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Can Psychic Abilities Be Inherited?


My family has a history of psychic abilities possibly starting with my great great grandfather who was a psychic medium and healer. My childhood was always full of stories and experiences that my grandmother would share with me, such as how, as a young girl, she would see faces on walls and objects and have spirits visit her. Two of the most shocking stories was how one of my aunts would always see a women under her bed, and when my grandmother's father had warned her of her mother's illness. These stories would fascinate me, but would also scare me half to death; mainly due to the fact that I could relate to some of them.

All through my childhood I had always felt different to my sisters; like I was more aware of my surroundings. I would feel overpowered with fear whenever I went to bed, as I could never shake off the feeling of being watched. This would often result in me sleeping in my mother's room, and at times there were long periodes of time where I couldn't sleep on my own because I was so scared. Like my grandmother I would be able to see faces on walls and objects, and hear noises that no one else could hear, and smells would trigger memories. For example, there's a certain perfume that whenever I smell will trigger memories of my childhood, sometimes trigger emotions that I had forgotten and no longer want to feel.

I am 18 years old now and still haven't been able to shift the feeling of being watched. Sometimes I'll be able to walk into a room and know that someone is with me; I won't be able to see Them, but I will know where their energy is coming from. Also before I go to sleep I'll sometimes be able to hear voices shouting, and at times be hit with the overpowering sense of sadness and anger.

It scares me most of the time, but my grandmother has always told me not to be afraid, as the spirits won't hurt me, and that most of them are just seeking help or are just lost. It also reassures me to know that my great grandfather is my guardian Angel, and Will always be there to protect me. However I am yet to find out who my spirit guides are.

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NANCYLEEQ (2 posts)
2 years ago (2019-10-01)
I always feel when something is going to happen bad to someone. At times I can identify who it is at other times the bad thing happens to another person just the same it's a bad thing. I dream of someone and my mind tells me to reach out to them. Usually something is happening to them. I get this nagging feeling and try to reach them. It's hard because I know a lot don't believe in this intuition but it's real. I had one today about my friend In Maryland just waiting for a call back
City_Lights (2 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2014-06-29)
I think this is almost comforting to me. I'm nearly the exact same way- in the terms of being scared. I'm nearly 18 and still find myself crawling in bed with my mom out of fear. I know my mom has abilities but its not something we talk about. I Had strong abilities as a child but the older I got the more I lost control. Things come and go, and when they do its crazy and unnerving. Your family seems open to it, which allows generations to openly practice the abilities. Much like Sharelle said.
Sharelle (6 posts)
7 years ago (2014-06-25)
You don't inherit psychic ability - we are all born with it. But while your ability is strong when you are young, it can fade over time if you don't use it. Many people grow up in families that reject psychic ability as the 'devil's work' or rubbish, so the fact that your family has a history of belief is what makes it run strong in your family. Psychic ability should be nurtured, not feared or ignored.

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