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I believe you have an amazing gift! And that you were chosen to do wonderful things with it, while being of service to humanity.

I do Automatic Writing (a form of Channeling). Although I stopped a few years ago, after I received a "message" in June 2016 that my Mother was going to pass away; which did happen October 9, 2019. At the time, I didn't exactly realize that's what was being conveyed, until I went back and read it.

Sometimes, now, when I'm hyper-focused on reading or painting, I will suddenly become "aware" that there are people/spirits sitting beside me, in front of me, on the couch, standing, etc...

Raising your vibration keeps the bad or wicked ones away. Also brightening, shining and beaming your light from within helps protect you. "Golden light seals your roots to ground."
I have a memorie that isn't my memory but I can still feel the pain of the memory if anyone knows anyway to explain this please contact me on my Snapchat landon_rios someone please help
I keep hearing that weed helps to open your 7th chakra and hash helps open your 8th. I have had recent experiences where I have sensed things across the world and have slowly come to get in touch with my emotions and allow them to guide me to the truth. I would describe using weed to access your psychic abilities as feeling around in the darkness and if you can learn to control them while sober as a whole different ball game, but at the same time the abilities won't be as sensitive. Recently while walking home after smoking an extremely high grade J I stared a man in the eyes for 2 seconds and ended up reading lots of his life and experiences. Unfortunately he was someone raised in a violent way to be a deadly martial artist and my mind couldn't cope with the knot of negative emotions that I absorbed from him. I spent the next 2 days feeling as if my mind was splitting (schizophrenia) and unable to think any thoughts without them being voiced out in a hyper fashion. I did some research and attempted to heal myself through strumming a guitar while projecting out my emotions through the melody and it actually helped me bring my thoughts back in my head and my mind and emotions merged once again. I will never regret smoking weed since there was a point in my adolescence where I couldn't control my abilities and ended up absorbing negative emotions and amplifying them within myself leading to thoughts of suicide. Luckily my friend helped me get access to weed on a regular basis and I used it to calm my mind and emotions whenever they spiraled. Its been over 10 years now and I have smoked on a daily basis, I would guess that my brain has been altered in ways I can't understand by this abuse of this spiritual drug, but I will also say that if I hadn't smoked there was a chance that I would have done something horrible since I didn't understand what was happening to me through my life. Even now I barely understand what I am capable of, but I do know that it relates to theoretical thought and pushing my emotions to extreme limits to predict the possible future and things happening around the world related to what I am theorizing. I am not saying this without personal proof of my statements, but at the same time it feels like I am feeling around in the darkness and every time I make a prediction and use it to affect reality at the right time it feels like I start to lose my mind a bit when I realize what I just did. Meditation has saved me on several occasions so far, music helps heal the mind if you are able to use it to project your negative emotions outward too. I would recommend that you take up an instrument if you do develop psychic abilities you do lots of research and be very careful in exploring these abilities if you choose to do so since it can lead to many side effects. If your serious about learning more I would suggest finding a TRUSTWORTHY teacher who can guide and explain how your specific abilities work since there will come times when you will need their help to avoid potential life damaging side effects. Psychic abilities are also related to the afterlife and many psychics can talk to spirits, but the kicker is that if you don't have a teacher you will most likely get invaded by negative thoughts from the many restless spirits that have left their imprints in this world so don't try all that past life regression and astral projection unless your an adept or have a guide.
Eagle95 in Looking For Help
Hi Tara
Sorry for your husband and your family. Sometimes, I can see some died people but I can see only if I see his face. If my angel permiss me to enter in relation with your husband, I will give you what he gives to me. No money. It is not my speciality (I have some visions of future, also prophetic visions). If you post a photography, you will be secure that nobody can use it (for example, make some treatment of picture, etc).
God bless you
SPECTRE800 in Tarot Channeling
Wouldn.t you get more of a thrill playing football, practicing cartooning, or working making money at a real world job That won. T endanger your mind and heart?
SPECTRE800 in Tarot Channeling absolutely right about the 3rd chakra. It. S a warning sign. 🤐🤐🤐
SPECTRE800 in Tarot Channeling
I know this seems very exciting to channel people and work with the tarot, yet as you say, you're a young petson. You need to get more education on metapysical studies, and for god sakes wait until you. Re older to do this stuff.
I tried this myself when I was 19, and I developed schizophrenia. You. Re very lucky you didn, t go off the deep end,
Zen Buddhism says carry water, chop wood, gain enlightment, then, carry more water, chip more wood. The bible says the age of 40 is the right time for metaphysical activity.
Wow. That. S a good one. The mirror comment. Sounds like an independence condition again. Or maybe you want people to notice you for something, yet it has yet to happen.
Have you been thinking of the number 13 lately.? And 6? And the empress card, 2? These repetive numbers the other guy was talking about, in an abstract way, they mean something. Get a tarot deck and watch the cars go by a bus stop.
Sounds like the car accident came out of independence issues. Or maybe a lack of closeness with your mother. Who can say. You have to figure It out. We strangers shouldn. T be guessing, yet here we are. been a full moon. A LOVELY FULL MOON. Maybe you. Re both of the same astrological flame. Leo Aries Aries Gemini
Thought forms are curious things, yet combined with the earth realm, they can provide clues on how to develop our character. According to the Tao, everything is one. It. S just a matter of translation.
However, the spirit world can be very myopic. Wouldn, t a traditional education be more beneficial? Wouldn, t want your friends to laugh at you.
I wish my ghosts would leave me. Yet I believe my conflicts are there so I help others not to journey down my path of arrogance.
I think you're right. Yet I feel like his wife exerts more power in the relationship, he's probably terrified of her. She'S domineering, possibly controlling, as demonstrated by her name. Tara. She has too much earth energy. She needs a man who dosn, t mind a strong woman. Kinda reminds me of Tara Markov of the teen titans Ref Dc Comics.
Seeing repetitive numbers usually means this person is very goal orientated. The quality of the numbers are very specific though. And very personal for each person, a so called spiritualist would. Nt know. The person should figure that out for themselves. When I see the number 84 or 108 it usually means good luck with that number,
SPECTRE800 in Large White Shadow
I really don. T believe an angel would do that. Even a cherub.
Do you imbebe?
Trinkets like gold necklaces will not help. She needs to clean her house, she needs to go to a good church, she needs to garden, she needs to practice grounding techniques, none of this vegetarianism. Hard work, good strong exercise, good thoughts, maybe a little yoga, then, when she is 40 years old, maybe, maybe then she should get into the metaphysical arts.
The spirit world is nothing to fool around with by a novice. The devil can appear as a friend.
I meant a dead relative. Living people have more ectoplasm and resonance then a deceased expired person.
I disagree, a relative would never do these things. I believe these are spirits in the material world, actual living people causing disruptive thought forms, like fearful christians in oklahoma, doing the so-called right thing out of fear, not love. Causing tornados.
Tara means sacred or magic earth.
I guess you were meant to have these experiences. These are thought forms on a large scale, full floating apparitions, drew Barrymore once bought a haunted house. My old house was invaded by a large swarm of bees for no logical reason. It could be there is unresolved anger in your boyfriend towards someone. My mother, my special needs brother, my Aunt were all expressing hostility towards me at the time.
A possibility? Even our cable serviices was having unusual outages.
Hi, You sound quite normal to me. You are young with very little experience but with an inquiring mind. Keep it up. If you are destined to have psychic experiences, they will come, but only when you are ready for them.
As far as the spirit which is following you is concerned, it happens to most people. It is usually a relative who is concerned about you, or an earthbound spirit who does not realise that it has passed over.
If you think that you have experienced weird things, think again. Please read my blogs, 26 of them, to see what I mean. These will also be of spiritual value to you.
Read at:
God bless.
Diannaaa - I am so sorry that I only came across your post a few minutes ago. But I trust that the Creator will guide you back to this site.
I don't know where to start - you are so blessed with spiritual gifts! Don't ever suppress or deny them, they are gifts from God which once developed can be used for the spiritual upliftment of many seeking for the Truth. Nurture it!
First of all, when you played and talked to kids when young, they were real spirits. Adults will tell you that they are your imagination and you will start to doubt. As soon as doubt sets in you will loose the ability to see or hear them. In your life you will find many people who would regard you as loony, but that is the price one has to pay. If you are an early bird, take 10 or 15 minutes every morning just to be quiet. In body, mind and spirit. Your Spirit Guide, or Guardian Angel will communicate with you. Should you get disturbing thoughts, do not fight them as fighting strengthens them. Allow them to go and fade.
Look on the internet for a list of Psychic Gifts, which will show you your blessings. I have been looking for the Truth since my school days and found it when still young. But, one will never know everything. At 86 years old I realise how little I know.
I can write you a book but it will be so much easier to read my blogs. These contain my life experiences as well as a number of lectures received via a medium from the spirit world. You can read these at: Most of your questions will be answered. You can also read my profile on this site which will also be of assistance. I have published 26 blogs for you to read.
I know you will blossom in your Spiritual Wisdom, and that the Great White Spirit of the Universe will guide and protect you. God bless.

PS Should you need any help or explanation don't hesitate to contact me. It will be a blessing for me to be of assistance. My email address:
benenbabsmulder [at]

I lived most of my life in South Africa, but has recently emigrated. We now reside in Edmonton, Canada.
Hi! I feel first he needs to work on his inability to be vulnerable. It's our own traumas, that such entities can attach to and leech energy from if we don't have proper protection around us. Just ask him to chant if he's not willing to do anything. Just say 'Om' whenever such entities come around, and you can also use it. It's a very powerful word vibrating with the 12th dimensional frequency. And you need to take care of yourself too, if he drains you, learn to balance to take care of himself and you. You should be your priority, and you can also take care of his well being. Don't let your empathy burn you out. If he doesn't want to use the word Om, then just ask him (you can do this too), to call for Archangel Michael for help. Just say, " Thank you Archangel Michael for protecting me and covering me in your purple aura ". ❤️
LightMight in Large White Shadow
hello irish-guy,

I'm just going to take a wild guess as to what this could be - do you think this may be an elemental, or possibly a 'nature spirit' that's attached itself to the land?

Also, it would interesting to see if it could be caught on a night vision camera (or trail cam), just to see if you could capture any type of form from this fast moving shadow?

I enjoyed reading your story, and wish you luck!
Hi Animus15... Things like this happening to me too... People around me are scared that wtever bad I say it will come true... I realised this has been happening to me ever since I was little
What is your progress on controlling this... Can u help me? Can u share some tips you have figured out?
We soon might be the ones to let others rise up. It might be up to us soon to help humanity.
I too feel as though we don't have much time left. It's a very confusing feeling that happens when I'm at my extreme vulnerability to myself. It's a strange feeling of strength that seems to just stop. Something will happen for us to be cut off, and it makes me so extremely sad. This is how I've grown, these abilities have made me who I am today. I believe it is a cut off from the higher beings. Not a lost cause for humanity, but simply yes. Them giving up? Whenever I try to go in with my energy to try and read the situation and understand what it/I am saying when this happens it is an automatic strong wall.
I believe maybe it's their way of saying if we need them, we will open up to them, and then they will be here. But maybe they are tired of trying when nothing seems to be happening? No one executing the information they are giving them?

Re Astral spiders. Have you Cleared your room energetically?
Are you keeping positive in mind and emotions?

You do not have to answer. But these are things that we do consciously and unconsciously, which can lead to other energies taking advantage of us.
Your husband is reaching out to you by using others. You ask why he does not reach out to you. But he has with leaving a scent. You sound as if your grief is blocking you. It is affecting your body, mind and emotions (the 3 lower chakras). I encourage you to ask for confirmation of what ever messages comes to you by family/children.

Best wishes
LightMight in Looking For Help
Hi there Tara,

First, I want to say that you have my deepest sympathy in regard to the loss of your husband ~ your story really struck a chord with me. Secondly, I think the two previous posters, AnneV and DarriuxDarkk, offered some good advice. Also, I wanted to add a few comments of my own, and a couple of suggestions here.

Dealing with overwhelming loss and trying to cope with daily anxiety from losing someone you love, all by yourself, can really tear your world apart. After we lose someone, feeling lonely, scared, and stressed-out are just some of the symptoms of the depression we go through.

Unfortuantely, being a parent and having to deal with grieving, along with raising young children is going to be the toughest challenge of your life. It can feel like a dark cloud hanging around, that never allows the sunshine in. But here's the thing: it's important not to let all the painful emotions and anxiety take over your life. I know that it's easier said than done sometimes, but right now it's so crucial for you to connect with someone who has gone through, or someone who is going through, the same situation that you are dealing with. Aside from seeking help from a counselor, or a psychic medium, would you consider connecting with a support group? Due to Covid-19, it's hard to meet up with groups locally, but there are support groups online that can offer services and help through group messaging, group chat, and personal email if needed. It's as easy as getting on social media, and searching for 'grief support groups'.

A few months ago, I lost both my husband and my mother to cancer, within the same week. I'm a mother of three children; 2 teenagers and a 9 year old. I'm sure you can understand exactly what I was going through for the first few weeks, so I won't go into detail about that. Even though I was coping the best way I could on my own, I still felt alone and confused about my future for me and my kids. Then one day, my sister suggested to me that our family and my in-laws get together on group chat every week. Her thinking behind this idea was so that my children would feel that their family was there to support them. At first, I didn't really like the idea because I knew that many of my family members didn't get along with eachother. To make a long story short, I invited everybody on both sides of the family to join us, no matter if they got along with eachother or not. At first it was a little awkward, but slowly over the course of a few weeks everybody came together to lend support for the sake of my children. It turned out to be one of the best things that could've ever happened to us ~ we have found a way to cope with our loss through support, and we now have some inner peace.

I still struggle with sleepless nights from time to time, and I still have a good daily cry for my husband and mom, but I no longer feel totally alone and anxious like I used to.

Tara, I hope you will consider some of the suggestions you have been given here at YGS. Please keep us posted on how you are doing, if possible.

Wishing you and your family all the best ❤ LightMight
DarriuxDarkk in Looking For Help
hi, agree on Annev. Most of the time the deceased can interact with the living through a dream. I believe on that one.

My brother passed away 7 years ago. We were close and it really hit us hard as a family. There was one point that I had a dream about him. He was smiling and happy as if trying to say he is ok now. He was dressed in white and he left just like that. I believe on that dream he was telling me that he is at peace and happy so we wouldn't have to worry about him. That gave us a sense of peace as well.

If you feel like your husband is trying to reach out to you, try to have a good sleep and maybe he will visit you in your dreams. If you are religious, try to offer prayers for his soul so he can rest.

God bless.
Twin_Flame_Messenger_Of_GOD in Feelings That I Can't Explain


There exists a psychic "Black Liquid Goo" essence of Hell that if it touches your mind then your mind turns into that same psychic "Black Liquid Goo" essence which is of unspeakable unbearable infinite dread horror terror!

"The Hat Man (Shadow Person / Jinn) Demon" telepathically delivers "Black Liquid Goo" into your head and you are sent to real Hell itself.

You will want to suicide to rid yourself of the "Black Hole Dread Darkness" in your head - but instead please try to be brave, keep calm and ENDURE IT - as the "Horrific Dread Darkness" washes over you and around you and through you.

I promise you that you will not be harmed.

Do not be tempted to harm yourself or others.

Stay alive for your pets and relatives and family.

Focus on and Pray to Jesus Christ/God for Him to send "Heavens Infinite Light" which will arrive to wash away the unbearable infinite dread darkness.

The darkness will pass.

If telepathically attacked by "The Hat Man" then you will need lots of sleep to recover (will probably need sedating at home or in hospital until your mind recovers).

This will eventually happen to all people on Earth as we are made in GODS IMAGE and we will experience real Hell and real Heaven on our way to becoming spiritually AS ONE with GOD HIMSELF!

Take care. GOD BLESS! ❤
Why do you feel we don't have much time left? I'd be interested in hearing your take on this as well as the dimension aspect. Love and light -jenna
I realize this story is from over one year ago, but I'd like to comment anyway 😊 hopefully the OP is still around (?).

Butters, I enjoyed reading the recount of your experience, and I'm glad you survived the accident! What you had for years was a precognitive dream - it's nothing to be ashamed of, or fearful of. Instead you might want to look at it as a gift; sort of like your subconcious giving you a warning, or heads-up about a situation coming your way. Maybe try keeping a journal whenever dreams like this occur just so you have some validation, or proof that it's not all just 'made up'...
Best Wishes, LightMight
ArcticEyez in Pulled Into A Portal
This is extremely fascinating. Where is this apartment complex? I'd love to hear all the stories you'd like to share. This world is full of magic and mystery and I yearn to learn everything although impossible.
Wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. Your experiences are beautiful and absolutely mesmerizing. Just reading your accounts made me feel so many different overwhelming positive emotions with a yearning to know more and "go home". I've always been very spiritual In my lifetime and have experienced a lot of grief and trauma. I feel something so powerful within me but don't know what I have to do to feel complete. Again thank you so much. Sending lots of love and light. Jenna May
I think you need to try a new recording. And a recording that is guiding you through a meditation should ideally have you create a protective sphere about yourself. How this turned into dilapidated churches and campfires doesn't make sense. Meditations can bring forth inner issues that we may need to work on (fears, programming, etc.) And a sickle? You may want to start at a more basic level. Simple meditation where all you focus on (no tape involved) is maybe a beach scene and light. I think it's too premature to be using someone else's material that may or may not resonate with you. This one clearly did not.

Your husband may have reached out to the other relatives to reconcile past issues. My step mother passed a few decades ago and the person she "met" after she passed was me, her step-daughter whom she had been quite abusive to, not her own children. When a person passes, they do a life review and he may have seen something from their perspective (not from his while alive) that warranted a visit. He is all too aware of your feelings and he may be coming to you in the most common format-- dreams. Try and maximize sleep (hard, I'm sure, with young children), but if you're to have a visit, 98% chance it will come via a dream.

As for paying a psychic medium, I think you're better off seeking out a well known one. This is a psychic site for sharing stories an such, not a general platform for promoting professional psychic medium readings.

Thank you LightMight for reading and responding. I like your kind advice. I'm practicing mediations here at home and It's hard to work it into a habit. I'm doing 5-10 minutes closing my eyes and imagine my self on the water and going to a crystal cave and kindly asking them to join me. I have yet to hear back from them. However I have a lot of anxiety in my chest so I can't imagine that's welcoming. I hope to join a 3 week class group session for beginner meditation. I think a group setting where I'm not alone will be comforting. Again thanks.
MHHaines in Babies Staring?
Hello Alexandra!

I just joined today, as I have experienced this all my life, and I'm 53!

I have learned in recent years, that we are all 'one'!

To better understand this, may I suggest a book by Gary Renard 'The Disappearance of the Universe"

If you have an open mind, which I truly believe you do, (As you are either 16 or 17 now) it will explain things.

Years ago, (I was 24) I was seriously ill, was in a coma for 6 weeks.
During that time (Had a 106. 5 fever) I 'dremt' that I met someone, dated a year, got married, and had 2 boys.
Now, bear in mind here, there were no 'gaps' in those '7 years' in the dream! It was all the way through...good...bad...buying

Anyway, just as my sons were getting ready to start school, I came out of the coma.

I was devastated...confused...asking why my wife and sons were!
It took quite a while for my parents to convince me what happened to me. Especially I 'KNEW' I was 32 years old... And suddenly 24!

Anyway, after reading that book, it confirms it.
I was thinking, if I could 'live' 7 YEARS in 6 weeks, then why can't THIS 'life' also be a dream?

Back onto the Baby-stare thing.
I have grandchidren now, and when they were very little... Can walk... But not speak yet, they would just stare at me... And one would 'grab something' in the air around me... And grin ear to ear!

And when they were newborns... And start crying, I would just caress their forehead and they would quiet down and just grin.

So, that I have yet to figure out.

Bottom line, you're not crazy...weird...or anything.

You're fine! And normal.

Take care!
Hi Treehouse10,

I had a similar experience years ago, and I have a simple suggestion.
It sounds like you may need to read up on setting boundaries with your spiritual guides - it's a lot like setting boundaries with people you may know. Unless you have already done so, check out the subject 'spiritual security'. It'll help you learn steps to take toward setting up a 'schedule' or timeline with your guides, so that you can have some peace n' quiet in your life.
Also, you might want to meditate, or think deeply about the guides you are missing (gently ask them back) - this may help...
Good Luck!
robmkivseries70 in Photographic Memory Is Rare?
Good Day,
I feel you are a natural psychic. This happens only to about 10% of the population. I have little bit of ability and am trying to improve it by using the Silva Mind Control "Ultra Mind" program. I am not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
L I have been away for awhile because of what I have been doing in my area. I was compelled to check back into the site tonight. It has been a very long time since I have been on here. I am sure others will engage with you also if you need help or someone to talk to or give you advice. Sometimes it takes a few days.
I know it's been a while and you may not even check this site anymore, but I'll still try to help if I can. First off you probably showed signs when you were much younger, it's a trend that people will show signs when they are young around 1-3, then stop and never remember that they did in the first place. They then re-develop at around 7-13 years old, think of it like puberty. There will be people outside the norm, some show signs without stopping, some develop again much later like myself. First and foremost, don't think of it like a curse or anything of that sort. It's a part of you, and honestly it's how every person on this planet should be if they weren't tied down to a lower frequency. This isn't something that is 'different' it's what everyone should be if they could only remember. What we can do it tied heavily to our emotions, more than likely you had a spike of emotions that caused a spike in energy when those things happened to you. Especially when you start feeling others emotions it's called Empathy, you'll have to start looking inside yourself to recognize your emotions from ones that you know aren't coming from you. Once you can recognize that a feeling isn't something from you but from an outside source, you can start interpreting who they are coming from. You'll have to try and control the connections you make so you don't wildly make connections with everyone, and instead only those that you choose or else you'll go through what many new Empaths do which I call the Empathic overload. Making connections with everyone around you will drain you quickly, cause major stress, and overload you. Someone in the comments suggested meditation, that's a good start to help center yourself. So hopefully that helps explain your energy spikes and feeling others emotions, now we'll move on to energy in your hands. I've known people to have different effects from their hands, one dealt with cold, I myself had fire. If again I had energy spikes from my emotions, I could heat things up in my hand and even made something explode once. Really didn't mean to, but it was because I didn't control my emotions. Later on I developed a kind of neutral mind, having emotions isn't bad, but letting them spike is. Someone mentioned chi energy in the hands, that may be an interesting topic to look into, I can only base things off my own experiences. As far as breaking things by looking at them, I knew someone else who did but I never experienced it myself. Science is finally catching up and understanding that consciousness can effect the universe around us, the best way to think of it is what people call the law of attraction. If there's something that you want, you don't ask for it but you really want or need it, the universe provides. It can be something big, or something small. I was really tired of having the black screen and adds on Pandora and right as I was thinking about it my app on my phone restarted and I had free Pandora Prime. No memberships, no trials, nothing bought, it just updated and had prime right in my hand. They quickly realized and changed it, but for the time I had it for free all because I wanted it. I had someone I wanted to go see but didn't have the money for it, checked my bank and there was a bank error in my favor for that exact amount. A friend and myself have both had music come on just by thinking about it. Things do tend to get really complicated at times, but you have to just learn to trust yourself and the universe. You mentioned being a christian, I've talked to an angel and have one that's protecting me. All of this isn't something that is a demon's curse or anything against God, if it were I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be protected. It's also a good thing that I am because less than 2 weeks ago I almost had a car hit me going well over 60mph that just barely turned, I've been saved from being crushed, skiing accidents, car crashes, drowning. All kinds of near deaths that I've been saved from because of that protection. Oh I also just read back and saw I missed something, about knowing when someone is going to die, you're probably feeling the emotional impact that death would bring, it's the same with how we can know when something is about to happen, when we can feel something wrong is coming. We're feeling that wave of energy from the negative emotions of the event. The closer we are to the event the easier it is to feel. So if it's something that impacts us we'll feel it more than someone else.

Hopefully some of this can help at least in some way, I wish you the best and if you have more questions or want to reach me I do have an e-mail listed on my profile.
~ Lyro
I don't know if anyone is still posting on here but I made an account because I've had similar experiences. I have a few memories as a young child about seeing a strange shadowy figure. It was black and there was like this fog around it's figure, which was in the general shape of a human's. I specifically remember a kind of purple glow and it's eyes were purple as well. I kind of remember seeing the person a few times and being afraid because I didn't know what it was, but eventually I grew used to it and even considered it friendly. I don't remember what happened but I haven't seen anything similar in years, like they just vanished. I don't remember it moving from place to place, it would just stand there in plain sight.
you have a gift, and you need to understand that it is not bound to your old home or a location, it's within you... To see or hear, or sense energies, what I would suggest as spookvanger said is to go back to where most of your experiences happened. As it would help you connect to your old self better... Another thing I could suggest is meditate, when your mind is clear, you can 'intercept' energies around you clearer.
In the end, remember to believe in yourself.
you're all incorrect. Humans see a vortex too. They see it after a long drive when they've been staring at the oncoming road. When they look up into the sky their depth perception continues to adjust for a moment.

Human-nonhuman hybrids see the vortex because their depth perception doesn't need to be stimulated as it does with humans.

When humans look up at the stars at night, if they look at a star directly, it will disappear. This is because of the anatomy of the photoreceptors in their retina.

When I look up at the stars at night, I can focus and stare directly into a star and it will stay in focus. And then smaller, much fainter stars near it will come into focus and I can look over at those and those will stay in focus. Then other fainter stars will come into focus. I'll pull out my phone's star map and they'll be there, just like as i'm seeing.

When you look up at the night sky, what do you see?
It's "possible" because we are souls that incarnate on earth to evolve. We evolve by moving gradually away from service to self to service to others. Though this person had made some ill advised choices in this life (who of us has not?), he had done a really great thing by risking his own life to save yours. So that trump card superseded much of what else he did. He was going to pass into the next state of existence whether or not he did good deeds, but he probably passed into a higher state because of that. We all go through life reviews when we pass and not only did he get to see he saved you, but he saw your entire life and how it affected others. That was his contribution. If you've ever seen "It's a Wonderful Life", you'll remember that saving one life can lead to hundreds of other lives affected.

It's is quite common that deceased relatives come and visit us during dreams. 'Where' are dreams? They are on many levels of the astral but the clear and meaningful ones are on the higher planes. Just because we pass from this life does not mean we stop loving and missing those we hold dear.

These are such wonderful gifts. I am so glad you shared this with us. It's a reminder to us all to do good to others. We too will pass through the veil and get our own life review and see how our actions affected others, for better or for worse.

Let me say few things about this phenomena. I'm atheist and don't believe in god or supernatural things at all, but recently I seriously started to doubt about all this. I started seeing those numbers so often that it was awkward to say that it's just a coincidence. Even my wife witnessed my frequent 11:11s. Whenever I would look at the clock, it was 1:11 or 11:11. Whenever I would pause the movie it was paused at 1:11 or time remaining 11:11 and etc... Some people didn't believe me, told me it's just my brain that knows when to check the clock, but I highly doubt that. I really can't explain this phenomena, but clearly it can't be coincidence so often.
when these are around, do you feel a presence? And if so, does the presence feel bad?

Do you also get a scared feeling during these moments also?


John fly
I'd say first of all, definitely double down on counselling and therapy. Negative spiritual attachments are often drawn to people suffering with their mental health in some way. Be it stress, depression, etc. A lot of people will say they don't need it, but truthfully everyone can benefit from it in some way. Sometimes, it's the idea of confronting the underlying issues. People don't want to drudge up painful memories, but instead repress them without dealing with them. That means, they keep them inside rather than experiencing them to release them out. The 'it's part of who I am' line is surprisingly common. Simply put, it doesn't have to be, nor should it be. Overcoming and facing it, could be part of his identity instead.

Do you feel different after these new sleep paralysis episodes? Like, a lot more drained than usual?
If these are manifesting to you when you're experiencing negative emotions, I feel that is exactly what they're drawn to. Looking up some cleansing/banishing exercises, as well as protection should help. They don't sound like the kind you'd want to keep around, and you really don't have to.
Sounds like the common traits of a 'starseed'. I don't know if you've heard of that term before, but if you look it up you're likely to find plenty on it. A medium once told me I was one myself, but I'm not too sure. I looked it up anyway though.
Also these souls think I am sick and there is something wrong with me like an illness or sickness or whatever and they are being weird and well I was worried about my health before and now they are asking me about my health and trying to talk to me and I don't know why and but I am not worried about my health anymore and they are still asking me and asking me if I am deaf and saying that I have something and I don't at all. I am fine. It just creeps me out and they are not trying to help me. It feels like they are lying to me.
Also they both think I am backtalking them when I don't want anything to do with them and they don't have anything to with me and I don't know them. They get mad when I don't listen.
I am not sure I guess I was talking to myself and they responded or I maybe I started talking to them without realizing it. They thought I was there to help them but I wasn't. I am not sure.

It is really bad because they are being so mean and telling me things and watching what I am doing and I hear them make noises like making breathing noises and sniffing like they have a body and then they take over my body and act like they have one. It is really weird and I am not sure what is happening.

I feel like I can't do anything and they also want to follow me and I posted on another site and someone else on a different site said they are feeding off my emotions and these two souls think they are in charge and it feels like they are trying to take over my mind and they just like to boss me around like I said in the post.

I think I may be possessed by them. Because they think my body is theirs and it isn't obviously. I am really stressed out and I feel like I have a lot on my plate and I just want peace.
Hi Predalia2132,

How did these perceived souls come around?
Hello Clinton, I think you have a gift which you have not embraced fully. I suggest you accept it with joy. I have gifts too and I seem to be attracted to water just like you. You can private message me for more info about your gift through my email - emmarexx3 [at]
You are not alone

Check out my profile and please email me
Areswulf911 [at]
Hi there. I know I am four years late but I accidentally came across your post and wanted to share my interpretation as I found there to be a clear cut answer as to what you may have experienced. I am by no means an expert. The back holds deep significance for every human. If you happened to be rubbing the lower portion of his spine, you may have come in contact with his child form in the most literal sense. When we humans are born, we are born whole; meaning we are equally in touch with both the masculine and the feminine. Carl Jung calls these portions of the psyche the Animus and the Anima respectively. We are born "confident", in a way. The Anima, I believe, can be tied into a specific type of feminine energy known as Kundalini energy. As we surpass our adolescence, the Kundalini energy tends to rest and curls up three and a half times at the bottom of the spine, much like a serpent. Some say it is waiting to be activated again. And it seems to me, what you may have experienced, was just that: Kundalini. Whether it belongs to you or to him, I'm not exactly sure but if I had to guess, like I said earlier, you most likely came in contact with his. There are four stages to Anima integration in a man that can be easily mapped out to the arc of what Jung called "individuation," if I am not mistaken. But that is a topic for another time, as I am no expert. Now that I have given some context, I will now move into my actual interpretation of your visions: The feeling or sensation you got of his confidence can be tied into what I mentioned earlier about being whole once you are born and then reintegrating back into the parts of your psyche you lost along the way. What you felt, simply put, was literally what you felt. It was him as a whole; quite possibly both at the end of his life and the beginning of his life. The woman you saw was an interpretation of his Anima. In Gnosticism, femininity was regarded with knowledge. Gnosis means "to know." They believe in one feminine being who created us all, named Sophia. "Sophia" means knowledge or wisom. (I'll let you put those two together there, haha. For even more context though: I personally believe, Sophia, Kundalini, and the Anima are all the same thing.) So I believe you received a message stating he was looking for his Anima in you, making him unhappy. The only way to find Her is through himself. I believe the visions were saying he will come back around to you once he is whole once more and has learned all he needed to learn from his Anima. The presence you felt wanting to join in on the fun when you were playing with your unborn child may not have necessarily been another child on the way, but could also be interpreted as a testament to his wholeness. Meaning this man's energy will become so pure that it will feel as though he is a child, much like you felt in your vision. I hope my message finds it's way back into your email inbox and may Sophia bless you with beautiful children, whether it be with him or another man.
Heartofacowgirl in Awakening Heyoka
Thank you for sharing your story. I too am gifted in many areas, I've always known that I am an empath but did not know that I am a Heyoka Empath until this morning about 6am when I stumbled on a video explaining what it was, I had never even heard of it. And I was like, he is describing me to a T. I will be putting my story on my profile within the next few days if you would like to read it. I know that it's been a few years now that you yourself have discovered that you are a heyoka, what I would like to ask is how are you dealing with it now? How have you been able to harness your gift to help others without hurting their feelings to the point that they think that you are but being hateful and mean? I want to use all of my gifts to help others.
Love and light to you.
irish-guy in Large White Shadow
Hi John. No it isn't anymore, apart from time to time, maybe once every 7 or 8 months something might follow us home... I have to pass it on and cleanse the house... I hate doing it, because I can't sleep for days after it, maybe 2 hours sleep a night for 4 or 5 days... My mind races after it... I've been doing a little research on it and all I'm coming up with is guardian Angel's... Maybe it is, but when certain arch Angel's turn up I get different sensations but nothing with this... Archangel michael makes my stomach turn... Like before the first drop on a rollercoaster...
You mentioned your home becoming a halfway house for spirits - is it still like this?


John Fly
I appreciate everyones response and have submitted an update to this experience hopefully to be posted soon
[at] kooklove of course I remember you! I'm so glad to hear from you. I'll definitely email you so we can chat better.
You know, the day I wrote this I was pretty desperate, I get like desperate stokes at times, but I've also improved a bit too. Way less than you, but still. I'll tell you all about it.

Heads up for my email:)
irish-guy in Large White Shadow
No, never at the same time but always in the daylight hours...
does this white blur always appear at the same time?

John Fly
Interesting story! I don't know what to think, really. It looks like a movie sceen. I have some spiritual experience before but yours is so intense! I will suggest you to pray to Jesus. When I have some supernatural experience I always talk to GOD because only he will know to truth! Tell him what to do next because maybe is the gift from him or is something demonic there. The devil is the king of the confusen! So in situatin where you feel confused something demonic is there. As I know the fire from hand is called "chi energy" but I don't know if this energy is from GOD or someone else. I really recomande you to pray in the name of jesus cus he is the only way... As it says in bible... Hope you will find a solution!
Last night was my first experience with this. My boyfriend is an Empath and capable of telepathy. He and I were chatting when he pointed out I had answered a question he never spoke. I freaked out. I couldn't understand why I heard it when he told me he hadn't finished it. Especially when I told him I didn't hear him start to say it. Later he told me he meant for it to happen to test my ability.
I had same experience about Pleiadians. I am a christian and one day I read an article about indigo child. After I read all the trails that an indigo child have I start realize I was one of them. I was shock because deep down I knew I was diffrent and I wasent like other people. I feel so diffrent and I just can't fit in this world. One day after I saw so many video about aura I wanted to try after I try I saw that in my aura was a indigo and white color. After that I started saw more videos about starseed and in one video it talk about alien reincarnation and thouse alien was starseed. After watching the trails I realize I was a Pleiadian. Not just in character but also in appearance! I also am confuse about this situation and don't know if it is real or satanic but confuse me more when all trails fits me so well!
In my experience about number I think is messages from angels. In the moment when you will find that message you will not see it anymore so you keep seeing that number 11 because you still haven't figured it out that message. Hope this help you about this number. Seach angel number 11 meaning.
When I close my eyes I always see things. Sometime I also see replian alien. I don't know if they are evil or not but as far as I have read they are evil enteties. They are green like aligator but in human forms... Some night I can't sleep or I can't dream because of thouse images. I also hear them talking but can't remember what they say. In fact not always I see images but I also see them talking and moving is like I am in 2 places in the same time. I think is all about third eye but in fact excist an theory that third eye is evil eye, satanic, demonic. In my life I've had so many spiritual experience seeing flash light like angels and dreams about meeting god and jesus. One night I pray to god to told me about third eye cus I was feeling it so much. It was like a soft preasure on forehead but it didn't hurt as many people say. I just feel it. I had a dream about going in a white tunnel and in the end of tunnel it was 3doors. I open one and then I was face to face with god. In my dream I also feel my third eye. God was big and white light. He had lorg white hair and beard and he was sitting in the throne. He give me a white piece of square paper and told me to put in my third eye. When I put in my forehead my third eye was burning and I stay like that about a minute. Then he told me to put it away. After that I went again in that white tunnel then I wake up. After that day I didn't feelt my third eye again. Now I feel a little preasure sometime but I can't say that I have it open or not. I think GOD heal my third eye that day or thid eye is evil and he close it. But I continue to see images with my eyes close sometime reptilian... I think you sholud pray to get an answare because only god will tell the truth and will guide you. I read your post about meditation, I know that some meditation or hypnosis on youtube are satanic and mind controlling not every information on internet is safe so be carefull. I have meditate about 3 years and I know that the best and safe meditation is prayers. You tell god what is your problems in life, you do graditude for what you have because it is his gift to you, and then you asked for your desires. In bible jesus said, Ask, and it shall be given you!. I also recomand you in the end of the prayers to put as I like to call it the divine seal. The divine seal is the sentence: In the name of Jesus, Amen! Jesus says in the bible "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." He is the only way! So the prayers goes in the right direction. I realllllly recomand you this. Hope you will get an answer! 😊
Hi Lotus12, didn't have the dream youve described, but had a out of this world moment, in 2008/9,, an equatorial triangle diomand shape appeared on my forehead about 2cm height 1 cm width. Right in the centre It was pinkish purple on my skin. An inside the diomand shape appeared a shape, it appeared too be a glyph of some sort,
I was working on my art at the time, but my forehead began tingling too the point of like l was literally being tickled in on my forehead...

It was strangly pleasant... L had too stop what l was doing an go investigate...

Straight too the bathroom. An was in total shock... L started freaking out. Trying too wash it off... It wouldn't budge... Still freaking out... L needed a cigarette too try an calm down... L thought l was hallucinating, still scared an excited at the same time... L double check ed... Over an over, trying too cool my senses... Looking for every reason as too why.

I know l didn't bang my head, l was stood working on a painting for hours...

So eventually l lost it... Total panic mode. An hour later it was still there... Had a shower, still there. Coffee cigarette, still there...

Phones weren't very good back then. So l got my camera an took photos... If it wasn't on the camera l New l was hallucinating... Or having a nervous breakdown.

It was still tickly, my forehead was making me giddy... Was so weirdly amusing...

So Camera in hand... L played back the photo.

An THERE it was... A glyph...

Ever since that day, every now an again l go in search of similar stories... To confirm my sanity...

I have proof. I've only ever shown it too a select few close F&F, an found a very close match...

I would like you too go too JAPANESE REKI SYMBOLS glyph s. An see if any match yours.

There's so many ruins glyphs symbols out
There in many luangheges, but mine closely resemble s one from Japanese Reki.

If yours is like mine, you will pick the same!

If not it would interesting too see yours either way...

I've been searching on and off into this since then... It's so crazy, but your not. Neither an l thank God.

Well hope too hear back Lotus. Not sure how too reach out other than this forum.

It doesn't seen too let me message you directly...

Will check back in a few weeks.
Hi [at] aangxljca

This sounds like it could be Aerokinesis.

Aerokinesis is a possible ability that many people have tried and might be an interest for you to explore.

With being able to control it: it may be something that you have to practice over and over again and build up like a muscle. It may have been more effective when you are younger as I've noticed people say that when they're younger, their abilities are more active - so this may be why when you said the word "breeze" again when you let the wind come in it was nothing compared to what you are able to do.

I recommend the if you do want to control it that you research Aerokinesis such as videos on how to develop it, what people are saying online how they developed it etc.

To verify if this is real: I suggest that if you do develop it to be stronger and it does seem real, that you set up a video camera and record yourself being able to do this at will and demonstrate activating it and "turn on and off like a switch" which you can watch back and be the judge of I fit is real or not.

With inheritance of power - did you understand from your mother or anyone else in your family having and/or certain abilities on top of her being able to talk to ghost?

It's possible that the abilities could have been used in a past life and reawakened - but this is just speculation so please don't take that as a fact. Have there been any other moments in your life where certain abilities were displayed as well as this?


John Fly
we call this "ghost in your bed", maybe you can ware gold neckless or ring
Hi [at] Diannaaa

A lot of what you are saying sounds like something demonic could be going on. Especially with how you mention seeing shadows around your room, knocking on the door, things moving, seeing shadows during sleep paralysis - which could also relate to the candle experience too if something demonic told you what to do put and out the related candle accordingly.

My advice would be to start putting faith in a higher power and using that for protection when these situations are happening.

One thing I'd like to ask also - does the energy around you feel heavy or condensed during those experience or like an outside force/energy pushes against you and/or with force? Does it give off a bad feeling and/or does it make you feel scared?


John Fly
I've since been healed from this. I got on my knees one night and did the one thing I was avoiding for so long, begged God and admitted I was dying and could not figure this out anymore.

He saved me, I now pray nightly and sleep very well on most nights. Be careful with the occult people, always trust God. I've since been reading the Bible and finding God's character based on his interactions with to mostly line up with God and Jesus of the Bible. Except that I don't actually hear him or receive prophetic dreams, but he delivers me results in silence.

Stay safe everyone and know that spiritual matters are real and if you are being attacked learn what it means truly to follow Christ and how to really pray and repent. I love you all thank you for reading my story.
Very unusual. Most Shadow Man entities are seen pitch black or red or white glowing eyes. Never blue or yellow. Very very interesting. I would suggest praying and staging your house.

Also the fact that it jumped into your brother in the dream? And in real life tour brother told you to run? Perhaps he is sensitive and can see it.

However...for some reason I keep sensing "two" of them and not just one. Do you have any idea as to wht?
From what you've written it sounds like your boyfriend may have a negative energy attachment. Or simply just accrued negative energy. If you are open to it, I suggest you sage your home and himself. You may use sage and holy water or whatever method you choose.

If it is an attachment you can try getting in touch with an energy healer.
I know the things your boyfriend goes through mentally are debilating. But, he is very strong.

The attachment in and of itself may be sending him these thoughts.

A good way to see if this is the case is to determine whether the intrusive or mental thoughts that trigger him are coming from him or not. A good way to do this when a bad thought happens is to take a breath and ask yourself "is this thought mine?" You will hear an answer in your mind or feel an intuitive knowing whether the answer "Yes/no" is genuine.

If you can't determine whether it is yourself answering or your intuition answering that is okay. It may take some time. But I do highly encourage you to do an energy cleanse of the environmsnt and your boyfriend as well.

Also has he thought about counseling?
Hi [at] Caelynne

It seems you are going through a change spiritually and unlocking abilities that could be used for something good in this world. Rather than wanting them to go away: Some may see it as both a blessing and a curse.


John Fly
Hello... I don't know if you remember me... I haven't logged in this site for two years now.

In those two years I managed to explore spirituality and I always try to evolve my spirit as much as I can, mostly by tuning in with myself and with the nature around me. Meditating has been a huge help.

Just in case you don't remember, I am 19 as well. I keep wishing I'll get to experience something otherworldly, but I'm not so desperate about it like I once was, because I now know that whatever's meant to be will be. There are no coincidences.

I still get messages and signs from the spirit world, especially when I ask for them and because I'm always open to any kind of sign.

I've also gotten really interested in astrology. I don't believe in it 100%, but reading about different things about my natal chart and how they match with my actual personality is very interesting. However, like I said, there are no coincidences, so the fact that my natal chart describes me to perfection weirds me out sometimes. The natal charts of other people I've studied and the interpretations of transits are always spot on too, something that I'm simply amazed by. Perhaps it would help if you checked out the interpretation of your natal chart online. You can email me if you need help with that.

I also visited the spiritual psychic I once told you about. I don't remember telling you how it went, but she basically told me I'm a very old soul and was once a highly regarded priestess in ancient _. She told me that during that lifetime I was really closed to ascending (or like you said, reach the heavens) but I died and then had to start all over again, which really bugged me.

What I wanted to say is that I believe you have to relax and tune in more with your energy and the energy of anything relating to nature around you. I also have speculations that I am a starseed, but I don't stress out about it. I know that by spreading love and light and by guiding people I get to influence this planet positively. If you are really meant to find this 'army' and join them or find your powers, then it will be.

One of the greatest lessons I learned is that as souls, we all design everything about the lifetime we get reincarnated in. Of course we have free will to make important decisions and get to choose between path A or path B, but as a soul we originally created both path A and B and their respective outcomes.

So, whatever's meant to be will be. Don't stress out about it that much and instead focus on raising your vibration and on helping others and the planet around you. Be happy to be just like you are because that's how you were meant to be in this life and your purpose will be revealed as soon as it's meant to be.

I know I found your account again for a reason and I really hope this helps. Much love to you! 😊💖💕❤️
[at] johnfly Yes, I haven't got your comment, but I did get that one from the 5th. I am interested in why that happened to me, so I would like to know. Thanks for the request!
[at] Rebel9k I'm doing well. Thanks. I haven't been working on the script lately and nothing has happened.
Etsycat35 hello. I just wanted to say that I am with ThulsaDune on this. I have mormon friends and I have potestant family that claim mormons arent christians. I don't concern myself with religion. Religion was/is a manmade construct to control the masses. (peoples minds) I don't mean that as a strike against those who like conglomerating. God is good and we should rejoice and fellowship is powerful and beautiful. The hidden agendas and deciet in everything leaves the good things fewer and farther between. Its okay for you to question everything. You should rather than take anothers word for it. Weve gotten so used to taking other peoples word for things. I couldn't be convinced at one point in my life. But repeated incidents leave me without a doubt. I'm currently on a mission to seek facts and I have opened up a rabbit hole. Your faith is between God and yourself irrespective of any man or religion or preacher. We have free will and we have the ability to discern. I can't stress enough to sharpen your ability to discern. There is misinformation everywhere and its only going to get worse. I turned away from trying to find the correct religion for this reason. We all have a common goal. That is to reach the top of the mountain. There is more than one side to that mountain and many ways up it. Whos to say which is better or more suitable. Also will God deny a group from one way but not another? Another fact is that most religions are branches that chose to begin their story and following from the main story. Along the way of time we all know that there has been intentional and mistaken interpretations of the word. Many before us have utilized the word and some have manipulated it. Some want to share knowledge and wisdom some prey on peoples fear of God for profit. Preachers deserve to make a living if theyve made it a career. Ill say this. If we have the ability to discern, you better believe our creator does. Our creator will discern where your heart is. One of the best pieces of advice in the bible whether a person knows God or not is you know a tree by the fruit it bears. Words-sword. Figures don't lie and liars don't figure. The english language was made to be manipulated. We are in some strange times. Be aware. Be vigilant.
Abby hello, I hope all is well. I have a question for you. I have had many experiences myself and after some time and speaking with the right people I have been able to make sense of many things. Anyway if you get to this I have a question for you.
Rebel9k in Death Omen?
RoseX that was not a coincidence. It was synchronicity for sure. Why you though? Thats the question. Its possible your higher self or a protection spirit on your side wanted you to gain some type of insight from the experience. Or a spirit in her court was communicating with you or spirits around you. I'm not sure as of now if we can dodge death meaning if there really is "a time to go" can it be missed altogether or would we ok only be offsetting it for another go right around the corner. I have met several people who should have died fom their experience, but were told it wasn't their time. Id say you could do some analysis and mediation and figure your situation out. Possibly too there may be no meaning other than it was a time you were able to see. With your mind that is.
Good Day [at] Caelynne,
It sounds extremely intense, I have only had very minor experiences with this sort of thing. What you are asking for, I think, is help with control of your gift. I would like to suggest meditation, look for some of the free exercises on the web by the "Silva Mind Control" people. While in deepest meditation there are three sayings that will help. 1) "Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better, and better." 2) "Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence over me at any level of the mind, including the outer conscious level." 3) "I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind." Learn the meditation and practice daily. There books out that contain a CD to help you learn mind control. I am not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
Hi [at] Caelynne

Are you not able to access to create an inbox there from the web browser of the device you are using?


John Fly
shoonlily in Municipal Projects
last dream about this topic is last March, others is ongoing, so many topics.
shoonlily in Death Omen?
Are you ongoing? Do you know how to terminate these dreams? It is so sad what we dreams, we just can see it before it happen, can not change the results.
No sorry, I had most of my connection apps on my computer. Johnfly
Hi [at] Caelynne

Are you able to access any online email services such as gmail either on the web or on the app on the device that you're currently using?


John Fly
Hi Emilychilds
I am going through the same thing. I have some of the same abilitys I just wanted you to know that I am here for you.
I would love to help you. I have a strong connection with the elements like you do and can move things with out touching them.
Just a little advise. Be careful about who you can trust.
Hi Johnfly
I am so sorry but, is there another way to contact you? My computer with my email on it broke and it will be a while until I can afford another.

Thanks for being willing to help.
Hi [at] shoonlily

Interesting experiences.

When was the last time you had one of these dreams?


John Fly
Hi [at] Caelynne

This is extremely interesting and I would love to communicate with you about it over email as I have heard and come across others like yourself and would be interested in asking a few questions feel free to shoot me an email [at] theflyguyhelps [at] Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Johnathon Fly
Please help me. I would really appreciate it. Please comment
Hi [at] Abby_S

I had replied to your last message already, but for some reason it isn't showing so here it is again

I may be able to figure things out related to your situation however I'd rather do it over email and not the psychic experiences website.

If you're interested - feel free to shoot me an email which you can find at my profile and I'd be willing to help you understand more.

Thank you,

Johnathon Fly
Miles, I don't think I have ever experienced the black mass/white light that you mentioned. However, I just had this feeling again earlier today which prompted me to check back on this post. It seems as if the feeling came on shortly after I began watching an old TV show, like from the 80s/90s. Like maybe I'm trying to remember something that never happened to me in this life. I feel like this could be connected to a past life.

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