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Hi Storm,
Yep, you are psychic, there is no doubt. I suggest a meditation program to help with control and the like. Whilst I am just a satisfied customer, I recommend the "Silva Mind Control" programs. These are available as live seminars or on recordings/ CDs etc. Maybe even used.
Hello CrazyCat,

I would agree that the major reason why is you understand yourself better. It is also a bit of maturity, the older you get, the better control of your emotions you have. You eventually rely on experience and accept the actions of others because you know that is who they are. You will never lose your ability to express yourself, you will just do it in more mature ways.

As for doubting yourself, it is health to an extent. It helps you think out things a little more before acting, but you should never let it stop you from being who you are. Being who you are will bring you the most joy in the end and will lead you where you want to go in life.

As for the random events, they help you grow in ways you never would of thought of beforehand. I always like to think of them as life's little surprises, God's/Nature's/ (whatever you may believe) 's way of helping you see unseen truths in yourself. In the end, the world is an amazing place full of wonderful people, I just wish more felt free to be who they are and follow their dreams and desires.

[at] Crazycat, I just dream about certain events and they come up in the future. Sometimes, they come up immediately and other times, they come up in a few weeks or months. Can you describe what your abilities are?
Hi CrazyCat,

If you email me I can probably answer some questions you might have. You can click on my name and open my profile page and read older posts there and find my email.

You should not be afraid of me, because I only go after negative entities not people. 😁 πŸ˜‰
Godflysss1620 glad to have come across your post. I too need help and seek answers. I too keep to myself. Your mom talks to you about these things? My parents just dismiss me, so, I keep it to myself. Other people will obviously think I'm crazy. In fact, one of my friend told me to forget about them and also, I believe she's a little afraid of me. I don't know what to do. By the way, how are you doing now? Have you found your answers?
CrazyCat in Newbie Psychic
Oh My God LostPuppy! Can we be friends? I'm also in search of answers. In fact, I don't even know what I actually am, I have done a few things and seen some things,but, I'm recently feeling an itch to find things out. I'm so confused. Hey, by the way, what kind of ghosts did you see? Are they really as terrifying as they show in the movies? Please tell me!
Can you tell me more about it emmy007? I don't know what mine is, I can't name it. Would you be able to help, if I described?
emmy007 in Newbie Psychic
Hello Lost puppy, I have the gift of precognition. I can help you develop it. You can send me an email at emmarexx3 [at]
Hello Crazycat, I am a precog. I have the ability of dreaming of the future. It wasn't easy developing this gift but I am glad I did.
Hello ThulsaDune! I'm interested in learning and knowing more. So, I had an experience recently, that has made me finally think, that I need to know more, cause I'm pretty sure, these experience are not going to stop anytime soon. It seems you can help me understand what happened and help me. I'm at a point, where ignoring is no longer an option, since I realize, my experiences involve pain and tiredness. I'd been ignoring it cause my cousin and a friend suggested it, I too didn't want to be involved, but I've been,unintentionally. So, maybe you can help? I tried posting my story,but, it seems to take long. So, would you help me? At this point, I'm afraid of myself and also, I'm feeling a little afraid of you (I don't know why). But you are also giving me the feeling of 'similar'. I'm somewhere between skeptic and believer. Help please.
emmy007,what other things can you help with? May I know? Quibound and Joey4213! Oh my God! You guys sound awesome! I'm still struggling with accepting the existence of psychic abilities and supernatural, cause recent events have made me think of everything that has happened in the past and recently. I'm still searching for answers.
Thank you Min! It's just that sometimes, I'm afraid if I'm losing my ability to express myself. I don't know why I'm even worried. Maybe because I have been able to see and understand myself more clearly nowadays? Sometimes, I do worry about what people would think and I doubt my own instincts and knowledge,but, only temporarily and a recent event has made me worry even more. It has also increased my curiosity. I've been searching for answers,but,I've been unable to find it. Thank you once again!

Internal balance is being at peace with the decisions you make and how you view yourself. Wisdom is not being surprised by the outcomes of the actions of others and yourself. What happens when you have both is you know the outcome and you accept it because you know it will happen and you know it will not change who you are. Just think about what stress is and what causes it. In my experience, stress only comes about when I would worry about how others would react to my actions. I was worried more about their view of me, than my view of myself. In doing so, I would try to change myself to match what I wanted them to view me as instead of being who I was, which only lead to more anguish in the long run. So, I would say you are perfectly fine at the moment, and just because things do not surprise you at the moment, doesn't mean something won't in the future.

I think I'm going to have to ask you another question too. Is my balance the reason, that I always feel calm, no matter what the situation. It's like I can't really tell the outcome,but,there's a deep instinctual feeling. I can't describe it. I just don't stress out anymore, like I used to. It's like I've accepted everything as a part of the experience. I hope you understand? Is the balance the thing that is keeping me the way I am now? Things don't surprise me anymore and I think a small part of me might be scared? Please help.
Hello Joey4213, I think you have good abilities and I can help you develop them. You can contact me at emmarexx3 [at]
Hello CrazyCat,

What you visualize is your own internal balance of yin and yang. It is a good thing. In fact, it is the first step to knowing yourself. If you are in harmony with yourself, then you can venture in deeper and deeper in. Eventually, you will find true understanding within yourself and become at peace with yourself and who you want to be. After that point, it is a simple matter of pursuing your wants until you make them reality.

Hi Grayfeather! Please explain something to me. It's about me and my friend.
I'm new to this, still struggling to understand the concept, but I think he was a messenger. He must have been a messenger. I have heard black dogs like that are messengers of death, therefore the first declaration, the second maybe to just warn you. He might have come to you,cause,maybe you tapped into something unknowingly? Or maybe cause you're already sensitive? You should probably try to know if you're sensitive and have tapped into something. You might find out eventually. I heard some people get messages in dream. Might want to consider it. Also, knowing if you have or had anyone psychic or just sensitive in the family might help. Heard it stays in the bloodline or something. Hope this helped. Have a good day.
Might want to keep working on what you're doing. See,I'm new to this. Still struggling with the concept really. You might be strong and maybe you just don't realize how strong? It seems you're going through what people call awakening process? I've heard that during these times, your energies are usually haywire and that emotions are haywire too. I've also heard you become sensitive to things like that. Since, they sense unprotected energies, I guess they get attracted cause,they're hungry too? I think, the best thing to do would be to let your abilities keep growing and maybe practice controlling it? Also, maybe you can build a shield? Just imagine a shield around you, put all your faith in it, trust that nothing will pass it? I think you'll be protected after that. Just believe and have faith.
Wrote cause I felt like writing. Are you okay now? If not, maybe try what I wrote. I think it'll work. Tell me if it works? I want to know. Cause I don't know, why I know. Have a good day.
It sounds similar... Just the part of seeing the dark energy. I don't get into moods or anything. And I don't think I call it dark energy either actually. I don't know what to call it. I'm still struggling with the concept, but anyway, when I close my eyes, an image will always flash in my mind. I know it's me,but,I look different. I always feel protected. My left part is made up of the dark matter while the right is made up of light matter. And I always seem to have a shield like structure, made up of both the dark and light energies. It didn't use to be that way. The images just come, even though I'm skeptical. Recent events have increased my curiosity though. I've just accepted the image, I guess. I think, the best you can do is accept it, or imagine removing it while you meditate? I heard meditation works.
Hi melda! Thanks for commenting! My spiritual guide is a human!πŸ˜‚ he is 75+ years old (I don't know his exact age)! He was an exorcrist in his young age and he is a really powerful psychic too but He dosent speaks about his abilities! He says that I am "Chosen" and I guess helping spirits is the thing for which I m chosen for!πŸ˜‡
And about Telepathy, Actually I was able to hear him in my ears as if I m talking to a human and I didn't saw him as a astral fireball on both ocasions because when I was on the railway station's tea stall, I saw a bright streak of white light and the place where I was standing was far from the place where he was but then I saw an arm from the corner of my eye! I know one thing that others are not able to hear or see these spirits and I keep my tone as low as I can while talking to them for not to wake my parents up!
Thanks for your comment and your concern!😊

Thank you for the words in which you have typed.
They were very informitive.
I havn't been on this account in awhile, just decided to check in.
Hophelly I can get rid of these spiritual problems i'm having.
Mayank - Was this man speaking to you "in your mind", ie telepathically? That is the impression that I gain.

Did you see him as a floating astral fireball on both occasions?

You appear to have some very intense spiritual encounters and it does concern me a bit because I wonder whether you are able to cope with all this considering your young age and life experience. You mentioned before that your family has a spiritual guide who does in fact assist you. I'm assuming that this is a human spiritual guide.

I am trying to relate to your experiences but find it difficult as I'm pretty average when it comes to spiritual encounters. Yes I have had a number of encounters but nothing on your kind of level.

I do believe in reincarnation and as I have said to you before, it seems that your soul might have reincarnated many times, which is perhaps one of the reasons you have such heightened abilities. It could also be that you are living this life to assist people, both in a human and spiritual capacity.

Nevertheless, be careful of over-reaching yourself.

Regards, Melda
robmkivseries70 in I See Tiny Dots In The Air
Hi Blue,
I don't want to rain on the parade but seeing small dots in your vision could be an eye problem. Get it checked out with your eye Dr. Don't give up on meditation, it's really good stuff.
Hi Venus, I can understand where you are coming from. About the mind control, I believe this is down to our individual 'will' more than anything - don't underestimate willpower, it's not just a word. I myself have seen examples of how people have beaten the odds through sheer will power and had miraculous wins and healings, (we are more powerful than we know.) As to the voices visions etc. I have personal experience with this. When I was suffering from depression I had what I can only describe as attacks. I have protected myself through my faith and have actively sort light to rid myself of these dark influences. I am not telling you what to do, just sharing my experience. Now my psychic abilities come in the form of visions and discernment - I have saved myself more than once from being hurt by using my intuition. I hope that you find ways to channel your abilities so that they are helpful and not scary.
Trinitywasmyhero in Prophetic Dreams
My theory on this is that children don't know what they are 'supposed' to believe, so they believe everything. When we get older, we are told that these experiences can't be real and that they must be coincidences. I think that over time this creates self doubt and we suppress our abilities, either consciously or subconsciously. Be aware of dreaming of the future as an adult. I have found that my future dreams are darker now than when I was a child, when I, like you, dreamed of new kids coming into my life who later became friends. My dreams now are usually warnings and sometimes this can be scary as they are not always accurate enough to protect myself. They say that ignorance is bliss, I'm not sure, but do I know that there is a lot of work to be done if we want to develop our gifts properly.
robmkivseries70 in Prophetic Dreams
Hi starry,
I am going to take a stab in the dark here. I going to guess that as you have gotten older you are more active socially. Not that this is bad, but it may have pushed you dreaming ability off to the side so to speak. I recommend some time every day for meditation. Keep it positive, saying while in meditation,"Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better and better". Spend some of the meditation time just relaxing and being receptive. HTH
LingaSharira in Help My Son
I don't know where in California you live, but there are tons of paranormal groups out there who can help. These groups have generally seen it all, and will know what to do. They will first come to your son's house to investigate, and try to gather as much paranormal evidence as possible. Then they'll have one or multiple people come in to cleanse the house, and they'll check in after to make sure everything is okay. Just look for paranormal groups in your son's area and call them. Hopefully this helps!
I would start by contacting your local paranormal groups to see if they can help. I endured a terrifying haunting at my old house, to the point where I couldn't even live at home anymore. We contacted a paranormal group, they came over and gathered tons of evidence while we were there. They were supposed to come back and cleanse the house the following week, but never made it back because it snowed or stormed badly every time they tried. So they finally gave up, and we moved out a month later. And it didn't follow me.

But that wasn't normal for a paranormal group to not follow through with what they started. They generally have members of their group who can cleanse the house after they're done gathering evidence. They also will spend the night doing so, with or without you there, and will follow up to make sure things are still okay. And if the entities are especially bad, they know religious figures and other psychics who can help them cleanse the house.

Another thing about paranormal groups, they are heavily involved in the paranormal community. So they should know who to send you to so you can start learning how to work on yourself. Contacting your local paranormal group could open a good door for a change.
robmkivseries70 in Death Dreams That Come True
Hi Veronica,
There are some scientific theories in an area called "Quantum Mechanics" which suggest we are all connected in some way. Much of this is backed up with some very complex mathematics. I'll suggest a movie which presents some things in terms for the layperson. The title is "What the Bleep Do We Know". While psychic connections aren't specifically mentioned, the underpinnings are there. The movie has been out about 10 years or so. There is an organization in California called "The Institute of Noetic Sciences" that is actively exploring these things. Jose Silva of "Silva Mind Control" was studying these things beginning in the 1940s.
This might be way off base even for a spiritual website, but I believe we are living on a prison planet. We either are forced to come here to be punished, or we have come to help free others. And those in charge are here to keep us enslaved, keep us down so they can use us to survive and thrive.

I believe that however we land here, we are given something that blocks our abilities before we go into a body to be born. It could be some kind of energy-blocking device or spiritual implant, or whatnot. Whatever it is, it is used to prevent those of us with powers from doing what we came here to do.

For the past year now, I have experienced hundreds of nights where I start an out-of-body experience, only to suddenly be jolted back into my body in a sudden and painful fashion. Two nights ago, as soon as I closed my eyes, I was instantly inside of a digital-looking wormhole, traveling outside of this planet. (I've never seen that before.) As soon as I left the atmosphere, and made it to outer space, I was jerked back to my body. Now, I have never made it that far. Never. Not even close. The farthest out I've gotten was in the sky below the clouds. My guess is that my soul is growing stronger, so this device, or implant, is fighting against me harder.

I spoke to my friend about these experiences for the first time yesterday, and he reminded me of his belief that our spirits have been implanted to keep us in line on this prison planet. Call it a spiritual house-arrest device if you will. Whatever it is, it is not a physical device. We won't find it on our physical body. It is non-physical and works on a spiritual level.

This goes hand-in-hand with my belief that we astral travel in order to gain insight into our abilities and our origins, to hone our natural, spiritual abilities, and also to gain knowledge on how we can work together to stop those who are in charge of this prison planet. It also makes sense knowing that other abilities of mine are blocked, weakened, or have never even manifested in this life. And it makes sense for others I've met whose abilities haven't manifested the way they should, or have been weakened over time.

There are many different ways to fight against everything that prevents us from our true selves. We can do spiritual work independently, but I've found group gathering to be the most effective. For example, chanting drum circles make me feel like I'm exploding with light and energy, which I believe is the key to obliterating this alleged device that entrap us.

Any situation which allows us to be in sync with one another opens us up that much more. Music is a great tool, chanting is phenomenal in the same way. Group meditation is astounding. Seek these opportunities out, or create these opportunities within your community. There are more people like you surrounding you than you think.

We may have come here alone, but we are not alone here. It's important to work with others who can magnify your energy, and whose energy you can help magnify in return. The more energy you create together, the more impact it will have on anything holding you back. It will also help open up independent work like meditation for you. I hope this helped. It certainly helped me to write this out and make sense of everything aloud.
Trinitywasmyhero in Dreaming In Black & White
An interesting experience. I myself have never dreamt in black and white, however I have spoken to people who have never dreamt in colour. Equally, I have both 1st and third person dreams while others I know only dream in the 1st person, seeing things through their own eyes. Sometimes I see two versions of myself acting independently as if I'm a triplet? I once read that the soul wanders when we sleep, my nights are filled with dreams most prophetic, in fact people get sick of me saying 'see I told you so' after a dream I had comes true. However I know people who swear that they never dream. As to your candle, it's possible that your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to something you've missed. I often joke that I do my best thinking when I'm asleep! It will be interesting to see if you have any similar dreams.
I met my partner (now husband of 13 years) when I was 18 and I just knew. However, he is not psychic in the slightest and for him it was more about growing together. I can't pretend that it is easy meeting the love of your life so young and trying to make things work, even if you believe that they are your soul mate. There have been many obstacles and trials we have gone through. If you believe that he is the one then keep him in your life, but stay as friends until he is ready for more. Perhaps things will run their course with his girlfriend and there will be a time when you are both available. People need different things at different times and love moves at different paces for different people. I know it's hard but hang on and wait for the right moment, you'll know when it arrives.
Trinitywasmyhero in Spirit Crow/raven
He may be trying to connect with you. Have you heard of the British psychic Eddie Burks? He suggested that suicide can trap a soul on the Earth. I myself am not gifted in communicating with ghosts, but if this is your talent you may be able to help him move on. Perhaps you know someone else who could advise you how to do this? Eddie Burks said that psychics act like a beacon to trapped souls, perhaps that is why he has come to you. I hope you find a solution.
Trinitywasmyhero in Death Dreams That Come True
I have not had death dreams but members of my family have. My uncle has had two that came true and my aunt on the other side has had one. Recently my son who is eight and I think psychic, dreamed that we were going to have an accident in our new car. After that the engine kept failing and the mechanics couldn't figure out the problem. We got it fixed but exchanged it for another car because I think he had a warning dream. Because of my family experience, I took him seriously and put a protective charm in the car. We took it down when we were cleaning it and it wouldn't start at all. As soon as I put it back in, the engine came to life. I know this is just speculation but I believe having the charm there protected us from having an accident until we could exchange the car. I think that your dreams may be warnings and perhaps you could look into ways of protecting those you love. I am religious and I find that this has helped protect me from some of the bad psychic connections that I have made. I think the act of seeking light and rejecting darkness can help to focus your psychic powers onto more useful areas. I hope that you find a way to channel your energies as it seems like things are very frightening for you right now.
I have deja vu a lot. Most recently I was at the dentist and I remember thinking she's not washed her equipment something bad is going to happen. (I am not afraid of dentists and this was the first time I felt bad being there.) A week after my appointment I developed a bad infection which made my whole face swell up. It went down but left a cyst that flares up every now and then and still effects me a year later. My deja vu lends to occur when something significant is about to happen, meeting someone important etc. So my advise is to tune into it and if you develop your perception you may be able to avoid bad things happening or take advantage of good things. I'm in my thirties and mine has become stronger as I've got older.
when I read this I was shocked... You discussed things you saw in my's just a place I keep books... The red part is a plastic bag... The 1st item is a folded notice board... The's just a CD (Queen of the south)...the bottle is a fabric softenerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is more common than you think, so don't freak out! I have dreams almost every other night of the future. My uncle is psychic and an aunt on the other side of my family is too. They have both dreamed people's deaths, which is very scary when it comes true. I don't know what to say about your dreams, I try to listen to mine and while I haven't yet managed to prevent anything from happening I believe I have done damage limitation through taking precautions. So my advice is listen to your dreams and try to remember them and if you have a feeling in your gut, act on it. The few times I haven't I've regretted it.
[at] Jubeele yes I am an empath, and a medium. I actually found out what this was as I didn't type much more details
Have you heard of the British psychic Eddie Burks? He suggests that these entities feed off psychics and use their energy in order to appear. He also experienced the emotions of the beings who contacted him. It will be worth looking into blocking strategies so that they don't drain you. Well worth looking him up if you haven't already, he was one of the most powerful psychics of the 20th century.
Hello sunshine 😊, it seems to me that you're experiencing mood swings that are causing you to feel overwhelmed and this may have triggered a form of depression. Now that was the medical diagnosis that I got when I went through something very similar years ago.

You may be also be an empath and sensitive to emotional bombardment from all sides. Especially from other people broadcasting strong emotions. All that barrage can set off a sensory overload. Your gifts may temporary short-circuit as a result. That is why you felt as if they were "disappearing". Then they overloaded into dreams and premonitions.

There are various ways to deal with this. A doctor may prescribe an anti-depressant or mood stabilisers to blunt the extreme mood swings for a while. The side-effects made me feel as if my head was stuffed with cotton wool. But it did buy me some time until I was strong enough to deal with being an empath.

You might wish to meditate to help calm yourself whenever you feel under siege by negative energies. An empath needs to regularly cleanse and purge off these energies from being around people. A walk by the beach, in the park, spending time in a garden helps too. Getting back to nature and grounding yourself to let the positive light replenish you. Work on white light shielding to build a protective barrier against negativity.

Avoid people like that woman. Spend more time with people who are positive, cheerful and kind. Strengthen the positive energies around you. Everyone needs a boost now and again.

You are special. You have beauty. You are worthy of love. You are strong. You are powerful. NEVER let anyone or anything take that belief away from you!

Sending you well-wishes and positive light. Be well. ❀
I couldn't understand you clear enough. May you clear up what you meant?:)
robmkivseries70 in It's All Happened So Fast
Hi Lauris, what you are looking for is the "Silva Ultra Mind" program as put out by Avlis productions of Laredo, TX. Their material will help you train and control your gifts. BTW, I am just a satisfied customer struggling with the basics of the Psychic world.

Ok I felt I had to jump on here quick. I was compelled to open up this site this morning for some reason and now I know why. Here is my knowledge on this subject that I will impart to you and others. There is a constant battle outside of us and inside all of us. Light and Dark, good and evil, positive and negative influences and energies are at war. They battle for control and balance. Darkness is always the aggressor and light the protector.

We were given free will and choice as a gift. We are free to chose the path and direction we wish to follow. Darkness wants to enslave us and light wants to free us. Darkness wants to own use and abuse us and consume us. Light wants to nurture love and free us. This is an infallible universal truth that never changes.

We are beings of light and our Soul or true self is ever growing and moving and changing. We are energy moving through time and dimension.

Darkness wants to enslave us and feed of off us for eternity. It will try anything in it's power and arsenal to make that happen.

This is where influence and POSSESSION come into play. I am an empath and have dealt with this stuff for over 46 years. An empath is more susceptible to influence, because of the energies and emotions that they take into themselves. An empath and many forms of psychics are at a greater danger of being possessed or influenced by Dark forces and energies. The greatest danger is in channellings or like situations because they willingly give up control to other forces.

We must find ways to protect and shield ourselves from attack by dark forces. We must realize that we are constantly under attack from things with ill intent and counter it in anyway possible.

Knowing and accepting is half the battle. The fact that you realize it is awesome and positive.

You are experiencing influences and attempts at possession. You can fight and control it. 😊

Cleanse, protect and meditate. Ask for help if you feel you need it.
Empathichand in Dark Energy Inside Of Me
I know exactly what you mean I've had the same thing happen to me before. I'm an empath, and because of it I think that for me at least it's the dark side of my mind, my shadow self, it really scared me when I wasn't aware of energy and chakras etc. It stills scares me but you have to be embrace it as yourself, not your full self though. Its one aspect of us and we have to recognize that, to be whole.
1.3rd Eye Sensitivity
2.The Pysical Realm
Okay psychic powers in definition... This is you en'nt crazy... Aura sometimes move... Mine used to jump when coming back... Like someone is walking past me... No matter how long you try... Aura is unexplainable... But the trick I noticed is it's a snitch... Like "go check if their is milk in the fridge"... The other Clair something brings a Yes or No...πŸ’ƒπŸƒπŸšͺ
Okay I know who followed you... Say 'fears'e.g cynophobia & katsaridaphobia... Check my today story... Lol 2 of them... Site sounding like America's got talent...them:"Verification "πŸ˜‚
All of ya'll shhhhh... Okay listen... Psychologist are lies... I have a hoodie... Actualy I drew it even before I bought it... The art was unfinished or maybe I was lazyπŸ˜•
We just forget the monster part. Lol shiat scary tf?πŸ˜‚
Okay don't judge... It was me...πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ŠHey
The thing is I was on my obe levels... Explain it the way you want but one thing that usually happens is I change form... We all do when in astra... To be honest I don't practice... It just happens... I don't remember who, were & how I got there but the story to me is déjà vu😐
I saw it today at 5:00 AM in the morning and yes it has purple eyes. Completely white skin with some sort of scars on its face and dark shadow around its complete figure.
I saw it when I was sleeping and seeing a dream of my friends becoming soldiers haha:D when the thing came and said I made them all like this (It was like my dream was completely hijacked).

I directly asked her who are you and it said I am this.
That thing showed me her face which was the same I described above with purple eyes, White face.

At the same time I woke up completely and felt something standing behind me at the corner of my bed. I could Feel her legs touching my back.

I could not move my self and I completely believe it was not sleep paralysis because I am completely aware of SP and I have already experienced it many times.
It was just Identical to SP. I was completely awake. Then I just woke up and looked behind me but nothing was there I just felt something like a dark brown and black figure almost 5.5 ft tall running toward the drawing room. I just saw a glimpse of it.
At the same time I decided to see it for whatever happens.
I kept staring at the door and then I fell into sleep (Tried hard to stay awake but of no use).

I don't know how I woke up again and felt myself paralyzed (Again not moving my body) but I was able to open my eyelids just a bit with a blurred and faded view of the drawing room's door the iron stand, Kitchen and the lawns door. I could hear the water dripping out of pipes and it was raining like cats and dogs.
Then I saw it again this time clear glimpse of about 1 second.

Black shadow with some dark brown color of it figure and a little transparent came out of the drawing room's door ran towards the kitchen with no walking sounds. It was walking like it flying.
Like lifted up a little inches above the floor.

I completely shivered and goose bumping and I felt needles in my whole body from head to feet. It was just a glimpse and I saw it for one second.
Besides all this, I was only afraid if it could hurt me but it didn't. It was like she never wanted me to see her around or feel her presence.
I saw her white face (Like blood was completely drained out of her body) when I was dreaming and after that all of this happened.
This is real. If someone says that I am crazy I don't care I will keep believing What I experience today.
It was completely paranormal.
Hi Julia! Well he was being carried away and manipulated by the negative forces and he shouted on me really badly which indicated anger which showed that he was getting carried away by negativity! If I showed more patience then the forces would be making him more and more angry and that could result in me getting hurted by him! He was too flusterated and he was getting angry because of negativity so I just shouted back to avoide the consequences and I actually triggered his real self! I 'Saw' his whole life and I knew that he is a good person and he never insulted anyone in such a way so I just used this word 'insult' to trigger his actual self which was polite and good in nature and by doing so, the negative forces lost control over his mind and his actual self appeared in front of me and if I didn't did that then he would be getting more angry and hard to tackle and I would never be able to help him and that's a strong possibility of me being hurted by him as negative forces were manipulating him!
He appoligized quickly because in his mind his actual conciousness or you say his real self gained control and it was basically that his actual self said to him that what am I doing? How can I insult someone like this! And then he started to apologize and I tackled him!πŸ˜‡
Danielle103nativespirit in Warnings From The Spirit World
I believe you can close yourself off. I have also questioned if that's actually possible but I have the same as you. Clairvoyants in the family and I think I inherited the abilities. I am also Native. My tribe is known for special connection to spirit. We are the clan of the night and we seem to trust and follow the stars. Which I have known about myself before I ever learned about my culture. I have always been incredibly intuitive so the fact I knew this all about myself before I knew it was actually apart of me is no surprise. My mother is not native she is German very white. Always told me not to open myself to spirit. I have always been like you almost a fear to let it in. I still have had experiences but not as much if I hadn't had close it off I believe.
Hi Mayank

That was a fascinating train journey. I think it's most likely that you saw only an arm at first on the train tracks because the spirit didn't have enough energy to fully form. Once he got your attention, he probably found it easier to reach out to you during your subconscious state.

I had a little chuckle at your little brother running in with the mobile phone game in the middle of your vision. Interrupted by Thanos - that no-good villain!

I felt sorry for that poor man. What a tragic accident. He was still grieving for all he had lost and stubbornly clinging on to his earthly memories. I'm sure he was also afraid of the next step. Under the circumstances, maybe you could have been a little more patient with him. But I'm glad you were able to help send his spirit on to the next stage of his journey.

Interesting information about Vedas and reincarnation. I believe that our bodies are temporary shells that house our life energies, spirits or souls. That is why we can astral travel or have OBEs. Our life force/energy can simply move between one realm and the next. You've certainly given me much to think about.

I think you were hungry and thirsty because you used up a lot of energy astral travelling and reaching out to communicate with the spirit of that man. All that effort meant that you had to refuel afterwards. Maybe you should have a ready supply of food and water with you the next time. Growing teenage boys are always hungry!

Thanks for sharing your experience. 😊
robmkivseries70 in Am I Psychic Or?
Hi Shayx,
I'd say yes, you are psychic. I think what you are experiencing is called precognition, that is knowing something ahead of time. I'd suggest a meditation study program to help you learn about controlling your gift. The folks at Silva Mind Control in Laredo, TX are very helpful.
I remember how I died. It was def in 2002 but I remember I was in a room and all the lights were off and the light from outside shined through the sides of the closed curtains and I remember there was a tv that lit up the room though. I remember I was sitting on a couch and I felt numb and couldn't move. I remember there was a cat in the room too. It was a two room. One side was like a living room and there was a kitchen on the other side.
I've been searching for this post like this for years! My only encounter with a spirit was when I was 14 years old, in my late grandmothers house. My grandmother was a very religious lady and I would often sleep over at her house in my own room. One night I was laying in bed and all the corners and edges of the room turned pitch black and all moved towards the one corner of the room by the cupboards. This tall dark shadow (not in human form) rose up with bright shining purple eyes staring at me from the corner. I was so scared for my life, I prayed and prayed but he stayed there. I eventually spoke to him and said "I speak the blood of Jesus over you!" He grinned and everything became a bit darker. His eyes were what scared me the most. I called for my grandmother but she was asleep and didn't hear me. I abruptly turned on my bedside light when he disappeared. I left the light on and wanted to cry in was so real. At the time I thought it was a demon (as demons normally go to good people, and my grandmother was a very religious Christian) after the years it has stuck with me. Before my gran died I spoke to her about it and she prayed for me and I never saw him again. I also searched the internet for ages looking for someone who had had an encounter with the purple eyed shadow spirit but couldn't find anything. Until today, I would love to know more about this spirit and why he came to us? And also more details about your experience.
I don't know how I got here but I do know that everything written here is closer to how I feel than anything I've ever known. I'm 32 now and it's crazy how young most of you in these comments are, I remember realizing that I must be different at such a young age, third grade or so. I was painfully shy, I still have a hard time conversing with other people. I've come to terms with the feeling now. I love it. I don't know that I will ever find out what my great purpose is supposed to be while here on Earth, but I wait for it with open arms and that gives me hope. Maybe it won't come, maybe it will, but at this point I think having that possibility has to beat the alternative. I wouldn't want to be normal anymore. The world gets worse and worse. Anyway... I've always had an old soul. I'm certain that I must have lived a past life. I'm still amazed by the things (music, antiques, old pictures, nature, people) that give me deja Vu in a sense, such a strong connection that I can't figure out.
I have a strong draw to the number 3. Everything I do is in 3s. I don't understand that but I go with it. I don't have much choice.
My life has seemed to be led by some greater power, always something magical or miraculous happening around me if I pay attention. I don't deserve the honor.
The earliest feeling that I knew was strange as a little girl...I've always yearned to "go home". That sticks in my head and no matter where I've been, I have not found home yet. I find myself at the end of a trying or emotional day, yearning for home but I don't know how to get there. Not yet.
I've never known anyone that feels or thinks the same as me. Until my strange Google search this morning that turned up this page. What a long, strange trip. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one.
MightyMohawhMidgit in Seeing Shadows?
Hi, when I started seeing shadows, in the corner of my eye, flash by, one room to another, down hall, I was puzzled at first, what could that mean, and why me? Well I told my grandmother and she told me never to be scared, it was a messenger... Coming to warn me or it was trying to get some kind of message to me,, She said every time this happens, mark it on the calendar, any were from 7 to 10 days I will here something important,, And I always did, from a sickness to death always within those days,, Also, near death experiences, Years ago, I had an uncle sit at the end of my bed, hand out wanting me to come with him, took all I could not to go, Out of body experience, It felt so good, the light, heat so on, I wanted to go wherever I was supposed to go, but then I thought of my children and then such a bang, back to the bed I was lying on, with such force it seemed, then last year I was having the colonoscopy and while I was under, I was thinking of my dad who had passed away not long before, I had missed so much, as I was waking my dad was at the end of my bed, the warmth, the light was unreal, and I saw dad there and I said, oh dad it is so beautiful here I want to stay with you, he looked at me and said, No babe not now, and I looked and said yes please, and he said no not now and disappeared with his smile and that as that... And now my 13 year old granddaughter just told me she is having those experiences, just the last 6 months, with a shadow here at my house, first one ever, and the sleep paralysis, at her dads house in the one room only, no were else... Why is this happening, to her, because of me, none of my other grandchildren have this,, she is close to me,, but I ask myself why... Can you help me with this, I also told her not to be scared of the shadows,, thank you
JessaMoon (guest) in Glowing Green Eyed Man
Was the clothes he wore coloured or black silhouette like a shadow? I think this can happen if sleep paralysis has occured becuase of the mind being awake before the body, sometimes spiralling the brain into creating dreams into reality or maybe even it could be the third eye being open and depicting any ghost or entities aroun; I see shadow people with glowing green eyes and luckily I'm not alone 😁
Hope this helped x ❀
hey Boni grayfeather,
I was born at around 8,30am, 19th of June 2000.
About mind controll, Yeah I know it is bad but I don't do it for bad purposes. I mean I only do it when I want to sit somewhere in bus, I make other people sit somewhere else and you know small stuff not hurting anyone. But you are right it is very bad if you think like that. And I don't know how to be a psychic or how to find others like me. So I am very confused rn.
Lynx1612 in Luke Stout Missing
I would have blocked you too if you contacted me saying you seen a 'vision' of my missing child's killer. You were telling her that her son was dead! Unofficial psychic detective agency lol.
I see that this post is fairly old at this point but after all several years of my eye is starting to tear up every time I start to think or watch videos about the supernatural I decided to Google it and instantly found this post. I have had people tell me I was an empath before but never really considered the thought that I actually could be one. And I'm curious to learn more about it
My powers are getting hotter every time I summon it. Maybe it's getting stronger? Maybe soon I'll see a flame. If I do, I'll post a pic.

Hi Venus I'm Boni grayfeather first off sweetie your not crazy lol, your just psychic, I know it's scary and cofusing sometimes and when you start out as
Young as you did it's hard to know exactly what to do especially if your parents arnt the same way. (Psychic) so first of all, the voices in your head, sometimes they are from psychotic episodes but in your case I don't believe that, I believe that if you concentrate on them they will stop all the talking at the same time, tell them you cannot amd will not listen to them at all if they don't stop talking all at the same time, tell them you will just shut them all out and go about your own business. They are trying to talk to you and thay all have there own needs, some of them you can help, some you can't but you can't
even try to help if you can't understand what it is there trying to say. Second, as for the mind control (this is actually not a good idea
Why? Becouse you are invading their privacy.) Treat others like you would like them to treat you. If you don't think that you would like it if somwone got inside your head don't to it to them. See what I meam? I know it's really cool but it's an invasion of privacy it's like looking through somomes window when there dressing. Third and last a lot of times we are hyperactive some more then others becouse we are on both planes at the same time. My self for instance walk both worlds at the same time this one and the spirit world, depression sometimes comes with it cuz it seems a like no one understands you, like your all alone. But your not trust me, there's lot of people like us. Just be paiteint you'll find them. Your abilities are developing at a fast rate just relax it will happen how ols are you when we're you born what time what day what year?
Grayfeather in Daughter Sees Ghosts
Hi my name is Boni and I'm a sensitive, sometimes spirits get confused if they are suddenly passed (car accident) ect, amd maybe your daughter has a bright light that draws them to her to cross them over. If they stay inside for a while that may be because she doesent know how to send them through.
Explain to her that she is a bright light and that these spirits get confused somwtimes and they need help, so when she feels them put both hands out at her sides like an airplane they should go in through and out the other side. She may become really tired the first couple times this happens cuz it seems to take your energy but eventually her body will get used it and it's a lot better then taking them and keeping them cuz some of them can be annoying, hope this this helps
Good Day Luminous,
I have been studying the work of Jose Silva who, by the end of his life, believed we were all sent here to improve conditions on planet earth. Perhaps, at some sort of deep level, you have something needed here on earth. It merits exploration in any case.

There is a possibility of a dark entry attacking you. I don't think it's inside of you based on what you described. There is an easy way to know if your negative mood comes from your own ego or from an external force. You learn how to spiritual protect yourself. Once you start practicing protection daily, and it stops then you will know.

I hope that helps,

I have been seeing 111 on my clock phone it watch when I randomly check I. I wondered what this meant
Hi, don't know if youll get this late message but ill try to give my two cents on this.

I had what seemed a 'glimpse' of a parallel universe (thats what I though at first but still not sure) or a possible probable outcome possibility.

I was before a staircase and before going down I saw myself and felt a shock through my body (well you know wat it feel when a car come by you and you stop and notice it at the last second) and so I saw myself twist a foot in horror.

I experienced some 'glimpses' like that so my wild guess is its either a parallel universe version of you that you saw what they went through or you saw a possible future outcome.

You can always research aboug Akashic records its a library in the astral that's supposed to contain everthing from past, present and future.

Thats the possible way that psychics have their visions, prophecies, glimpses. It also said to contains other probable outcomes of each decisions and actions.

Also parallel universes might well exist as well but some stuff are beyond human mind. Maybe a proof of them would be Mandela Effect but nobody are sure what cause it anyways.

As multidimensional beings I think we can harness the potential of another parallel universe or outcome but we would need to change our thoughts and shift our emotions to more positive ones.

Like you are sure you win a gold medal for example. Try to feel how happy the you in that moment and try to harness the positive vibes with full intent.

Then once the vision finish try practicing it. Just envision in your mind every details that you remember in that vision. Just remember to reproduce every details that is needed to reproduce it as close as possible then infuse those visualizations with the how the you felt in the vision you had before.

Then to add more power to it if you can have good visualization and intent and emotions then say in yourself I will succeed at this exam and that all possible means will be available for me to get a high rate.

Another suggestion might be a forewarning from your spirit guides or angels telling you that to be more prepared before the event like study more for exam, the friends should have trained more. Seriously its weird that it connect to others than you.

But anyways I hope my answer will shed some light for some
Hello brxanna-xo,

All of us have a little bit of darkness in us, don't you think? It is nothing to worry about. In fact I would say it is nothing more than your desire. Your want to become who you want to be, etc. Etc. Most likely, environmental fears amongst other factors have left you feeling empty, and thus craving some sort of power that you feel you do not current have. The reality is you do have that power, you just have to free yourself to it. Pursue what you want to be, who you feel you should be, you will feel better in the long run. There is nothing magickal about doing this either it is all inside you, and completely your decision.

Liberation is that of want and will, those who are liberated pursue their wants with the totality of their will, free to become who they are destined to be.

AngelDreadRandyXi in Green Smoke
I had an odd dream that lead me here, which compose of a misty green smoke-like entity, which wasn't like normal smoke but seem to have some kind of grip on me that won't let go... Notice this person posted 11 years ago, what's the odd as i'm a 911, september 11th, 1984
Joey4213 in Are These Visions?
they are future visions I get them too and can even call upon seeing them at will sometimes its a bit hard to do
Joey4213 in Are These Visions?
This ability of yours ImNotJanet is called chrono-kinesis I have it as well
OMG thank you for posting this because I have a problem Similar to this.

I have currently 3 abilities/powers they are Cryo-Kinesis Chrono-Kinesis and I have no idea what this one is called but I can altar parts of my body such as eye color. Etc. I sometimes use it to my advantage but I need help with my Chrono-Kinesis it gives me and Qibound the ability to see the future I am a bit more skilled with using my Chrono-Kinesis I can call upon seeing all possible futures at will but sometimes its hard to see and open that "gate" to see.

Any help is very appreciated.
Sorry as I am 3 years late to this thread, but I have been searching the internet for quite a while and this is the only relevant thread to my issue.

I have Cryo-Kinesis and Chrono-Kinesis and I have no idea how to go about controlling them I have gotten better with my Chrono-Kinesis and using it at will but sometimes it is hard to peer into the possible future. That is not my main issue though my main issue is my Cryo-Kinesis I was one of the few "natural born" with powers and these are them I can't control my Cryo-Kinesis the other night I was driving home with my sister and I somehow cooled the what was suppose to be 86 degree temperature to a 72 degree.

Any help would appreciated thanks.
DawnOfHackers in My Body Acts Differently
Yeah what Venus said, except it's probably not mental but more physical. Might be some sort of spinal nervous disorder, I'm not a doctor. You said your body acts weird, maybe the brain signals aren't being received properly. Blackouts could be explained with the same reason. Just go see a doctor should work.
I never remember my dreams until they are coming true, then it feels like really intense deja vu, I can't control them and I can never remember them when I wake up. Also, I have gut feelings about certain things, or I think "she shouldn't do that" or "he is a bad person" or things like that and I give advice to people when I think these things and what I said or thought happens exactly. I feel like it worse as I get older but I still don't know how to control these things. One time I was in 4th or 5th grade and I had a dream I was walking into a building and I had never seen it before but I had a feeling like I'd been in it before and someone was walking in front of me and I knew them but I couldn't completely see their face in the dream I just remember feeling like I knew them, and they turned around and waved at me. I woke up not understanding why I had dreamt that, a few years later we found out we were changing school districts, I was going into 7th grade and one day after I had already been going to the middle school for a while I had deja vu and what had happened in my dreams those couple years before happened. I couldn't understand how I dreamt about a place I'd never been and a peraon I had never met and it scared me. That was the first experience I could remember with this. There are more things that happen that no one else can understand too.
Hello Anon103,
It has been so long, and I am sorry. But I hope that all has been well with you and yours.
As to the question of distance, it is far easier for spirits to travel quickly than the living. If a ghost k ows someone well, finding the person can be like followimg a compass, and there are far fewer limits.
Nightingale in In Regards To My Child
Hello hwatson,
Congratulations on the new member of your family!
How wonderful to know that her grandpa can be there and watch out for her. And also that you can spek freely about all of these things as a family. Having grown up in a house with parents who believed me when I spoke to them about some of my psychic experiences as a child, I can say that the openness already there to welcome her will be so helpful to her should these gifts grow in the future.
All best to the entire family,
Nightingale in Am I Seeing Death?
Hello CollegeMommy205,
I often used to be aware of strangers' deaths before they happened. Many times I did learn about them later on the news. I know how difficult it is to stomach the idea and live with that knowledge. It feels like quite a burden.
Please know that you are not alone and that whatever occurs, this is not your doing and it is not your fault.
These gifts come with challenges, no doubt. But I hope that your dreams in the future will be more comprehensible.
Have you spoken to your dad about it? It always helps to know there are others with similar experiences.
If things like this happen more frequently, your abilities may be developing further. Meditation can help you gain some degree of control and help you open up to these things in a way you understand, even if it may open the floodgates for more at first.
Be kind to yourself and reach out when you need to. Also, take time away from people/events to think as needed. Sometimes I used to spend so much time trying to find clues that would help me piece together the stories. When it's meant to be, you'll be able to do that. But if you don't have any idea about these people, there is likely not much to be done.
Wishing the best for you and those in the dream,
i always felt like an alien too, I can never fit in and human are so complex to me. I also can do weird stuff like controlling peoples minds or just knowing things out of nowhere. I diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (Now it's called mild autism). So maybe that cause me to feel like an outsider but I am not sure. Maybe we are alien. Honestly, I would rather to be alien than to be a human because I don't understand humans. ❀
venusisrising in My Body Acts Differently
go to a psychologist it might be a mental illness. Seriously just go to a doctor instead of church. ❀
rcarriwill - I come from a staunch Catholic family and also raised my children in the Catholic faith. I have since lapsed for personal reasons.

Are you sure you were five years old when you went to confession? A child's first confession is the step before they have their First Holy Communion which happens once they are at school, usually about seven years of age and in South Africa in the second grade. I realise you live in the US.

Do you attribute your sighting of the "devil" to the long interval that you stayed away from Mass?

I remember seeing Rosemary's Baby many years ago and it was a rather horrible film. In these days it's quite mild but would have been scary enough for a young child to cause ongoing nightmares. Perhaps you didn't watch the film, I'm only considering the possibility that you might have had a few glimpses.

I don't either believe that you saw the devil. I doubt whether he would have the time or the inclination to go around scaring little children. Lesser minions do that. I'm not trashing the fact that you saw something evil, but the devil? Highly doubtful.

Regards, Melda
Whether you feel you are naive or not, you are at least open minded enough to "talk" to your mom and send out messages of hope that she'll visit. I think it was her you felt as the lights and shadows.

Thanks for sharing.
rcarriwill in Seeing The Shadow Man
Try pray over the area out loud. Sound like sensitive to spirit realm. I get hair on back of my neck. Kind of feeling when sense a spirit. My daughter did wicca at 12. I heard stuff. Like what your describing. Prayer stopped it.
Mayank3102 in Songs In The Night
Hi! This spirit that you guys herd was a positive one who was roaming here and there and the reason why you were able to imagine that girl is because you have some growing abilities and you have heard and saw things many times right? Well that's a sign of growing abilities and you don't need to worry about that girl because it was just a calm spirit which was moving here and there and she dosent needs any kind of help from you or your friend. I don't think that Your friend is a growing psychic because I am not able to sense any spiritual activity in his third eye chakra which is located in the middle of the eyebros and is responsible for these kinds of psychic abilities but he also heard it because he started to overthink when you told him about that, sometimes people start overthinking about paranomal and psychic stuff and then they start to 'believe' that something is out there and look at the fact that he didn't lived near your house then how was he able to hear the same spirit?! Calm down man, he was just overthinking and trust me its notthing to worry about.πŸ˜‡

If you need more information and help regarding your ability to hear spirits then feel free to Mail me! My e-mail Id is nirvaanbabbar [at]

By the way the ability to hear spirits is known as clairaudience and I suggest you to keep the things you hear to yourself only and don't share it with normal people exeption for trusted people like family members, brothers, sisters, parents etc because if you tell this to everyone then many won't believe you and they will even think that you are going crazy and the ones who will believe will start to overthink and will get afraid!

I also suggest you to start to meditate and grow spiritually and if you need information and help in developing your clairvoyance then I have given you my id!

I m also a teen and I m a clairaudient and I m a clairvoyant too! I also started to hear voices which used to call me and they came from the temple of my house and you can read my 1st story where I have mentioned this in detail. I help spirits and you can read my 2nd and 3rd story if you wish and I think that spirits may come to you in future too but I m not sure because everyone is different and god has written different things in everyones destiny!

Take care! Stay blessed and don't worry about your friend or that song okay!

rcarriwill in Am I Seeing Death?
Please try to look this up on the news. That what I do when those type of dream. They are warning dreams.
Possibly a spirit. There a dark realm where dark. Hound of Hell. It pitch black. I assume these rats come from that realm of Hell. Try to pray the Blood of Jesus. Pretty terrifying. Prayer for you.
Try to say the Blood of Jesus Christ out loud. When see these entities. That frighten you. It may help you.
I hear voices also my name being called. In crowds. Sometimes I hear my name when people talking I zone out and pay attention to spirit world or signs of it. When hear name called.
Yes! I'd like to know also! I don't think you're "crazy" because I've heard the same thing.

I woke up one morning and was almost asleep (keep in mind no one was awake but me) I heard my name in a mans voice. It's like you described in a computer like voice. I quickly turned over and no one was there. I was so freaked out I didn't go back to sleep.

I am a different kind of psychic than most you might encounter. I have many different common and unique gifts. I deal with and battle the more negative and darker side of things. One of my abilities is to see right through the veneer and deception that evil uses to hide behind. I am able to what I call travel and gain information from a distance away from where I am remotely. I am 50 years old now and have dealt with many things and people through the years. I try and help people when I can. Sometimes they don't want my help or advice and that is quite alright.

I sometimes make people uncomfortable with the things I know of or advise them of. So I will be very vague in the information that I am posting, but you will understand and get the jist of it if you are true with your self.

You have played with and done some things in the past that have led you down the wrong path. The good thing is that you can take control and reverse course if you truly want to. Alot of what you are experiencing is self induced and can be changed. You are the master of your own life and you are in control if you so choose to be.

Renounce anything evil or dark and truly try to follow the path of light and love. Do not try and dabble in anything dark for it will only lead to your own destruction. Start tomorrow and change your path and cultivate a relationship with the Creator, God, spirit, higher power or whatever term you wish to use.

I have traveled through the veil that separates us from other dimensions and planes of existence and I can tell you for certain that Evil exists. I have had altercations with Evil and negative energies and things and they hate we human beings. I know many things and see many things that others don't. I have the ability to gain visions and information about people, places and things. So please believe me and reverse course and seek out protection and love and light. I will not go any further on this. I can not help you with this but maybe someone near you can.

You have to fix you and I know you will make the proper choices if you follow the truth.
is this thread still active? I am so pleased you wrote about this and would like to hear your views now as it has been some years.

I have very similar experiences, which I will go into briefly. This started for me when I relocated to a coastal city a few hours from where I had been living. Up until then I can't remember having noticed it before, but it is now impossible to ignore.

For example:

I was driving my car up the coast road to a house where I had been offered a night or two free accommodation while I sorted out my own place. I was worried about how reliable this was going to be and nervous around moving away from where I'd been living. At the same time I had so much invested in it because it was such a beautiful place. I really really really wanted it to work out.
As I was driving to this house it began to rain and this increased to heavier and heavier rain as I got closer to the house. The rain was so heavy that I had to pull over and stop the car because I couldn't see out the windscreen.

Later everyone was remarking how strange that weather was. How it came suddenly and how it moved up the coast very quickly.
I didn't tell anyone at that time, but it felt as thought those heavy clouds of rain actually followed me as I was driving. As though magnetically attracted to my energy. Like I had accidentally created a vortex with my intensity of emotions and that it created a short crazy burst of weather. A short time later the clouds cleared and the sun came out.

Many other times it has felt as though rain and thunder was in response to very strong emotions.

Then I had to start asking what is it, what causes it. After relating it to desire and pain, I then realised it might be when I am giving away my power. When I am letting a person, or situation involving people, take control of my emotions until I feel so out of control myself.
It is true that you must feel desire in order to give away your power or let someone have power over you. You must first really want that situation to work out, or that person to like or love you. When they don't, when it doesn't work out the way you hope, then you/we allow that to have power over us and start to feel all peace and harmony dissolve on the inside and be replaced by turnoil.

An excellent example was when I was at the beginning of a relationship with a man who had left his wife years before but still went to stay with her so he could visit his children. He would usually pick the children up and take them somewhere, but as he lived a few hours away he'd stay at the house. I didn't like that idea at all, so he said he would stay in a hostel instead. But then when he arrived at her house he never rang me and only sent a couple of very short text messages. I really wanted to hear his voice reassure me he was with me and not her. That he was separated from her and not going to stay with her, but his call never arrived. Even a short time after he left my house my instincts were telling me I couldn't trust him. About two hours later it started to rain heavily. That night I couldn't sleep because I was in a kind of panic that he was with her, that he had never really left her and that now he was there he had no thought for me, seeing as he knew her much better than me and had a close bond with her. All night there was heavy rain and as I lay awake indulging myself in my darkest fears thunder struck so loudly. It was a crazy night!

As per the explanation above, I now believe I was giving my power away to him. I was giving him the power to make me happy or distressed or sad etc.

Why does that change the weather?

Well that is a very good question and I think only a few people experience this, because rarely does anyway talk about it.
Some people say silly things like you can make it rain with your mind. Well I don't believe it is so easy as that, no matter how much you meditate.

These phenomenon are difficult to control I think.

From your account about overhearing the girls who had said those things about you. I think you were giving your power away to them. You suddenly relented all your inner strength and let it drain away because of their opinion of you.

What do you think?

Has this kept happening to you?

Now it has started I don't ever expect it to stop.

The other end of the scale is fire and scorching hot days.
If you have any experience relating to fires let me know.
I have and this is more dangerous and devastating.
It seems to relate to an overly intense focus of passion
Hello and good evening. I was compelled to come on this site tonight. Many people on this site should be able to give usable advice. I believe I can help with some of your issues and I won't charge you anything. I use my gifts to help people that really need it. I can only help as much as you will let me or you feel you need. I am a different kind of psychic and deal with a lot of the more negative stuff that people are plagued with. I am also a Christian and have dealt with the supernatural since I was about 4 years old. I also have dealt with what you are describing. You can go to my profile page and read older posts and find my email address. I am very busy this time of the year but I will help when I can. πŸ˜‰
Hi Mayank, thank you for your comment. After reading it, I feel like it reached me, and really got through to me. I haven't harmed an animal in almost 2 months and I'm hoping to not hurt one ever again.

I really do need help, so please if you have the patience, please email me at amberdxnn [at]

Looking forward to possibly hear back from you.
Mayank - Having read both your submissions I get the impression that although you are a young person, you have an old soul and have probably spent a number of lifetimes on this planet.

Do you think that perhaps your first experience with the fireball and the second experience with the lady might be connected? I cannot make that assumption but would be pleased to hear your thoughts.

It is extremely difficult for me to advise you on either of your experiences because although I have had many paranormal experiences since childhood, they have been very different from yours. I am open to each and every person's religious belief system but I think at times what we personally believe affects us differently. I am open to discussion on this.

What I can tell you is that after a very scary childhood, due to my own paranormal experiences, I attempted to shut myself off from everything supernatural. I did succeed to a certain extent for a number of years but then it all returned again with a vengeance.

I believe you need spiritual guidance and advice from those who are experienced and able to give you the correct guidance with what you experience.

Also always believe in your own power and especially that of your supreme being.

Regards, Melda
angel10023 (guest) in Psychic Attacked For Months
Listen to me, I am possessed by demons after an evil psychic I went to did black magic on me. It's a long story, but I have been through EVERYTHING you are describing. I made SO many mistakes and ended up possessed, my life and soul completely destroyed. You have no idea how bad this can get if you don't follow my advice. You need to call on Arch Angel Michael in faith knowing with everything in you that he's got your back. Michael ONLY responds to faith. Keep calling him, until you feel him come and you will feel him. You need to ignore the crazy thoughts and pay them NO attention. This is SO important. Put on some music, watch a movie, have friends over... DO not argue with the thoughts... That is exactly what it wants you to do. Visit Robert Bruce's forum on astral dynamics... There is a lot of great advice on there to combat these things with. They will tell you to buy grounding blankets and go outside in the sunshine and ground your feet to the earth everyday... These are little things you can do to help. But the most important thing is to stay positive, keep your vibration up, do visualizing and grounding techniques to expand your aura (you can find these on you tube), think positive thoughts, go out with friends, live your life, and them too much attention is like an open invitation. AND be careful of the sneaky ways they will try to gain access to you and get your permission to enter... They used to come in my dreams and show themselves to me as people I cared about and when I would move towards them, they would take that opportunity to jump in. Just be on guard for their tricks and never ever give them permission to get in you. The worst thing you can do is show fear and start crying and begging God to help you. That is what I did and the demons will just see this as weakness and take advantage. You are in the big leagues and this is a competition for your life and sanity. You have to be strong and competitive. Being humble before God is what I was taught to do growing up and it will do nothing to help you. You need to stand strong in your faith and understand that as a creation of God you are stronger and you have the power to tell these things to leave. Call on the name of Jesus and do it in absolute faith. They absolutely HATE Jesus and everything He stands for. You will feel the power move through you and you will actually be able to push these things away from you with that power. You must know that you are more powerful. It is all a game of power... And unfortunately you now have to play it. I have met many people who have beat these things and I've read many books and websites... The advice I just gave you is how they did it. It works...don't make the same mistakes I did. You can ask other people for help and prayers, but it is ultimately up to you to release this thing. Good luck.
Hi, first of all you have to stop hurting innocent animals! You know what! The amount of negativity I am able to sense is coming from you! You are being manupilated by evil thoughts! These negative forces can influence our thinking process and it forces us to do evil things and guess what! You are doing evil things because you are being manupilated by negative forces easily! You yourself don't know why you hurt innocents right! Thought of hurting them comes in your mind when you see them and you go there and you hurt them! Stop it! What will be the difference between you and demons if you hurt innocents mercylessly!

Look! The disturbing things that you are able to see is because you attract negativity to yourself! You are becoming a magnet for them! You are easily manipulated and they are attracted to you! You are not a spiritual person too! So you are defenceless against negative forces and you are fragile target for them!

I am litterally shooked and I even cried a little by reading this. How can you be so evil! How can you hurt innocent bird babies so mercylessly! Dont you have common sense! Cant you differenciate between what is right and what is wrong!

I really want to help you but I only help those who seek help and if you really want to get rid of these disturbing things then you have to change yourself! Thats not who you are! You are not cruel! You are not heartless! Stop being manipulated!

My email id is nirvaanbabbar [at]

Mail me if you seek my help and I will do my best in helping you because you really need it.

May God bless you.
I've had three experiences like the one you mentioned, including the intense vibrations. The first happened to me during a lucid dream, a day or two after I'd read someone's account of an OBE, where they suggested spinning around in a circle (during an OBE or lucid dream) in hopes of invoking the vibration. It started as an extremely vivid dream, where I was in a house I'd never seen before, belonging to someone I'd never met before. There was an incredible amount of detail in the house; down even to the boxes in the pantry. We walked across a sort of utility room, where there was a dog with puppies. I glanced over at the puppies and noticed they were part dog, and part bird. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then it dawned on me that dogs and birds can't cross, and I realized I was dreaming. I remembered what I'd read, about spinning around in a circle, and did it. I FELT a very intense, very exhilarating vibration that I was able to invoke at will for a short while, before my dream became non-lucid again. This made me realize that I normally don't have bodily feelings at all in dreams. The vibration I experienced that night was by far stronger than any feeling I've experienced while conscious.

The next time it happened I was going through a very difficult period in my life. It was actually just a few months ago. I'd been consciously experiencing more intensely negative feelings than I ever even knew were possible. One night I fell asleep, I think. The next thing I knew I was in bed, exactly like I was previously, but I was feeling the same vibration, though this one was very unpleasant (where the first was very pleasant). I didn't feel paralyzed, but at the same time I knew that moving wasn't an option (it was different than sleep paralysis). Also, the vibration just continually happened, where the first time I could control it. This went on for what seemed like quite a while, and then it seemed like I fell back asleep.

The third time was just a couple weeks ago. It happened after a day where it seemed like I'd gained a lot of insight; when I'd had a very definite "aha" moment. That night I asked for a sign from the Universe (or whomever might be listening) to confirm the insight I believed I'd received. I said that I'd consider the vibrations to be one such sign. I fell asleep, and then found myself exactly where I was when I'd fallen asleep. It sure seemed to me like I was in bed, but I was in a different state. I somehow knew that I was capable of having the intense vibration, and I was able to invoke it at will. I laid there invoking the vibration (it was pleasant and exhilarating) for a little while, and then it was almost like I got bored with it, and fell back asleep.

With the exception of the 2nd experience I mentioned, this vibration seems to happen after the idea has been strongly suggested to me. It happened the first time after I read about someone else having the experience. And it happened the third time after I actually asked for a sign, and even suggested that the vibration manifest as that sign. In both cases there was a lot of suggestion.

Now, I'll tell you that I've asked to experience the vibration quite a number of times since I experienced it the third time (and a few times before that), and have gotten nothing in response. So, for me at least it's not just suggestion that makes it happen, although that seems to help.

I'm curious if you'll experience the vibration again, after talking about it, and hopefully making it more real in your head. To you, or anyone else reading who's interested in having this experience, here's what I suggest. Trust me when I tell you that next time you're having a lucid dream, you will feel that vibration if you spin around in a circle. I'd even suggest spinning around in a circle while you're conscious, to get yourself acquainted with the feeling of it. Then, next time you're having a lucid dream, spin around in a circle, and see what happens. Maybe even drop us a line here to tell us how it goes for you.

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