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There are endless opportunities when we meditate. Because of it, along with my dreams, I've uncovered memories of the lost empire, Atlantis, buried within my subconscious. A part of me has always known of the ancient world deep down, but I'd never given it much thought until an intense "dream" that I later learned my sister and paranormal friends shared. In it, their was a massive volcanic eruption was shattering everything in sight. I was amongst the few kids who had the chance to run for our lives. We tore away from the most amazing crystal city imaginable to head for a ring of water. (Atlantis was made up of rings of land and sea)

We had almost escaped with our lives into the harsh waves acting like demonic claws desperately trying to trip us when I realized someone had been left behind. I don't recall who it was, but a sudden sense of dread washed over me and I found it hard to breath. I raced back into the nightmare on my own despite almost making it out alive. There were flames and ashes everywhere as I burnt to death, never catching another glimpse of whoever I had gone back for. I could literally feel the flames as I awoke in panic. I knew this was no ordinary "dream" but a vision of the past.

Soon I began seeing more and more visions of candle ceremonies and crystals. I had always had an intense fascination with both for as long as I could remember without understanding why. I felt as though they were a part of me. After these visions got me thinking, I did some research and found many people had memories of Atlantis and of crystals associated with them. Coincidence? I think not. My sister, Danny, Chloe (see "Other Realms") and others have described the very same memories. Danny says I had a premonition of its fall back then, but no one believed me until it came true. Have any of you had visions of Atlantis?

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Beachstar83 (5 posts)
1 year ago (2021-05-07)
Interesting, I have had dreams and visions of Atlantis as well. I always have ever since I was a child and I am nearing age 38 now! My visions are similar to that of CrystalFairiePrince, except I remember Atlantis being a city of white (crystal and alabaster maybe)? I was an Atlantian princess during that time, but I remember wearing a white and gold dress, or maybe a light blue dress with a gold tiara. I also wore shells a lot. My hair was long, blonde, and wavy and I had blue eyes (kind of what I look like now, only I was younger). I remember people would stop and stare (I guess I was a very beautiful princess). I also came from the Pleiades I believe before as I remember being a princess there with an older sister who always wore purple and my color was turquoise. I'm not sure why we were assigned colors to wear, but we were. I also had a boy who was my best friend with blonde hair and blue eyes. I called the planet Sunnelia because it had twin stars (two Suns) and was in the upper 80's all the time. Anyway... I believe I came from there and we were one of the first ruling families of Atlantis. I think we had to go into hiding for some reason. I also love mermaids, dolphins, the ocean (I HAVE to be around the ocean or I feel like I cannot survive). I think they are all connected. I remember when my powers first manifested and feel magic within now (like I'm on a precipice of sorts waiting for something to happen). Anyone else feel like this? I feel like I have a very old soul and I just know things without knowing how (genetic memory maybe)? I don't know, I'm just now getting into my true abilities and seeing where this goes.
Crystalfaerieprince (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-20)
I have posted a video about my experience on youtube
I am a psychic, and I have had many past lives, but my past life in Atlantis memory came to me after having my chakras healed and cleared by a native American shaman.

I lived to be 800 years old in Atlantis. I was pure plieadian but born on Earth in Atlantis. I lived in the temple of venus near the northern shores of Atlantis. I was a crystal healer that worked exclusively with helping people achieve physical beauty. My soul is very connected to beauty in all forms and I always incarnate into a beautiful body. In this life in Atlantis I was male, looking almost identical to myself today. I had very pale skin in Atlantis, platinum white blonde hair, and violet eyes. I was taller too. I never looked older than the age of 20, because I specialized in beauty, anti aging, and mystical love arts. Most people in Atlantis were blonde haired and had blue eyes, everyone was beautiful and extremely spiritual.
Atlantis was a city made up of crystals and quartz, the temples, sidewalks, everything was made of crystal. The crystal amplified the peoples energy and enhanced psychic gifts. I believe the crystals and perfect condition of the planets air quality and water allowed for extremely long life spans. Atlantis was a perfect world until other extra terrestrials started to become jealous of Atlantis. There were also mermaids and merpeople in atlantis, they were created by alien scientists to scout the oceans but ended up reproducing and creating a race/ society of their own. However I remember mermaids and mermen often were seen and conversed with near the temple of venus. I knew many of them personally and even preformed beautification rituals on them since merpeople are obsessed with achieving physical beauty. In my regression I saw myself experiencing an attack from reptilian space beings upon the area, which actually caused me to leave through a portal in order to escape capture and death. However once entering this portal I was not able to return to Atlantis, and instead reincarnated into a different dimension since my guides told me Atlantis would be destroyed soon. I did not live through the destruction period, I ascended before Atlantis was destroyed.
I know Atlantis was destroyed by mis use of the energy source, a powerful crystal that was underneath the main city. Scientists from Mars were responsible for the creation of a laser which reacted badly with the great crystal. Many people who lived in Atlantis are alive today, the nuclear age and the 2012 conscious shift triggered many Atlanteans to reincarnate.
Atlas7 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-30)
My name in the Atlantis time was Atlas I am a very very old and wise soul I came from another universe and became stock here with the reptilian, their were my creation that didn't gone well and I'm here to put them in line because is my duty. In the beggining I came from lemuria and went to
Atlantis because of my wisdom, age and because I was the leader in the battles against the reptilian that wanted to invade us in the past. In the beggining of atlantis their was a political battle among me and poseidon some how I let poseidon be the leader of atlantis because I felt that I ve than a lot to the human race, felt that i've done everything alone to the better of all and in secrecy so I wanted to give an oportunity to others.i've had a plan to all of us and nowbody know about this except me and it was done in 23 march of 1994. This plan was to create a new dimension to create connection to other universes and the high energys that is coming, is from those places that's why you are in this 3 density sense the beggining to create this with your emotions. Poseidon became the leader and I how was the second most important at the time, the name of atlantis means the island of atlas it was name that way, because of my importance. In the beggining atlantis was thriving, people leaved in harmony and real love than I figured pretty soon the dark side of poseidon that came from sirius b and was in contact with the reptilian's sense the beggining in secret. Poseidon decided that atlantis must destroy lemuria because they are to powerfull and could invade us, I didn't have political power to go against it and than it hapen I was in that war in the start but I quit because it was to negative. I lost political power has time goes by and try to tell you my story in that time but most of you rebel against me, until the moon came to invade us, I and some of you, battle agaist the invaders but it was part of the plane of poseidon so that he had an excuse to built a big blue cristal to destroy the moon but in reality it was built to destroy atlantis, and the reptilian's could invade us. I know this because I was contacted when I was a child and they show me all my past life.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-15)
"Perhaps we all have been Atlanteans" - I am sure we are NOT. Ex Atlanteans seem to abound among psychics probably because of their former magical activities but that's all folks. Read my past life story on Spiri site. I have no connection to Atlantis, neither in hobbies / interests, nor in past life glimpses or dreams. I love beautiful and colorful stones but never had much trust in healing powers in them. But I dreamed an alien planet to be the place of the oldest past life recalled by me.
Scorpio (2 stories) (46 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-15)
starange I recently posted a dream I had of meeting poseidon and him destroying an island I also heard that poseidon had a lot to do with atlantis and also him being in love with a women who had children who ruled atlantis. I do feel a conection to atlantis but I don't feel like I lived there I don't believe I was from this planet or dimension in my past lives
leyahbeth (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-24)
Recently I was watching a documentary on 'past life regression' and this woman was reliving the destruction of Atlantis. As I watched this, I began to cry bitterly as though I were reliving a very tragic & emotionally painful experience. Needless to say I was caught off guard by this reaction, but not entirely surprised, as this has happened to me before. Only, the previous time had to do with the Lyra/Vega star system. It seems an unknown familiarity strikes a gnawing cord deep within... Triggering an explosion of overwhelming emotion, some of pain, dread, longing & sadness.

I decided to delve a little deeper into my 'affinity' toward Atlantis and went into a semi trance. I saw myself with long, black curly hair with some sort of ornament or tiara holding up the higher portion of my hair. I wore a long dress of light bluish/white that resembled something from ancient Greece. I seemed to be young, in my early 20's. I was happy, vibrant, playful and innocent. Yet, I was deeply saddened by the rebellion of my people against the Creator of the universe. For some reason I was angry at Poseiden, felt he was treacherous.

I could hear a voice speaking to me (which I felt was my own voice) saying that we came from the stars in massive spaceships. We colonized on earth in different parts, Atlantis being an enormous city & port. I was told that Atlantis had a space port, civic center, I saw a lot of stone, marble and concrete. I saw an enormous monument that resembled a globe or Saturn in front of some gigantic building. There was water everywhere and there were spectacular fountains shooting out of the water surrounding the city. I saw cliffs in the distance and Olympus looking or Roman like buildings hanging from them in pure spendor.

Then I saw the earth shake violently, I saw buildings and homes come crashing down, I saw a tsunami of water swallow everything... What caused the tital wave?
I saw myself falling from a great height. I don't completely understand where I was at the time... But I fell and died. To this day, I have a horrific fear of heights.
Midnightmoon (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-22)
Ive just recently had a dream of it. Very short dream though.
I saw a woman guessing it was myself panicing. She long black curly hair and was wearing what looked like a godess looking dress that was light blue. She had tan skin like an italian or indian. The ground was shaking and she was hurrying. She was standing on the bottom steps of what looked like a pyrimid writing symbols on a piece of parchment. She looked up while she was writing the symbols (they almost looked egyption or something) And she saw this big fire ball hit the top of the stone building that she was at the bottom of.
Thats all I remember but I pieced it together that it was some type of volcantic eruption. I wish I would see everthing that happened. I wonder if she lived or why she was writing something while the there was a volcanic eruption. Any ideas?
So that was my story:)
Kahlyn (4 stories) (311 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-30)
My memories of Atlantis are fragmented at best the names varied at times. I heard that Atlantis is refered to as Lemuria and the land of Mu. I know I am rambling because the feelings I have are complex when it comes to Atlantis.

I lived so many lives one of the psychics said I have over 300 past lives in fact. Most of my lives are here on this world and some are on other worlds. I remember Atlantis not as a child. My memory of Atlantis that I lived as an advisory role and adminstrator to the ruling family. I feel the call of the water and saw visions of the outer cities.

I love the story of Atlantis when I was a child and I could easily pick up what is true or not. My memory is more of the people than the city itself and the tragedy that befell it. I feel somehow I watch the events that occured around it. It was like the Lucifer Rebellion so much of the tragedy the lessonns were not learned.

Atlantis was destroyed from within by the negative emotions such as greed and jealousy. I know I was rambling but there is something in my Past life in Atlantis is been bugging me.

I went to psychics for some reason I feel I must use my own abilities to unravel my problems.

Roles I had during Atlantis were of mystic advisor and later part was a warrior.
Bewitched (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-14)
HI! I have a vision of myself and another person running up a structure. It was the highest point in the land. When we got to the top, I looked down and saw water still turbulently rising. I too felt utter dispair come over me. I looked at the person standing next to me, and I'm sure to put my fears to rest he told me "don't worry I WILL find you." That is the only glimpse I have of Atlantis. But before this vision, one day while getting my hair highlighted and sitting in the hair dresser's chair I was reading an article that Edgar Cayce (I love Edgar!:) had written on Atlantis. I was so over come with emotion that it took everything I had not to start crying in the chair. When once to my car (I practically RAN) and once in my car, I couldn't help but to sob. I cried for three days on and off and was so filled with emotions. When I read E. Cayces count on Atlantis, It finnally dawned on me why I had such a love of crystals, why I was always trying to heal with crystals and why I had such a desire to strategically place crystals to gather the best alignment with Earth... I always wonder what became of my people of Atlantis; I will always be homesick for my homeland and those I loved with all my being. Charlene
PureofthePure (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-16)
Does anyone remember the true atlantis? I understand that all the news and information about atlantis is about it being destroyed... But is there anyone who knows of the old kingdom? When the royal Family was a true family and not councel members enraged with jealousy! Our destruction has a much deeper story to it then a flood or volcano or the great sinking people talk about... Our destruction came from our older brothers and sisters, from within the disease grew.

There was no place or people that did not know us, like us, and try to copy us... All I wish to know is why no body knows of the old Kingdom and the old kings? Was it really that bad that the betrayal was just? I think not, as the wars that followed in the next few centuries prove.

If anyone wishes to contact me about the old Kingdom feel free... I always listened to everyone. It is why close to the end others laid down their lives without asking me and my queen.

sidraofthestars (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-19)
i was I think a kid in atlantis. I know I was a witness to the destruction of it, and there was massive firey stuff. My mom found out about my connection to it when I started having nightmares about whole cities burning down and stepping in dead bodies (sorry for the vulgarity), which was within the same week of 9/11.
I'm not sure of my gender in my atlantis lifetime, but I think I was between 5 and 10 when the volcano erupted... I have a really clear picture of an almost mexican looking kid with black curly hair. I'm not sure if this was me or a younger sibling of sorts. I also seem to remeber waves, but this might just have something to do with the disney movie, XD.
Anyway, after 9/11 and all I had a really tough time in kindergarten (I had just started)
I was kind of the class bully, always on guard. I'm not proud of it and moved on, but I'm thinking this was linked to my past life.
Ghost_Whisperer (guest)
14 years ago (2008-03-06)
I've seen more and more of my past lives in either dreams and/or meditation, and my spirit guides fill me in on details and explain what happened and why later. I'd like to know where to find a psychic who reads past lives, too. Maybe we all came from Atlantis. At least I know I did because the dream was so intense I had to go wake everyone up just to see if they were still alive.
hotandcold (5 stories) (218 posts)
14 years ago (2007-12-27)
I really love this story. I think it's brilliant. And you found this just through meditation? Have you ever had any other past life memories during meditation or is this the only one?

Where can I find a psychic that will tell me of my past life?

Charlotte. 😁
Lisa (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-22)
Hi Ghost Whisperer and Abby!

A psychic told me at our last Mind/Body/Spirit Fair that I should start reading more books on Atlantis, and that I once lived there in a past life.
Now, I don't know if I should believe her or not though. I don't have the discernment to know wether I am being conned or not at times. Atlantis is such a favorite place among psychic lore, that I wonder if maybe these psychics just tell every customer they're from Atlantis, just to entice customers.

You just never know though. Wether or not the psychic I went to was just conning me or not, I do truly believe Ghost Wisperer's testimony though. You just don't dream about yourself dying like that in ordinary dreams. I do believe an Atlantis existed at one time, and that many bigshot leaders in that place misused a lot of Psi and Energy skills. Possibly they created a situation where they had abused higher powers so much that they attracted thier own downfall.

It's one thing to be enlightened spiritually, but maybe Atlantis eventually used their gifts to manipulate others, and God had to step in like He did during the Tower of Babel.

For what it's worth, I have always loved the Ocean, crystals and semi-precious stones, Holistic healing, dolphins, and beaches. Put me in a place like that and I would think it is next to Heaven!

That psychic I mentioned told me that I would eventually meet someone named "Nashisia", and she once lived around the Ocean and that "the moon is above her" (whatever that may mean, I don't know)

I wonder if that is true, and if this "Nashisia" is someone reincarnated from a citizen of Atlantis who lived near the Ocean.
If we were from Atlantis, no doubt, we are blessed to have been given the chance to have more lives to learn what needed to learn since then.
Abby (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-08)
Dear Ghost_Whisperer,

You are lucky to have found your buried Atlantis past life memory while doing meditation. Many times the memories are there and one has but to choose or find the door that triggers the opening of the past-life memory. It is my belief that the door will open when the student is ready to have it opened knowingly conscious or not.

The clues to our past lives are in our own environment. One has but to look at the material things each one surrounds themselves with and what they like or dislike.

Sometimes flashes of memories and deja' vu feelings come up too.

We carry our history of who we are with us, whether we recall them or not.

I do believe many are recalling their past lives more now than before. I do believe that many are of the belief that they have lead a life as an Atlantean.

Before this Atlantis belief became known and now popular, I only knew and know that I had many past life memories that are like those memories now reported by others who say they have lived a past life before in Atlantis.

I am not one to frequent psychics, but I stopped by a psychic fair sometime ago with a best friend and had a reading. I was told that one of my past lives was as an Atlantean. By the way, as it is with me, the psychic went past our alloted time together and like me, the psychic went on and on for free and started asking me for Abby advice. Ha! Ha! :)

Is is true, did I have such a past life, and was the psychic right on? Well, I guess that is up to me and my belief, as well as it is up to you and your belief.

Standing back, it looks like we are or were fellow Atlanteans. ;) --Abby

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