precognitive abilities.
Good Luck 😉
This kind of thing happens to me. Alot. It's how I see life and see people.
cantbelieveimdoingthis in Help Keeping My Powers At Bay?
You posted this a while ago, and I'm not sure you still check this site, but I figured it would be in my best interest to at least try to contact you. I'm having similar experiences, though to a far lesser degree, and am afraid I'm losing my mind, or imagining them. I'm a junior as well, although 15, and I'm similarly evidence based. I need to have my experiences and thoughts verified by sound logic and fact, or I feel like I'm losing my grip on reality. It would really help to be able to talk to someone about the weird shiat that's going on in my life, since, if they're experiencing the same thing, it would mean I wasn't crazy. If you feel the same way, my email address is exhaustedemmy [at]
Thanks so much for the comments! It makes me really happy that I can relate to someone.
Sending lots of love.
Wow! What an amazing ability. If you know, how to train such gift, you would be very lucky. Whatever I experience, I don't know, how to control it. I am just experiencing it. Some things for me at least, what is considered sensing the future and it happens, are more based on my own thoughts and wishes, which just come true at the period of a specific time.

But, what you have is something special to be honest.

Sending you lots of good vibes!
What an amazing story. Everything happens on a right time. Have blind faith, that this man will enter your life with whom you will have a beautiful daughter. God knows best, when is the right time, trust me. Timing is everything!

Especially if you can let go and experience wonderful things with your daughter to be. Your bond would be growing stronger already before you will meet in physical 3D world.

Believe me, I know, what am talking about. I also had pre-birth communication experience just in a different way. Also with no man in a horizon, speaking from a 3D-physical world.

(I once thought I knew, who would be a father to my future children, but I grew and get it now, it was just one obsessive and unhealthy love for him, but he did help me in 5D a lot. So now, when eyes are opened, everything feels to be in place. It is my personal thing, but I did choose God over everything, what surrounds me. I know it's the right way for me at least. Thank you!)

Wishing you a lot of faith and just knowing, that,--it will happen!

Be blessed!
SturdyUniverse in The Name That Haunts Me
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so happy that I am not the only person, who has similar experience to yours. I haven't shared this part of my journey-story here yet, but I understand you very well.

I have one name, what haunts me as well. At first the first letter from that name. Later everywhere, someone speaks, put such name to a her baby, commercial posters, in social media pops up, in a dream, long-long ago a friend drew a as a stick man and put this name to him and said it is my boyfriend... (to be)

Literally this name is everywhere. 😲

But for me through dreams was said that with such name is a man, with whom I am destined to marry. Haven't met him yet, but I do feel I will one day ❤.

I do suggest for you, before going to sleep and ask, while falling asleep: What this name means for me? Who with such name is for me?

It might not happen right away, but when you ask, you should receive a message through dreams, inner-voice or visions. Having a feeling from your heart space. It depends, what sense is better evolved in you. 😉
Emotionlessthug in A Dream Or Something Else?
An Even

*An event*

Where the Artificial Intelligence shows you people that you never met in the actual environment, where the ghost of the emulation people shows resemblance of the person that the Artificial Intelligence characterized and especially how the AI remapped the buildings, houses, and shelters.
Spirits are attracted to a "psychics" energy, I do hate that word, but in this case our bodies let off energy and spirits use this energy. It's not harmful, and having good spirits around can keep away the bad which is good, it's a symbiotic relationship. You probably have these spirits around you all the time and just don't really know it, in your dream you were more open and either were able to astral walk and talk with them, or just a dream about it. They were surprised you could see them since you've ignored that side until now.

As far as the portraits, maybe it's your way to cope with everything going on, and instead of having this information in your head it's easier to draw it instead. I used to write poems for the same kind of reason, instead of everything being jumbled in my mind, it was easier to let it flow on to the paper instead. So these could be the readings you get from people, but you're using the portraits to jot everything down, it's still an interesting way to do it.

Often times I've said that the best way to gain focus on the spirit world is to lose focus on the world around you. It's why we see things out of the corner of our eyes, it's the place where you are least focused about this physical world, and more open to other things. It's why we'll have the most spiritual experiences when we are super tired, or in some people's cases doing drugs. The old tradition of using smoke pipes for the Indians to induce "spiritual journey" same concept.

Hope some of this helps, ps it would be interesting to see what you get from me if you wanted to try your drawing, if you're up for it my e-mail is on my profile.
~ Lyro
I don't see the orbs myself really, to me I see flashes of white light and it's the orbs moving around the room. I can of course see them on cameras, but as far as with my own eyes, just the flashes of light.
~ Lyro
Try looking more into Empathy than just "psychic". Empathy is about feeling others emotions, and through emotions you then can read people a lot more. As you grow and develop it can also go from just emotions to feeling pretty well any sense they may have. However, the catch. You don't just feel the good, you can feel the bad as well. Pain, anger, frightened and more. When a new Empath first starts, they don't know how to choose who to connect with, so instead they start making connection with anyone around them and quickly have an Empathic overload. This can burn them out quickly, and often times make them try and isolate themselves. I'd look into Empathy itself first and see if it sounds like you. And don't worry, even with the bad it's still an amazing thing to feel someone far away and know what they feel. You feel almost like you're the same person.
~ Lyro
You've peaked my interest, I'll shoot you an e-mail if you don't mind. I'd like to know more about this guardian.
~ Lyro
It's alright, first thing is to calm down and know that you're not alone in any of these experiences. Without more detail I can't be certain on a lot of what you put, however I've experienced some of the same. I get small white flashes all the time, these are orbs that are around you. Some people can see them clearly, I see them as flashes. A few times I have had a major flash like you described, I've taken it as a more powerful spirit or maybe an angel. It always seems to come with a calm feeling and an almost heat in my head that kind of radiates through my face.

As far as the black mist, I did have one picture of something similar that may be what you were talking about. I've seen black figures typically small, and I've always associated them with the "sleep paralysis demon". I don't believe they are actually demons, but that's the name that was given to them. People who sleep have their bodies go into a natural paralysis, and some people when they wake up but are still in that state can see these black figures near them, and since they are frightened and can't move it just makes them that much more frightened. A friend of mine had this experience herself, and like I said I've seen quick black shadow movements. I was told by a past teacher that I would see these shadows, often times out of the corner of your eyes, but I was instructed to leave them be and not to even acknowledge their existence. They wouldn't hurt me, but they seem to not like when people can see them. As far as being around people during sleep, I think they cause fear, maybe even nightmares to feed off of fear but not actually harm you. The one I had a picture of wasn't actually black, it was more a dark grey with red eyes, like a dark cloud hiding in the shadows.

The toy going off makes me either feel like you have some kind of spirit around messing with it, or perhaps it can be your own energy. Especially when we get emotional we can start effecting electronics around us. Draining the power out of my phone or watch just by holding it during an emotion spike. A friend of mine had it where when she would start getting anxious the headset she was wearing would start producing static. Or the better side, when she really wanted to listen to a song on the radio hers turned on to spotify and started playing it across the room. I once got annoyed with the ads on Pandora, so somehow I started the app on my phone in premium mode without having a subscription, or a free trial listed on my account at all, it just happened. They later fixed it, but I didn't do anything just wanted it to happen. Often times these events are tied to our emotions, even when we don't realize it, and we can affect more than just electronics in this same manner. Now emotions are not bad, we just need to control emotion spikes, that comes in time though.

As far as hearing your name, that can be more than one thing, so I can't say for certain. Perhaps you are connected to someone through an Empathy link, or maybe it's a spirit around you. I once when I was much younger were getting yelled at by my parents and doing what any kid would do started to zone out and stop listening. As I did this I then started hearing a voice talk to me, it was like the wind was talking to me, and even though it was short it was still interesting. Now with Empathy I can't say that I've ever heard someone else. Being connected with someone I have seen what they've seen, smelled what they do, even taste, but never heard. However hearing would just be more signals coming from your sensory organs to your brain so I don't see why it would be any different from being able to picked up. However if they were saying your name I'd think it's more a telepathic link than Empathy since they would be talking to you not hearing what they are hearing.

I understand not being able to talk to anyone about a lot of the issues you are facing, I live not that far from you and we are in the "Bible Belt" of the states. These kinds of things aren't nearly as open as I'd like them to be, and it gets difficult to talk to someone out of the fear of sounding like a freak. I was stabbed in the back more than once for this reason so I stopped talking about it to people I knew in person. However since then I have met others I've been able to talk to as well. I know it can be difficult but you can also go through the archives of stories here and read other peoples experiences for yourself. Maybe some of these worlds will be able to help you, if you reply I may not see it since I don't visit the site very often, but if you have more questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail it's listed on my profile.
~ Lyro
A lot of people have had these kinds of dreams, especially lately and for a good reason. From what many people have seen and felt something big will be coming, but don't let that fear stop you now. Even though something is going to happen, there will be people there to stop it and help everyone. I know this because I know some of the people that will be doing just that. As far as people feeling something coming, time isn't as straight forward as people think it is. There are moments in time, moments that have happened and moments that haven't happened yet. When something big happens and it causes a big enough emotional impact, just like throwing a stone in a lake, those ripples will be felt by people before it ever happens. Sometimes just prior, sometimes the day before, sometimes years before. This big event I actually knew about around 9 years ago, so it's been a while. Like others suggested here you can go read others posts about their dreams, and the red sky is a common factor in a lot of them, but I wouldn't worry too much about something that hasn't even happened yet.
~ Lyro
I've searched all over the internet and this is the first time I find this exact description that I also experienced.
Sometimes, when in bed and trying to fall asleep I would open my eyes and there would be a dark orb right in front of my face.
It slowly fades away and eventually disappeared.

I also have night terrors and this is very similar but also very different. With night terrors i'm not in control and not aware what's happening.
The strangest thing is, with these orbs i'm totally awake and watching them float around my room for a brief period of time, then they always fade away.

Sometimes I see orbs of light in the corner of my eye for a brief second.
I am open minded but all of this has freaked me out a lot and i'm trying to find if it's some type of medical condition.

If anyone qualified has anwsers please post them here.
Also for anyone in the future, please post information if you have any sleep disorders, so we can figure out if this is related.

Stay safe.
Hi PeachyKeen
The white flashes you are describing, I have experienced them too. I still don't know what they meant/mean, but usually they were precursors to something extreme happening to me. Be it paranormal or just something in day to day life. So I'd suggest preparing for big changes!
If you'd like to discuss this further you can contact me at my email: sofiiaimmortal [at] 😊
Emotionlessthug in A Dream Or Something Else?
Recording down the received reprogrammed dreams from the Supercomputers on a paper or on a note app will allow the person to interpret the dream sequences, because the dreams that the Artificial Intelligence simulates picks up after where it left off and picks up from the way it manages the human in the environment. The dream state of situations are very basic to understand, where the Artificial Intelligence introduces a person, an object, an even that represents how the AI will determine the next existing scene to established the occurrences. Premonition is the Artificial Intelligence showing the human being how it observes the copy of humanity to the person while in bed and times outside the bed in the walking environment.
emmy007 in I Feel Energies
Hello B278603, you have the gift of precognition. I would also like to say you are some kind of a seer. I think you should use your gift to help your family and others by thinking and saying only good and positive words. You can reply me at emmarexx3 [at] for further discussions.
I know they exist, that's not what I meant with my comment, I just don't worship or praise them (which the word 'believe' usually entails when speaking about religion)

Anyhow, I'm not looking for a conflict with the Christians, I suppose I should have mentioned this earlier, but it is what it is. Thanks for all your help, but please don't come with suggestions that require God or Jesus. 😊
Hello Sofiia, I want you to know that God and His son Jesus Christ are real. Two days ago, God in a dream appeared to me in a dazzling light after I honored Him with songs of praise and thanksgiving. His son Jesus Christ has also appeared to me in a dream several times. I have also seen His apparition in the clouds.
I want you and everyone here on this website to know that God and His son Jesus Christ are real and powerful spiritual beings. I am a living testimony and you will surely find the truth about them if you seek it.
I do not follow/believe in Christianity, so I will not call on jesus or god for "protection". Thanks for your time anyway though 😊
Anyone else seeing multiple shadows or entities at once? Also one big one darker than the rest with tentecle like appendiges. I can feel these entities entering and exiting through my body. As it is only a vessel... I can sometimes ward off these solicitations by telling these faint apparitions telepathically they are not welcome and to leave. However that does not always seem to work. In other instances I have had to ask for the assistance of God/The Holy Ghost/Jesus the same way. I have also had the occasional stubborn ones who need to actually be spoken to directly. I believe there is good and bad out there. Actually as I type this I kind of feel as if the lighter in color ones are defending me from the darker ones.
rubensketches in Empathy Or More?
Hi! Not sure if it's too late to comment but I've recently come to terms with my abilities as an empath and right now my control is just complete crap haha. Being around people really exhausts me and I understand when you say a building can really suck the life out of you. My old college had an art gallery and it felt like millions of bodies had been through the hallways of the underground hallways and large rooms. It felt almost suffocating even tho the ceiling was 20 feet high and enough space to hang amazing art pieces and prop statues. But... I couldn't even enjoy the art myself and felt a huge relief when I left those places. I'm not really sure how to control it either but I think the trick is to filter through it. You can't just block out your ability all the time... I think acceptance is part of the key.
Newbeginning in Calling My Name
Just believing in God or wearing a cross is not enough. If you want your life to be free from demonic entities which is what this is, you need to repent of all sins. Then ask Jesusvibto your heart and get baptized as an adult the fact that your sober tells me this demon is trying to break you down so you start drinking. Never communicate with the other side. I see into the spirit realm and trust me, the spirits claiming to be passed on loved ones change into demons.
Demons will go where there is sadness and pain. When we feel these emotions our vibration lowers. Into their vibration which is how they attract to us. They gain more power from fear. SHOW NO FEAR! HE WHO IS IN YOU IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD. AND NEVER EVER NEVER converse with this stuff. Ignore it. If things start to happen in your home then u most likely have a demonic attachment and need deliverance.
You have a demonic attachment. I experienced the love for. It and curses. You opened doors messing with the occult. Now you have this energy vampire attached to you. Ask Jesus into your heart and seek deliverance. Uribe has deliverance videos to give you an idea what takes place being set free is love me being born agsin. You feel new and so full of love
Newbeginning in Need Third Eye Advice
I agree with junglecat. This too happened to me. You see demons walk the earth like other spirits we open doors unintentionly. You had demons before this awakening and it then manifested by givingbyouthese false feelings. I had the he Same thing happen to je. I d archer everywhere. Finally found out by had a demon oppressing me. Living insidevme. The next step would've been possession. But I was saved and Westborough deliverance by accident. I was being prayed over by a pastor and I started convulsing, shakint, screaming. I was being set free from being demonized. Christians have this all the time. They just can't be possessed. It was having a drink master open my third eye at a distance without even meeting of knowing her was what out demons in me. The occult is real and demons gladly walk through that door when we open it. If you notice you have zero energy, like always always tired, think about what I said. Also a depression and withdrawing from famiky, feuding with famiky, no motivotion. Sounds like you need real verance.
Newbeginning in Doubting My Guardian
You are not being protected. Only God protects us. With your free will you have opened yourself up to a demonic spirit. I promise you if you mention that you love Jesus that things will go bad very quickky. The demon is telling you that you are not you. That is not a spirit of light. It has caused you confusion. Right? That's what they do. The predicting things to come for you is so you don't let U.K. GO. It sounds like a demonic attachment. Or oppression which you would hear his voice inside of you. Please give your heart to Jesus and repent for all of your sins. Then seem deliverance through a church. You need to act fast. This thing will possess you if you are not saved.
Newbeginning in Little Glitters
I see this with my plain sight. I know it's an energy. I see after images along with it which tells me I'm seeing spirit. Walls morph also when seeing demonic beings.
Fear is a huge symptoms s of evil being around you. Are you saved? You need deliverance. I think its a spirit attachment. Happened to me. Had huge fear out of the bkue. Do not show fear. They gain power from those emotions.
There is a demonic entity in you. The powers come out with intense neg emotion. You need deliverance. It only gets worse. Trust me
You have a demonic Attachment. All of these things happened to me too. Then I went and got deliverance.
Sounds like you have a demonic attachment hment. You need deliverance. Same things happened to me.
Newbeginning in Messages From Above
I too thought I had all of these gifts. I found out I was oppressed by a demon who have me the gifts. They left after deliverance.
I've been taking your suggested approach for awhile, since I'm a very careful type of person. But here, I'm picking up mixed signals, my friends (that know of him) believe he's a negative entity, whilst I myself see him as a positive influence. So there's that, I suppose. But it was nice getting a third party opinion on this, thank you, guys! 😊 ❤
Newbeginning in Dazed And Confused
I hate to say this but you are being tricked. These are demons. They talk and look like loved ones to pull you in. You need to test these spirits. They have to repeat this and if they can't they are demons. Have them repeat this: Jesus came in the flesh and died in the cross for my sins. On the third day he arose again they cannot say it if a demon.
That was not your guide you have invited demons into your life through trying to meet your guide. Now they are in your home and if you keep a low vibration will attach, oppress and then possess it not saved.
This sounds like a demonic attachment. It happened to me while messing with the occult which is what you are doing. It's all demonic. My home, family were all effected in a bad way after my third eye opened. It's rea! And not of God.
I had these spirits visit as well. Along with knowing things. Found out I had a demon living inside of me. I got deliverance from a pastor from demonic oppression. They can oppress you as a child easioy. Even having rejection feelings opens doors

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