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Hi Anne, I read your moon experience but I was unable to comment... I tried to register to but never got any confirmation emails like I have with the other sister sites... Would love to chat more about your experience!
Thank you Anne as always for your thoughts and comments! I absolutely agree the quality of our thoughts and deeds while alive will very much align us to the vibrational levels we will find ourselves in once we shed our physical bodies. It's a quantitative imprint on our Souls that we cannot hide from. In other words, just because you had some "naughty thoughts" here and there (we are after all living these physical lives as human beings) doesn't mean you will end up in a dark/low vibratory dimension. It's the sum total of our thoughts and deeds that will dictate our destination and luckily for the vast majority of us, that's "The Good Place" (I love that show, lol!)

I know precisely what you mean about the profound feelings of nostalgia when traveling astrally or through dreams when you are with people you know and LOVE so richly, so deeply that upon waking you KNOW with no doubt on some level, you have been with them or will be with them again. (Since we leave the illusion of Time and Space when we travel out of our bodies at night or through OBEs, we can just as easily be living a future memory as we can a past life one, or parallel life! Isn't it all deliciously incredible?)

I will look forward to your moon trip experience and comment for sure. Quick aside, I noticed the link to in the "Our Other Sites" link in the header menu section doesn't work?

I have had encounters with Non Humans, most definitely. One time I found myself on another planet looking at a family. They didn't look unlike humans but I was quite aware they were not from Earth on any timeline. I felt like I was snooping on them and that they could sense me so I quickly left, lol. Another time I had just floated through one of our upstairs bedroom windows facing our street and landed on the street. All alone, I was just about to shoot up into space like I always enjoy doing when suddenly I turned to my right and there was this female. I don't recall what she looked like but she was younger, maybe 20's or early 30's. She said "I love having a friend from Planet Earth."

We are blessed to have such rich, multidimensional aspects to our Selves! It's just a shame that the majority of us don't recall our true identities, friends, guides, lovers and angels that encapsulates so much more than this one lifetime we are currently focused on. Thanks again!
I have never heard of that location but I have seen lower planes. Like you, I try and get away as quickly as possible. I've said many times, there are no signs in the astral saying "You are here." It seems that the more light (especially) and color there is, the higher vibrationally you are. This is why I spend a good chunk of my time while still "living" in a physical shell to monitor my feelings and energy so that I don't end up in places like that after I pass! What we do for a living and where we live is great and all, but it's nothing compared to the location we'll find ourselves in once we cross over.

I think some of the places that we find ourselves at may be a location from a past life (not saying that the lower realm you saw was a past life, just speaking generally). I know once I found myself in space looking at a planet (not earth), and feeling such an overwhelming attachment and I knew it had been my home at some other point. We may not have conscious memory of many of these places, but below the surface, the knowledge is there. How many bodies have we occupied? How many planes and dimensions? Who knows for certain. How many times have you met people in the astral that you KNOW but not here in the physical? I have, countless times. 

In all my years of writing about astral projection, remote viewing, lucid dreaming and the like, I have rarely met a traveller that has seen earth from space or been to the moon. I wrote about my moon experience on my sister site (
It was a goal of mine for quite some time but I was more than surprised at what I saw when I got there (would appreciate your thoughts if you care to share). And looking back to earth was very beautiful. 

Your level of experience is rarely to be found so it's a pleasure for you to share your stories!
Have you had encounters with non humans? I have in both meditation, the etheric and the astral. Would love to hear if you have. This universe is so vast. I marvel at how little humans in general look up, wonder and take the effort to explore outside of their physical space. 
Thanks so much for sharing!
There was another lady who spoke of similar experience as yours.
O0I01 spoke about, love which was not with an earthly person.

My dad just passed, but I felt his presence. And actually his hand and finger nails on my foot while in bed, as I spoke to him.
Previously while grieving I experience an etheric love descend on me, it felt angelic, but I knew that I knew it was my Dad send love and comfort to me while I grieved his passing. It seems to me that the communication of senses/love is what I had sent my dad using Phowa Reiki, and that once dad crossed over he too, picked up on telepathic sending of energy (love/peace). It just goes to show, that Telepathy is the one language which transcends, a physical body and is used by Angels and loved ones to us here on earth. Quite amazing.
All humans have what we call psychic ability.
You seem to be clairvoyant: see
Clairessence-Sense/feel pos, negative from people.

The best course of action would be to gain understanding self protection, and empathy.
Gain access to a meditation, or prayer that calms and supports you to clear your energy from any energy you pick up daily.

Good journey
Thank you AnneV! I recently submitted a new experience just today in fact. 😊
Aros: I want to hear more of your experiences! You said you didn't want to "write a book" but many of us would be delighted with more insights and sharing. Please indulge!

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum passing!

I never believed in a grim reaper or apparitions before seeing one with my own eyes. I would have put it down to my imagination had my friend not seen it too.

Having seen the reaper before my friends death has changed my mind on this however and does make me wonder what lies beyond death, something I never believed in before.

So yes, seeing a cloaked reaper like figure with a skeletal face is absolutely a premonition of someone close to you dying. Is it a warning? I have no idea.

It is strange how only a few people see reapers and not others, but at the same time it seems to be fairly common. It is also odd that the reaper appears differently to some people - for some the reaper is tall, others very small, or he has a scythe, for some he has a face, for others no face at all.

Yet all seem to have a hood, or a cloak, either no face or a skeletal one.

All seem to appear before someone close to us dies.

I don't know about you, but it isn't something I particularly want to see again! At the same time I find it comforting that there may be a place our souls go to after our physical bodies die.

Take care:)
Interestingly enough I just found this website and this post searching for something else. However, I believe I may have had a similar situation to yours but not exactly.

In July 2016, I had fallen asleep next to my mom. In the middle of the night, I opened my eyes and I was looking at the closet. I saw an apparition of what I still believe to be something that was grim reaper like, as it had a cloak and a face that was sort of like skeletal. It reached out it's hand and then vanished. My mom woke up and I told her what I had saw and she told me not to scare her with those things.

Unfortunately she passed away 2 months later. Maybe there is something connected?
I have had the feeling of being watched for years and it is now getting worse. What do I do to make it stop? It won't stop. I am now drawing "eyes". The darkness helps in some way. I need it to stop. Please help me.
Thank you. I think the hard part now is recognizing that others are facing their shadow self, in their own way, in their own journey, in their own time. Many people are not even aware of what it even is, or what they may be going through.

Then attempting to maintain my own dose of humility. Sometimes its frustrating.

I struggle watching the people I love stay stuck sometimes and I have to remind myself just how LONG that journey felt for me.

I'm slowly learning my part in their journey. As it is revealed to me. But I've learned that these circumstances where I may be of help are not the ones I want to intervene. They are the ones that have been brought to me.

I'm not sure the lessons ever end if we stay receptive to them.

I still have not learned the purpose that I survived. I definitely feel like I am heading the right direction this time.
It's interesting that you use the term "near death experience" because though your awareness and revelations were drawn out over time, you ultimately saw what near death experiencers experience in a few fleeting minutes. You saw cause and effect, the fact that the "universe" or "all that is" places people and events in your life for a reason, that there is purpose to you not dying despite the odds. You've done what many people on planet earth don't do in this lifetime which is to work through the aspects of their shadow or egoic self. It's difficult to look back on life lessons as blessings but you have and here you are now. Ultimately, what a marvelous journey.

Thanks so much for sharing.
Firstly well done for staying sober, I hope you keep that up.

Personally I wouldn't mess with tarot cards, I know someone who did and it didn't end well. She literally went mad. I avoid them and anything to do with seeing into the future, it brings bad luck.
Hi AnneV, thank you so much for the kind words! I am quite pleased indeed I stumbled upon your websites. My thirst to commune with others who have the same passion for all things spiritual/metaphysical is indeed insatiable. I thoroughly enjoy reading other's experiences and I am delighted to share some of my experiences as well. Thank you for your work and providing a quality group of sites for us "Kindred Spirits" to gather!
Hi Aros. I'm the author of this webpage (as well as the affiliate page you referenced) and I could not have written a more succinct, accurate summary of what you just described about projection and the astral realms. Your years of projections and foray into the metaphysical is well reflected. I too was and am deeply interested in all things metaphysical. My library is at 300 books and growing! 

There is little I am sure that I could share that you don't already know but I do want to welcome you and hope that you will share more of yourself and your experiences here.

3 nights ago, I had a silent migraine. I opened my eyes to go to the restroom, only to freak out about a spider moving around next to my head that wasn't even there. Last night it wasn't a silent migraine. Same thing, but it was dangling above my partner moving it's legs like it was stuck or reaching for something. I jumped out of bed squealing. He looked EVERYWHERE both times, only to find absolutely nothing. Under the pillows, blankets, on the walls, ceiling. EVERYTHING. When I got back to the room, it was gone. It's only happened twice so I've been seeking answers. I messaged My Dr. This morning though I know no one's in office. If there's no medical explanation this would be my next best guess... I feel like I'm going crazy. Any insight would be great.
I agree with layschips98, the synchronicity of your energies creates a powerful energy that can quite literally become visible. It also sounds like you both have shared many lifetimes together. I found that same connection in this life and although we are not together today, it was undeniably powerful and like nothing I have ever felt before or since. Hope you guys keep it going!
You could be experiencing time travel, or jump in to another alternative universe where you experience these repeative times, or just clearly psychic.
I would say that your seeing people from other worlds. You are very special.
Hi Dean, I have been hearing singing and tunes for many years. At least 15 now. It's not all the time. Always at home when it is quiet. Sometimes I've listened to a conversation like an interview. I even heard the name. I did write it down and look up the name and it was a very old baseball player that died long ago. I don't remember the name anymore. It now reminds me that I have a deceased relative that was the first sports writer in America. I'm trying to remember the name. I think the last name began with a T. I'll find it sometime when I go to a family FB site that any member of family can join, show pics, tell the stories they were told, letters from grandfathers when one was young and was a merchant marine, back very early 1900's before 1920. Anyway, it is there I learn of the different connections of cousins, second and third cousins, etc. Their families history.
We get to share pics of others family that we have, but they have never seen.
Ok, sorry, got off track. It is a good way to find out all about your history though.
I hear some really neat songs sometimes. I also dream that I'm singing a song that I never heard before and find that I wake myself up singing so loudly. Just 2 days ago I was looking around trying to find the TV on somewhere playing country music and singing but I couldn't make out the words. Nothing was on in the house. So, I just think, hmmm, wish I could have heard the words instead of just feeling the emotion of it, but it was nice. Love, sweet, happiness. I noticed your numbers next to your name. Mine are always 1313. After many years, I decided to look it up after seeing the numbers on a bracelet for sale of bible quote numbers. I found that it said, of the words that stuck with me, were," and of all these things, above all, love each other". There are times I have felt out of sorts, one time angry. I wanted to yell, but stopped myself and went to the bedroom and dug out the Bible. I sat in on my lap and held it. I said, " please God help me, I'm so angry, upset. It's too much." I took the book, placed my fingers at each side to open it where he would talk to me. Give me an answer. No one ever told me about doing that, but it just came to me to do it that way. I asked what he would have me know. I opened it and my eyes went straight to a passage in proverbs and it said, " Only fools will let words spew forth from their mouth." Meaning to me, I envisioned people yelling at each other and no one ever hearing but a tiny bit of what the other says and hurtful. I didn't want to be that to a person I said I loved, so I said, thank you lord. And I was calm again. Just remembering that, has helped me to be more thoughtful when I speak, and do it in kindness, and if I make a booboo in some way, I say, no, I'm sorry, that's not right or I should have said such and such. To just own up to a not nice thing right off the bat. Catch yourself and stop. If you notice, most people that are always angry are never happy. If you walk around with a frown, that's all you will receive back. Until an empathetic person happens by and tells you all will be ok. Don't worry, have a great day. Just some words that make you realize you're another person in this world that matters and they noticed you in that way. There will be people that just think it, but not be able to say the words. I hope you'll feel it. Try to keep focused on the good, not any evil. If you encounter it, just pray. Tell it that God is stronger and he always wins. Tell it to go away that God demands it. Even in your dreams. It helps.

Find a bible. It could save you from something in the future. Ask questions. Ask him to help you find what he wants you to know. Open it randomly. Read the first thing you see. Does it speak to you in some way. Help to settle your mind or give you insight into something you were thinking about.

When I used to get out more, I would sometimes come across a person usually with I child, and I have the urge to stop them. I ask them to please not tell me their child's name, that I wanted to guess it.
I can always guess it correctly.
One time I said the name, it was in Spanish spelling, so I said it like that. I have it written down but can't remember at this moment, but just for a name, I'll say it was Edwardo. He said no. And I was stuck. I said, what is it. He said Edward. I said, Oh, in English form! It's happened many times, some people ask how I did that. My words are; " all I can say is that God knows your child, even before he sends him or her to you, and so, I have to say it must be of God, because who else could it be to have given me the ability to know a person's name when he wants me to.
I've done that when I was 17 where I worked. I would guess the whole name and write it down. I'd see them coming and quickly write it. One time a girl said, i've never been here before and I never met you, how do you know my name, with a very quizzical look on her face. Like suspicious also. I said, after shrugging my shoulders, I don't know you, I just guess names. That was that. She walked out. That was almost 50 years ago. I have more stories about names, and other premonitions that happened later. I knew when my first daughter was going to be born even though the doc said it would be weeks later. I had a dream I pulled her out of my tummy under her arms and what she looked like, with her hair stuck against her forehead. She was born a couple days later, on the day I said and she was a footling breach, where one of her legs was in the birth canal and her head was up. (they are usually born head first) so, the doc pulled her out with her hands under her arms and lifted her up for me to see, she looked like I had seen her in the dream.
I find, it's the dreams that wake me and are so vivid that are the ones that must mean something. How about last week. The engine parts falling in a town.
This happened about 5 miles from my home about 20 years ago. I dreamed it. An engine fell on a college campus. I only saw the buildings and knew the street area and the engine on the grass in my dream. But, that was the college campus, and it happened about 5-7 days later, after my dream.
You'll notice things as you age. Things happening over and over, coincidences that happen a lot. You never know what life will give you. Just focus on being happy, being a good moral person. Enjoying life and relationships. Watching word don't flow out of your mouth that are hurtful. Treat others as you want to be treated. We all fall at times. Get yourself back up, and carry on. Apologize when you may have been harsh or snarky. We can always be better. Have a wonderful life. I will check your numbers out- look at verse 9:19. Not sure of which book of the Bible it may be in, but we'll see if proverbs pops up when my fingers do the walking from the lord.
If there's a 9 th book, I'll look at that. I do not know a lot about it, but, I believe he speaks to you if you let him.
He once showed be what it would be like to die. It's like moving over to another realm. He called it, within my mind, pass over. You have no memory of your life anymore, you are like new again, happy, no worries. You know God will watch over your family. There's more to it, but I must go. I've been here awhile talking to you. This is the first time I've been here. I wonder how many older people like me came here. I just have to see after all these years, if others have experienced things I have. Bye for now.
Hi rchcannyy,
I have been thinking about how to respond. I get visions sometimes when meditating in the same sort of sense. Just the other night while meditating I was, in the vision, looking out my front window and saw someone out by my car. The person was faced away from me but had a brown coat and stocking cap with red and yellow horizontal stripes. Did it mean anything. IDK! One of the mysteries of seeing things in the minds eye is knowing if those things are really important. Dreams can be a lot like that. I suspect, if it is really important you will know. The pull or jerk whilst falling asleep may be some sort of natural reaction as you transition to sleep. When you sleep your brain essentially paralyzes your body so you don't act out your dreams.

Off in Laredo, TX are the Silva Mind Control people. The reason I bring this up, (I don't work for them BTW) is it sounds like you have talent bubbling to the surface. If you can put some funds together, they offer several home study courses on DVD or for down load. The essence is on helping you get your mind under control so you make the best decisions in using your talent. You seem to be in need of a teacher or some guidance. Choose wisely!
Fear the main trigger this used to happen to me a lot in my younger day fear of the dark what possible ever could be in the dark something scary goes through the mind your senses get heightened in these states then an adjustment of your perception takes place meditation is really good for altering ones perception but we must live in this world and keep that so we must ground which is really important I noticed a few teachers that learn people to meditate do not ground there students and a few feel out of sorts until they adjust back to norm state like feeling unsteady on your feet or feeling like your in a dream state
yes I have noticed that just be for the pandemic started I had something come to me in the night and enter the rear of my head everything went total black for a few seconds as something had reached into my head next day I could pick nothing up and felt really normally feeling a little confused but it never affected my empath side and I don't normally have to try it just comes to then my gaurdian angles visted me for a brief second or two then took off with guides these are only energy but inteligent so either something going on the other side or something else my main ability at first when I was very young was clairaudience then when I was just before the age of nine I started having clairvoyant visions but I did not know what it was I thought it was the flu as I wopuld also have problems breathing like I was going to faint and fearful even though there was plenty of air id struggle to get to the back door for some cold air just before I past the kitchen I suddenly go transfixed and see young men in the kitchen and it was broad daylight were has when the experience happened it was night time around nine pm always seems to happen when there was no adults about my mother took me to a doctor but find nothing wrong apart from run down and needed more iron in my diet
I know it's years later but this is a fascinating experience. I highly recommend looking for Anthony Peakes website and contacting him. Also there's a podcast called The Past Life Podcast which covers past and future cases!
Hi India_V,
I cannot answer the why question, I am mildly psychic, a few intuitions and accurate dreams. You'll have to look at it as a gift. You are receiving information, not the cause of anything that happens. Jose' Silva says we are all here to help others and turn the planet into a paradise. There are way to enhance and control your mind.
Hi terah05. Welcome to psychic experiences.

Let me just say I'm typing very fast so forgive me for repeating words and misspelling others, thank you.

I will jump straight to the point. You have a natural & fully functional 3rd eye. What I would suggest is candle gazing before going to bed. Just light a candle (blue, red, purple or white) and try to focus your attention to it without blinking, when you feel the 1st tear drop coming out your eye, put off the candle flame. After putting off the flame immediately close your eyes and lay back on a flat surface away from all the destructions (light or noise included).

After that take a deep breath and keep that flame alive at the middle of your eyebrows inside your mind. Wait for it to get close without disturbing it. This technique helps in concentrating while reading.

I also have a warning to this... Once you go in, there is no coming back, once you are fully aware of what you are capable of doing with that clairvoyance you can never turn it off... Its like killing yourself from the inside. So choose wisely before indulging in this technique. It's either you DO it or you DON'T. There's no "I will stop when I want to" it's "I will try my best to accept who I am, for better and for worse"

I want also to share my experience to you regarding candle gazing inorder to get good concentration while reading and doing logical work.

I stumbled upon an article at a site I really enjoyed reading things from called https// and put the art to test.

The 1st thing I saw was me in the flame talking to a girl I knew but the location was so real I could not imagine. I had an orange watch on my hand and a voice kept telling me "The time has come". I had a journal early were I was investigating paranormal activities like automatic writting of how my day was but since I forgot almost all of it expect the turmoil I was reaching my vibe to my ancestors and guides to help me remember what to write so I can get it all off my chest that night.

Long story short the same voice told me to try and envision the candle flame and see if I could remember how it was burning on my desk.

What I saw was mind blowing, The candle flame kept coming to my face and I saw this color, I think it was purple which opened up to a green solar panels like the ones used for exploring space, after that I saw numbers 777 with a name written below it "Find the white eagala". Things didn't stop there, there was this flash back like waaay back to how the big bang happened and I saw in a matter of roughly 7seconds what other creatures inhabitants the 777 relm of creation. I saw monsters, dragons, dinosaurs and the most interesting, how aliens when the universe was created, mixed their dna with meteorites to get that pinch of beauty that extends their lifes on the eyes of God... Also the funny thing and most unexpected was that the person communicating to me in fluent English was God... God the mother... Like God is not a male but FEMALE!...She also went ahead of time and told me of how I thought I was Nothing but in the beginning there was notjing... No clouds... No land... No stars... No planets or moons but pure experience of life and that was the thing I was living in at that moment with her. She took me to this place were there were four pyramids making a compass with the middle part being a circle with a word "This is You" write on it. I was excited and asked what the pyramids ment. She said tge four pyramids represent how the dark universe came into existence.

Pyramid A- Nothing
Pyramid B- The nothing was bored and crated Everything.
Pyramid C- The everything that was created by nothing splited into every corner no matter were the eye can't see and became "Something Special"
Pyramid D- This is the part were we all get judged on how we accepted ourselves both planets, humans, suns, ufo, extraterrestrial life, Angels and Demons... Because this fourth pyramid was Her... Our Love Lord and Savior Mother Nature because I can't put words on what to call her but I remember herself introducing me as Shru when I looked at her for the second time... She had this one universal eye which was white and I felt uneasy knowing from deep down... It was God... Our God was and is a mother to all of us... Sorry about the long story... There is still many parts that I recorded in my jornal which I nick named the black book for no reason lol... Also forgive me for spelling some words wrong, I was really typing very fast and auto correcting this will take more time than the time I used writting it.

Don't be scared... We all go through deep things in life... The difference is when you find a similar place you could share with people going through things like you.

Hope this technique helps you with your sleep and concentration.
MSunshine (guest) in A Strange But Scary Dream
Strange but true... When I was younger to a mature adult age my dreams, was running away from the brothers, yes am the youngest and only girl.

The same week Mother died, my DNA report shows I was lied to my whole life and those I dated know of the brothers, in a family type way. Only by Mother not the Dad.

As a child I was sexually abused and their Dad provided condoms, to stop me getting pregnant. Period aged 8 and no family around me. To guide and comfort me.

Why am I not able to have nice dreams, why do I struggle to dream, and see those who have died in my dreams, which are extremely true. I struggle to think happy thoughts. Unable to plan life and coping to forget the badness of life.

How can I be helped to understand my pathway and have normal happy dreams. Sometimes I wonder if I was spiked as a small child. Dad always said I saw too much. As a child to adult, I psychically pick up of outside wrongs, except my own pathway?

Happy dreams, I patiently await you, having had no family around me for 35 to 45yrs unless they want help. They would use others for me to help them. Where is my Dad and where is my help.

God Is Awesome, for keeping me alone and strong enough not to be able to see life, the bad and I avoid it passionately...

My Happy Dreams & A Happy Life = Help!
MSunshine (guest) in Empath And Pyschic Experiences
Hi everyone, 1st time sharing like this. God is my ultimate witness... I do not lie

1) Moved home in June 2020, I decided to draw my own clean nets up at the window. Time was roughly around 1:30am. The net curtain I chose to use, instead of white, these nets were black nets.

I also found a purple old church hat from God from a decade ago. Purple is Mums favourite colour. Really should have been thrown away, as I would not wear it in the same way, I purchased it for. Anyway the same day and within the same hour. Never done this before, but Mum was living elsewhere and gosh I think about Mum quite a lot.

So I placed the purple hat on a lampshade and place the black net at the window. Decided to go to bed. Next day, my adult child rang me in tears from work, stating Thanks for reading this, as an clueless... Would love to help others, that's my hearts desire. To please God 1st and His people after that.

2) I do not dream, years ago I dreamt of the sweet lady who would be with me and have her home like my own, and we lost touch. Strange I can still hear her voice and feel her presence though she died several decades ago. No one told me, she had died, despite living 4 doors away from where I was raised from age 2.

So I saw her in a dream thinking, why am I not running to met her, then noticed she was expecting my child Godmother. Can still hear her sweet voice and inviting me to join her. (Once the 70 plus young Godmother had mentioned her knee paining her, could remember which one months ago. No. Over the phone were talking, or catching up, am rubbing my left knee and asked her which knee it was and it was the left knee, had given her am issue). Blew me away...

Back to the dream - Truly amazing to observe in the dream. Strangely woke up crying, that was the 1st time I cried as I was sleeping.

My teenager saw my face as I woke up and leapt for the phone. I was asked if am okay. I said, yes thanks I just need to call the church, (although we stopped going to the church) my child's other younger Godmother works there in the office.

Rang and asked her the younger Godmothers voice and asked her of my child 70 plus young Godmother, to be told, she died last week. I asked why did no one mention it to me... No regard for a 20year relationship...

Thankful to God for enlightenment me of what has happened as, the human tongue spoke no words, when or before it happened...

No grief, no bereavance, just massive sadness over Mothers passing and my 2 cherishable aka close to Grandmas I never had, passed away without me realising, until I dream and I do not recall many dreams...

Here are 2 experiences, I do not know how to described them. As one was touch and one was a dream. Why do I see before it happens. Some I know and don't know, some take 3 to 5 years to confirm what I spiritually felt. Never makes it easier, just a private journey.

3) Past 2 friends both said guess with, do not know each other and never met... Am in the kitchen not expecting their call.

One said guess what, I told her your pregnant and named both her children. Totally forget and asked her the names, she said I told her, while she was pregnant.

Second rang me, said guess what, I told her your also pregnant and said am buying thinks I do not really like and Husband put on the weight.

4) Once I visited an male elder person we met and is acquaintance of a person, I knew as Dad, but not my Dad. Well my child would visit him, truly lovely beyond words, as he lived near my child's primary school. All fantastic, he was cooking 'Pepper pot soup', never tasted it and never waited until it finished. Am in the kitchen and he his enjoying and sharing about the soup, over the cooker preparing, his favourite soup. Instantly, I feel to cry, as God reveals to me he will die very soon. I stood up and left the kitchen, and wiped away my face as if I was not crying. I went away thinking sugar, omg, really, drat. Natural, but taken aback. (Bless him, the amount of time he offered to paint my place. I was truly happy with my paintwork, without any help. So kind of him, I could not accept. God forbid, he could have died in my home, if I had allowed his kindness to manifest). Tried to return to my chair and continue as we were before. Would loved some eye right to lift my weeping eyes 👀 no long after, I love and cherished out precious times together and returned to his home, to be told he died, the next week.

6) Diagnosed with rare health condition, 3 decades ago I went intensive care and on a ward to recover. Saw an older lady and she said she is from Mothers home. I said to her, I think you know my Mothers Aunt. Never seen her before but it just hit me, I spoke it clearly. An hour passed and my Mothers Aunt walked past me to see her. So funny. My Mothers Aunt was shocked to see me in hospital, as no one ever visited me aside from my Mother and my child.

Always want to understand more.

7) I also have a gift of healing, less than 10 seconds and the other person is healed, they said hey had the pain the whole day and the centre was about to close for the day, around 5:30/5:50pm? Never met her again and never saw her again. Love God. Randomly found out thanks my Beautiful Mother, once shared the same thing to regarding others, being healed through her hands at hospital.

8) Never seen any of these women before apart from the host, who invited me. Women gathering, one lady drank chocolate and wine and felts sick. I got a share and massaged, (if it was 30mims to 2hours, makes no difference to me, my joy comes when they feel spiritually better) as I felt led by God. Same lady said, I should get a book for her to describe what she passed through, before and after. We had a great night.

So many, many, many more spiritual experiences, from a child to an adult. Honestly, strangers have said I should carry a book, for other to write what happened, regarding the healing. Some ask if am a witch. To warn someone of something, they said if I did not speak, they may not be alive. That is why God, is my witness.

If someone else can relate, I give thanks, if you can help me to overstand situation, I also give thanks...

Thanks for reading this, as an clueless... Would love to help others, that's my hearts desire. To give as Mum and God gave me...

Cherishable names xXx Love God. Rest In Eternal Peace Love My Adorable Mother.

Love PE, Love MR, Love ME, Love All I Knew and Shared With. Love My Ancestors. Love Spiritual Goodness... Giving thanks 🙏🏽
[at] Satsuki333


Next time kill him "again" with whatever comes in mind, because now he doesn't like you. Avoiding him won't do you much help.

In a dream, things like dead dream walkers or fake Angels you have never really seen before who treat you like their property could manifest in the real making it hard for you to live a normal life.

For instance, he kills you. Both (say because of the shock & freight while experiencing death for the 1st time) will wake up in the same dimension of your conscious awareness.

Now you will be having an entity or negative attachment following your every moves waiting for a chance of advantage without you even knowing. Feeding on your fear and anxiety that he is projecting towards you.

At this point it's either you die on his arms in a dream & he ruins your life or he dies & you run away forever.

Thanks for sharing,
I had another dream of him. Blonde hair blue eyes but this time he had a tan beige hood on with the hood up. This time he wasn't friendly. I was in a known high school parking lot going to my car. When I saw a group of girls eyeing me and from a corner of my eye I saw him. He look older this time and different. But he walked past me super fast before I made it to my car. I made eye contact that's how I know he had blue again. And he didn't look happy very serious. I got a bad feeling and decided to get in my car extremely fast. Adrenaline started to kick in but I was calm during the moment of moving fast. He suddenly appeared at my window and I quickly locked the doors. But he punched at the window and tried to grab me. At this point I knew there wasn't much to do then to speed off. He followed on a black bike and was able to keep up. I didn't want to hurt him but I also didn't want to be hurt by him. So I drove through the under construction parking a lot round about that's a drive up close to the door. As illegal as it was I knew I was breaking the law. He then quit chasing and disappeared. (( Short encounter))
How do I control telekinetic occurrences? Is there a mantra I could try? It seems that when I am highly agitated I lose control! Since as far as I can remember I can push objects away much easier than pull them to me. I deeply feel this is due to anger or reflex action! Any advice in controlling this emotion? Thank you, and God bless!
1020coco in Daemon
Let's say we were really good friends since we were little and I said to you that I fell in love with this person that was so amazing. He made me feel like I was the only special person in the world that he could love. He wanted me all to himself, but sometimes things were confusing and chaotic. I loved him so much, but when it came down to it, I felt really lonely, depressed and confused for most of the time. What would you say to me? Oh, he's great! Just keep going. It'll get better.
Think about where I'd be in a year with this guy - same place or maybe worse.
Think about where I'd be if I were to really focus on trying to find one thing that made me happy and worked on being the best version of myself. Little by little. Just plant one little seed each morning in my "Peace Garden". I wish you peace and clarity. Listen to your voice that guides you to happiness - that's the Truth
I'm just going to give you the answers that I am receiving...

Be proud of the efforts that you have made to heal your relationship.
You have gifts that people like your partner need because that sustains them and of course they do not want to let go. Getting energy shouldn't come from someone else - that's not the true Source.
You will experience messages that are "calls to action" to make a change. Do not be afraid that you will never love again. Think of all the people in this world that said the same thing and stayed in a situation that was not healthy for them, is that the story that you want for yourself?
Think of this situation as like a leak in the roof. You can try to plug it up with all these protection remedies, but honestly if you can't fix the roof then it's time to find a safe and healthy home.
I know you are devoted and loyal. Please know that you are young and you will survive. See what you want for yourself in the future and go for it! You can do it. ❤

I'll try to answer some of the questions that you have in your post.

When I was a teenager, I was very interested in witchcraft and candle magic. I didn't have anyone around to explain my gift and the only thing available was information about witchcraft. Living in Boston I was able to learn a lot about witchcraft and experience it. My thoughts about it now is that it never really served me and kept me from really developing to where I am today. It was kind of like a detour for me. If you travel down this path, try to ensure that you are not controlling anyone or anything. Control is ultimately out of our hands.
Okay, so the good're not crazy and you're not lying. You're like many many people that are now experiencing phenomena that is not considered main stream at this point. Although just look on tv and you see so much evidence that it is becoming more and more visible.
You can sense/feel energies around you. They could be loved one's or people that you somehow feel a strong connection to. Keep in mind that your light shines brighter and differently so spirits can pick up on that and when they pick up on you, well then, you pick up on them too. No need to worry about being in harms way. Fear is your only enemy. I spent decades in fear and trying to hide from my gifts of sensing Spirits around me. Because I was in fear constantly at night, I drew some nasty spirits to me and could write a horror movie about the events. Bottom line is to get past the fear, it's important to focus on love and joy. When you are happy and have joy, nothing negative will bother you. If you live in fear and waiting for scary things to happen - they will. Protection spells are something a lot of people focus on but if you have such a strong aura of love and joy that is your protection. Your gifts will get stronger and you will have the most amazing experiences if you learn about meditation and looking for really positive influences.
layschips98- thank you for replying! So sorry it's taken me this long to see it. That is something I had never considered before and will be doing my research!
This is literally my first post.

So, I do not actually claim to have a gift, only unique experiences I wish to explore further. These experiences I have had are actually very easily attributed to the neurological disorder I have, but do not explain the results of the experiences.

Lame vagueness I know. However I do have a point relevant to your post.

There is a phenomenon known as hypnopompic hallucinations which can occur in anyone, but are particularly common in my neurological disorder. What it is believed to be is dreaming/REM sleep bleeding into the wakeful state. The same is true for the hallucinations upon going into sleep, but they are called hypnogogic hallucinations.

Close cousins to sleep paralysis.

I can appreciate a healthy level of skepticism. You don't want to let your brains fall out from being too open minded. But May I ask, as I once found myself identifying as Atheist... Do you believe that there are potentially some things that simply cannot readily be explained by today's science? I'm asking when it pertains to the human perception, but it does apply to basically anything.

One does not have to have a belief in a defined divine being to suspect there could be something to it 😉
I don't have too much to say. This is but my first attempt of expression. I just had the deep inclination to tell you, a pull to tell you that I honestly think that what you are smelling was my presence from my desk. I was sitting here watching/playing with flowy energy, heat energy and darting energy on and off while slightly enraptured by some of the posts I've thus read. You're second story and of only a few posts. I think some of this stuff may transcend time at points. Don't give up sir and don't push too hard either. Like the other said, let it come healthily... If such a proper description... Lol Easy man. Live longer and prosper ^^
Click the link below or copy paste it on your browser... Indeed a tree or the guardian of the tree you were working on with building a tree house saved your life. Trees communicate with each other when something big is about to happen amd maybe when the strom hit it and it fell down it was the guardians was of telling you goodbye when some of the braches came through the house into the kitchen.

I have meet someone like this in a dream before not once or twice but many times and yes as you say they are dream walkers but not the usual ones we imagine... Have you noticed that all dream walkers always at some point resonate with the color blue or brown and always they are a bit mysterious of how they interact with a person making them feel calmer and appreciated at the time... At that moment?

My guess is they are run by something deep like technology, like guardians of a very strange and scary horrific scene that a program whants you to know about or experience the misshapenings that went down at that hospital... Maybe someone like that died and was stuck in a machine when the tornado hit the town and the lights at the hospital went out for a brief second torning him to a machine... Because at the scene of that dream you guys were watching tv... I think you missed a lot of things about that dimension which are sure enuff to send your blood rushing to your head. Like people running around an hospital... Thats no tornado coming... It's something much more sinister braking out in that same location because unlike us they know when a visitor is around and they want to flex.

Another subtle thing I picked up with my sense is that boy is evil and not good at all he could have been the cause of the death of both his friend, ex girlfriend and the whole hospital... Because as you said you "felt" you were invading the romance of him and his girlfriend and everytime you almost knew what was "up" he came close you you and told you you're with"him" not "THEM"...the victims of his overprotective love for his girlfriend who I guess died first bacause the blue eyed guy thought she was having a relationship with the other brown eyed guy in the room. Also that last location is always the beginning of the event that took place. Like the part of you applying make up on him... That is a serial killer showing you how he loved how his girlfriend applied makeup on him or the mirror and how he is about to kill the whole town ending up stack in a machine that was struck by lightning connected to him at the hospital when the storm hit that place. The last bit is that those two guys in the basement are best friends that planned something maybe founders of the hospital or doctors who experiment with humans but one killed his girlfriend and was angry he wasn't the best for her but the friend there did not know his friend will kill him too and was still going about his mission of prepping from the disaster.

Also a song like that after a dream plays a very big role on what happened at that place and with my guess it suggests a horrible scene that left the gods in tears.

Long story short don't trust those people they are dead... You need to find more about that palce and write about it here but don't I repeat DON'T trust them... Go your own way I'm sure you were just walking his steps of murder... The other NPS's (none playable characters) that lost their lifes, have paths to the lives they were living and is still available. I bet they have their own stories to tell you because now you are a part of that, is living and has questions about that guy you feel connected with.

Stay safe... I Would really like to hear more experiences like this coming from you.
What I would suggest is cleansing of course but that won't get you much help. It will continue if you don't make that a daily habit.

One thing made sense to me when you mentioned vegetables. You could be in connection with the tree of life both the upper 13 network leading to heaven and beyond or the much stressful 9 chanells leading to the underground. Studies have shown that plants have this intelligent network system of communicating with each other through a network of streams like internet wires, that's probably why you were having this spider web sensations about the future, present and past memories of how you handle emotions.

In my experience with this I would tell you first hand that future emotions are hard to comprehend because you as a living atom or physical being isn't there at the moment or at that particular time that's happening so your body tries it's best to help you know what you are perceiving is emotions not thoughts and you can just relax and let that emotion pass through without it draining you psychologicaly by the work of a high much more advanced network of communication used by plants to communicate with the cosmos because to me plants were here before us and they know what they are doing when it comes to awakening dormat strands of dna you or me forgot about but is crucial to the awakening process.

At least you saw things you are familiar with like people and plants because if your minds eye was opened enuff at that night and you glimpse a picture of what was communicated with you, you could have had the worst day ever because seeing the tree of life that communicate with your veins and stretches out from the depths or the dead to the higher light beings and out to the univers is scary... Nothing can save you there expect your past memories of who you are and why you chose that path you're in right now.
Finally someone with the same experience as me... I would have commented early but lost my previous account due to complications with my email which I also lost.

My experience would come from things like a desire or obsession with a creature I find attractive especially extraterrestrial life. It all started with sleep paralysis but since I'm more of aperson that practice meditation with house music and tropical deep vocal house music instead of wales chasing each other in my head I can say i'v encountered many many other worldly being who to me comes to no surprise of how they know what I like as a starseed (yea I say things like this in songs with the help of my mind and selective hearing) They came out to me and we had one time a conversation of how comes a cute person like me doesn't have a girlfriend. Thins change when I saw a girl slightly my age but alien because I can identify with the living dead- they can't come to you unless you are a close relative...Demons-they can't interact with you unless they tap into you barin and find things associated with you resonating with the occult and how human baings think life was created with a strong perpose of a man with white light saving people who hate other people and other worldly beings we've read about on the internet... Long story short I was listening to music with her all night... One girl turn into two... Two girls turn into a city of dark angels and one thing led to another now I'm a plug of what they want to do at night but the scary things comes when I'm vividly awake and I can hear my enviromen and sure 100% of the time someone is always there but when they co. E close to me from the back and open their arms and position their ribs on my back bone my mind just live the body and flies to space all with static, numbers and secred geometry which come out to be true when I google them. One eaven told me there are some spices consisting of girls only and they are the ones I should fear bacause they are everywhere and intelligent converseters if I swear I don't find them attractive and I'm the only person looking at her from another dimension who is not scared of doing so but of the opposite gander.
What I would tell you is this things are common especially if it's a desire you were born with of switching from the outside world to the inner much larger world consisting of everything yet still have a big influence on your outside world because me like you know they exist and if you are pro to keeping a one night stand demon that likes you... My friend you better ask questions with your mind not mouth some places are better of kept a secret for you and your friend only.
Weather they leave togather as male and female in the same dimension isf you ask me is a lie... This people are advanced and wars could start bacause of creative diffarances... My avatar alaways lies to me when I'm talking to her that if I perseav something that's not female I should call them out and say in the 3rd world we have a god and it's me... Thats why they are seeing and slowly that being would apologize for stepping on your world pretending to be a man... Thats why I always approach that world with an intent of finding a girl because they all are girls I'm the only man in my life (that's what the cosmos says)...also those people you are may not be lovers at all they can range from angels, shape shifters to guides wanting you to harnest your psychic abilities soon as possible so that you may not be ashamed to meet people like me on astra... Someone who can fly with you and see what's athe edge of the universe or what is being created in our lives at source right now... As always aks gender specific questions to get your head blown away... Having sisters is better than having a brother with boyfriends... Bye hope we related and kept it PG lol.
Hi I have read your previous stories about a year ago and this one caught me by surprise of how the three stories all connect to your boyfriend. Maybe he was and still attached by a demon, entity or something dark. In my case what I would describe as a dark emotions is when you got injured and stopped doing the house chores and maybe he noticed and suppressed his anger towards you and the things you usually do instead of cleaning. And a big point of were the spirit came from is the place he works. I think you should take more care of him when he is around to make the spirit eaven with you because most dark spirits don't attack the person they are following, they attack the person who gives their host stress and anxiety when he is alone... If you think about it, that entity is almost always with him 24/7 and probably heard him complain about his personal problems and some spirits have emotions but how they hundle their friends emotions on someone making those problems appear to their host's mind is different... They can cause a lot of harm to the projector, sometimes as a warning, sometimes they can even kill.
1020coco in Asking For Help
You never lost your ability. It does get quiet especially when we're going through major things, like the Lyme disease diagnosis, so that you can focus on getting healthy and all the changes you've had to make after being diagnosed.
You can learn this now or learn it later, but fear is your number one challenge. Think about all the ways that fear has creeped in from worrying about what others think, worrying about if you're crazy, losing control from lyme.
Best thing you can do is to learn a prayer or make your own that you repeat. Something like "I am praying for healing and peace. I accept love in this moment."
You have the answers in your heart and you don't need expensive tools or the perfect medium to give you answers. Ask for the answers to appear in your dreams. It will happen. Love and Blessings
Whenever I have felt spider webs, I have been under spiritual attack. Usually coming down on me while I sleep. You feel them while awake? Then you get sad, depressed etc... Sounds bad to me. Remember not all spirits are good... So don't open up to the bad ones.

Do you know how to cleanse? Cleanse yourself and your room / house, then put up protection. Set boundaries with spirits. Talk to them. There are times when I've had to say out loud "Let me be! I need sleep! " Tell the lower level ones to keep moving. If you are full of love and light and joy, that in and of itself will keep many of the "nasties" away. Saint Michael is a good one to ask for help with protection... Across many religions. He is a warrior angel, after all.
Some folks believe trees have spirits - maybe that's who caught you. Maybe it was your guardian angel. Whoever it was, they were protecting you for sure.

I totally relate to your experience. When I was little, I fell backwards off some steps and I felt strong arms catch me before I hit the concrete, then gently set me down - but there was no one there! I always thought it was my guardian angel.
Sounds like you are under attack to me. The fall down the stairs may have been part of it too. I am sorry about your kitten. Sometimes our pets "take the hit" for us... I have had that happen to me before. If this rings true to you, thank the kitten for taking your place.

I would do a cleanse on your apartment, your cars, and yourselves - then put up protection. Keep the energy light and positive. Clutter and dirt attract negativity. Ask your Mom or friends to help you deep clean - add whatever cleansing your prefer (Chinese Wash, lemon, blessed salt, Florida water) into your cleaning products before the helpers get there and pray over it. That way, y'all will clean out any spiritual gunk along with the actual dirt - and the helpers don't even need to know about the spiritual side of the cleaning unless you want to tell them.

Then do whatever protection around the house, your cars, and on yourselves according to your spiritual preferences. Don't forget the protection. Hope this helps.
Hi! Over the past 70+ years I have had numerous psychic experiences and gained a lot in wisdom, some of which can be applied to you. You are meant to develop spiritually at a certain pace and not through a crash course as you have been doing. One gets to the point where you are unable to absorb and process anymore knowledge. At this point you shut down, and loose interest for a long time. Years in fact. Your guide will advise you when you are ready for your next session. It has happened to me a few times during my lifetime. So, don't despair, it is natural, it happens.
I have experienced stuff like this to but I don't think "auras or "energy" is a good explanation for it. I have looked into the term "gangstalking","proactive-policing", or any theory that this is some type of psychological harrasment program and to be honest I while it still has some inconsistencies I think its a better explanation for all of this. Also a lot of my experiences would seem to confirm this leans more towards something of the latter which I stated. Who knows they might spread nonsense about this "spiritual" or "psychic" stuff just to further confuse people. I mean these explanations for things never really helped in the first place for me except as maybe a metaphor. But I'm still willing to talk with whoever is also experiencing this stuff.
Hi Fiona! I have also been off the air for some time, hence my belated reply to your post. It would appear that you have psychic abilities. Some advice from a very old hand (I am 86 years old and had my first psychic experience in 1949) You will advance psychically at a certain pace set by your guardian angel. If you push yourself too hard, you will loose interest for a long time. Years in fact. It happened to me. You could learn from my experiences and should you be interested read my blogs at: A lot of experience over many years. Yours for the taking.
ThulsaDune in Asking For Help
I have not been on here for quite awhile. I had to shut myself off from many things and concentrate on just a couple.

I am going to suggest a couple things to help. You may not like it but I would suggest lavender tea and spiced chia for a couple months once a day preferably in the evening. It will help detox and heal you.
I think that goes to show you the power of the mind! And with multiple people, I presume it's exponential.
Thanks for sharing,
Hello, I experienced a glowing green eyed entity in 2004 I was around the age of 9. I live in Canada.
This experience shook me to the core as there was a real physical response.

For big picture purpose: We lived in a 4 floor split home. When my baby sister was born I was moved to the sub basement. Only about 4 feet below ground. And the basement was about 8 stairs down from there with a crawl space.

For many months I would have night mares and wake up too my walls glowing green or bugs that always went away when others came into my room. Or objects not being where I left them. My parents did not think much of my complaints. This was also the house I had my last flair up of sleep walking and talking.

The incident I am about to describe was the only time I saw "it." We moved shortly after.

It was on a normal sunny afternoon where I had come home from school. I was in the sub basement beside my room on my way to the end of the living space where our Dog was penned.

I was going to let him outside when I felt a slight breeze from the open door to the basement. Ceaser our shepard mix was happy until that moment. As I turned to look at the stairs down, he began to growl and bark a bit. I wish I wanted to turn and ask him what was wrong but I knew as soon as I laid eyes on it. About mid way up the stair case I would estimate around 5'8" was a dark humonoid shadow with big GLOWING GREEN EYES. The stairs were not lit currently and natural light was behind me by Ceaser so the eyes were very prominent.

I felt my body hair stand up, and for a split second I could not move. It stared at me for what could only be a moment but felt much longer. Ceaser began to go balistic and broke free. As he did the figure shot up the stairs right into me with a decent gust of air. Ceaser bolted straight down the stairs barking like mad and I just stood there. I don't remember what happened after. I feel like my step dad came downstairs to see what the commotion was but I do not recall the rest of that evening. Or when Ceaser calmed down.

This was so scary I remember it to this day vividly, 16 years later. I had lots of wierd stuff happen as a kid and a very stressful home life. But I swear it was real and it was evil. I felt it. It physically moved me. Plus our Dog saw it too. Thinking back it still fills me with Dred. I hope to never see it ever again. 😨
Good evening! We unfortunately find departed spirits who have not left the earth plane for various reasons. (Read my blogs at: They keep themselves busy by attaching themselves to humans, and can make your life a misery. The best advice that I can give you is to ignore them flat. When they don't get a reaction from you they will leave and look for someone else to pester.
spookvanger in Looking For Help
Hi Tara! I have been off the air for some time and your request for help has only now come to my notice. I sincerely hope you read my reply.
I am positive that your husband is still around you and the family, that is why you can sometimes smell his scent. It would appear that although he has passed over he is earth bound and has not left the earth plane. To give you more insight I earnestly request you to read my blogs, especially "Inauguration of a rescue circle". This will answer your questions. Read them at:
I would suggest that you join a Spiritualist Church in your area. You could receive a message from him during the service.
I trust you will receive the peace you are looking for.
God bless.
Hi Treehouse! Regrettably I have only now read your post. I am 86 years old and have had more than 70 years experience in psychic matters. You have had good advice from oOIOo to which I want to add the following: The 7 spirits who bothered you are not guides. They have their own agenda. You will NEVER see your guide/s in this life, and they will never leave you. Your guides job is to guide you, all the time. You will only meet him again when you pass into spirit life. Should you need more guidance/info, I invite you to read my blogs. There are at present 26 blogs which you can find at:
God bless.

I hope you come back and read this.

It is wonderful that you have such love in your life. I would like to share with you some experiences I have had with love.

My late wife channeled higher level beings. Many were either angelic or archangels. Among many things I had a chance to ask every question I could think of over the course of years.

We can have relationships with beings on other levels. When we fall in love with people here on the Earth plane the guides of both people fall in love as well. They are involved behind the scenes long before we even meet the eventual love interest. Some people are so connected to their guides that they become one for brief moments. I had a girlfriend who would get a certain look on her face and touch her chin with her hand when concentrating. My late wife who was a channeler contacted this ex-girlfriend's guide. As my wife channeled him my wife got the same look and touched her chin with her hand the same way the girlfriend always had. The gesture was the guide's. The girlfriend and the guide became one when she concentrated like that.

I once fell in love with a woman's guide instead of her.

I have experienced astral relations;-| with beings who as far as I could know were not also here with a physical body living somewhere on the Earth plane.

I have had a sustained relationship (soul to soul) with someone living in a physical body but who was not aligned with their higher self. She was an evolved being and very advanced with higher level abilities but she was abused at a very young age. I could have a conversation with a part of her while her Earth consciousness was not involved. She was aware of me, she was even interested in me and came to me to show me her interest in me before I grew interested in her. However, I did not recognize that she was fragmented inside, incapable of a serious relationship and mainly looking for fun in the moment.

We were telepathic with one another and on one level she made her interest in me crystal clear. She was multidimensional. One day she opened up and invited me inside her. It was non-verbal and I simply understood and accepted the invitation without hesitating. Instead of sensing a limited intimate space I felt the unlimitedness of a universe within her. I considered her a divine gift. I loved her more and with greater understanding of love than anyone previously. I poured intense love into her. I researched her situation wanting to understand and to do what she needed of me. I began experimenting with the love I had for her to see if it improved the dynamics of our connection. But in the process I changed and could not return to what I had been before. She instead drifted away.

We can experience physical sensation generated by non-physical beings. To this day, the strongest love able to melt me came from a visiting non-physical being who usually does not enter this plane. The room warmed. Colors and light became more vivid. I was quickly turned into warm pudding. It was awe inspiring but awe is too much of an expressive activity to describe this. I was too softened from the deep warming love. A relaxing moan would better describe it.

Pale compared to this yet still strong was the love I felt when my mother came to me after she passed away. It was undeniably her, very pure and reminiscent of her presence when I was a very young child and she was "LOVE" to me. Our relationship had become and remained distant for most of my life but this was her in full glowing purity focused on me and I had the maturity and awareness at my adult age to fully appreciate it. Again, the other being was even more loving.
Regarding the night you awoke to a view of the universe, you may have actually been floating and elevated in your astral body somewhere above any obstructions.
One way to eliminate nuisances like parasites and trickster spirits is to "kill them with kindness" Send them love and gently encourage then to move on. It may take some time repeating the process. Nuisances like this are not particularly aware and sensitive. They are here because they know where to find food. It may take them time to get the message that you are not a gratifying meal.
Hello Joey,

I hope this does not come off as a reprimand or a moral judgement. I would like to present some ideas to be considered from a different point of view. You sound really awesome and have very interesting natural talent.

Please share what this special power is you refer to. You are anonymous here. You are only contributing a mysterious curiosity by alluding to it. Without knowing the "power" there is not enough information to understand your problem in its entirety.

One thing I have noticed is that this website attracts a lot of people near their 20's younger and older but near. With that comes all of the themes the demographic is exposed to and is of interest to them. Particularly is the popularity of comic book superhero blockbuster films. This and Star Wars are the dominant source for the concept of "superpowers" and "forces" to be used to dominate. Whether the opponent is "evil" or not it is still focusing on power. This in part at least is a consequence of external influences. You would see a less dramatized depiction of these abilities if you researched spiritual and philosophical books and did not rely on the Hollywood versions.

You did say "abilities" but saying 'wielder of abilities" is about power and ego. "I seem to be the most powerful I not only have some unique abilities but I also happen to have one of the most rare..." this is comic book material. You have also used the terms "powers" or "powerful" several times. Spiritual awareness, psychic perception, interacting with higher-level energies are not "power" these are "abilities." There is a significant difference between the two and typically in the way we think of them and their utilization. When you used the word "abilities" you used it in the context of power. Referring to them as a power suggests dominance and superiority. Could you be compensating for a perceived weakness in yourself?

I have known many psychics, mediums, channelers, etc. In my lifetime and some for as long as 40 years. Ultimately for a few the ego has been the wall preventing them from advancing their abilities. Some of these are pros making a living with these abilities and they have always had to pad / fluff up / fill in the gaps with trivial things because their guides have limited the information they provide as a means to show them it is not them and is instead The Universe who is the source.

Instead of seeking outside sources of more energy and hiding from other "wielders" seek The Universe and aspire to be an instrument for the true Source. The Universe is the source you need to reconnect with and from inside yourself. Humility, benevolence and gratitude are keys. Good luck on your journey.
The numbers: There can be a significance to catching numbers here and there. Once the idea is presented to you your mind has a mind of its own, so to speak. If this had been occurring and you stumbled upon an explanation viewing the video I would lean towards a spiritual explanation. However, because this unfolded after and more of the result having been exposed to the idea watching the video I am inclined to think it is just your brain. It can be of spiritual significance or it can be Earthly relevant. Our brains can keep track of time with great precision even though you may still be chronically late for appointments, be oblivious sleeping through your alarm clock or missing a movie showtime. The numbers 11:11 are also spiritually significant and can be a mere hello from higher levels or reminding us of deeper aspects of life.

The "weirdness": Without meeting you in person or even online most of us cannot make an informed assessment of that. You might be using the word "weird" very loosely while most other people may have and agree on a single different more precise word which also contains an explanation for what you observe around you. "Weird" is vague. There are many forms of weird and each person has their own interpretation of what they find weird.

The fact that you find people with a variety of unique characteristics interesting and can relate to them can be a matter of empathy and possibly indicative of an old soul with many shared experiences. It can also have something to do with your astrological details. Some people have it in them to understand everyone and/or have the ability to see things from a wide variety of different perspectives.
Smelling cigarettes has been associated with the presence of a spirit. That is when you have eliminated the physical / logical possibilities like someone around or upwind truly smoking a cigarette or perhaps having burned toast nearby.
The first time you triggered psychic abilities was unique. It is beneficial that you not expect them to come in a flash. I can share what has seemed to have worked for me. I do not have a technique or formula.

It helps to be balanced and grounded. When grounded I feel practically invincible, not literally but like I have my full faculties available. It is a realistic view. I know myself and my limitations. I do not expect to levitate or read everything precisely.

I exposed myself to environments which were conducive / ideal to explore such activities. Meaning, I attended retreats, took classes and acquired friends who were naturally good at it. I had friends who were professional psychics. I had a girlfriend who was a pro psychic and first experienced shared dreams and multidimensional sexual activity with her. Later my wife was very advanced and she was writing a book dictated by her guides. She needed a companion to hear her speak the words as she received them to sort of complete the flow. I occasionally saw the words floating or heard them before she spoke them aloud. This was able to observe and share many experiences intimately. My first experience of conscious astral projecting was the result of her guides coaching and preparing me.

She passed away and I rejected these topics for many years. I became cynical of them and just lived a regular life. Except that I had been guided and prepared for things when I was actively involved and I remembered and applied the same techniques when I saw how they might benefit situations. For instance, I relocated to a different area and found a place to live I know I was guided to. Sometimes your guides and The Universe needs time and opportunity to do little things for you that lead you to bigger things. Part of this process involved taking steps that accomplished that. We are not all identical. I only know what they did for me and it worked so I used the same process on myself and that worked. Some people have things come more abruptly or dramatically and some have things happen in a wide variety of ways. There is no single rule.

Regarding Law of Attraction, I have not seen evidence that this works for most people and it seems to take a very unique mindset in those that use it. There is the phenomenon of not thinking of a carrot. In other words, here and now do not think of a carrot for a moment. If you are like most people you will think of a carrot. I was born with a natural ability with visual arts. I am exceptionally creative. It is counter=productive for me to hold to a single idea. I am naturally open to ideas. This enables me to see more, to refine and reach higher for an ever-fleeting perfection glimpsing the Heavens. I do not see how I could control my thoughts to utilize Law of Attraction techniques at will. Maybe you can. Good luck.

I find that insights come to me when I am focused on a task. I have done the opposite and see the value in operating in the groove, reaching a Zen state of activity, flowing with The Source. I experimented with being more open and multitasking. Both still must be done while focused on the task giving much less attention to things aside from the task. I thought I would miss the additional input if I was not paying attention. It does not work that way though. The additional input comes from within you not outside. By coming within it comes through you and as part of the motion and action of the focused upon task. If you anticipate it coming from outside you will devote less attention on the task and not do a good of a job at it. You might manage to complete it well, it is not impossible, but you do so with a compromised mindset. You are increasing your chances of doing well when you are deeply involved to the point where things become timeless.

Another tip is to train yourself to catch and pay attention to thoughts popping into your mind. We are encouraged to pay more attention to external stimuli. We tend to miss these thoughts. As you start to train yourself to notice and give them a chance you may notice them but act too quickly and not give them a chance. At this stage you can at least look back and see whether they were beneficial. As you begin to give them their due consideration their value will increase. Meaning, what you are sent will get more important and have more impact. This is partially because you will develop a channel for these insights to flow through and you will be utilizing them more which in turn leads to a knowing, a confidence in the process, a sense of connection to higher guidance and awareness that you are not alone as you live your life. It will not be such an uphill climb or feel so much like a battle or struggle. This applies to everything from accessing psychic insight to finding a job or a new car or a good meal.
"How on Earth is this possible?"

It does happen. It may be new to you and relatively uncommon but things like this have happened to many people. The thing I hope you take to heart is to go with it and experience it without getting distracted with questions of how it is possible.

It is interesting in that everything fits together. There is nothing out of place. Like you said the meaning or purpose is obvious. Sometimes there are one or more things that seem out of place and especially difficult to understand how they fit.
I am not as extreme as you but I used to be able to read strangers easily. Unfortunately I am extra sensitive to people and how they react. I grew up in a family with tension under the surface. I later learned my parents did not get along and my mother was abused as a child. They hid this from me but being sensitive and what is known as "empathic" I absorbed this negativity and because a child typically only knows its immediate world and everything seems to revolve around you I felt responsible for everything bad.

My mother was raped by her step brother. She projected her resulting feelings towards males onto me. I (along with my mother) paid the price for her being raped. My closest sister was both lovable, perceived as wonderful to everyone and I in turn worshiped her. But she followed the unacknowledged example my mother demonstrated and was typically quite harsh towards me. I was a good looking kid evinced by the reaction I got from both girls and men. Yet I was never able to feel good about myself and never allowed to feel happy. If I showed happiness my sister would tell me something unhappy in her life and I felt I could not be happy as long as she was not happy.

I am not gay but homophobia is common and I frequently confused the feelings some men had towards me as my own until I had more time to sense the source. I have walked into stores and felt a strong attraction towards people whom I had yet a chance to see. Many times I felt compelled to turn around and would find someone staring at me from some direction I never could have seen until that moment. There is a moment of distraction when I feel overwhelmed, then I evaluate and sense and wonder and then sense something wrong, then I realize it is not my feeling it is the person looking embarrassed across the room as I look at them blankly. This has happened with men and women. A psychic once told me that my "door" to psychic awareness is sexuality. People let their sexual attraction slip out.

My closest sister was lovable and got away with being hateful as well because of it. She was aggressive and people did not want to cross her. She also was insightful. We both could see people for what they truly were. I naturally respected people while she naturally felt she was beyond most. She set the example I worshiped her. She could get away with calling people on the BS. I wanted to be like her. I made many enemies instead when I did what she did. I was sensitive and cared when I perceived I hurt people. I received theirs and my own wrath on myself. I ended up numbing myself dulling my senses doubting myself because I dropped down in stature to myself when I perceived I hurt anyone and that became my identity. It may be dormant and clouded in doubt and fear of the trouble I could bring upon myself for using it but I still have that innate insight into people.

I experience what is called synesthesia. My senses overlap. For instance, I partially see with my ears and hear with my eyes. When I was a child I felt the future as sensations and shapes in my mouth that I would explore with my tongue as I observed images and contemplated events to come. I have lost that one ability because I have held a lot of tension in my mouth all of my life.

I cannot say whether I feel time is running out because I have knowledge of that from outside sources. I can only confirm your sense of things from this point of view. My wife was probably one of the greatest channelers to have been born. She channeled uncommonly pure. Her personal guides were benevolent with access to significant information. She had several and all but one were angels or archangels. People believe all "guardian angels" are literally angels. Most are people between incarnations of lives on the same level as us. Actual angels as guides are not so common. Archangels as guides are extremely rare. They were here on a divine mission using her as a tool. I was fortunate to have such close contact with them. I was able to ask every question I could think of over a period of years. Again I confirm from this perspective that your sense of time being short here is correct.

Good luck to you. We are all here to take part and many are here because this turbulent time is ideal for concentrated growth opportunity. It is not to be easy for anyone regardless of divine connections and special abilities.
Hello AutumnNoel,

First this I hope to convey is that the presence of fear itself is not an indication of danger. It is an indication of ignorance, lack of understanding and probably the most significant is loss of or perceived potential loss of control.

A centipede represent stability. With all of those legs it is unlikely to lose balance. It also represent coordination and concentration. You say your were "frozen in its gaze" This is your deeper self-awareness. The weather turned dark and stormy with lightening in the distance. You were actually protected but you did not understand what was going on. The sickle is an ancient tool used for harvesting that which brings and sustains life.

If you get over your fear you could use the centipede to invoke peace of mind, serenity and confidence anytime but especially in the face of adversity.
-o0I0o- in Looking For Help
Hello Tara,

The most important thing I hope to get across to you is to enjoy what you can the way he feels when he comes to you, the way he also visits the children and how they are aware of him. Do not get hung up on believing he is not succeeding and somehow you have to find a way to comprehend some message he is unable to get to you. He clearly is showing you he loves you and wants you all to know he lives on and did not end.

When my mother died she came to me and I felt her essence stronger than I had ever before. It was unmistakable. When we are little children we are not consciously aware and do not have the experience and knowledge to understand. We just know and take things for granted. Gradually as we grow up and discover the world we are distracted from our senses and are drawn away from those who have been closest to us. This was experiencing her pure essence with the knowledge and awareness of my adult years.

Your husband does not necessarily have some great message your are unable to receive. He may be accomplishing his objective by just coming to you and the children and exchanging experiences with you. You could just enjoy his presence and go with it. However if you get anxious with concern you are missing something important you will miss the opportunity to fully experience him.

There are psychics, who do something specifically referred to as mediumship or who identify themselves as "mediums"...these are people with an ability to hear and communicate more directly with people who have passed on. They can relay words that you might not be receptive to. Unfortunately there are also many frauds so if you can try more than one and not take anyone as Gospel / The Ultimate Truth you could benefit.

Whatever you do, try to relax and go with the experience when your husband visits. He can communicate in your dreams but many times we do not recall dreams in detail. Other times a dream just leaves a strong lingering feeling. That can be the message just as well as hearing words.
One other thing (see previous comment) regarding UFO sightings, it was the press covering Eshed's story that implied sightings have increased lately. It was Eshed making that statement. It was not any other source connecting his story to actual events on record. This idea that sighting have increased recently immediately caught my attention because that did not correspond with the truth.

Also, "the Pentagon" has not "confirmed" the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings in contact with any governments. Of course the military acknowledges the existence of "UFO's" U.F.O. Stands for Unidentified Flying Object. That does not imply alien technology. This said, pilots and astronauts have described objects and especially the movement of some objects as not possible with known technology. This still only leaves questions concerning the situation and context in which things were observed rather than providing evidence of aliens coming to Earth.
"UFO's sittings have increased immensely, the pentagon just confirmed the existence of aliens and UFO's, but why did they do it? Why now?"

Be mindful of making more out of things than are actually happening.

UFO sightings have not increased immensely. Recently there was a former Israeli space security chief (Prof. Haim Eshed) saying there has been contact with aliens, there is a contract to do experiments on Earth and that even US president Trump is in contact with aliens. Eshed is releasing a book. He is obviously making such statements to sell the book.

I was alive in the 70's 80's 90's and all the way to the 2021. There have always been occasional reports of UFO's but once in a while there have been surges of sightings and sometimes these have taken place all over the world. But there have not been many of these for a long long time.
In Quantum Theory there is a premise whereby the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality.

A controlled experiment revealed that the greater the amount of "watching," the greater the observer's influence on what actually takes place.
Everyone has multiple lifeforms attaching to them throughout their lives. I am not speaking of the microscopic world. Some people attract dark entities while others attract kinder gentler beings. The way to eliminate them is to encourage them with love. It sounds cliche and improbable (the whole idea is improbable to many) but it is the way to do it. Kill them with kindness. The dark energies will not be satisfied and leave while the more loving energies will understand it is the right thing to do and just comply.

You two are overwhelmed by the attached beings because both of you are extra sensitive. Because you are extra sensitive you need to learn how to protect yourself and reduce their influence on you.
-o0I0o- in Tarot Channeling
Hey dandydaffodil,

Don't listen to the haters. They want everyone to be like them.

Follow your heart and be true to your soul. You have amazing talent and comprehension with your higher-level senses. You already have more ability and understanding of what you are doing while most readers only have book sense and memorized dogma. You can be of great assistance to other people and/or you can use this exclusively to enrich your own life.

Tarot cards can be used many ways including as a means to convey messages from beings not living with physical body. Historically an Ouija board has had dark connotations but my wife learned how to channel using one. First she sort of felt the urge to spell out words. Then she started hearing the words and soon would narrate everything simultaneously. Eventually she was able to allow her guides to utilize her body and converse as though they had exchanged places. If you turned the lights off and could not see her you could more easily feel the different being across from you. Her guides were not "evil spirits" they were benevolent and full of knowledge and wisdom.
Hello Smoltowngrl,

I agree with PathR in that you are gifted.

Easier said than done I know we all have fears but somehow you need to understand how these signs taking place for you are not to be feared. Try to be passive and not reactive as they unfold. Instead of dreading something "bad" to come observe neutrally without labeling it bad or good. Do you know of the film The Sixth Sense? In that film a very young boy "sees dead people" and eventually learns not to be afraid but to comprehend the message which he then relays to other people. I suspect this is just the introduction to a great talent developing in you. You are learning the language being used to communicate. Later you very likely will have much more reveled to you. You are very special. You are becoming bilingual speaking a language that is uncommon but valuable. Read, seek contact with "mediums" and "psychics"...there are many with great abilities and understanding but like anything there are plenty that are not that good at it and who do not understand what they are doing. Eventually you will have pieces of the puzzle and assemble it seeing the picture.

Best of luck to you!
It certainly is possible to detect scent on a higher level (than the physical plane). It certainly is possible to have sex there with other beings as well. There are many forms of higher-level sexual activity. You can have a form of higher-level sexual interaction with beings living lives on the physical plane as well as with beings who are not currently living lives on the physical plane. There are lost/roaming souls (ghosts). There are multi-dimensional beings without physical bodies. There are souls not currently living on the physical plane. I have personally experienced several forms. Generally, the rules/guideline are similar regarding safety and protection. Whether it is with a physical being or one without a physical body we are interacting with that being on other levels. How do you know whether you are interacting with the same being or not? Look for recognizable characteristics. As above, so below. Look, sense, feel for characteristics. Practice and develop your natural skills.
Your words seem to reference single events but many similar events over a period of time, is this correct? For instance the 7 figures around your bed, this seems to be a single event yet you speak of that event as though it was recurring or at least part of a recurring theme. You may chalk up as having learned that you have control. These beings (?) may not have been your guides, as in your assigned guides. Your guides will give you space if you wish. You are never truly alone. You can request different guides and may or may not succeed. But you cannot banish them. We are here teamed and connected but we do not all have awareness. We do not necessarily have an objective to utilize multi-level capacities. You are jumping to conclusions attributing the "stale, flat, boring" nature of your life to the absence of interactivity with these beings that had been showing up. My suggestion to you is to take a proactive role in changing the "stale, flat, boring" nature of your life. Find an interest and pursue it. Do not expect the beings to return. Move on. Immerse yourself in new interests. Your "guides" have not left you. They continue to do their part. You are the one living here on this plane and they are the guides. Get back to living life and everything will fall into place.
Never mind, I have my answers and since there were no similar responses, I think I am to keep them to myself. Thank you for responding.
[at] mx384

Thanks, I wrote on your story because I couldn't find a way to send a private message haha.

I don't have much to add to my story except that I've actually seen my girlfriend's aura after all, it happened around a month ago. I was in the dining room and she was making food in the kitchen while I was facing away from her. I was lost in my mind when I felt intuitively I needed to turn my head and look at her. Then I felt my vibrational state rise and I distinctly saw a red overlay around her legs, who intensified in color and vibrance as my vibrations rose up. A few seconds later, I was smiling and happy. It felt good. Then I turned around again for a few seconds and when I looked back, her aura had turned to blue.

I also think I had an out-of-body experience recently. I was asleep and woke up in the middle of the corridor outside my apartment. Everything was REAL and I was focusing intensely on a hole in the wall. I felt myself rise above the ground and realizing I was free, I felt the urge to explore a new place. So I went headfirst into someone else's apartment... And everything went black. It felt like I wasn't allowed to go in there. And then I woke up and told my girlfriend about the experience. I checked out the wall the next day and the hole I was focusing on during my moment of freedom was actually there. I never noticed that hole before this happened.
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[at] mx384

Hey how are you? I saw your post on my story, sorry it took a while to come back to you I keep forgetting to check the comments 😆

Anyway yeah you can send the PDF you mentioned if you still have it, although I have an idea of what it could be. I'm very interested either way, hopefully you still have it. You can send it to charlesmalodube120 [at]

I liked your story too and I have moments just like you mentioned. I also regularly dream about stuff that happens either the next day or in the following days or weeks. It's odd.

Aurora-Rose-117 in Is It Supposed To Hurt?
Oh and yes I get overwhelmed by the chaos of people's emotions too. My natural reaction used to be anger or anxiety, but I'm slowly developing a working method to be in crowds and around violent energies safely. It's a journey for sure! I lived in Dayton OH for a short while and the veil seems to be thinner there than in other places. Could be all the Selenite in the ground!
Which reminds me, you can try focusing your abilities on reading magnanimous peaceful things like trees. And get yourself a good piece of black kyanite, I mean it!
Aurora-Rose-117 in Is It Supposed To Hurt?
Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the information and sensory stuff? I don't think the stuff you pick up on is useless, a lot of the time it's omens in the environment etc. And correspondences. And they can be made useful. I shut my abilities down tremendously but when I open them up it's somewhat similar to you. Except I read the environment and big scale things. For example I felt like I was getting an omen and opened myself up. I saw a lamp flickering and thought "what is the message?" I knew there was going to be a shooting and left, and got 2 more omens along the way to my car. The next day I looked it up on the news and there was a shooting at the McDonald's drive through a few miles down from where I was.
I can look at your astrological chart to see where your strengths and weaknesses may lie, if you feel inclined.
Cxvii.aurora [at]
Or on FB Okaje Auravictrix (not my real name but it's a sock puppet account to safely connect with people)
Rough times is an understatement. I've been told by a world renowned psychic I've had a hard life, more than most. Honestly, I didn't realize it until I talked to others. Some who have had to watch me do my best said I have gone through more hardship in year than most see in a lifetime. It has only been the last 11 months that I have known any kind of rest, even a little peace. But still with loss.
I had given up on love long ago, like decades ago. Didn't look for it, didn't feel any real need for it, really didn't want to deal with any more complications. I've just been trying to deal with what life hands me.
So, all of this was a surprise to me.
I've been aware of my guides since I was a child. These new ones are different and have amazed me with how active and how much they can affect the physical world.
I hope that answers your question, probably too much.
The reality is there are many dimensions.

There are also people who die, and yet active in the physical realm.
Those who wish to evolve are of service and act as guides.

In your situation it seems there is interacting with you, so you are in this relationship. And as all of us have ability to show love/peace. This is what has been imparted to you and more, from what you are saying.

As you are saying you have gone though rough times, and felt lost in need of love.
I can't say I have your skills or that I know the depth of your loneliness, but I can say that there is more to life. In this world there are those who are hateful, but it's not actually the true nature of things.
As I sit here, contemplating what you need to hear, all my spirit guides have to say, is to let you know you are not alone.
Believe it or not, I am actually very curious about your skills and feel at home in reading your story. As you know, not everyone accepts the unseen elements of life, but as a healer I feel a kinship to you. I would love to hear how you are doing and if you have any questions, please email me at my business email, rae [at] if you are interested in connecting.
Awakening is opening up to the 5 psychic senses: clairvoyance, clairsentient etc. The earth has a voice, and in part, your hearing is nature. The lights red/blue/white are nature & elements. There are various levels we can interact on the earth (physically/mentally/emotionally) these intertwine with etheric and astral plus physical plan. As said according to old tradition, all life is a circle.
But as your are in your region it sounds as if you are hearing thunder and lightning bird called Ndadzi. And when humans show religious homage with prayer this too can be seen/felt/heard.
Munchkin1468 in Hearing The Earth Turn
For a little over a year now I have been having the same experiences minus the "Earth rotating" sound. The ringing in the ears at different frequencies and the little bright lights. Most of them are white but I have also seen some blue and a few red. I've tried to find the source of the lights but I haven't been able to. I've researched and so far they are unexplainable. Last year when I first experienced them I was also in the midst of a really bad year. My husband and I has split up, I lost my job, I became deathly ill with an uncommon disease, and my house burned to the ground. At first when the lights appeared I felt like someone must be playing a trick on me but as I witnessed them more and more I wrote that theory out. I don't feel threatened by them but I am always looking for an explanation which led me here. Last night there were more of them then I had ever seen at once and I felt that the reason was that they were trying to communicate something important to me. It almost looked like they were trying to form objects but as I tried to see more clearly it felt like a haze was in front of my eyes. The more I struggle to see the hazier my eyes got. There were so many of them I felt a little uncomfortable but also felt an urgency from them. I do not know what they want or what if any kind of message they are trying to relay. I can't really tell anyone cause they'll think I am crazy. (maybe I am 🤔) I know they are real and I can always tell when I will see them because the ringing in my ears will get louder. I am hearing the ringing now and I want to know what they want. I am going to try to listen to them tonight more tentatively. Hopefully I can see what they are saying or understand in some form. I can't leave it as unexplained. Quite honestly, I've never been a spiritual person, but someone told me they could "see" that I was going through an "awakening". I don't know what that means really. If anyone has answers or suggestions for I should do please contact me.

Thank you
This sounds very similiar to an experience my ex-wife and I had when we were together. At the time I wasn't very spiritual (or rather God-pleasing) and later things got complicated between us. Perhaps this event indicates there will be some changes, or perhaps not. What is most important is your own spiritual walk and what you rely on spiritually when the "winds" pick up in your life, just as in the Bible (if you believe) when Jesus walked on the water and called out to Peter and Peter didn't focus on God, but on the winds and began to sink. During such frightening experiences and even sudden abrupt life changes (such as the pandemic) focus your attention on God. God would not scare or frighten you. I hope this helps, Insha'Allah.
follow your HEART ultimately not your spirit guides, despite them wanting the best for u - your life is ultimately dictated by the choices you make and your mind state of being. But be aware of karma. Cheating leads to bad karma. Cheat and be certain you will get cheated on. This is not meant to discourage you, it is simply the law of the universe. To advise against this, by following your heart, you also stand up for your dignity. If you're unhappy in your marriage and your husband, leave him and be with this guy. If not... What is hidden will always come to light as they say ~
Imagination is simply channeling information. It is not made up - it is as real as this reality. Just as your dreams are. Yes u were channeling. Did u make up the story, or did the story make itself known to u? See
At night is when spirits like to come and play as I call it. There's more silence, less noise in the mind - therefore it is easier for U to perceive them. They always will try to get our attention both during the day and night, but maybe your mind gets quieter during nighttime, and he's easily able to make his presence known. Interesting u smell cologne though. I would say that is more human, but your friend is describing more alien or djinn like. He seems gentle though. Be wary for any sexual interaction or sleep paralysis though. Thats a form of energy sucking. I wouldn't worry about it. If he makes u uncomfortable ask him to leave
Very interesting. If you're spiritual I recommend this book The Mist Filled Path. Different from your story, but still u might like it. Anyways, yes you're absolutely right! The fog contained dense energy which is y u fell asleep. I shift different dimensions all the time while I'm awake, but I've never had anything from this dimension interact with the one I was in. INTERESTING that the place you went to was called crossroads as well. Crossroads between this realm and another? Hahaha. I would simply look into the location of where u were and any experiences. Perhaps there's something spiritual about the specific location you're in. Examples like how certain places are prone to UFO citings. It's strange because when I astral travel while I'm awake to different dimensions I simply feel my consciousness shifting and my perception changes - the energy around me feels different and I feel different entities around me depending on where I traveled to. Where I travel to can also be in the past or future, which means that dimension the time works differently. I wouldn't be surprised when u fell asleep when that fog hit u that the time that passed seemed suspicious? I can't see however, which is a big difference betweeen your story and mine. I just feel like a blind person.
you dreamt it, then you forgot about it while you're awake. Sometimes when we dream time does not work the way it does when we're awake, meaning the past present and future are sort of warped like a circle. It's deju vu basically lol. It's common but u might think you're crazy. Don't worry you're not.
layschips98 in Black Crow And Orbs
Im not going to lie I felt that as well reading the beginning of your text there's something very off about that place, perhaps there's a portal inside that place that is subject to all sorts of negative energies PLURAL. Stay with a friend or motel I advise. Even wearing protection doesn't do much if that place has a portal in it.
healers are empaths. A healer is one with deals with the energy of others and channels into it to a lightform energy. That lightform energy channels that denser energy in whoever your healing into light, that's why they feel better and more flexible. Usually if you're a healer, it means you channel this through the help of your spirit guides. Perhaps archangel Raphael is close to you as he is with all healers. Anyways very cool
Static is interesting because it can be a number of things, but if it's MOVING and looks like it's contained in what looks like a BODY, then it's simply a spirit moving around you. Could be alien in nature. Spirit guides and those of the light move usually through light, so light flashing or orbs around you. Sometimes dots of blue at least with me. Static though is interesting because it's energy, and could be alien. You could be an energy healer as well. Do you have heated hands in the center of your palms?
layschips98 in Hearing The Earth Turn
if it's indeed the earth turning, that's deep. Also meditative music, what do you mean? I've never heard of that. What does it sound like? A certain frequency or pitch or is it like instruments?
layschips98 in Invisible Breathing
Yes it's strange. I sense breathing all around me, or what feels like a heartbeat in the air. It's simply a spirit around you. It's easy to detect if it's positive or negative. Negative is more dense in energy, so you might feel an energy BODY laying next to you, if it's of the light then you will feel the energy in your heart - like your heart opening and you feel lighter in energy.
Hi there, it could be an earthbound spirit has attached to you - synching their emotions to yours. You're a strong empath. Wear black tourmaline.
layschips98 in Seeing Spider
Your third eye was open which made you see into the astral plane - a dimension that is very strange but indeed real, filled with a bunch of dreamy symbols and energy parasites such as spiders and many more (centipedes, cockroaches, etc.) big or small doesn't matter... Sometimes with strange colors. If you saw this, it's meant as a SIGN to SEE the hidden forces around you. Perhaps a small cleanse with sage or palo santo, and a small prayer, and be mindful of your thoughts. These energy parasites can influence your mind and keep you in a negative state of thinking unless you're AWARE - perhaps which is why you were permitted or allowed to see into this dimension. A weird wake up call indeed. Don't be frightened though. You're always in control.
This is very straightforward. Everything in the dream was real. A clear message that tells us that our story does not end when we die. Also you helped him transition towards heaven. That clear light went into heaven is what you saw, or at least into the light... Very beautiful story.
layschips98 in Black Wolf
This could be good or bad. I've heard stories of this and the black wolf can mean either death is coming or can be a guide. Usually though the black wolf or beast follows people in jail or prison, so it can't be that. However, the fact it bit you LITERALLY does not mean it comes from the light. Darkness can touch you though - usually it always does. It can be a negative spirit guide - a guide that wants to protect you and teach you lessons but still can cause harm at the same token... Strange indeed. I wouldn't get paranoid though as you are the master of your own life. The creator or destroyer ultimately, however I would ask God or your spirit guides in love and light to provide you some CLUES what this is. They always answer a message however vague or clear it will seem. Maybe pay attention to your dreams as well... Best of luck ❤
They can't enter your house if you have boundaries. You should ask them they may wait outside to be let in if they need your help. Only reason spirits could be waiting for u is yes if you're a medium and can help them transition or cross over into the light. If your grandparents showed themselves to you perhaps they should also be made guardians of who should be let in as well. Every medium should have a gatekeeper of who should be let in. Get some training you have a lot of abilities.

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