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In my opinion, I don't see your experience as being weird or necessarily coincidental - I think you are both very lucky to have such a close friendship and an obviously deep connection with each other. Perhaps you two were related or knew in each other in some other lifetime or dimension, and have come together once again? It's a common misconception about many who have autism; it was once believed that people who live with autism are unable to feel or sense emotions. They too, can possess psychic abilities and experience emotions as empaths do - often it comes down to how and if they choose to express their feelings on the subject.

Here's a link below that might shine some light on the subject:
Hi Aros,

Your premonitions are extraordinary and a bit frightening!

Similarly, I've had several of my own experiences since childhood, yet usually they involve my family and/or friends. One in particular though happened in an area that I've never been to, with people I've never met. It was a series of visions that happened while I was on my commute home from work one morning in 2007. The visions were of people driving over a bridge in traffic, then complete chaos erupts when the bridge begins to collapse. The visions were so horrible that I took the next exit (off ramp) and drove to the nearest parking lot, so that I could park and pull myself together before finishing the drive home. That afternoon, I saw national news that a bridge collapsed in downtown Minneapolis, with many injuries and several fatalities. I have no idea why these visions came to me; I don't know anyone who lives in Minnesota and I've never traveled to that state (I lived in Washington)...

The other thing that bothered me about these visions was the fact that there is no way that I could've helped or warned any of the people involved, so what was the point of having these premonitions if they served no apparent purpose?

What I find to be frustrating about the premonitions I've had, is that when I've tried to warn the people involved in my visions or dreams, I'm usually not taken seriously...

Take care!
It is spoken that people who are schizophrenic have a very thin aura which has tears, and what you describe actually sounds as if your fathers body attached to your spine and this is why you felt the pulling. Once his energy body attached to the spine: You became a Conduct to channel his feelings of remorse to apologise. This is referred to as Trance channelling, which allowed him to say, "sorry". I think if you look/listen to the tape which you took of the actions (words) which came out of your mouth you will see energy around your body, and the voice is somewhat different. The feelings that you were dying is what your father experienced, heart stopping. For a Trance Channelling-observers can see shadow over the Conduits face, or behind.

I say this as it fits your scenario." Peace and release after the Person (entity) left you. Peace would come from your Gate Keeper, "Protector" as well as Kundalini energy (root chakra). The fact is we are Energy as human beings, housed in this earthen clay. When the deceased visit us, soon after death. They demonstrate-how they died. Heart stopping, feeling body dying.

Look up Trance and Trance Channelling (Arthur Findley College in UK, there are varying degree's of this which people can do. It looks as if you just did this very thing. Most likely you are one of the few people who are born this way to be a conduit. Just use knowledge and caution.
PathR in Help Me
Your very sensitive. Most likely an empathy-who feels and senses those around them. Being open like this can make one feel sad, drained and overwhelmed. It can also affect ones mental well-being.

My deepest condolences for the passing of your loved one. Please be kind to yourself, eat and sleep plus support yourself with relaxing herbal tinctures which do not conflict with any medication, or a homeopathy such as Ignatia Amara used for grief and loss.

I encourage you to keep talking. Plus find a meditation which makes you feel peaceful and centred. Also research grounding and protection for yourself.

You must bear in mind, we do not always sense oncoming events for our loved ones. As my own experience of sensing death of loved ones, I would smell smoke burning. Last year I just sense death thoughout my whole being when my Dad passed.
I too have had expirences with multiple entities that can manipulate regular household items to take their form no matter how strange it may be but always have a face of some sort to make them recognizable and they all stand out in their own way. Now where ever that are or have been they leave a trail or small thin hairlike fibers that seem to be either magnetic or static and a sticky smoky film all over the surfaces all around where that have been. This substance it not only ominous but difficult to clean up and seems to be super sharp as it leaves scratching through mirror and glass. Is this a common occurrence to others that have semi
Regular unwanted visits
Or is this just happening to me? My house is filthy today and was spotless yesterday. Mostly the kitchen and all the reflective materials. Please tell me how to stop them and what to clean this spirit crud up with.
That must have been truly shocking that there was such a powerful facilitator to death there before you and what had you done or why was he looking at you... His coming into sight with only the colors you mentioned make his presence that much
More powerful that not even a logical mind could dismiss him. As from what I have seen his presence is extremely powerful and not even a childish person trying to scare you was a possibility. I was and would be asking yourself why he was taking the time to see you personally while your living. Also he is so easily dismissed quickly as there is now way to make sense of the truth. I hope that's the last time you see him again until his boat.
Thank you Beachstar83

But that time have gone a lone time ago and I never seen her since and even if I did I will not know because I don't remember what she looks like.

And thank you also for all the advice.
Hi everyone, I am an independent researcher exploring the unseen worlds of subatomic particles and the aetheric fluid. If you have an experience seeing a "particle" or orb or "rain" or any other visual phenomenon, please shoot me an email at: beyondsubatomic [at] I'm trying to collect as much anecdotal data and information as possible.
Athiestthinkingmaybewrong in I Think My Dad Just Tried To Take My Soul
Anne, thank you. I'm researching what all of what you said means so that I can understand it better. I appreciate your feedback so much.
I'm sure in her own way your sister understood. Crying is completely understandable. Tears aren't just for sadness. The passing of this person I am sure brought up old wounds. I would have cried too.

You definitely had, at least initially, what I would call an etheric experience. You can perceive Beings in the room, are slightly out of body so you feel weak and unable to move. The pain in your spine may have been some kundalini activity. However, once you returned it sounds like you were simply very drained of energy, maybe even dangerously so. But good for you for mustering that will power to care for your dog.

It is hard for any of us to know where the peace came from. We all have guides and yours may have been present for your duress and helped move you to a place of peace so that you could heal.

The negative being easily could have been your father but it's my hunch that ultimately you were being protected.

I hope that you are able to go forward and find more of that peace. Like you said, it was clearly not your imagination. And what a gift that you know states of consciousness like that exist.

Thanks for sharing,
AnneV in Help Me
I can understand you feeling alone in this world with your psychic ability. Society has not yet caught up to you and what society fears, society shuns. I am sorry you are being invalidated by the very people around you who are supposed to be your support structure. The good news is that you are not totally alone. You do have resources like this webpage where you can come, share your story, and be supported.

I wrote an article that I think you might find helpful. It talks about the very same situation of being psychic, trying to tell people, only to be ignored or worse, institutionalized.


I appreciate your bravery in sharing your story with us.

Hi everyone, I am an independent researcher exploring the unseen worlds of subatomic particles and the aetheric fluid. If you have an experience seeing a "particle" or orb or "rain" or any other visual phenomenon, please shoot me an email at: beyondsubatomic [at] I'm trying to collect as much anecdotal data and information as possible.
Do you still see purple dots? Would you be able to draw a diagram or picture of these purple dots?
Would you be able to draw a picture of the orb? I'm trying to collect data on psychic experiences regarding particles.
Would anyone here be able to draw a diagram or picture of the bubbles or dots that they saw? I'm trying to collect data on psychic phenomena, particularly particles or bubbles.
embryo in Bubbles
Would you be able to focus on these bubbles again? Is it possible to draw a detailed diagram of them? I'm trying to collect a lot of detailed information about psychic experiences, particularly regarding particles or bubbles.
I Need Help with getting rid of these spiders. Afew months ago I started working on a podcast meant to expose a dangerous cult that sexually abused me at a very young age. Since then, I became almost incapacitated due to "migraines". But then I saw them on my birthday lying in bed. They are huge compared to normal spiders and I saw at least 5 maybe more twirling and dangling on a web with smoke like puffs beneath them at times. I know that this is my problem now thanks to this post. I need help. I am so sick and can barely move at times. I have taken migraine medication and I try to fight them off spiritually but every morning I awake drained and can barely move. My email is jodanielle "period" graham "at" yahoo "dot" com. Please Help, I am trying all suggestions but still feel their presence on my upper spine.
I would definitely call that a premonition but I find it interesting that the "boyfriend" disappeared, only to be replaced by a "friend". I wouldn't be surprised if your boyfriend was a friend in a past life. Our subconscious mind has a way of filling in the blanks. I think ultimately you and your boyfriend will become enduring friends. That level of attraction will outlast the physical, romantic one.

Thanks for sharing.
In response to -o0I0o-:

Question: Your words seem to reference single events but many similar events over a period of time, is this correct?

Answer: Yes that is correct. The 1st event is seeing an 4' angelic women. The 2nd event is 7 spirits in a single night. And in the morning I asked the 7 spirits leave.

Update on my life: Its still boring but I've come to terms with it and I'm happy with it.
My last post on this was 9 years ago... Still haven't made much progress on the understanding of it. Several life events including the passing of my mother have occurred between now and then as well as a few heart attacks on my own... During those life events déjà vu was also triggered from the primary previous precognitive vision I had when I was a child. Both positive and negative feelings as I have gone through a few relationships since then as well that were very close and attributed them to the déjà vu feeling as well. From some of the emails that I've received through this post, I'm fairly certain that I'm not alone here. Always open to discuss, drop me a line As we go through our journey in life.
Greggb I have no desire to persuade you why I KNOW some things in a veridical sense versus BELIEVING it because it's pointless unless you too experienced what I, Anne, and many others have. I could write a book to counter your points but let's simply start here:

You said "Do you have any evidence you could present to me, to support your theory of reincarnation?"

There's numerous accounts that move beyond mere suggesting reincarnation may in fact be true. Here's one for you to consider...


I applaud you if you decide to take the time to read this with an open mind. I do hope one day you can move beyond your disdain for humanity and open your heart to the good that does exist here.
These spider like entities are quite nasty and do real damage that is reflected in the mental and physical plane.

I have a couple of recommendations.

Recommendation 1 - Century Plant Ritual: You need an Agave Americana or Agave Americana Variegata

Step 1. Say this player 3 times - My father I beg to order my elemental intercessor, to do the ritual work with the elemental of this century plant, to keep away any attacks, and to undo any works of black magic upon me.

Step 2. Now with your left hand on your solar plexus and your right hand extended out with your index and middle finger making a point, walk around the century plant counter-clockwise 3 times and draw a magic circle while saying "LIBIB, LENONINAS, LENONON" 3 times within each of the 3 rotations.

Step 3. After drawing the 3 circles stop where you started and say "Thank you my father".

Essentially, you are summoning the power of the elemental in the century plant for protection. This is real and it does work.

Recommendation 2 - There is a pendant made by "Pepi" called "PENTACLE OF SOLOMON TALISMAN", which was taken from the book "Raphael's Ancient Manuscript of Talismanic Magic". Now, before I knew the true background of where the symbols came from, I bought it when I was in my teens about two decades ago to protect myself because I was constantly being attacked in the astral by more than just spiders. Needless to say, this thing works somehow, and reading up on it years later, it's meant to protect you from all apparitions and negative entities. When I wear it, nothing can hurt me in the astral plane. I was having an issue with these spiders recently, attacking my throat chakra and my spine in the back so I bought this again since my previous one was MIA, and they can't touch me when I where this thing. Needless to say, I also recently did the century plant ritual last night and it appeared when the spider appeared on my chest and aptly took care of it. The elemental is a pure green light, sometimes in the shape similar to a person. I think it depends on the strength.

My throat is finally healing and my aura is not as contaminated for the time being. I'm not entirely sure if there is still one attached to my back, but I can certainly feel the difference. I'll update if/when I have one.

These are my two cents. Hope it helps in some way. - JS
This is an interesting topic: the purpose of existence.
Let's say that this particular theory about the soul's purpose is true: it was put on Earth in order to learn and grow through human experiences.

In that case, is it fair to put a soul in a hostile environment through painful and traumatising experiences without a soul's consent? And how do we know that a soul agreed to that kind of life? I assume if humans knew for a fact their life was a part of a plan of their Higher Self, maybe they wouldn't struggle so much, they would just know there was a reason behind it all, so maybe they would take those experiences lightly.
But, still there would have to be a clue for each soul. This way it looks like souls are thrown on Earth to participate in some kind of a sick survival game.

For example, abused children and paedophiles - who is supposed to learn "what" through this kind of experience, is it really normal for a soul to "want" to learn through such a sick experience like there are no other ways? Or brothels with animals where they are abused in horrific ways? My stomach turns now when I'm writing this so I'll stop.
I believe there's more to what's happening on Earth than just learning experiences/lessons.

You obviously don't know how it feels to be alone, because you're obviously not alone. Many people subscribe to a theory like the one you suggested, not because there's any evidence suggesting this is the way things ought to be. Rather, because a theory like the one you suggested sounds nice. This is human nature.

One of the hardest things for any human to say is, "I don't know", but if the truth matters to you, it's something you find yourself forced to say when presented with an insufficient quantity of evidence. This is the boat I'm in, and it's a lonely boat, on a lonely sea.

In the distance I can hear the gleeful yells of churchgoers and various religious people, all touting their various equally unfounded beliefs. Yet here I sit, forced to say "I don't know", for the simple fact that I don't know, and I find myself completely alone as a result, because to say "I don't know" is so contrary to human nature.

Take the word "believe". It's a verb. The question is, what is the actual action the word "believe" points to? What do you actually do when you believe?

I spent a long time pondering this question, and I realized that the word "believe" is just a synonym for the word "act", and I mean "act" in the sense of pretending something is true, the way that actors act out a story on a stage or in a movie.

When you believe you pick an idea you want to be true, and you act as though this idea is true, though you have no evidence to support such a claim. If you have evidence to support your claim then there's no need for belief, because the evidence makes your claim a fact of reality.

I don't "believe" I'm typing a response to your comment, because the evidence in front of me makes it a fact of reality. You don't need to "believe" that you're reading my response for the very same reason.

Belief is only necessary where there's a lack of evidence, and belief is always driven by a motive.

To illustrate this point, consider what would happen if I asked you (or just about anyone) to tell me what I had for breakfast this morning. In this case most people would actually be inclined to say, "I don't know", because they'd have no way of knowing, and because the answer is inconsequential. What I had for breakfast this morning has no effect on anyone else, so no one has a motive to try and figure out what I had for breakfast this morning, because what I had for breakfast this morning doesn't matter.

But it's a different story when presented with questions like why we're here, and what happens to us when we die. Most people in this case will make up their mind, and adopt some unfounded belief because the answers to these questions do actually matter.

You have no more evidence suggesting what happens to us when we die than you do about what I had for breakfast this morning, yet you'll sit here and spout off your theory about why we're here and what happens when we die as if it's a fact of reality, and as if your beliefs are supported by some kind of evidence you could present to me, to support your case.

Do you have any evidence you could present to me, to support your theory of reincarnation?

The point being, once again, that you and I are in different boats. You don't know what it's like to be in the boat I'm in.
I'd say the evolution of the soul on earth starts out by desiring to blend in with most everyone around them. I.e., the social norm. This is due to survival instincts. Humans at this level only like that which is similar and subconsciously people feel that if they don't fit in, they will be rejected and perish. So they follow the status quo, go with the grain, want to look like others, act like others and all and all be a copy, not an original. The next phase, and I've gone through it, is where you see through all of that and also can't help but observe the demolition being done to the planet by humans. It's an outrage and made even more so by the obtuse nature of those around you who are more concerned with the mundane elements of living versus the very survival of the planet and everyone on it ("How can people be so stupid?" we marvel to ourselves). Now, the next phase is when you realize that this is a school yard setting. You have the first graders, second graders, and so on until eventually the soul (student) has learned everything this plane and planet has to offer and graduates. You said there is only "one way out" but that's not true. Like school, you can drop out because you think the whole system sucks but at some point, you'll be back repeating the grade. You can hate first grade but we were all in first grade at some point (that's like hating one rung in the ladder over another, each one is necessary for the next step up). And there are others who are nearing graduation that look at where you are at, not with hate, but with understanding. If you are still here then you still have work to do. But the problem with deep seated hatred is that it grows into a cancer and pretty soon even your vision is clouded. All you can see is that cancer. And it eats at you until you die from it and I don't mean just metaphorically, but literally. And while that thought makes you happy, an opportunity was squandered to open your eyes further and see past the obvious bleakness to the silent and often hidden wonders.

Not everyone is a first grader. Not everyone is destroying the planet. There are lots of lovely people out there who are as conscious as you are of the dilemma man kind faces. But you're not going to be able to see them until you work through your all consuming hate. As frustrating as it is, the good news is that you have forever to work through it.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

How are you doing now, are you ok?
I am sorry for what you've been through.
I've been there and the question which was long time in my head was "Why was I supposed to get familiar with such a mean and sick part of a human nature when it has only ruined me and now I know things which shouldn't have been inside me in the first place?"
So, once again, I'm sorry you got to experience that as well.

Why do you think something like that happened, you being given his image as a soulmate and a warning in a dream?
It's a very interesting experince to hear voices and unique music while asleep.
I would love to listen to the music I've heard but unfortunately I woke up.
It means you have a creative mind.
same thing happened to me, dreamed of the person years before we got together. But in the dream I met his higher self who warned me not to sleep with him, and revealed the true toxic nature of that person who was supposedly my soulmate. I didn't listen and became enmeshed in a destructive relationship where I experienced levels of wickedness I wasn't aware of that could exist
Hey Pisces, first time I've logged in since the last post, only because it's happening now. I forgot about it because it has been a while since the last "episode" I did my best to block/stop it but no luck lol Have you managed to stop it? Hope your good
Indeed PathR... I think we are surrounded by countless other realities/dimensions/beings. I've been fortunate to avoid darker realms and energies when I project luckily. I don't want anything to do with them but like this account sometimes you just find yourself in these locations. My initial inability to float above and fly away made me wonder if there is some kind of energetic force field that keeps you in places like that as a prison of some sort.
Hey rchcannyy!

Similar things have been happening to me like this, consistently for some time now. On the verge of falling asleep I suddenly see flashes of scenes seemingly of someone else's life. It's like I'm dropped into another consciousness. It's interesting because the other people who I do not know in these places I've never been, speak to me sometimes as if they're just continuing a conversation. For example, one memorable experience, I'm walking up to the scene of an accident where there was a minivan with a family standing outside of it, you can tell it had just happened. A man runs up to me and says "finally you came!" and begins to frantically tell me what happened. It was that moment that I realized he must think I'm a cop, I also noticed I was much taller than him. The second I became aware that I wasn't "me", I suddenly woke up. I had drifted off to sleep for not more than a minute in reality.

I really can't explain it but I asked a friend who is very in tune, and she said she doesn't think it's a dream, but some form of "timeline hopping" or "unintentional astral projection". I haven't found much information on either. I'm just relieved that it seems I'm not alone. Thank you for sharing!

It's true, you don't even realize that in time you become more like that person, actually you become them - that's the most disturbing part - their words and actions are now your thoughts and your way of thinking, you're somewhere where you're not supposed to be, it's a dark and sick place. But you realize that after some time when the relationship is over, so you need to fight back to return to who you actually were and are, yes. I think that the process of returning your identity also brings much more, maybe we just have to recognize it and be brave. Thank you for your encouraging words.
Also I must follow up by saying I hope you caught up to that woman because she is your soul mate!
You have dreams and visions that come true. All of us have psychic abilities given to us by God, but those of us who are stronger in our abilities have the power to speak or envision what really comes true. I've always had this gift (feels like a burden sometimes but you just have to learn to control it). I hate it when something bad that I've seen actually happens, but I think we are being prepared in advance with our visions. Your words have power and it is our duty to speak peace into the world.
Hi Terah!

I call these flash visions and get these in addition to regular dreams and visions, along with visitation dreams. It is a piece of a longer vision, and just flashes instantaneously. I've had dreams and visions my whole life, but now that I'm older (37) I get flash visions a lot or extremely spot on intuition. God gave me visions as a gift, but I feel that we are on the verge of something great. I've been feeling really fuzzy and dizzy lately as well. My chest also has been hurting a LOT! Maybe this is not just a coincidence and we are feeling something coming?
I'm not sure, but your visions are very vivid! I believe God is imparting wisdom to you but it is up to you to heed it. I have dreams and visions that come true as well. When I was younger, I used to dream of my sisters getting sick before they would, and I also had a dream of my youngest sister telling me she was pregnant (down to the outfit she was wearing). I saw her future daughter in the dream (she had a son first, then a daughter). Your words also have impact and what you say can come true. I have tried to instill this in my children as well because they also have this gift. That us why you should not wish or say ill thoughts either. Hope this helps!
Beachstar83 in Visions of Atlantis
Interesting, I have had dreams and visions of Atlantis as well. I always have ever since I was a child and I am nearing age 38 now! My visions are similar to that of CrystalFairiePrince, except I remember Atlantis being a city of white (crystal and alabaster maybe)? I was an Atlantian princess during that time, but I remember wearing a white and gold dress, or maybe a light blue dress with a gold tiara. I also wore shells a lot. My hair was long, blonde, and wavy and I had blue eyes (kind of what I look like now, only I was younger). I remember people would stop and stare (I guess I was a very beautiful princess). I also came from the Pleiades I believe before as I remember being a princess there with an older sister who always wore purple and my color was turquoise. I'm not sure why we were assigned colors to wear, but we were. I also had a boy who was my best friend with blonde hair and blue eyes. I called the planet Sunnelia because it had twin stars (two Suns) and was in the upper 80's all the time. Anyway... I believe I came from there and we were one of the first ruling families of Atlantis. I think we had to go into hiding for some reason. I also love mermaids, dolphins, the ocean (I HAVE to be around the ocean or I feel like I cannot survive). I think they are all connected. I remember when my powers first manifested and feel magic within now (like I'm on a precipice of sorts waiting for something to happen). Anyone else feel like this? I feel like I have a very old soul and I just know things without knowing how (genetic memory maybe)? I don't know, I'm just now getting into my true abilities and seeing where this goes.
Anne, what a great precog dream! Very clear symbology, but alas, as you said the details were limited. I think you are on the right track with asking your subconscious to show you further symbology, it very well just may cooperate! Please do experiment and share with us your results. You're new bathroom awaits!
Hello Belle7,

The most important thing to remember is that is not you. You are the person you were before; you just need to find them again. Personally, what snapped me out of it was the realization that I hated who I became because of what she did. It wasn't her who did all of these negative things to me. It was me letting her affect me that caused these negative things to occurred. That is where I learned to never let someone else change who I am, what I believe and most importantly how I feel about myself. It was the hatred of who I became and what I liked about who I was before that helped me find who I wanted to be. Who I am today. My belief is being who I truly am and chasing my dreams, my passions, will lead me to find a woman who loves me for who I am as much as I will love her for who she is.

I am sure if you pursue your passions, and do not let his actions influence who you are, you will find someone that loves you for who you are.

Illumin (guest) in Strange Connections
Hello flynn,

I wouldn't take it as a sign. If she dumped you and has no interest in getting back together, you will not get back together. It may not be what you want to hear but it is much better outcome than some relationship endings. I suggest taking this opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you like to do. I would also look into the things you liked about her and the things you didn't. Then find a girl that has those features that you liked about her.

One last thing, if you pursue your passions and what you like to do eventually to will run into a girl that likes the same things as you and has every characteristic that you liked of this girl. In fact, it could even be this girl but it just as well could be a girl that matches you even better than her.


No problem at all. I understand your reasons perfectly, thanks for clarification. Yes, I see there's your contact e-mail there, so it's good to know that just in case. Have a nice day!
I appreciate your interest in my experiences, but there's more than one reason I don't post any stories on this site instead only help people. I never came to this site to get help from other people, and in fact when I first joined I was warned against even being here. However, I still refused and joined to try and help people when and where I could. I'm not as active here as I once were, so I don't tend to check for replies, hence why I have an e-mail listed on my profile. I don't mind talking more about my experiences, but it would need to be there or else I probably won't see it in comments.
~ Lyro

I thank you too very much, for sharing your experience with me. I see what your point is. Still, I am very sorry for what you've been through, experiencing that kind of pain and emotional/mental traumas isn't easy at all. Especially cause it can cause a real damage to person's mental and physical health, ruin your self-esteem, you become like a shell of a person you used to be. I know the pain. This guy of mine was seriously insecure and mean, to the point that he was competing with me in everything, he was competing with a female being (in looks, in life experiences, attitude...) and then he would intentionally hurt me by making up stories about himself or just say anything to belittle me, even though he put me on a pedestal like a perfect one from the beginning, but then all of his complexes started coming to surface, he projected his mental issues onto me, I couldn't believe how sneaky and mean he could be, lack of compassion, pathological liar, I don't even know now what he was capable of behind my back. The sacrifices I made to help us and him to "become a better person" meant nothing, it was just taking advantage and now I'm left with disgusting thoughts and images he put into my head which should have never been there.

Before meeting him I was a happy and confident person, what I lack and wanted was love and someone to share my life with (like in your case). But now I feel also like you - like I need to rebuild myself again.

I am really happy you got out of that prison of issues eventually, and that you managed to see that experience as something good for you in the end, I believe you improved as a person very much. You don't beg for love, someone who loves you wouldn't even put themselves in a position to lose you. I Hope you will get and find what you wanted (if you still haven't), you deserve it.

Thank you very much for reaching out to me.

The part where you mention possible things which we could be products of, I was thinking about those too, all possible reasons (from psychological to spiritual) why would someone be attracted to a certain person. I believe any of those is possible in general, it depends on a psychological/mental/emotional/spiritual state of an individual I guess. Sometimes it's about something which needs to be healed within, dysfunctional families, sometimes it's about insecurities within and certain people come into your life to trigger them in order for you to improve them, then there's a spiritual element as well... You know, I thought about people who are good-hearted and sincere and honest, and how they attract liars and very low vibing people. I read somewhere a quote which I liked as well, going like... "Sometimes you don't attract what you are, but you attract people who are in desperate need of what you are and they lack", because for some reason they do feed on you emotionally and spiritually.

This thing about writing down what you want in a partner is a great idea, and that's something I did once. I never thought there would be a result as well. I read somewhere about it, so I wrote a description on a piece of paper and decided to sleep with it in order to manifest it. I don't remember how much time passed by cause it was some time ago, I believe it happened in a less than a month - one night I woke up but not fully, like only a part of me woke up cause I felt a presence my bedroom, and I saw a male sitting beside my bed and watching me sleep, I only saw his shape in a dark room and felt him as someone known to me. I kissed him on his cheek and went back to sleep. 

Thank you for the advice regarding positive affirmations and meditation, that's a good therapy for emotional turmoil which is very much needed, if there's anything else you would like to share just go ahead.

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion. You are right when you say that we cannot always associate life with magic because it can definitely drive us crazy. I believe that finding some sort of balance between those two is important, since we are both spiritual beings and of this Earth as well. I think the best thing a person can do is to listen to their gut instinct and act according to, instead of trying to fit something somewhere and even forcing ourselves to something which is toxic for our souls.

About the dream, I saw that man clearly. After that, in a less than a year I got to know him. At first I didn't think about that dream, but later I started to associate him with the dream cause I saw the similar/same physical appearance the more I was watching him. Also, our meeting happened under strange circumstances. But now I'm also questioning all of this (I do question things a lot because I don't want to fool myself), lots of things came to my mind... One of them is saying that it maybe wasn't him in the end because of this brain fitting thing which you have mentioned so maybe some details were changed in my brain, the other one is saying that it was really him but the dream of him was more a premonition-warning I guess, and not a romance thing. I'll see how things develop and hope things become clearer.

Thank you for your advice as well, I appreciate it a lot.

You have mentioned that you have seen weird things and can do unimaginable things - well, if you wish you can share any of those, I'll gladly read about your experiences.
Anne V,

Thank you very much for your insight. And for the encouraging words as well. What you said makes sense. I agree that certain people appear in our lives depending on the life mission we have or because there are certain lessons we need to learn in order to grow. I do feel already there was something about him which served as a lesson, so in the end - I guess all those experiences teach us to be in love with ourselves first.

The only thing in this entire situation which was confusing was the dream which appeared soon after I asked the question about the soulmate. So, I just couldn't match my question with the timing of the dream in order to find any other connection between those two. I kept wondering why would I see that person in my dream as a "soulmate" because there's no way we vibe on the same frequency. This was the first time I actually saw an unknown person in detail in dream, other precognitive dreams were different.

When it comes to emotional abuse, I realized that he suffered from serious insecurities, and I have to say that I felt sorry for him as well... One of the things I have learned is that you have to put your health first, if somebody does not want to change and you feel like they are crushing every aspect of your being, then the only thing you can do is to walk away no matter how hard. And that is my advice to everyone in the similar position or situation. In time things become clearer.
Hello Belle7,

I, myself, went through something similar years ago with an ex-girlfriend of mine. She told me she loved me, that we were soulmates, twin flames, etc. While I thought she was full of it at first, eventually I did fall in love with her. Just something about her, maybe it was up until that point all I wanted in life was to have a woman to share it with. I can speculate a long time about it but I believe that was the main reason, that she was my long-awaited dream, my wish come true.

It was only after that things began to change with her. She began to lie more and more and eventually I found her messing around with someone else. That lead to about a year and half of absolute misery for myself. Where I would try to change myself or fight for her love to keep it. I would do anything, become anything to keep her loving me as I loved her. The damage it did to me physically not to mention mentally stuck for me for some time. Physically I lost roughly 40 ibs. Before putting on 150 ibs. Mentally, I develop confidence issues, a stutter, and would mentally crack before a date with any other girl thinking she was cheating on me.

Eventually, while lingering is this cesspool of issues for years, I broke free from it. It was like being reborn. I am a similar person to who I was before, but am not either. I learned a lot about myself from the experience, what I want, where I want to be, etc. Things that I may never have learned if it wasn't for it. It truly feels like that old me died with her, and eventually a new me was born in its place.

To answer your question at the end, if it wasn't already clear, it is through the darkest of hours when your hopes turn into nightmares that you find who you really are, who you are meant to be.


Most times developing as a medium, you feel exactly as you described, like you have an overactive imagination. Be reassured that you're in the awakening phase. My advice would be to just don't let fear take over, there's a lot going on in the beginning and its just a way of preparing you for opening your senses. We are all psychic and if you start to become more aware of things, it can help you to strengthen your perception. Hope this helps! ❤
PathR in Inception
Normally puzzles, or mazes represent going through different areas to reach a particular goal, or have a certain type of meeting or viewing.

I have done this myself.

What appeared as hallucination dream, was Psychic imprint.
Psychic imprints: are energy that are left behind and felt, or seen. Usually this implies trauma/sudden death/fighting. When seen, the individual views the situation occurring. This can also appear in symbol with actual knowledge/view the individual, and clear understanding of individual.
Such as committing suicide/war/domestic abuse. The chains- hands and feelings of delusion which could of been induced from medication or depression, psychological emotional/mental pain. All do not leave the person who committed suicide in an pleasant place.

They normally go on to be supported in healing once they die, but as you indicated are in transition.

It is known that the living can support the deceased, by prayers/energy, or rituals, which help heal and raise their vibrations.
Some would refer to your experience as awakened, Phowa.
Consciously dying.
The reality is if a person Astral projects or remote views or dreams.
There are so many dimensions to experience,

From the area I work with healing or remote viewing. I have experienced what I believe to be spiritual entities/energies. Many call spiritual attachments. I think they are not from this world, yet they interact with humans when they sleep, when they open to drugs, or when they interact between spiritual planes-etheric/astral or mental planes/dimensions. As you mentioned these beings thrive from fear that humans can give off as this is their food.
You would be surprised how many of the same type (Brand of male), can appear before the right one appears.

As to why this happens who can say!
Some say it is a test.

I believe we can be products of many things: hereditary patterns, disfunctions of our family, neg self talk, poor self image.
These issues/patters-are like Magnets that attract us to lovers, partners, marriage, romance.

My dad believed in de-ja-vu and remote viewing. I believe that dreams so many times are remote viewing. I had viewed my future if I took one path, and the results if I took a different road.
So I choose the different road, which was hard work. To recreate a new and loving workable path.

As humans we have the great ability to create our own reality and bring in the best and highest, but this takes work and can sometime go into years.

It is important in our life journey we do not let peoples stuff be ours. That means we have have to have boarders, good self esteem, and an ability to say no to what neg stuff they present.
In life we all have good and bad days, and time we endure. But abuse-mentally, emotionally or physically is not.

I would say your dream is probably true. But the events highlighted. You have to work to recreate self-image, self worth. Reality is most humans all have something they should be working on within themself.

With much, respect!
I encourage you to keep meditating and doing positive affirmations, visualise the love and partner you want. Possibly write down what you want and ask for wisdom and life change to create this. So you can have the desire of your heart.

Best wishes
Well said Anne. I'm someone who lord knows I've seen my share of really weird things, and I can still do things that people wouldn't even be able to imagine. However, we can't always associate life with something magical or we'll drive ourselves crazy. Yes we live in a world of what can be described as magic and out of this world things, but it's also a logical and scientific place too. If you only want a spiritual reason for all of it, like Anne said maybe it was something sent to test you, to teach you what's bad for you so you'll be able to find someone who is good, to not ignore your gut instincts of red flags and let someone manipulate you.

However, a non spiritual viewpoint. Dreams can be tricky, we don't typically have dreams of people we haven't seen, even if we don't consciously realize we know someone, just seeing them can leave that imagine in the back of your mind. You said you started seeing this guy day after day on your walks down the road? Before you ever recognized the pattern your brain would have, and can easily use that image as your dream guy. If he's as manipulative and destructive to you as you're describing, using your hopes and dreams of a soul mate against you isn't out of question for him. You wanted more than anything to find someone, you dreamed of someone, and fit someone into that spot. That's not a bad thing, our brains do things like this constantly.

Now all that aside, no offense at all, it doesn't really matter. If this was a spiritual test/lesson/whatever, or if it was a normal experience, you know yourself that he isn't good for you. If he's toxic for you, you don't need him and you'll use the lessons you learned to find someone that isn't him. Don't let someone toxic make you believe there won't be someone out there for you, I believe there is someone for everyone, but we can't always look for that person either. People in our lives sometimes come when we need them the most but least expect it. Don't lose faith due to some stupid people 😊

~ Lyro
darkassassin92 in Sensing Death Twice
Back October 15th, 2017 I got ill I've Chinese❤🔥& liver fire (Bible hard heart u know Atheist chest oppression stones n heart) Symptoms loss appetite (I 4got hunger feels like I) mucus scratchy throat Unexplained fear my dad teacher Sang Wong Cheung (Sunny) use pinpoint accuracy reasons negative💭my mind say I healthy deep knowing I dying May 2018 2 dreams model Sweet Abby touch me heart demons stab me June 2018 felt spirit sit on me woke up my palm branch torn July 15th, 2018 I heard voice in my head say I know knowledge Good & evil Atheist want be own Gods Flesh & blood can't inherit Heaven try save u Knew I dying my life 2021 still suffer mental, physical, Spiritual chest oppression choking mucus I sense death I need help I try Acupressure, Confession, Electric Acupuncture, Mediatation help not cure.
Hello DreadStone4211

Love, peace and greetings from the south side of an east-flowing river in Western Canada. I wish to reflect on and respond to your post.

When children are pushed past normal physical and emotional limits, they normally run to a safe person to cry and cuddle. When that is not an option, the soul itself is squeezed hard and it either breaks or it calls out to the universe for help. This is where authentic psychic abilities and sensitivities to the unseen world are born.
There are other ways to get there, but this is one natural way it happens.

Monks can achieve such power through certain kinds of dedicated daily meditation, family members can train children to pay attention to certain things (if they have such gifts to pass on). But what you have was born out of your pre-existing inner goodness and a need to survive and find balance inside a reality too painful for most to even begin to contemplate.

I think that's a very good question. Why some people pair up with people from their soul group and others don't just depends on their life mission. Some souls are here for a specific purpose and that can exclude those types of relationships, say for example a spiritual teacher who focuses on all those around him or her versus a soul who only wants to touch those in close emotional contact, like towards family and close friends. But you are clearly in search of that type of relationship. And you're of course mature enough to know that a person who is lying and emotionally abusing you is not love and therefore not what you want. Sometimes we get what we don't want before we get what we want. You know through the wrongs what the right will look like. I think your dream was more a premonition than an answer. 

This person served as a lesson for you. Your one true love will always be yourself and how you allow others to treat you reflects your own attitude towards self love. People like the person you described will lower your vibrations so be careful as in order to attract the highest ideal later, you'll want to resonate at this level. Thank their higher self for the lessons learned and regain that space of love so that you attract the same. Get that power back girl;-)  

We all have a destiny that plays out. When things align, this person will manifest. The most we can do is be the highest form possible and attract the same.

Thanks for sharing.

i tend to agree with oOI0o those of us that are born open if we don't shut down we be in trouble its happened to me several times over my life times but I was never visited by dark energy before I tend to dream a lot but I suppose due to my empath nature we tend to take a lot on more on its taken most of my life to learn from my experiences keep my mind in neutral position esp in company of others to know what's my thoughts and not my own I never bothered to develope my self as there was no information or very little in my early childhood days my soul self loves to wander and loves musical tones its nice to be with kindred souls just to talk about our experiences
if you go to utube you read about people begging to want to open there third eyes for clairvoyance its no joke even when its opened to just a slight degree your life will be changed for ever as a young person you will get knighmares of unthinkable nature they say there's gate keepers that will only allow to go so far some of us byepass that as its the nature of our soul another way to look at it is imagine young child crawled under or went through an open gate into a place its never seen before cureosity id the nature of the child it fears no bounds your soul is exactley the same when it peeps or appears into another world or realm via your third eyes once you accepted that treat every experience as an observation only don't question it, it is what it is
it seems a lot of us are born with abilities of varing natures although a lot us are not aware or are but think its something else we seemed to have lost the original message we were given at a young age through some trauma early in the begining of our lives to discover them later but miss out on vital training to disapline the mind to do the task or tasks were here for
the victim deserves justice no one deserves to die a savage death normal death is one thing but to be murdered goes against all natural laws the universe has its own way of judging in one form or another. A good detective medium maybe of help it may take a long time for them too help you but go with your intuitive heart not your anger
you can loose it all I can say when I lost mine I was visited by a dark energy which must have drained my psychic energy away fortunately I was born empathic that something they cannot take away if this happened to you will normally wake up less or not connected to your psychic energy I beleave there's a number of reasons for this although I was told it was part off the practioe of becoming or awakening I was very much this at a very young age so I did not beleave her its a bit like nowing something but you cannot quite put your finger on it, the danger is your ego like to rule the roost so don't mistake been psychic as it comes from your soul its only wish is to protect you see it checka out all the possible outcomes for your lifes path even if you get into to some sticky situations along the way 😊
yes I saw these things many years ago either walking across the floor or on the drawer curtains I had to close and open my eyes again they appear like negative picture but these pictures are moving not seen any for a long time now yes niow dought a lot of people would freak out I think they call it acaracnaphobia not sure if I spelled that right the other thing you mentioned was the human aura which I saw as a four year old unfortunately it must have been my guides idea which freaked me out in them days they say its your imagination the only way I could describe it to non sensatives is have you ever the sci fi the cocoon like that but very spiky from I understand for your aura to very spiky means its niot healthy from healing site I read, needless to say when I woke up and was confronted with what I was seeing there was shear panic in my mind I could not see my nan or mother or my uncles just this bright white spiky aura it was only emitted by the body the eyes were different I cannot remember one hundred percent now but when this happened I seemed to stop hearing the voice talking to me but this was not constant or telling me to do anything bad I was just not ready for my awakening but it did not stop there I experienced many other things in those days there was no such thing as the internet or mobile phones these things did not exist life was much simpler but great aricle to read at least you don't feel alone
It sounds to me like you're particularly sensitive towards the passing of others in your orbit. We all have varying degrees of intuitive abilities with predilections towards certain attributes. Yours appears to be premonition when someone is about to pass over. Not a necessarily pleasant ability as it doesn't appear that there is really anything you can do about it in terms of prevention.

I used to have dream premonitions of plane crashes. I could predict the size/type and even color (paint scheme) of the aircraft and sometimes general location. I would tell family and friends that a plane crash was imminent. I would give the size and type (for instance I predicted the 747 TWA Flight 800 crash including it was an explosion of some sort that would cause the disaster), but frustratingly nothing pertinent like flight numbers, dates, etc...

It's one of life's many mysteries how and why some of us are able to tune into future events that are disasters and otherwise seemingly unavoidable. I've always wondered, "what good is this information if there's nothing I can do to help stop it from happening?"

I wish I had an answer for you. If it's severely troubling to you I would ask help from your guides in meditation to either offer more clarity or ease your symptoms when they do occur. Good luck to you!
Hi Anne, I sent you a note, thanks! Hello Rob thanks for your comments. I'll have to dive deeper into the UK Sharrat Field's history. Not sure if I will find any correlation but it's certainly worth exploring. Thanks again for the comments!
robmkivseries70 in The Fields Of Sharrot
Good Day,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading of your experience. I'm wondering if there any history with regard to Sharrat Field in the UK that might have some cross over meaning. Again, thanks for an interesting post.
Hi Aros. I've left an e-mail with my web developer. I know he had to rollback some code changes to get the astral site back up. Please feel free to e-mail me at annemoss65 [at] if you wish. Would appreciate thoughts from an advanced traveller such as yourself. Cheers!
Hi Anne, I read your moon experience but I was unable to comment... I tried to register to but never got any confirmation emails like I have with the other sister sites... Would love to chat more about your experience!
Thank you Anne as always for your thoughts and comments! I absolutely agree the quality of our thoughts and deeds while alive will very much align us to the vibrational levels we will find ourselves in once we shed our physical bodies. It's a quantitative imprint on our Souls that we cannot hide from. In other words, just because you had some "naughty thoughts" here and there (we are after all living these physical lives as human beings) doesn't mean you will end up in a dark/low vibratory dimension. It's the sum total of our thoughts and deeds that will dictate our destination and luckily for the vast majority of us, that's "The Good Place" (I love that show, lol!)

I know precisely what you mean about the profound feelings of nostalgia when traveling astrally or through dreams when you are with people you know and LOVE so richly, so deeply that upon waking you KNOW with no doubt on some level, you have been with them or will be with them again. (Since we leave the illusion of Time and Space when we travel out of our bodies at night or through OBEs, we can just as easily be living a future memory as we can a past life one, or parallel life! Isn't it all deliciously incredible?)

I will look forward to your moon trip experience and comment for sure. Quick aside, I noticed the link to in the "Our Other Sites" link in the header menu section doesn't work?

I have had encounters with Non Humans, most definitely. One time I found myself on another planet looking at a family. They didn't look unlike humans but I was quite aware they were not from Earth on any timeline. I felt like I was snooping on them and that they could sense me so I quickly left, lol. Another time I had just floated through one of our upstairs bedroom windows facing our street and landed on the street. All alone, I was just about to shoot up into space like I always enjoy doing when suddenly I turned to my right and there was this female. I don't recall what she looked like but she was younger, maybe 20's or early 30's. She said "I love having a friend from Planet Earth."

We are blessed to have such rich, multidimensional aspects to our Selves! It's just a shame that the majority of us don't recall our true identities, friends, guides, lovers and angels that encapsulates so much more than this one lifetime we are currently focused on. Thanks again!
I have never heard of that location but I have seen lower planes. Like you, I try and get away as quickly as possible. I've said many times, there are no signs in the astral saying "You are here." It seems that the more light (especially) and color there is, the higher vibrationally you are. This is why I spend a good chunk of my time while still "living" in a physical shell to monitor my feelings and energy so that I don't end up in places like that after I pass! What we do for a living and where we live is great and all, but it's nothing compared to the location we'll find ourselves in once we cross over.

I think some of the places that we find ourselves at may be a location from a past life (not saying that the lower realm you saw was a past life, just speaking generally). I know once I found myself in space looking at a planet (not earth), and feeling such an overwhelming attachment and I knew it had been my home at some other point. We may not have conscious memory of many of these places, but below the surface, the knowledge is there. How many bodies have we occupied? How many planes and dimensions? Who knows for certain. How many times have you met people in the astral that you KNOW but not here in the physical? I have, countless times. 

In all my years of writing about astral projection, remote viewing, lucid dreaming and the like, I have rarely met a traveller that has seen earth from space or been to the moon. I wrote about my moon experience on my sister site (
It was a goal of mine for quite some time but I was more than surprised at what I saw when I got there (would appreciate your thoughts if you care to share). And looking back to earth was very beautiful. 

Your level of experience is rarely to be found so it's a pleasure for you to share your stories!
Have you had encounters with non humans? I have in both meditation, the etheric and the astral. Would love to hear if you have. This universe is so vast. I marvel at how little humans in general look up, wonder and take the effort to explore outside of their physical space. 
Thanks so much for sharing!
There was another lady who spoke of similar experience as yours.
O0I01 spoke about, love which was not with an earthly person.

My dad just passed, but I felt his presence. And actually his hand and finger nails on my foot while in bed, as I spoke to him.
Previously while grieving I experience an etheric love descend on me, it felt angelic, but I knew that I knew it was my Dad send love and comfort to me while I grieved his passing. It seems to me that the communication of senses/love is what I had sent my dad using Phowa Reiki, and that once dad crossed over he too, picked up on telepathic sending of energy (love/peace). It just goes to show, that Telepathy is the one language which transcends, a physical body and is used by Angels and loved ones to us here on earth. Quite amazing.
All humans have what we call psychic ability.
You seem to be clairvoyant: see
Clairessence-Sense/feel pos, negative from people.

The best course of action would be to gain understanding self protection, and empathy.
Gain access to a meditation, or prayer that calms and supports you to clear your energy from any energy you pick up daily.

Good journey
Thank you AnneV! I recently submitted a new experience just today in fact. 😊
Aros: I want to hear more of your experiences! You said you didn't want to "write a book" but many of us would be delighted with more insights and sharing. Please indulge!

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum passing!

I never believed in a grim reaper or apparitions before seeing one with my own eyes. I would have put it down to my imagination had my friend not seen it too.

Having seen the reaper before my friends death has changed my mind on this however and does make me wonder what lies beyond death, something I never believed in before.

So yes, seeing a cloaked reaper like figure with a skeletal face is absolutely a premonition of someone close to you dying. Is it a warning? I have no idea.

It is strange how only a few people see reapers and not others, but at the same time it seems to be fairly common. It is also odd that the reaper appears differently to some people - for some the reaper is tall, others very small, or he has a scythe, for some he has a face, for others no face at all.

Yet all seem to have a hood, or a cloak, either no face or a skeletal one.

All seem to appear before someone close to us dies.

I don't know about you, but it isn't something I particularly want to see again! At the same time I find it comforting that there may be a place our souls go to after our physical bodies die.

Take care:)
Interestingly enough I just found this website and this post searching for something else. However, I believe I may have had a similar situation to yours but not exactly.

In July 2016, I had fallen asleep next to my mom. In the middle of the night, I opened my eyes and I was looking at the closet. I saw an apparition of what I still believe to be something that was grim reaper like, as it had a cloak and a face that was sort of like skeletal. It reached out it's hand and then vanished. My mom woke up and I told her what I had saw and she told me not to scare her with those things.

Unfortunately she passed away 2 months later. Maybe there is something connected?
I have had the feeling of being watched for years and it is now getting worse. What do I do to make it stop? It won't stop. I am now drawing "eyes". The darkness helps in some way. I need it to stop. Please help me.
Thank you. I think the hard part now is recognizing that others are facing their shadow self, in their own way, in their own journey, in their own time. Many people are not even aware of what it even is, or what they may be going through.

Then attempting to maintain my own dose of humility. Sometimes its frustrating.

I struggle watching the people I love stay stuck sometimes and I have to remind myself just how LONG that journey felt for me.

I'm slowly learning my part in their journey. As it is revealed to me. But I've learned that these circumstances where I may be of help are not the ones I want to intervene. They are the ones that have been brought to me.

I'm not sure the lessons ever end if we stay receptive to them.

I still have not learned the purpose that I survived. I definitely feel like I am heading the right direction this time.
It's interesting that you use the term "near death experience" because though your awareness and revelations were drawn out over time, you ultimately saw what near death experiencers experience in a few fleeting minutes. You saw cause and effect, the fact that the "universe" or "all that is" places people and events in your life for a reason, that there is purpose to you not dying despite the odds. You've done what many people on planet earth don't do in this lifetime which is to work through the aspects of their shadow or egoic self. It's difficult to look back on life lessons as blessings but you have and here you are now. Ultimately, what a marvelous journey.

Thanks so much for sharing.
Firstly well done for staying sober, I hope you keep that up.

Personally I wouldn't mess with tarot cards, I know someone who did and it didn't end well. She literally went mad. I avoid them and anything to do with seeing into the future, it brings bad luck.
Hi AnneV, thank you so much for the kind words! I am quite pleased indeed I stumbled upon your websites. My thirst to commune with others who have the same passion for all things spiritual/metaphysical is indeed insatiable. I thoroughly enjoy reading other's experiences and I am delighted to share some of my experiences as well. Thank you for your work and providing a quality group of sites for us "Kindred Spirits" to gather!
Hi Aros. I'm the author of this webpage (as well as the affiliate page you referenced) and I could not have written a more succinct, accurate summary of what you just described about projection and the astral realms. Your years of projections and foray into the metaphysical is well reflected. I too was and am deeply interested in all things metaphysical. My library is at 300 books and growing! 

There is little I am sure that I could share that you don't already know but I do want to welcome you and hope that you will share more of yourself and your experiences here.

3 nights ago, I had a silent migraine. I opened my eyes to go to the restroom, only to freak out about a spider moving around next to my head that wasn't even there. Last night it wasn't a silent migraine. Same thing, but it was dangling above my partner moving it's legs like it was stuck or reaching for something. I jumped out of bed squealing. He looked EVERYWHERE both times, only to find absolutely nothing. Under the pillows, blankets, on the walls, ceiling. EVERYTHING. When I got back to the room, it was gone. It's only happened twice so I've been seeking answers. I messaged My Dr. This morning though I know no one's in office. If there's no medical explanation this would be my next best guess... I feel like I'm going crazy. Any insight would be great.
I agree with layschips98, the synchronicity of your energies creates a powerful energy that can quite literally become visible. It also sounds like you both have shared many lifetimes together. I found that same connection in this life and although we are not together today, it was undeniably powerful and like nothing I have ever felt before or since. Hope you guys keep it going!
You could be experiencing time travel, or jump in to another alternative universe where you experience these repeative times, or just clearly psychic.
I would say that your seeing people from other worlds. You are very special.
Hi Dean, I have been hearing singing and tunes for many years. At least 15 now. It's not all the time. Always at home when it is quiet. Sometimes I've listened to a conversation like an interview. I even heard the name. I did write it down and look up the name and it was a very old baseball player that died long ago. I don't remember the name anymore. It now reminds me that I have a deceased relative that was the first sports writer in America. I'm trying to remember the name. I think the last name began with a T. I'll find it sometime when I go to a family FB site that any member of family can join, show pics, tell the stories they were told, letters from grandfathers when one was young and was a merchant marine, back very early 1900's before 1920. Anyway, it is there I learn of the different connections of cousins, second and third cousins, etc. Their families history.
We get to share pics of others family that we have, but they have never seen.
Ok, sorry, got off track. It is a good way to find out all about your history though.
I hear some really neat songs sometimes. I also dream that I'm singing a song that I never heard before and find that I wake myself up singing so loudly. Just 2 days ago I was looking around trying to find the TV on somewhere playing country music and singing but I couldn't make out the words. Nothing was on in the house. So, I just think, hmmm, wish I could have heard the words instead of just feeling the emotion of it, but it was nice. Love, sweet, happiness. I noticed your numbers next to your name. Mine are always 1313. After many years, I decided to look it up after seeing the numbers on a bracelet for sale of bible quote numbers. I found that it said, of the words that stuck with me, were," and of all these things, above all, love each other". There are times I have felt out of sorts, one time angry. I wanted to yell, but stopped myself and went to the bedroom and dug out the Bible. I sat in on my lap and held it. I said, " please God help me, I'm so angry, upset. It's too much." I took the book, placed my fingers at each side to open it where he would talk to me. Give me an answer. No one ever told me about doing that, but it just came to me to do it that way. I asked what he would have me know. I opened it and my eyes went straight to a passage in proverbs and it said, " Only fools will let words spew forth from their mouth." Meaning to me, I envisioned people yelling at each other and no one ever hearing but a tiny bit of what the other says and hurtful. I didn't want to be that to a person I said I loved, so I said, thank you lord. And I was calm again. Just remembering that, has helped me to be more thoughtful when I speak, and do it in kindness, and if I make a booboo in some way, I say, no, I'm sorry, that's not right or I should have said such and such. To just own up to a not nice thing right off the bat. Catch yourself and stop. If you notice, most people that are always angry are never happy. If you walk around with a frown, that's all you will receive back. Until an empathetic person happens by and tells you all will be ok. Don't worry, have a great day. Just some words that make you realize you're another person in this world that matters and they noticed you in that way. There will be people that just think it, but not be able to say the words. I hope you'll feel it. Try to keep focused on the good, not any evil. If you encounter it, just pray. Tell it that God is stronger and he always wins. Tell it to go away that God demands it. Even in your dreams. It helps.

Find a bible. It could save you from something in the future. Ask questions. Ask him to help you find what he wants you to know. Open it randomly. Read the first thing you see. Does it speak to you in some way. Help to settle your mind or give you insight into something you were thinking about.

When I used to get out more, I would sometimes come across a person usually with I child, and I have the urge to stop them. I ask them to please not tell me their child's name, that I wanted to guess it.
I can always guess it correctly.
One time I said the name, it was in Spanish spelling, so I said it like that. I have it written down but can't remember at this moment, but just for a name, I'll say it was Edwardo. He said no. And I was stuck. I said, what is it. He said Edward. I said, Oh, in English form! It's happened many times, some people ask how I did that. My words are; " all I can say is that God knows your child, even before he sends him or her to you, and so, I have to say it must be of God, because who else could it be to have given me the ability to know a person's name when he wants me to.
I've done that when I was 17 where I worked. I would guess the whole name and write it down. I'd see them coming and quickly write it. One time a girl said, i've never been here before and I never met you, how do you know my name, with a very quizzical look on her face. Like suspicious also. I said, after shrugging my shoulders, I don't know you, I just guess names. That was that. She walked out. That was almost 50 years ago. I have more stories about names, and other premonitions that happened later. I knew when my first daughter was going to be born even though the doc said it would be weeks later. I had a dream I pulled her out of my tummy under her arms and what she looked like, with her hair stuck against her forehead. She was born a couple days later, on the day I said and she was a footling breach, where one of her legs was in the birth canal and her head was up. (they are usually born head first) so, the doc pulled her out with her hands under her arms and lifted her up for me to see, she looked like I had seen her in the dream.
I find, it's the dreams that wake me and are so vivid that are the ones that must mean something. How about last week. The engine parts falling in a town.
This happened about 5 miles from my home about 20 years ago. I dreamed it. An engine fell on a college campus. I only saw the buildings and knew the street area and the engine on the grass in my dream. But, that was the college campus, and it happened about 5-7 days later, after my dream.
You'll notice things as you age. Things happening over and over, coincidences that happen a lot. You never know what life will give you. Just focus on being happy, being a good moral person. Enjoying life and relationships. Watching word don't flow out of your mouth that are hurtful. Treat others as you want to be treated. We all fall at times. Get yourself back up, and carry on. Apologize when you may have been harsh or snarky. We can always be better. Have a wonderful life. I will check your numbers out- look at verse 9:19. Not sure of which book of the Bible it may be in, but we'll see if proverbs pops up when my fingers do the walking from the lord.
If there's a 9 th book, I'll look at that. I do not know a lot about it, but, I believe he speaks to you if you let him.
He once showed be what it would be like to die. It's like moving over to another realm. He called it, within my mind, pass over. You have no memory of your life anymore, you are like new again, happy, no worries. You know God will watch over your family. There's more to it, but I must go. I've been here awhile talking to you. This is the first time I've been here. I wonder how many older people like me came here. I just have to see after all these years, if others have experienced things I have. Bye for now.
Hi rchcannyy,
I have been thinking about how to respond. I get visions sometimes when meditating in the same sort of sense. Just the other night while meditating I was, in the vision, looking out my front window and saw someone out by my car. The person was faced away from me but had a brown coat and stocking cap with red and yellow horizontal stripes. Did it mean anything. IDK! One of the mysteries of seeing things in the minds eye is knowing if those things are really important. Dreams can be a lot like that. I suspect, if it is really important you will know. The pull or jerk whilst falling asleep may be some sort of natural reaction as you transition to sleep. When you sleep your brain essentially paralyzes your body so you don't act out your dreams.

Off in Laredo, TX are the Silva Mind Control people. The reason I bring this up, (I don't work for them BTW) is it sounds like you have talent bubbling to the surface. If you can put some funds together, they offer several home study courses on DVD or for down load. The essence is on helping you get your mind under control so you make the best decisions in using your talent. You seem to be in need of a teacher or some guidance. Choose wisely!
Fear the main trigger this used to happen to me a lot in my younger day fear of the dark what possible ever could be in the dark something scary goes through the mind your senses get heightened in these states then an adjustment of your perception takes place meditation is really good for altering ones perception but we must live in this world and keep that so we must ground which is really important I noticed a few teachers that learn people to meditate do not ground there students and a few feel out of sorts until they adjust back to norm state like feeling unsteady on your feet or feeling like your in a dream state
yes I have noticed that just be for the pandemic started I had something come to me in the night and enter the rear of my head everything went total black for a few seconds as something had reached into my head next day I could pick nothing up and felt really normally feeling a little confused but it never affected my empath side and I don't normally have to try it just comes to then my gaurdian angles visted me for a brief second or two then took off with guides these are only energy but inteligent so either something going on the other side or something else my main ability at first when I was very young was clairaudience then when I was just before the age of nine I started having clairvoyant visions but I did not know what it was I thought it was the flu as I wopuld also have problems breathing like I was going to faint and fearful even though there was plenty of air id struggle to get to the back door for some cold air just before I past the kitchen I suddenly go transfixed and see young men in the kitchen and it was broad daylight were has when the experience happened it was night time around nine pm always seems to happen when there was no adults about my mother took me to a doctor but find nothing wrong apart from run down and needed more iron in my diet
I know it's years later but this is a fascinating experience. I highly recommend looking for Anthony Peakes website and contacting him. Also there's a podcast called The Past Life Podcast which covers past and future cases!
Hi India_V,
I cannot answer the why question, I am mildly psychic, a few intuitions and accurate dreams. You'll have to look at it as a gift. You are receiving information, not the cause of anything that happens. Jose' Silva says we are all here to help others and turn the planet into a paradise. There are way to enhance and control your mind.
Hi terah05. Welcome to psychic experiences.

Let me just say I'm typing very fast so forgive me for repeating words and misspelling others, thank you.

I will jump straight to the point. You have a natural & fully functional 3rd eye. What I would suggest is candle gazing before going to bed. Just light a candle (blue, red, purple or white) and try to focus your attention to it without blinking, when you feel the 1st tear drop coming out your eye, put off the candle flame. After putting off the flame immediately close your eyes and lay back on a flat surface away from all the destructions (light or noise included).

After that take a deep breath and keep that flame alive at the middle of your eyebrows inside your mind. Wait for it to get close without disturbing it. This technique helps in concentrating while reading.

I also have a warning to this... Once you go in, there is no coming back, once you are fully aware of what you are capable of doing with that clairvoyance you can never turn it off... Its like killing yourself from the inside. So choose wisely before indulging in this technique. It's either you DO it or you DON'T. There's no "I will stop when I want to" it's "I will try my best to accept who I am, for better and for worse"

I want also to share my experience to you regarding candle gazing inorder to get good concentration while reading and doing logical work.

I stumbled upon an article at a site I really enjoyed reading things from called https// and put the art to test.

The 1st thing I saw was me in the flame talking to a girl I knew but the location was so real I could not imagine. I had an orange watch on my hand and a voice kept telling me "The time has come". I had a journal early were I was investigating paranormal activities like automatic writting of how my day was but since I forgot almost all of it expect the turmoil I was reaching my vibe to my ancestors and guides to help me remember what to write so I can get it all off my chest that night.

Long story short the same voice told me to try and envision the candle flame and see if I could remember how it was burning on my desk.

What I saw was mind blowing, The candle flame kept coming to my face and I saw this color, I think it was purple which opened up to a green solar panels like the ones used for exploring space, after that I saw numbers 777 with a name written below it "Find the white eagala". Things didn't stop there, there was this flash back like waaay back to how the big bang happened and I saw in a matter of roughly 7seconds what other creatures inhabitants the 777 relm of creation. I saw monsters, dragons, dinosaurs and the most interesting, how aliens when the universe was created, mixed their dna with meteorites to get that pinch of beauty that extends their lifes on the eyes of God... Also the funny thing and most unexpected was that the person communicating to me in fluent English was God... God the mother... Like God is not a male but FEMALE!...She also went ahead of time and told me of how I thought I was Nothing but in the beginning there was notjing... No clouds... No land... No stars... No planets or moons but pure experience of life and that was the thing I was living in at that moment with her. She took me to this place were there were four pyramids making a compass with the middle part being a circle with a word "This is You" write on it. I was excited and asked what the pyramids ment. She said tge four pyramids represent how the dark universe came into existence.

Pyramid A- Nothing
Pyramid B- The nothing was bored and crated Everything.
Pyramid C- The everything that was created by nothing splited into every corner no matter were the eye can't see and became "Something Special"
Pyramid D- This is the part were we all get judged on how we accepted ourselves both planets, humans, suns, ufo, extraterrestrial life, Angels and Demons... Because this fourth pyramid was Her... Our Love Lord and Savior Mother Nature because I can't put words on what to call her but I remember herself introducing me as Shru when I looked at her for the second time... She had this one universal eye which was white and I felt uneasy knowing from deep down... It was God... Our God was and is a mother to all of us... Sorry about the long story... There is still many parts that I recorded in my jornal which I nick named the black book for no reason lol... Also forgive me for spelling some words wrong, I was really typing very fast and auto correcting this will take more time than the time I used writting it.

Don't be scared... We all go through deep things in life... The difference is when you find a similar place you could share with people going through things like you.

Hope this technique helps you with your sleep and concentration.
MSunshine (guest) in A Strange But Scary Dream
Strange but true... When I was younger to a mature adult age my dreams, was running away from the brothers, yes am the youngest and only girl.

The same week Mother died, my DNA report shows I was lied to my whole life and those I dated know of the brothers, in a family type way. Only by Mother not the Dad.

As a child I was sexually abused and their Dad provided condoms, to stop me getting pregnant. Period aged 8 and no family around me. To guide and comfort me.

Why am I not able to have nice dreams, why do I struggle to dream, and see those who have died in my dreams, which are extremely true. I struggle to think happy thoughts. Unable to plan life and coping to forget the badness of life.

How can I be helped to understand my pathway and have normal happy dreams. Sometimes I wonder if I was spiked as a small child. Dad always said I saw too much. As a child to adult, I psychically pick up of outside wrongs, except my own pathway?

Happy dreams, I patiently await you, having had no family around me for 35 to 45yrs unless they want help. They would use others for me to help them. Where is my Dad and where is my help.

God Is Awesome, for keeping me alone and strong enough not to be able to see life, the bad and I avoid it passionately...

My Happy Dreams & A Happy Life = Help!
MSunshine (guest) in Empath And Pyschic Experiences
Hi everyone, 1st time sharing like this. God is my ultimate witness... I do not lie

1) Moved home in June 2020, I decided to draw my own clean nets up at the window. Time was roughly around 1:30am. The net curtain I chose to use, instead of white, these nets were black nets.

I also found a purple old church hat from God from a decade ago. Purple is Mums favourite colour. Really should have been thrown away, as I would not wear it in the same way, I purchased it for. Anyway the same day and within the same hour. Never done this before, but Mum was living elsewhere and gosh I think about Mum quite a lot.

So I placed the purple hat on a lampshade and place the black net at the window. Decided to go to bed. Next day, my adult child rang me in tears from work, stating Thanks for reading this, as an clueless... Would love to help others, that's my hearts desire. To please God 1st and His people after that.

2) I do not dream, years ago I dreamt of the sweet lady who would be with me and have her home like my own, and we lost touch. Strange I can still hear her voice and feel her presence though she died several decades ago. No one told me, she had died, despite living 4 doors away from where I was raised from age 2.

So I saw her in a dream thinking, why am I not running to met her, then noticed she was expecting my child Godmother. Can still hear her sweet voice and inviting me to join her. (Once the 70 plus young Godmother had mentioned her knee paining her, could remember which one months ago. No. Over the phone were talking, or catching up, am rubbing my left knee and asked her which knee it was and it was the left knee, had given her am issue). Blew me away...

Back to the dream - Truly amazing to observe in the dream. Strangely woke up crying, that was the 1st time I cried as I was sleeping.

My teenager saw my face as I woke up and leapt for the phone. I was asked if am okay. I said, yes thanks I just need to call the church, (although we stopped going to the church) my child's other younger Godmother works there in the office.

Rang and asked her the younger Godmothers voice and asked her of my child 70 plus young Godmother, to be told, she died last week. I asked why did no one mention it to me... No regard for a 20year relationship...

Thankful to God for enlightenment me of what has happened as, the human tongue spoke no words, when or before it happened...

No grief, no bereavance, just massive sadness over Mothers passing and my 2 cherishable aka close to Grandmas I never had, passed away without me realising, until I dream and I do not recall many dreams...

Here are 2 experiences, I do not know how to described them. As one was touch and one was a dream. Why do I see before it happens. Some I know and don't know, some take 3 to 5 years to confirm what I spiritually felt. Never makes it easier, just a private journey.

3) Past 2 friends both said guess with, do not know each other and never met... Am in the kitchen not expecting their call.

One said guess what, I told her your pregnant and named both her children. Totally forget and asked her the names, she said I told her, while she was pregnant.

Second rang me, said guess what, I told her your also pregnant and said am buying thinks I do not really like and Husband put on the weight.

4) Once I visited an male elder person we met and is acquaintance of a person, I knew as Dad, but not my Dad. Well my child would visit him, truly lovely beyond words, as he lived near my child's primary school. All fantastic, he was cooking 'Pepper pot soup', never tasted it and never waited until it finished. Am in the kitchen and he his enjoying and sharing about the soup, over the cooker preparing, his favourite soup. Instantly, I feel to cry, as God reveals to me he will die very soon. I stood up and left the kitchen, and wiped away my face as if I was not crying. I went away thinking sugar, omg, really, drat. Natural, but taken aback. (Bless him, the amount of time he offered to paint my place. I was truly happy with my paintwork, without any help. So kind of him, I could not accept. God forbid, he could have died in my home, if I had allowed his kindness to manifest). Tried to return to my chair and continue as we were before. Would loved some eye right to lift my weeping eyes 👀 no long after, I love and cherished out precious times together and returned to his home, to be told he died, the next week.

6) Diagnosed with rare health condition, 3 decades ago I went intensive care and on a ward to recover. Saw an older lady and she said she is from Mothers home. I said to her, I think you know my Mothers Aunt. Never seen her before but it just hit me, I spoke it clearly. An hour passed and my Mothers Aunt walked past me to see her. So funny. My Mothers Aunt was shocked to see me in hospital, as no one ever visited me aside from my Mother and my child.

Always want to understand more.

7) I also have a gift of healing, less than 10 seconds and the other person is healed, they said hey had the pain the whole day and the centre was about to close for the day, around 5:30/5:50pm? Never met her again and never saw her again. Love God. Randomly found out thanks my Beautiful Mother, once shared the same thing to regarding others, being healed through her hands at hospital.

8) Never seen any of these women before apart from the host, who invited me. Women gathering, one lady drank chocolate and wine and felts sick. I got a share and massaged, (if it was 30mims to 2hours, makes no difference to me, my joy comes when they feel spiritually better) as I felt led by God. Same lady said, I should get a book for her to describe what she passed through, before and after. We had a great night.

So many, many, many more spiritual experiences, from a child to an adult. Honestly, strangers have said I should carry a book, for other to write what happened, regarding the healing. Some ask if am a witch. To warn someone of something, they said if I did not speak, they may not be alive. That is why God, is my witness.

If someone else can relate, I give thanks, if you can help me to overstand situation, I also give thanks...

Thanks for reading this, as an clueless... Would love to help others, that's my hearts desire. To give as Mum and God gave me...

Cherishable names xXx Love God. Rest In Eternal Peace Love My Adorable Mother.

Love PE, Love MR, Love ME, Love All I Knew and Shared With. Love My Ancestors. Love Spiritual Goodness... Giving thanks 🙏🏽
[at] Satsuki333


Next time kill him "again" with whatever comes in mind, because now he doesn't like you. Avoiding him won't do you much help.

In a dream, things like dead dream walkers or fake Angels you have never really seen before who treat you like their property could manifest in the real making it hard for you to live a normal life.

For instance, he kills you. Both (say because of the shock & freight while experiencing death for the 1st time) will wake up in the same dimension of your conscious awareness.

Now you will be having an entity or negative attachment following your every moves waiting for a chance of advantage without you even knowing. Feeding on your fear and anxiety that he is projecting towards you.

At this point it's either you die on his arms in a dream & he ruins your life or he dies & you run away forever.

Thanks for sharing,
I had another dream of him. Blonde hair blue eyes but this time he had a tan beige hood on with the hood up. This time he wasn't friendly. I was in a known high school parking lot going to my car. When I saw a group of girls eyeing me and from a corner of my eye I saw him. He look older this time and different. But he walked past me super fast before I made it to my car. I made eye contact that's how I know he had blue again. And he didn't look happy very serious. I got a bad feeling and decided to get in my car extremely fast. Adrenaline started to kick in but I was calm during the moment of moving fast. He suddenly appeared at my window and I quickly locked the doors. But he punched at the window and tried to grab me. At this point I knew there wasn't much to do then to speed off. He followed on a black bike and was able to keep up. I didn't want to hurt him but I also didn't want to be hurt by him. So I drove through the under construction parking a lot round about that's a drive up close to the door. As illegal as it was I knew I was breaking the law. He then quit chasing and disappeared. (( Short encounter))
How do I control telekinetic occurrences? Is there a mantra I could try? It seems that when I am highly agitated I lose control! Since as far as I can remember I can push objects away much easier than pull them to me. I deeply feel this is due to anger or reflex action! Any advice in controlling this emotion? Thank you, and God bless!
1020coco in Daemon
Let's say we were really good friends since we were little and I said to you that I fell in love with this person that was so amazing. He made me feel like I was the only special person in the world that he could love. He wanted me all to himself, but sometimes things were confusing and chaotic. I loved him so much, but when it came down to it, I felt really lonely, depressed and confused for most of the time. What would you say to me? Oh, he's great! Just keep going. It'll get better.
Think about where I'd be in a year with this guy - same place or maybe worse.
Think about where I'd be if I were to really focus on trying to find one thing that made me happy and worked on being the best version of myself. Little by little. Just plant one little seed each morning in my "Peace Garden". I wish you peace and clarity. Listen to your voice that guides you to happiness - that's the Truth
I'm just going to give you the answers that I am receiving...

Be proud of the efforts that you have made to heal your relationship.
You have gifts that people like your partner need because that sustains them and of course they do not want to let go. Getting energy shouldn't come from someone else - that's not the true Source.
You will experience messages that are "calls to action" to make a change. Do not be afraid that you will never love again. Think of all the people in this world that said the same thing and stayed in a situation that was not healthy for them, is that the story that you want for yourself?
Think of this situation as like a leak in the roof. You can try to plug it up with all these protection remedies, but honestly if you can't fix the roof then it's time to find a safe and healthy home.
I know you are devoted and loyal. Please know that you are young and you will survive. See what you want for yourself in the future and go for it! You can do it. ❤

I'll try to answer some of the questions that you have in your post.

When I was a teenager, I was very interested in witchcraft and candle magic. I didn't have anyone around to explain my gift and the only thing available was information about witchcraft. Living in Boston I was able to learn a lot about witchcraft and experience it. My thoughts about it now is that it never really served me and kept me from really developing to where I am today. It was kind of like a detour for me. If you travel down this path, try to ensure that you are not controlling anyone or anything. Control is ultimately out of our hands.
Okay, so the good're not crazy and you're not lying. You're like many many people that are now experiencing phenomena that is not considered main stream at this point. Although just look on tv and you see so much evidence that it is becoming more and more visible.
You can sense/feel energies around you. They could be loved one's or people that you somehow feel a strong connection to. Keep in mind that your light shines brighter and differently so spirits can pick up on that and when they pick up on you, well then, you pick up on them too. No need to worry about being in harms way. Fear is your only enemy. I spent decades in fear and trying to hide from my gifts of sensing Spirits around me. Because I was in fear constantly at night, I drew some nasty spirits to me and could write a horror movie about the events. Bottom line is to get past the fear, it's important to focus on love and joy. When you are happy and have joy, nothing negative will bother you. If you live in fear and waiting for scary things to happen - they will. Protection spells are something a lot of people focus on but if you have such a strong aura of love and joy that is your protection. Your gifts will get stronger and you will have the most amazing experiences if you learn about meditation and looking for really positive influences.

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