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This could be a momentary time slip to a possible future but I had always thought of time slips to be to the past. Probably other people on here know more about that than myself.

Alternatively, you might be looking at your own doppelgΓ€nger. From Merriam Webster:
According to age-old German folklore, all living creatures have a spirit double who is invisible but identical to the living individual. These second selves are perceived as being distinct from ghosts (which appear only after death), and sometimes they are described as the spiritual opposite or negative of their human counterparts. In 1796, German writer Johann Paul Richter, who wrote under the pseudonym Jean Paul, coined the word DoppelgΓ€nger (from doppel-, meaning "double," and -gΓ€nger, meaning "goer") to refer to such specters.
Hi Mark,

What a demon wants is really of no concern to you because you are as strong as you want to be and what should rather concern you is what is good and light. That will make you less attractive to it.

Unfortunately, telling them to leave doesn't seem to have much effect. They might leave the room but you will see them again. You can clean your home of supernatural with a sage cleansing, the instructions for which are on the your ghost stories main page linked above or a more thorough cleaning posted on member rookdjynn profile page, also under ygs.

Lastly, please always, always heed your dogs around a supernatural. Never force them. If your outside dog starts banging at the door out of the blue to come in, let it in and *do not immediately send another outside*. I fear that you have a particularly bad actor creeping around your house.
Jas & also Trlblazr,

I just want to note that this is an amazing story. Angels have no need of weapons because they have powers that transcend space, as do demons. But there might be more demons, not all of which would necessarily be part of a holy war. (Google the academic paper "How the devil got his horns and hooves" if you want more on that last part.) This might explain why you ladies have been recruited to fight at night. So... Thank you for your service? My guess is that either or both of you might get drafted again.
robmkivseries70 in Psychic Flyer
Hi banqq,
Sounds like a sign to me, gotta go to dinner.
Thanks OliviaMarie! It's so good to see that someone else out there has experienced this. It can all be pretty scary when you don't quite understand what's happening. In my adult years when I hear my name called so clearly, but entirely out of place is when it's most jarring.

It's been busy a few months, and for that reason I've been tuned out. But as soon as I get back into meditating, "feeling," and pondering about my experiences, it doesn't take long for the unusual to begin. I'd really like to hone in on all of my skills more.

How did you learn to tune in more accurately? And how do you deal with life's everyday distractions and balancing everything?
πŸ€” I too have a connection to a deceased musician. Understanding that particular person's talent, their art, and emotional expression in a song, well, some of us can connect to the departed via this way. My musician I feel a connection to committed suicide. 😒 I ponder what might he have been going through or thinking, to take such a drastic step and end his own life? His music is awesome. I even talked to him out loud. So, when I ponder this man's life, and situations, and then live through his art, it is a pretty close psychic connection. I totally get what you are describing.
My little girl was hearing a male spirit yell, "watch out" as she would run around our five acres yard. What she doesn't know is our home has had a dark presence in it for the past year. If I hadn't known about inside my home I may had thought she was being looked after. I believe I have a dark spirit attachment that will not leave. She will throw a ball outside and when it hits the ground she will hear shattered glass now we have witnessed her dolls years turning to where we are. Keep your vibration up. If you don't where ever you visit and there is a dark energy spirit, aka energy vampire they will follow you home and will scare the shiat out of you until you realize that you have authority over them. Never let your guard down. They say if they can't say, That Jesus came in the flesh and died in the cross for our sins, you are dealing with a demon. Please trust everything I am saying to you. It has turned my family upside down.
Hi, I'd like you to take a look at these videos. These videos are of a guy whose experiencing same thing as you.

Here's the link:


Watch this link after the one I mentioned above. He continues here:


Hope this helps!:)
PsychicThoughts in Struck By An Orb
Hi, I want to talk about two experiences but they are a bit different than yours.

Three-four years ago, I was sitting alone in my room watching tv at night. It was about 9'o clock. The tv was located in between two windows, both of which were open.

I noticed a white light thing outside the window going in a high speed but thought nothing of it until it came inside through the another window. It appears to me that Orbs are able to go through solid things as well since the window had mash wires.

It came inside and started hovering in the air in a corner. I was too engrossed in the tv until I felt that I was being watched. Just as I snapped my head in its direction it stopped still in the air.

It was pure white in colour but translucent. Had to be around 10 cm in radius.

We both stared at each other until I ran out of the room to call my mom.

Another experience isn't of an orb and it happened last December. I'm still curious to find out what it was.

I was washing my hands and suddenly golden light reflected on my glasses. I though that it was coming from street light outside until I looked in the mirror.

A golden DNA helix shaped (sorry but that's the best way of describing it) thing which was emanating golden light was floating above my head.

It kept going upwards in a swirling motion and just as I looked upwards it disappeared. I was only able to see it in the mirror.
Hi, funny how similar our topics are. Mine is labelled as 'Soulmate, Twin Flame Or A Love Spell.'

I'm going through the exact same things. A lot of coincidences to keep a track of. I have intense dreams of him. We end up marrying each other.

I studied with him until tenth grade. Never really spoke to him apart from the dance 'couple dance' we shared when we were three years old. I've been seeing him since August 2017 and I am yet to meet him.

Here's the link of my story if you want to check it out:


Also, I'm really glad you shared your experience!:)
Blacklighting3467 in Biokinesis And Similar Abilitys
Very great I am currently working with my abilities and I have pyrokinesis and electrokinesis
badazzgomezboy in Struck By An Orb
Hi I had a similar experience but a bit different, I was at my mother's house visiting with my girlfriend at the time, I had spent the afternoon with my family and girlfriend and around 12am I had to drop off her off, so we jump into the car with my twin brother and girlfriend, we drove for 5 minute when all of a sudden while I turned into the next right street a blue and white orb hit the left side of the car below the driver window and moved the whole car a good 6-7 inches towards the ditch, we all freaked out and immiediatly pulled to the side keep in mind there was no cars behind us or in front it was dark and all the stars where out, it was so quiet you can here a pin drop, when we got out it was gone and left us confused and on edge, we looked at each other and went back in the car and left. We were quite the whole way there and back. Still don't know what happened that night.
badazzgomezboy in Struck By An Orb
Hi I had a similar experience but a bit different, I was at my mother's house visiting with my girlfriend at the time, I had spent the afternoon with my family and girlfriend and around 12pm I had to drop off her off, so we jump into the car with my twin brother and girlfriend, we drove for 5 minute when all of a sudden while I turned into the next right street a blue and white orb hit the left side of the car below the driver window and moved the whole car a good 6-7 inches towards the ditch, we all freaked out and immiediatly pulled to the side keep in mind there was no cars behind us or in front it was dark and all the stars where out, it was so quiet you can here a pin drop, when we got out it was gone and left us confused and on edge, we looked at each other and went back in the car and left. We were quite the whole way there and back. Still don't know what happened that night.
Aadi2804 in Little Glitters
It is energy that u r seeing... I also see them... Can u see them on will or do they randomly appear? I don't know much but u can search it on net
IMissMyHome in I Want What I Feel
PLEASE EMAIL ME at AresWulf911 [at] I feel exactly the same and I need to talk to someone who understands me, because it's tearing me appart
Hey everyone! I'm MoonInsideMe but the page doesn't allow me to log in, so I had to crate another account, but I still have the same email AresWulf911 [at] if you want to email me, please do. 😊
Soul-Seeker75 in Automatic Writing
Hello, MarkAnthony!

Sounds like you are opening up to a unique ability.

When you start to feel your awareness raise and your attention shift (regardless of whatever you're doing one second before... Like you're sitting there chillin, minding your own business lol and suddenly something gently elevates You from your thoughts or your task) you become like a channel on a Television (or maybe the old timey rabbit ear antennas used to tune into a station more clearly).

I believe that when we are in a relaxed state of mind, we send out a different signal (brainwave, usually low Alpha or high Theta) like we are broadcasting. And Spirit or Energies in other Realms, also send out frequencies... Like a police scanner. When two "similar or harmonious" frequencies sync up, a transmission of sorts is likely.

I've found that when I am painting (I'm an Artist), my energetic vibrations are the highest. And that's when I will be startled by a "crackling" sound in my right ear. And that static/crackle sound is usually followed by a Spirit saying something directly to me.

Are you aware of any physical sensation like that?

Try doing something that is your favorite thing to do... Something that allows you to be in the "flow" lost in your own world where the concept of time evaporates and it's just You. And. It.

And then see if you have any experiences or if you notice any other signals or odd sensations.

To enhance the ability through which communication may be received, allow a natural, easy outlet for the transcription of your Automatic Writing message.

My suggestion is to sit in front of your computer, with a blank document open. Put your hands on the keyboard and close your eyes. In doing this, I've found it's much easier to retrieve information from the Other Side.

I hope this helps you some how. Let me know if there's anything else you would like to discuss. Or have questions.

Good luck to you!

Dr. A.H.
I love Automatic Writing sessions!

When I feel a slight pressure pushing down on top of my head, I know a message is about to come through.

I grab my laptop, open up a blank page in word doc, and wait.

10 to 20 minutes later, I'm "back" again to my current reality, with a long Automatic Writing message in front of me on my computer screen. I have no recollection or memory of typing those words. I was not Consciously aware of my hands and fingers typing on the keyboard.

And the messages that come through? They are profound, encouraging, strange, cryptic, poetic... And some messages are so fascinating, that I've literally spent the past 3 years trying to "figure out the meaning" behind them.

What do I do with this information? Lol it's like a huge puzzle to me. Something for me to solve. πŸ˜†

If you enjoy the end results of automatic writing, or would like to try it, I suggest getting on your computer and pulling up a blank Word doc or Google doc. Type the date and time. And then wait for a few moments.

Hopefully you have started to understand when it's the "right time" to be in Receiver or Channeler mode. There are usually subtle signs and indications when you're ready to receive a Transmission.

Pressure on top of your head.
A crackling in your ear.
A presence made itself known...

Just a few examples from my own experience.

Good luck to you all in your venture.
It sounds like you are at your wits end! I can relate and understand what you're going through. I've had experience with these types of phenomena most of my life. And as a result, I've dedicated the past 25 years to studying and researching these topics.

Since I have had similar experiences, I will share my discoveries of what worked for me, and how I learned to co-exist.Hopefully we can find solutions that work for you.

Like you, I couldn't handle the "cross talk" going on around me. So I began sleeping with my earbuds in. I made a playlist with binaural beats, some feel-good hypnosis tracks and a few spiritual instrumental songs. I have another app playing white noise in the background, simultaneously with my Playlist.

When I'm ready for bed, I put my sleep mask on and take two 10mg melatonin supplements. I click play and start with an Alpha Brainwave Entrainment track. (if you need ideas for your playlist, I can help with that too)

Together, it all helps to drown out and cancel the "Other Worldly Chatter". This way, I can't discern between the two, which relaxes my etheric radar-like awareness. So my cat-like reflexes don't always have to be on high alert.

Another thing you might consider, that REALLY helps me to deal with things, is to do Automatic Writing sessions. (Protect yourself prior, with a protection prayer/spell, white light, calling upon special deities within your religion or spiritual practice... The whole nine.)

I've kind of trained myself to be either less sensitive to my surroundings or more sensitive, depending on the energies that are pervading my immediate space.

When I notice a presence or it makes itself known to me, I slyly push my "feelers" around the room. I'm feeling around energetically, allowing just enough of my attention to detect if It feels: needy, nosey, curious, prickly, sad, positive, aggressive, fleeting, excited, etc.

And also I could begin to tell when a disembodied voice was about to "come through the ether" and say something directly to me because my awareness would raise and attention suddenly shifted and in my right ear I would start to hear a "crackling/static" sound. (Often times, that was followed by a female calling me by my nickname and saying, "I need to talk to you.")

Have you noticed any sounds or sensations right before things happen, when you have these experiences?

If, like, I was just minding my own business... Doing whatever... Relaxing, writing, or reading something, and I felt a slight pressure pushing down on top of my head, I knew and understood that an entity was wanting to communicate.

So I would grab my laptop, open a blank page in a word doc, and wait for a few moments. Then I'd look down and have my mind blown as I read the messages. (I am not Consciously aware of the words that are being typed at any time during these sessions.)

It might be a great idea for you to explore automatic writing. Your higher-self and your subconscious mind might share some insight on why these Beings are there peering at you; what they need from you;heck, maybe even discover how many stamps you have on your multi-dimensional passport and possibly with whom.

I have found it extremely helpful to Write down everything... My day dreams, night dreams, visions, and experiences as they occur, with the dates and times of such.

Do you keep a journal or record these? Do you remember what any of these Beings look like? Do you feel they are the same Beings every time?

What do you notice within your physical surroundings, right before you start to feel that shift or right before you see them? What thoughts are you thinking?

What specific words had you spoken out loud when the walls morphed? (something exactly like this happened to me a few times)

Another thing to try, is capture an EVP. Set down a recording device (app on phone) and just walk away from the room where you feel them. And maybe if you can remember to, next time the walls morph or you are seeing an alternate realty, start recording video or audio or both. Ya never know what digital recorders will capture.

I hope you find some of these things useful and I genuinely hope they work for you.

Let me know if I can help you with anything. I have a PhD in Metaphysics with an authentic passion for many esoteric subjects and experiences.

Good luck with your sleep!
Hello [at] OedipusCry,

Did you see the being again? What was she wearing? Sometimes, dark beings will disguise themselves in order to lure you. They pretend to be what you wish to meet or want them to be and then they latch onto you. I can't tell for sure but maybe.

What was she wearing? Dress, appearance? I'm just really curious. I might have an idea about it but I wish to hear it from you.
Hello [at] extramundane

I remember having a dream, it was I believe, a doomsday dream. The sky was red, I was at a town square, maybe in London or somewhere. I seemed to be providing shelter to children and a few adults while fireballs rained down and the earth rumbled and shook beneath us. The sky was a fiery red color. I remember going around giving blankets and materials. I was wearing some normal clothes but they felt more than normal. I remember, when I was about to wake up, I stood up from my spot, looked at the sky and said,"It's the end...". I woke up after that.
I have never had such dreams again. I remember I was calm in the dream, even as I watched meteors crashing and towns burning and felt the earth shaking violently beneath me. It felt very real, I still remember the feeling and the scene.
Hello Illumin,

I am not religious. I was raised in a religious free household. Some religious people had tried to convert me but I cannot be converted. So it is rather interesting that I had similar dreams as a lot of Christians when I am not even religious.
Hello extramundane,

Interesting, it appears you had the same dream as a vast majority of Christians. You should be able to find their dreams on YouTube and various sites. I would just search tsunami dreams.
Hello Illumin,

I had my first tsunami dream in the 2015 to 2016 timeframe.
Hello extramundane,

There is actually a large amount of people having tsunami dreams mainly about the East Coast. A number of them have also had tsunami dreams about the West Coast. The odd thing for all of those dreams is the red skies that follow afterwards.

You wouldn't have happened to have your first tsunami dream in the 2015 to 2016 timeframe?
I also wasn't in contact with any malevolent beings.

If many people have had or are having doomsday dreams that are pretty similar, maybe they are a real warning.

I've heard many people did have dreams or premonition regarding the 9/11 attack.

Maybe something bad is going to happen that is supernatural in nature. We really won't know unless it happens which I hope won't happen.
Around 2018, I kept having similar "doomsday" dreams as well. I did not fear anything back then, nor was I in contact with any malevolent beings. I didn't think much of that afterward.

But lately, I've been getting weird dreams about parallel universes as well. Hopefully, you can find out more about this! ❀
Hello Illumin,

I remember it wasn't at night so there would not be any stars anyways. When I came out to the car the sky was regular but I don't know what time it was. The sky did turn color but it wasn't red. It was more orange with a touch of pink and red. There could have been more but that is what I could remember back then when I woke up from the dream and what I can remember now.

I've look around at other "doomsday" dreams. Hopefully, My "doomsday" dream and the others don't come true since our world already has a lot of violence and evil in it. We hope no more comes in and humans can someday get rid of the current violence and evil that we currently have.

Anyways, I have had a lot of weird dreams but many of them I forget or only have snippets. So far, I haven't had one that vivid with a similar topic. Though I have had recurring dreams of tsunamis and earthquakes.

Hello extramundane,

Some characteristics of your dream are fairly common in "doomsday" dreams, mainly the red skies without any stars. If you look around here I am sure you will find a few "doomsday" dreams.

Was there any additional details to the dream? Or any follow on dreams?

Picklestaytay in Little Glitters
I registered an account specifically so I could comment on this. This happens to me often, and I know for a fact that they are spirits. Now wether or not they are human I'm not sure. I've read that they could be angels. I am a medium but I'm not ready to explore who they are and what they want when I see them. I'm still pretty new at this and choose who I do communicate with very carefully. The feeling of somebody entering the room, a lot movement in my peripheral vision, and the feeling of being watched all accompany the "glitter" lights.
I got a serius headache, as well as I had to sign myselfe up.
So I'm just going to say, I feel you qnd youre not alone.
Or insane lols
W0nder in Little Glitters
Hello plantlorde. I have had a similar experience a few times recently, also In the shower.
They are so clear too. I wondered if they were spirits that connect through the energy of water.
If I have any new updates Ill be sure to let you know.
Ms-Sunshine in Telepathic Overwhelm
Thank you so much for responding to my post.
I am trying so many things, and none are effective yet.
I have tried cutting cords, but nothing seems to change.
Can you or anyone recommend any guided cord-cutting meditations?
Thank you again,
elena44 in Empathy Or More?
Dear Saleire,

Thank you so much for your comment! Wow, that is good information, too. I didn't think that buildings actually "build up" energies, and these energies become very strong. And yes, I didn't want something like just protection, because I want to interact with the world, too. So this is a good recommendation.

Best regards,

ADONAI in Astral Spiders
The following experience was organic and not the result of any illicit narcotic usage... I was lying on back Egyptian styles, letting my mind go and trying not to think and I saw 3 giant tarantulas hanging from my ceiling directly over my forehead. They were hanging in a pyramid formation the one in the middles was higher than the other 2 one; one on the left of the middles spider the other on the right. The two on the outside were level with each other. Anyhow, I wasn't afraid and on upon meditating on the experience later; I got the impression that "These three spiders represent the 3 primary forces of nature; I with these you have the ability to weave your own destiny". I feel that astral spiders are neutral entities like physical spiders; they react according to our conscious state.
Same kind of things happen to me... I had only one tomato plant in my garden and one day I randomly drew many plants with ripen tomatoes... Within weeks I found little plantlets growing on road side and now my garden looks like that sketch.
One more... I sketched myself sitting on a table with a girl and having chicken, how was its possible... I didn't have a girlfriend nor I ate chicken... But within a week one of my friend called me to hangout... We end up having chicken, sitting in a food court at a table just like that drawing...
I know this post is 8 years old but I just want to say I saw this same type of creature when I was young. I slept at the foot of my parents bed until I was 8 or 9 every night 32 of these red static (like white noise but red) blobs would come upstairs (entire upstairs was 1 room and it was my parents) they didn't make noise and it was kind of counting sheep into a nightmare. After 32 I would hear loud thumps and then a Giant Bird with red eyes that looked like a marble got squashed by a train and didn't break. It would reach down and pick me up with its wings and at this point I would scream and it would throw me down on to my parents bed (I got a butt whoopin for jumping while they sleeped) and it would just vanish. Now that I am older I miss it or the fact that I don't know why it came every night at the same time from birth until I was around 8 or 9 years old. I would actually like to speak with the OP of this if you could email me at carlynjobs [at] or can find me on Facebook at
Texryan67, yes it can be an amazing thing, but it can also be very annoying as well. Seeing through someone elses eyes, smelling what they do, feeling what they feel. However, if you're not careful you then can start to wonder if what you feel is from you or not, you can quickly lose grasp of knowing what is you and what isn't. It also helps to have someone you can truly connect with, and if they want the same connection, to want to feel you, then the connection can grow even stronger.
~ Lyro
If you wish to send me an E-mail we can chat more, I don't tend to visit the site as much as I used to, and there's no real notification system on it. Though I still kind of wish AnneV would add one.

I know very well what you meant about speaking in another language. I've had it happen to me twice, once while I was asleep someone messaged me and I sent a text back to them in a language I didn't understand and couldn't really translate. I know it wasn't just random button presses because at the time I was using T9 word, and the words that were used would have been impossible to create without trying to. In the message I also had someone's name as well basically saying that I was with that person, just wasn't 'there' at the moment. On a different occasion, keep in mind I was always a heavy sleeper, someone I knew and was very close to me really needed me. She was at the hospital with someone close to her there and was very upset and needed me to talk to. She told me that he grandmother heard her speak in another language, and at that moment I then woke up to talk to her.

As far as your dream, do you feel like it was the past, or that it's the future to come? Also you should feel safe knowing you must have ties with Michael apparently:)
Hope to hear back from you,
~ Lyro
Okay... Being a person of Science myself, I'm completely on board with you and know how you feel right now. I was the same exact way when my abilities started manifesting. The hardest thing to realize is that your emotions control the abilities you manifest, whether that be telekinesis, etc. You've already done the hard part; figuring out what triggers your powers. Unicron1000 is right in the fact that controlling your emotions is key. Try meditating. And if that isn't your speed, try yoga, pilates or even a good run. Anything really to clear your head and relax. Start with that, I think. You're terrified, as we all were. But you have an open community that is willing to answer questions and give advice. I hope this helps, and if you need anymore advice or just someone who just gets it, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Best of luck!
Hi Clairie_3043, your story is very interesting. I find that many psychic abilities, just like medical diagnoses, can often times manifest multitudinously. It sounds like you have empathic abilities, as well as some generalized heightened sensitivity. With heightened sensitivity, it often is lended in multiple ways: Empathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Mediumship, etc. As for your sister, and mother, I often see psychic abilities, or know of them, being hereditary. I'm a psychometric medium, and my grandmother claimed to be as well. However, it skipped my mom and sister (But, I'm also male). I think it could benefit you if you talked to your brothers as, because they may have had similar experiences. I hope you keep me updated on what happens! Best of luck to you!
Fear is a completely normal and natural reaction to this.

I was scared when I first developed my own powers. Not because I didn't know what they were, I did know. But because I thought I would hurt someone and because I couldn't control them.

But soon I began to embrace them and not fear them anymore.

Fear leads to lose of control, and can quickly lead to other emotions.

And with the powers you hold, that can be dangerous. But it is controllable.

You need to stop fearing the powers you hold, embrace them and open up to them.

You can train your powers. Meditation is an excellent start.

Or you can do what I did, one of my powers is able to be controlled by Love.

I use strength of mind, and the emotion of Love to control the powers I hold.

I know you are a person of Science, but the truth is that there are things that are not truly scientific.

Your gift is one of them, you are not normal.

You are blessed. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Dear SeaRae;
Regards. Our third eye is nothing more tham our pineal gland. That communicates directly to our coronary chakra. It's a phisical and spiritual receptor and transmissor of magnetic waves in-on connecting us to other beans in many dimmensions. Meanning to spiritual affairs, this gland belong to both dimmensions of Universe, material and spiritual, and to clean this up and make us health, we must filled our feelings with love. Love people, not judge, love life, be grateful and accept life as it is.
Hi Kera!
I know exactly how you feel. I'm only 13, but I've always thought I was different than others. In conversations, I meanly observe and rarely talk unless they are close friends. I like to observe others form a fare too, I call it people watching lol!

I always thought I was a different creature. I still do reasearch to possibly find out what I am. When I was younger, I took it more seriously. I would look up spells to become all kinds of creatures thinking if I was one, this would awaken it. It's silly, but I still sometimes try it.

Humans really are vile, horrible creatures. Have you seen what they've done to this world (socially and physically)? It's ridiculous and horrifying! I want to put an end too it. I always have. I hate humans. And if this is some crazy fantasy world dream thing and I wake up and I'm human, I couldn't live with myself.

Just know that you're not alone and I'm trying to figure this out too. I'll report back if I find anything.

What a wonderful story. I'm so glad I found it. I too have had a few encounters with Archangel Michael. But when he comes to me he can't stay for long. He just comes and checks up on me, or helps me fight off demons that come to me when I sleep. I've been asking God for some clarity. I've had this dream of war where I'm fighting along side Michael and other angels. At the time I didn't know who he was. I soon came to find out exactly who he was and my connection to the spiritual world has grown. But I have so many questions with no answers yet.
Thank you. It really makes me happy you shared this with me. I don't feel alone. I have had some demons come during my sleep and it's a struggle to fight them. And I know exactly what smell you're describing! I had an encounter a few days ago. I woke in the middle of the night in which I was in a state of paralysis. I felt these nasty dry hands with really long nails grab my feet. And thank God my dog was on my bed that night because when I started to breathe in deep to try and get my sisters attention. (We sleep together when she's home from college) But then my dog started Growling and she scared it off. Thats the first time I've ever heard her do that. She's a really calm dog. But man was that crazy.
Adding on to Anne's comment, grounding and meditation are great ways to release some of that energy back into the earth. If you feel angry, frustrated, sad, etc., try to visualize yourself calm and surrounded by a calming light of your choice.
I'm an empath or hypersensitive so it's extremely difficult for me to go into public spaces. I get angry, impatient and frustrated. Sometimes it gets to me and if I'm grounded, it doesn't. Always know that you are not alone.

I've had similar experiences as yours. I was raised Baptist and at 15 my mother suddenly switched to Pentecostal Holiness. Culture shock I never got over. I was made to attend church Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday nights. I HATED it. I left feeling like my soul was doomed to hell because my ears were pierced. As soon as I turned 18 I left the church. In my mid to late 20's I began having dreams of saints visiting me. In both Baptist and Pentecost we were not taught of saints. One in particular always had a message for me but I could never make it out. Soon thereafter I began fighting demons in my sleep. They appeared as normal people or as a lost loved one. Soon their eyes turned black and I could smell them. There is no earthly smell I can compare it too. It's a mix of decay, sulfur and nail polish remover. Weird.
In each dream I fight with everything in me. As you, I recite something I assume is a prayer and I call upon Jesus to help. I've never lost a fight until this past Saturday night. I was screaming in my sleep and my husband woke me before I could finish.
We've also had one in our home. I was dreaming and it was a lower level demon, looked similar to a winged dragon but far more hideous. In the best John Wayne voice I could muster in my sleep I told it to "get outta here" again, talking in my sleep. My husband had woken up to use the bathroom just before this happened and saw something black shoot out of our balcony door as I performed John Wayne. He never made it to the bathroom.
I believe you are a fighter and you are being called to fight a holy war, in reality or the astral realm. Hold fast to your beliefs and embrace the angels fighting by your side. You sound like you're part of a mighty powerful team! ❀
Saleire in Large Black Mass
Send it light, the more the better. Shadows can't exist if you shed light on them. When you enter the house, switch on the light with the intention of filling the house with spiritual light and know that it is now filled with positive light and energy. If you really feel the house needs a cleansing, do this in every room and say something like, 'This house is filled with light and love' or a prayer if you like and know... That this is changing the energy and releasing anything in there that might be trapped or needs the light to help it move on.
This is a way for you to know who is in pain and in need of healing, and if you ask their spirit for permission to send them light and the feeling is yes... Then send them light and know that you are doing the work of the Empath and Healer. It's a great job... Exhausting sometimes, but very satisfying to know that you are helping someone. Who knows, they could be silently praying to be healed and you pass by and become the answer to their prayer.
Imagine you can see your energy and all the relationships you have had are like tiny strands of light pouring out to them. Every time you think of them, or they think of you, there is an exchange of energy through this strand. To end this, you have to cut the ties that bind you to this person psychically. So imagine this strand and imagine a golden scissors and cut the tie, send the energy back to them that they have sent to you and regain the energy you send to them. This is a way of cutting out the relationships that are still sending you negative energy from the past. The more you do this, consciously, the less these people will enter your thoughts. You are in control of this... Not him... Let it go by cutting the ties and you will see a change. Don't let yourself be victimized by him... Take control and if you really feel the need, especially if you feel he is sending you negative energy, send it back so he can experience his own dark side by surrounding yourself in mirrors...psychically, not physically. This should help him to understand what he is doing and give you back control. Always surround yourself in light when you feel this negativity and never send out negative thoughts to him as you are just perpetuating the situation.
Saleire in Empathy Or More?
I find that putting a light around me as I go out helps a lot. You are protecting yourself from the negative energies around you that are sucking your positive energy from you. You are an empath, feeling all the pains and suffering of everyone around you, and also from buildings and the stressful energies that have built up in there. So put a circle of light around you and when you are out, focus on what you are doing and not anyone else. Really focus, have a conversation in your head about what you doing for the day, and really get caught up in your energy of the day... This stops you from connecting with other people's energy if you don't want to. Say things like, the energy around me is golden and all who come into contact with it will smile and feel love... And carry on knowing that you are not only protected, but sending out good vibes too.
The ouija board is only a's how you use that tool that dictates the experiences you will have. You did everything right, so it is not the board. The thing that stands out in your dream and what you said... Two people (you obviously feel anger toward them) stole your husband away from you... This anger toward these people is just the anger in general you feel inside, which is normal, that your husband was taken away from you. The wet and slippery is just you feeling he is slipping away from you and though you try to hold on to him, it seems you are losing the connection. You are not... He is telling you that you have to let the anger and frustration of losing him...go...and concentrate on the love you felt with him when you are trying to communicate with him. Just sit still, imagine him coming in the door, how loving you feel, how happy and lighthearted you feel... And allow him to come close. The more love you feel, and less frustration, the closer he can come. I hope this's a sad affair, but they never leave you and the energy of love never dies.
😊 Love it...yes, paintings and mirrors can be portals, I agree. I had a mirror once that really sent out some horrible energy... I always felt I was being watched in a negative way. On the other hand, I have another mirror that I feel is full of positive energy and light and that is a blessing. Psychometry shews us that objects do possess energy from the person who owned it before. Great article.
'Later in the dream I was in a hotel with orange walls, with two friends. We were exploring the roof but before we could reach the roof access, on the top floor' The roof represents your crown chakra, your higher self... And this is what will help you escape the dark entities... We all have them within, revenge, hate, anger and so on... Trying to reach the roof access means trying to open the crown chakra and not letting the physical life get you down too much. There is a parallel within life... If you put on a light in your room it physically lights the room... If you put in on with the intention of filling the room with spiritual light it will do this too... It is the intention behind the turning on of the light. So do this in your room... Especially if there has been an argument of something negative that happened and you will feel the difference. Put a light around you if you feel something negative and hand it up to the light. The call is for you to transcend the physical and reach for the higher self.
Jung had many images of snakes in his 'Red Book'.I do feel this is Kundalini, awakening to the power of the invisible and powerful energy that surges through us. You answered the call, you could have gone the scientific route, but you chose the spiritual path and now the work begins. You have always had this guide. The teacher comes when the student is ready. When the soul wants you to take notice, it can use all sorts of things to get your attention... You can become fixated on something until you make the link... Notice the synchronicity and put two and two together. Well done... You did.
I love that you are trying to work this out and not going along with all the stories and myths about the creature. If something is hurting other people, then it's not good, it could be that you are projecting this creature through fear of being hurt. It might be that it is showing you that thought is real and can do real harm. Sounds like the inner you is wanting revenge, but the outer you is saying you don't...the clash causes this fragmenting of your identity... Either you do or don't want revenge... If you don't, then you have to tell this creature that it is wrong to harm others and that you will not associate with something that does... Or you could heal within all the hurts and let them go. I do feel it is a guide showing you that healing with light and letting go of the pain is a better option than revenge. A great lesson to learn as you go along in this sometimes painful world. You sound like a beautiful soul, and this is all the more reason why your power needs to be controlled. You are a healer... And soul of the light... And lessons need to be learned when you are working with such power. Try sending out loving thoughts and forgiveness to those who hurt you... Send them light... And see what happens.
hello I had the same experience like you unfortunately many times seen this dark entity for what I had research this entity doesn't have a form because usually its a mental construction of our brain that associates with this entity manifesting as a women and for it to manifest into your dream and real life ist because you unconsciously attracted it and it could mean that many things like your vibrating at a very low frequency like most of us because we life in a very unnatural world and we are not connected to nature and we have lot of superficial stuff or low vibrating energy thoughts and emotions like hate, resentment, or even low sex passion thoughts all that constitutes to our subconscious mind so in other words start to do positive things like eating healthy, work out, and be aware of your thoughts and emotions mediated on how you are living and what things can you do in order to change and transform that bad energy that is letting manifest this entity hope this helps for you to start doing your research and the most important thing to do if you on a middle of a dream and this dark entity appears again is to not be fear by it and touch your heart and what ever god you believe in it try to tell em to protect you and to give you positive light into your heart and use your imagination that you heart is lighting with a powerfully positive white light and believe me it would go away just HAVE NO FEAR BECAUSE USUALY FEAR FEATS THOSE ENTITIES and resentment and all those negative thoughts and emotions instead have love and compassion and always believe in your self that's the key well I hope I give to you a little insight of knowledge and I hope it helps you
Praying and saging. I never thought of that! Thanks for that idea.
Now that is scary, and then for you to awake you find out that's REAL a real killer, girllll,,,,,,my thoughts on it,,, It was a major warning for u to get the hell out of there FAST,,, and I think second dream was showing u what could have happened if you hadn't heeded the warning, and telling you disconnect from those evil people forever, also just another thought all your stuff that was in the house I would sage and pray over. Just to be sure no evil energys attached, I had similar thing happen to me where evil energys attach and that is how it started nightmares,,, but if that's the only two you had then I Think your gift and angel probably saved your life,,,,kinda puts a whole new perspective on why we call them "gifts" ya know,,,,truly a gift from God... Just my thoughts
Oh wow we are the same. My family running joke is I could walk up to a shark and pet it, it's just kind of become a known thing if anyone in my town finds a orphaned/hurt animal bring em to me, dogs, cats, skunks, squirrels, rabbits,birds, even had a hummingbird, that's one I never thought I would be able to say I handraised a hummingbird, wolfs, foxes, raccoons, I about to release my 5th raccoon back into nature in a few days, I release the wild ones back into nature when they are of age, healthy, and healed up and teach to hunt and fish, and the ones that have any default go to zoo, I live on a lake in the countryside with lots of land right in the middle of the woods so perfect for releasing them etc, it's so fulfilling to my soul to be able to have this gift and use it, I don't even have to look at them when I get them bc I absorbe their energy, and it tells me how to approach, touch, handle, interact with them, this is my process with every single animal I receive, that is how I develope trust with them, when I touch them I release my energy to them and we vibe (that's what I call it) sorry I'm going on and on, just finally meet someone like me I'm loving it, and also I dream things and it happens I also in my dreams talk to my brother, and my friend that both passed away, I can also sense spirits and see them also the flashes of light, I also get different color lights all the time, purple, blue, red, green, yellow, so let me know if u see the flashes of color like fireballs and orbs kind of and they will fly and hover pretty close to me, like couple feet away from at the most and they fly around and flicker and hover, from orbs to demons I see it all except auras, I hear people talking sometimes as well like they r behind me mumbling but I can't make out what they say, sometimes I get touched also my animals will get touched too anyways anyone let me know what you think
Thanks for the advice. I may do that. I do know the killer is Russian. Was just convicted to serve a second life sentence. The frightening thing is they are still finding bodies. I have no idea if he would ever be eligible for parole but I hope not. But even if not. The crooked FBI person I was living with I think has connections in Russia. He has the power to get anyone out of anything. That's scary too.
Hi Jessierae,
That is a scary dream and doubly so when you found that there was some history. I can't speak to the notion of the second dream being a warning, that might require a professional psychic for some validation. If you think it might be the exact same person, there is one thing to try and that is to check on this persons prison record site. It might be that you could file to be advised when this person is nearing parole or release and there by have some warning. Since the dream could be a warning beyond some normal fear I'd recommend getting the experience checked out.
texryan67 in Unsure Of Abilities
that definitely could be a gene, although my mom and dad have passed on already, and my brother and I do not communicate. I love knowing things before hand like that. I wish that I could chat with someone who believes in the paranormal. My wife doesn't really like that stuff, She doesn't care for the binaurals, either, which I would recommend to anyone to listen to, from you tube. πŸ˜‰
So I may have screwed up I summoned a demon named charlie as a experiment to protect what I think is a void of evil because its changed the mood of anyone who sleeps in the room and I have since then been having flashes of the demon with red eyes except he had a blurry body with makeshift horns.
Mirrors and pools or bowls of water are like crystal balls - they are commonly used for divination purposes. You do sound like you have gifts in this direction. Try and conquer your fear and develop your ability by gazing into a mirror, even in the dark! Your fear may be based on a past-life experience where using your psychic powers brought you trouble and misery. But history doesn't have to repeat.
Also allow me to mention, that at "NO" time should you talk back to these spirits. Another good idea is to listen to good vibes type of music to go to sleep, this is used so you can not hear it's voice. They want the attention! I believe you might be dealing with "Demonic harassment".Holy water and blessed salt can be used in a home, especially in doorways and windows.
There are a few things you can do to discourage these spirits from hanging around you. Get a Himalayan Salt lamp, it will create an effect that neutralizes negative ions like a weird form of air filter. Also slow burning Sage and citrus essential oils, but not at the same time. In door plants and soft uplifting music helps to create a positive atmosphere on a spiritual level. I have also heard that violet amethyst is considered the "Stone of the Spirit" because it wards off negative energies. If all else fails you could see if a priest will do a cleansing blessing on both you and your home. Most of these are slow effecting deterrence so the effects aren't instant solutions, be patient when trying these methods. I wish you the best of luck, there are other solutions but they are more aggressive and you want to avoid using these methods if possible.
texryan67 in Do I Have Powers?
I love experiencing new powers each day... Like this morning, I have a new friend on facebook now, she was a friend with whom I'd sing with on smule, the karaoke app for the phone. When I accepted her friend request, a feeling happened in the chakra where the solar plexus is... Like her spirit entered me... It was like growing closer, spiritually towards her... I can mentally "zoom" in on things. Like this morning, I couldn't physically see a road sign, but in my mind, I saw it loud and clear, It was a street sign. So I welcome new things like that.
sometimes, like yesterday, at work, I would say to myself about a co-worker that I can read her mind. I miss reading minds, and I too, need to practice so I can get better. 😊
texryan67 in A Deep "knowing"
I wish I could get the message out to everyone, to use the binaurals from you tube, to brush up on their psychic skills. They really work. It makes each day at work a lot less humdrum, and more bearable. Seeing people's auras, and being able to mentally zoom in on people, is cool, too. Each day, we connect with the members, and it helps in that aspect, as well 😊
yes meditating is definitely helpful. Let me give you an experience that I had this morning. I am currently doing karaoke online with a lady from wales. She tried to send me a video of her son being crazy, at first, it didn't come through, so I had to add her to facebook. And when I accepted the request, a strange feeling happened in my chest, as if we were connecting on a spiritual level. I know that it is one of the chakras that are in your chest, and I do believe that I might have known her before, somehow. I am happily married and have no reason to connect on that level with her. She is a good friend, and likes a lot of the stuff that I like. It was like we connected on a different level. I can see auras brightly as well now, too. My manager's aura is a darker green and it waves around like a cloud around her head. Like she is deep in thought. It's cool.
so that's why when I was like 16, I was able to fully read my cousin's and my niece's mind. It all was so vivid, like a running movie in my head, and I still remember what it was about to this day! I'd love to get that good, back again. I am currently listening to my binaurals at night before I go to sleep.
I came up to a weird ability today as I was sitting at my desk. First of all, I could mentally zoom in to a particular person, and then I could mentally smell her, and two, I looked down the way at my manager, and I could see her green aura float around her hair. The first one was really a what kind of ability is that, for sure. I love experiencing new things like this. They are probably derived from the binaurals that I listen to at night from you tube... 😊
What is your method with the water scrying? That sounds really interesting.

As for being an empath, it's wise that you guard your own space. It's perfectly ok to set strong boundaries. I wrote an article on Empaths on this site because so many people struggle with dealing with all that goes with it.

It's not totally oncommon that people with strong energy can affect electrical devices. Strong energy people (as you found out) can also affect situations, other people's thoughts and so on. Think of Yoda when he talks about "the Force". Not to joke but with you it is strong.

The question people usually start to ask is "now what?" So you know your an emapth, pychic, and healer. What is it you want to do? Improve your skills? Help others? Teach? What is "happening to you" is not above what is happening to a lot of people but most people successfully suppress it due to fear. We are all spirits inhabiting a body to learn and experience while here on the physical plane. What we do, where we go, the choices we make and the impact we have are all up to us. We can be of service to self or a mix of that and a service to others. We aren't just humans, but energy beings having a human experience.

Thanks for sharing.
robmkivseries70 in Large Black Mass
Hi First1,
I don't have a clue if it's paranormal or not, but my first worry would be that this could be an eye problem. If you lie down on your bed in the day time, do you see anything like you saw at night? My main worry would be bleeding into the inside of the eye which could appear as a black mass that moves around. If so, get to an eye Dr. ASAP. Having had some eye problems, I'd prefer the paranormal, πŸ™„ at first anyhow. Hope you get some more help.
I know what you mean, I wish people would understand me, like when I predict small things, or when I mentally teleport. I see a mental image of a place I am coming up to, like for instance, my brothers carport. I see their vehicles in advance, or don't see them, and most of the time I am right... That was a great story, that I put into my story on my profile, when I "saw" what my wife was doing, but I wasn't physically there. I'd just like to converse with someone who has similar esp or psychic things that happen to them too... πŸ˜‰
I want to tell people about using binaurals daily, and I see them on you tube. They are very helpful, especially when they are new to you. If you use one for a while, they don't get as strong. I can predict things fairly well, and sometimes know what people are thinking. Try it you might like it.
texryan67 in Inherited Abilities
that sounds familiar to me, also. My sister passed from a child's cancer at age 29. We were so very close when she was alive. Now that I am in my 50's, she still "comes down and checks in on me". Anytime that I play a certain song that reminds me of our great times together growing up, I'll begin to get Goosebumps and my eyes will tear with utter happiness when she checks in on me. She had always wanted the best for me, and didn't want anything to happen to me. I feel that she is proud of how far I have come, now that I am happily married and that I have a decent job now. πŸ˜†
that was an awesome story. That would intrigue me so, If that had have happened to me. I've read minds a long time ago, and to this day, I still remember what their thoughts were. It's unlike your thoughts and memories. It's like remembering a vivid movie from way back
that does sound awesome, that you can do that. I do binaurals daily like I have said before. They do work... It's almost like I can drive blindly around corners, sometimes, because I use my mind's eye to direct me, and If there's a vehicle coming my way, I move over before the fact, to give them plenty of room. πŸ˜†
I guy a had only meet once or twice said I was a indigo child a girl that worked at the store gifted me a deck of tarot cards found a vacant house with shamans library and animal tarot deck there was in a different town in a attic and found 2 old tarot decks I am. Not sure what I think of tarot cards I a Christian in last 2 years people acting odd bad luck born with something wrong with me toxic people com Kong out of wood work insecure fear of everything over analyzing hypersensitive close friend had a bout to psychosis and try to baptize her daughter went to jail for attempted manslaughter my brother stabbed himself in the chest walking around coma for 30 days before disowned me nephew targeted me in my home my sister is acting strange my best friend closest confidant might be demon possessedboyfriend a narcissist tired help
Hello Ivenusa,

That is a fairly interesting story, and I believe that you should do what you want, whatever it is that fulfills your heart's desires. I do not think you should worry about practicing a religion. Religion and faith are two different things. Religion is a structure based around faith. It is something that allows people of a similar faith to get together and discuss matters of faith. You do not need religion to have faith but religion needs faith to exist. So, what I would do is look around at all religions, research them, etc. And find the one the feels the most fitting to you. You definitely seem interested in Christianity so give it a try, you might even be able to find one that is fused with Buddhist ideologies.

As for the birthmark, it is just that a birthmark, it is you who makes you who you are. A birthmark does not define who you are. So I have a question for you, who are you? I want you to ask this to yourself, and think about it. What makes you who you are, and being who you are what is it that will most fulfill you?
Moongirl99 in Empath
We have several similarities in our lives I was born in October 28th I too have come to think that I am an empath was told there was something wrong with me since birth I had a lot of learning problems it was a difficult job lot of conduct problems I had a meltdown that started in 5th grade and cried profusely the whole year my dad refused to take me I had to sit out in the hall cuz I disrupted the class I've been saying Psychiatry since I was 5 they tell me that I'm bipolar times I think I am I'm also very much a sensitive and introvert an isolator in the last two-and-a-half years I have lost relationships that we're vitally important to me I'm exhausted continuously think I'm in a relationship with a narcissist that still doesn't explain everything then I thought it might be this house yard then my nephew who lived here thought of it clear up after his mind boggling betrayal then I lost my brother here we come to visit me here after he had a blackout and he has walked out of my life plot to me on all his accounts my best friend since we were in second grade they come to live in a trailer on a property after a storm I just lost her mind crazy stumbled upon a house of a shaman and a library full of books tarot cards everywhere I look I'm a Christian at a loss and don't know what to do I feel like supposed to help someone or myself or God's trying to tell me something or the devil is trying to tempt me or I'm f****** nuts sorry about the language please someone anyone
Since you describe this as an awakening rather than an a life-long ability, and then it suddenly stopped, it sounds more like demonic grooming than innate abilities to me. Be careful of wishing for more. Instead, pray to your god for protection, and to be most useful to him/ her. You may or may not get those powers back but if you don't, do not miss them. They were in that case, given to trick you.
Silverchild and Leadbyexample,

Thank you for your recommendations on how to get rid of these, though I cannot say that I'm keen to touch one if I should see one again!

Lilylove, I've observed that self application of scripture and commanding them to leave in the name of Christ just convinces them to leave only for the moment. It won't keep them gone because we are of the Earth and not the heavens and thus have power limitations around which they will work. It worked differently when Jesus gave the commands.

That said, I did myself pray for devine assistance with this particular problem a few years ago. I woke one morning a few days later to a peaceful feeling of someone holding my hand. It was two small, smoky angels one white and one red, occupying the same spot. (As opposed to the large warrior sort.) When the white one lifted, the red one was there. And then a black whoosh moved that one along too. The whoosh looked like smoke and moved like wind.

I haven't seen a spider since then, nor any other creature that bothered me in my home at that time.
I think your spider was something entirely different.
Thank you for sharing this. I think it could potentially help many readers.
sometimes, being able to predict bad things like that, such as a death of a loved one can be stressful, but I like the good side, like predicting grades and other good happier things... One day I want to be able to read minds like I was able to in the eighties.
I have these experiences all the time! I am an empath as well as having lots of deja vu. I always am in situation when things happens and I got whoa have I dreamt this before? I'm not sure why these things happen to me or anyone else except I think my mother passed it to me because she had the same things happen to her. I realized as an empath that negative things can effect me anyone else as an empath a lot so I take a lot of time to myself when I feel drained or do any relaxing activity like baths, making myself laugh, taking a nap, anything to 'recharge' myself. I think what also helps is just to accept it and I really enjoy when I have these moments. I think it's something really cool about me and I love the experiences so If you aren't afraid and just accept it, it might help. Again not sure why it occurs but hopefully someone else will know, hope this helps! 😊
Hello Matthew. I'm Germini too (lol) I'm happy to be clairvoyant... But things were once different. Growing up for me was like being a lone wolf (in) a pack. But things changed when I started accepting the fact that I am different. Now I don't just wait for the voices to spring in my head. I talk to them. My point is. When you get a confusing message from your guide ask him/her to clarify. COMMUNICATION helps.
Terter101 in My Soul Is Trapped
I used to feel the same way. I would suggest taking deep breaths. Talking to someone you trust. It helps. This could be an awakening or Just an emotional setback. And the dreams could as well mean nothing or carry messages. Whatever happens TRUST your instincts. And know PLEASE everyone goes through hard delusional episodes Too. ❀ ❀ ❀
When I hear old songs of my childhood, I get goosebumps, and I feel my sisiters spirit coming by to check on me, and it is a happy soul warming feeling... πŸ˜‰
i don't mean to fright you but when you see green eyes it is a spirit called the grinch, the reason bad thing were happening I believe is because the grinch appears to kill not just to scare he kills. I can't stress enough how mad my senses are going and how many chills I am getting.
I believe what you are experiencing is a demon. I'm glad you are a Christian, but this makes you an enemy to satan, and a target by his demons for harassment. If this happens again you must order the demonic entity to leave "in the name of Jesus Christ". And I say order it, firmly and consistently until it remains gone. Remember, it has no power over you as a believer of Christ. I wish you well friend. You will be okay.
some days for me, I can see a certain person's aura as plain as day, thanks to the binaurals that I use, nightly I open up my third eye, and it's easy to foresee, that way. 😁
that is pretty cool. I do binaurals every night to try and increase my sixth sense, if you will... Some of the binaurals from you tube are more effective than others, though. πŸ˜‰
that sounds to me like precognition. I have done remote viewing before, but you predicted these events. So what did the window and the fork have to do with?
that sounds to me like precognition. I have done remote viewing before, but you predicted these events.
When I was 18, I had a girl friend who I was like that with, but I was eighteen and she was 15 at the time. I guess I could have and should have waited a year...LOL... I saw her again 15 years later, in a grocery store, but she was with her jealous girlfriend at the time. If it wasn't for the jealous one, I feel we could have gotten together. We had similar interests in a lot of things, Including 80's punk bands. Man, what could have been...LOL

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