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I want to follow up with something... I had an odd experience tonight & I prayed about it, I was feeling better, then I heard an odd howl, my dogs began barking, their barking got closer and then I prayed and everything stopped, the barking, and the uneasy feeling. It's a longer story than what I am letting on but, I am not sure I can talk about it right now.
I often forget how scared I had been in the past, typically I am able to get a grip on myself and the things happening... But prayers help me, whenever something is wrong, I don't want the negativity so I always prayer to my higher power in that moment so he can protect me & my family.
I think that the man wants you to be his advocate, he is in pain, he is not truly there anymore and prolonging it doesn't seem fair to anyone. There is no good answer here, but maybe those intense feelings are his feelings and him trying to tell you that he just wants peace or to take back what he had done. To be honest I don't want you to take my advice I want you to do what you feel is right. I am still a skeptic but this being said I have had dreams that I can't deny. I hope you find peace in whatever choice you make.
I never thought of this as anything more than a photographic memory, interesting. I have such vivid memories, some that I don't like. I can rewind, close my eyes & picture exactly where things were & this can even recall exact conversations. However, like you were saying, that is only if I was paying attention to what was being said or that particular topic. On this topic though the Dejavu experience happens to me way too often, like I had already been here and done this.
I am also unsure of if things are just coincidence or if I may have psychic tendencies... I would like to know, some days are normal, actually most are, but sometimes I have feelings and my intuition is correct. Other times I have dreams and parts of them are true. Or I feel a presence, or see something. Being in the medical profession I tend to believe that I may be overthinking things or that assuming I have psychic tendencies would make me crazy.:- (I am kind of looking for direction here... My concern is that if my good dreams are sometimes real doesn't that mean that my bad ones could be too?

For the boyfriend story, you have a strong "will." Most people just say things out of frustration or to just get things off of their chest, but when you say/ask for things you mean and believe it.

For the murder and Hollywood story, you have a strong intuition or are good at sensing/picking up on things. Not sure what the technical psychic term is, but you have knack for that.
You can email me if you like. My email is in my profile.

Seems you got a lot going on, so it's better if we start one by one. From the sound of it, it's nothing to worry about though.
Ang3l in The Devil Dog
I'm not sure what you can do about the Santa Cruz area besides staying away from it, but I do know what you can do about your dreams.

Our dreams are our playgrounds. In other words, we are "God" in our dreams. And, anyone or anything that enters our dreams have to play by our rules. We can't be harmed in our dreams unless we allow ourselves to be harmed. I'll tell you a story.

When I was 10 years old, I had a dream I was in the woods and I was running away from something. It was a full moon in the dark sky too. The thing that was chasing me was a wolf. Eventually, the wolf caught up to me behind, jump on me with it's sharp teeth, and I expected I would be awaken by this, but I wasn't. This danger failed to wake me from my dream. Instead, I remained in the dream and enter a darkness. The wolf had ate me and I was now in its belly.

I had a choice to make at 10 years old. Stay in the wolf's belly and died, or get out and lived. I chose to live. I reached my hands out in front of me, grab whatever I can and ripped it apart. Next thing I know, I was standing in the woods again. I was all covered in blood and what not, and the wolf laid dead on the ground behind me with it's belly split opened. Now, I woke up from the dream.

Like I said, don't be afraid of your dreams; you have more power in them than you know. Don't let others control your dreams. Know that you're the one who rules over your dreams. Next time, don't run, fight, because you will win.

If I can rise up from the dead in my dreams, so can you too.

~ Be Strong
This is an old topic, but I just wanted to add something here so that future readers may have some understanding of this.

I've went through this myself. My dad was the first to go, then my step brother, then my close cousin, then relatives within my city, then relatives in other states, and then relatives in other countries. All of this happened within 1 year. So yes, lots of funerals.

They all left for different reasons. And, you'll notice I said "reasons" in place of "illness." I'll explain below.

When my dad left, I was angry. He was a good man. I began questioning life, as to why the good ones die but the evil ones live on. I wanted to sacrifice every evil person on this planet to bring back my dad if I could. But, what helped me saw through the mess of deaths was my close cousin who passed away too.

Unlike the other people who left that year who I only knew about it when they've already left, I've met my close cousin twice. On the first occasion, he was in the hospital waiting for surgery. He told me it's the same surgery he's been going through 10 or so times now. He said he desires to live on, and that even if it takes 100 surgeries to keep living, he'll go through each one to live another day. And so, he went through the surgery and lived on.

Months down the road, I met my close cousin in the hospital again. It was like deja vu this time. He's in a bed by the window in a corner facing the south side of the hospital like the last time I met him. Everything was so similar I had to double check that the room number was different. If the room numbers were the same I would've thought I was dreaming. But, the room numbers were different, which logically should be since he came back to the hospital months later. Anyways, I approached him and expected a similar talk we had last time. After all, he did said 100 surgeries was fine, and this was like the 11th only. However, his look on life was completely different this time. Death was all that was on his mind. I couldn't understand why he was so negative. It's the same surgery, and the doctors didn't even notice anything more danger this time then the past 10. That month, be left.

Through my talks with my close cousin, I've came to realize people know and choose their time of leaving. I thought back to my dad and step brother and I found why they left. For my dad, it was a speech he always gave me when I was a kid. Of course, being a kid I've always didn't think much about it. But, as an adult, I revisited that speech and remembered what my dad wanted in life. And, when my dad left, it was soon after he had reached that goal. My step brother had his own desires in life. As for my relatives, I'm not closed to them but I wouldn't doubt they had their reasons too.

I don't know why some people leave alone, or why others leave in groups, but what I do know is we all leave when we choose to. When the world around you goes, you can stay so long as you still want to. Death is a gatekeeper, not a hunter. It welcomes you to the other life; it won't take your life.
And, the reason why no one was able to spelled her name correctly (and why I thought it was garbaged) was because her parents made up the name.

Her parents were young (16) and in love and thought it'll be cool to come up with a unique name for their first born. So, they took a common name, removed some letters, changed some letters around, and then added a few silent letters into random places in the name.

And that's why her name confuses everyone. I don't know how to spell her name either. In a way I cheated πŸ™„. I simply bring back that dream I had, and that dream has her name spelled in it already. So I just copy the letters in the dream onto paper everytime I need to spell her name.
Yeah, I just realized you mentioned Angel before I posted 😁

If you can't contact him then don't worry about. There's a place and time for everything.

For my dream, when I was 7 or 8 I saw the name of a girl at the end of my dream. The dream only had a black background with the name in the center. A voice told me that the girl with that name will be my wife. I then woke up trying to make sense of it. However, the name was spelled so weird I thought it was garbaged and didn't think about it anymore.

When I was 21, I met this girl on a website/forum. We ended up emailing each other back and forth like penpals. One day, we talked about birth names, and that's when she told me that the name she's been using wasn't her birth name. The name was only her nickname. She then told me her birth name. When I saw her birth name spelled out in the email it was as if I frozed in time for a bit. Because, somehow that name was familar to me. I thought about the name for a while trying to understand why the name looked so familar. Then that's when I remembered about my dream at 7 or 8 years old.

I told her about my dream. She said she didn't believe in dreams or supernatural things. Knowing this didn't changed our friendship either. We were still friends.

The next day, she said she gave some thought about my dream, and she's willing to admit that she still didn't believe in the supernatural, but she did find it miraculous that I knew how to spell her birth name correctly the first time and everytime after.

The reason for her nickname was because nobody could spell her birth name correctly, not even once. Hence, she gave up telling people about her birth name.

We eventually met in person, but she didn't became my wife. That very day that we met, it was another girl that took me to see her that became my wife. In either case I had no intention of getting married that day, but that's another story.
Well, friends and I decided to spend the night at a haunted hotel, prior to going I have experienced paranormal things before since a child on and off. When I returned I felt different, was seeing things, hearing noises anywhere I was at, and felt spider webs on me when I know their wasn't any around. My mom referred to a friend who is psychic medium to find why since returning from that hotel I was experiencing what I was... The lady I met knew things about me that I never told anyone, and said I was a pretty powerful medium unbnost to me. She also told me that a spirit of criminal had attached itself to me because of over indulgences in partying. Also, ever time I get drunk or take any mind alerting substances I leave myself open to anything good or bad to use me... Well I feel like this a curse, I have tried mediatation to control it but nothing works, Iam try and not drink but that's the only way I don't feel or hear anything... Any suggestions?
Thanks Ang3l.
Even your username is 'angel.':)

I wish I could do that but, right now it just isn't possible.

My dreams are most of the time metaphorical too. I have a lot of doubts too, like someone else who has his name could be coming into my life.

The dreams are intense. There's electricity in the air and everything is just like real life.

In one of my dreams, he even talked about my late grandfather saying that he was a very nice person and well known in our city (which is true). It spooked me out. My grandfather passed away even before my elder brother was born.

If you don't mind, could you share your dreams with me? Not the personal details of course, I just want to see how similar our dreams are.

Thanks for commenting!

For your dad's first phone call, I would explain it by saying "everyone knows when it's their time to go." Most people won't admit it to themselves (because it's sad) but your dad admitted it to himself and then admitted it to you. Obviously he wouldn't tell you he's going, but he instead left you with some last words which is better than giving you bad news.

As for knowing when people are going to cross over, you have a very strong sense of that. Most people can't be that precise.

My advice to you is to be more courteous in the words you choose when telling people about the bad news.

This is not saying you are mean; I'm saying most people have a difficult time believing in special abilities. So, instead of outright showing your ability to them by telling them the bad news, you can instead offer advice.

For example, when you knew your mom was going to cross, you could suggest a family gathering to spend time with your mom. Make up an excuse if you need to. Like, "I think mom will enjoy our emotional support at this moment."

You have a great power, and you will be a great gift to the world when you use your abilities to help people enjoy their last moments. Otherwise you'll come off as "the bearer of bad news" even though that's not your intention.

~ Be strong

Sensing emotions or danger is a gift.

I can't do this, but there was a closed person to me who could. Because she can do this, she in a sense "protected" me from getting into danger and even can save me from danger.

In other words, this sensing ability won't harm you or others.

If you'll like to discuss more on this, feel free to email me in my profile.

You mentioned you can move things. If you don't mind, you can email me in my profile and we can discuss that ability more.

I'll say go and talk to him. Obviously don't bring it up as the first topic during the meet, but ease into it.

For me, I'll start off with talking about how life's going at the moment. Then, after a little catching up on each other's life, I'll bring the dreams up and just be honest about it. It's only crazy if you act crazy about it. Just let him know you don't think anything significant about the dreams but just wanted to shared it for laughs sake.

I'm saying to talk to him because I had a similar dream when I was 7 or 8. It wasn't until I was 21 when I met this person from my dream. My dream told me this person would be my wife.

However, the way my dreams work for me is purely metaphorical. Hence, this person isn't really my wife. But, in going to meet her, I ended up meeting another girl who would be my wife.

It wasn't a happy love story for me though since I didn't want to get narried at the time. But, just wanted to let you know yours could be a good or bad ending. Either say, don't be afraid to face you destiny.
This is to Moedoc. I have the same ability, I just haven't talked to many people about it. It is real and you can get stronger. Email me if you would like to talk more about this. My email is chralexfam [at]
The same things happened to me! Empty water glasses (very heavy) moving very slowly across a flat dry table by themselves, shampoo bottles flying across the room, and books that were very well stacked falling off shelves for absolutely no reason. I brushed it off as a spirit trying to get my attention. But to know it's telekinesis... Oh daaaamn. I feel like Matilda. Yes we are gifted. Whether we do anything about it is up to us...
LDarkholme in Attacked By Spirit
Darkness is not the enemy. That analogy is a broken christian representation of the fear of the occult. Just because you do not understand darkness does not mean you should equate it with evil.

Evil can be found in the Light and in the Dark. The evil of the dark needs the cover of night to hide. The evil of the light is the most deceptive of all. It hides right in front of you.

Evil is not characterized by the way it looks. Serial killers look normal to the untrained eye. Tyrants gain power through deception.

Do not blindly trust the light because you fear the unknown. That is how you fall into the trap of the enemy.

Be aware, be alert.

Thesilentsong63 (at) gmail (dot) com
LDarkholme in Attacked By Spirit
Salutations Thibideau,

My name is Lucianna Darkholme, no this not a joke and love, light and positive vibes will only get you so far. Putting it out of your mind can endanger you more.

I lead an Order in Southern Wi that was created to aid psychics. We are called the Order of Esper.

I would like to help you if you would like.

Stay Safe,
Lady Darkholme
Buttercup116 in A Demonic Vision?
Hi ashsmith23! I am super new to this, and have seen a walking Dinasaur/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle walking down my stairs right behind my husband. I was terrified and felt it in our basement under the stairs. I asked it why it was there and said that it did not have to live under our stairs. Anyway, I asked two psychics what it was, and one of them said to be nice and change the attitude in our home and if that did not work, then send it up to heaven and ask that it be put into jail where the Angels watch over it. The second psychic said that it was my husband, he was living in an ancient world and that I had a true gift. So, based upon what you saw, first, you have a gift. And, maybe either you encountered a weird residual entity that should be sent up, or it is a metaphor of the maybe a patient before you or the doctor you saw. Also, people pick up entities when they walk around. My psychic friend once saw an octopus behind a speaker at a conference and the octopus was pulling people in, unbeknownst to them, they were drawn to the speaker, but did not know why or see the giant octopus. Anyway, your vision probably scared you, a lot. Maybe you can recall during your doctor visit how the nurses and doctors acted toward you and how you felt meeting with them. Also, meditate on this event and see what answers you receive. I truly believe that we are shown things for a reason and that they are not to scare us. I wish you well and hope you find peace with this event ❀
Macistyles, Long story short, stuff like this appears at three times for a person, as a child shortly after they learn to speak, the onset of adolescence, and being subjected to extreme mental stress from things such as different kinds of abuse. These abilities are inherent in everyone, but it is stronger in some people while nearly dormant in others. I think its mostly genetic, passed from parents to children. Just because you inherited this doesn't mean your parents or grandparents can do it. I've unfortunately learned control through trial and error through the years. The side effects: Mild depression to unwanted demonic encounters from misuse. My opinion/recommendation is to not to do this and ignore it. This will allow it to become dormant in you once again. Most on this site would disagree with this. While enlightening, these abilities require constraint and discipline. Many disagree with this too. People always brag about the benefits but can rarely explain why bad stuff starts to happen around them when they do this. Being at the beginning of this, it seems like you should follow this path, only until many years later will you see the cost this will inflict on you. If you go far enough down this road without constraint or discipline, evil will take notice of you and you will be afflicted. If you are insistent on exploring this, I will only tell you two pieces of extensive information: How I initially expanded these abilities and a set of rules on usage that will prevent a majority of problems people have experienced on this site. My email is also on my profile.
One time can be written off as a coincidence. Several times is a gift.
I've been seeing the word 'angel' everywhere since May. Yesterday, I saw it more than ten times. I knew by then that I would see something. Last night, I was laying on my bed thinking about random things and looking outside the window.

Suddenly, I saw a bright 'star shaped' light just for a second and then it was gone. It went away as soon as it appeared.

I'm guessing it was an Angel.

Coming on to the topic of my story above, I saw 'him' in my dream again today. All I can remember is he entered a room where 1 11 111 1111 on a chart was written. He said that he sees me in his dreams too.

I don't know why but for some reason, his eyes turn electric blue in some of my dreams, including this dream when in real life he has brown eyes.

I hope to get any kind of advice!:)
Hi. New to this site. My opinion of this wonderflly detailed story, is based on my experience of people coughing when I'm in a crowd. In fact I first had this happen at church. So my theory is that sometimes our "positive" energy can rub off on people. I am usually too embarrassed to cough loudly in public. So our positive or neggative energy creates a ripple effect because more people feel comfortable to cough maybe is all I can think.
I sympathize with the things you had to go through and thank you for writing what you did. There are bizzare psychological phenomena that manifest in physical ways. Can't remember details. Hope this helps.
Oh Gosh. What do they call this? The totally opposite thing will happen everytime I imagine. So if I want it to happen, I would imagine the opposite πŸ˜‚.

Also, when I say a thing will happen, it will never happen but when I keep my mouth shut everything that my instinct says, will happen.
Hello wolfl0ver,

Why is it that you want "evil" in your life? Is it because you feel alone, outcasted from everyone else? I will tell you everyone feels like that even the social butterflies. The best thing you can do is to look inside yourself, find who you are, and what your passions are, and follow your passions. Eventually, you will find some form of peace and joy. Besides, there are many devils and poison does not need to be seen to take full effect.


It seems the original poster has already gone away.
I checked back to see if she had more questions or had commented. Oh well, I suspected it would happen anyway. Some people have an altered perception of the meanings or concepts you are trying to convey to them and don't really take the time to let it soak in. Sometimes they are influenced by outside forces.

You can click on my name and read my profile page and get my email if you wish to.
[at] ThulsaDune, interesting seeing a fellow Christian on here. And what you say is helpful about this matter here. You seem to know a lot. I am interested in exchanging knowledge some time if you are interested. Perhaps we can exchange emails.

[at] purplechristmaslight, like what ThulsaDune has said, anyone can be affected by black magic, given that they have weaknesses within them that they may have opened themselves. All in all, whether they are a child or an adult, it all depends on their free will. Most children are pure and filled with The Source's/Creator's Love. If they choose to do something they know in any way that they shouldn't do, then a weakness may very well open up a path for darkness into their soul. This can include black magic, demons, and dark spirits. We live in a world where a common enemy keeps tabs on each and every one of us. If they deem someone a threat, they will do what they can to snuff out the person's potential to topple their efforts in controlling everything.

These beings of darkness do what they can to affect the soul of the child at a young age. They do what they can to tempt children into becoming corrupted, dirty, of worldly nature. This corrupts the child's soul to some degree, which makes it easier for the child to become darker themselves. Black magic spells casted by evil people/spirits help this process occur faster, and seals parts of their soul and mind away. Where there is black magic, there are demonic forces at work. If you want more of my input on this, just ask.
hey, I have been one to use online ouija boards alone and try to welcome the devil himself into my body but it never works. All my life I was raised around religion, me nan being a mormon, me step dad being a catholic, me primary school having everyone pray in assembly... I can't pray and it hurts to do so but I used to have a habit of meditating and when I started to meditate I begun to have premonitions but they used to be when i'm about to sleep and my first premonition was of somet a couple seconds ahead but they started getting further and further ahead in time and they'd always be minor things but I would usually forget them until the point I envisioned. I stopped meditating years ago and plan on starting again but i'm worried because I can also see into multiple realities and I can see what is happening in alternate universes so I don't know what could be happening or what to believe.
Illumin says it well. The future you see isn't always set in stone. I believe it is merely based on the timeline of how things are when you see the vision. If anything changes, that vision may not happen and very different circumstances will occur.

What do you mean when you say this "change" in the vision comes with a price? Also, can you explain more on what you mean about not telling the whole truth about the vision? I'd like to know more about all this.
Winter_Solace in Glimpse Of The Future
Hey, so what you have is what I call future sight, or is also known as clairvoyance I think. Well, yes I'd say these are superpowers. Spiritual gifts/powers, everyone has them. I agree with Boson, I don't think you should tell everyone around you about them, because you never know how they will react. I recommend doing research on this, and looking to us users on here for any advice/help. There are some knowledgeable people on here who'd be happy to give their ideas.

What you can try is meditation, and focus on seeing more at will. Try to make these visions happen on your command. Progress may be slow. But practice makes perfect, and in time you'll get better at it.
Hello, there are times I see these faces as well. I used to see them all the time any second I closed my eyes. But that was years ago. I still get closed eye visuals/visions. The faces I believe to be spirits either around you or thinking about you. It's too bad your circumstances that occurred before all this. I wish you the best in any remaining recovery.

I recommend you keep meditating, and connect to Source/Creator to help. You'll get better in time, I am sure. I hope the best for you and your awakening journey.
Winter_Solace in Can Anyone Explain This?
Hey QuickBen,

So I've actually had that happen to me too a lot of times years ago where I'd be lying in bed half asleep and I'd hear and feel a hand slam hard onto my bed right next to my head. It happened a lot to where it became hard for me to sleep. Sometimes, my mattress would shake as if someone bumped into it. It stopped a long time ago. And to be honest, I don't know what made it stop. Wish I could help you there.

Also, about pulling things into reality from your dreams. I think I was able to do this when I was little. I don't remember a whole lot from my childhood. In fact, a friend of mine was able to do this too when he was a child. His parents would ask him where he got these pencils and toys from whenever they'd see these things. Unfortunately, I think they took those things away from him when they saw them. If I recall correctly, they thought he was stealing things from other kids.

I think the fear is something you can ignore. For it may not even be what you are feeling from yourself originally but from a different external source (like what has been waking you up by touching you and such). Just my speculation. I'd like to encourage you to keep practicing that.
the other day I had an overwhelming amount of thoughts, feelings, concerns about death. I analyzed all day how I felt about it. But I never really had control of these thoughts and they never truly felt like my thoughts to begin with. It's hard to explain because even to me it all felt confusing. The very next day I hung out with a friend on our lunch breaks. We are both very spiritual. We haven't been friends long. But randomly, she began to tell me that she's basically had the same overwhelming thoughts as me. She had no idea about me having the thoughts though. I don't know how to explain this but it just seems too strange to be a coincidence. I've always had experiences with deja vu, serendipity, coincidences but this one seemed too strong to ignore. I've never told anyone about these things, but I feel like I'm being directed in a path to begin acknowledging these things. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Thank you so much! This reassures me about my experiences, I'm glad there's a way that I can try and control it. I would love to hear more about your experiences too!
Hello Madi, you sure do have a gift. I dream of events that come true. I also think of certain things which come true immediately or afterwards.
I was told I can control the power of my subconscious mind but it will take some time. You should try meditation. If you need further assistance, you can contact me at emmarexx3 [at]
Hello create_inspire_me,

I believe your story shows how we all grow with time and our choices in life. Whether in the end they lead us to pain or joy or for that matter both, they craft us, they show us our dreams, our passions, and even a fate of our own making. My question for you is what is your true passion? Was it truly having potential or seeking answers to the unknown? I will tell you there are always answers to be found, and perfected, you simply have to look and ask why.

Anyway, I know this is old, but maybe in some sense this will find you, if not someone else in need. For all we have in the end is ourselves, our passions and our fate.

Hello AsunaShio,

"Seeing the future" is an interesting ability, although I refute calling it "Seeing the Future" more like "Seeing the Most Likely Probability", meaning it may come or it may not, depending on your actions and those of others. Our fate comes from all of us, we are not condemned to a certain fate from birth, instead our free will allows us to influence our own fate and that of others. For those ends, it is the reason why we must find our passion in life and pursue it. We all have the ability to become what we dream to be.

Anyway, I feel you want to say more than this story so feel free to share it. I always love reading a good story especially those about a person's dreams.

Hi alliecat04,

Don't worry, it's a genuine ability you have. It's not an accepted phenomena with most people so I wouldn't start sharing what you experience with everyone. I had the same ability when I was a teenager. I shared with my parents but they just didn't believe me and said it was my imagination. So I stopped telling preople about it. Now almost 50 years later I still have the same ability but with much more understanding about how to use the gift to benefit myself and others.

I hope that helps a little.

It is impossible to loose something you were born with, as it might be a manifestation or something you had in your past life/lives.What can happen is for you to loose your connection to it, such like when you learn a new skill but then stay months or years without using it again.

You need to train daily or weekly.

For your dreams, I would suggest that you learn to lucid dream, because this way you will be able to search for answers in your dream world or even enter your subconscious without "loosing yourself" to what is happening around. Hypnosis might help as well.

Gather more knowledge about oracles,dreams,soothsaying,psychology,mediumship and meditation. Expanse of your understanding over these subjects might help you to know what to do for your situation, as no matter how much advice others give in the end your choices will be the ones to decide the outcome.

As a last advice, try to take more time for yourself alone without the distractions of others or even of technology. Sit down on the soil, rest against a healthy tree, enjoy the strong wind blowing around.
Sometimes we just need to get back to our primal selves a bit to get our focus back.
I am curious if you have a malevolent spirit at your house. They can drain you and if they were a super hero they would find a way to turn your powers against you. I've know from experience...

But to the main topic at hand I would suggest getting outside in natural enviorments. Also try focusing on your senses more, like taking deep breaths while walking in a park and noticing the smell of pine. Basically think of being very observant of your surroundings, sounds, smell, emotions of it.Reconnect. Hope this helps.
Uri Geller is an illusionist, most of his telekinetic "evidences" are tricks instead of the real deal.

If you want a better example of real telekinesis you should check this channel (Telekinesis: Mind Possible). I won't say that he is 100% legit or fake, but so far seems to be the one most interested in trying to be more rigorous/serious with the experiments and the recordings.

As with every skill there will some that you "have a knack for", some that will take time and others that you will never be able to get the hang of. Telekinesis might not be doable to you, but it doesn't mean that is a waste of time.
There are literally hundreds of other skills in the psychic/supernatural list, so why get stumped by only one of them?
I know this thread is two years old by now (and I hope someone responds), but when I read these comments I was so relieved. I've been thinking I was crazy, lol. So, I found this music group over a year ago, and ever since then I've had a connection with one member in particular. I was weirdly drawn to him, he seemed familiar. I just thought, well maybe he has a familiar face, idk. But then the dreams came. The very first dream I had of him, I saved his life. Also, that dream, any other dream after that, he never talked. He would just stare at me. Meanwhile anyone else who might have been there would conversate normally. He'd just stare. Much later, come to find out in a recent interview, he said whenever he gets nervous, he doesn't speak. Also, whenever I wake up from a dream that I can't remember, I can feel he was there. Like there's a lasting presence or something. But it gets weirder, some days I think of him more than others. And get an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. There was one week where I didn't think of him as much, which was also coincidentally also a week him and the rest of the group had a concert. Later, there were videos of him looking extremely sad and not himself, and other concerned fans saying the same. And that "psychic communication" thing y'all are talking about, I swear I've experienced that too. But not on that level. We don't really talk, it's all just a mess of different feelings. I swear one night (this was last week, actually) I felt nervous for absolutely no reason. It late at night and I was about to go to bed. (I should probably mention that he doesn't live in this country, or else this won't make sense, lol) I later find out, he had a concert that day. Nervous for that perhaps? Or perhaps I'm still crazy? Honestly I still have no idea, πŸ˜‚. All I know, is these feelings are real. The coincidences all line up. And my friend thinks we're soulmates πŸ˜‚. Could that even be possible?

Anyway, thanks for reading! It feels nice to get this out to other people who are having some similar happenings. Have a great day/night! 😁
Never start off by assuming something, take notes of what happens and make your research.

It might be a physiological or psychological issue, or maybe it is all in your head and it is just you projecting unto others things that aren't real.

When all mundane options are off the list then you search into possible spiritual causes. Maybe you have a mentality/behavior that attracts "evil" spirits or the bad energy ("junk") of others and you haven't found a way to defend yourself or deal with it.
You're not special, just different. To be really special you would need to be someone able to make a great change/leave a mark in the world.

As for your parents you could always use the excuse of learning about illusionism (which is nothing more than misdirection and, in some cases,hypnosis) or just say that you want to know more about psychology and sociology. As the study of magic and other spiritual practices can be found in both subjects.

I think I can help you. I was compelled to open this site this afternoon. My guiding voice told me to open and read this.

I am different than most psychics you will come across. I help people with the darker side of psychic phenomenon. I am a Christian and a psychic and walk the path between the two. I have dealt with and experienced many things first hand with many people. Some on this site may not agree with me, but that is OK. Everyone is unique in how they experience things.

Ok now to answer some questions. No, small children are not in danger from evil entities other than scaring them sometimes. They are not allowed to hurt the innocent until they mature further and start to near puberty. From about age 10 or 11 young children start to become young adults and that is when the attacks can start to happen. The most vulnerable age is from 11 to 17 where young people are easily influenced.

Now I want to try and be delicate about this issue but there is one exception. If a young child has lost their innocence with the help of an older person they can be susceptible to attack if you understand my inference. It is not the child's fault but the older adult can bring on the attacks.

GOD himself protects the innocent and all Evil or negative energies and entities know this fact. The loop hole is if an entity can influence someone to take action that should not. Example is Satanist and like people trying to win favor with those they worship.

I have given advice in the past to people and desperately tried to warn them off of what they were doing. An innocent child is safe until they start doing things that they should not or start playing with adult things that they should not. There are subliminal messages all around them that we as adults need to protect them from. Even Disney hides disgusting things in their films that are hard to see, by perverted people. These people are trying to open gateways and change the world. They are tools used by Evil.

Love your kids and protect them as long as you can but eventually they will exercise their free will and you cannot change that. Bring them up right and protect them, but teach them about the bad stuff out there when they are old enough to handle it.

This world is not all moon beams and unicorns. There is very good but there is very Evil also. You would not let your kids out in the street without teaching them the dangers. Why do we send our kids out into this world without doing the same thing?

Go ahead and comment and get the discussion up and running if you want to. I am sure many will jump on now that someone has dared to touch the subject. I myself will answer to the best of my knowledge and will tell you the truth of what I have been exposed to.
You can contact me on Facebook Unoffical Psychic Detective. Or Blue Line Psychic Detective on Facebook. That is me. I have methods I use to find missing. Mostly by prayers it works. Pray to God to send Saint Anthony to locate the missing. There other methods look at photos. I touch object get readings. Your gifted also to missing and cold cases. You need pray more and try look photos before bed look into the eyes of missing. Then go sleep. You may dream about the cases. I also read on the case. It may take days or months but eventually the reading comes through.
You should look at photo and do this I teach you how. You natural gift. You take the photo. Look into their eyes of missing. Then read about cases. And I go to sleep sometime I dream about the cases in detail or. A vision comes. I see things banging around.
I never had a visitation on a dream from my beloved dog, Rocky, who passed away in Feb of 2015 but on 2016, New Year's Eve, just came from work, before 12midnight, I was upstairs (balcony) and was about to take a video of fireworks around, my iPad suddenly clicked for about 2-3 times without me doing it. The next day, when I was reviewing the videos and photos, I saw a strange golden image that seems like a face of a dog. I sent same to my sister and she said that must be of Rocky's. Maybe my dog has been telling me not to be sad for he is still around watching over me. When he was still alive, I used to take him to the balcony after walking him outside on leash. Also, I do that in the evening as well but takes him downstairs, put on leash (in our garage) in the night. I loved that dog so much.

P.S., I am still keeping that photo in my iPad until this time.
Maria216 in The Devil Dog
Hi Kittyoung, thanks for sharing your experience. You're luckier having not seen the evil dog face to face. I've seen one, passed in front of our garage, one evening, that was around September of 2016. I was in our store (garage converted to store) and when the customer left, I saw this huge black dog, with spiky hair and no sound from its paws and seemed gliding only. I got surprised because it was first time for me seeing a creature like. There are several stray dogs running or walking in our street from time to time but this one was different. After that moment, our 2 neighbors (children), around 7 and 8 years old girls came and wanted to buy softdrinks. I asked them if they saw the huge dog, they said no but they asked me about the details. They said, when they were walking towards our store, they didn't see even a cat. After telling them, they got scared and run back to their house after the transaction. That night, when I opened my PC and check on FB, the paranormal group where I am one of the members, shared an article about evil dogs and that's when I happened to know that the entity chose to show up on me. I really don't know what's the reason behind it but I got to experience seeing one of them and it sent shivers all over me.
Hi Trilli4n42, I believe you because I have been experiencing actual premonitions either by my sense of smell, taste, seeing, thoughts, etc. I had experienced it several times already, in fact, I think I've shared some here. Premonitions experienced by me, usually, apply for those people who are linked to me like my friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc., and it usually happens within 7 days after I experience them. This is not always R.I.P. But RX (severe sickness) too.

Anyway, the recent one was last week. I smelled "blood" around, even inside the house. I didn't think back then that it was some kind of premonition again because no one is sick. I never had a clue who's involved. I was able to confirm it and this time, it wasn't for a human but for a pet dog. I could say this because there's this stray dog that I considered my pet, been feeding him daily for his lunch and dinner and I know he considers me as his fur Mom. I've known him since he was a malnourished puppy that I found on the street. The only difference is that I could not take him in because he is claustrophobic. He just wants to be in the street. He's such a sweet pet. He's always happy seeing us back to the house every time we go out. Some days back, I found him sick, he refuses to eat. I saw that he has some kind of blood coming out because the container shows reddish. Some people say he might have been attacked by bad humans roaming around. All he does is just drink water from the container I leave outside our gate having fresh water all the time. Some strays cats and dogs drink on it too. I noticed too that he couldn't close his mouth and a lot of us from the neighborhood noticed that. For several days, he's not eating solid food. Anyway, this afternoon was the worst, we found him, all wet from the rain, lying in one of the neighbor's pavement but still breathing. This is the saddest day of my life. I don't want to tell the details anymore. I know he's dying though I saw how he was fighting for his life. I prayed and asked God that if my dog would survive, please heal him fast, otherwise, if he will die, take him fast too and not prolong his suffering. I wasn't expecting this and I feel so depressed. I know premonition is part of my gift but there are times, whenever it happens within my circle, it's hard for me to accept.
Hi Trey18, thanks for your comment and I'm sorry for late response. You are very right, some entities keep on copying those people who we love and I'm sure they're called doppelgangers. The black entity that I saw back then, probably, is one of the elementals because some of the people I know in this village see him even daytime and he smells like rotten/dead rat.
[at] Kevkar1981

That sounds great:) I will be looking forward to your email. Be safe! Talk soon!

Thank you Gabbie for your reply. I'm currently away on my holiday for a few more days and my internet if very hit and miss. I will definitely contact you very soon.
Thanks again Kev.
Hello Kevin, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

At first, let me start by saying that going to places which are believed to be "haunted", can be a dangerous thing in itself, as it is as if you are allowing different situations and beings come to you, and that can potentially be quite harmful. That is one side of things.

Now on to some general information. It is true that apart from the physical side of this world, also exists another world, that of the spiritual. Within the spiritual, exist a quite big variety of beings, creatures, energies etc, some of which belong to the Light, some of which belong to the Dark and some of which remain Neutral, and just exist doing whatever they want to do. As humans, we are born with the spiritual already part of ours, it's just that some are born with that side already active (which means they begin experiencing the spiritual as soon as they are born), some awaken at some point in their lives (either triggered by an experience or because of another reason that has to do with the person's purpose here on Earth), and some never realize that it even exists or deny it and move on with their lives.

Due to the connection we have to the spiritual, we inevitably become influenced by situations that concern that side.

Everything we do, feel, think, translates itself into energy. And energy roams freely around us, as we don't know how to protect ourselves spiritually. As a result, we influence and get influenced (a lot of times people experience a sudden change of heart, or emotional fluctuations, thinking something is wrong with them, when in truth, in many cases their situation is connected to something spiritual- I am mentioning this as another reason as to why you might have had such a hard time after the death of your favorite people - could be that it was a bit heavier due to something else).

When you begin to meditate, and do it without the proper protection, you are wide open among the spiritual, making yourself a "lantern", drawing the attention of different energies, and beings, as well as information, as you connect to random places, beings, energies etc.

I would gladly explain more about these situations, and also help teach you how to protect yourself from harmful energies and anything that might wish to harm you.

I believe that there is a possibility that hooded apparition you believe to have encountered, might be around you until now, so would be good if we could work together to make sure you get rid of everything unnecessary, so that you can get your life back.

Be strong, and take care. My email is on my profile, so don't hesitate to contact me:)

[at] Thibideau,

Sorry for the late reply.
My email is gabbiewill93[at], so anytime you feel ready email me and we will go from there:)

The sooner the better.

Take care! Thank you for accepting help.

Thibideau in Attacked By Spirit
Thank you both for responding. I will follow up here shortly. I've never had anyone actually teach me anything about my abilities so anything that you can help me with I would appreciate.
My first day of school is today so wish me luck. It would be quite a shock if I meet him a few weeks to a month later:) since I receiving these signs
Hi, I discovered I could control the wind late in grade 3, and have been able to do so ever since (in grade 8 now). Yes it is true there is a possibility of demons in fact I have one, irs name is Raven I can make the wind get ridiculously strong and I mostly use hand gestures to control it but when I want to do something major I have a sort of language that I speak, kind of like parseltounge from Harry Potter, that enhances my powers. Recently I told my phycologist about Raven and my powers and she has transferred me to another phycologyst and now think that I've made the wrong move and the government might come after me if I reveal anything more. UHHHHHHH life is stressful.
Hello. It's great to hear that someone is experiencing the same situation as me. I have these dreams, usually not long, that will be random events. I have even seen people in these dreams that I have never met, yet I will be talking to them like I know them. Usually I brush them off, thinking maybe it's just a face I've seen before or someone that my brain has just made up. However, I have had experiences in which I see these dreams happen in my life. I would forget about them, until I see it happen. It will be exactly how I seen it in my dream. I will see the event and realize that the random person in my dream is now someone that I know. It's a very strange occurrence, and I find it very interesting. I may start writing down dreams that I can remember, and I will see if they happen. I don't believe there is a way to control them, they just happen. It may be a month, or it may be a year before I see a dream become real. Until then, I can only keep guessing.
Hello there:)

I can see where you're coming from. Carrying such history and experiencing the spiritual on a daily basis, and at such a young age (i'm assuming so due to what the site says - the author is a teenager-) sure is a lot and it's admirable how maturely you are able to handle the information you have at hand as well as what you don't know.

Generally, when it comes to the spiritual and abilities, the things you can know are so vast, as well as the way you can use it for you and the people around you.

I would love to get to know more about you and exchange knowledge and experiences with each other. As well as, helping you wield your energy so that you won't harm yourself.

Please feel free to email me, my email is up on my profile.

Take care sweet
And the last few days ago before I saw his initials for the second time, my inner voice was telling me to look out. I didn't know why at first but now I know. The universe was giving the conformation that he was close and it wasn't just a coincidence
Yes his initials are very rare ❀ 😊. I would normally see one that has his first two Example: **L or **F **C or even his last two example: *GH but I would never see his full 3 initials together until this past May and the other day when I saw it again.
Dear Dreamercan:

So, your love is taking you on a journey 😊

Btw, are his initials rare letters to see on license plates? You don't have to tell me which ones are those, but is this letters combination like rare...

Love and light 😊
I know there's a chance this may not reach you but... I just experienced this very thing however I SAW my boyfriend's energy open the door & walk towards me as he spoke. Hope this message gets to you. I've also known I was clairvoyant since childhood yet this was a first. My question 9yrs later is... Are you all still together?
Hello Rel,

Life is like that after a certain point, one day you wake up and see how wonderful it is even with the downs.

What type of self-expression are you looking for? There are numerous writing, painting, music and other forums out there. I do recommend giving them a try, either to simply look at others' art (for me music and paintings/drawings) or to put up your own work. Personally, I have always loved looking at a person's self-expression, it gives you a lot of insight in to who they are. All I can say is give it a try, if it is a true passion of yours, you will know after a while.

Oddly, enough a lot of people feel disconnected from each other anymore, maybe it is because we don't talk to each other like we did in the past (I genuinely am not for sure). The thing is even though you may not connect with someone on all levels, it does not mean they cannot be your friend and help you along with your life. You can learn a lot about yourself from others. As for people trying to direct your life, they are either people who are concerned with maintaining power or people trying to help you or a mix of both. Really, in the end you cannot let them dictate such things in your life, you have the right to do as you want as long as you do not hurt or interfere with some else's right to do the same (sorry about getting a little preachy there, being free to do what you want and to follow your passions as long as you don't hurt anyone, is one of my big beliefs in life.)

I hope you are well,
Hello there dear,

Truth is, there is a variety of beings and creatures, as well as energies, existing among us that influence us in an any kind of way. Some are of Light and some are of Darkness. Both are aware of the physical and of how humans work. It is very common for people who are aware of their spiritual side and potential, to be "mocked" and attacked by different things, as a scare tactic, in order for them to be scared and give up on growth and getting anywhere with what they can do.

The most important part though, is protection. I would love to help teaching you how to protect yourself, as well as share my experiences and knowledge on the spiritual.

My email is up on my profile:)

Stay safe.
Hello there,

May I ask if anything has changed in your life recently? Maybe a weird event, or maybe you started getting into spirituality or someone near you died?

Maybe you "picked" something "up" if you passed by the wrong place the wrong time, or something could have become aware of you and decided to bother you.

If there is more info that you believe might come in handy, feel free to email me. My email is on my profile.

Stay Safe
Hey there Maci! I am so glad I stumbled upon your story as I can relate a lot to what you are going through!

In this world, both the Physical and the Spiritual exist, with some people being born already aware of the latter, or realizing at some point during their life, or some never at all. In truth, it is a part we all have inside us, as we, as humans, already consist of our physical bodies as well as our souls.

When you become aware of truth, it can be too overwhelming, especially if you are alone. My parents are also against me, and my friends don't know, so I can understand how you feel.

So far, I have been lucky enough to learn and understand this world on a deeper level, as well as abilities and how they work. I would be delighted to become your mentor on this journey through knowledge and wisdom.

Please feel free to email me:) My email is up on my profile:)

Be safe
Berellic in Attacked By Spirit
[at] Thibideau, I say don't allow these beings to push you to the point where you have to walk away from important things in life. There are people in school that want to quit only because nobody understands the similar experiences they go through like you are. At the end of the day this is your life and I want you to do what you think is best for your life. Though I would like to lend a hand with teaching you how to utilize more practical spiritual protection in cases like this. These beings like to fight with energy to be able to manifest what they are doing to you. We can use energy in forms of protection to stop what they are doing to protect ourselves and others. You should send me an email if you take what I am saying serious because I am willing to teach you a few things. 😁
OMG I just saw his first middle and last initials on a license plate number again! I had asked God a few weeks ago to show me another sign that it's not a coincidence and I just received another sign. This time I was sitting on the right hand side like OMG
I even had a dream the other night that my twin flame was at the train station subway. He was holding my hand and he was leading me somewhere. I didn't know where because it ended right there.
Yes I have read people's stories as well and it amazes me. Everyone twin flame journey is different. School is starting in a few days for me so I might even meet him at the school. 😊
I have been under a lot of stress Tamasha. Thanks for replying. Why did my being stressed manifest in that way? When you say "strong ghost presence", do you mean my room is haunted by a ghost that is more firmly grounded there or by several ghosts? What is the point of touching me randomly?
AnneV, thanks for commenting! I just knew you'd be the first one to comment. 😁

What I am wondering is, if we share any type of connection at all, isn't he supposed to be seeing me in his dreams too?

Or am I the only one just because I happen to have some psychic abilities?

Contacting him just isn't possible, I never talked to him and also because he lives miles away now (which I got to know from my friend who uses fb).
I've done meditation to help my focus my mind. This helps and I have also been studying lucid dreaming.
I've had premonition about specific tragic events that happened, and some about things that didn't happen. The dreams that really happened were so vivid I can clearly remember them like you describe, even though they were 20 plus years ago.
I'm trying to learn more about using my psychic abilities in a better way, although I don't always want to know what will happen.
Have you been under a lot of stress lately? I had something similar happen several times in the past. Once I was walking in my hall while dreaming, yet I knew I was walking, was aware and woke up. My eyes were already open.
I think that having tons of stress made this more likely to happen.
It's a possibility that there's a strong ghost presence near you as well.
Depending on what you think is possible, there might be a parallel life you share, it could mean you two get together or that you had a past life. But the life you're concerned with is not a past or parallel one but this one. Why don't you contact him and ask him out for a bite to eat? You could say that his name came up or that you thought you saw him and thought you'd say hi. Just don't bring up your dreams or he might think you're nutty;-)

Hi Dreamercan:

To me it sounds like something's happening. Especially because it was not an everyday situation. People see numbers for various reasons, it depends on what kind of life path you are. I read a lot about it (cause I see number patterns, too). On of the reasons mentioned for that happening is Twin Soul on his/her way. Read about it, maybe you find similar experiences. It's not the same for everyone, just listen to your inner voice and trust yourself.
Doubt is a normal thing, yeah, but don't let that prevail. Think positive thoughts and no matter what happens, something positive will come out 😊
Thank you! That is really helpful I will make sure to try this!
Thats exactly how mine feel too. Been doing pretty much 24/7 last six months. Yes not that they hurt just a aggravation. I don't know what or why I am doing this but I have researched and cannot find the right answer anywhere! At first like the visions and things I see or feel I believed others could feel these vibrations too but they do not. I will be sitting up close to others and wait bc I'm vibrating so bad to see if they mention feeling the vibrations. If you find any answers please let me know. Yes mine are all over but originally started on bottoms of my feet and where you have the cold feelings at times its like I am on fire!
First off, I'm glad you have a family that understands and has been able to introduce you to all of this at an earlier age. Most don't, and have a really hard time getting introduced into any of this in the first place. From what it seems, I think it's easier to pass on abilities down from the female side of families, I believe that's part of what spawned the whole Salem witch trials and looking for women in the first place, to try and keep "witch" abilities from spreading. As far as people losing powers, I don't really believe it works that way. You can create a mental block on yourself and your powers will slip away due to that, but they aren't really gone, they are a part of you. As far as the things happening, that's not really surprising. We can do a lot with our energy, and cause things to happen around us. Emotion seems to be a big key in that as well. If you have a spike in emotions, it'll cause a spike in energy which can affect things around you too. So first step would be to be careful not to have spikes in emotions, try to keep yourself calm. Emotions aren't bad, but spikes in emotion can cause things to happen that aren't really intended. Going on about the different abilities, that's a little too much to cover in a comment here so I'll move on to the next bit:) As far as nose bleeds, I never had one, but perhaps with so much changing, your body still needs time to adapt to all the changes as well. I know when people first start in all of this they often times get killer headaches, and as their bodies adapt, those headaches fade away.

If you would like to send me an E-mail I can respond and talk more about what I know/have experienced, and maybe can answer some more questions. I don't come to this site very often, just stop by now and then to see if anything catches my eye.
~ Lyro
The Buzzing in your legs, would you describe it as vibrations? If so, I've felt the same thing especially more recently. Best way I can describe it is that it feels like vibrations, but I don't just feel it in my leg, I feel it in a lot of different areas. My middle left of my back, my legs more often the right, and I've felt it in my head. I haven't quite figured out what it is, but I suspect it's about things that are to come, and maybe a sign that it's getting closer. I'll often times feel a almost cold feeling in my head too at times, but the vibrations are more annoying than anything that they won't go away.
~ Lyro
What you dream doesn't necessarily mean they are about you, they could be about other people as well. I'd take a step back and first try to understand what your dreams are trying to tell you. With myself, they either tell me something that I need to know. Answer a question that I'm asking either knowingly, or subconsciously. Or show me something about the future. Seeing things that are to come can be quite tricky, so it's less about what you see, and more why you see it. Maybe that can help.
~ Lyro
I would really love some insight. I have started to become ridiculously anxious for no reason in my own home and occasionally have irrational bouts of emotions.
Before I saw the license plate number I was sitting on the right hand side of the back seat and then a bug flew in the window lol. My mom killed it and I decided to sit on the left hand side, a side I barely even sit on. I was going to move back to the right hand side but something told me to sit on that side. Around 30 minutes later I was upset with a lot of stuff on my mind, I was deep in my thoughts and when the truck drove past me I happen to look up and saw those initials. My eyes widen in shock and suprised and it picked me out of the gloomy state I was in. If the bug didn't fly in the car and if I didn't sit on the left hand side then I would of missed those initials so I feel like that couldn't be a coincidence but still I'm still scared that it was a coincidence. I did feel like the universe is trying to tell me something since I saw those initials that day and now I am starting to see a lot of 1's and other repeating numbers. I'm just praying to God that I get to meet him soon.
Damond in Rita
June 19 was her birthday. So this year I went and left flowers and a little gift. A few days before I was standing alongside a busy road that back when we were young was a two-lane on the northern edge of the city. Now its a 6 lane right in the middle. I was talking to Rita as usual, remembering the old days, and noted to her the big pick up trucks we have these days. "look at that one. I bet you would have loved having one like it." the next day I was talking to Allie and was going to tell her about what I said and she beat me to it with; "Rita likes the big trucks and wishes she could have one."... She was there as always. So for her birthday I bought a yellow matchbox pick up, one of the big late model ones, and left it on the tombstone. "i hope you like it. Its the best I could do for you, but you said you would like one." and the weather looked ominous, it was raining extremely heavy all around the area and I was concerned the visit would be a wash out. The friend with me looked online and found the weather radar. It was like the eye of a hurricane, all around us perfectly clear, just short distance it was pouring. Black and purple clouds. And as soon as we left the eye closed and it was a foot and a half of rain in places. A deluge. I believe that lone eye was held open for us:) after what I have experienced before? Yeah. I can believe.
Are you entering your senior year or did you just graduate from high school? I'm not saying you're not having psychic experiences, but normal life transitions (like the approach of college, independence, adult responsibility) can be extremely stressful. And stress can make the mind do some amazing things if you're not dealing with it directly. Just be open to the possibility that you may be finding something to stress out about because you haven't acknowledged the actual stressor, and your mind is giving itself something to react to in order to take some of the pressure off. I went through a period like this in my mid-thirties during a transitional time in my life - I had some longstanding issues to work out but I was in denial and trying to keep moving along a life path that I knew deep down wasn't working for me. One can only do that for so long. Anyway, I don't know you or your experience well enough to assume any of this, I know, but I just wanted to give you some food for thought.

The way you described it, it doesn't sound like a coincidence.
But what is more important is how you felt in that certain situation and what did you feel when you saw those initials on a license plate? It's your inner knowledge or intuition I'm referring to. Did you feel unusual, like the universe is trying to tell you something or more like an everyday situation happened...?
This is schizophrenia
Behavioural: social isolation, disorganised behaviour, aggression, agitation, compulsive behaviour, excitability, hostility, repetitive movements, self-harm, or lack of restraint
Cognitive: thought disorder, delusion, amnesia, belief that an ordinary event has special and personal meaning, belief that thoughts aren't one's own, disorientation, memory loss, mental confusion, slowness in activity, or false belief of superiority
Mood: anger, anxiety, apathy, feeling detached from self, general discontent, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, elevated mood, or inappropriate emotional response
Psychological: hallucination, paranoia, hearing voices, depression, fear, persecutory delusion, or religious delusion
Speech: circumstantial speech, incoherent speech, rapid and frenzied speaking, or speech disorder
Also common: fatigue, impaired motor coordination, or lack of emotional response
Hi Maci,
I am a big proponent of the Silva Mind Control system. I am not selling, just a satisfied customer.
I will:) I just hope that the sign that I had asked for was not a coincidence. I just can't believe that a few years ago I had asked God if he was close then show me his first, middle and last initials on a license plate number. After years of not seeing it I finally see it on May 26, 2018. Do you think it's a coincidence or no?
In reading your story, I notice you mention you 'knew' the little girl was a spirit, you 'knew' she was from Cambodia and you just 'knew' she wasn't from this time, which indicates your innate psychic ability. (Information was already being transmitted) You instinctively asked her 'What do you want' - a good question. 'Who are you?' is another to keep in mind when something similar, occurs again. If you haven't started one already, I suggest you make notes in a journal and keep it by your bedside. Use one side of the page only so that if you receive or research additional information, you can enter it down. Write down any similar experiences as and when they occur: the date and what occurred, deep, meaningful dreams, etc. Rest in the knowledge you had a psychic experience and you are open to more. They happen when you least expect them. Entering these experiences into a journal will encourage your ability to flow. All good wishes. Anna spiralsoflight (at)
Hi mothermae:

You can always call in an anonymous tip. The jurisdiction in which she went missing probably has a local hotline or Crimestoppers number where you can leave an anonymous message. Word of advice: don't indicate in any way that it's an intuitive tip. Just say that you "have it on reliable authority" (wink) that your friend's body may be in a local body of water. Perhaps research the area to find nearby bodies of water and see if any of them jump out at you before you call so you can be more specific. It's all you can do - law enforcement may or may not follow up - but you can rest easier knowing you've done what you can, and perhaps you can help your friend. Knowing things without being able to say exactly how you know them is a tough road. You can only do your best. Good luck. I hope they find your friend.
Hi Dreamercan

I liked your story cause it's so pure and simple while talking about love you were waiting for.
I had a similar dream several years ago and found it to be significant. In the dream I saw only his head, but his face faded a little bit with time... I can't say I met that person so far (it could be anyone), but I guess I would know by feeling.
Anyway, by the way you described your situation, I really hope it's "The One" and that he appears soon, I believe that now more than ever you're very impatient:-) According to the circumstances, this person plays an important role in your life and will bring you something valuable.
Just remember, everything happens when it's supposed to and for your highest good, don't lose hope.
And, yes, please let me know when you finally meet him:-)
Hello Min!

The statement that certain experiences can change the perspective of oneself significantly is one I can vouch for, as such was the case for myself.

I am at this stage where I no longer feel shame or pain from past experiences, but I'm also not really inclined to appreciate them. I think it's very safe to assume that I've got a very long journey ahead of myself and that there is plenty for me to learn and do wrong. Surprisingly, this seems very pleasant to me, which means I have no need to rush things at all.

I'm not feeling quite sure what my passions are exactly. Well, I do have a big desire for self-expression in all sorts of media, those being sound, word and picture. My Intuition supports as much, but whether or not this is the "calling" some people speak of, I cannot tell you.

My wish in life is to create my own, no longer bound by the musts and wants of people in high places to direct me as they please. To restore the ties to myself that were once severed and achieve greatness with it, however this may look like later on. All my life I have lived in this sense of discompany, to be all alone and forsaken no matter who walked by my side or who wouldn't, I felt so disconnected from everything including the strings of my own life.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm sorry it took so long to answer you. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I resonate with your words and can feel you. I wish you all the best and freely stay in touch if you want to talk more. Love & Light
Okay do I'm new here I actually just signed up upon seeing this post because the same exact thing has been happening to me for a while now and I have absolutely no idea what to do or anything most of the time I feel insane or in over my head my mom's friend one told me she though I had something called the sight when I told her how I have dajavo about 5-6 times a week and it usually things I just complety don't remember exsperinceing and yet id feel like I done it said it been the before and not just something like that bit exactly the same and it scared the hell out of me I touch a static play radio and suddenly it works and I let go and it stops animals act differently around me I feel stronger outside I feel stronger at night more so at night that anything then on day about a year ago this very weird exsintric lady (I'm not one to talk being pretty weird myself) and she was just weird in a different way I want sure about a lot but I had a feeling about her I couldn't decoder then she took both of my hands squeezed them tight and told me I see a light in you a power so strong you wouldn't believe you are stronger than you think you are don't ignore it don't fight it just let it happen and God will take care of the rest be how you are and love how you are then she kiss my cheek and left like that we freaky as all mess and if that's not weird enough she do approach me after church right information of the alter now I'm not completely sure of God but u was raised Christian and I do my best but I was told god would never give power such as these to man and I can make heads nor tails of it so if anyone has any insight any anything that could help me at all please tell me please I really need help o feel like I losing it and if it is anything like this something I have no experience with I tried of being in the dark please help ~ ViperπŸ–€

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