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Im experiencing the same issue... I found that thc helps with positive thoughts but sometimes it does amplify the broadcasts... In my case suddenly I can not my neighbor's also hear me as well as some people I feel really connected too, I believe this ability originated when I crashed at the age of 16 which put me on life support and in a short coma I woke up 3 days later and I remember seeing my dog when I was younger and some family member I wasn't sure who it was exactly but the lighting around them and the color of their skin was just beautiful it looked super healthy and very different from my family that was also in the room... Anyways I'm not too sure if it had to do with that or not but as I got older it seemed to progress even while I tried numerous medications and spent 15 days in psych ward and then another 12 days in hospital, it actually got so bad it pushed me to trying to commit suicide 4 times now... If this ability really is true then my life is going to be hell soon... But on a positive note we can help others by reading positive things. I thought for a second it was gone but it came back with super negative energy and conversations/thoughts there has been so many coincidences that this has convinced me it exsist... I too wish to stop this broadcasting it has had its ups n downs but it's time for me to stop.
I also have the gift of foresight... I feel you. It's a gift to understand that there is a plan even if we don't understand that plan. It's also extremely difficult... After every loss I'm left wondering if I could've prevented it somehow... These are torturous thoughts. One thing I've learned that if I am meant to step in, that is, if it's a warning, I will be provided with details and guidance. If it's part of the plan, then the details are more vague and there is a calm "matter of fact" feeling.

The urge to blame yourself for what happened is also a side effect of this gift. Please know that this is not how it works. I understand these thoughts... Especially when it was a close loved one who's death you perceived.

If anyone is having a hard time with their gift, I know how you feel and I am here if you need to talk gridkeepersalliance [at]
I too have experienced the swirling black smoke and I don't know what it was but I had the feeling that it wasn't good. I was spending the night, for the first time, in my b/f's home, he wasn't due to arrive until the next morning. That night I was in bed trying to fall asleep, everytime I tried to fall asleep I felt as though something was waking me, finally after the 5th time I had enough, I opened my eyes and before me in the pitch dark room was a swirling circle of shimmering black. I thought it strange because how could I see this swirling black against a dark room...anyway, I got up and stayed up for the rest of the night. I burned sage and I haven't seen it since. I would burn sage and cleanse the area. Good luck! โค
I use to have sleep paralysis like crazy to the point where every single night I was getting it and it was always a negative experience I can say now that I haven't had it happen as much anymore but it still does happen and its terrifying my personal and only explanation is that spirits are always around us and sometimes they break through to our side as much as they can which happens in our dream state because when your dreaming your mind is completely open and is it scary absolutely and do you wish it never happened again 100000% but unfortunately that isn't the case and as someone who has experienced this as often or more often than you I can say that you learn to deal with it in a sense, I plug my ears which may seem silly but it helps me feel more in control and if you arent able to do this that's okay practice it because what I found with my paralysis is that I ALWAYS knew when it was coming I would get a weird feeling in my ears I truly hope you can fight this awful experience because it is the worst love and light jo โค
I've been seeing black swirling smoke in my room and short visuals of creatures running down my walls and at night I get tapping on my head and feelings of something in my room that makes all my hair on my body stand up. I thought it was just me but one of my roommates has begun hearing tapping on the walls at night. I guess I'm just looking for some possible answers
Peridot111 in Future Flashes
I'm also going through the same experience, have been for the past few years. It comes and goes

I don't have social media. If you want to talk to me, you can use my email. It is on my profile. I'd love to help you.:-)
hi nick could you also leave any social form of social media? I'd like to talk with you as well.
hi Ethan, I'm 14 as well and I've been going through the exact same thing you're going through. My name is megan and I was thinking about controlling my abilities. But I can't. I don't know if there's anything wrong with me. I thought I was the only one and I find comfort in knowing there's someone like me out there too. My thoughts and dreams come true, i'll share a couple of experiences with you in dm, if you have Instagram or Snapchat or any other social media form, could you leave it here? I'd like to talk further about this in a private way.
I've been experiencing so many things described in many of these stories. I've had very little guidance and have been down the rabbit hole myself. I've thought everything from being spied on to being a T.I. And some. This ability has unfolded in increments. I just recently have experienced the predator invisible thing as well. I get the white orbs and flashes of light esp as I move my head around. There have been a few times I've had it directly in front of my eyes at precisely the right moment and in a pin point it's been much brighter than car head lights on bright. I've recently even been able to see electricity on surfaces be like miniature lighting bolts. I've used rf detector and it reveals the energy in so many different patterns too. For the last year I've been able to see the heat wave looking energy and yes when I allow eyes to sort of blur it brings things out. I had a friend that would always point out pictures within pictures like cloud formations, photographs, art, patterns in grains of substrates, etc. I find this to be exercise to build on the ability for seeing the other stuff. I've heard of people saying that before some people die they have abilities become apparent. This has had me worried about that at times. I guess a question I have for someone experienced for a long time would be, is this higher state of consciousness or psychic experience becoming universally more common per/capita or is it as common as say 10 or 20 years ago?
Today I came on here as I usually do check out new stories and I see one of "seeing crows," one of "seeing white smoke,"another being "lights flickering," and finally "breathing." The irony here is that just two days ago a friend and I had a long conversation after he'd been gone for 3 years. During our conversation something coincidental happened. I explained to him since he had been gone I'm always having bizaar coincidences occurring lately almost daily. The next day throughout ongoing conversation another out of the ordinary coincidence happened for him to see for himself that what unsaid were true. So with all that, in the last two weeks all 4 subjects that are on this site now which I put in quotations I have experienced in the last week. I've never had a crow be around my place and draw so much attention to itself until the last two weeks and the thread in this site actually made me realize. As far as the breathing, I have heard that too many times. Many times I have been paralyzed in fear, but if it helps to know you are not dead, and it can't kill you. Only you can feed it more energy which is through your mind.
I agree with Lyro. You will overload and you do need to not take in so many case loads. Beware of people who want to drain you of your energy intentionally. There are people amongst us who love to drain others of their energy. Esp empathy. As far as a quest for answers... Your answer is right there. You probably have a higher purpose or ability you are being made aware of. It could be a sign of thee times or a sign of your times, which may go hand in hand.
ethan2005Psychicic in Help Me Understand My Abilities
thank you Nick and Rob I understand my ability is not a curse but a gift from the maker I also now understand that meditation helps me control my abilities
Hello Ivenusa would you mind sharing a picture of your forehead?
I have a v on my forehead as well and have been trying to find out some answers on it. Just would like to see if they resemble
Hi Rosetose,
I recommend the Silva Method when it comes to meditation, while I'm not selling anything, I would recommend the Silva Ultra Mind program as it was designed to help us, as individuals, find our life's purpose in how to help others. There are some free meditations on the WWW and the complete program available for a price of course. If you look, there is lots of info you can read on the program before you commit to any lessons.
HI Ethan,
Accept it of course, but to go further, try and get yourself some info on meditation. Practicing meditation will help you get a handle on this. I am a fan of the Silva Method, there many free meditations and information out on the WWW. I'm not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
My name is Nick, and I live in Pennsylvania too. So basically what you are saying is that your dreams comes true?

I have this ability as well. My dreams come true constantly. But I don't see it as a curse. At least not anymore.

I haven't dreamt of anyone dying. Sometimes I wish I was told about when someone I loved died a year ago. I may have been able to save the life of someone I deeply cared about back in July of last year (2019). But even if I did dream it, it may not have done any good given that the person passed in Delaware.

Point is, this is one of the abilities that I have that I cannot control either. But, I think that the ability that we share is one of the psychic abilities that is difficult to control or can't be controlled.

I have been seeing the future in many different ways and forms for a few years now. I have yet to learn how to control them myself. What I CAN offer you is the suggestion that a way of helping to grasp this ability is to record every dream that you can remember when you wake up. This will help your abilities realize that you are paying attention and will help you grasp them better.

Trust me when I say that it is always scary for everyone at first. But overtime, you get used to them.

This is no curse, Ethan. I was afraid of my abilities just like you are, but I got over my fear and saw how much my abilities benefit me and the people around me.

Your dreams coming true are the first sign of your awakening. You are capable of so much more, but only if you stop fearing your powers.

You are Gifted, all you need to do is accept it.
I need your help. I have this same problem in my life. Please help me. I'm in very trouble ๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ˜ข
hi,if there is someone out there... How can I undo those things that came true? Or how can I prevent them from happening after I said it and I know it will happen...? If that make sense...
Unicron1000 in Future Flashes
I know exactly what you are going through. I see the future too. Except I see it, "hear" it, feel it, and most commonly dream it.

I see the future in flashes too. You are psychic, but I myself am still working on how to "channel" this ability. A good way of doing this is recording everything.

I keep records of all of my experiences in my cell phone. I believe that you should record them too, but do it any way you feel more comfortable with. If you want to write them on paper then do so.:-)

Recording your visions will make your abilities stronger. And it is a great way of keeping track of psychic development.
I used to hear voices when I was in high school and interestingly I would hear these voices when I was listening to loud music or afterward. I also had depression at that time which could be a result of it. Our brain is a very mysterious thing and some time hearing hallucinations can happen. Sometimes though you might be hearing someone else's thoughts, but for me, that has only been the case when it was an emergency of some sort. "Oh my god" doesn't seem like telepathy to me. I would definitely stop listening to loud music for a while. If it continues I would consult with a therapist. It's always good to rule specific conditions out:)
Feelingjaded in Visions With Eyes Open
Hi, yes this has only happened to me twice, the first time leaving me completely transfixed and fascinated. I was home alone in my room, when I suddenly saw what appeared to be very REAL and moving footage of men on horses riding along and battling each other, it was very much a movie scene from like the Roman Days of TROY, however clear and very FAST Paced. I must admit, I've never mentioned it to anyone, as until recently I guess a part of me still believed that maybe I was just imagining it, but Today out of nowhere, many years later, I've had a fewshort, but animated 2 minutes happen to me once again, And, this time it's left me deciding that it must be some sort of very special powerexperience, although I also don't have the wisdom to know why. And would love some insight. I'm a true scorpio, so my life has always been heavily defined by the occult and weird, if not scary and elusive side of life, but know I'm thirsty for knowledge about absolutely anything UNUSUAL AND INTUITION ENHANCING, THANKS GUYS
Dreamer0863 in Dream - Reality
No your not going crazy.
The things I have mentioned trouble me too.
Like you said it's a feeling of guilt of the incident.
Like if only I had not dreamed it it wouldn't be
Reality is it would have been regardless and I kind of think maybe it prepares us in an odd way for what's coming.
I'm going through the same thing and I don't understand I think the smoke is a spirit... I was focusing on the wall and I started seeing smoke, I followed the the smoke with my eyes and then the smoke was over me and a translucent rainbow head started manifesting I freaking ran to my sons room so I'm trying to figure out wats happening 2
?! ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Also, I made a website for us non-humans to communicate. Hope you like it, the link is here:
I am the same.
I see things others can't see. I am not normal. I can feel things others can't feel. The weird thing is, my dad could do the same when he was a child, but his abilities were weaker than mine. Humans are my friends, but they aren't very bright. I know I don't belong here, sometimes I feel like there are steps in front of me, but I can't step on them. Sometimes I feel like there are wings coming out of me, other times I feel like someone is about to shoot me with a gun. I know something bad is going to happen soon, very soon to all humans. I don't know what, but it is not like a natural disaster or coronavirus. SEE THAT?! I DID NOT JUST WRITE THAT SENTENCE, SOMETHING VERY WRONG IS HAPPENNING...
I just signed up insipred by your experiences with crows.

1. November 2008 I started working for my inner freedom as I had many blocked areas in my life. I didn't know what I started with.
In the Spring of 2009 a pair of magpies nested four meters outside my living room window in a very short tree. That was how it started. During the following years the encounters with birds have been vaste. It's direct contact - including eye contact, crows, doves all kinds of ducks / swans, seagulls, eagles, sparrows - you name it. When the doves came nesting just outside the window in the same nest and tree as the magpies had used, I became a vegetarion. I believe it was one of the messages from the doves.

I didn't understand much of it all in the beginning, but slowly I have come to some conclusions.
It's not like each and one of us only have one spiritual bird or animal as a totem, we all have them all - or at least many.
We have an inner univers, and in many ways it mirrors what we see in the physical world.
I am not into any specific religious or philosophic system, I do believe we do best when we concentrate on love, rising above everything that splits and creates unhealthy groupings.
But I have read quite a lot in the bible during my spiritual quest, and as with all ancient religious literature I believe there is lots of wisdom and good knowledge to find there.
It's written there that birds are bewinged messengers. Another strange writing there is the statement where all the goods on ships are listed. All kinds of different physical items are mentioned, and then suddenly amongst all that human souls are mentioned.

My conclusion (not only because of these writings) is that animals represent soul (meat is transported by ships), birds represent mind - thought.
I had a strange dream about the latter: In the dream I was in a wagon - in one of these passenger aerial tramway (a cable car). One of the passengers asked another passenger: "What do we speak to, when we speak to birds?". The other passenger answered: "To our brain".

Think of our fantastic brain with all the different areas having so many different functions. If that dream showed truth, birds of different qualities is the inhibitors in our brains. We see them as physical beings, but inside us they are probably more like micro organism.

In my quest for answers during these years, I also looked into astrology. I worked with all the elements there. When I worked with my Jupiter god (don't you know you are gods - written twice in the bible), a crow came flying and landed close to my window. The same thing happened when I worked on my Saturn god, but then a magpie came flying. The planet Jupiter is bigger then the planet Saturn, so it made sense to me.

Anyway when it comes to gods, there are good and bad as with everything else. Are our own gods free to work in us? Do they have the authority as they are meant to have? What about their company - friends? If they are good, then all is well!
This is only a short little sample of the insight I have gained on the quest I am on and have been for twelve years now, and still there is so much more to learn. Anyway we have a truly interesting universe inside us as outside - and the one mirrors the other.

Love is the energy that rises us to the highest levels in all planes of living. Send your crows love and lift them in that way!
Hi! I can't tell you how much it meant to me to read this just now. I had the SAME THING happen in 2014! And apart from details that are unique to your experience, the experience itself is just about the same. You are 100% right, it's the unconditional love that brings it on. I started meditating daily around 2009, and it changed my life. My dreams became vivid, I felt happier, and it was just generally really good for me. Then in 2013 I started a gratitude practice. I immersed myself in it. I felt SO MUCH LOVE and appreciation for everything and everyone in this world! Nonstop! I felt so much love and gratitude pretty much my every waking moment, and I kept it up. Then in July of 2014, I went to bed as normal, but woke up about 12:30 to the most incredible thing. I came out of sleep and realized that while sleeping I had been communing with God! That's the best way I can describe it. It was as real as waking life. It was so intense! The LIGHT was incredible and SO bright! I literally thought when I opened my eyes that the light in my bedroom surely seeped out around the blinds and woke the whole neighborhood, lol. Then of course in a split second I realized it was not actually in my room, but inside me (!). Anyway, it was the LOVE that was even more intense than the light! It actually felt like they were in equal measure - HUGE. The LOVE was completely unconditional, and it was aimed at me! It felt like all the love in the Universe, in existence. It was God, and it was telling me without words, like telepathy with just understanding, how much He (I'm going to say "he" because "it" is too impersonal) loved me and how perfect I am. How He has been with me every minute of every day, and He approves completely of everything I've ever said, done, and thought. And I'm not perfect, just like everyone else. This was all being transmitted to me with incredible enthusiasm and love, just gushing! I was feeling so much joy! It almost felt like we were laughing together from the joy of it all. It was what you said, about how everything is perfect, including us, exactly as we are. There was no judgement, just total approval and love and enthusiasm. I also got a similar impression as you, I felt that everyone I had ever loved and currently love was somehow part of God. He just felt very familiar, and like, this is how I think about it now, it felt like there is nothing missing in God. Everything you love is in God, loving you back. Like you, this event completely changed my life, and I think about it every single day. Oh, also, when I woke up that night at 12:30, I went back to sleep, and it just continued all night, exactly the same. I woke up in the morning, and it was still happening. It was quite long, probably about 7 hours or so. I felt like a new person in the morning. I really feel changed by the experience. I have mulled it over so much since it happened, and your takeaway is pretty much the same as mine. It is all about love! We are here to love! The more love the better! I see everyone through this God lense now, they are perfect as they are, on their soul's journey, just like me. Even politicians, lol. Everything that happens to us is for our own growth, so everything serves a Divine purpose. I also feel that the more unconditional love you can feel and sustain, the better and smoother your life is. Things just go your way. A few more things about the experience. I "knew" that God was everywhere and everything. In fact, during this communion, it felt like God and I were the only thing in ALL of existence! It boggles the mind, but it felt like that. Kind of like when you fall in love, and you just can't think of anything else, but way more intense. It really felt like nothing else even existed. And we ALL have this relationship with God. Also, it is a VERY intimate and personal relationship, like a beloved parent mixed with your best friend. Just the best relationship you can possibly imagine!
Another thing, you mentioned that this happened through your forehead. Mine felt like God and the Light were gushing in through the top of my head.:) I also believe we will all experience this at some point in our soul's journey. I'm sure some have experienced it in lives past. It just makes your mission to love non-negotiable. It also makes loving yourself a no brainer. If God loves us this way, and thinks we are this great, how could we not think the same? We are all in this together. Much love to you for sharing your experience, it means so much to me to know you experienced this too!
AnneV in Psychic Alexa
Alexa is not psychic, you are. The device is programmed to declare days like that. You're the one who had the dream before you knew it was going to take place. That's precognition.
gabifranz in Spirit Drawing
I can also see and dream of things that end up happening, either in a long or short period of time. Last year I was so shocked when I drew my mom's partner leaving his body, a couple of hours before finding out he had passed away earlier that day (which is something I'll share here soon). I'm not sure if that's how I channel stuff (I've been drawing during most of my life too), I believe I need to loosen up my rigorousness before being able to turn spirit drawing into something valuable and consistent.
I used to have sleep paralysis with a twist. About 3 years ago then 4 years before that then another time when I was 18. 3 years ago it was the worst though. I had been waking up unable to breath or move after a few nights of this it got worse. I woke up and could feel something looking at me like a short dark long haired person. I would then begin to breath again with acid shooting into my throat so bad I could hardly breath from bit being able to for about 30 seconds it was really intense. The acid in my throat was like fumes had been put in front of me. I couldn't catch my breath. I would try to call out to my wife and all I could do was moan like the sound someone would make if there mouth wasn't open. I called my grandmother over with her sister they read some things from the bible with sage burning. The second they opened the door the sage went out like a burst of wind put it out. It hasn't happened again. It was a really scary thing to happen as I have had many things happen to me this was the most threatening.
Mariej79 in Seeing Energy?
I see the same energy all the time. I always have ever since I could remember. I see it in the air, around people, animals furniture, everything literally. I see things fly through it quickly. I just thought everyone could see it. Aside from that I have seen an orb a perfectly round ball of light hovering in the corner of my room at the time but that's another story. I kind of just wish I didn't see the world so fuzzy anymore I'd like to see it like normal people do... ๐Ÿ™‚
As someone once told me, we can't always see things as something 'magical' or else we would drive ourselves crazy. So I'd first go through normal medical reasons. Feeling vibrations isn't something new to me, I'll touch on that in a moment, but the hearing loss with it could mean it's something simple like the fluids in your ears. I'd go through the normal possible reasons first before looking for something spiritual. That being said I have vibrations not in my ears, but all over my body in different places. My leg, arms, head, just different areas. Most people don't seem to feel the same vibrations that I do, but they come on randomly and can last for a while before stopping, and they happen randomly.
~ Lyro
For me I mostly see flashes, orbs passing by. I've also double checked when I've see a flash getting it on camera to confirm something was there. They've followed me, landed on me and just wanted to be near me. In contrast, they stayed away from my mother. They liked my curtains in my room, but when she went to them they all left, she left and they would come back. So they stayed away from her, but would come and land on me. Most of the time it's just the flashes, a couple times I've seen full form but it's typically when I'm in a really tired state where the line between their world and ours blurs, or of course out of the corner of your eyes. I'd rather see full forms than to get flashes around the room all the time, gets really annoying.
~ Lyro
Lyro in Kiss
It's possible that this could be another person, not a spirit. As you didn't really describe what the kiss felt like, from my own experience, I've felt something similar. In my case it was a cold feeling on my lips, it felt like you do when your leg or arm goes to sleep. That numb feeling but really cold. I've felt this a few times, but if someone is trying to connect to you, and wants you to feel their lips to yours, it's not impossible either. Do you know anyone else that is, well, into everything spiritual as well? Anyone else that you know that may have feelings for you to want you to feel that?
~ Lyro
What do you mean by static electricity in your ear? Do you mean ringing? That aside, people coming to you to tell you their secrets and feeling comfort is normal among Empaths. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the line, "I feel like I can tell you anything". One of which told me something that had happened to her from years ago which was like her deepest darkest secret that even her mother didn't want her to talk about it, but she still did because she felt that from me. Empaths can connect to people on another level, it's why they feel safe and secure being around one. However, you are feeling these emotions, and will feel drained being around people you are connected with for too long. A lot of Empaths will have an, "Empathic overload" where they burn themselves out connecting with too many people. The first step is to learn to control who you connect with so you don't just randomly connect with anyone around you, that'll help with the drain. As far as people feeling safe around you, that just comes with the job I'm afraid. It's not a bad thing, and you can help a lot of people by being connected with them on a level most people are unable to.
~ Lyro
To understand you have to think about time differently. The future isn't something that is going to happen, it's something that is happening. It's not past and future, it's moments that have happened and moments that haven't happened yet. I've explained this a few times on the site, but think of it like throwing a rock in a calm pond, you see the ripples effecting the other side of the lake that was no where near the point of contact. This is what you see and feel, these ripples. The closer you are to the event, the stronger and easier you'll feel or see. These ripples, the way I see it are our emotions. The stronger the event, the more emotion it'll cause, and therefore the more energy it will create. If it's something that happens to you, you'll feel it easier, but if it's something that will affect a large mass of people, you can feel that wave of emotion. I think most everyone experiences this in their own time, and at different degrees, so you aren't alone. Seeing things that haven't yet happened can be a gift, but it can also become a curse when you see things you don't want to see. So before you continue down this path, be sure it's something that you would want as well.
~ Lyro
gabifranz in Crow's Visitiations

Hello! I'm new here and your story caught my eye. Having crows around is lovely! That's definitely a good sign. I have a book called Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams, about spirit animals and what it means when their presence shows up in our lives. Been looking for it in English since I have the Spanish version, but couldn't find it. So I'm translating some of the text on the Crow, hope it helps:

"Throughout time the Crow has represented the Medicine of Magic. It's been so in numerous cultures across the globe. Its magic is a powerful medicine to help you courageously enter the darkness of the void, where everything shapeless resides. The Crow is the messenger of the void.
If the Crow has showed up for you, you're about to experience a shift of consciousness. Maybe it's time to call the Crow to become the messenger of an intention, a bit of healing energy, a thought or a message. Maybe you're needing to communicate with your ancestors, or maybe they're trying to communicate with you.
This magical moment has come to you from the darkness of the void and it's your challenge to bring this to the light. By doing so, you'll honor the magician within."

It's not much, hopefully you can get it. Another thing that I find interesting is the place where you say you found those three crows. Since a house represents our own self, your backyard would represent your unconscious (this also applies to general dream interpretation). So I'm thinking there's something calling you from your own subconscious. And the fact that one of them was carrying food, makes me think you can nurture from your own subconscious. Maybe I'm wrong, this is just my interpretation.

Here's something else. This is a therapist I follow on youtube and I find her messages really deep and in tune with what I feel about certain animals.
I don't really know how to explain what I saw but every now and again before I'm going to sleep when I get to the point of being asleep but not I'll see or feel a spider leg on my eye and when I try to move it it doesn't go anywhere I feel like it's covering my third eye but I'm not positive today I could see it wrapping it self around my head I can't really explain it properly but I would love to know how to get rid of it if it is an ethereal spider
Hello LillianRose, thank you for your story. I have pretty much the same thing happening to me. It's like an on and off thing.
I thought I had "awaken" this skill after my first few regression sessions, but reading your story reminded me of these things happening to me long before, when I was a kid.
My therapist back then recommended learning how to read tarot cards, as a way of getting into my own subconscious and finding my own answers to these daily events. I don't know if you're interested in tarot, it doesn't have to be that. Maybe some other kind of practice that helps you the way you're needing right now.
Its amazing to finally meet other people like me. Embrace your gift and use it for good. You should not feel guilt. You are an amazing being. I remember those days of feeling so confused but now I just wait. I don't tell anyone anything. I just allow the universe to work.
As I read through all the comments, I noticed that people have different types of knowing; ideas, scenes, images, phrases, visions, daydreams. For me, it's mainly scenes and phrases that I see or "predict" will happen. I've never had a dream about a pyramid with an eye or any of the such as some users have expressed, so maybe it's just me being crazy. But these phrases and scenes that I see for a quick second have been happening to me ever since I was young (7 or 8).

To describe it, it's like a flash. I see something in my mind, and then when it happens, I recognize that I've seen it somewhere. But it's nothing like deja vu, which implies that the person experiencing it has lived it. But more like I see it happen before it actually does. I see someone saying something, a line, a phrase in an exact order that would not change unless I changed in reality. And then I recognize that I've seen it somewhere, heard it somewhere in a fuzzy memory, or as a vision in a dream.

I don't ever remember that fuzzy memory or that vision until seconds before it happens. It's not a gut feeling like some users experience, and it's also nothing super long or dangerous as others.

Most of these "flashes", as I like to call them, are very mundane, regular things. Sometimes they can cause anxiety, and I like to hide when that happens because it quickly goes away.

I only decided to do research now and open up about what I'm experiencing because the flashes have been happening more frequently. And instead of a couple of seconds before, they're getting longer, 10-15 seconds before. I asked one of my friends about it and opened up to what I'm experiencing and they did some research too.

They theorized that it may be because of changes in the environment. That since I'm very perceptive (something I have noticed among many users here) I notice right away when something in my environment changes, and because of that, I can tell what is about to happen.

I thought about what they said and gradually dismissed the idea. Because it doesn't explain why it has been happening to me since I was young, as a child, you are not always perceptive regarding the environment and who is in it. It also doesn't explain why they have been happening more frequently or why they are getting less fuzzy and more intense.

But these are just my experiences, I don't know if anyone else has been experiencing the EXACT same thing as I have, everyone here seems to have both very interesting and different experiences as I.

I've never been one for religion, nor have I ever worshipped any other theology. But I wanted answers, and I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing these "flashes".

A final thing I'd like to express is that I can change the outcome of these flashes, If I were to remain in the same position during these flashes it would play out exactly how I saw it as. But if I were to stop whatever I was doing, stand or move. Yell or run or stop someone else. The flash doesn't play out in the exact same way.

Again, maybe I'm just crazy, or maybe it is just changes in the environment and my perceptiveness. But I would like to know what to do - if there is anything I can do about these flashes.

Thank you for reading.
Chanda in Dream - Reality
I don't know if it's just me or everyone around me. But I can predict death of my loved ones. I predicted death of my brother who passed away when he was 4 years old, predicted my dad's death 2 years ago suddenly out my mouth saying this time dad is going to pass away. Then predicting my granddaddy's death when he was already fine out of hospital. I predict and grandaddy passed away same night. Not just this it has been 2 more cases of prediction which came out to be real. I feel so guilty for what I said. I always think that I'm responsible for their death. I have kept myself so much inside captive. Is it just me or everyone else here? Or am I going crazy
Once you are chosen, either you accept it or it will get worse. I have had an experience like that before. Once I tapped into someone's life just by looking at them and concentrating. I saw a glimpse of their life and it so happened that I saw a man's daughter that was going to die but did not say anything to him because it's going to hurt him. The sad thing is that, this daughter had a child and now he is raising her. Embrace it!
I am interested in the experience you had as I have had them often. The usual scenario is that I will be somewhere until I am noticed. I am then told that I do not belong there. Sometimes I have been picked up and thrown out/back to here.
I've had this girl my whole life she has followed me around and has always appeared when i'm sad. I am now 16 years old and I just saw her yesterday she ran by my bathroom and I had the door cracked open a little bit, it scared me but I didn't think much of it, until I was chilling on my bed and my LED lights randomly turned on that really freaked me out and my remote was under the bed. I talked to my dad and he told me the same things have happened to him he says that she needs help?
Hello, How can I get in touch with you?
It's long story to share,
I don't know if you could help me and guide me through what i'm experiencing, because i'm having same situation lately. Having dreams, premonitions, some sort of dejavu. I don't know which one, but definetely my dreams are coming true, and it scares me. Please if you read this, please write me, please write me, hoping to get some answers, here is my e-mail mila_bat [at]
Hey Rebel9k, is there anywhere I can contact u?
I'd like to ask u a few ques.
I can offer you some ideas but I don't know what is correct for you. There is a such thing as auditory hallucinations. They are when you hear something and your brain trying to make sense of it fills in the blanks on auto pilot and you in effect are hallucinating a particular perception. I am looking for another paper with research which actually proves there does exist an ability for certain frequencies that can draw in other frequencies which do actually have words etc that play in the harmonics. I read it last year saved it to my cloud but have switched phones twice so it will take some time to dig it up. I struggle to find it like I did the first time. I'm an electrician which actually how I was able to one day innerstand how paranormal energy can show itself on our plane or dimension if you will. Also you may be dealing with a psychosis of sorts, I'm not suggesting one way or another just sharing what I've learned. Then there's one other thing. It can take us into a completely different subject and people and conversations of made up minds do denounce with biased opinions esp if it doesn't fit the thread/forum. Personally I believe anything and everything has potential if being possible and I believe I can demonstrate validity to two occurrences happening simultaneously or one in relation to the other. That being covert experiments through clandestine operations for mind control, directional microwave thought implants such as voice to skull, electronic harassment type implementation if various methods that have been carried out in times passed and probably refined upon today. More of your people with esp abilities tend to be of a specific blood type and there have been experiments for causes like that as well. So if I've found research conducted by agencies through secret programs funded by black budget money that was spent trying to find which type of people are more likely to possess certain qualities so I can then narrow down a specific target group for experimentation. So if an agency wanted to study and utilize potential psychics in warfare or people likely to possess esp abilities for use in warfare and whatever other findings that may arise they may run into people who fit the bill entirely but havemt yet tappef into their abilities. Or perhaps they sit back and monitor potential people throught their lives and having the ability to not only watch the prospect experimentee, but to initiate or jump start the ability or perhaps to observe when I is indeed happening and also jump in and mimmick, add too, increase or what have you. There would be more than one reason to do this, one good one I can think of is to keep you in a state of confusion, question, doubt, disbelief, fear etc. Any way to keep you from harnessing your abilities with confidence and building upon them to make readily available and stronger. Also to hoard your gift for their own agenda and to see if the results are for or against their cause. In my research I find it intriguing that the same blood type I mention is also the most desired to be recruited into the military, and many go in two opposite directions. Many promote to high ranking officers like Generals because of their abilities and on the contrary many end up being administratively separated from the military including bad conduct and other than honorable discharges. Many experiments Carried out on these particular types include theor own personell. And it has been suggested that there has been mind control on some of these desirable to join the military prior to being recruited. So it can be said that they follow particulat people from birth. This is my personal belief and with my own personal esp abilities I can tell you it is true we have super computers that can compute on quantum levels. Being able to generate data on multiple axis can give the upmost accurate realistic meta data. Including inputting historical data in which a quantum computer can generate accurate logarithm that can project the future. Hence the birth of A.I. And years prior if you would wonder how they designed it it would make sense that you would experiment and observe special people. Like those with esp, genius, high IQ, psychics, mediums, philosophers and any scientists ahead of their time, alien abductees, successful war generals etc etc from which to gather all the beat of the best to build a super computer that can think at a superior level than the rest of the population that has been over time dumbed down. Hence sheeple. So then however it may fit the agenda at the time whether one is useful or not experiments may be conducted to kick start ones abilities or to add to them, to exercise them, to hone them to steal ideas, inventions, money making schemes you name it. But for people like you who your while life spirits and entities have always been there but all if a sudden there's something else that's there. And even with empathy, above average witt, higher levels of consciousness and even psychic abilities and medium ship there become new phenomena we can't explain or don't get. That particular group that seems to be promoted to high ranking officers or discharged prematurely is actually because of a particular fighting spirit that those people possess. And they are leaders that are deemed for the cause and in turn make great leaders, or because they are leaders and not followers they can't fit in and are deemed not useful for the military but instead perhaps enemy to them. Either way both are leaders. One can be harnessed the other is deemed can't be harnessed. Both powerful and have abilities to lead. And now you have born a potential T.I. Or targeted individual. Those people become isolated. As long as the unexplainable happenings keep one in a state of confusion the more he/she talks the more they become isolated because their stories are too bizarre for regular folk to handle including family members and spouses. So a person can have their natural abilities and at the same time for experiments and punishment/torture there may be other things mixed in as well which can become sudden and chaotic. Remember this can also be used to kickstart. There is a reason these abilities have been studied for many decades now to see how the military can benefit from it and how to create machines and synthetic paranormal experiences to possibly scare or control potential enemies. This is not limited to certain blood types or groups period. The military doesn't only recruit one type. Not only one type is promoted or discharged. But when they seek and much data analyses reveals specific groups with higher likelyhood you will have the more likely more often be utilized one way or another. Two years ago I developed abilities I never really knew I had. I can look back now and realize if I was ever driving with friends in a car and we smoked some pot I was always able to know which turns to make and make a safe get away without provoking suspicion. I somehow felt the win or loss on my friday night high school football games. I knew who I can tell truth too and who I couldn't be forthcoming with because it would cause injury or deficit on some way. But I never thought of it as i. I always thought a psychic should be rich because they should be able to pick winning lottery numbers. But two years ago I was visited three times by a young woman who's death was unsolved. Then I could hear conversations of people that pertained to me. I tried to find out what the time lapse was between it being carried out and when I actually heard it. I know it's been at least same day and usually within 24 to 36hrs but I even saw a week later. And with the food came the bad. I discovered my moment had had abilities of her own she never shared and find out shes friends with many others that do as well. Today I can feel and hear and sometimes talk to spirits and or entities around me. I typically know their demeanor. I hear conversations some between live humans and some are jerks playing games on the other side. Heck today was the first time I put it together that whatever it is that keeps touching my live handles when I'm in my garage with my shirt off is something. I've been wondering for a year or more thinking it's a damn bug. But there's no bug
And it knows it pisses me off so it has fun with me. I used to be afraid to share this because I have also been a TI. I've also been in the military amd I've also had so many injections we used to list line up and think it was cool to get vaccinated against biological/chemical warfare. I've also been to prison for something completely made up bullshiat. Yes I fall under a special interest category there as well. I said that to say this. Whether its evil entities, evil spirits, synthesized by the new rise of community policing groups, government military experiments or some combination, ome thing I got out of incarceration is that they can have my mind. You can't let anything ruin your peace. Peace is freedom in ways and states of fear or branches of it are no way to live. The worst thing that can happen to you is you move on to the next level. Well I suppose you can reincarnated and come back to this place as Tupac put it, but pain only goes so far and then numbness and or shock kicks in and if you learn techniques you can prevent shock allow glands to pump out chemicals in your body and pain goes away. So your left with your mind. The computer or powerhouse. We must stay I'm tact and not. Let anything infiltrate your mind. Respect the universe's and dimensions. They exist. But be firm with your boundaries and fear not. Fear is a quality of the weak and the weak are preyed upon. When I started to reach out I found that there are groups. There are shamans and groups and healers everywhere. And there are groups to which I suggest to the youngsters or anybody new with abilities or experiences. Find them so you may have friends and comrades with similar lives. You are not alone and it sure is nice to validate what you know to be true when people you most trusted doubt you and fall away. You become isolated. When isolated we can get lost in dark deep abyss and be vulnerable. I apologize this was so long but I hope my years of research, experience, epiphanies and revelations of events from decades prior and answered prayers can amount to at least put someone at ease or bring light to them in a dark corner. Dont loose your mind. Our mind is our lantern.
I have a transparent grey cloud that has been following me for years. Sounds crazy, but it actually tried to get my attention. Once I turn to look, it goes through a wall. It happens so often, the kids have noticed it. Not Scarry just uncomfortable. Bad luck constantly! Is the cloud and bad luck have anything to do with each other? How do I get rid of it. I would really like my life back. ๐Ÿ˜ข
Stormy1M in Struck By An Orb
I had a similar experience back in 2019. It was during summer and it was pretty late at night. I was sitting at the kitchen table and I saw an orb in front of me. It was about the size of a small rubber bouncy ball it was completely a solid white a slightly translucent around the edges, and as I sat there one thing I noticed was that I wasn't scared and it didn't seem scared of me. But I watched it fly into my chest kind of at a slow pace stayed in my chest for almost 30 seconds and back out and flew behind me and disappeared after that. To be honest I felt comfort by it because most nights setting alone at the table I was terrified to move like I was always being watched. I'm not sure what darkness was on the property but it didn't like me being there. So the white orb I saw was the only thing that didn't frighten me.
I used to see spirits when I was younger, now I can hear them from time to time or get messages telepathically. I do believe "spirits" can influence your thoughts, and emotions because in the end everything is energy, we are energy so just like how others can try to put thoughts, ideas and feeling into your space so can you. A person who has trained to be unattached to thoughts and emotions has a stronger protection. Buddhist monks train like that. You must be very young to still be experiencing this, probably teen or preteen maybe? My gift kind of went to sleep during my teenage years.
I've had experiences (that I have recorded) where I would start singing a song i've never heard before, and I would play back the recording and right before I started signing you can hear the voice of a girl singing the exact tune and melody.
I remember waking up one morning with eyes still closed and all of a sudden it feels like my ears are being covered by large headphones because the sound changes and all of a sudden I start to hear a old woman's voice speak in spanish say "aw look at her sleeping..." my family is latino, but not sure who the grandma was.
I have a lot of stories lol
If you want someone to talk to let me know:)
Hi, where can we contact eachother? I'd like to ask you a few ques.
stefaniechamo in Invisible Breathing
I've had this experience before. Mine's was I started hearing heavy breathing when I would lay on my side. I heard it very frequently. I had a dream that told me that the spirit was my mothers uncle who died of a lung disease. My mom told me she did have a uncle who died of a respiratory issue and was also asked by her grandmother to watch over her and her siblings. I kept hearing the heaving breathing after hearing that. I decided to pray to mother mary to escort this spirit into the light and back to his family who was waiting for him, as soon I did that the breathing stopped. The mistake I did was that when I would doubt if he really left the breathing would come back, so I had to pray again to have him escorted and taken to where he should be, and it would go away. I realized I just have to kept and believe that it is done, and time to move on, train my mind to shut down any thoughts of what ifs, and doubts because those will only attract them back. Hope that helps
So I saw a little girl at the side of my bed last night and it took me down a rabbit hole of search for little girl beside bed and I stumbled across a few of the top hat man reporting. This logged my memory of seeing the top hat man. I've seen this top hat man several years ago. The descriptions are almost identical. He was very tall and had a top hat. I grabbed my cell phone and shined the screen light on him and it didn't go away. Then I quickly turned on the lamp and it disappeared.
Hello. I have sort of a similar experience. I haven't been able to find anyone or anything online that is similar to my story. I actually made an account just to comment on this post. More than 10 years ago I was in bed. My bedroom door was open. In the corner of the open door frame there was a fairly large floating triangle. It was cyan or teal in color. The point was upside down. It almost seemed to be glowing. I didn't feel scared even though I was pretty young. I think I eventually fell asleep. I just remember staring at it all night. I never saw it again.
I have has Deja Vu LOADS of times in my life. They've ranged from conversations to sounds to places to people. Most of the time, I see the whole scenery, one time was when I was 9-10, I was in the car with my mom, sister, and brother heading to school. Right as we turn left from our street to the main road, I hear this weird noise, which I later learn came from a game on my mom's phone. Now, that was when I was having Deja Vu. Now probably a month or so later, the same thing happens, I ask my mom about it, but she says it never happened before. I could go on and on about having Deja Vu, but on to the next thing. I've always felt different as well. I think things WAY past my years. I know some things that are extremely complex, but don't understand some simple regular things. I also will sometimes get in a type of trance where I will get into what I like to call a "Deep Think," where I'll just continuously consciously think about these things that I can't possibly know. During this, I'll also think about some really complex questions that I wouldn't be able to explain. The weirdest things about this? Most the time, when I get out of the "Trance" (Which will sometimes last hours) I will hardly understand the questions I was thinking, I'll remember them, and I'll understand some of the things, but most of them just seem like, I don't know, crazy? If anyone understands these things, if anyone has experienced these things, Please, Please, tell me! I would really like to know if there are others experiencing this.
TelekineticPsychicGirl in How To Develop Telekinesis?
If you practice trying telekinesis at a younger age, will the effects be stronger/sooner?
Hi, I have a story about this. When I was 7 years old, I remember having this dream, I think I was holding a gift or something like that from someone who was in my dream. I can't remember what the object was, but I think it was metal and was long and thin, holding it kind of made my hand cold. I knew that I was waking up, and held onto the object harder while trying to stay in the dream. Newsflash, I woke up, looked at my hand, and saw the object. Once again, I don't remember what it was, but I was awake, holding this metal thing, my hand cold, and thinking that it is REALLY IMPORTANT. While looking at it, it starts to FADE right before my very eyes. I honestly forgot about this until now. Also, does anyone think that it's possible to PURPOSELY bring an object from dreams to reality? Or does it just happen on accident? Anyway, there's my story, sorry I can't remember more details on it.
When I was a teenager I had a dream where I woke up Ina room of pure white and was looking for a door or way out. When I turned back to where I was facing when the dream began she was there in all white and pale. Her hair was long and black and I asked her how to get out she walked towards me and pointed at me and I could see an eye of pure black. She only spoke six words and to this day I can here her voice it wasn't raspy and it wasn't kind it was a mix of an older woman a hag and a young girl speaking at once and she said "you will never wake up again" after that everything was black and I woke up. If anyone has anything like this let me know.
This has started happening to me recently as well except it's in my right ear. I have never had any problems with my ears or brain and have had neurological testing in the past. It just feels different, but it's nice to know I'm not alone.
Can you give any more information? Hearing someone who isn't speaking isn't something unheard of, but with the little you've shared it's hard to really draw any opinions about your situation.
~ Lyro
And I am sorry to hear about your sister. I am glad to hear that she did not die.
Have you ever seen how someone will or has died before they did? Have you ever tried preventing a death?
My sister had tried to kill herself. It was touch and go. When they took her off the ventilator, we would have to wake her up to breathe. She was hovering between life and death, so I saw it but she lived. I saw it on a family friend tonight.
I myself have never predicted a death, but I have seen the future dozens of times.

And you really do remind of a Banshee, just probably without the screaming.

I would like to hear the account about the time you were wrong if you don't mind. ๐Ÿค”
I have a lot of accounts of this. I've been doing it since I was a child and have only been wrong once. But in that situation, she was hovering betwern life and death. Luckily, she lived. It's interesting that you mentioned a banshee, as I'm almost fully Irish.
I also have death predictions, dreams and literally seeing death on their faces. I'm also from Oklahoma, which is really weird!
This is very interesting. And if you have anymore accounts of this happening, I'd like to hear more. My email is on my profile page.

You actually remind me of a Banshee, someone who constantly see and predicts death.
What you have is the ability of precognition. I have this ability, too, so I know exactly how you feel when you experience your visions coming true.

I can't help you in harnessing or controlling this ability, because I myself don't know how.

But if you have any questions or comments, please email me. It is on my profile page.
I have this same gift and being older it has caused a lot of difficulties in my life.

I can cause very aggressive storms and have had some areas of record breaking precipitation during very emotional days. However, learning to control my emotions I can attract and influence people and situations to a very high degree.

Be present with your thoughts and emotions my friends. You are gifted. You're very very powerful and to the sleeping they don't realize your potential of the super natural.
I definitely believe in intuition. I find it interesting that I'm also a scorpio. I've been trying to understand my birth chart however it's a little confusing. I know I have a lot of scorpio traits, but now that I'm older a lot of the negative parts of my sign I have learned to calm down.
I literally just had a similar experience the other day. It was the 1st time it ever happened. I was sitting on the edge of my bed when all a sudden I heard this loud buzzing in my left ear accompanied by intense vibrations. It felt as though my head was being pulled to the left. My right ear became muffled and sound in that ear began draining out. The whole experience only lasted about 10 to 15 seconds & then was over just as fast as it came on. I have never experuenced it before it was the 1st time so it quite shocking. I to have no history of ear problems or neurological disorders.
I'm 14 and I went with my uncle to a factory and it was raining light he told me to go and look at the bike and I got sad it started to rain harder and I wiped away the tears and thought to myself he's a jerk and I looked up and the lightning striked I'm too scared to tell my parents any of you who can help me?
I believe reading books on both astral projection and lucid dreaming would help. That will give you greater confidence, and also greater control. I do not astrally project because I find it to trippy, my last attempts were in my late teens. If I am near that period of buzzing where you can pull yourself out, I just stay still and request guidance inside a lucid dream where I feel safer. I will become distracted and fall back into normal sleep. The visions you had while in the hypnogaugic state, if you look up the Silvia Mind control method, he teaches to use that state to learn about yourself and manifest your dreams, so you could try reading his book as well to gain control over that state if you find yourself stuck in it and want greater mastery over it.
Chickenlady in Something Is Happening
Did you see someone at the door? If he had a conversation there, you would have heard it. It's possible he stood at the door and became lost in thoughts. Do you ever orientate him and ask him his name, the date, and where he is? He might have been confused on the date, to a date where he had gone to the movies. I'd check moving doors for drafts by a vent that might blow on them and maybe crooked on hinges and need to be shimmed. You could try asking the owners to put in a motion activated video recording camera outside the house, to try to catch potential criminals or pests. I would always advice to try to rule out everything normal before getting scared.
You can practice visualization to help you. For instance to stop psychic visions it is suggested to visualize your third eye open and focus on visualizing it shut and then retreating to the back of your head. To keep outside forces from reading your thoughts you can first visualize yourself inside a bubble made of one way glass, where you can see out, but others can not see in. Visualize a tiny star above your head that shines a light on any thoughts coming out of you and cleanses them into clean air like a filter. Create this bubble in your mind with you in its center, focus on it for maybe 5 minutes and tell yourself you are always inside it and then open your eyes. You can also practice mindfulness focusing on something simple like a candle flame if you feel someone is reading your mind, so if they do read it, they will just see the candle flame. This isn't a one time meditation usually. You might have to do it several times. You can also buy a book on psychic protection on Amazon.
Oh wow! I'm just seeing this and it was years ago! Well I read your post and I just wanted to say, don't give up!
robmkivseries70 in A Man's Voice Waking Me Up
Hi Debbie,
Check out rookdygin's profile, (you can search using his name). Contained with in the information is a cleansing procedure. I realize it's not the time of the year for open windows here in the Show Me" state. Perhaps letting lots of sun light will help.
That is why people give credence to a "woman's intuition." I too grew up in a religious household and was told of hell and fire should I partake in anything paranormal but when they couldn't answer my most basic and logical questions at around the age of 9, I knew that wasn't the path for me and I realized it was up to me to investigate all that is out there. Now that you're on your own, perhaps you'll spend some time doing your own investigation and making new and interesting discoveries.
Next time let them know they cannot effect you, stand strong instead of doubting yourself, show no fear or vulnerability but instead strength. Believe in your own strength too. Keep doing this and see if it subsides. Get yourself some black tourmaline to protect from any negative energy and speak out loud that you only let light, love and those with your best intent in.
Sounds like the dream was a premonition, I would think it was your guides speaking to you. Possibly they were giving you a bit of a warning or answer. Before the dream had you been pondering when you would find someone or "the one"?
I think you might not be seeing an organized picture, you might've just awakened abilities like me.

Are you sure they were talking about your thoughts, real sure about it? And if so what a waste of ability. Don't look out to external sources for happiness create it in yourself.
Does anybody know the significance of that vortex? I've been seeing it also since 7, and my friends used to think I'm crazy /making up stories. I'm 30 now, and I still see that vortex. Exactly like how your son explained it. It looks like a rose petal pulsating inwards. And it follows my vision everywhere. Could it be a medical condition? I'm dying to know.
Thanks for responding.
I believe, from the feelings I get, that the stable is somewhere in Europe.I'm certain it isn't in the US. I am in Arizona,US,so the stable is nowhere near where I am at the moment.
I just recently had a dream of my aunt I have never dreamt of her before.
As in the past comments on here I knew I need to talk about this to.
A dream I had was preparing a party for her...
When I woke I had a heavy heart. I had a similar dream of my uncle as a child. We had a party for him, only he was floating!
I woke and tried to tell my mom (who was on the phone with my aunt)
She was telling my mom that my uncle had brain cancer. He died a month later.
This recent dream felt the same. I didn't want to bring it up, but two days later I was talking to my dad, and she came up in conversation... I stopped him right there and told him my dream. He hung his head (he knows of my dream premonitions throughout my life)...,
He said she had less then 6 months to live.
I fell to my knees and sobbed! I knew it ๐Ÿ˜ญ
This past week has been a struggle. I have for the first time reached out to other because I don't understand this ability!
Thanks for sharing, I would love to communicate more to the likes of others like us ๐Ÿ˜Š
robmkivseries70 in Young Teen Aura
HI krowe928,
I can't advocate for drug use but want to suggest meditation as an alternative method of enlightenment. Drugs, to me, tend to remove the notion of attaching any logic to the experience.
robmkivseries70 in I Am Not Sure What I Am
I have a couple of ideas. One being that you are sensing a stable from the past; though, it isn't clear to me if you are in the location of the old stable at the time you are sensing it. The difference being, you could be sensing an old stable in it's original location. The other idea is the notion that you are remembering a stable from a past life. Is there any indication of the land in your vision being local to your current location? There are probably many other explanations with time and space juxtapositions. In any case, a fascinating account.
Hi,I am an Arizonan as well.:)
Ok,before I say this, I am not a bible thumper or anything. As to your plight, just know that God is there, within you. Not without, in any organized church. I don't mean this rudely either.
When I was but 5 years old, I just knew that God was so close to me. I wasn't aware of Christianity, churches,etc,or anything else yet.But,I knew he was there. And I have known that he has saved my physical life so many times,...I should have been seriously dead,accidents,nearly murdered twice, but nope. I don't know why, but I do know I was saved from death from outside situations, not illness. However, I had three of those illness things too, and made it out alive. Try not to worry about it, just let yourself live, without worry as to what to believe in. It will come. If you find that you are unable to feel for anything organized, no problem,...he's there. I promise.:)
Again,I am not a bible thumper. XD
(I just know what I know,sweety.)
LSSAH1 in Lifelong Friend
I do believe in what you say, which is pretty much what my Professor told me. That I had tapped into a certain energy/entity that was once created and abandoned.
Yes,we draw to us negatives and positives, and other things as well.

No,I don't think I created him, but yes, he does interact with me. I believe that the author of the book drew him out, gave him a form of life, and then John Ford finished the job with adding Lee Marvin into the pot as genuine form.
I've spent my life running the world, doing crazy, and I mean insane,things,etc, (going into countries the were killing eachother,genocide,etc) to be able to concentrate on a "thought form" for any length of time since childhood, I am afraid. So, if I had created him, as a child, he would have surely been long gone since I am a muchn older person now.
robmkivseries70 in Lifelong Friend
Good Day,
I take a bit of a different approach and call it a "thought form" which would imply that you created it. It would be real to you and that's all that matters. Does it interact with you or is it just "there"?
Richardpalit in Connection Awareness
Thank you for your honesty, that you have shared with me me. But why is Jon Benet Ramsey attachment with me, I never knew her but feel close to her, and how to I let her go. I've prayed to her with light and uncontional love so she will remain in the light and the love of Jesus, so she is safe and sound. โค
Ha11o wor_ld you are currently in the 6th grade? You tell quite a story. Nice writing abilities!
TrueLight I've had my rounds with this sort of stuff. You say you can help, I'm curious about that
I don't think per se we create beings from nothing, more like we draw beings based on resonating frequencies. If we concentrate long enough on any emotion, we'll draw that to us, either as an event or beings. This is why it's important to guard our thoughts and keep our emotions in check. We are 'broadcasting' beings and like attracts like, for better or for worse. You could even say that if you obsess over an angel, a fairy or whatever, sooner or later that will manifest in your life. We truly do create our realities.

It's hard for any of us to say what the connection might be, other than empathy for a heart breaking event. The issue though is that when we connect with a being (regardless if we have a karmic past or are just very empathetic), this gets lodged in our energy body and then we relive that "pain" every time we set up the conditions to do so. So while we may not be experiencing the actual soul over and over per se, we are reliving the actual attachment (versus the spirit). At some point you have to decide if this attachment no longer serves you. You are also creating your very own ritual which lends itself to repeatedly invoking the same pain in your energy being.

It's okay to be an empath. That is, until it starts doing damage. None of us can redo the past and we can actually bind spirits here by not lovingly letting them go. They feel the pull and really just want to move on. I can't count the stories I've read of people who have had near death experiences where the person on the other side pleads with them to let them go and that they are okay.

We all have free will. You are free to keep invoking emotional pain associated with someone else's past trauma or to let it all go with love. This energy can then be freed up to bring other wonderful acts into society.

Thanks for sharing.
Hey Fourfox, I believe we have seen the same things. I've been seeing a woman with long black hair wearing a white flowing dress since I was 6. The black figure is what I've too been seeing. I too seemed to have dreams every now and then of the future or the day before I wake up. I thought I was going crazy until I stumbled upon this article, but the things I'm seeing don't seem to be... Good. With the woman, there is a little girl who is with her, I wonder if you see the little girl too. I have not seen their faces because when they turn around to face me, I always seem to be waking up before getting that chance. I heard the girls voice once but never the woman. If you have the chance, please I would love to get an update. Curtiswuttunee12321 [at]
I would love to hear from you.
I had an interesting experience today. I've always disliked hearing the language German spoken. It just stirs something unpleasant inside me. I've also been quite afraid of confined spaces, and I particularly dislike places and situations that I can't get away from whenever I like.
Anyway, today I did a quantum jumping meditation that took me to a parallel universe, and I started crying before I went through the door to a life that was relevant to my issues now. I knew what was behind the door. Sure enough I was in the gas chamber at a German concentration camp. I was crying and it was intense, however I don't think I got the full experience. Maybe it was too much.
After the meditation I felt really light, it's like some anxiety has been lifted from me. I spent the rest of the day feeling peaceful.
ThulsaDune in I Saw Hellhound Twice

I know exactly what you are talking about. I live in the Midwest and have been an avid outdoorsman since I was young. I had my first experience with the or a Demon Dog or Hell Hound when I was 12 years old. I lived on a farm in a remote area. In the late fall or early winter we used to have a bad problem with coyotes coming on the place. They would be in packs of three or more and would kill and take chickens, ducks, cats, calves from right out of the yard. We had our own pack of dogs that ran the farm place and kept them away. Sometimes the coyotes would catch one of our dogs alone and try and kill it.

One night I was home by myself watching my younger brother and sister. Our dogs outside started barking and raising hell but were right in our front yard and would not leave. It was about 10:00 at night and there was a full moon and about 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground. I remember everything vividly because it freaked me out so bad. You could see almost like day time it was so bright out. I did not need a flashlight. My dogs were scared to death of something and kept barking in a direction toward a shelter belt on the side of our house. I feared the worst and grabbed up and loaded my 12 gauge shotgun with buckshot. I was afraid that a pack of coyotes was going to come right up to our house and kill our dogs. When I went out the door and started walking 2 of my dogs followed and the others stayed back. I walked toward the direction they were barking. I walked through the shelter belt to the edge where a pasture bordered it. My dogs started whimpering and pacing. I felt a cold chill blow across me. Out in the pasture about 20 yards away I saw a huge black shaggy dog. It had medium to short length coarse fur like a wire hair retriever. On either side of it were smaller looking dogs that looked more like wolves or mixed breed and looked mangy or had hair missing in patches. After about 5 to 10 seconds I heard a loud snarl growl sound and the dog or beast lunged and ran at me. I raised up the shotgun and fired as soon as it hit my shoulder. The blast hit the thing square in the chest and head. It was only about 20 feet in front of me by this time. It covered all that distance in a couple seconds, barely enough time for me to react. I was praying to GOD not to let me miss. As soon as I pulled the trigger and the gun went off it disappeared. The other dogs or wolf creatures were also gone. There is no way I missed. I walked forward and saw where the shot went. There was no blood. There were no tracks. Nothing. I went back to the house and all the other dogs were fine and stopped barking. Everything was quiet. The next day I went out looking and found no evidence or tracks or nothing. I will never forget it. I have seen it a few times in the past but it always keeps its distance from me. It is usually in the shadows at the edge of light or boundaries. I can feel when it is around.

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