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Oh wow we are the same. My family running joke is I could walk up to a shark and pet it, it's just kind of become a known thing if anyone in my town finds a orphaned/hurt animal bring em to me, dogs, cats, skunks, squirrels, rabbits,birds, even had a hummingbird, that's one I never thought I would be able to say I handraised a hummingbird, wolfs, foxes, raccoons, I about to release my 5th raccoon back into nature in a few days, I release the wild ones back into nature when they are of age, healthy, and healed up and teach to hunt and fish, and the ones that have any default go to zoo, I live on a lake in the countryside with lots of land right in the middle of the woods so perfect for releasing them etc, it's so fulfilling to my soul to be able to have this gift and use it, I don't even have to look at them when I get them bc I absorbe their energy, and it tells me how to approach, touch, handle, interact with them, this is my process with every single animal I receive, that is how I develope trust with them, when I touch them I release my energy to them and we vibe (that's what I call it) sorry I'm going on and on, just finally meet someone like me I'm loving it, and also I dream things and it happens I also in my dreams talk to my brother, and my friend that both passed away, I can also sense spirits and see them also the flashes of light, I also get different color lights all the time, purple, blue, red, green, yellow, so let me know if u see the flashes of color like fireballs and orbs kind of and they will fly and hover pretty close to me, like couple feet away from at the most and they fly around and flicker and hover, from orbs to demons I see it all except auras, I hear people talking sometimes as well like they r behind me mumbling but I can't make out what they say, sometimes I get touched also my animals will get touched too anyways anyone let me know what you think
Thanks for the advice. I may do that. I do know the killer is Russian. Was just convicted to serve a second life sentence. The frightening thing is they are still finding bodies. I have no idea if he would ever be eligible for parole but I hope not. But even if not. The crooked FBI person I was living with I think has connections in Russia. He has the power to get anyone out of anything. That's scary too.
Hi Jessierae,
That is a scary dream and doubly so when you found that there was some history. I can't speak to the notion of the second dream being a warning, that might require a professional psychic for some validation. If you think it might be the exact same person, there is one thing to try and that is to check on this persons prison record site. It might be that you could file to be advised when this person is nearing parole or release and there by have some warning. Since the dream could be a warning beyond some normal fear I'd recommend getting the experience checked out.
texryan67 in Unsure Of Abilities
that definitely could be a gene, although my mom and dad have passed on already, and my brother and I do not communicate. I love knowing things before hand like that. I wish that I could chat with someone who believes in the paranormal. My wife doesn't really like that stuff, She doesn't care for the binaurals, either, which I would recommend to anyone to listen to, from you tube. 😉
So I may have screwed up I summoned a demon named charlie as a experiment to protect what I think is a void of evil because its changed the mood of anyone who sleeps in the room and I have since then been having flashes of the demon with red eyes except he had a blurry body with makeshift horns.
Mirrors and pools or bowls of water are like crystal balls - they are commonly used for divination purposes. You do sound like you have gifts in this direction. Try and conquer your fear and develop your ability by gazing into a mirror, even in the dark! Your fear may be based on a past-life experience where using your psychic powers brought you trouble and misery. But history doesn't have to repeat.
Also allow me to mention, that at "NO" time should you talk back to these spirits. Another good idea is to listen to good vibes type of music to go to sleep, this is used so you can not hear it's voice. They want the attention! I believe you might be dealing with "Demonic harassment".Holy water and blessed salt can be used in a home, especially in doorways and windows.
There are a few things you can do to discourage these spirits from hanging around you. Get a Himalayan Salt lamp, it will create an effect that neutralizes negative ions like a weird form of air filter. Also slow burning Sage and citrus essential oils, but not at the same time. In door plants and soft uplifting music helps to create a positive atmosphere on a spiritual level. I have also heard that violet amethyst is considered the "Stone of the Spirit" because it wards off negative energies. If all else fails you could see if a priest will do a cleansing blessing on both you and your home. Most of these are slow effecting deterrence so the effects aren't instant solutions, be patient when trying these methods. I wish you the best of luck, there are other solutions but they are more aggressive and you want to avoid using these methods if possible.
texryan67 in Do I Have Powers?
I love experiencing new powers each day... Like this morning, I have a new friend on facebook now, she was a friend with whom I'd sing with on smule, the karaoke app for the phone. When I accepted her friend request, a feeling happened in the chakra where the solar plexus is... Like her spirit entered me... It was like growing closer, spiritually towards her... I can mentally "zoom" in on things. Like this morning, I couldn't physically see a road sign, but in my mind, I saw it loud and clear, It was a street sign. So I welcome new things like that.
sometimes, like yesterday, at work, I would say to myself about a co-worker that I can read her mind. I miss reading minds, and I too, need to practice so I can get better. 😊
texryan67 in A Deep "knowing"
I wish I could get the message out to everyone, to use the binaurals from you tube, to brush up on their psychic skills. They really work. It makes each day at work a lot less humdrum, and more bearable. Seeing people's auras, and being able to mentally zoom in on people, is cool, too. Each day, we connect with the members, and it helps in that aspect, as well 😊
yes meditating is definitely helpful. Let me give you an experience that I had this morning. I am currently doing karaoke online with a lady from wales. She tried to send me a video of her son being crazy, at first, it didn't come through, so I had to add her to facebook. And when I accepted the request, a strange feeling happened in my chest, as if we were connecting on a spiritual level. I know that it is one of the chakras that are in your chest, and I do believe that I might have known her before, somehow. I am happily married and have no reason to connect on that level with her. She is a good friend, and likes a lot of the stuff that I like. It was like we connected on a different level. I can see auras brightly as well now, too. My manager's aura is a darker green and it waves around like a cloud around her head. Like she is deep in thought. It's cool.
so that's why when I was like 16, I was able to fully read my cousin's and my niece's mind. It all was so vivid, like a running movie in my head, and I still remember what it was about to this day! I'd love to get that good, back again. I am currently listening to my binaurals at night before I go to sleep.
I came up to a weird ability today as I was sitting at my desk. First of all, I could mentally zoom in to a particular person, and then I could mentally smell her, and two, I looked down the way at my manager, and I could see her green aura float around her hair. The first one was really a what kind of ability is that, for sure. I love experiencing new things like this. They are probably derived from the binaurals that I listen to at night from you tube... 😊
What is your method with the water scrying? That sounds really interesting.

As for being an empath, it's wise that you guard your own space. It's perfectly ok to set strong boundaries. I wrote an article on Empaths on this site because so many people struggle with dealing with all that goes with it.

It's not totally oncommon that people with strong energy can affect electrical devices. Strong energy people (as you found out) can also affect situations, other people's thoughts and so on. Think of Yoda when he talks about "the Force". Not to joke but with you it is strong.

The question people usually start to ask is "now what?" So you know your an emapth, pychic, and healer. What is it you want to do? Improve your skills? Help others? Teach? What is "happening to you" is not above what is happening to a lot of people but most people successfully suppress it due to fear. We are all spirits inhabiting a body to learn and experience while here on the physical plane. What we do, where we go, the choices we make and the impact we have are all up to us. We can be of service to self or a mix of that and a service to others. We aren't just humans, but energy beings having a human experience.

Thanks for sharing.
robmkivseries70 in Large Black Mass
Hi First1,
I don't have a clue if it's paranormal or not, but my first worry would be that this could be an eye problem. If you lie down on your bed in the day time, do you see anything like you saw at night? My main worry would be bleeding into the inside of the eye which could appear as a black mass that moves around. If so, get to an eye Dr. ASAP. Having had some eye problems, I'd prefer the paranormal, 🙄 at first anyhow. Hope you get some more help.
I know what you mean, I wish people would understand me, like when I predict small things, or when I mentally teleport. I see a mental image of a place I am coming up to, like for instance, my brothers carport. I see their vehicles in advance, or don't see them, and most of the time I am right... That was a great story, that I put into my story on my profile, when I "saw" what my wife was doing, but I wasn't physically there. I'd just like to converse with someone who has similar esp or psychic things that happen to them too... 😉
I want to tell people about using binaurals daily, and I see them on you tube. They are very helpful, especially when they are new to you. If you use one for a while, they don't get as strong. I can predict things fairly well, and sometimes know what people are thinking. Try it you might like it.
texryan67 in Inherited Abilities
that sounds familiar to me, also. My sister passed from a child's cancer at age 29. We were so very close when she was alive. Now that I am in my 50's, she still "comes down and checks in on me". Anytime that I play a certain song that reminds me of our great times together growing up, I'll begin to get Goosebumps and my eyes will tear with utter happiness when she checks in on me. She had always wanted the best for me, and didn't want anything to happen to me. I feel that she is proud of how far I have come, now that I am happily married and that I have a decent job now. 😆
that was an awesome story. That would intrigue me so, If that had have happened to me. I've read minds a long time ago, and to this day, I still remember what their thoughts were. It's unlike your thoughts and memories. It's like remembering a vivid movie from way back
that does sound awesome, that you can do that. I do binaurals daily like I have said before. They do work... It's almost like I can drive blindly around corners, sometimes, because I use my mind's eye to direct me, and If there's a vehicle coming my way, I move over before the fact, to give them plenty of room. 😆
I guy a had only meet once or twice said I was a indigo child a girl that worked at the store gifted me a deck of tarot cards found a vacant house with shamans library and animal tarot deck there was in a different town in a attic and found 2 old tarot decks I am. Not sure what I think of tarot cards I a Christian in last 2 years people acting odd bad luck born with something wrong with me toxic people com Kong out of wood work insecure fear of everything over analyzing hypersensitive close friend had a bout to psychosis and try to baptize her daughter went to jail for attempted manslaughter my brother stabbed himself in the chest walking around coma for 30 days before disowned me nephew targeted me in my home my sister is acting strange my best friend closest confidant might be demon possessedboyfriend a narcissist tired help
Hello Ivenusa,

That is a fairly interesting story, and I believe that you should do what you want, whatever it is that fulfills your heart's desires. I do not think you should worry about practicing a religion. Religion and faith are two different things. Religion is a structure based around faith. It is something that allows people of a similar faith to get together and discuss matters of faith. You do not need religion to have faith but religion needs faith to exist. So, what I would do is look around at all religions, research them, etc. And find the one the feels the most fitting to you. You definitely seem interested in Christianity so give it a try, you might even be able to find one that is fused with Buddhist ideologies.

As for the birthmark, it is just that a birthmark, it is you who makes you who you are. A birthmark does not define who you are. So I have a question for you, who are you? I want you to ask this to yourself, and think about it. What makes you who you are, and being who you are what is it that will most fulfill you?
Moongirl99 in Empath
We have several similarities in our lives I was born in October 28th I too have come to think that I am an empath was told there was something wrong with me since birth I had a lot of learning problems it was a difficult job lot of conduct problems I had a meltdown that started in 5th grade and cried profusely the whole year my dad refused to take me I had to sit out in the hall cuz I disrupted the class I've been saying Psychiatry since I was 5 they tell me that I'm bipolar times I think I am I'm also very much a sensitive and introvert an isolator in the last two-and-a-half years I have lost relationships that we're vitally important to me I'm exhausted continuously think I'm in a relationship with a narcissist that still doesn't explain everything then I thought it might be this house yard then my nephew who lived here thought of it clear up after his mind boggling betrayal then I lost my brother here we come to visit me here after he had a blackout and he has walked out of my life plot to me on all his accounts my best friend since we were in second grade they come to live in a trailer on a property after a storm I just lost her mind crazy stumbled upon a house of a shaman and a library full of books tarot cards everywhere I look I'm a Christian at a loss and don't know what to do I feel like supposed to help someone or myself or God's trying to tell me something or the devil is trying to tempt me or I'm f****** nuts sorry about the language please someone anyone
Since you describe this as an awakening rather than an a life-long ability, and then it suddenly stopped, it sounds more like demonic grooming than innate abilities to me. Be careful of wishing for more. Instead, pray to your god for protection, and to be most useful to him/ her. You may or may not get those powers back but if you don't, do not miss them. They were in that case, given to trick you.
Silverchild and Leadbyexample,

Thank you for your recommendations on how to get rid of these, though I cannot say that I'm keen to touch one if I should see one again!

Lilylove, I've observed that self application of scripture and commanding them to leave in the name of Christ just convinces them to leave only for the moment. It won't keep them gone because we are of the Earth and not the heavens and thus have power limitations around which they will work. It worked differently when Jesus gave the commands.

That said, I did myself pray for devine assistance with this particular problem a few years ago. I woke one morning a few days later to a peaceful feeling of someone holding my hand. It was two small, smoky angels one white and one red, occupying the same spot. (As opposed to the large warrior sort.) When the white one lifted, the red one was there. And then a black whoosh moved that one along too. The whoosh looked like smoke and moved like wind.

I haven't seen a spider since then, nor any other creature that bothered me in my home at that time.
I think your spider was something entirely different.
Thank you for sharing this. I think it could potentially help many readers.
sometimes, being able to predict bad things like that, such as a death of a loved one can be stressful, but I like the good side, like predicting grades and other good happier things... One day I want to be able to read minds like I was able to in the eighties.
I have these experiences all the time! I am an empath as well as having lots of deja vu. I always am in situation when things happens and I got whoa have I dreamt this before? I'm not sure why these things happen to me or anyone else except I think my mother passed it to me because she had the same things happen to her. I realized as an empath that negative things can effect me anyone else as an empath a lot so I take a lot of time to myself when I feel drained or do any relaxing activity like baths, making myself laugh, taking a nap, anything to 'recharge' myself. I think what also helps is just to accept it and I really enjoy when I have these moments. I think it's something really cool about me and I love the experiences so If you aren't afraid and just accept it, it might help. Again not sure why it occurs but hopefully someone else will know, hope this helps! 😊
Hello Matthew. I'm Germini too (lol) I'm happy to be clairvoyant... But things were once different. Growing up for me was like being a lone wolf (in) a pack. But things changed when I started accepting the fact that I am different. Now I don't just wait for the voices to spring in my head. I talk to them. My point is. When you get a confusing message from your guide ask him/her to clarify. COMMUNICATION helps.
Terter101 in My Soul Is Trapped
I used to feel the same way. I would suggest taking deep breaths. Talking to someone you trust. It helps. This could be an awakening or Just an emotional setback. And the dreams could as well mean nothing or carry messages. Whatever happens TRUST your instincts. And know PLEASE everyone goes through hard delusional episodes Too. ❤ ❤ ❤
When I hear old songs of my childhood, I get goosebumps, and I feel my sisiters spirit coming by to check on me, and it is a happy soul warming feeling... 😉
i don't mean to fright you but when you see green eyes it is a spirit called the grinch, the reason bad thing were happening I believe is because the grinch appears to kill not just to scare he kills. I can't stress enough how mad my senses are going and how many chills I am getting.
I believe what you are experiencing is a demon. I'm glad you are a Christian, but this makes you an enemy to satan, and a target by his demons for harassment. If this happens again you must order the demonic entity to leave "in the name of Jesus Christ". And I say order it, firmly and consistently until it remains gone. Remember, it has no power over you as a believer of Christ. I wish you well friend. You will be okay.
some days for me, I can see a certain person's aura as plain as day, thanks to the binaurals that I use, nightly I open up my third eye, and it's easy to foresee, that way. 😁
that is pretty cool. I do binaurals every night to try and increase my sixth sense, if you will... Some of the binaurals from you tube are more effective than others, though. 😉
that sounds to me like precognition. I have done remote viewing before, but you predicted these events. So what did the window and the fork have to do with?
that sounds to me like precognition. I have done remote viewing before, but you predicted these events.
When I was 18, I had a girl friend who I was like that with, but I was eighteen and she was 15 at the time. I guess I could have and should have waited a year...LOL... I saw her again 15 years later, in a grocery store, but she was with her jealous girlfriend at the time. If it wasn't for the jealous one, I feel we could have gotten together. We had similar interests in a lot of things, Including 80's punk bands. Man, what could have been...LOL
I had a relationship before, and I couldn't see her at the present time, due to some legal issued that I was undergoing, but I could feel her hug and kiss me at night before I went to bed, and she could feel the same with me, as well. She was in ny and I was in tx at the time 😉
I believe what you are experiencing is most likely a demon. I'm glad you are a Christian, but being a Christian you are an enemy to demons, and a Target for harassment. If this happens again you must order the demonic entity to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. And I say order it. Remember it has no power over you as a believer of Christ. I wish you well friend. You will be okay.
oh yeah, and I have a coworker who is like 30 years old, but when I first met her, I already knew that she had an old soul, and later she actually exclaimed that she DOES have an old soul...
that would be great... I would love to have someone with whom I could trade stories with, and we could learn from one another... I have some good precognition, and I can get good yes or no answers, from an external source, sometimes, like when I am at work. I am always right... A customer asks a question, and it is a new subject to me, I hear a yes or a no answer... Feel free to respond and/or email. Have a great week!
Hi Adapvaj

Firstly, I'm sorry for you going through all of these problems.

When it comes to sensing and hearing entities, I experienced similar, but not in such a dramatic way as you did. In general I know how irritating it can be when sensing presences and being bothered by them.
Regarding this persistent entity of yours, I would advise you to visit the page here called "Your Ghost Stories", you can also find it at the top of this page under section "Our Other Sites" and just tell them about this. There are people there with all kinds of experiences like this one and possible concrete solutions. Just keep your faith and stay strong, it can't harm you if you don't let it approach you. Don't acknowledge it too. You inner strength is your main weapon and also protection.

The part where you mention bringing souls (back) to light in your visions sounds like a part of your purpose to me. Your soul always knows what to do so you heard her and automatically did what you felt should be done - you started praying for all the souls and showing them the way to the light. The point is, you will always know what to do cause you can sense it. It's normal to be confused, just trust your soul and with time things will become even more clearer. Just as in your visions, helping souls and showing them the right way could be something for you to do in your waking life too - maybe it's connected with shamanism if you believe in it and incline to that path. But, regardless, you have the ability to help.

When it comes to entities with robes, there are lots of people who experience them in both positive and negative ways. So, there are several theories on them. My personal experience wasn't negative, actually it was more neutral and the entity wore dark brown cloak. Theories vary from spirit/master teachers, entities whose dimension overlaps with ours so possible to see them or are seen in visions cause they're not fully physical and therefore cannot be seen directly, entities with bad intentions, connected with demons and/or connected to occultists, entities who are just passing by and so on... Many possibilities, but it comes down to what you think/feel as it's your own personal experience.

Visions are a part of your clairvoyance. The specific one you mentioned about your family member having a stroke was a precognitive one, just like dreams - they can be literal, but they can also be symbolic. In this case your father was a symbol for another close family member and the future event. For example, when I sometimes dream about certain people and the dream comes true in waking life - it's really about those people I dreamed about... And sometimes the people I dream about are only symbols for other people in waking life. You get to discern that when you get to understand the pattern of your visions & dreams. It's not a bad idea to write them down - so, when you get to read them after some time then the message you got will seem clearer including the pattern understanding.

I'd say to embrace your abilities. They can be of help and assistance to you and to people around you. Don't put pressure on yourself, but rather listen to your soul and let it unveil the path in front of you. And I hope you'll finally get rid of the presence that bothers you for some time now.

Wish you a safe journey.

Kind regards,
that is awesome that you can do that. I haven't personally been able to move things with the mind, but I'd love to try that!
there were some binaurals I ran across last night on you tube that had to do with strengthening your healing powers. I would advise that you try them and see what they do for you...
that is so awesome that you are telepathic and you are a healer... I have had moments where I was telepathic, I just wish that I could be that way more often. I do binaurals at night which I find on you tube. They do help me open up my mind, where I don't have to "think" as much, I use my intuition a lot of times to get a particular answer, and that DOES help.
I wish that I would have listen to my inner guidance voices in the past and I wouldn't have made those mistakes, but definitely if you have clairaudience, listen to it and write it down. Go do the binaurals on you tube, to see if you can get other gifts brushed up upon. I can find things with my minds eye sometimes.
alongtimecoming (guest) in How I Found This Site

I've had an orb in nearly every single photo I've ever taken since I was about 8 years old. I have had pictures taken of me talking to this orb as well. I want to have confidence that it is the same one in all the photos.

I really also want to have confidence in the fact that the Dead and I don't speak, or even correlate to each other. Yet I do agree, that I am constantly being prodded, poked, moved, and pushed when I lose heart and fall short of the conviction the life in this body should bring.

Like right now I am massively itchy; any inclinations as to what that could indicate?
alongtimecoming (guest) in Need Third Eye Advice
Your post made me really sad.

You "powered down" because there is a huge shift going on in our plane of existence right now. Consciousness, spirituality, science, economics, politics, society... You are definitely about to be "rebooted," and I would not be surprised if you are going to experience the complete opposite of what you initially called your "spiritual awakening".

"At the beginning of this year I had an awakening. I'm guessing it's from all the spiritual research I was doing." Well let me wake you up the concept that whatever you were seeking in terms of a spirit guide is not what pretty little thing it projected itself to be to you.

You are being deceived and are being groomed to be used, in terms of oppression or possession by whatever entity or "force" you truly were in contact with.

What you experienced was God's love, and how you are currently seeking God is obviously not working because nothing is what it seems (AKA not of God). You put more faith in the flame of a candle because it is right in front of you then what it is that is actually all around you.

God wanted you to know He loved you in-spite of the path you are so avidly following. What He does for those whom He loves.

I know someone taught you how to pray, it's a shame that you forgot who to pray to.
alongtimecoming (guest) in The Shadows In The Dark Help Me
These shadow people come back to you because you are a channel and "your gifts" are caused by you allowing these shadow people to use you. That's why they come back every time you use "your gifts" because it isn't really you doing it, it's what is already around you manipulating you.

You are a male or a female, and by default a creation of God who was given the ability to choose. You are also a channel.
That's how a man and a woman are able to make a baby, they open themselves up to the energy of that which is beyond this plane through connecting to the other and God utilizes that moment to conceive another creation (aka a child). Yet in the case of these shadow people ("ghosts", spirits, demons, angels, entities) when they see you open up or "get ready to use your gifts" they take that moment to give you what you might want temporarily but take advantage of that "opening". Possessions, attachments, and even spectral apparitions are results of this.

You already do right in praying, yet you are playing with what is plainly put for all to see in the Bible.

God sent His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth to die for you, so that you no longer allow these things to take over or influence your life. Give your life to God and ask to follow His only son Jesus Christ. Spiritual warfare is real.
More so outdated then anything but I have to point out a few things that might prove volatile to this very volatile situation.

You were raised spiritual if you are a follower of the Bible, and in that single notion the world unseen became aware of you. I feel it is a shame to cover a child so young in His blood and not have a real community to rear you or to inform you of what that really entails. ESPECIALLY as you grow (puberty is a big one). I do not understand how you can read a bible and NOT prepare His people for spiritual warfare. It's an ugly predilection of modern Christianity. There is a world going on unseen in our world. Yet from what I've come to find, that those that are raised in this faith are the ones that stray the furthest because curiosity wants to kill the cat.
As you grow older, you become bored due to your lack of adversity in being covered with such love, and with the empire of entertainment that holds this world to order incessantly in your face, you become curiously enamored by cleverly disguised parasitic instruments.

I don't think I NEED to tell you, but I will for good measure say that you are at a breaking point in choice, and I am pretty sure your soul is telling you that. You ever ask God to help you figure it out? It is frightfully good how He answers.

However, since you are well on your way to do what you must to grow, allow me to offer these to better equip you on your journey.

Male or female, we are vessels of channel. We have to be in order to make a baby. It's what comes through the Mama and the Papa, and in estoeric principles ranging from gnosticism, occultism, or paganism you will find that the act of sex is considered one of the most sacred acts one can commit to or participate in. So much happens in that exchange, consented OR NOT, negative or not that streamlines, meshes, divides, or influences that world unseen (which in turn reflects upon us here).
So like in sex, when you connect that way to someone, it is like you are in an essence consenting to become apart of that someone (or something) and you create what some would call (in this "world" you are now seeking) a cord. In this way, you are now consenting to be connected on many levels (not just physical) to this person that you had sex (or this "exchange" with).
In this very same way, whatever you are viewing, reading, watching, or hearing we are in default CONSENTING to. You creating a cord to, and it creating a cord to you, just like sex. Consider that when feeding your head, that you will gestate the contents of what you intake.

That being said, anything with an agenda, ulterior motive, in a show or movie merely needs to be watched. Or read, to be given legal ground to move, influence, alter, craft, or mold your life.

Kind of like sex...

Point in case, you always have a choice. Always. If you don't feel like you do, or flat-out don't- then definitely something is up.

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

So tell me, what do you love? I ask myself that question composing this to you. Truth is worthy of love, is it not?
❤ your Father needs to inquire of the people his mind is telling his eyes to see. Hope all has been well in spite of this. Sometimes we just truly see what we "need"
Manuela (guest) in Need Third Eye Advice
Hi Chelsea

You've mentioned "many images and words rushing in your mind", it means that you were in tune with your psychic ability. The same would happen to me with one certain ability. Anyway, it's like you're "reading" someone based on their energy, and in your case reading other's energy gets translated through images and words. It's normal to get the rush of info when you tap into and connect with someone's energy.

There can be various reasons why you don't feel so powerful at this moment.
Putting up a protection is definitely a good idea.
Also, analyze a little bit if there was any difference in how you felt and in your life in general which led you to current state: if you've felt drained, or had any kind of worries/problems cause those can also lower your power.

It's very possible that what you're experiencing now is just a phase.
A recharging/pause phase, especially if you gave a lot of yourself into the whole thing in the beginning.
Then the transformation/transition phase, it can be you're going through certain growth - whether it's related to your personal growth or specifically to your abilities, so you're kind of being prepared for the next phase.

I would continue doing the same things you were doing before, but I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself cause then you can get reverse effect or the effect that you're not satisfied with.
Just give yourself a bit of time for the things to fall into their place:-)

Kind regards,
hitthedeckboys I have the same exact thing but when I write it down I will get upset and i'll tell my friend and they say just ignore it but I really can't anymore anymore and sometimes it really feels like one of my best friends are going to be in very great danger but it can't tell them and if I do i'll feel like o'm going to scare them and none of my teachers I can trust because they will go to my social worker and then she will call my parents and then they will yell at here and I got so much going on it really scares me please help thank you.
From where did you get a reading I need one also thanks. Looking for one for a whole now
Also, my experience is so lengthy that I didn't get to mention it all. I also have had visions of different people, kids, adults, of all races, walking together in what appears to be a ton of people walking together like in a march, walking towards, staring at me, and me not knowing what to do. Mind you, I am wide awake while all this is happening. So, then I will end up just praying and praying for all these spirits/ ghost /dead people, for all of them
To turn around and walk into the bright light. Then, shortly thereafter, they all do turn around and I see them enter into a bright, bright shining light and then they are all gone. And then I don't see them
Again. I also get visions of black robe shadow people that constantly comes to me in my visions, not in dreams, but only visions. I can feel the energy and presence of something all the time when it gets closer to me or when its around me. I don't know what to do with what I see and I don't understand any of it, let alone interpret it. Awhile back, I had a vision that my father had a stroke. Two days later, it was my uncle that had a stroke. Thankfully, he survived it.
omg, I could see why you want to control your "gift" It could get to where you can't think because of all the bombardment of others thoughts... I've always wanted to chat with others about psychic and esp stuff
I am very open minded and that seems so cool, a lot of people would think that you have lost your mind, but I am hoping with the use of binaurals, that my esp will get better. I'd love to chat sometime about it. 😉
I see the white light bubbles around others if that's what it's like for you. It's like just bright energy or something and when I went to the mall when I was connected to everything it almost felt like I was going to pass out too but I also LOVED the intense energy so I kind of let it flow through me and let it energize me. It was a great feeling when I figured out how to flow with it. Wonder why we see that... Hmm.
that sounds so awesome. I read somewhere about the silva mind control experiment, and I used to have that book back in the 80's, along with psychic perception, and now, I have binaurals, to strengthen my "other senses". Check those psychic binaurals out on you tube, you'd be glad that you did. 😉
markanthony1bms in Automatic Writing
I want to thank both of you for your responses!

It's still been a hassle understanding them but I'm getting there.
I love telepathy because, it's like, you aren't the one who's thinking, you see thoughts in images, and hear words... I would love to get really good at it... 😁
I know how you feel, dawn, I want to tell the world about binaural beats, which you find on you tube. They are what helps my abilities to get better, when I relax to them at night when I am in bed. 😉
texryan67 in Teleportation
Many times, I have looked ahead mentally, and envisioned my brother and his wife, their carport, and when I did, I didn't "see" their vehicles there, and when I rounded the corner and saw it with my own two eyes, I saw that my vision was right. I have mentally looked for something that would normally be impossible to see otherwise, like through a medicine bottle, for instance, and saw what I wanted to see. It worked, saw it. I hope that you don't think that I am too crazy.
Anri Walker, were you talking to me about what I said? I am just curious. I would love to explain. 😨

Idk love to talk to you more about this. Please email me
Aya.kizuma [at]
I think that having esp is a beautiful thing, and people actually have those gifts, available to them, and it's just lying dormant, awaiting for them to start developing them 😉
[at] Dovee123, what kind of help are you looking for? Do you want to do away with the gifts or do you want to strengthen them?
I think I can be of assistance if you really need one. You can send me a message through my email address at
Emmarexx3 [at]
I'd love to have someone to practice with to use my telepathy. I do binaurals at night, to brush up on my esp, and some of those that I listen to are really strong. I find them on you tube... Check them out sometime. I love to see the thoughts of others, and feel like, hey, I'm not thinking that. 😉
dude that was really a strange trip, indeed, I might have laughed my head off, back in the day when My friends and I hit some acid, but nothing that freaky. I choose to be high on life, take my bipolar medication regularly, drink coffee and tea, and dip smokeless tobacco. That's my last vice, too. 😉
one time, back in the 80's, I read my cousin's mind for like 30 minutes, it was so awesome! I can still to this day remember exactly what it was about, too... It was like, I wasn't thinking it, I was "seeing" it in my mind, it was so cool. 😊
I have mentally teleported before. I did a binaural called teleportation beat. Then, I tried it on an old co-worker. I "went inside" of her house, scared her cat, saw her sunken in living room with brown walls. One time, I scared my wife. I was driving home from the store, and I saw a vision of her putting lipstick on in her favorite chair. I then texted her, are you putting your make-up on? She replied with, "Oh my God, how did you know?" Don't ever to that to me again, she said. I thought it was pretty cool... 😁
omg I thought that I wasn't the only one who senses too much emotion in big crowds. I have never been to black Friday, nor do I plan to. I'd rather shop after rush hour, like late at night, when only the workers are there. 😁
I might as well add to this, even if it's a 7 year old post.
Whenever my friends talk about their supernatural experiences, I can't physically stop myself from tearing up. I don't cry, but I definitely tear up.

It doesn't always happen. Some stories cause no reaction, and some stories create an overwhelming sense of... Something? It really must be the same feeling you're all talking about. I can't put it into words.

Ps. I am a diagnosed non empath. I am unable of feeling empathy, even for loved ones, which is why this feeling was even stranger to feel the first couple of times.
(pps. Being a non empath doesn't make you a bad person, I have a very altruistic view on life)
Manuela (guest) in Empathy Or More?
Hey elena44


I'm glad you've found something that works for you. Crossing the arms makes sense, it kind of rejects the energy around you, I'll keep that one in mind:-)
I guess it blocks everything, the bad and the good energies. With time you'll train yourself so that the technique you use puts up the shield automatically when you get to sense bad energies, while you'll let the good ones in.
Wish you a safe journey.

Kind regards,
LindsayShrewsbury in Why Do I Get Past Visions?
Hi my name is Lindsay. I would like for you to contact me. I read your post and it was like you took the words right out of my mouth. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone else like me. I can relate. Its almost like a memory that's not your own. And I, too, have noticed that it gets more detailed, and more frequent the older that I get. My email is LindsayMarie0321 [at] I really hope to hear from you.
Hello Dovee123, you have the gift of prediction and also the gift of telekinesis. I also have the gift of prediction but mine is through dreams.
You don't have to be confused about it. It 's just a gift!
elena44 in Empathy Or More?

Thanks a lot! Yes, the comments to the post you mentioned were very informative! I will try something of that. My most recent experience has shown that crossing your arms and standing away from a crowd of people helps, too (if it is in a train or metro, or somewhere else). I was also thinking of getting an amulet (I know a person who can make one and whom I definitely trust), since I do now believe in the power of magic...
Hey Unicron1000

If I can help with any kind of idea or opinion, it's not a problem.
Since you've read a lot of literature (if that's the research you mean), it's possible you came across something. It seems to me that you're a little bit impatient 😊 For progress in general a person needs time and training. You can experiment and find a method that you feel comfortable with and like it's giving more results.
Anyway, if you wish, you can also contact me at Lionesstar7 [at]

Kind regards,
Thank you so much for the comment. I will absolutely practice as I have, but will heed your advice.

And to answer your question, I imagine my energy penetrating only the hurting/wounded area.
Hi Unicron1000

I like the technique you're using for healing. Since it's working it means you're on the right path. Since there is an effect in healing (even if it's a little change so far) it means that the healing can also take larger proportions.
Heart (chakra) is a connection/bridge between physical and spiritual realm, so it's a good starting point to take energy (energy of love) from. In the end, love opens the door to universe around us and to it's energy there are no limits.
You know how when someone's sick, that person needs to take more treatments cause 1 therapy is not enough? That could also be the case here, at least in the beginning. Which means that you need a lot of training and practice before you succeed in a bigger attempt. As you practice, with time your power becomes stronger.
When you imagine area with pain while you're healing it with your energy, do you imagine your healing energy penetrates only in the wounded area or wider? For example, if there's a pain somewhere in a finger, try imagining how your healing energy covers and heals the whole finger, how it penetrates in the whole finger and covers it entirely with your energy.
To do the healings of larger proportions, it's possible that a lot of your energy invested is needed, which means that it kind of drains you. So, with heart/love healing you can combine mental strength. You still get to heal with love using your technique, but with it in the same time you are already mentally prepared for investing energy needed and through your mental strength you send the vibes through your body into the wounded area of what kind of effect of healing you want. So, the mental part is giving you boost. Work with love + support of mental strength. What is definitely important is practice.
Good luck on your healing journey.

Kind regards,
Manuela (guest) in Empathy Or More?
Hi elena44

I'll jump in here. There are different methods used for empath protection, it comes down to which you feel comfortable with. If one method works for 1 person, doesn't mean it will work (at least not in the same way) for the other person. You can also come up with something on your own. There are lots of methods mentioned and described on the internet and you can also find them under personal empath experiences. One of the methods which is usually used is visualizing the protective shield, for example. You can find some advises on that topic in the comments here under the story title: "Bright Lights (auras)? And Empathy? Help".
Btw, I understand your scepticism, I too question & explore things that I'm presented with. But, to know something, give it a try... Then you'll see how it feels for you.

Kind regards,
Star child meeting... Spread the word. Only people who are for sure. Itll have to be multiple across the country. I'm on the west coast. I can arrange it here. I need central and east. Possibly even south, I'm not sure but I know I'm not the only one and I think it's time we've gotten together. Additional information to be emailed only. Hopefully we are still out there.
Hi Ron,
In the past, I have suggested "You the Healer" by Jose Silva to others. Reading his experiences will answer many of your questions. He mentions all kinds of healing from 'hands on' to 'distant healing'. And yes, love is involved. HTH
Hi Maria,
I am sorry I can't help a lot, but there is an AP forum here that might glean some more answers. It's listed in the "Our Other Sites" menu at the top of the page. While in meditation, borrow a saying from the Silva Mind Control people. To wit, "Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have NO influence over me at any level of the mind including the outer conscious level." HTH
Hi atomiclithium

I'm not sure if I understood what is that you're looking for actually. Anyway...
This particular feeling you're describing (feeling of bliss) sounds like an outcome of you being in tune with your inner self/higher self.
Since the source of that feeling is of spiritual nature (connection with your inner self/higher self), it's easier to experience it in dreams and meditation when you're opened to communication with spirit realm. It's hard (er) to experience that feeling in waking life due to all kinds of Earthly influences, which also don't allow calmness and concentration you need in an amount you'd like to - as you've noticed. But, it's achievable - it just takes dedication and an effort. You have already come up with some techniques of your own.
That in tune-connection is what allows you to approach your dreams as an observer and is responsible for having a close connection with them in first place.
So, it's nothing out of ordinary.
More practice will enrichen your experiences and enable you to see & feel more, to find out more about yourself (the world around you) & the spirit world.
Enjoy your journey.

Kind regards,
Thank you, cayce17, for providing with all the information.
Have a nice day:-)

Kind regards,
Manuela, yes, they were the same, but more powerful in real life than in a dream.
Hey cayce17

Thank you for your answer. I too had certain dreams and got to know other people with similar experiences to these.
It's a pretty logical explanation to me what you said, the information we get (at least sometimes) our brain translates them automatically the best way it can or best way suitable.
There is one more thing: the energy or the vibes you got from him in dreams, were those the same as in waking life?
Thank you so much, both of you, for helping me out. I will definitely be trying those techniques and strengthen myself.
elena44 in Empathy Or More?
Thank you Lyro:) I just found this website to be of a good quality, and it seemed that comments here would help me... I do understand that I need a protection, but what exactly do I do? I have no idea 😨 probably because I've been quite quite sceptical for a long time in my life...
Manuela, there are definite differences, because I remember blonde hair and blue eyes, but he has brown hair and one blue and one green eye. And his middle name is Ben, not his first name like I would have thought, and Lancaster came from a place he used to live in and is not actually his last name. I think my brain tries to make connections like that a lot when I get visions as well.
Hi Rockfish

I am very sorry for your loss. It's understandable that you miss him and why you would want to stay in contact with him.
But, even if you didn't feel his presence that doesn't have to mean something negative, there's a good explanation for everything even when we don't know one (at the moment). It's important what you both had during your lives together. Every time you start feeling low for not getting any concrete message from spirit realm regarding him, remember the together times you've had. Spirit realm is a huge and mysterious realm for people's perspectives, so bigger picture has to be taken into consideration.

This is how your dream sounds to me, but don't take it for granted, only as an opinion.
The 2 persons who stole money from you in waking life could represent in the dream the threat you feel is keeping your husband away from you and not letting him visit you, it's like you feel he's stolen or taken away from you and not being able to see him again makes you anxious. With Ouija Board you invested lot of energy into seeing your husband and this dream came out as a subconscious movie of your fears. So, I wouldn't give a literal meaning to this dream and don't be afraid.
Try relaxing, go to nature, think of good times you had and don't obsess yourself over not feeling his presence or him not contacting you. It's possible that he was there, but when people are in grief then it's possible they block the communication channel and themselves from receiving certain messages.
Whatever is the case, keep in mind the spirit realm=bigger picture and therefore how there's a good explanation for everything. Either way, he's with you. On a path in front of you, there's still a possibility for any kind of sign/message/dream...

Kind regards,
Hi RosilinaBear

I also had the same issue regarding other people's energies. Since everything comes from within you can practice not only when you start feeling low among people, but also in your free and alone time just to strengthen yourself more. Always take several deep breaths first. Visualize an energy/energetic shield around you in whatever colour you feel comfortable most (for me it was the golden colour). Imagine that shield around you and how it's protecting you and it's not letting any energies that would affect you negativelly in. Imagine how it's giving you inner strength and how it's fulfilling your entire body. After some time you'll feel free and calm. I would also advise you going to the nature when possible, nature raises the vibration and contributes to the inner protection as well.
Crying is also due to high sensitivity, but as you practice the inner strength method your perspective changes and vice versa - when you change your perspective on looking at things it affects your inner world too. What is important is that you're aware of it and that way you can control it.

Having visions is quite normal. That's the connection we have with our spiritual self. Except for the dreams that come as a result of our subconscious, there are also visions and messages from spirit realm through our dreams. People can have all kinds of abilities, some more developed and some less. It can seem overwhelming at first, but there's nothing to be afraid of. It's a part of you. Explore it, train it in order to find out more about yourself. I agree with what Lyro says on time events. Time is not linear, people only perceive it that way. Imagine a spinning wheel and put all your life events there - everything is happening at the same time.

Regarding the bright lights you see (I suppose you don't see them in colours)...I've read on other people experiences who had the same "issue" that it wasn't comfortable experience for them and mostly they would visit optometrist due to some eye sensitivity or defect. Then again, the ones who can see auras feel it as a comfortable experience. Maybe asking for another dr. Opinion and reading more into experiences of others.
I wish you a safe journey.

Kind regards,
Hi cayce17

I read your story and I am happy for you and how it turned out for you. That's at least one question mark less.
I have a question: is his physical looks in waking life the same as it was in your dreams or are there differences?

Kind regards,
Seeing faces when I closed my eyes started when I was a child of maybe 5 or 6 years old.
They would start as a small white dot in the distance and then over a period of a few seconds zoom up to being super close very large in super high definition. Every wrinkle every facial detail. The faces seemed mostly expressionless and they were mostly older people I had never seen before.
This scared me at first but gradually it became a bit of a novelty and I would see one face and then once I had explored every detail it would zoom back out into the distance into a pin prick white dot and shortly thereafter be replaced by a new face in the same manner and so on.
As I grew older I started seeing these faces on people I was interacting with so I now know they were visions of my future. I know it seems pretty far out but many years later I started getting visions of numbers while awake with my eyes open. These were of 2 of my interests 1) The gold price and 2) The bitcoin price.
I went on to make the most accurate predictions in recorded history for both these markets.
I'm not showing off, actually I treated both of these market visions as experiments to see if I really could see the future at will. It's all out there in internet land and on twitter you can actually see my time and date stamped video of my main Bitcoin predictions. I'm not going to include a link as it may be seen as self promotion and blocked from use on this site and this is not why I am here.

I am here to share my experience and let you know that you to may just have an ability similar to mine.

Good luck, keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars
Lilylove, update, I did meet him and we have been inseparable for months now.
I'd like to hear how this has been going, have you been able to communicate with anyone as of yet? I've been able to see what others have, but haven't really tried to talk to someone yet. Of all the senses, sound is the only one I haven't really felt from someone else, I don't really know why it would be something special compared to the other senses.
~ Lyro

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