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Being pulled can be quite normal. I wasn't really pulled to this website when I first started, however I was pulled to a person. I was in a chat room on IMVU, and yes this was a good while back now when it was actually kind of popular, but if you are unaware it was a virtual chat room, and someone in that room I had a strong pull towards. I had the feeling that I need to talk to this person, but I didn't know why. As people started to leave it then came down to just me and them. Come to find out they knew more about me and what I could do than I ever could have. I knew what I could do, but I didn't know what it was called or how. Come to find out I was an Empath and I found this out because of that pull to talk to her. Afterwords I found this site and started to try and help people, I knew what it was like to be doing things and not know how or why. I knew what it felt like to be lost and alone and just want someone to come and tell me that I wasn't alone. I had that and wanted to be able to help others in the same way. It's also why in all this time on this site I never have posted a story, I wasn't asking for help, but instead looked to help others. Now at the time the ones I was talking to didn't want me to be on this site, they wanted me helping people to be more personal one on one, but I disobeyed and wanted to help as many people as I could, so I stayed. I'm not nearly as active as I was in the past, but still have moments where I come on and see what catches my eyes. As far as your smoke story, it could actually be orbs instead. It's common for them to be drawn to psychics due to their energy, and we see them in the corner of our eyes because we are less focused there. Once you turn to try and see them, you start focusing on this world around you so you lose focus on them and they go away. Same happens with full figure spirits. You'll see them out of the corner of your eyes, and when they catch your attention and you try to focus on them they will tend to vanish. They will be attracted to your energy, and will hang around. I actually find it a little annoying, I'd rather see them all the time, or none at all. However, I tend to get flashes of them. People are different though, someone I know sees the fully, another doesn't see them at all, I'm kind of in-between.
I'm afraid I can't really help you too much with the energy work side of things, I wasn't very good with energy manipulation I'm afraid. However, I do have experience in Empathy. You can evolve past just knowing how someone feels to being able to physically feel what they feel, even smell, see what they do. Once you connect with someone, even thousands of miles away, distance doesn't matter. Whatever they experience with their senses, you can tap into that and feel the same. If you want to get into healing work, being able to physically feel what they feel wrong can really help you pinpoint and locate the areas that need work most. Also working on letting your energy flow into them taking the bad/damaged energy out of them and into yourself you can essentially dissipate that pain they feel, at-least for a while and help them feel better. I did this without touch, but someone that I know in person would do it with touch, placing their hands on the injured area and taking the pain away. Something to think about.
Being normal is overrated. You didn't really say what you are looking for so I'm going to assume you're just looking for people who understand what you're feeling? The worst feeling with things like this is the feeling of not knowing who or what you are. To have a name that isn't known to you, and feel like you're missing a part of yourself. Many people here understand that once they get past the being scared phase of diving head first into everything.
First off towards AeonGirl, you really should publish your own story instead of tacking a long story on someone else's post. However, I would like to first say calm down. You don't need alcohol, pills, or anything of the sort. You're open to feeling more, and that's not a bad thing. The first step is realizing there's more to this world than what people see as "normal". Distance doesn't matter, time doesn't matter, even people don't matter. We can feel things others wouldn't believe, so trying to talk to people can get complicated too. Take things in baby steps or you'll end up overloading yourself which is what it seems like talking about exhaustion and anxiety. If you want to send me an e-mail we can have a better conversation, I won't feed you any new age religious bs, just my own experiences and I won't promise to have all the answers you may seek, but maybe I can help out a little. Also I'll give you an answer a good friend of mine gave me as far as losing hope in humanity. I felt the same way that you do, was humanity worth saving? He told me yes, the reason is that humanity can change. Even with all the bad it still has the ability to change for good. So we can't lose faith in humanity just for the way it is since it can change and evolve. Yes it takes work, but it's not impossible. Also just in case you ever thought of suicide, or things of that nature, another friend of mine told me before. If I wanted to, he can't stop me, but I needed to have a good reason. Without a good reason, there would be no point and may as well stay. Not liking life or wanting to be here isn't a good enough reason not to be here. So just in case, it's something to think about.

James, I believe you're thinking of it wrong. It's not the mirror, or phone, or anything of the sort. Go out to a quiet lake, no motion, water still, and throw a rock as far as you possibly can into the middle of the lake. What happens? You disturb the calm water and cause ripples, even after the first wave you'll see ripples across the whole lake. That's what you're feeling. Time isn't as straightforward as you'd think. You're feeling the emotions from people who are close to you. Since they are so close to you, you feel the power of their sadness, that ripple from the future event that essentially has already, and is already happening. So it's not something that will come, it's a moment in time that is still taking place. Once you deal with time it starts getting complicated, I know, I'm sorry. However the ripple is the best way I can explain it. The more powerful the emotion that is to come, the bigger the wave it'll make, and the easier it'll be to feel. You feel the ones that are close to you because those are the ones you have the most connection with. You can feel others as well, and if it's a big event, an example was one night I could feel something was wrong, and the next morning I found that bomb which went off in the race in... Boston I think it was? You have to remember that actions can have many effects on people. If someone dies you have their family, relatives, friends, neighbors, anyone that knows them and can feel hurt from their passing will still have that emotion, and that's just with one person, the more people, the more people affected, and the more an impact it will make. Now this doesn't just happen with negative emotions, but those are the easiest to feel, not the strongest, but the easiest. I'm known as an empath, I can feel others emotions, and I had a friend who lives thousands of miles away, but I could feel what she felt. This can evolve, but the first thing is typically feeling their emotions. Hope some of what I said helps.
Good morning, something you should know first off is the ability to see things that aren't always part of our tangible world is often times easier through the corner of our eyes. You have to lose focus on the world around you to gain focus on that world, this is done the easiest through the corner of our eyes since that's where you have the least amount of focus while still being able to notice changes. When you turn to look at what caught your attention you then start to focus and it goes away, this is pretty normal. I was once advised that I would see shadows in the corners of my eyes and to ignore them, to not even acknowledge their existence. Often times it can be annoying, but I haven't really had anything come from it. As far as something following you, you could try building the energy around you and expanding it. The way It was described to me was picturing in your mind the energy around your body, and slowly expanding it into the world around you until it encases the whole room. A wall of energy that let's only that which you want to pass through it come through, and those that you don't aren't able to pass through. You could give it a try and see if it works out for you. Do note that often times spirits are attracted to psychics due to their energy and aren't actually there to harm you, but instead are drawn to you. I've had orbs around me ever since I started into all of these kinds of things, and they were there to try and help protect me. I also saw in very old photos of myself an orb that was always there, even before I got into everything which I believe to have been my guardian angel, so the real question is based on what you feel. If you're just afraid of something being there, and not that it's actually bad, it could be something else. However, if you feel that it's something bad, try blocking it out. If you can do it yourself then there won't be a need for someone to come and cleanse your house because you would have already done it.
I don't fault you for being skeptic at all, in fact most of the "Psychics" that you will find in the world, or on phone lines trying to make money will often times warp what you say, or give very vague predictions to make it seem like they have great insight when they really do not. However, that's a major key in finding the ones who truly are gifted from those that aren't. The ones who really are in this world often times don't choose to be. Myself included, I never asked for any of it, and it just started happening one day. Most people here don't see it as a great gift but instead a curse, and those are the ones who really are telling the truth. It's sad, but with how many people claim to be what they aren't, when someone really is, then there's a world of misinformation. There will of course be times where things will still seem like hocus pocus because it really is mind boggling what is possible, it'll feel like warping the universe itself, but it still can be cool too. Spend the day with someone who really is, and I dislike the term psychic due to being so vague, and you'll feel your world view get flipped around. Distance no longer matters, you see connections you wouldn't think possible, and you start to feel really small in such a vast universe.
I don't believe most people on here will be able to help you I'm afraid, in fact most people will probably not read through that much text, I myself skimmed through most of it. Seems like you've had a lot of fun experiences, I don't like the part about going to asylums though. I don't seem them as a major help, most people just don't understand, so doing anything outside of the "norm" will often times lock you away, or have you repeat the phrase that you are crazy until you start believing it yourself. With so many different experiences that you're talking about, I'm unsure of what exactly you're looking for from this site. What kind of advice are you trying to seek? I think I know of what portal you spoke of though, I do want to say be careful though. Diving head first into everything can get you into trouble, or get you hurt. You seem to be well connected to your other self though so that's good.
LadyBelle (guest) in I Want What I Feel
Hi Admiralblitz

Let me start by saying that I understand how you feel, even more I can relate to you.

No matter the cruelty we come across in this world, don't ever lose your inner identity. Don't lose your inner beauty because of people and situations we would categorize as bad. There's a reason you were born in this certain family and certain surroundings. I had asked myself before the same questions... Why was my sensitive soul put in a place of so much pain and injustice, when all I ever wanted was to give and receive love, work on creating a better world for better humanity? It didn't make any sense to me.
But, if I've learned something through all these experiences then it's to understand people around me better and being able to help them. If I hadn't gone through that, would I be able to empathize with the world around me all the way? To be completely honest, I'd like to change the entire world, but not being able to do that is kind of frustrating...there's so much to be done. Then again, you can make a change step by step, word by word. Even our corresponding here on this website is making a change. You never know how just one single word of yours will affect someone, in a positive way.
So, maybe coming to Earth in a human body makes some sense after all. We don't have all the answers, just puzzles we use to create bigger picture. Only one new puzzle can change our perspective, that's why I explore and seek new knowledge.
The home you're mentioning is actually inside of you, that's the love to/from your spiritual family/angels/tribe. Wherever you go, you carry it with you and that is what is giving you strength to go further. I've seen my spiritual family so I know it to be true.
Having visions in dreams is quite normal, there's nothing to worry about. Don't question your mind. Since you're able to "see" through dreams, then you can try something: before falling asleep, ask your spiritual family/angels a question and ask them to remember the dream when you wake up in the morning. Dreams are a great way for communication with spiritual realm, for getting messages.
Yo can also read about clairvoyance.
I also find home and peace in nature and art/music. So, I can completely understand you in the part where you could spend the whole day in the nature just walking or looking at the sky. Whenever you need to recharge your batteries or think you cannot endure any more - just go there - it will always give you the soothing feeling of home and comfort.

Advice: don't waste your energy on fitting in, that's not why you're here and it will only hurt you more. Rather waste your energy on being who you truly are, your authentic self. To express your very beautiful essence - your true identity- is why you're here. There's a warrior inside of you growing, and all that you're feeling now is transforming into a weapon for changing things to better.

Stay well:-)
If you want to talk more or need an advice, I am always at your disposal.

Kind regards
This school would be more of a group per-say. People coming together, sharing knowledge, and working together to learn more about our psychic abilities. All ages are encouraged to join, so you would always be welcome! I will send you an email, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,
Dawn 😊
Wish I could point you to someone that can help, but I want you to know, I will pray for you all, and the ex. I hope you have looked more into how to help him, and yourselves...

May the guides shield you all from him (I'd look into a protection meditation you can use). Best of luck!
Ashsult in Calling My Name
Brad, can I call you Brad? I had the same thing happen, very frequently, a few years ago, almost everyday. Unfortunately, I was at work one day and one of them called my name so many times, I finally got fed up; it was interfering with my job, and said, "no more!" And now, literally, no more voices πŸ˜” Now I have to beg for them to come back, guess I really got what I asked for. Thankfully, I have started hearing them calling my name again, but it's taking a lot of begging and apologizing πŸ™ So don't ever do what I did lol
Now for some real advice, I read/heard (YouTube) that our spirit guides are more of an ancestor, or and actual assigned guide (but, who am I know, nor am I trying to rain in your awesome parade) but I would read, and read more, into it. I had no idea who's voice it was calling my name, and there were a few. I am just glad they are all there, and who's to say there are not more than one?
Stay positive and ask them to let you know who they are, and then give him/her/them some time to let you know; dream, reoccurrences. You will 'know' when it comes.
Good luck and best wishes on your awakening! Sounds so promising!
This happens to me as well, so glad I found your experience and question, which I will be following. Thankfully, ThulsaDune gave us a good place to start; Aether, and Universal knowledge. I'd suggest looking into some good reads on the subjects; books/websites, and going on from there. I'll share any I find, when I come across anything, here with all. Hope you do the same!
Here's to finding truth and expanding our abilities 😊
Hi Gibby

It's possible that is an unwanted presence, whether it is demonic or not I don't think I can say based on the experience, however I had hired a distant entity clearer who I purchased a tutorial from on commands involving Archangel Michael Jesus and God to send this spirit or demon to where it needs to be. If you want me to try the command if you think it's attached to you email me.

But he does work with some Angels one would get skeptical about. But you don't have to use any commands involving those angels.

I only tell you about this because I been through attack and still suffer. Entity clearers can be expensive and most of them are fakes. But there is one who I enlisted and had an experience once he started his work (I smelled blood pungently) and felt great heat on my shins. Demons are not something to play around with, it's most important that you don't give in to fear and intimidation or give up on God, cause that's when these entities do their damage.

Let us know how your situation goes.

Unicron1000 in Awakening Psychic (?)
Am I the only one that noticed that almost all of your visions relate to death or hurt in a way?

I am trying to also figure out how to control this ability. So I can't really help you.

Unicron1000 in 1st Psychic Experience
So, I have a question. What do you feel like when you get a vision?

For me when I get a vision, it comes out of nowhere and when I try to think about something else I can't. My mind freezes. It focuses on that vision and I can't stop thinking/seeing it.

Do you feel that way too?

Thank you.
Hey Dawn!

Some info about me is on my profile, but here is my email as well: wongkylie8 [at]

I'm not sure it would be legal for me to teach, since I am below 18. But hopefully I can act as a moderator admin, or counselor if the school will be hosted online. If you want to talk more over email, I would be glad to.

- Kylie ❀
I can offer a book title, "You the Healer" by Jose Silva. It's out of print but I was able to find it on Ebay.
Thank you for your advice! A lot of people on here can lie about their abilities, so I will do my best to prevent those types of people from joining the school. And as your help, I think the school could very much use more teachers! I can tell that you are someone who has learned on their own, how to control their abilities. And completely understands what it is like to have others believe you as crazy, for simply being psychic. If you are interested, please leave me your email ^-^

Best Regards,
It would be an honor to have to join! I myself have also found it difficult to find resources online, to help me learn more. But as you said, many of them are questionable. This school would be full of those who have learned from experience, and can tell you truth about any questions you may have. Is there an email I can reach you at?


I have lots of advice on many subjects. Everyone is different but we all have basic common needs. It is advantageous to find a simple thing, and I mean one simple pleasure to anchor on. It needs to be a simple thought, memory, sentence, image, maybe object. I have a special rock I found when I was out walking by myself one day thinking about random stuff and enjoying nature. My little voice said look down, so I did. I saw a 3/4 inch by 1 inch quartz stone. My little voice said pick it up so I did. As soon as I held it I started to feel a buzz and vibration and then it started to feel warm. I slipped this quartz stone into my pocket and kept it. Many many years later I still have it. Sometimes I carry it when I feel compelled to. I drop it in my pocket and reach in and take hold of it once in awhile when things around me start to amp up or I start to get agitated. It helps me re-focus and align myself. Sometimes I can use it to tune up or down. That is a whole other discussion and topic. Sometimes I think about others in different areas and what they are going through at that very moment. Sometimes I have a little tune or song I am repeating in my head or switching to another one. Sometimes I am carrying an image of one of my favorite lakes I like to fish at. I use a lot of different methods.

Sometimes in certain situations I need to go into full blown isolated meditation mode and ground myself in nature in a forest or by a river. I concentrate on everything around me and on how large the world is and where I fit into it. I know it is clichΓ© but count your blessings. πŸ˜‰
Thank you for your comment Thulsadune. I recently shared that I am an empath with a coworker. Turns out he is an empath as well. We had a long conversation about it, and agreed it wasn't something to be shared amongst our coworkers. There's so much ignorance in the world. Thank you for the warning about psychologists. I do see a therapist, and I've shared a decent amount with her. She's been understanding and open, and is an empath as well, but I can see a bit of skepticism in her eyes. I'll recede in my sharing most likely. I have a difficult time staying grounded and feeling I have a strong identity, any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

I have got to jump on here and put my 2 cents in. I don't want to hurt peoples feelings or get a war going or get kicked off of this site. I am compelled to state some things and I hope people will take me seriously and have an open mind.

The past is the past and we don't need to dwell on it. Shorte1235 you have admitted to everything you have experienced and are looking for help. So what I am going to talk about is not directed at you but for others to read and ponder with an open mind I hope.

I am one of those people in a constant battle with trying to deal with the fallout of what people knowingly or unknowingly cause. They end up hurting themselves, others and Humanity in general on Earth. They open up portals, summon forth energies and entities and create Hell on Earth.

I get frustrated with the situation more so than the people. People either just don't believe or realize this stuff is real and that there is a price to be paid.

Okay here we go. There is no such thing as good magic or white magic. All magic has Demonic backing. White magic is deception brought forth to convince you that it is not harmful and to massage your ego and vanity. Every form of magic or witchcraft has a price tag that must be paid or reconciled. It all has a cost of some kind. Nothing is enjoyed for free except GOD's blessing of GRACE and MERCY. Everything else must exact payment from somewhere.

If we attempt to pierce the veil or protection that The Creator has placed there and contact something we run the risk of attack. When you use a Ouija board or like device you tear a hole in that veil and dark negative energies and entities can pass in and out through that portal. Yes they really work and can cause very bad things. It isn't the board exactly but a combination of the ritual and intent by the people involved. It can't do it without the people part of the equation. Same thing with many devices and rituals. Some will hate me for this but I don't care, it needs to be said. Wicca is a form of witchcraft and mark my words a tax will be levied.

Everything has got to be in balance. When you upset that balance you will pay somehow someway. It might not be that person, but someone they know or love or some part of their life. It always boomerangs back even sometimes years later. The heaviest price to pay is by Satanists. They believe their dark lord will give them favor. It is all a lie and they will pay worse than any other.

Many times when people make contact with a helpful spirit or guide it is all a deception. I am not saying always, but most times it is. There are exceptions to the rule, but not often.

There are many ways to deal with many things, but smudging only helps with minor things. If you are truly dealing with a malevolent energy being or entity it will only get worse. If you are dealing with something truly Evil attacking you your only hope for relief is GOD, Spirit, The Creator or whatever term you wish to use.

You can't fight dark with something darker. You can't bind a Demon with magic, they will laugh at you. They invented magic and influence and deception. You can't use Wicca or enchantment or rituals or ceremonies or blood sacrifices or Vodoo. That is just movie fantasy. Only faith and GOD can re-balance the scale.

If no one believes me, fine. Try it your way and see how bad it can get. Get mad and attack what I say, I don't care. I have been dealing with it for years. I have been attacked by Dark and Evil things and have seen them. GOD protected me from any real harm. I will admit I have been freaked out more than once by being surprised.
How about a 6'5" 350 lb. Guy being tossed several feet like a rag doll with no one near him. I mean picked up off the floor and thrown. Evil is real. Demons are real. The Devil is real.

Guess what Angels are real. Jesus is Real. GOD is real.

Evil cowers before GOD.

So renounce anything Dark or Evil. Cast away from you any form of magic and learn to Pray to GOD. You can still be sensitive and believe in GOD.
Hello to both of you, SeekerVick86 and AeonGirl,

My inner voice or guide was screaming at me to open up this site tonight. What I type here is for both of you and others. I am 51 years old but still can relate. I was also plagued with weird stuff from almost birth. My memories start from 4 years old though. There are many like you and me out there. You are not alone in your experiences. I did not have the Internet or anyone to talk to about this stuff so I had to kind of gut it out. You now have the good fortune of reaching many like yourself. Seekervick 86, I suggest you click on my name and go to my profile page and read some of my stories and comments. It might help you with some of the information you are looking for. I also am in and have been in the HVAC trade for many years. Some of my gifts make my job easier and I find ways to help others in my free time. We all have to pay the bills somehow. I also use my abilities to do battle with dark forces and energies. I have taught myself how to calm my storms and control and use my gifts. I am a very strong empath also, but was blessed with a tool box full of other abilities that help me with many things. We all struggle with ow to deal with Society around us. Sometimes our environment is almost toxic and sometimes it is beautiful and overwhelming.

A word of warning to all Empaths. You will be targeted by Narcissists and sycophants and evil negative energies. You will need to learn how to block or shield yourself from that stuff. You will need to learn how to purge and cleanse and balance yourself in your everyday life. Everyone has their own Unique experiences and way of coping.

I deal with and help people with nasty stuff and negative entities and energies. I myself rely on my beliefs and my GOD or the Creator to help me and get me through what I deal with. I am not preaching, but I know what waits for us beyond the veil if we cross through it. I won't discuss it here and now.

There is a reason why you feel like you have no direction or control sometimes. It can be fixed and improved on but it takes time and effort. Modern western Society is not prepared for or will except this stuff. Psychologists and doctors can not relate to the spiritual realm and will have you committed and ruin your life if they get control of you.

It is not wise to try and self medicate or experiment with drugs and substances. It will really mess you up if you truly are a sensitive. It is like someone giving you the keys to a race car and then pulling out the steering wheel as you speed off. It is going to end badly and it isn't if you are going to crash but when. It is going to be how bad you are going to get hurt before it stops rolling.

Detoxify your body and spirit and find a spare steering wheel somewhere somehow. Find someone to talk to and share with. Come on this site, email people direct, find people near you. You need a support system of some kind and don't tell everybody you meet about it. They are gifts to be respected, protected and not abused. They are gifts to be used to help others and not be profited from. Mainstream Society in the West will lock you away if your not careful. People will ruin your life and make you miserable if you are not cautious and careful who you talk to. Some will just take advantage of and try to use you.

Well I have said enough for tonight, but hopefully got the ball rolling for you.

I help people who really need it, but I have to be careful about how much I take on. I have people who help me also with what I do. πŸ˜‰
Hi Shorte1235,
In deep meditation say to your self, "Every day, in every way I am getting better, better, and better." You may also say, while in deep meditation, "Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence over me at any level of the mind including the outer conscious level." Finally, "I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind." In deep meditation these are extremely powerful; though, there is no "one and done" here. Many repetitions are needed, keep practicing.

I think that sounds an amazing idea. I also agree. I grew up fearing my psychic abilities, not knowing what it was. And when I mentioned it to people around me, they either thought I was crazy or just didn't believe in it. But one cannot deny what they feel. Good luck starting the school!

Another thing you might want to watch out for, though, are people who just want to be psychic/get into the metaphysical without thinking about the consequences (just so they can look mysterious and edgy, you know?).

P.S. If you need any help, I would be grateful to help you! ❀

- Kylie
I so understand. I'm very much like you are. I'm sorry I don't have more answers, as I'm also looking for the same. I see far too much and am miserable in a way, because of it. I literally can't wear rose-colored glasses. Reality and the never-ending barrage of people's selfishness, meanness or pain, is mainly what there is to see. Good luck and God bless.
Please honor these things and do not let them be taken from me. I've come here for a merciful answer.
Hello. I'm AeonGirl. I have dreamt of people close to me dying and then they die. I've had a lot of bad feelings like a flash of a memory, like a daydream or in night dreams (where they're much more accurate) and I call everyone. I've seen an ex I broke up with, trying to cast a spell on me and texted him what came exactly from my mind: "The evil eye is now focused on you," then my colorful vocabulary came pouring out, astonished someone would do that to me. I scared him and he was even more drawn to me. I've gotten to visit old France, where my grandmother lived, with a perfect view of her home, with the old, dark tree and the flowers in her garden. The fragrant breeze of flowers let me know she was showing me those things after death. My dad called me in a dream to tell me that he was okay. He called me again in another dream when my brother died and said they were together in Balgo Na, then was in a beautiful forest - his favorite place to be. In the stream, I stood then was sitting but nothing was cold or hot, just beautiful. My mother was killed after my brother and a month before this exploratory day surgery she was to have in December, I told her not to have it because I'd dreamt of her death and woke up, sobbing with grief. I watched her die slowly after being hacked up by doctors for no good reason, suffocating and staring at me, shedding one tear. She was fully aware this entire time but unable to speak for a month, in a total nightmare and I only got to hear her voice once after they let her bleed internally, for over twelve hours. It was horrible. It was totally for nothing. She told us not to fight over anything of hers and not to pursue a suit for money. We honored that. It took her over a year to finally visit me without being lost. She came to me in a dream once, but was very lost and "drunk," or "drugged," as she'd been much before her death and was with bad forces. Finally, I got to visit her in her beautiful place and she was herself and happy, in a small apartment where she could cook, sleep and just be safe and comfortable. I understand none oth this. I saw my warrior (former Army Sargent) brother, fighting beings at the gates of hell, which were bending forward, but not opening, though these things would occasionally escape and as our protector in life of a house full of females, he showed me these things but told me that I had to leave and that it wasn't safe. It was nothing but gray, foggy and dank and he was carrying a reaper weapon but was fighting against evil, slaying these things. When he was alive, I saw him once in a daydream in Afghanistan, war-worn and covered in dirt, where a flap of canvas was flapping in the wind as he surveyed the distance. I've seen ghosts, darker things, was haunted by a man who had committed suicide and I know things people never have to explain to me. At five, I saw four angels over me, in my room, all pointing up as the last, was pointing to me. I remember the day I was born, have dreamt of memories my family members have had or them showing me these precious times and grasp love between others as if I was the one in the relationship. I can't be lied to and it hurts me deeply. I have astral projected several times and had a series of war dreams, where Russia bombs, then invaded the U.S. Anyone else get this much info? My anxiety is bad. I broke away from a narcissist who took severe advantage of me after all this death and am building myself back up. He slept with his adopted daughter and kept her away for a long time and told me SHE was sick but found out too much otherwise, when she came back. I believe in God, in Jesus because of the things I have actually seen and just want someone to tell me this happens to them and how to cope or get better at it? Not interested in new age religion bs. There's one God I follow. I've been "seen" by people who call themselves witches and asked me to help them to become powerful as they claimed to see something in me and I declined. Although I've self-medicated much in alcoholic stages and with medicine I was prescribed, but these things have never left me. Someone, somewhere, please tell me how you do it and not become so exhausted and in constant fear, knowing the stark reality and darkness in most people that surround us. I'm generally disliked but very open and friendly and genuine. People either get overly drawn to me almost creepily or they hate me without cause. I don't trust anyone. HOW does one live this way (almost breaking) without losing all hope in humanity?
Thank you sincerely for your time.
I've been longing for an instructional institution for a little while now. I can come across plenty of "Psychic" resources online, but many of them are questionable. Many people want to develop abilities, some of us just want to cope with the ones we have. I'd rather thrive than suffer and survive.
I read somebody's past by holding there hand and looking in their eyes
Hi Ladybelle

I always had the thought in the back of my mind that I would have to go to a spiritual setting whether in Africa, Asia or South America to deal with this.

But that's such a big excursion. I'd like to point out that I did go out of country once during the last month to the Tropics (caribbean) where I met a baptist woman who told me to take sea baths. While I was there for 6 days I took two sea baths, although she said I needed 7. She also told me lots of prayer and gave me a mix of red lavender to wash myself with after taking a shower.

I actually started sleeping again occasionally during that trip even if only for 30 minutes at a time. In the tropics everyone tends to take a break around noon time and in some countries they go home for lunch or a nap. It so happens that every day at lunch time there would be a thunder shower and I recall laying down on one of the days (I stayed at my aunts house) and then asking what happened to the day's rain? It turns out I had slept for 30 minutes through it.

But as mysteriously as the blessings came, they dried up when I returned home. I thank you Ladybelle for the support and advice, even though I can feel nothing, to know that God / source is still with me is something that rings true to my experience and is advice I'm happy to see on the forum for others to know as they go through similar hell.

Your English is more than fine Ladybelle:)

Hi Blubber108

Thanks for giving more insight.
Whatever suits you best, hope it provides you with results or least gives you a sign/clue for the next step on your path.

What I liked in the provided article is that the shaman actually took the person suffering to his village and cured him there, eventually not only that the person felt better but also became a healer himself. Happy endings give hope:-)
As it goes for dreams, it's possible when you clear yourself a little bit from this negative influence that the communication through dreams and sleeping will reappear again (English is not my native, but I guess it's understandable what I'm saying). The connection with the Source is never lost, especially if you hold it dearly in your heart. Communicate often with God and when you do just feel & visualize your heart filled with love (energy of white colour, gold colour, whatever colour you feel comfortable with) and how you're sending him thoughts/prayers with that energy of love.

I welcome your will to help yourself, it's an important factor I believe and your story & strength to overcome that is a guide to all other people who are facing those kinds of problems.
Thanks for pointing me to another story.
Also, it's great that there are people who really wish to help from their hearts so my respect goes to them, meaning all the people contacting you and all the ones contacting you in general. Wish you all well.

Kind regards

You can go on my profile page and find posts and my email. You can email me with questions if you want to.
Hi David

I've come across a similar polygonal sort of transforming astral being before when I was 12 years old. It was all black and sort of spun into my field of view in the form of a disk while I was under sleep paralysis and then it folded out limbs and a humanoid form in a sort of transformer like way and stared right at my face as it hovered there as I couldn't move or call out.

Your story probably didn't upload yet, but I read your profile introduction about your astral and kundalini encounters.

Usually in those experiences visualizing something like dozens of swords of light piercing the entity or making it known in your intention or vibration that you are not afraid is enough to end the encounter early.

I used to have entities in sleep paralysis but I'm dealing with something much closer to my vital and life force that even affects me in more than just the twilight moments of between sleep and waking.

Just try not to make the same mistakes I did as it's no fun living like this with an entity overshadowing and draining all benevolent emotions with aggravation and wicked impulses.

Thank you for reading my story and commenting check back in the months ahead hopefully if I have any breakthroughs I will tell you what worked to save me.

Wow brother, truly an interesting story I struggle with something extremely similar and it always nice knowing there's other people out there... You seem to be taking it well though and that makes me happy to hear. Much love and healing energy goes to you.
Blubber108 in How I Found This Site
You have my interest.

You did call us to check out your story once uploaded.

What was it you felt called to? What was the story of yours which mirrored this young man?

Do you attribute your sleep problems to smoking and working overnight?

... Or to a spirit which also caused your streak of bad luck with your car windows?

Hi Ladybelle

Thank you for the suggestion.

Yes, I already knew about shamanism and felt because they go into a trance state that they would be able to interface with entities that I know are real and affecting me.

The first distance entity clearer I utilized also had a distance shaman do a 'soul retrieval' on me after the entity clearer's work. I also saw a shamanic practitioner in person and had a session. I did not really feel much from that session where the shaman journeyed and did a depossession and soul retrieval in person. It's a very sensitive topic because on one hand, prayer and God has shown that it can move this thing off of me, but it comes back when I do nothing wrong.

If there is a certain behavior I need to do in order for God and any guardian angels to help me, I'm no longer receiving opportunities as I'm not falling asleep on my own anymore.

It's like I hope God can understand why I'm resorting to other ways to solve this issue because it's heavy to deal with having an attachment which causes me to be unable to sleep among other things like teething/shivering impulses to do unspeakable acts with images of things like self mutilation or mutilation of others. I often stay in my own room back home at my parents house now, keeping my hands under my pillow or myself as I don't want to be around my loved ones feeling like that.

I will be trying to follow ThulsaDune's advice going forward, although I do thank you for your advice and did try a two shamans.

It's like because prayer once had me go through a night of sleep on my own, I don't want to give up on it. But then subsequent nights I tried the same thing but was left without sleep or answers as to why the blessing did not stay.

I recommend you check out angel10023's story as it's similar to mine with what she's tried to get help

I thank you in any case and will read your link, I welcome anyone's experience or suggestions to remedy my situation and if something works I'll let everyone know what worked.
Hi Blubber108

I'm sorry for the pain and confusion you were & still are going through the entire time.
I see that you've tried everything possible to help yourself. You've mentioned all kinds of healers. And I believe you've informed yourself a lot. What about shamans and their healing techniques?

I've read all kinds of topics on them, from their history to their work and everything they're capable of (including elimination of attached negative spirits).
I attached this link cause I find the article to be interesting - from the shamans point of view on negative spirits/energies and how they affect the persons mind and body.
Maybe it gives you a hint for your further journey.


I wish you a safe journey & that it all turns out well for you.

Kind regards
Hi guys, thank you for the concern, I have a constant playing of Christian radio station in my room.

I will try to look into all of what you suggest I am definitely in this for a long haul. Some days I almost have zero motivation knowing its insanity to deny the things I seen and experienced.

If anything, this chapter in my life has showed me that evil is truly real and so is God.

So many things stick out to me and I can never look at the world the same way again.

It was extremely notable that when a distance entity clearer tried to command it off of me with archangel Michael and Jesus name I started smelling a foul smell like blood in my nose for the next 2 or 3 days. But he wasn't successful.

So many of my experiences these last 8 months have been the kind that make me not care if someone believes me or not. I've seen it and have nothing to prove.

ThulsaDune you have permission to email me with questions and suggestions if some of what you post isn't comfortable here. I would gladly welcome your calling to be interested in this it's okay if it gets really christian. I am a raised catholic and I want to overcome this.

Yes I tried my local church and spoke with 4 pastors, two of which changed the topic, 3 of which refused to help with deliverance, and one of which (a Haitian Creole priest) gave me tinctures and a small prayer for deliverance and where the tinctures rolled down my forehead, the hallucinations peeled off as if it were drops of paint peeling off.

I've had so many hints that God is the only thing that works, but its so hard to figure out what he needs for him to help me.
❀ ❀ ❀

I would appreciate both of you reading my post when it does get posted.

ThulsaDune is a smart name; I'd really like to email with you and ask you a few things if that would be alright.

Blabber... Thank you for having the courage to branch out this way and see where it would take you.

I highly recommend reading Frank E. Peretti's This Present Darkness.
Hi Blubber108,

Whatever you do don't give in and don't lose hope.

You can click on my name and it will take you to my profile page and you can read older posts. It works that way with everyone.

You might find things that speak to you in a way. I have dealt with many of the things you are describing while helping others. I am not on here that often unless compelled to open it up. I am sent here when someone is truly in need of help. I do not post personal advice on this site and try to keep it vague and general. I use email for people to contact me if they need personal help. Some things I post may offend some people, but they have not seen or dealt with what I have been involved with.

I constantly try to teach and warn people of the dangers they inflict on themselves and humanity. I don't fit the mold when it comes to psychics. I also am a Christian and have a strong belief system that isn't always accepted by mainstream thought. It is quite alright if people don't believe me, I don't need validation.

Everything in your post is textbook of what I try to warn people about. I have seen the exact situations play out exactly the same way and same time line you have described. The positive thing is that you are aware of it and can change it. You are not crazy and you can take control.

It was the right decision to try and contact GOD. What you are experiencing is going to require his help to fix. You are dealing with attachment and possession. Drugs and doctors are not going to fix this. It is out of their jurisdiction and knowledge. Talking to a priest and asking for the churches help is the right path but tough to do. Many do not truly believe and don't wish to do the hard thing. You need an intercession with your issue. As you stated quite accurately, you were deceived! If you can find a priest to help you sever the attachment and cleanse your home that would be best. You can do things on your own to help, but you need support from someone near you.

The lack of sleep both causes Hallucinations and weakens your will and resolve. I can give you many ways to help combat what is happening, but make no mistake you are in for a long haul. There are others on here that can vouch for my intentions. I want nothing from you and will not charge you or expect anything from you. GOD gave me gifts to help people with and I can only help as much as people will allow me to. You have free will and I will not force you to do anything. I may suggest things that sound foolish, but they have been proven to work in some ways. Not every situation is the same and not everything responds in the same manner. Sometimes you need to keep tweaking and slowly gain ground baby step by baby step.
1 Get some kosher or purified salt to use to cleanse and build a barrier with. Start in your bedroom first and use that as your personal safe room.
2 Find lavender sprigs and tea and use them to purify and cleanse your room. Don't smudge or burn it. Set it around your room and put some of the leaves in your pillow case. Make a lavender tea and drink it about 2 hours before going to bed.
3 Learn to pray and ask GOD for protection and help every night before you go to bed.
4 Find someone to help support you and pray for you on your behalf.
5 Get a King James Bible and place in your room with you somewhere within reach of your bed. You will need it to recite or read things from when things heat up and they will.
6. Find psalm 23 in that Bible and use it for cleansing and quieting down the nasties.
7. Find The Lords Prayer in the new testament and memorize it for later use. Commit it to heart.
8. Get a cd or casset player or ipod that you can load music onto and play later while in your room and possibly while you sleep.
9. Get a dream catcher and hang in an East facing window.
10. DO NOT use a medium, a pendulum or a Ouija board to try and make contact.

These are only for a starting place.
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
Martin in Rita
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published πŸ“·
About the missing time and gunshots. Do you own a firearm? If you do make sure you are storing separate as it seems you cannot rule out sleep walking activity.

Do you feel responsible for the death of those close to you? It's possible that there is an unrelated entity sensing your vulnerabilities and feelings of guilt. If you have to, do something like a prayer or acknowledgement and apology for any strife you might have had with those who died.

At this point I don't think you are being haunted by any of these people for having mere negative thoughts preceding their deaths. But if you are moving around with an overriding guilt there are entities much worse than ghosts of humans that would try to exploit your emotional state.

My current prescription for you is to make a heartfelt apology and reconciliation to have a light heart with any of those people who might be on your mind, just so that is clear and no longer a vulnerability.

It sounds like a poltergeist but your story doesn't contain enough information for me to tell you what it is. Don't dread, and don't lose faith those are the worst things you can do when dealing with this type of phenomena.

Update us on how it's going.
It's been a year how are you holding on now? I've endured and am still enduring similar hell as you with the emotional numbness, feeling of emptiness and needing medication to fall asleep. Know that it's not your fault. No matter what the demon or sorcerer told you.

God is most definitely real, I am still trying to figure out things for myself. I don't want to become a shell of my self either, being narcissistic and vampiric due to low energy from this demon that i've dealt with as well. I feel your struggle.

Situations like this can cause us to recoil in fear of reaching out for the fear that nobody is who they portray themselves to be. If you remember that it's ok to ask God, his angels and your guardian angels for help its a better place to be than afraid of everything in the supernatural world.

Do you still feel this entity around you? It seems like they read our thoughts but what they do, do is see our emotional state. When they can get us to despair or believe their lies, damage can be done when our faith in life/love is low.

I personally don't know how to undo the damage they cause when they do manage to break your faith, the only thing that I've seen so far is God. But the results have not been permanent for me, it really is a tough battle and I'm proud of you for having the strength to hold your ground with so few resources and feeling abandoned by spirit.

I don't know how to help you, but post an update maybe?
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I know this is a very old post. And many if you are religious. However what I have noticed in a consistant pattern with not only myself but other people that I knownhave this problem is that they are indeed spirits. There is no doubt about it. Yet did anybody ever notice they appear when rought times are going on? When a family is fighting. A fight between parents, someone who broke up a couple that didn't deserve it. A brother or sister who was/is being bullied and many other things. They are actually there to even out the playing feild. If they give a good vibe look at them and genuinly ask them to help you with your situation. And thoroughly explain what the situation is and what you want changed and how/what you wsnt the outcome to be. If they seem to fight back tell them they are in your realm. They are in your home. You need to be assertive. If you get a quick flash of like a monster coming at you you need to quickly imagian stoping that monster and asserting you dominance (ex: throwing the monster/deamon against the wall, punching it, choking it) you are establishing that you are in charge and they are to do what you want. If you ever meet one that physically makes you cold and makes you cry you are going though something very hard. You DO NOT look at them to ask for help. Close your eyes, face ghe ceiling and ask. And if this one attacks it will more or less seem like a flash of a deamon looking thing jumping off something to attack. Again show your dominance by fighting back. It will take a few trys but they will go and do what you ask. This spirit is also know to be able to go into "targets" dreams to sway someone to think certin ways. They seem to manipulate dreams and emotions. Some may seem to sit in your bed to say your name if they do soTELL them to get off your bed. If you hear your name almost seem shouted by a friend or family member I AND SHOUTED in your head it is actually a spirit. Tell them never to call you by your first name again. But they are truely not bad. They are honestly there to help you. You just need to assert dominance. If they ever TOUCH YOU whatever you do do not freak out. Tell them two stop touching you and shew them away. (Even as it type this I saw one over the top of my phone). They actually become friends.
Alpha, I would love to have you join! Right now the school is just beginning to come to form, but I wouldn't mind helping you learn more about your abilities at all. Is there an email address I can contact you at?

I think a school like that would be great. I am 35 years old and just realized my abilities, that being said, I have been searching for guidance and have not been able to find a mentor or anyone to speak to and help me understand why this just "turned on" suddenly and what it is for, potential, and so on.

If there was a school, I would definitely attend

Nice! Try to meditate and focus on how your mind will have received something in a day or two, maybe you will get results. I believe you either have a in/direct connection to the future in this universe or someone has manipulated you into dialing that number and has sent you that image. Who in that case? Probably an alien...
what did you experience? Please, read my story, maybe we can help each other out. Did you talk to people? There and here?
Can you describe that feeling you had? Was it like someone was warning you? Like you might get stuck there?

I (as hard as it may be to even imagine) believe that a very special being did this. A being able to create rifts in time and space to other universes and such. He is a friend. This should not happen again.

I wonder have you ever thought maybe because your giving more energy to it, now that you believe this, they know now you know you can see them?

I know that's sort of a tongue twister.
Sorry don't mean to confuse you if I have.

What I mean is...
Because you know/believe,it may have set off a sort of energetic light, a vibration of sorts and that's why you are starting to notice more.

Maybe your gifts (that's what I call them), are trying to catch your attention. You could look into different types of psychic gifts and truly empower yourself on knowledge about yours.

Thanks for sharing
Lady Belle,

I really believe in the 'divine-timing' as well. Things are supposed to happen when they happen.

Thank you for the comment!:)
LadyBelle (guest) in Searching For My Soulmate
It was my pleasure, PsychicThoughts 😊

Kind regards
Hi PsychicThoughts

This is only an opinion based on literature I've read, other people experiences and mine.

Classmate could be a symbol for a soulmate, class symbol represents the same soul group/tribe.
The wedding is a symbol for some kind of reunion: reunion in a romantic way-business partnership way-friendship way...

When souls are supposed to meet, which includes the process of reaching the certain development level of them both, then they meet.
I've read about an experience where 2 persons were visiting a hypnotherapist. He realized they were connected from previous lives and were supposed to meet in current life too. He knew he mustn't interfere so he just told them to come to his office at same time so he could see what happens. They came, but nothing happened between them, not even a communication. Several years after that, these 2 persons met on an airplane, started communicating and they ended up being together. Meaning, when the time was right.

Regardless, I don't take things for granted and keep possibilities open. Everything is possible.
As it goes for the boy you're seeing in your dreams, whatever that means, I hope it turns out the best for you 😊

Kind regards
PsychicThoughts in Searching For My Soulmate
Pardon me for that.
I'll email you and discuss about our experiences there.
Thanks for taking the time to read my experience.:)

~ PsychicThoughts
I do appreciate your information and help. But I think for now, I will start with a few onlines classes for those who might want to join, and in the future, perhaps I will make my way up to YouTube videos.

As far as forums go, I haven't had much luck with them. Most people tend to astray from the truth of their stories, which is why I would prefer to talk to people who I know are dedicated to learning more about who they are.
I will look up the name of users you gave me, thank you for your time.
LadyBelle (guest) in Searching For My Soulmate
Hi PsychicThoughts

Thank you for joining the comments. Also thank you for pointing me to your story, I've read it and it's one special experience:-) I'll write my comment on your story's page.

To answer your question... I see a man in my dreams. Sometimes the face is not so easily visible and sometimes it is. Also, he doesn't appear with the same face always.
Reasons for different & certain faces can be various: dream settings depend on subconscious mind and are influenced in it's forming by subconscious mind's images (meaning, the face one sees in a dream doesn't have to necessarily represent that certain person in waking life) + seeing face images of someone from past life/lives + one is not supposed to see the real face to a certain time period, so when the meeting in waking life comes near then one is permitted to see or one doesn't see the real face until they meet that someone in waking life + there's the possibility a person is seeing the real face all the time in their dreams and they meet them later in waking life looking exactly like that + some people don't experience the situations they witness in their dreams, but are left with their thoughts... Various possibilities, you're free to add your opinion, I'm sure I have only some of them.

I'd gladly share and talk about experiences. Not sure if you meant here or by e-mail, if you want to talk per e-mail: ladybelle2049 [at]

Kind regards
Hello MeadowDawn,

My point is why not start a YouTube account where you do weekly live chats to teach people. In the meantime, join various psychic forums (some of which have chat rooms) and sites like this one and help people asking for help. There are hundreds asking everyday across the various sites. But you must be aware you will encounter all sorts of people from those that want you to tell them how to live their life, to those who would want to use you and so forth. How you act in those situations will be a bigger judge than any words, that is why I questioned your better world. Some people's better world is controlling the lives of wanting.

Anyway, I would recommend you talk to CrazyCat on here, she hasn't been on in a couple of months but I feel you two would have an interesting conversation. I would also recommend talking to Lyro if you can get ahold of him, it would probably do him some good. There are a few others that would probably be interested but I will let you start with those and find the rest.

You remind me someone I use to know a long time ago (almost 9 years now). The hopefulness and focus on your dream, it is a good thing. Don't let it go in the dark times.

Illumin, the point of the school/university, was so that people wouldn't feel alone. This website might be a place to find information, but that doesn't mean it joins us all together. I know from experience, that sometimes it is nice to have more than just one person to learn from. These potential classes are to teach other psychics, empaths, etc, how to control their abilities, and learn more about what they are. My intentions to make the world a better place, I would hope, are not someone's nightmare. And to be frank, my definition of "making the world a better place", shouldn't be of concern to this at all. The whole point of this publication, was to gather others like me, so we can all learn together. Not so that we could read others stories on here, wondering if those stories are even true.

I understand completely that there is only so much you can teach one person, which is exactly why I have a desire to start this school. We can learn from each other, and once we have reached our full potential, then each student can leave as they wish. So I will ask you kindly, this publication was to attract possible students, so I would prefer only students who are wanting to join, to comment. Along with other people who may have kind regards, or information they would like to share.

Thank you,
Hello MeadowDawn,

If what you seek in life is to teach people, why do you need a university? Why not share your knowledge here and elsewhere, where random people can come about it? If you do that you will surely have people approach you about doing certain things. I have, others have as well. There is another question you have to ask yourself when teaching them. When do you allow them to go on their own? In the end, each person is different, and as such you can only teach them so much before you cannot add any more value or before you hinder their own advancement.

As for making this world a better place, define what makes it a better place. How is your better place, better than someone else's and vice versa? In fact, your better place might be someone else's nightmare. Instead, why not make it a freer place where people can choice their outcomes (pretty much like it is now). That doesn't mean there will be difficulties with people wanting different things and so on, but that difficulty shows you want you truly want and what you do not.

Just some fun thoughts.

Best Regards,
Hello Lilliannaskye! After reading your story, I can relate to many aspects of it. While I don't have a family who understands my abilities, I do know what it's like to go through what you're going through right now. I would love to talk more through email perhaps?:) I think we could help each other out.

PsychicThoughts in Searching For My Soulmate
PsychicThoughts in Searching For My Soulmate

Do you see them in your dreams too?
My latest experience matches a little bit with yours.:)

So I thought we could share our experiences, that is if you want of course.
LadyBelle (guest) in Searching For My Soulmate
Hi Illumin

I appreciate you being concerned. I also understand your point of view, but it doesn't go hand in hand with my story, so let me start with that point.
We are spiritual beings having human experiences in order for our souls to develop, so we all have access to spiritual realm. Some of us are more connected with the spirit world, some less - which depends on more factors. Everything is energy. Souls can feel each other, send 'thoughts', communicate... No matter where they're located. Dreams are just one means of communication through symbols and visions.
It's not just about this physical life, it's about cycle of many lives. It's just the energy (the soul) which transforms into another form again. Everything is connected. There are people all around the world having similar experiences, being confused, having visions, meeting people in physical whom they've dreamed about earlier... It's longing for someone from previous life, having an emotional trauma from previous life, having visions from past lives, having premonitions through dreams, having visions about your future... There's always explanation for certain feelings and thoughts of a person. That's why discussions & sharing experiences are a way to help people to understand themselves better. That's why people use help of hypnotherapists which showed itself useful in lots of cases. When it comes to my experience, it's what I've said it is, not going into a lot of details. The point is that I experience certain signs of nearness from a certain "person" or let's call it person's essence. I don't go for labels, but if I have to choose one, I'd go for a soulmate cause it kind of resonates with someone who is on the same frequency level, but what matters is love - and not how you name it.

Now, your point - I agree. When a person neglects their life path, is feeling depressed, has no activities but is searching for their own salvation through other people - it's an alarm that something's wrong and that they have a problem with themselves. What each person should be taught first in life is how to love themselves and others, happiness comes from within. The meaning of life is not a particular person, but learning certain lessons which enrichen your soul. There's a difference between feeling incomplete without someone and missing someone, between experiencing particular signs and hoping to experience them (because of loneliness and similar).
This topic can't be generalized, but each individual should be approached individually. Meaning, everything is possible.

Kind regards
I think many people are misunderstanding what my story was to inform. I would like to start a school online, not join one. Not something that you pay for, or a fake psychic that is to "teach you". Something that can join us all together. We can teach different people what we know. This was my way of finding potential students who would be interested in joining. And Illumin, I have discovered what I seek in this life, and that is to help others. Teach them about what they can do, so that maybe we can make this world a better place after all.
Hello all, I too have seen my future child. It was about 7 or 8 months ago I had a very vivid dream about a newborn baby Boy I was looking down at and as I was looking at him I felt nothing but pure happiness that he was mine. The second part of the dream the Boy was about 2 or 3 years old and standing about 5 feet away from me. I knelt down as he ran into my arms and gave me a big hug. I told him "I will always love you." The dream ended after that. The Boy had dark brown hair like mine and brown eyes. I woke up after that dream very happy and puzzled. I asked myself, "Was that my future Son I just saw in my dream?" What's even more weird is I prayed to God before that dream and asked him if he could bless me with a Boy for my first child. Well I guess God answered my prayer alright. When I finally meet my baby Boy someday his name is going to be James.
Hello LadyBelle,

I am more concerned about you or others reading this, doing as I have seen so many others do with this twin flame/soulmate craze that effects desperate people who are not happy with themselves and therefore seek to find it in a idealized person. They obsess about the person until their whole life, their dreams, etc. Is consumed by this one person. Who sometimes doesn't even know they exist. They generally fall into a depression and/or rage and either live out their lives in misery or end it short. Either case it is a waste, when they are their own answer. There is much more to life than finding that one person, and what I have found is people who know themselves, and what they truly want in life. Not only find joy with being themselves, but also find a person to spend their lives with not because they need that person but because that person shares the same dreams and wants. A person who is an actually mirror or twin of them. But that is the nature of the fine line between love and lust.

Best Regards,
Hello MeadowDawn,

Many have had that thought, and there are many psychic "schools" but none really offer the value that you seek. The only true answer, the one that means something to you, can only come from you. Other people can just point you along the way sometime the wrong way, sometimes the right way, sometimes something in between. So what is it that you seek in this life, what is it that you truly want? Then ask yourself why. Think it out, you might found it isn't something you wanted at all.

My Regards,
robmkivseries70 in Psychic University/school
The Silva "Mind Control" people have been around since the late 60's and feature both on line and real time training sessions. They also guarantee results at the personal sessions. I'm not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
Thank you Anne ^-^ I very much appreciate your encouraging words and information ❀
I think that's a great idea. There are of course classes you can take from well known psychics (I've taken a few from Pam Coronado-- she's great) or you can go to institutes like the Monroe Institute and do cool things related to hemi-sync and astral projection, but you're right, there isn't a school per say for psychics. I find it interesting though that legit schools like Bastyr University are offering, per their program "alternative medicine, including naturopathy, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, ayurvedic medicine, psychology, and midwifery." Colleges like this will expand and evolve. Another gal that teaches some excellent material for metaphysics and healing is Dr. Barbara Brennon.

A teacher has to offer experience and knowledge. Keep doing what you're doing and you can very likely end up one. Knowledge, practice and determination are key elements for success.

Best to you.

I have seen ghost since I was a very young child. No one believed me growing up. I was told it was nonsense. I know things and sense things as well. I knew things I couldn't possibly know as a child. I very rarely tell anyone because to this day people think I am crazy. I was in the car with my oldest son which is 17. I saw a teen staying in a wooded area beside the stop light and asked my son what that kid was doing there and he looked at me and said where, he didn't see anyone there.
LadyBelle (guest) in Finding Lost Objects
Hi Daydreamerx

Why not try developing your psychic abilities? Obviously you have 'clairvoyant/third eye' psychic ability and possibly a 'remote viewing' ability (as already stated in your story's category).

Firstly, there are 8 clair senses, clairvoyance is one of them. Clairvoyance means clear seeing, from visions and vivid dreams, auras, spirit entities, to future. You can check all of them to see if there's anything else you maybe resonate with. To make it easier, I'll just post one link I've found which can clarify this better to you:

The same goes for remote viewing, there are exercises which you can try on your own or with your friends. Remote viewing is targeting a certain object/person/place with your mind (the location can be on the other side of the world where you've never been) and then describing what you see.

The best way to develop something is to practice. If you have enough time you can practice every day. Start with visualizing (objects, places). For example, choose an object in your room, close your eyes and visualize it in your mind until it becomes perfectly vivid. Visualization is a powerful tool to help you develop clairvoyance skill. The remote viewing too.
Also, meditation is an excellent technique to clear your mind and relax your body & it can only contribute to your exercises and practicing skills.

Take care and enjoy your skills 😊
LadyBelle (guest) in Searching For My Soulmate
Hi MeadowDawn

Thank you for sharing your point of view, I appreciate that you're trying to help.

Yes, I'm familiar with the Twin Flame concept and with Twin Flame concept in comparison with Soulmates. There are also other concepts regarding these two, where -for example- Twin Flames have nothing to do with romantics and in general with this popular idea about them while Soulmates can be many, but there is a romantic one or someone you've shared your previous lives with.
What I'm saying is that everything is possible so I don't stick much to labels. In the end, essence underneath it is what matters & that's love 😊 And, yes, in all these cases visits in dreams/astral visits are common, telepathic communication, strong sense/feeling of the other one, various signs of their existence in certain form or presence...
If you have more to say on this topic or you have personal experiences I'd like to read more from you.

Kind regards
Yeah, I've been told I was a lot of different things, but sometimes I think people are called things when what say or believe doesn't jive with what the doctors think or have been trained to see.
Honestly, I have doubts in myself and am not sure I want to believe in some of the visions I've had. Some of them pertain to some really nasty people that I hope don't exist.
I don't even want to perform anything like other people who can sense this stuff do. I don't believe in calling up or disturbing the spirits like a seance can do.
I do think I sometimes hear spirits or dead people. I don't think it makes me insane on any level for sure. It just makes me think that perhaps people who believe in what is beyond are not so superstitious after all.
I do admit to a nervous disorder brought on by the trauma of being bullied and some of the weird things I've seen over my lifetime. However, I think sometimes you need to get more than one opinion about a so-called diagnosis before deciding it's definitely this or that.
Had a vision once when I was young of a snake in my bed. It also seemed to try to bite me before it disappeared.
Actually, I can say snakes are actually associated with physicians, but with the rest of the vision, I'm sure this is an appropriate translation.
It could be a sign of coming danger or evil, or that you were allowed to see a danger before it could harm you. Were you perhaps diagnosed that day with sort of illness?
I have been attacked by spirits before, but I don't even want to discuss the one attack.
I could tell you what I do but I assume you may not believe the same things I do.
I can give you this advice, I don't believe there is a cure-all here. Sometimes more quantity of same protective device works better. However, there are some beings stronger than others so the same thing that worked elsewhere may not work in certain situations.
It can if it is allowed to. I might be religious too, but I have heard of young children being harmed by someone who seemed to be possessed by evil. I would use caution.
I'm actually a religious person myself so I deny some of my experiences as being legitimate--think it might be evil spirits trying to con me. However, I do sense odd things more than I've seen or heard them, so I can see where you might be coming from on that end. If it's a good experience, maybe you've been given the ability to discern between spirits by the creator.
All I can say is I personally believe heaven is more of higher plane of existence than a place far away from us in that sense of the word high. I don't see people much myself, just have a few times of seeing what looks like the form of the person--either a shadow or light person.
LadyBelle, I believe what you are referring to is a twin flame. A lot of the time they can be confused with "soulmates". But in reality, a twin flame is one person in which you are connected to, and essentially share a soul with. Twin flames can be seen in dreams and through astral projection. While you can have more than one soulmate, you only have one twin flame, whom you are connected to the most.

I think I can help you understand this a little better. Or at least the way I have come to understand it. You are tapping into what I call the Aether or universal knowledge or mind. The universal mind is knowledge and thought surrounding us in space all around us. Sometimes you access it just by chance and sometimes you can concentrate and gain knowledge from it. If you have ever just known the answer to something from out of nowhere without even thinking about it, you have downloaded a millisecond of information from the Aether realm. All the time I have music and songs and words or phrases just pop into my head from nowhere with no one around.
Many times I know the answer to a question before the question is asked. Sometimes I get one word or a sentence pop into my head. It is like having the ability to tap into the Internet without a device or computer. It just isn't as easy or reliable. 😁
LadyBelle (guest) in How To Control Your Abilities?
Hi I969

Why don't you check all of these 8 Clair Senses to see exactly where you find yourself to be at. There are lots of articles on that topic and maybe it just takes you to other information too.


I would suggest for you to meditate, that's a good start for relaxing yourself and with time you'll find it easier to concentrate. Also, that's a good way for connecting to spiritual realm. For example, if you have any kind of particular question you can set that question intention before meditating.
You've mentioned that you work well with your intuition. You can do that before going to sleep too. For instance, you can ask your spirit guides "What do you want me to do next regarding my life purpose" or "How can I control my abilities" or "Which ability should I pursue" and so on... Our spirit guides communicate with us through dreams too.
It's like a training, the more you practice the more results you get out of it.
You can take several minutes every day for visualizing practices.
Write down all of your experiences (and dreams in case they reveal something to you), that way it's easier to see the bigger picture and you are able to extract the most important things out of it which will teach you how to deal with your abilities.

Kind regards
LadyBelle (guest) in Searching For My Soulmate
Hi Illumin

Thank you for your insight, I appreciate it.

Each of us has their individual life path to walk, with experiences to go through and lessons to learn. The same is when it comes to love, it can manifest to each individual in any form - or not.
It's more about people who are (meant to be) together to be on the same frequencies. The same mental level is important for souls to understand each other and the love they give/receive. That's a good foundation for happiness.

It can happen that (as you've said) when people want something a lot, they can find it everywhere. But, I wouldn't call that a "mistake", rather an experience which helps that person to learn something about themselves and about their wishes in life, particularly about the kind of person they want.
One of those lessons would be: stay true to yourself and do what resonates with you. It's that inner voice/feeling/knowing which sometimes people ignore and just don't listen to out of various reasons. Each of us carries their own truth within. If you stay focused, then you will not accept just anything.

Kind regards
Hi peculiargnat, I am so grateful you created an account to write me a comment, thank you ❀

I love your views on it & from what I could verify I think this man may be psychic (aware of it or not I don't know) like he meditates and lives his life only based on intuitions. What you said is also very interesting because actually 6 months before this big vision, I had 2 or 3 times a strong feeling of someone needing me. I didn't know what it was but it was so strong I wanted to cry. Now I think that was linked to this whole experience. And the fact that you raised this point of him reaching me is fascinating.

It's funny because as a kid I always thought I would have only one strong connection to someone that I would eventually meet and we'll have a long lasting relation. I think that is what is happening right now but it's starting in a very psychic way first. 😁 So I guess I think he is my soulmate. If I focus on his energy, it feels like he has the exact same pink sweetness I have (I always see people's uniqueness with colours) and the same sensitivity. Just like if we were almost identical energetically but different in what we have to learn in our respective lives. Strange but lovely feeling to experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share, it really helps! Hopefully I can give an update in a near future πŸ˜†
It seems that you are able to see people who are no longer alive, and that's perfectly normal. I recommend you begin to meditate and focus on your inner thoughts and inner voice that will guide you to what you should with your gift. I have always seen the spirits of people since I was child, so I get it. Trust me its important for you to work with your gift, because you were given the gift for a reason.
Angelica-12 (guest) in Daughter Sees Ghosts
I can help your daughter understand and manage her gift. No spirit/entity has the right to invade her in any form. I would have to know the details in depth more to fully understand, but seems just like me, she has always had the ability to see spirits. You can contact me at
Angelica_333light [at] I am offering my help out of kindness. As I know how difficult it can be to be in her situation.
peculiargnat in The War With Myself
Hey Copperas, I also have mental issues and I have blamed my visions and paranormal experiences on that too. I don't think you're crazy, you likely have legitimate psychic abilities, and you can use those to your advantage. Your experience in the nursing home really hit home with me since I've had many similar experiences. Random words will just pop up in my head, and they're loud! Having an overactive mind is hard and it might actually be a gift. You might receive valuable, life saving information via ESP. You're not alone and I wish you the best. Stay strong ❀
Hi Amanoccio, I just made this account mainly to comment on your story. I'm captivated by your experience and I personally believe that this all really happened; a true psychic experience, especially if they're that vivid and occurring when you're awake. Do you believe you and that man might be soul mates or something? Maybe he's a psychic and his strong desire to know you has leaked into your third eye, or you somehow appeared in a dream of his? It sounds a lot like astral projection. So many things could be possible. I'm not a skilled medium or anything, but I hope my theories are helpful in your psychic journey. Best wishes ❀
Hello LadyBelle,

I believe that we all are looking for someone, the question you have to ask yourself is will that someone make you happy? Or will your fulfillment come from within by pursuing your wants and dreams? My feeling is if someone is supposed to be with you, they will share you vision, your goals, etc. Of course, why I say this is if you look so hard, you will find what you want in someone, that isn't really who you are looking for. In more perspicuous words, if you want something so badly you will accept anything to meet it, even though it is superficial.

Best Regards,
Hi BunnyPink,

That alert feeling you have is very normal and is something that I experience too when there's an energy nearby. You may also feel chills, but it's not a cold feeling. That is another indication of energy being nearby or your senses of the unseen are picking something up - kind of like a radar.
For your neighbor, you can tell him that the white light is there to bring him peace. He was very attached to that house and it may be that he is not ready to go to the other side. Sometimes that happens and perhaps if you visualize a white light around that chair that could help him transition.
Well there's definitely a reason for your son to kiss your grandma's photo. He may not remember as he gets older, but she is around him and she loves him. He knows this and he loves her too which is why he kisses her. She is close to you and will always be there for you so just talk to her like you would as if she was right there in front of you and you will hear her answers. It may be subtle, but you'll get a "knowing" about what she would say.
You also experience energies that are not necessarily something you want. It's okay, just surround yourself in the white light and know that you are protected. If you have trouble shaking that negative feeling, take a bath with epsom salt.
My best advice to you is to meditate even if it's for 10 minutes a day. Just put on a song that helps you relax and listen to it quietly. Also keep in mind there's nothing you can do to change people's minds. They fear what they don't understand. That's okay - that's their experience. Try not to take it personally. If you give someone a message and they react that way then end the conversation politely and move on. You tried and you never know, they may remember your words years later and it will give them comfort.
I can see it too, If i'm thinking of energy in my hand I feel a weight in my hand. Also if I think of energy surrounding me and look at my hand rarely I see something that looks green-striped-like coming from my hand that no one else can see.
Yes, I started experiencing the same type of weird visions. I want to believe I can connect with spirits and angels... But also maybe in going crazy. But after reading for several hours about spirit guides, connecting with angels and so on. Maybe I do have this higher power? Extreme ringing in ears, lights getting brighter. Interference with my phone, radios, TVs. Also seeing like a mist/fog with shapes developing, beams of colored lights.
CrazyCat, glad to know that you've experienced growth and even better that you acknowledge that you're still growing. Constant growth means you'll continue to improve.

I've been busy with life but everything is good. I usually visit the Ghost site but thought I'll drop by today. Good to 'hear' from you. 😊
Hi, I just got on board here, and was reading through posts, but I'm going to add my opinion here.
When you mention the purple and the swirling, when you were relaxing that day, something became "activated" within you, because that is something I experienced myself with a Reiki Master I went to see... And afterwards it was like a faucet had been turned on, and I couldn't shut it off. Not saying that's what it was, but it sounds like something that could be. Also, it is important to be very grounded, or to learn how to "ground" yourself because you do experience spirits and other types of paranormal entities, you have to do it to protect yourself from harm. We all fear what we don't understand, face your fears, it could save someones life... (I saved my brothers life because I "listened" to my little voice inside and the vision I had... Long story)
In time, with more and more experience, youll learn what needs to be heard and what can wait. But you first have to allow it to come through. By blocking yourself that scares me for you... Because its not normal, you are what you are, sweetie, don't block your gift.
Learn to ground yourself, and protect yourself from any and all types of negative anything you may encounter, and allow your gift to blossom. I hope this helps

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