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Babies Staring?


My name is Alexandria and I'm 13 years old. Ever since I was little, babies always stared at me. I used to pretend that I was the lost princess of Babyland and I had babies being born to find me one day (I've always had a big imagination when I was little and sadly I still do). I never knew why they stared. I just look up to see babies looking at me.

I Always knew there was something different about me. I just never wanted to admit it.

When babies stare at me, I feel this emotion I can't explain. It feels like I've seen those babies before or like I knew them before. I knew that was crazy because some of the babies were only a few months old.

I'm probably being paranoid or something because Its probably babies being all adventurous and nosey. I just can't feel like I have a connection with them. Crazy right?

Over these past years, I noticed that babies stare at me more than anyone else in my family. I usually have a low self confidence when other people stare at me but when babies stare I feel a connection.

Also, some days I feel completely invisible, and other days, it feels like everybody is watching me (like today everybody was watching me). Yep it is official. I'm crazy.

So if anybody has an explanation for this, please share it with me because I'm very curious. You can also admit to me that I really am paranoid and I should stop having a big imagination;) I won't feel offended at all. I just want to know why babies always stare at me. And also why I feel different everyday. Thanks!::))

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MHHaines (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-17)
Hello Alexandra!

I just joined today, as I have experienced this all my life, and I'm 53!

I have learned in recent years, that we are all 'one'!

To better understand this, may I suggest a book by Gary Renard 'The Disappearance of the Universe"

If you have an open mind, which I truly believe you do, (As you are either 16 or 17 now) it will explain things.

Years ago, (I was 24) I was seriously ill, was in a coma for 6 weeks.
During that time (Had a 106. 5 fever) I 'dremt' that I met someone, dated a year, got married, and had 2 boys.
Now, bear in mind here, there were no 'gaps' in those '7 years' in the dream! It was all the way through...good...bad...buying

Anyway, just as my sons were getting ready to start school, I came out of the coma.

I was devastated...confused...asking why my wife and sons were!
It took quite a while for my parents to convince me what happened to me. Especially I 'KNEW' I was 32 years old... And suddenly 24!

Anyway, after reading that book, it confirms it.
I was thinking, if I could 'live' 7 YEARS in 6 weeks, then why can't THIS 'life' also be a dream?

Back onto the Baby-stare thing.
I have grandchidren now, and when they were very little... Can walk... But not speak yet, they would just stare at me... And one would 'grab something' in the air around me... And grin ear to ear!

And when they were newborns... And start crying, I would just caress their forehead and they would quiet down and just grin.

So, that I have yet to figure out.

Bottom line, you're not crazy...weird...or anything.

You're fine! And normal.

Take care!
RedWolf (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-20)

It's probable that babies just like to look at you. The changes you are feeling every day is what every teen age girl goes through. I can't wait until I have a baby of my own. Start baby sitting, big wake up call.
Babies stare at my husband all the time. Since all of my kids are grown he's oblivious. On the other hand I'm an animal magnet. Always have been. When I'm at the vet with my dog (s) other dogs strain at their leashes for me to pet them when my dog (s) are in the car while I wait to pay. One day we went to the Central Park Zoo. To make a long story short a man was watching how the animals would act around me such as a bull walking right up to me when I called it even though dozens of people were around. When I walked up to where some goats were they flocked around me. The man saw my husband and asked if I was Dr. Doolittle, my husbands response was sort of.

lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-19)
Dear Alexandria980

First, you have to know this life is not your first nor the last one; you are a millenary spirit with several lives in your back...
At your age, you are experience a strong connection with babies, this could be several things, you were a matter that lost your babies in previous life, you committed abortion in previous life and regret what you did, you were a esteril women that could not have babies, could be other things...
This is imprinted in your perispirit (some call "aura", soul whatever... The correct nomination is perispirt) and this attract what you sense about babies.

Can also be nothing...

Important is what happened in the past will not help you now and is not relevant will not change anything!

Important is what you do with your life about this connection, you could be a nurse or doctor specialized in new born, teacher in kinder garden etc

Focus on this instead of being paranoid with babies staring you!

You are too yang now but in the future you can read some books like:


Somethings at your age can be rough, but is for all of us when we pass through these years. If you don't feel comfortable ask your parents to take you talk to a psychologist always can help too!

All the best for you!

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