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Rochey in Spirit Soars!
Ismael, thank you for your comment. I wanted to share this experience because I wanted to understand what it is that happened to me. I have had "spiritual awakenings" twice in my life and that same joy and freedom is the feeling that I experienced that night.

My question is where did my Mom go that night, her spirit actually bounced out of her body into me or through me. That piercing of my heart had to be the electrical impulses that you speak of in your reply. I truly believe she took flight into the magnificence of the universe.

The other thing about the smell of roses, it was Feb and in Philly there are no roses anywhere to be found so that was an amazing gift to me.

The months following my Mom's passing, I had visions of Jesus, seeing through his eyes, as the God of the universe as me and my children (who were young at the time) the three of us, me in the middle, were holding hands as we all saw this vision of Jesus as I described above.

I appreciate your gifts, and your insight, means more than you will ever know. Thank you again for your comments.


Sounds like that may be your spirit guide. It seems as if you can communicate with spirit through free writing, which is pretty awesome!
I get the same high pitched noise in my ears all of the time. Through meditation you can raise your vibration to reach your guide and hear them. You can hear them through your mind (inner voice) or audibly.
Thank you so much Jasmine. This was very well informed and I can learn a lot from this. I appreciate it!
I actually have 2 hypothesises; scientific and spiritual, but since we're here let's take the latter. One thing, if it feels bad then don't trust it. I myself never trust anything the lower frequency beings said, they aren't trustworthy. And the one in your head isn't demon. Demons are much more than just that, you wouldn't want to know. This spirit is trying to confuse you, just ignore it and raise your vibration. Be positive in your life. Mind, soul, and heart. That way you'll less likely attract any low frequency entity. Positive will only attract positive. Meditate, be happy and always be positive. Connect yourself with the Source if you believe any.

May all beings be happy
I know this kind of thing is terrifying at first but really I tell you. You need to calm down, you're overthinking about number 5. I'm sure you're not died by now. The way you described makes me think it's just entity that tries to show its existence to you, like saying hey in their own way. That's for most of cases, why? Because just like us they want to be acknowledged. Probably because you yes do something that may trigger their interest in you, so like if you're listening loudly to information about something like that or do anything that revolves around them and they know it, they will likely 'communicate' with you, whatever it means. So first you need to cleanse yourself since it seems like there's something that tried to attach to you, try youtube and look for aura/energy cleansing. There are bunch of them there. Or use some salt in the areas you feel they reside saying things like "Back to wherever you're from, I repel you. The Universe repels you" You can also use white candle while doing this. Try to be less afraid, something negative feeds negative energy

Blessed be
Ms-Sunshine in Telepathic Overwhelm

Thank you so much!

I was going to end my note there, but there is a "50 character" posting minimum, so I will add that I am getting a lot of help using the Ho'oponopono prayer in the last 24 hours... (I'm sorry/Please forgive me/Thank you/I love you)

All best wishes,
Manuela (guest) in Telepathic Overwhelm
Hello Ms-Sunshine

It's my pleasure.
And it made me really happy that you've found the advises to be helpful (all of them, not only mine).

If there's more you'd like to talk about, go ahead. You can also write how you're progressing with time.

I wish you safe journey:-)

Kind regards,
Ms-Sunshine in Telepathic Overwhelm
I was in a hurry (on library computer) when I first replied.

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to read my story and respond so helpfully. I have printed out your response (and the others) and re-read them a few times at home.

Thank you!
Hello Matthew,

It made me feel sad to learn about your losing your mom so early. It also came to me that she is giving you guidance now.

Have you done any reading about the spiritual meaning of the white tiger? You may want to research that a bit and see if you feel any resonance.

Anne's suggestions were just spot on. Reiki could be great for you. It's a very powerful form of energy healing; yet, your role is to be the conduit. The universe will provide the energy.

I am feeling that you are here to accomplish much good, Matthew. You have risen above an early tragedy. Your soul already understood it. Your mother believes she can guide and "coach" you better from where she is. She loves you completely.

You are a young man with a very old soul.

As for the UFO; it's likely that what you saw was of another dimension. That's why others weren't reporting the sighting en masse. It will happen again.

You are indeed being watched. You entered this dimension with many guides and helpers. This is typical for souls who plan to take on a lot in this lifetime.

There could be some lower level entities trying to attach to you. And, you will always be vulnerable to psychic attack; we all are. You have special sensitivities and must learn to ground and protect yourself via meditation and grounding work.

Do you spend much time in nature? That would be good. Also, meditating in nature will really help to keep you grounded.

It's important for all of us to keep our own energy vibrations high. An entity can only contact you if its energy vibration matches yours. Negative entities have lower vibrational frequencies and can't reach you if your own energy vibration is too high. There are numerous ways to raise your frequency. And many things to avoid, especially on TV, movies, and some musical genres. Your high degree of sensitivity is guiding you with much of this; you intuitively are repelled by many low vibrational energies.

Meditate, meditate, meditate, my friend.
It was just a few days ago that I discovered that seeing images is not completely normal! I thought everybody did it.

I get all kinds of images, almost all are beautiful. Many, many patches of vivid colors, just stunning. It just now came to me that they are always chakra colors.

Also images of animals, objects, and humans. I've been doing some third eye work lately, and when I covered my eyes earlier to focus on a muffled conversation that was out of this dimension, I got visions of eyes, lots and lots of eyes.

The images get more vivid and well defined during meditation. It's quite fun, actually.

Mine come in fast, too, but that's my nature. I do everything, including think, at a high megahertz.
Ms-Sunshine in Telepathic Overwhelm
Thank you, Manuela. Everything you say resonates with what I have been learning.

I am experiencing "narcissistic psychic abuse," though. And I am understanding that, in order to disconnect that connection, that psychic connection, that is so torturous, I need to heal the narcissistic wounds from my mother and my earliest childhood, so I no longer attract those people to me.

The closest support I can find, to heal those energetic templates, is Melanie Tonia Evans's online Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (energetic healing).

I express forgiveness toward each abusive telepathic input and require it to leave my field and then recite some metta-type phrases. If I don't get hooked, and I don't respond with anger, that is a step in the right direction.

Thank you for chiming in!
I appreciate your honest response. Just what I needed to keep moving forward. Thank you!
Hi Matthew,

You sound like a wonderfully evolved and spiritual being. That's fantastic you're so in tune with yourself at this youthful age.

As you already know, it doesn't matter who does or does not believe your ET craft experience. I personally do because I've seen them myself. I know and have heard others too state that ET's are multidimensional so it's interesting you saw it on the ground. I don't know where you live but the craft, if anywhere near bases, might have been a reverse engineered craft. Not that it matters because ETs are present either way. I'm sure this was quite mind altering for you.

You are probably a natural born healer as indicative by the energy in your hands. You might want to check out Reiki and see if that resonates with you. You could be quite the gift to humanity.

There is no doubt someone is watching you; probably a guide of some sort (energy being, a past relative that has moved on from the physical, or even an animal totem).

Keep studying and exploring your world. Your path will become self evident by your growing interests.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Manuela (guest) in Telepathic Overwhelm
Hi Ms-Sunshine

I'd gladly join with my insight if you find it to be helpful in any way.

This telepathic input are thoughts. You're the one to choose which thoughts are allowed to stay and which are to be discarded.
So, it's basically like a mind reprogramming, but a lot of effort is needed, especially in the beginning. It's a training. The more frequent you do it, the better and sooner the results. Like you've mentioned... It gets quieter with time. Occupy your mind with thoughts that lift you up and don't let the bad ones in. Train yourself every day. People before me have mentioned in comments same things and I say so too: nature, good music, being with people who vibe higher, meditation. Which reminded me: I know what kind of effect a walk with my dog in nature has on me, so maybe a volunteer work with animals would be a good idea for you. Anything just to point you in high-vibe direction.

As it goes for narcissists, psychopaths... I'm aware what they're capable of as I had certain experiences with several of them. People who are very emotional are a big energy food supply to them. When you're left with consequences of their behaviour towards you, they need to be dealt with first through conversation and healing.

Remind yourself all the time you're the one who's in charge. Everytime you feel that a thought/emotion/person is dragging you down, remind yourself you don't want that on your lifepath and turn to better thoughts and acts.

You can overcome this with big effort, training and positivity. These are your allies as a protective shield. All the pain, negativity and feelings of helplesness can be turned into a weapon for lightning the path in front of you.

I wish you lots of strong will and positive energy to win this battle of yours.

Kind regards,
Hi there!
I've been having something very similar happen too, and interesting enough, after studying esoteric things and meditating often. (like Ismael said!) I'm super interested in this and can't find anything online, so please feel free to email me if you want to talk about it. The difference though, I only see blue and black and white, VERY rarely small objects will look green or purple. It's so cool and if I meditate on it it gets more intense and stable to the point of it being like watching a hectic movie. I want to do paintings of these things so badly, so if you keep a journal or anything with descriptions hit me up and I may paint it too!
Ms-Sunshine in Telepathic Overwhelm
Thank you, AnneV and Xeotous. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and to respond. It's very kind!

I appreciate the affirmation, Xeotous, and the red hearts, and the song.

And, AnneV, everything you write resonates. I have done 20 years of psychotherapy at this point, and lots of 12 Step programs, and self-help. So I do know a lot, intellectually, about narcissistic wounding and trauma. But I have not yet been able to heal the inner templates that are attracting people who are "not good" for me. I don't think the 12 Steps or talk therapy have quite figured out how to shift those subconscious inner templates, core beliefs, the trauma-core. That's why I've been working with more energetic systems at this time. Though I'm also doing 12 Step programs (I newly joined CoDA and SLAA, previously ACA and OA were my main ones -- CoDA and SLAA do address narcissism/codependent stuff), and continuing my psychotherapy.

To both of you, I have been trying to lift my vibration. And, as I make steps in that direction, I notice that the VOLUME of the telepathic input gets quieter and quieter, though I can still hear it at all times (a radio station going at all times, playing songs from this man's perspective, plus several telepathic inputs from him, in each hour). It is as though all of this is a greater distance away, as I step by step raise my vibration.

I am wondering if anyone knows what the process looks like, will it get quieter and quieter and then go away altogether?

I heard 2 spirits say this man was a psychopath today. And I questioned Source about whether I was being trapped by this man's inner-trauma-system (his own inner-perpetrator/protector system), and Source answered "Yes." We are so enmeshed, that I am not only trapped via my own inner trauma system, but also trapped via his. He turns it on me, to keep me trapped.

I am watching my favorite movies (Call Me by Your Name put me at a very high vibration a few days ago!). And I am favoring my friends with a great sense of humor who make me laugh.

I appreciate your suggestions for other ways to raise my vibration. I will keep attempting to do just that. Any further suggestions from you or others would be greatly appreciated. I have practiced lower vibrations for 48 years, very much so (I'm 48), so this is all new to me, but I so want to succeed at it.

Any suggestions for energetic healing of trauma-core templates would be appreciated.

Thank you again for the help!
You say you want to receive more of these visions and strengthen your channel, but you also say you can't handle them and cry and are shaken to your being. On this plane of existence, there is a substantial amount of negative happenings. If open, you are going to see more 'bad' than 'good' because good resonates at a higher and finer frequency and bad resonates at a lower frequency. You will notice a raging river more than a gentle stream. Are you SURE you wan to see more of the negative? And life doesn't just let you pick the good because life is both negative and positive, whether we like it or not.

If you ever want to be a higher level or even working psychic, you have to see that both lightness and darkness, good and bad, up and down exist and for a reason. These polarities exist to teach us. So instead of falling off the emotional bandwagon when something unpleasant happens in your visions, see it as a disguised lesson. Sometimes we need to experience the dark so we can know and appreciate the light. Staying more neutral also prevents our own vibrations from plunging into negativity. We all die. Sometimes horribly, sometimes peacefully. But it all has purpose, though it's hard to see for most of us.

Take care,
Many people interact with other humans that ultimately were not "good" for them. This is part of the human experience. You are not alone and I would even say not an exception. You are taking a very 'new age' approach to your resolution of this, which is fine if it helps, but it also seems as if you would benefit from some counseling to help resolve issues surrounding your past. No matter what man comes across your path, until you resolve the deeper issues within yourself, you'll stay in a cycle. This is why when women let themselves fall into abusive relationships, it continues with another one until they get to the bottom of why they were susceptible in the first place.

The inner chatter, or as you put it 'telepathic input' will fade from this individual. Married men who cheat with students is doubtful to stop after you. He'll find someone else to ease the boredom in his life. He has his own issues to work out. Don't put him on a pedestal as some grand demon who has power over you. Regain your own power.

Negative spirits can only attach to someone who is open to that and who is vibrating at that level. Have you laughed lately? Probably not. Get outside in nature, if even a park. Watch an uplifting movie. Or do one of the most positive things you can possibly do to raise your vibrations; do something loving for someone else, even for a stranger. If you have a few dollars to spare, 'pay it forward' and pay for the folks behind you at the drive-up Starbucks. When you feel joy from helping others unconditionally, you sky rocket to a vibration that lower elements can't touch.

The choice is yours and I wish you the best.

Ismael in Spirit Soars!
Hi Ms Rochey;
Thank you for share this lovely storie. I'm am spiritist and in my beleaves this smell of roses is more tham a sign from saints, but an proof that our conscious are not a simple joiness of cells and eletric impulses. We are spirits with immortal life and most of we have psychic abilities to see, hear or smell with the senses off our soul, or spirit, like you did. Clearly, your family spirits and enligthfull beens, that you call Saints, who are God's mensegers, they brougth to you the certain that your mom are in good hands, alive, and working to progress in spiritual life, as all of us were invited by Jesus to do. Thank you.
Xeotous (guest) in Telepathic Overwhelm
I send you a good song... So you just love yourself of god.

Xeotous (guest) in Telepathic Overwhelm
Use this affirmation.

I Myself Do For I myself Only Always.

I - 9
DO - 19
FOR - 30
I - 9
ONLY - 66


374 = CGD

AND Chant this... Acagadavana

Be Free and Peace Be.

I wish you the best madam. ❤
I have the same exact birthmark and was lead to this website in search of the same answer. I'd love to find out as well the significance of where this birthmark is placed.
I am having a similar relationship issue. I got involved with a married man, and I started the relationship thinking we may be "soulmates" or "twin flames." But I always felt confused and I also felt like his energy was flooding my body, so much so that I lost a sense of myself. After 2 years of great turmoil and struggle, I finally found some cases online, where people thought it was "twin flames" at first, because of the extreme energy exchange between narcissist and empath, but later felt it was "narcissistic psychic abuse." The telepathic inputs from this man are 24/7, and are criticizing me and finding me inept, most of the time. I do feel that my energetic boundaries are being extremely violated, and I have said that this man's round-the-clock telepathic input is no longer welcome, but my perspective and what I ask for, etc., is never any part of the equation, just like with my narcissistic mom while I was growing up. She took me over, like I was a puppet, and she the puppeteer. This is the most enmeshed relationship I have ever had, and at the deepest levels of our psyches, this man and I seem to be like a hand in a glove. Me taking on all his energy and letting him possess me (soul takeover?) like my mom did, him aggressively forcing himself into my field. Nothing I do seems to help at all. I feel infiltrated and violated and un-sovereign. I'm wondering if you can say anything more about how you managed to break free? I study Abraham Hicks, and I know that a lot of what I do is NOT what Abraham Hicks says to do -- asking over and over for this man to get out of my energy field -- that does not fit with "universal law." I just don't know what else to do. Thank you for reading and any suggestions.
I to have lost the love of my life after 6 months of marriage. Life is very cruel at times and it is overwhelming at times. My husband has never left me he is just not here physically anymore. It took awhile for me to start noticing him be and the signs but I had to get some help for my grief to begin to heal. I will always have the scars of lost love but I am happy. He sends me signs in ways that just belongs to us. I know that he put a blessing on my new marriage. I got his message. I pray for his peace and I know he is there. Always watching always loving us. Please get help so you can find peace.
Hello Baxter,

Thank you for sharing your experience with the mist smoke.

Something similar has been happening with me.

It frequently occurs when I wake up during the night. But it's not always at night.

There is no particular pattern of events that I can identify. I will simply wake up. Our bedroom is very dimly lit -- just enough light not to step on the three dogs that move tbeir sleeping locations all during the night.

The first time this happened, I was terrified because it looked like the room was filled with smoke. But when that startled me into full alertness, I realized there was no smell, heat, or any other indication of smoke or fire.

If I blinked quickly, there is no change. But if I squeeze my eyes tight for 10 seconds or so, it's all clear when I reopen my eyes.

This is very sporadic. And a few times I have walked down the hall during the day, and the living room is filled with this mist. Then without even blinking it's gone after 2-4 seconds.

The other day I was experimenting with the ancient Egyptian process of sun gazing. The sun had nearly set, and I looked to the side of the sun for 10-15 seconds. When I looked away, the mist appeared, backlit by the fading sun. The mist shimmered and moved in an upward direction. After a few seconds, it was gone.

I have basically written all this off to seeing some kind of energy field. The mist started showing up after a very spiritual experience during the August 2017 full eclipse.

I am looking forward to reading all the other comments -- I wanted to write this first so as not to be predisposed by the experiences of all the others.

Do you have any updates? Really curious to know if this has changed for you in any way.

Hi Sissie;
Imagine on, we are surrounded by an spiritual world and by the way it could show to us sometimes, depend of our spritual momment or to gave us a mesage that we deserve to receiv. I beleave you did receive a mesage from this spiritual world, to show you some faces of it. The wolf and the field of flowers could means, like Jesus said, Lord's Wolrd has many mansions, were we will leave according to our level of moral and spiritual development. Maybe your passed and beloved husband was triyng to tell you that he remains alive in that world and don't be afraid of him. Maybe it is a invite to you studie the hypothesis of survival after death. Thera are many literature of that in your country: Raymond Moody, Eben Alexander, Ian Stevenson, William Barret and many others.
I bag your pardon becouse my lacks of english. Greetings from a brazilian friend.
PsychicThoughts in My Weird Sleeping
Hello, I see scary faces too when I try to sleep at night. I do hear voices too sometimes but, they aren't from the 'physical' world like you said. Also, they aren't cruel like yours. They're from my mind. Sometimes the faces are so scary that I shiver but I don't let fear take over.

One thing which helps me is whenever you hear a voice and fear starts to take over you can say this in your head "Ok, whatever you say but you know what, I AM in control here, NOT you."

I would also advice you to pray to your spiritual guides like Ismael said or any God figure you believe in.

Hope this helps you.
MeadowDawn in I Want What I Feel
What you are feeling, I have experienced myself. It's like your longing for a place that doesn't exist. But this doesn't mean you don't fit in somewhere. There are others just like you, who understand what you are going through. I myself, understand your connection to nature. There is something about the woods, hearing the birds chirp, the rustling of leaves, and soothing sounds of the wind blowing through the trees. I could walk through the woods for hours, and never tire of it.

More to the point, no one is perfect, and sometimes people don't know what we have gone through in our lifetime. And that's okay. We weren't born to fit in, we were born to shine, stand out. Follow your dreams, and listen to your heart. Follow the path that is calling to you, don't be afraid to be different. Who you are is beautiful, abilities and all.

If you are interested, I am starting a school. It is for all psychics, witches, and other beings alike, to learn about what they are. No more shying away from our potential, instead we embrace what we are. This school will be full of others just like you, and it will present you with an opportunity to feel that sense of comfort. To know what a family is like, and not to be afraid of who and what you are.

The choice is up to you, but we would love to have to join!

Best Regards,
Manuela (guest) in A Dream Or Something Else?
Hi Krisamity

Dreams come from subconscious mind, as a reflection of one's inner state, they come as messages from spiritual realm, they can show past lives/present/future premonitions... In symbols or through visions.
Anyone can give you directions or advice or opinion, but you're the only one who can decode your dream meaning cause dreams are individual (individually made).
While you're dreaming or when you wake up, your gut/heart/inner voice/inner feeling/intuition - (however you call it) - is already giving you clues which category your dream is. You just know/feel if it's a dream about something that bothers you, a premonition or a vision. If it's hard for you to discern that, then work a little bit on clearing your mind in order to hear your inner voice.
You can meditate, meditation is good cause it calms your mind and raises your vibration.
Another good thing is to write dream journal, so after reading it after some time you'll be able to find a dream pattern. Also, things become clearer after some time when you distance yourself a little bit.

For example, you've said that in one dream you have trouble finding your own room in a house. Is it possible that dream is a reflection of how you feel, maybe afraid or worried about moving into a new house and how you're going to settle there or you find it hard to express yourself and therefore to connect with others...
If you're interested in symbolic dreams, there are lots of dream dictionaries so you can explore dream symbols and find something that suits you. Again, nothing is to be taken for granted cause dream symbols are individual.

Since dreams are also very complexed and not easily understandable no matter how much attention we give to them, don't torture yourself over them. When & if the message is ready to 'hit' you - it will.

What is important for you in life in general is to listen to your inner guidance - it will show you the way and you'll know what to do.

Kind regards,
Hi Tekashi,
First of one, I m sorry for your pain and concern. Only you, with your sensibility, could know if this voices realy been or it come outside, as spirits. I could tell you, certainly they are not demons, but only unhappy disembodied spirits wo lives among us becouse they did not want to ligth up and remains disturbing many people wo has psychist abilities. To keep they away from you, pray for help assistance from your spiritual guide and made your spiritual illumination trought studies, pray and meditation. You are not alone in the Universe, as there are bad spirits, there are good ones. God bless you.
Thanks a lot Ismael for your comments, especially I appreciate your metaphoric clarifications using notions of "sailors" and "pirates". It was also very interesting to see that you have mentioned the loving presence could be a guardian angel or my enlighted spirit friend. I have the same feeling about that loving presence. I am going to trust him and ask him for guidance.

Kindest regards from Canada.
Manuela (guest) in Astral Spider Experience
Hi BeccaJ23

You're already familiar with 'astral spiders' and experiences of others. See also if there was something significant happening in your life in that period of seeing them or you've had tough time. These kinds of entities are also lurking when one is more 'vulnerable'.
Once I was half-awake and then I noticed a tarantula (huge one) on my face, which just stood there. Since it was annoying, it made me become fully aware and then it disappeared. My gut was already leading me in certain direction regarding the explanation + a little bit of research and I just knew it was a warning message about one certain person whom I should not trust, and that engaging myself with that person was not a direction where my energy was supposed to go.
Not going into details now, this is just an example of all kinds of possibilities.
Anyway, don't be afraid, fear only makes it worse and clouds your judgement. You could work on raising your vibration in order to protect yourself better. You've already got some advises, so I'll add chakra cleansing, meditation, visualization of a protective shield around you... Find a method which suits you best and you feel most comfortable with.

Kind regards,
These are low astral level energy feeders with the potential of opening the way to more serious negative entities
They use fear and a 'bite' that causes sleep paralysis and amnesia
Fortunately you are able to perceive them
That makes them wary of you
The best way of dealing with them is with lucid dreaming (which apparently you already have knack for)
Be fearless and show them no mercy
If you're not an adept at dreaming then you need to do a cleansing (blessing) and ask for divine protection
Don't take this lightly
Small things can turn big
But don't freak on it either
Nothing has the right to enter ones space
Use that for courage
NikkiTylor in How To Conquer Doubt
Hi Olivia, this has happened to me several times. It's when I've needed help the most is when it seems to happen. It's so random as well. Embrace it for sure. It's not a bad thing.
Hi Ismael

I'm writing you here under the comments section (hope Maria won't mind) cause I found no contact of yours to write you there.
Anyway, I've seen lately how you have engaged yourself in helping people with your advises and you're very eager about it. It's a beautiful trait, wanting to help others any way you know and can. Thank you for that and for sharing your knowledge. Wish you all the best on your further journey.

Kind regards,
Hi Maria.
Good for you to be a scientist becouse you could give to your self the bennefit of doubt about the true natue of our conscience. Basic, the monist hypothesis of brain and conscious be an unit can not be consider a THESIS, but remains a hypotesis. There are so many people having psychic experiences, and they aren't insane. Maybe are so many events not explained yet but much of them justify the hypotese of our dualist nature. We have an material body and an conscious separated from it, or spritual been or soul, or anything you wish.
So, to assume this hypothesis as avaluable, we can explain many things that you related. Yes, we are souls and live after death in many frequences of space, acording our level of moral and spiritual development. A person with psychist abilities is like a ligthouse, can attracts the sailor but could attract the pirate too. You must studie to enligthfull your self about life after death, the reincarnation possibility and the law of Karma. It is necessary to get away from your life bad presences and give you more peace. Certainly ypu have protection from good spirits, maybe your angel guard or other enligthfull spirit friend of you. Trust him and ask for device. You will succeed. Regards from Brazil.
Hi aminomo;
Do You could know how teleknesys works? According to a spiritualist hypotesis, it works expanding our spiritual body to come over material objects and move them. We have a material body and a spiritual body, made with spritual fluid, not else admited by science, but it is a kind of "materia" too, but in another vibrational frequency. So, maybe you are using to mutch energey or are not replacying that in a wrigth way. I device you to make meditation and reiki to balance yours chakras.
Can I have an order of a large pepperoni with fries? Make sure you bring napkins and ketchup. Thank you.
Hi Berto-Palletos;
Psychic abilities could be developed by studying and trough pratice of meditation. In my beleaves, to be able to communicated with spritual world is a gift but is a challenge to. Maybe you could use this ability to improve your learning and knowledge about psychism and spiritual life and them aid some people to open their minds too. We are living in a World about to many changes, environmental also spiritual. Regards
Hi MarkAntony;
I am from Brasil and an spiritist. You have a good psychic ability to unfolding your spirit from your body and, the best part of it is that spirit have good vibes. Wen we feel good vibes from an entity this mean we are connected with some one "simpatic". However, to have mediunit ability not only attract good spirits, but if you remain your mind healthy, you could control your body and drag out bad presences. You are the only owner of your body and soul and obvious you aren't crazy, maybe we are all a little crazy. About this name, Gustav, do not concern to mutch about and I'd like to device do not call him, maybe it's not appropriated becouse you will open a channel that you do not know yet. Let it be, pray for him to be enligthfull by their angel guard. Regards
Hi, are you still seeking advice on this before I type an essay? 😆
Hi Annie,
I bag your pardon becouse my poor english. I'm from Brazil. Hear in my country there are many people wo beleave in life after death and certanily you maybe consider the spritual hypotesis? Don't? We are souls living in an material body and we well return to the spiritual world to proceed our evolution. Is that or the materialist hypotesis. Well, I beleave the gift you have is to give the beneffit of doubt to other people, make us think about how is possible know things without magic. The magic is exactly the spiritual knowledge from your soul. This ability is called prescience and means you could made your consciensce far away from the prision of your brain wen you are awake, even you would not realize exactly how it's happen. Best regards
Hi Nigel,
I wish your mother would get better soon and I see your experience like an sigth from heaven to increase your trust about God existence or, if you preffer, an opportunity to give to yourself the bennefit of doubt about materialist or spiritualist hypotesis. Dont'you think?
God is a hard concept to understand and beleave, but I think if we truly have an Life after death, the spiritual communication with us it's a way to give us a free will. Faith without reason do not belong to our time an will not subsist.
Please, think about it: despite you could have some feeling of helplessness about your visions, maybe it's a gift to you help your friends or other people which sufffer losses of loved ones. But first, you should try to understand that we all are spirits (souls living in an material body) and we survive after death. This is a oposite of a materialist way thinking. You do not need become an religous person, but a spiritualized one. Read about it. I' like to give you a suggestion of reading: Alexander, Eben (Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife - 2012)
Ismael in Empath
Hi Shadow!
Those abilities that you describe seems more clairvoyance and clairaudience tham an empath or telepath. It's is define by your abiliti to see and heard with your soul. Many people could have experiences like this wen they are asleep, but you are awake and perfect lucid, don't you? Do not be afraid, but proceed doing meditation and lifting your mind to ask for enligthfull to your Angel Guard and spiritual protectors. Regards
I am 53 and have never had any type of visions until recently. The first one was a couple of months ago. It was a pyramid with water flowing under it. The next one came a bout two weeks later. It was just a bunch of squiggly lines moving all over the place. The to my left, a very large eye opened out of nowhere. It looked around at the lines and then at me. It then closed as suddenly as it opened. Since then I have had several of the same one. It is a bunch of weird writing like hieroglyphics that are wiggling and changing. All of the visions are the same in the sense that they all look like they have been drawn crudely like by a child. And they all start the same. They all have happened in the middle of the night when I have woken up. It starts with a small white dot in the middle of my vision field. Then the white dot starts to grow until it covers my whole field of vision. Then the visions start. They are very clear. Except that it almost seems like I am watching an old TV screen, like how it kind of flickers sometimes.
It's scary and confusing when no one seems to understand or laughs and says your crazy or foolish. Please Know that you're not alone and you CAN CALM yourself and slow things down. Nature is your go to space to ground, focus and calm down. When a vison or feeling becomes scary or overwhelming, "Claim your place" and tell it to go away. Learn to protect yourself from the energies around you. Crystals are wonderful tools to help balance and protect. Please try not to take on everything you feel and see. Know that there's many that walk this path. Sending Strength and much Love & Light, ~Brightest Blessings~
Hello, I can't explain how that really happens but I can share my story with you.

When I was a kid (about 3-4 years old) I could float/levitate in the air. I still don't know how that happened. All I can remember is I would run around in the house in my own world and my feet would just not touch the floor. They would always be a few cms above the ground. I would 'run' smoothly in the air, kind of like, running and floating at the same time. Also, I can remember some glowing or glittering particles hovered around me too.

I sometimes, do have dreams like you do. Levitating in the air, being able to jump very high, getting white wings like angels have, etc. I dream vividly.

Hope this helps!:)
Hi my friend,
Do you beleave in ghost? Or haunted houses? Realy, if you beleave, you must understand and serious consider the non materialist hypoteses of our life. We have a soul and an spiritual body to. You probraly have mediunic abilities to hear and maybe watch spirits. Spirits are nothing less men living in erraticity after our body death. We all are spirits, and we keep and carry with us our self level of moral and intelectual development. So, if this voices don't let you confortabel, it is becouse they are unhappy and frivolous and they laugh at your affliction. Will be bether if you giv to your self the benefit of doubt about our survivor after death and the spiritualist hyppoteses. I'd device you to not hate this beens but pray for tehir souls and to they leave you in peace. Finally, wen some presence make you feel good, tihs is a sign of a good presence or a friend. Regards and God Bless you.
Oh my god. I'm getting the same thing after using my precognition. My symptoms are: Runny nose. (Right nostril) 😨 😲
Okay so, WOW! Your encounter is almost identical to mine.
I was about 6-8 years old and this happened at night in my parents home while they were still married (Divorced 2 years later)
One night I woke up in my bedroom, in my bed and it was complete darkness. The only light was coming from my window that had an outdoor street light outside of it. Anyway, I woke up and immediately at the foot of my bed a man with a dark cape and a dark top hat was standing there. His face was not there, just blackness. He looked like a magician. At that very moment he reached both his arms out in front of him and moved them up, and my bed started to rise. As a child this terrified me. I was frozen, couldn't move, couldn't scream. All I could do was just close my eyes and deny what I was seeing. At some point I fell back asleep. I remember this day like it happened yesterday and that was 35 years ago. My mother still lives in the same home and I've always felt a type of presence there throughout the years. My daughter who is now 22 years old has also seen shadow figures at my mothers house but nothing to this extent.
Hi Alex, I also have those dreams, once I was being chased by a group of men wearing tradional clothes with spears and shield like you say, I could jump super high with just a slight push to the ground, yes it really feels great. On the other one I was at my moms place just came in feeling tired, was about to lye down on a couch when suddenly I saw a black snake flying over a window, on the dream I knew it was looking for me so just stood up grabbed my son put on my slippers and these time was running but floating on air. I know how that feels like I too have those powers though dnt know how to operate them
Mss. UnsureMum;
Wen a spirit living in erraticity and it find a person with psychic abilities, it could use the energy of this person to manifest it self. Maybe, it need some help from you to be aided by enlightful spirits and proceed theyr evoluation. So, prey for her and for God protection for you and your family. Despit it, certainly, you need studie paranormal cience and admit the hipotesys of indepent and conscious survive after death. If you learn about, so many people has psychic abilities and many of them are mental healt and respectable people, you could got the benefit of doubt of a truly spiritual life. Escuse my mistakes becouse I'm not an english spoken. I live in Brazil. A sugestion of literature: Eben Alexander III (born December 11, 1953) is an American neurosurgeon and author. His book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife (2012)
Mss. Jocelyn;
I bag your pardon becaouse I'm not an enlglish spoken. I'm brasilian and studie spiritism (Kardek). Consider we have a soul and our life proceed after death (death of our body), many of we even realized been dead. We looked at our spiritual body (people call it a gost) and do not understand what was happen. So, time in space isn't the same as in our material world, and two years maybe fell days for wo are deceased. Wen we dream, our spirit unfold ffrom our body and goes to erraticit to search our friends or people close to us. Wen we wake up, we keep only impressions from those conversations and meetings. It let us confused, but it's normal My, device, since you consider the true of spiritualist hypotesis, is pray for her to enlightfull her soul. Do not be afraid becouse our friends still love us, love remains.
OliviaMarie in How I Became A Medium
Beautiful story and well written. I love that you could trust yourself to open up to your clients like that. I'm the same in that I've always had an interest in the paranormal but never in a million years thought that I'd be having similar experiences with spirit.

I think everyone finds their own way of justifying their experiences to normalize things when they're young. I'm still trying to understand things and wish that I had someone experienced to help me feel more grounded at times.

Thanks for sharing!
Ismael in Calling My Name
Mr Brad,
I d like make a suggestion off a book wrote by a respectable author:
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife (2012) describes his 2008 near-death experience and asserts that science can and will determine that the brain does not create consciousness and that consciousness survives bodily death.
I bag your pardon becouse I'm not an english spoken. I live in Brazil and I'm 58. Recently I loose my father and It's a serious match talk about the loose feelings, but if your experience had happened just after the pastway of your brother, it maybe come from subconscious, but it'not. You related a experience with a large gap of time before your brother pastway. So, I' beleave your intuition about it is true.
Hi Kate,
First, I bag your pardon becouse I'm not an englhish spoken, but clearly you has a medium hability to see spirits, nothing more people like us, but living in the spiritual world, or erraticity afther death. Beleave in your mind healt and your intuition. Spirits do not show their selfs to everyone, but many of them unknow their self situation as dead. They look for them selvs and beleave still living. If they are showing to you, it's like an SOS. Crying for help and you could effectiv help they if you PRAY to God or Jesus send their angels or enligthfull guides to help this souls. Be happy and trustfull in your gift. God bless you.
markanthony1bms in Hearing The Earth Turn
As far as the earth turning... No other Explanation!
If you are into astral projection and remote Viewing. Try getting into your meditative state and follow that sound. It may be a surprise to you. And it may be exactly what you think it is.

I'd Love to hear from you!
markanthony1bms in Hearing The Earth Turn
Hey there, I am here to observe and also find answers myself. I am experiencing similar symptoms and no one but you have posted a question that concerns my present situation. First I must tell you you are blessed and after reading your story I am truly amazed!
I want to know if you have gotten any insight on these things at all, outside of medical doctors, that could be helpful to someone searching for answers as you were before?

"The Ringing"
I've done research and looked and also took the time out to see a doctor.
Its not a painful sound and its not annoying until at night, or if in a situation and I can't interpret the meaning. And its not in my ears, its in me.

Ex.* Talking to someone and hearing that white noise right before I say a contemplated sentence. (I know its more meaning)

* Eating at home relaxing and hearing the noise go in one ear and or out the other as if its a quick "Hey, or LOOK". (not a constant sound) (and not a harmful presence)

* Feeling un-grounded (uneasy)
* Thinking deeply on life and understanding
* Stress
* My Happiness

My point is that the times it happens corresponds with my thoughts, always but never random.
So yes, This in a way forces me to rule out medical issues. For me when these things happen my awareness completely shifts and I can see. I know something wants to talk to me or even communicate but, my question for you if you can help is...
How do I gain understanding of what they are trying to say?

Im far past the point of thinking I'm crazy, I know we have abilities I know we are special but I can't help but hear and not understand.

Maybe your experience was a kind of unfolding and you react guided by your soul out of your body. I read some similar experience related by Dr Eben Alexander III in his book. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife (2012) describes his 2008 near-death experience and asserts that science can and will determine that the brain does not create consciousness and that consciousness survives bodily death. I recomend.
Hi Dyeu,
I bag your pardon becouse i'm not an english spoken, I'm from Brazil and like to share some knowledge in psychst. You are yong and the best tip that a can do is think by your self, but listen tho follow explanacion about the spiritual influence in our mind, in Spirit Book, Allan Kardec:
"460. Do you have our own and are you suggested?
- Your soul is a thinking Spirit; not ignoring that many themes have occurred, a little time, on the same subject, and are quite contradictory. Well, a set for ever yours and ours, and this is what leaves you in the uncertainty, because they tend to be two ideas that fight.
461. How to differentiate thoughts from those suggested?
- When you are suggested, it is like a voice that speaks. Own thoughts are, in general, those that occur first.
Regards and God Bless you
You did received an subliminar message from Universe: think about spritual energy and it's meaning. There are many evidences that life after death truly does exist and our consciens is not the same that our brain. Brain in fact is a hardware. Life make sense and has a porpouse. Maybe you find ways to use your empath power to heal and aid many people, maybe?
Escuse-me becouse i'm not an english spoken. I'm from Brazil and i'm an spirtist. I steel beleave, as you, we have a soul and it's independent of our brain. If we reborn focusing our spiritual growing, some times our soul trie to giv-up facing the natural challenges of our life. Them, we feel like a prision in our body and a feeling of sadness and not belong to this world come over us. It means our desire of freedom. We must resist and fight against this bad feeling. Life belong to us to live searching happyness and spiritual growing, not failure, not giv-up from our destiny and tasks. You are a devine been ande has the rigth to plain life. Think good.
Hi, i'm not englhish spoken, so I bag your pardon becouse my mistakes. I'm from Brazil and studie several years mediunit events. See: "I was watching an Anime Fight (Bleach) and a force pushed into my head at some point. I can describe it like this: Think of the feeling telling you where which part of your head (/body) is being pushed in with force". If we admit the existence of mind (spiritual life) life separeted from brain life (our hardware), you could amiti the survivor of lif after death. So, spirits live around us and people wo has psych abilities could interage with they. This event means a tri from an soul to come over you, a kind of possession. If yor feeling about this force means negative, it means this spirit is a few development one, but not necessary your enemy. Resist. You are the only owner of your body. It's beling to you as a gift from God and your abilitie is also a gift to use for good.
See, many spirits living out our material world could impresse yoor mind with many fake visions, that apppear as real to you. It is called "spiritual influence" and is very normal. But, maybe when those influence afect our life, we must search for psycologist aid, meanwhile we tri to self equilibrate our chakras. Consider that and beleave in our divine destiny. Regards
This kind of experience is to hard to comprove. Ian Stevenson's research considered several examples, but in your case, dear Iker, I could device you to consider your present inclinations, for example, fear of water or abilities with horses, to make a reflection if you did bring this memories from a past life. What you think?
Indeed, this kind of experience is not usual, but if you know someting about sonambulism, you could realized that is to much similar. Your experience seems to me more than an spiritual unfoldment or a double sight in vigilia.
What is called double sight is the result of the liberation of the Spirit without the body being asleep. The double sight or second sight, they say, "is the sight of the soul. It may explain your visions or predicitions about tragic world events.
History also records many cases of this order, such as that of Apollonius of Tiana, who, while teaching his disciples in the public square, suddenly interrupted himself in the anxious attitude of those who expected some serious occurrence, and then announced the murder of Domitian, slain under the dagger of a freedman.
robmkivseries70 in A Memory Of Other
Hi Iker,
Sounds like a previous incarnation memory to me. Hans Holzer once wrote that he thought the 'memory erasing procedure' might not be perfect.
First, escuse me becouse i'm not an english spoken. I live in Brazil and my self knowledge in psychic-experience come from spiritism (kardec) and Umbanda religion. According my knowledge, people whit sensitiv habbilities are abble to to feel the lived people energy as spiritual energy from spirits. As you problably had read about, after death, we still survivng and living in state called "erraticity" according our moral and intelectual level of development. This mean men ho was drug adicts or alccolich still being adcits after death and search for people wo had mediunit to incentivated and share the consume of drugs, an kind of vampirism. So, mediuns must avoid drugs and must be moderate in alccol. As you related, you having triing some tecnichs to clean up your aura and chakras. This is very good and necessary, but must important is you studied spiritualism to know the roots of your habbillities and pratice the charity. Pratice of charity will atract good vibratinos and good fellowsheep from your guides, It well open channels with superior spiritual layers from Universe. You could do it by your self, trough a service as voluntier joinnig to a ONG or Church that do some community work with drug adicties or homeless, for example. Keeping your mind clean and conected whit good things, well feelings an still doing yoour self praticie of align chakras. You are not alone in this world, trust yourself and trust God.
NewPsychicAbility32 in 1st Psychic Experience
[at] unicron1000: yes this has happened to me, but not in that exact way. I have episodes of touch and agree. Like my boyfriend is always on the go, right? I told him one day. Don't leave... Stay here with me... But he left anyway, when he returned a tree had fallen on my car... Warning before destruction kind of thing. I have these all the times.
I am experiencing the same kind of attack. I am taking detailed notes on where, when, sounds (loudness, the changes in source sound, vibration) - my mind is strong and I know it is not mental illness. While I go back and forth on being spirit, human or both- I just want to be educated on the types of sounds, how sophisticated spirits can be and the way clairvoyance and telepathy actually work. If it is human and there are people that do this; I'd like to rally behind making laws and more psychic detectives on the scene for the future. If this is indeed a spiritual attack- why are more clairvoyants of standing up to talk about this-if psychic attack from a spiritual subconscious level - how the hell can it be so sophisticated as to change sounds such as sometimes sounding like telepathy, sometimes speaker-ish, and like those above I feel I hear an outside voice yelling from neighbor when outside... If Spirits, I'd love more gathering of information and stories to collect research to give people hope. I notice when 'it' takes off (would spirits need to take Christmas Eve off? I notice when I drive far enough away... How the sounds change or disappear or 'who's left'. I am now experiencing my Clairs, and I'd simply like to know the bones of how they can work to continue making some fair and logical assessments to find solutions and give others some hope as it is truly life threatening. Are there any groups anyone knows about where I could go and or also try to bring more research and awareness to the topic?
Sending positive vibrations to those going through the hell of this.
Hello Klarlak,

Thank you for your comment. What kind of speculations do you have? All I can tell you is I used to get upset when I'd see people suffering or when hearing their struggles and problems. I used to believe God would make things right. I still do. I wasn't facing any emotional trouble. There were no emotional battles. My only wish was to be able to help the ones who needed it and I used to wish for a better and nicer world. That is the same thing I was asking for when it happened. I also used to thank God for everything that we'd been provided with and for the protection. So, I was thanking God and praying, like always and it happened. I used to put all my heart into my prayers. That is all there is.

I actually have several speculations, I am not certain unless I see the evidences myself though.
First thing first, did you experienced extreme emotional battle inside when this was happening? I can't say much unless you give me more description. Details would be helpful and appreciated

Best of luck
Hello Illumin,

Would you like to email me at crazycatcrisp [at] There are somethings that I'd like to discuss in a more private environment.

Thank you for your comments.

robmkivseries70 in Rita
What a comforting story, I'd run across it before but for some reason it really took.
Hello CrazyCat,

That unfortunately varies, you may have simply pushed it away. On the other hand, it got what it wanted and has moved on. It may have simply being manipulating you to get a certain result to happen in the future. It may come back later. It is hard to say.

Although what occurred may have also been a test of faith, in Christianity there are numerous incidences of a man's faith in God being tested by a demon. What has and is happening to you may be the same.

The answer is for you to find in the end.

Matlhodi yes it's very simple to do if you're a medium. If you'd like to discuss how I do this and how I let my boyfriend talk to his father then you can email me
Taylormsisk2 [at]
Hello Lyro,

I am sure she will pop in again. I have seen the others pop in time to time under other names as well. So maybe they will say something here as well. I think a reunion of sorts would be somewhat fun. Lili and I talk time to time. If you want to talk to her she still answers her profile's email time to time. But you might have to wait a couple of months.

As for Create, I just hope she didn't actual go to Arizona on all of the foolishness back then. It was never a reason to leave your family behind.

I just happened to stumbled over here now unfortunately. Damn that's intense. I also like you have spirits flocking around and yes they are seeking help to get some things done here. It's just, unlike you I don't want to get involved. I've been seeing things since I was a little kid, but then it's just lately they come and go. My aura is changing too, from deep violet to many colours (sun yellow, bright green, white, silver, sometimes gold) not sure if this means anything, just kind of hope you know things more than I do.
I see that we have quite similar experience. If you're interested please read my post, there might be some closure from people who answered my question

Is it possible that it's some kind of astral projection? I mean, everyone has a different way don't they? Yours could be focusing and jumping out of the body. Or levitation could be involved. I'm just guessing. Please do keep us updated on what you find.

Yes visions with my eyes open:I remember it was 26December of that particular year, was coming from my house when at the gate a viice told me to take a certain route, denied to take that way as I felt it's a long way and as I'm using taxis it's far from where I'm going to board one and ended up taking my short way. Got off from where I'm supposed to connect but these time it's a walking distant.
On these day was going to my mums place because it's my sisters birthday and normally she celebrates the day by having braids with most of her friend. I was going to help cook for the day of her special day.
I'm now walking to my mums place just just got off from my taxi, while walking to some bridge a movie start playing on my head I see myself on the same road and it's during the day, in the back distance I see these guy standing up as if he's being hiding down on some grass so that he can not be seen by people going in or out of the taxis.
Suddenly these guy is walking towards me at my back but making sure I do not see him or hear his foot steps. He gets to me and points a gun at me on my left side at the back and then I started praying to why am I thinking all these and just at that moment a gun was pointed to me and then he told me not to look at him, he robbed me of my hand back and then told me to not look back,I'm so scared of everything that's happening and then these guy whose robbing me came on to my face like he is looking for something, now he is looking at me face to face,
I realized I know him from my location, he is always hanging around on some street corners close to my mums place, remember all these time he is pointing a gun on my back just at my waist, these guy after realizing he was on my face just turned and told me not to look back and I should run.
I'm sweating so much because of fear, I couldn't move just froze there eventually I see people a head of me and started moving slowly. I was warned but did not listen because I thought it is just me thinking, to end my long story, after three days my neighbour received a call from a strange man telling her she found a bag somewhere and that is how she found her numbers in that bag. My question is how can I always be alert or know when I'm being spoken too by the unknown forces because in most times I'm being warned but it take a while before I realize
Thanks for the reply CrazyCat and Matihodi.
Ps CrazyCat I don't know how to elaborate the jumping thing more (if I have an update I will probably make a whole new post on it)
I haven't really seen much about them I'm afraid. My best guess it's a sign/warning that something is changing or going to happen. I had them quite a bit, then they kind of went away, now they are coming back again. I'm feeling them more in my arms/legs now. And I still get the cold feeling in my head. I haven't really seen anything on this site about them either, so I guess it's a special club we both belong to get aggravated about together. It would be cool if I knew more about it, or what it meant/was for, but random vibrations get annoying.
~ Lyro
Everyone wants people to E-mail them, that's one of the problems with site, you don't really have a message box or any way to know when things are seen/commented on without checking back yourself. It's why I have people E-mail me, I'll miss a comment then feel bad that I didn't see it if someone was trying to talk to me. Maybe AnneV will notice this and have something implemented one day;)
~ Lyro
Well Illumin you let me know this post existed, I missed it, and it's kind of old now from 2016. I haven't talked to her in quite a long time, but I can honestly say I miss her too. When we were talking years ago she was really an amazing person, I got to be close with her, and I'd say we both grew in knowing each other then. I hope she did come back and continued with everything, and I hope she's still doing well, even in 2019. Last we spoke was back in 2015, I'll see if she even remembers me, but from what it looks like she's still doing well so that's good:)
I'm also interested in practicing that,I'm really would love to know what to do peegasharon [at] please include me on your Telepathy
Hello Illumin,

Thank you for you comments. Yes, it could be. If I remember correctly, it was since then that I had a notion, that "you want it then there's a price to pay". The world around me has taught me the same.

I've been shielding myself since I learned it. I feel protected but rather than outer force, it's now my own. So, either it took what it wanted and moved on or it's dwindling over the years. What I'm wondering is, what did it take? Why me? There were other easy targets too, then why me?

What it took will always bother me but nevertheless,I'm thankful for your help. Thank you. God bless you.

I had never had such an experience but would love to try that because I had my ex who passed on and gave birth to a boy after two years of his passing and my son was born on my ex's birthday and my son called me The was he used to call me and he's so attached to me to such a way if I could leave him behind coming back he's angry and will not talk to me. I know my ex leaves through my son.
Hello CrazyCat,

I forgot to add, by the way you can find Lyro's account in my account in the Favorite Posters' area.

Hello CrazyCat,

That could be the issue, sometimes wondering spirits will take a question or an offer in a pray as an offer to them. This results in attachments. It seems from what you said it kick started your abilities, and took something from you as a payment for doing so. Shielding/grounding might get rid of it. You can do shielding by visualizing a barrier of light energy around you and focusing your energy into it and pushing it outwards.


I guess it's premonition? What you have is a kind of premonition I guess. I've heard and seen premonitions happening from dreams. I've only seen three types of dream premonitions: one is symbolic (you have to interpret it), next is dreams that simply show what's going to happen (for example, when I was younger I had a dream, where someone said the teacher would be absent and he was. No symbolism, just that) and the last one is from memories (your memories or the things you connect to/ are related to, are used to deliver the messages).

The last type of communication happens with other abilities too. For example, if you are a medium, someone who's trying to talk to you may use things from your memories to convey things to you. Like they might be trying to talk about some sweet food or dessert and the closest thing to that in your memories or that you can relate to maybe an apple pie. So now they'll show you that pic or that memory in order to convey what they want to say. And you explain that. It could also happen with you know, other people who are not so aware. You might be about to see someone whom you haven't seen in a while or get a call from them.Now, what will happen is that you might suddenly think of them, their name might come in your mind or you might remember a time you spent together. Then, you might either meet them or receive a call from them. I think it happens this way cause it's easier to convey messages using your memories or things that you're connected to. Even if you don't understand it completely, you might get the idea that something similar might happen.

That is all the knowledge that I have. I could be wrong or I might have missed things. I don't have anything on developing it or about the jumping high situation. Sorry for that. Could you elaborate the jumping high situation a little more?

So interesting to have found these website,I'm 45 years and it started way before I was around 9 years, I would see things like one time we were visiting my grand parents, we would share a bedroom as girls, during the night I would be awake and that day saw a woman coming into our bedroom door dressed in white, she wasn't walking but floating, I tried to move but couldnt, she came straight to my face and that's when I covered my face with a blanket she disappeared out of the window, I know I have gifts but can't explain or dnt even know how to use them, at times people will be chasing me and would just go up over like I just sprung, I see dead relatives though they dnt say anything. Its so confusing but very interested because funny enough is all these creepy stuff dnt scare me instead would love to know more about my abilities. I have been initiated as a prophet at church but felt something is still missing, went and trained as a seer still I still feel empty. I really need help
OliviaMarie in Tuning In On Voices
Thats wonderful, I can relate 100%, I wondered for Years what the 'chatter' was and how unusual it felt and struggled to describe it in words that made sense. Kind of how you explained, like standing in a crowded room full of people talking all at once, not really able to distinguish one voice from another. I used to get it a lot at night and had to sleep with background noise to distract from it, it wasn't very helpful.

What youre going through now is what sounds like the beginning of spirit trying to connect with you. Your mind isn't focused enough yet where youre able to distinguish the source of where its coming from or even how many are coming through. Almost like a radio dial picking up many stations at once without being dialed to one particular station. It takes time and eventually things will progress, its a big deal and up to you to decide whether you want to pursue it.

Its so funny that our stories are so similar, I even had the name calling thing where I thought someone called my name and they didnt, its almost like theyre trying to get your attention but its too soon. I feel like you're on the precipice and honestly I'm excited for you because for me at least its been a hell of a ride and all of the validations I've had since then have left me no doubt that spirit comes through. Everyone is different and progresses at different levels, I was around 7 years old when I was playing at the park with a girl not knowing that my parents couldn't see her, it didn't seem unnatural at all until they insisted later that no one was there.

There are gaps where nothing happens and times where you might feel overwhelmed, if you need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me if this makes any sense.
Hello Illumin,

Thank you once again for your comment. I wasn't trying to summon anything (at least not knowingly). I only knew God back then. So, the only person I was talking to was God. After the big change incident happened, there would always be a strong feeling of protection, I still feel it, but, I also know that I have my own strength now too. I didn't want to know who I was, that was not what I cared for. Also, to tell you the truth, my memories seem foggy. I don't truly remember my age but I can tell, it was when I was fairly innocent and wasn't affected by negativity. I can only remember that incident and how it made me feel, nothing else.

I just didn't want people to suffer. A blessing for them was what I asked for. As I mentioned in the story, it was for the needy ones, I always came last. I didn't really have anything that I wanted to ask for me. After that incident, my gut feelings did get better and stronger. I started sensing things and doing some things, that alarm me at times when I think about them.

If you know someone, please do tell me, if they don't mind. It'd be nice. Thank you once again.

Though I can't say that I've had that happen to me, its a familiar story and the first thing that comes to mind is that fear breeds fear. The fact that you can sense and see could be a starting point for you, you have options depending on how far you want to take it. Do you want to learn how to listen or want it to stop? Just like any other skill, learning to listen takes patience and practice and can be fairly easy if you take the time. I only say that because that's how I started and was pulled to fear in the beginning because I didn't know or understand what was happening nor did I know how to 'listen'. Starting with shielding yourself can help dispel anything negative that might be attracted to you as well as connecting with your guides. If you're unfamiliar with that then there is a lot of literature that you can research.

When it comes to the feeling you get when a presence is near, its a higher or lower vibration your sensing and you can choose to acknowledge it and let it go or go with it and protect yourself and attempt to listen. Either way, its an amazing learning experience and you can really be surprised by what comes through.
Hello CrazyCat,

So, what were you trying to summon or should I say talk to when it happened? To be more accurate what is it that you wanted? My assumption would be to know something such as who you are, of course certain knowledge always has a price when getting it quicker. It isn't anything bad, in fact I have seen it a number of times through the years.

Anyway, you remind me a lot of another person I have known on here for years. It is remarkable how similar the two of you are. His story is fairly similar to your own. It might be worthwhile to talk to him, it could be a fairly interesting conversion.

CrazyCat in Smell Of Sulfur
Hello Mrs. Moon
Are you fine now? Is it gone?

Perhaps it got attracted to your energy. Maybe shield yourself? If you don't know how, you can imagine a white light enveloping you and protecting you from everything that is out there trying to get in. If you see something black trying to enter, perhaps you can imagine the white light blowing it off. I used to do so. Also, if you believe in God or whatever you have faith in, don't let that faith dwindle. In the end, that is the biggest weapon. If you order it to leave, do so with faith and strength. Spiritual strength I mean. It will go away. I believe.
Hello Illumin,

Thank you for your comment. I guess I was 8 back then. About feeling incomplete, I mean in a physical sense as well. Something of my body doesn't feel like it should be there. It feels like a big part is not there even though my body is complete. Also, it kind of made me physically sick when it happened. Feverish, felt like I would throw up, disturbed.

I don't think of past being better than future. If anything, I don't really think anything about them. What happened, happened, I can't change it and I wouldn't, even if I could. They helped me, made me wiser but, they weren't the best part of my life.

I hope so. I hope I'll find answers to the problems I'm facing right now. Thank you once again.
Hello CrazyCat,

What age did that first event occur? I would assume somewhere around 8-13 which seems to be normal range for psychic development. It is related to puberty. As for not feeling complete, everyone feels like that. The feeling incomplete is more of a perspective thing, always thinking the past is better than the future. But that is an incorrect assumption as the past is written and the future is a blank sheet. Simply look at the past the good and the bad, and see how it made you who you are today and where you may be going in the future. I know for one I would never change my past even the painful parts as they made me who I am today. Although I do find it interesting to think about major points in my life where if I did something different, my life would be completely different now. Not any better or worse just different. I would recommend doing it, it is a fun thought experiment that teaches you a lot about yourself and how you should act in the future. Of course, if you know what your desire/want in life is it makes the decisions a lot easier to make when they come.

Anyway, I am sure you will figure it out.


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