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Knowing Gender Of Babies Long Before Birth


It all started when I was about six years old. My aunt was pregnant with her last child, and she kept asking me what she was going to have. At that age, I don't know that I entirely understood the question as she meant, but for some reason no one could point out, I knew without doubt that she was having a girl. I would just place my hands on the bumps of pregnant women and know instantly what they were having. Just so anyone reading this knows, I'm visually impaired, so I don't know if this has any baring on any possible abilities. Also, when I was pregnant with both my children, I could see exactly what they looked like, feel their weight as if I were already holding them postpartum, smell their own distinct scents, feel the material of the blankets they were wrapped in. I don't even know how I was using my abilities before, nor do I know why I no longer feel I'm able to use them. Does anyone know exactly what this ability is? Is there any way I can possibly awaken others and reawaken whatever ability this is at the same time? I apologize if I've posted this to the wrong category but I didn't know what category it went under. I also at times feel like I know what peoples' intent is, I.E: intending to make another person feel bad by blaming them for something, and I also sometimes know exactly what's not being said even if they try and hide it from me. I've been wondering if this unusual level of sensitivity or whatever is the reason I seem to be so badly affected when I'm stressed? By that, I mean that if someone raises a stink about something petty such as accusing me of eating their chocolate when I know without doubt I didn't, then my stress levels rise to the point that I want no one else around me for a while.

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lifedreamer (6 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-20)
I have a similar ability but it varies. I am also visually impaired, but I haven't always been. Around the time I had this dream that predicted an event and the future I was on medication from being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I was only 12. I was hearing things and seeing things but sometimes these things ended up being true.

I was very stressed when I had the dream. I remember this because I was sleeping in my mom's bed because I was having really strong feelings and visions. I ended up dreaming about a little girl, and I saw her appearance, what she was wearing, what her age was.

The dream went something like this. I was hovering or floating over the ground level, I wasn't moving but I was very close to the lower level to the ground. I was wearing a white gown and white slipper shoes. I then saw this little girl wearing a pink t-shirt and blue denim jeans about the age of 18 months. The weird part of this dream that I forgot to mention was that I was picking up two entities because as the little girl ran around hear appearance was changing visually. One entity was a little who was wearing pink and had the same color hair that I picked up about the same age as the multi-appearance who was not even born yet, conceived and about 5-6 years away from that point in time. The second little girl I saw at a restraunt, she was very friendly, we played peek-a-boo, and then when I left she started to cry.

Its kind of confusing to explain but I know exactly what happened, its too weird to put together completely.

To answers your question about what this is called, I think it varies from person to person. I really can't think of a word to describe our experiences as they are too unique.

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