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[at] Rebel9k I'm doing well. Thanks. I haven't been working on the script lately and nothing has happened.
Etsycat35 hello. I just wanted to say that I am with ThulsaDune on this. I have mormon friends and I have potestant family that claim mormons arent christians. I don't concern myself with religion. Religion was/is a manmade construct to control the masses. (peoples minds) I don't mean that as a strike against those who like conglomerating. God is good and we should rejoice and fellowship is powerful and beautiful. The hidden agendas and deciet in everything leaves the good things fewer and farther between. Its okay for you to question everything. You should rather than take anothers word for it. Weve gotten so used to taking other peoples word for things. I couldn't be convinced at one point in my life. But repeated incidents leave me without a doubt. I'm currently on a mission to seek facts and I have opened up a rabbit hole. Your faith is between God and yourself irrespective of any man or religion or preacher. We have free will and we have the ability to discern. I can't stress enough to sharpen your ability to discern. There is misinformation everywhere and its only going to get worse. I turned away from trying to find the correct religion for this reason. We all have a common goal. That is to reach the top of the mountain. There is more than one side to that mountain and many ways up it. Whos to say which is better or more suitable. Also will God deny a group from one way but not another? Another fact is that most religions are branches that chose to begin their story and following from the main story. Along the way of time we all know that there has been intentional and mistaken interpretations of the word. Many before us have utilized the word and some have manipulated it. Some want to share knowledge and wisdom some prey on peoples fear of God for profit. Preachers deserve to make a living if theyve made it a career. Ill say this. If we have the ability to discern, you better believe our creator does. Our creator will discern where your heart is. One of the best pieces of advice in the bible whether a person knows God or not is you know a tree by the fruit it bears. Words-sword. Figures don't lie and liars don't figure. The english language was made to be manipulated. We are in some strange times. Be aware. Be vigilant.
Abby hello, I hope all is well. I have a question for you. I have had many experiences myself and after some time and speaking with the right people I have been able to make sense of many things. Anyway if you get to this I have a question for you.
Rebel9k in Death Omen?
RoseX that was not a coincidence. It was synchronicity for sure. Why you though? Thats the question. Its possible your higher self or a protection spirit on your side wanted you to gain some type of insight from the experience. Or a spirit in her court was communicating with you or spirits around you. I'm not sure as of now if we can dodge death meaning if there really is "a time to go" can it be missed altogether or would we ok only be offsetting it for another go right around the corner. I have met several people who should have died fom their experience, but were told it wasn't their time. Id say you could do some analysis and mediation and figure your situation out. Possibly too there may be no meaning other than it was a time you were able to see. With your mind that is.
Good Day [at] Caelynne,
It sounds extremely intense, I have only had very minor experiences with this sort of thing. What you are asking for, I think, is help with control of your gift. I would like to suggest meditation, look for some of the free exercises on the web by the "Silva Mind Control" people. While in deepest meditation there are three sayings that will help. 1) "Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better, and better." 2) "Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence over me at any level of the mind, including the outer conscious level." 3) "I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind." Learn the meditation and practice daily. There books out that contain a CD to help you learn mind control. I am not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
Hi [at] Caelynne

Are you not able to access to create an inbox there from the web browser of the device you are using?


John Fly
shoonlily in Municipal Projects
last dream about this topic is last March, others is ongoing, so many topics.
shoonlily in Death Omen?
Are you ongoing? Do you know how to terminate these dreams? It is so sad what we dreams, we just can see it before it happen, can not change the results.
No sorry, I had most of my connection apps on my computer. Johnfly
Hi [at] Caelynne

Are you able to access any online email services such as gmail either on the web or on the app on the device that you're currently using?


John Fly
Hi Emilychilds
I am going through the same thing. I have some of the same abilitys I just wanted you to know that I am here for you.
I would love to help you. I have a strong connection with the elements like you do and can move things with out touching them.
Just a little advise. Be careful about who you can trust.
Hi Johnfly
I am so sorry but, is there another way to contact you? My computer with my email on it broke and it will be a while until I can afford another.

Thanks for being willing to help.
Hi [at] shoonlily

Interesting experiences.

When was the last time you had one of these dreams?


John Fly
Hi [at] Caelynne

This is extremely interesting and I would love to communicate with you about it over email as I have heard and come across others like yourself and would be interested in asking a few questions feel free to shoot me an email [at] theflyguyhelps [at] Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Johnathon Fly
Please help me. I would really appreciate it. Please comment
Hi [at] Abby_S

I had replied to your last message already, but for some reason it isn't showing so here it is again

I may be able to figure things out related to your situation however I'd rather do it over email and not the psychic experiences website.

If you're interested - feel free to shoot me an email which you can find at my profile and I'd be willing to help you understand more.

Thank you,

Johnathon Fly
Miles, I don't think I have ever experienced the black mass/white light that you mentioned. However, I just had this feeling again earlier today which prompted me to check back on this post. It seems as if the feeling came on shortly after I began watching an old TV show, like from the 80s/90s. Like maybe I'm trying to remember something that never happened to me in this life. I feel like this could be connected to a past life.
Sorry picses I just thought of this and am curious if you experienced something similar.

These memories only came back to me last year while I was in India, while there I had a few abnormal experiences which is common for me.

When I was really young I couldn't walk, look or be near a certain area of our house after the sun went down.

There was something or someone there all fckng night. It was a black mass sitting in the dark watching me. While it was there I could see a white line in my head (hard to explain) but every time the line expanded, my fear, anxiety etc grew. Resulting in that same feeling you have.

I was connected to the black mass and it was causing the fear to grow and retract when it pleased. It enjoyed it and it kept doing it for a bout a year.

I think the black mass is responsible for it. It felt like I was being emotionally tortured.

Sorry for the novel lmao
[at] Johnfly
I think I felt a warm breeze? I'm not sure. I don't really feel anything in my room when Ii'm doing something else etc, except writing about the Holocaust etc. *sigh*
[at] Abby_S How condensed did the energy feel and were you able to feel a cold or warm breeze from it?
Oli, my personal opinion is that you are psychic, but you must realise that there are many, but many people on this planet who have been blessed with similar abilities. As you are only a teenager there is a doubt in my mind that you are a "witch."Sometimes it is only wishful thinking. Rather develop your psychic abilities which will be good for your next incarnation and spiritual life than to be a "witch."A witch will abuse and misuse the Power of the Creator and will pay dearly in his next earthly incarnation.
May you be guided in the right direction.
Hi Cheerbugg! Earthbound spirits, also called ghosts, are usually bound to their place of abode in earthly life. That is most probably the reason why you don't see or feel them any more. If you really want to be sure I would suggest that you visit your previous home. If I am correct your "friends" will be waiting for you.
God bless.
[at] Johnathon Fly I did feel scared, but I also felt like whatever was with me, was a peaceful spirit. The energy felt heavy at first, but I don't think it was bad etc.
spookvanger in Witches
A good day to you. Somethings about myself. I am 86 years old and have had psychic experiences all my life and numerous encounters with the Spirit world. At my age I do not pull punches and what I say may upset you.
First of all. There is only ONE Power in the entire universe and that is the Power of God. You can use it for good or for evil, that is your choice. But remember the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. These people throwing around PSI balls are using Gods Power but for the wrong reasons. May God have mercy on their souls.
Your non de plume reveals your connection with the Creator, which is a no no. Should this not change then the chances are good that you will spend the rest of your existence as a slave to your "friend."You will no doubt know the expression: "Birds of a feather...". I can't but think that the reason why you keep on loosing jobs, is because deep down you want to loose the job. This will provide a reason for returning to this "lady."
There is a book available on "Gas lighting" written by Stephanie Sarkis obtainable from It explains manipulative and emotionally abusive people and how to break free from them.
May you receive the blessings of our Creator.
[at] toxxicvanity dm me on Instagram it's the same user as on here
There is always something "big" happening. Life on earth, since the dawn of man, has included wars, pandemics, disease, famine, genocide & natural disasters. Ask any soldier during war if he or she felt things were less than "big" as they stared down death every day. People have been screaming about the apocalypse for hundreds, if not thousands of years.Β More times than not, the "premonition" of something "big" happening is more an escapism from the dullness of day to day routines, especially in lock down. It's much more exciting to imagine you're a soldier about to save humanity from some dire predicament. And you can't study because of the "muggle world"? This is Harry Potter one too many times.

That being said, I do think you are correct in that the path that humans are taking is going to make things less tenable here on earth. Instead of waiting for magic wizard powers, you may want to vote the people out of office that are ruining the planet, start cleaning up around you (reduce, reuse, recycle, etc.) and raise the vibrations of the planet, not through fear and war hype, but showing that we can make this place better via tolerance, forgiveness, mindfulness of others and our planet and so forth.

And ultimately, even if we manage not to go extinct as a species for a very long time, the sun is still going to balloon out and obliterate the planet, and everyone and everything on it. The ultimate goal of our soul is to learn unconditional love and to evolve, not just to save the planet and its inhabitants from destructive humans or evil forces.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi [at] Abby_S

I have a few questions about your experience:

When you felt like there was something in your room, did you get a sudden bad sensation or feeling or like something bad was there?

Did the energy feel heavy and did you feel scared during the experience?

As well as that, do you still feel the presence of something else or has it gone?


Johnathon Fly
[at] LydiaG hey! Could you please email me? So we can talk about all of this, I really think it helps. It's so... Fufilling to know there are more like you
If your interested in learning, I could teach you how to cleanse using your own energy. Just shoot me an email. My email is nothorizon97 [at]
Hello [at] SidKel11

Interesting experience.

When you saw the shadowed man, did the energy around you feel heavy or condensed and did you get a bad sensation? If so, did this apply to the experience with seeing the face of something also along with the door slam?

Have you had any experiences since this post or recently?

Also, was it only in your grandma's house that you had these experiences or have you had them in your own home also or elsewhere?


Johnathon Fly
Hi Sera,

Have you had any similar experiences since this happened? Do you still have moments where the atmosphere around you turns heavy and feels bad or dreadful?

Thank you

Johnathon Fly
Hi [at] Melody_braughten

Are these experiences still ongoing?

When you woke up from these dreams, did you get a bad sensation like the energy around you wasn't good and/or that the energy felt heavy or condensed?

Did you ever feel like energy was getting heavy or condensed like it was being placed on you?


Johnathon Fly
Hi pisces,

Did you try cleansing like NotHorizon suggested?

Hopefully it helped.
NotHorizon, I have heard of it. I don't know how to do it. I would be open to trying it

Miles, yes I worry about the same thing. Worrying about when it will return. Same to you.
Hi [at] Ericka_01

When you felt something walked on top of your legs, did you get a bad sensation, feel as though the energy around you became heavier/condensed and/or did you feel scared?

What you experienced on top of your legs could have been a multitude of things such as conscious energy, demonic activity or even a lost soul.

When we are involved in situations such as arguing with someone, being angry at a past event, doing things that we are not supposed to, to even being lazy - we can experience negative energy which may have a role in what is happening to you.

By having negative energy on you and within: this attracts demons, conscious energies, spirits and lost souls to you more and gives them the right to be attached to you.

This is why it is important to clean our energy frequently.
Energy doesn't have to be cleansed with physical objects either, like you mentioned with the egg cleansing. We can also use our own internal energy to cleanse with the right intention. If you would like to understand more about this, feel free to contact me at my email address located on my profile.

If you have any further questions, do let me know.

Thank you.

Jonathon Fly
Hi [at] Chelskx

Interesting experience.

I have multiple questions I'd like to ask:

When you saw this grim reaper shadow, were there any distinct features that were visible which are generally associated with the grim reaper or was it a black shadow figure or other?

Also, when you saw that shadow did you get a bad sensation, feel as though the energy around you becomes heavier and/or did you feel scared? Did you feel a presence along with it?

Were there any physical symptoms upon waking up such as scratches on your body?

Did you also feel/sense anything energetically or feel/sense the presence of another being when you heard that voice?

Also with the woman's voice - was it like someone was talking directly into your ears loud and clear?

Thank you

Johnathon Fly
Hi [at] BirdE

I have multiple questions that I want to ask about this experience:

When you were asked in college to join a group of mind readers, were you asked by physical people?

When you have experiences with these mind readers like having your movement controlled, do you ever feel the energy around you becoming heavier or feel scared?

Do you ever sense these mind readers like there is a presence next to you that you can't see?

When you wake up from the dreams that you say that they also can manipulate, do you feel that the energy around you or on you is bad, feels heavy? Do you also feel scared?

With smelling and tasting things that aren't there - would you be able to ellaborate what they taste and smell like too? Is it a bad taste and/or smell also?

Thank you

Johnathon Fly
johnfly in Neon People
Hello [at] T4K3R

When you see people or other things that you say shouldn't be there, does the energy feel off or bad or negative in any way? Or does it even feel familiar? Also, have these beings ever made physical contact with you in any way or could you sense their presence being there along with sight?
Interesting. After you see those things, do you feel that the energy is different?

Also, do these things just visually pop up or do those things ever attack you or scratch you?


Johnathon Fly
Good Day,
I'd suggest a positive meditation program. One of the sayings from the Silva Mind Control folks, "Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence over me at any level of the mind including the outer conscious level". Another variation, "Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better and better". These, said in deep meditation to one's self or out loud, can have a profound positive effect. I'm not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
I don't know about you but every time it happens I worry the feeling will stay with me.

Hope all goes well Pisces. ❀
Yea it sounds like it could be connected to your past life. Have you ever heard of cleansing and if so do you know how to?
It's like an overwhelming feeling of dread and sadness. The worst feeling I've ever had. That's what it feels like, like you're in the mind of someone on the brink of suicide. I wish I could accurately describe the feeling, I've never been able to.
Hi pisces,

I have a similar feeling that comes over me maybe once a year, it has been happening since I was a child.

My throat feels like it sinks into my stomach and I get a sick sensation in my head. I my mind becomes full of dread, if there are any people around me I feel like they should die, I feel like life isn't worth living and suicide makes sense. It lasts maybe 2-3 minutes.

I'm not an emotional person and I have never felt these overwhelming feelings other than during these episodes.

It's like a glimpse into the mind of someone ready to end their lives.
Yes! I have often wondered if this is tied to a past life. In my post I mentioned that it felt like I was homesick, but I didn't know what for or where.
Have you ever heard of past lives? Do you feel like you have ties to memories you never had? Past lives can show up as emotions, memories, dreams, etc...

I had intense spiritual / psychic experiences while in college as well. And for times after that. One experience included being able to hear the thoughts of others, and others able to hear mine. I also encountered people who seemed otherworldly, and evil. I heard voices, and would twitch as if I had lost control of my body. Sometimes I felt like beings were pulling me into my bed at night and trying to suffocate me. It was an emotionally taxing time. I'm glad you mentioned baptism. One thing, the thing, that helped me break free was a friend who was church going to whom I confessed these things were going on. After that, he just showed up at my apt one day with a stranger I had never seen before. I was a bit paranoid then and wasn't sure about letting the other person in - but I trusted my friend, so I did. They prayed over me and I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. Mind you, I had already been baptized and grew up Catholic. But I renewed my faith in a different, truly deep way. From that day on the Holy Spirit manifested in my life and I was given a spiritual and psychic confirmation being saved. Things got better. I surrendered and trusted in God. Please reach out to someone you trust who can do for you what these men did for me. I don't think you need to be baptized first - you just need two or more to pray over you and have you pray with them and accept Jesus Christ. He is really more powerful than any demon or entity, and The Holy Spirit is real.
Hello [at] IKnowWhatISaw

Were there any specific sensations you received when you saw the smoke?

Did you feel any energy during that experience?

If you did, did it feel condensed?
Hello Chipperfield1, interesting could you provide me with a bit more information, as to whom you believe the spiritual being is, or why he seeks to leave markings on your friend?
Hello [at] pitbull432

Over the years, people can accumulate a certain amount of dark energy which can deteriorate your mental health and your mental state.

I can see how all the stuff hes been dealing with can add up to this.
It feels like memories cause the sadness, but I don't know what I'm remembering if that makes sense. I do feel others emotions easily, but they don't overtake me.
What drives your sadness? Is it through imagery, feelings, memories, etc.?

Why do you feel like your empathetic? Do you feel the emotions of others pretty easily?
No it doesn't feel like they're someone else's emotions. It makes me feel horrible. I have been told that I am empathetic
LunaStarAngel1016 in Help Me Understand My Abilities
Hello Ethan, first of all I want you to know that it's okay to be confused about what is going on, specially if you feel you can not control it.

It sounds to me you are having some visionary dreams, meaning you see bits of futuristic event that later play out within your dreams.

I myself have experienced similar things, it also sounds as if you tend to become partial lucid during these dreams, there is ways to be able to understand and control what is happening.

It's also important to be aware of some dangers with this,

I would like to ask some more questions, to try and help you out.

If you would like to email me my email is on my profile, or you could respond here I hope to hear from you,

Yours truly,
Hey Pisces!

I'm sorry that you're going through this. When this happens, do you feel the sadness is coming from someone else as if the emotions were projected on you?

Also are you known to be an emphatic person?
Hello [at] Raunak!

It sounds like something could be messing with you, this could be various things such as conscious energy, a lost soul, or even perhaps some demonic activity but I would like to get more information to be sure.

When this happens, do you ever get a bad sensation, feel as though the energy around you condenses/becomes heavier or feel scared?

I would love to help you with understanding what is going on, if you'd like to then you can email me at theflyguyhelps [at]

I hope to hear from you soon.


Johnathon Fly
I thought I was alone at first but recently I have been having more dreams about the future. I have been having this my whole life but now it has become more and more frequent and almost driving over the edge. Is there someway I can control it? Its always been pretty random. You can reach me at my email reeceskimmer at I'm trying to look for some answers
robmkivseries70 in 111
Good Day,
You are obviously psychic, the other part of the equation is the scientific notion that we are all connected which comes from Quantum Physics. I find that I have more dreams if I can avoid pain killers at bedtime. Meditation practice might help you control these things.
I feel exact same thing you feel, but I also do more things beside that, I can control someone's mind and make them agree to whatever I want to do, I can't tell anybody how I feel and what's wrong with me, because they will say I'm crazy, I really need someone to explain to me very well and I wish to speak to someone like me
I have seen the white dots... It looks like the galaxy... A bunch of stars and it was just in front of me swirling
Yes I have been experiencing the same thing...
I wake up and I see the "mist" above me just hovering and I just look at it and it slowly glides away and disappears

I believe it is spirits we are seeing not formed yet
Due to my recent events of hearing knocking on the inside of my dresser next to me and cracking sounds on different rooms of my house of the same kind I began explaining these times out loud to my family that is aware of past encounters I have lived with in my life time. In the past two days I have now heard a kid saying, "Mom" next to me while in my bedroom awake yesterday and again two hours into my sleep very loudly. The first time it happened I expected one of my kids to tell me not to give up their hiding place so they could scare the other one, but when I couldn't see them and they didn't answer me when I said, "Who said that?" it came to my attention both of my kiddos were in the living room with their dad. The voice that woke me up from a deep sleep on the first night of this year that we used our loud air purifier and the air conditioner both said it so clearly that I knew this time it was not one of the two youngest kiddos. So I typed I to my browser... I keep hearing a kid saying "mom" to me and found this page that I have been reading above. Eerily similarly. Since reading this post above I have first checked on my oldest two of my kiddos that do not live with me. They are both fine and getting a good laugh at my over protective attempt to save them if at all they are need of any saving that I will be there to do so by all the goodness in the world they need not fear... After that moments ago I have stomped on the floor telling it to go away. Rather good nor bad has to leave. For longer then usual I am seeking a closer relationship with God and I pray more, but not near enough in my own desires of how much I should according to me. Obviously this is not well spoken from my own struggle I'm having with trying now to decide what direction I take. In my past it has been loud and clear who and what and why I have encountered someone and I wouldn't give much thought to what needs to be done before just doing it. This one different because I know know who and I don't know why and I can't decide if I will help it or demand it stop. Anyways, I am so thankful to find you all here posting relating to my experience. I didn't feel alone before, but hopefully if I were to reach out to any of you then you will truly be there.
Thanks for your time.
I don't know what's happening with you but it can be related to you previous life.
Was your dad watching something pleasurable on the tv at the time? In rare situations people can catch a glimpse of another person's aura. Auras can arc, expand and contract. I say "something pleasurable" because like your father said, white filaments are probably the result of something positive. This is more likely you seeing an aura than a spirit, though that is possible too. Usually though spirits are more seen as orbs and flashing through the room, versus a wispy cloud over someone's head.

Either way though, now you know that there is more to this physical world than most people are willing to accept. If your curiosity takes you to the next step, perhaps you can learn more or even become adept at seeing auras.

Thanks for sharing.

So just had something take the form of my dead adoptive father, first night. He or it made the mistake of playing me, but while it almost got a deal from me I had turned my light all the way up mid way and it burned it badly. It tried again tonight, faced away from me wearing the face of an old acquaintance that I've forgotten even the name of. The face when I saw the side was now half melted. I blessed the house again, but honestly this sucker is trying my patience as it tried twice tonight with that acquaintance form. I blocked my adoptive father the night before by name, I suspect it rode on him. Eyes were green-blue and shining, his were blue originally. I felt him, he was not a good man though in life had his moments of trying... He catered to his wife, who often I've felt when young was taken over by the things in the house. He was a practitioner too, never confessed what, but often saw him with angel books and he did a binding on me when young around twelve... I started officially practicing paganism then as a solitary witch. It Released on his death as if a fog lifted. I was told earlier that he'd blocked the direct connection to my main god to be able to do more than watch out for me.

I suspect a rider or deal. This thing now tried a new face as I've cut the ties so adoptive father can't come anymore, crossed my lines last night doing this.

They wanted something and instead I was just hoping to keep him there, so Released my light in an attempt to make it/the visit last longer unknowing of the rider until I woke up. I was boiling hot, so it was too I assume as I felt near End the being burned from it. Should not have hurt a normal spirit or one with good intentions.
My phone was dead, I'd been "asleep" less then REM time too. Realized that the things off were his eyes at End too, when going over what happened. I woke as I burned him/it midway.

This is new. It's tried three times in two nights now. Twice tonight, I've got wards up and obviously it works to an extent. This time it was near my bed facing away trying to talk to me and not in a dream vision. Watched the thing lose shape showing it was half melted now. Saw this post researching what it was...

Any ideas? I have stuff to do a full ritual cleaning, of course, but knowing what this is would be helpful and the fact it is able to come through my wards 3 times now is disconcerting. I immediately wake when the wards are crossed and usually say a banishment chant, this time I just straight went for melting it recognizing what it was. It faded now, but the fact it took twice is bothering me.
Um...youre describing basic dreaming Ethan... If these things happened to you while you were standing in line at a restaurant, like you faded out of this plane of existence and traveled to another one, and then back into this one, yes that's a power or a curse as you call it. But it sounds like youre just having dreams right? You go to bed, see these visions, then awake? Thats perfectly normal.
IKnowWhatISaw in Seeing White Smoke
I have seen this. I saw this about 3 hours ago, looking at my parents on the couch watching tv. White smoke formed above my Dad's head and I freaked out because he doesn't smoke so I thought he was hitting a pipe or something crazy. Nothing. Just sitting there happy as always with mom. I freaked out.
I'm 15 and I have the same thing happen to me. I only recently discovered this. If you'd like to talk, you can reach my Email, InstaGram, or something else.
Thank you Rob for your advice I will try mediation and say that statement.
I always felt it interesting that most premonitions are not good. I think this is because our usual day-to-day goings are rather neutral or pleasant so there isn't much of a 'kick' to the energetic level of the experience. However, death & pandemics can have a massive energetic imprint which is why some people can pick up on it. Before the pandemic, I kept dreaming of humans turning into zombies. Though it was symbolic (humans being infected and changing), I think it still picked up on that point. I think you too picked up on the global sweep of things to come.

As for your husband, if he's not had a physical, I would have him checked out, unless he's concerned about going to doctor's offices during these times (can't blame him). This is why too they are saying to stay safe with social distancing and such in terms of the virus.

There is one thing we cannot change and that's change itself. "This too shall pass." This is why it's important to appreciate those around you because we simply do not know how long we have together. My husband and I are of your age and I do remind him "whether we like it or not, one of us goes first". I too have had dreams where I am attending funerals and such. Whether it's him or me, I don't know (or even someone else in our circle), but I do spend my time working on myself and try to be the best person I can be because those efforts do matter. We too will pass through the veil and we'll get to see the effects of our treatment of others.

The dog may have been symbolic for "change". A big black dog also gets your attention and says "stop, look, see what's coming".

I don't know if you keep a dream journal, but you might want to write some of these down. I've kept one for decades and am amazed at how much of it comes true and that though I may forget the dream, going back over dream journals brings it back into focus.

Very fascinating accounts and thank you so much for sharing!

I've had visions all of my life. They became more direct and time specific when they included my children. I remember telling my Mom that I had a dream about my eldest daughter when she was less than 6 months old. In the dream I saw her as an older child wearing glasses. I don't know how I pinpointed the specific grade that she was in, but I told her she was in the third grade. When my daughter was in the third grade she began wearing glasses.

Years later I had a vision that rattled me. At the time I had 2 daughters and they were much older than the little girl I spent time communicating with. In the dream I had a full conversation with a little girl and she was so affectionate. She looked a lot like my daughters but she had full black curly hair. Her personality was so different than my girls. She was hugging and kissing me so much that I was caught off guard even in the dream. I hesitated but told her I loved her too but my voice had uncertainty because I was trying to figure out who she was. I shared that dream with everyone who would listen. 3 years later when I became pregnant, I had no doubt that we were about to physically meet. Her father wanted a boy but I reminded him of the dream. My vision was spot on! My daughter is now 6 and she is everything that I saw. She even has the full black curly hair.

I came across this post today because I just had a vision. My husband and I talk about possible names of children and expanding our family when we move into our new home. My 6 year old has been saying that she's ready for the baby. She calls her by name as if she's already here. I had a vision today and saw them playing together. If my vision is accurate I'll be making an announcement soon. My 6 year old looked 8/9 and the baby was walking.

I hope every positive aspect of your vision that grant the desires of your heart come to pass for you! Stay safe and healthy!
Hi BirdE,
Learn to meditate, while in deepest meditation say to yourself (credit the Silva Mind Control People)," Negative thoughts and negative expressions have no influence over me at any level of the mind including the outer conscious level". You can also say to yourself, "Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better and better". I am not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.

From any experiences I have from having either awful or great feelings from someone, I usually listen to them. It's because one time when my feeling was screaming at me not to listen to this person and not follow them into a room, I would've been saved from a family member taking advantage of me. I felt sick, too before I followed them and as soon I as saw them that day.

Any guy my sisters try to date, I get a feeling and purposely drive them away. I sometimes even visually, whether asleep or awake, see something they actually do wrong in the future.

I don't want you to make the same mistake I did. Please listen to these feelings. There is a reason they are there. If you don't believe me, I am living proof it works. Someone or something is looking out for you. You (your intuition) could be looking out for you.
craycraybutnotreally in Witches

I read your story and although, I do not have any experiences with witches, I do have experience with people and spirits trying to pick at my brain, mentally. It's exhausting and annoying. I don't know how you feel or what you are going through with the witches, but in my experience with ghosts trying to get my attention, I keep my mind completely blank. If I actively think about them, they try getting my attention more. I distract myself with emptiness or a happy thought to make them think I'm not paying any attention to them; like I am ignorant of their existence.

I am someone who can read off of other people, I am still learning, but what I do know that if people are unstable and not keeping their mind in check every know and then, they show their weaknesses to me and I pick up on that. It's easier to tell what they will do or say next.

Meditate everyday and try to relax. Clearing your thoughts and insecurities and being confident in yourself will boost a sort-of protection from this lady. If you believe it will, it will happen.

Dont quote me on this, I'm not a professional, just going with my gut. A lot of times going with my gut has saved me from countless problems.

I hope this helps in some way. I'm sorry I'm not of any actual help. Doctors may not work to help you, but going to a psychic or an actual publicly known witch might. They may not reveal everything to you you wish to learn, but they could help.

The farther away you are from this lady, the better.

I hope you find peace on this earth.
Hey... I can see there has not been much activity on this for awhile but i'm hoping for a reply anyway. I'm really interested in wanted to access my elemental power but I don't know where to start. How do I know which elemental power I am strongest with? And how do I start training to be able to access such power? Does everyone even have the ability to even access their element? Answers would be much appreciated as I do not know who to ask for help!
d_bholfds in Black Wolf
that would be absolutely amazing to talk to you about this sort of thing i'm very new to it all and only recently began to understand the true validity of these types of experiences:)
Unicron1000 (guest) in Black Wolf
I believe that the black wolf is your spirit guide/animal that told you not to kill yourself. The black wolf following you to make sure that you are okay. The wolf is watching over you.

I'm 17, almost 18, in Pennsylvania, and I believe that the wolf is my spirit animal as well.

If you have anymore questions, or want someone to talk to, my email is on my profile.
TheWeatherGirl in Neon People
Yes things like this happen to me as well. Please, read my story. Here is my email If someone wants to email me with their weird experiences. Millerkid101 [at]
Yes. I have experienced this to. When I have gotten extremely mad, I make it hail or rain hardly. If I am sad, I make it rain. If I am neutral, I make it misty. This has happened, 3 to 6 times. Please, tell me if this could be true. Or if I am just crazy!😌😌
Accidentally stumbled on your post and amazed at the similarities we have. I have also felt extremely weird since late December, unexplained anxiety, fear, worrying, paranoia about health, weird dreams about massacres and illness, then when the coronavirus hit properly I suddenly felt like, OK this is it, almost felt better! Once I knew what was happening πŸ€”
gabifranz in Psychic Drawing
Hello Anit, thank you for your message. Could you please send me an email describing your situation? Maybe I can help you. My email address is on my profile.
This is Anit Yadav from India. I m working in Police Department, there is officer who is reading my mind and sending me massage he know everything about me. He also transfered from here still trouble me. Please advise me some conclusions.
I just googled "i feel like I have powers", thinking that no results will come up and then you guys showed up! I can definitely identify with what you're saying here and so there's nothing more that I need to say! Wow! I feel that there is ALL this power inside me, like in a current form, as if I'll extend my hands some sort of lightning strike will flow! I have a lot of visions about it, but nothing actually happens...
i have the visons every day and in the didstat and near future it happens and it gives me the painful headaches cause there like hour long visons that happen and I have kind of been able to control it and do it at will but its still hard to do while also I have been able to move stuff before like with my mind I first was able to do this when I was 5 so it was very confusing its difficult to do but I can do it I have read about the stars and stuff and I'm a pices that is my zodiac and it states that pices are normally able to do this but its been crazy through out my life I was made fun if a lot about it but it didint matter to me so yeah if u want u can contact me over email and I know this was posted a long time ago but if u want help ill help you my email is bladedash2006 [at] I will help u if u need help so yeah
When I was 7 me and my friends were playing elements at reccess and the "head element" person said I was wind and I said ok.
Later he tested it for me, the group I was playing with all knew I hated being tickled so the all started chasing me trying to tickle me, I started running and screaming and the next thing I knew there was a big breeze but I had enough so I yelled STOP and the wind immideatly got very intense until I calmed down. All of them were in shock that I could control the wind.

Another experience I had was with thunder
I was getting ready for school and my mom had made me very mad so I yelled I HATE YOU and the thunder BOOMED very loudly and my whole family had noticed and thinks its a coincedince

Now I have realized that this isn't just a coincedence and hope to grow my powers
Not sure if you still have access to this site but I'd love to hear how things have played out. Experiencing a similar life has brought me to this post, hope you've found peace and more knowledge as to what and who you are I am on the journey myself right now.
kimsy22 in Psychic Alexa
AnneV, Thank you for your kind comment! I've studied tarot and astrology, but am hyper-sensitive and over-empathetic to people's emotions, so I've not done readings in several years. I'm used to feeling through symbols and images. But, any of my precognitive events are usually literal, and not especially useful. I once walked into a room and suddenly felt a mental image of a wicker ceiling fixture falling down to the floor. Startled, I turned around to look up at it, and within 5 seconds, it broke off it's hook and fell to the floor! It makes you question our position and function in time. The good news is, I wasn't standing under the fixture, and, also, I'm very good at Internet multi-player games. 😁
Hello. My name is Nick, and I am surprised you mentioned this already, but as I told someone else, you DO sound like a Banshee.

I am not completely familiar with this ability, but it sounds to me like you have the ability to predict the future, like I can, but differently.

I have been able to predict, see, hear, and feel the future for a few years now, but I have not predicted anyone's death. If I did, someone I miss dearly would probably still be here.

But the point is, your ability to predict the future in this way is quite fasinating. I believe that you are a psychic, but are also a Banshee.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.
Im experiencing the same issue... I found that thc helps with positive thoughts but sometimes it does amplify the broadcasts... In my case suddenly I can not my neighbor's also hear me as well as some people I feel really connected too, I believe this ability originated when I crashed at the age of 16 which put me on life support and in a short coma I woke up 3 days later and I remember seeing my dog when I was younger and some family member I wasn't sure who it was exactly but the lighting around them and the color of their skin was just beautiful it looked super healthy and very different from my family that was also in the room... Anyways I'm not too sure if it had to do with that or not but as I got older it seemed to progress even while I tried numerous medications and spent 15 days in psych ward and then another 12 days in hospital, it actually got so bad it pushed me to trying to commit suicide 4 times now... If this ability really is true then my life is going to be hell soon... But on a positive note we can help others by reading positive things. I thought for a second it was gone but it came back with super negative energy and conversations/thoughts there has been so many coincidences that this has convinced me it exsist... I too wish to stop this broadcasting it has had its ups n downs but it's time for me to stop.
I also have the gift of foresight... I feel you. It's a gift to understand that there is a plan even if we don't understand that plan. It's also extremely difficult... After every loss I'm left wondering if I could've prevented it somehow... These are torturous thoughts. One thing I've learned that if I am meant to step in, that is, if it's a warning, I will be provided with details and guidance. If it's part of the plan, then the details are more vague and there is a calm "matter of fact" feeling.

The urge to blame yourself for what happened is also a side effect of this gift. Please know that this is not how it works. I understand these thoughts... Especially when it was a close loved one who's death you perceived.

If anyone is having a hard time with their gift, I know how you feel and I am here if you need to talk gridkeepersalliance [at]
I too have experienced the swirling black smoke and I don't know what it was but I had the feeling that it wasn't good. I was spending the night, for the first time, in my b/f's home, he wasn't due to arrive until the next morning. That night I was in bed trying to fall asleep, everytime I tried to fall asleep I felt as though something was waking me, finally after the 5th time I had enough, I opened my eyes and before me in the pitch dark room was a swirling circle of shimmering black. I thought it strange because how could I see this swirling black against a dark room...anyway, I got up and stayed up for the rest of the night. I burned sage and I haven't seen it since. I would burn sage and cleanse the area. Good luck! ❀
I use to have sleep paralysis like crazy to the point where every single night I was getting it and it was always a negative experience I can say now that I haven't had it happen as much anymore but it still does happen and its terrifying my personal and only explanation is that spirits are always around us and sometimes they break through to our side as much as they can which happens in our dream state because when your dreaming your mind is completely open and is it scary absolutely and do you wish it never happened again 100000% but unfortunately that isn't the case and as someone who has experienced this as often or more often than you I can say that you learn to deal with it in a sense, I plug my ears which may seem silly but it helps me feel more in control and if you arent able to do this that's okay practice it because what I found with my paralysis is that I ALWAYS knew when it was coming I would get a weird feeling in my ears I truly hope you can fight this awful experience because it is the worst love and light jo ❀
I've been seeing black swirling smoke in my room and short visuals of creatures running down my walls and at night I get tapping on my head and feelings of something in my room that makes all my hair on my body stand up. I thought it was just me but one of my roommates has begun hearing tapping on the walls at night. I guess I'm just looking for some possible answers
Peridot111 in Future Flashes
I'm also going through the same experience, have been for the past few years. It comes and goes
Unicron1000 (guest) in Help Me Understand My Abilities

I don't have social media. If you want to talk to me, you can use my email. It is on my profile. I'd love to help you.:-)
hi nick could you also leave any social form of social media? I'd like to talk with you as well.
hi Ethan, I'm 14 as well and I've been going through the exact same thing you're going through. My name is megan and I was thinking about controlling my abilities. But I can't. I don't know if there's anything wrong with me. I thought I was the only one and I find comfort in knowing there's someone like me out there too. My thoughts and dreams come true, i'll share a couple of experiences with you in dm, if you have Instagram or Snapchat or any other social media form, could you leave it here? I'd like to talk further about this in a private way.
I've been experiencing so many things described in many of these stories. I've had very little guidance and have been down the rabbit hole myself. I've thought everything from being spied on to being a T.I. And some. This ability has unfolded in increments. I just recently have experienced the predator invisible thing as well. I get the white orbs and flashes of light esp as I move my head around. There have been a few times I've had it directly in front of my eyes at precisely the right moment and in a pin point it's been much brighter than car head lights on bright. I've recently even been able to see electricity on surfaces be like miniature lighting bolts. I've used rf detector and it reveals the energy in so many different patterns too. For the last year I've been able to see the heat wave looking energy and yes when I allow eyes to sort of blur it brings things out. I had a friend that would always point out pictures within pictures like cloud formations, photographs, art, patterns in grains of substrates, etc. I find this to be exercise to build on the ability for seeing the other stuff. I've heard of people saying that before some people die they have abilities become apparent. This has had me worried about that at times. I guess a question I have for someone experienced for a long time would be, is this higher state of consciousness or psychic experience becoming universally more common per/capita or is it as common as say 10 or 20 years ago?
Today I came on here as I usually do check out new stories and I see one of "seeing crows," one of "seeing white smoke,"another being "lights flickering," and finally "breathing." The irony here is that just two days ago a friend and I had a long conversation after he'd been gone for 3 years. During our conversation something coincidental happened. I explained to him since he had been gone I'm always having bizaar coincidences occurring lately almost daily. The next day throughout ongoing conversation another out of the ordinary coincidence happened for him to see for himself that what unsaid were true. So with all that, in the last two weeks all 4 subjects that are on this site now which I put in quotations I have experienced in the last week. I've never had a crow be around my place and draw so much attention to itself until the last two weeks and the thread in this site actually made me realize. As far as the breathing, I have heard that too many times. Many times I have been paralyzed in fear, but if it helps to know you are not dead, and it can't kill you. Only you can feed it more energy which is through your mind.

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